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WARFARE: Our Main Bi-Weekly Show Ned Kaye
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Ned Kaye Offline
per cogitabat, per facis
TITLE - Tag Champion

XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

03-17-2019, 09:11 AM

OOC: It took a long time, but it's finally fucking updated. I spent like a whole day on this, so I feel rather proud. Yeah, I know the match history is still missing RPs.


In-Ring Name:
Ned Kaye

Wrestler's Real Name:
Ned Kaye

New to XWF or a returning roster member?:

Wrestler Date of Birth:


224 lbs.

New York City, NY(Brooklyn)

Ned Kaye is, in many ways, a man of contradictions. He is naturally very talented at more book smarts and studying, yet he consistently relies heavily on his passion in the ring. He is deeply loyal and honorable to a fault. Though he occasionally finds a bump in the road or loses his way, he'll always find a way back to himself with his iron willpower and his perfectionist tendencies. He expects a lot from others, but only because he expects the most from himself. He is not always the kindest person in action, but he is devoted to trying to make the world of wrestling a better place. Slow to anger, but quick to act, this former indie darling is not the type to be timid in the face of adversity, dancing with death to remind him what living feels like.

(Adding soonish.)

Looks Description:
Ned is not an overly impressive specimen, but he's no slouch. His upper body has some tone, but his legs are notable muscular. He has pale, white skin with naturally rosy cheeks and nearly a foot of straight, black hair. He wears long, glossy dark blue pants with vertical streaks of cyan adorning the sides. His boots are white with blue highlights.

White(Irish American)

Pic Base, if any:
AJ Styles

  • His technical wrestling talent and precision in the ring.
  • Ned's ability to draw a picture of his opponents by evaluating their demeanor and actions is almost unmatched.
  • His persistence. Kaye will often put himself through hell rather than back down from a challenge.
  • His ingenuity both in and outside the squared circle to quickly find a solution where one seems unlikely or impossible.
  • Ned, begrudgingly, accepts his own failures and works to improve from them. He rarely makes the same mistake twice, especially in any given match.
  • As Ned as grown as an athlete and a person, he has gone and put himself through a great deal due to a lack of confidence, but it has given him a ton of passion built from his love of pro-wrestling and the XWF.
  • A lifelong XWF fan turned on-screen star, he is well-versed in the history of the promotion and he's far more used to studying tapes than many of his contemporaries.

  • Ned is oftentimes his own worst enemy. The dichotomy of his passion and his natural talent for planning often puts him into tougher scenarios.
  • Kaye will often try to prove a point when facing an opponent and that can distract him from winning.
  • After a few rough years, Ned has worked hard to atone for his shortcomings, but that makes him incredibly hesitant to even feel as though he's repeating them. That hesitation can sometimes be the difference between failure and success.
  • Despite his iron will, his body absolutely has limits. His upper body specifically has never been extraordinary, so it's his most immediately vulnerable asset.
  • His offense is a little over-reliant on his legs. When they're damaged or properly injured, it's very difficult for him to find an immediate method of attack without improvising.
  • He is immensely unwilling to take an unfair advantage in a match. If he thinks he is getting outside help or an unfair advantage, he will not take it under any circumstances. This includes putting himself at a disadvantage unintentionally or otherwise.
  • He has a lot of baggage and invoking his past can definitely distract him. It could also make him more dangerous, but easier to subdue overall.
  • He struggles especially with powerhouses if he can't control the pace of a given match due to his physical standings.

Entrance Theme Music:
"You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell

Special Entrance:
The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
  • Legsweep
  • Double knee
  • Knee drop
  • Bicycle kick
  • Vertical press
  • Drop kick
  • Super kick
  • Double stomp
  • Arm Drag
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Sitout Shiranui
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Step-up Enzuigiri
  • Tree of Woe Double Stomp
  • Leg-Drop Bulldog

Trademark Moves:

The Disciplinary Action (or TDA)
Slingshot hurricanrana.

Notorious Knee

Meat Grinder
Springboard Shiranui

Coffin Nails
Lethal Injection.(Handspring cutter)

The Trooper's Tribute
Tornado DDT.

Finishing Moves:

The Ego Crusher
A top rope hurricanrana into a headscissors submission hold.(Can also be converted into a pin.) Ned's primary finisher. 

The Ego Death
Burning Hammer. Ned's secondary finisher.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: A Van Daminator where he begins and follows through with a steel chair that flings at his opponent midway through the air.

Wins | Losses | Draws
44 | 33 | 4

Pre-update page:
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