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ANARCHY: Micro RP Show Notorious Ned Kaye
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per cogitabat, per facis

XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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03-17-2019 10:11 AM

OOC: Doing a roster page update to make this page fit better with Ned's overall characterization and not the vague ideas I had first created the character. I'll try to do a bio and making the match history up to date. I'll make sure the old stuff stays on the page, but I will be putting it into an "Outdated Information" section. This is starting on 9/29/20. I'll update this page with an end date when such is available. Thanks.


In-Ring Name: Notorious Ned Kaye

Wrestler's Real Name: Ned Kaye

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: 10/22/1994

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 224 lbs.

Hometown: New York City, NY(Brooklyn)

Personality: Though he's fierce in the ring, Ned Kaye doesn't anger easily. He's methodical, preferring to learn his opponents inside and out. He likes to keep a cool, calm smile on his face, even in his intense moments to demoralize the foes attempting to get under his skin. He's a well read athlete who believes in the idea that hard work pays off, but he's not afraid to gloat or flex his muscles and intellect in front of the world and his combatants. Occasionally cocksure, he always prides himself off of studying his matches, being a completely self made man. Unfortunately, this has made him rather prideful, which can overshadow his better judgment. He also has a penchant for underestimating opponents he feels he has already figured out, making him a tad sloppy.

Looks Description: NNK is not the most muscular man in the XWF. Whilst certainly no slob, he is definitely a bit on the thinner side for a wrestler. He has pale, white skin with naturally rosy cheeks and nearly a foot of straight, black hair. He wears long, glossy burnt orange pants with vertical streaks of blue on the sides of the tights.

Ethnicity: White(Irish American)

Pic Base, if any: AJ Styles

  • His technical wrestling talent and precision in the ring.
  • Ned's ability to predict and read his opponents by studying their matches and promos.
  • His persistence to continue reaching for a goal no matter how much it breaks him.
  • His ingenuity both in and outside the squared circle to quickly find a solution where one seems unlikely or impossible.
  • A willingness to accept his own failures and keep his cool.

  • Ned's calm demeanor can fail him when facing opponents who thrive off of pure passion that's harder to read and, thus, prepare for.
  • When NNK does lose his temper, he ignores some of the careful plotting that makes him so notorious in the ring.
  • His pride can definitely get in the way against opponents he's bested, causing him to underestimate their abilities.
  • His constant attempts to get into everyone else's head makes him incredibly less appealing to potential allies.
  • He struggles with powerhouses if he can't get them down quickly due to his physique and strategies.

Entrance Theme Music: Nine Inch Nails - Burning Bright(Field on Fire)

Special Entrance (if any): The entire stadium goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
  • Legsweep
  • Double knee
  • Knee drop
  • Bicycle kick
  • Vertical press
  • Drop kick
  • Super kick
  • Double stomp
  • Arm Drag
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Sitout Shiranui
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Step-up Enzuigiri

Trademark Move: The Disciplinary Action (or TDA)
Description: Ned pulls on the top rope while on the apron and uses the momentum of the rope to cartwheel over the top rope, wrapping his legs around the neck of his opponent to get them into a headscissors.

Trademark Move: Notorious Knee
Description: V-Trigger

Finishing Move(s): The Ego Crusher
Description(s): A top rope hurricanrana into a headscissors submission hold.

Spoiler: Old finisher
Name: The Airborne Annihilator
Description(s): Ned whips his opponent into the ropes, he then runs against the opposite ropes and hits with a crossbody.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: A Van Daminator where he begins and follows through with a steel chair that flings at his opponent midway through the air.

Additional notes: Being somewhat of an indie darling who has finally made it to the big time, he probably should be fucked over a bit in booking and match finishes. I actually fully encourage this.

Spoiler: Complete XWF Match History
Match 1: Federweight Battle Royal Vs. Kuda ©, John Rogan, Kid Kool, Justin Sayn, and ErRaTiK.(Surprise appearance by Mini Morbid)
Show: March Madness PPV - 3/31/19
Outcome: Loss(Eliminated by Kuda)

Match 2: Vs. John Rogan
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 4/10/19
Outcome: Win(By pinfall [Sunset Flip])

Match 3: Internet Division Match Vs. Maxine
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 4/18/19
Outcome: Win(By countout)
Twitter Hashtag: #XWFMaxVsNed

Match 4: Number One Contenders Match for the Hart Title Vs. Centurion(and Roxy Nova) Vs. Noah Jackson
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 4/24/19
Outcome: Loss(Centurion pinned by Noah[Fast count])

Match 5: Vs. John Black
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 5/2/19
Outcome: Win(Pinfall [Small package])
Spoiler: Match RPs
Ned Kaye: Draining
John Black: A 187 To the man

Match 6: UNIVERSAL TITLE MATCH Vs. Robert "The Omega" Main ©
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 5/8/19
Outcome: Loss

Match 7: Internet Division Match Vs. Vita Valenteen
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 5/16/19
Outcome: Win(By pinfall)

Match 8: WAR GAMES MATCH Vs. Team Big D
Show: War Games PPV - 5/26/19
Outcome: Loss(Pinned by Sarah Lacklan)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Match 9: INTERNET TITLE MATCH Vs. Noah Jackson Vs. "Beautiful" Bobbi London
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy- 5/30/19
Outcome: Loss(Noah pinned by Bobbi London)

Show: Thursday Night Anarchy- 6/13/19
Outcome:Win(By pinfall)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Match 11: Vs. "Chronic" Chris Page
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 6/19/19
Outcome: Loss(Pinned by Chris Page)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 6/27/19
Outcome: Loss(Pinned by Ruby)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Match 13: "I QUIT" MATCH Vs. Mastermind
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 7/3/19
Outcome: Win(Boston Crab with a ladder)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Match 14: Vs. Raphael Blackwater
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 7/11/19
Outcome: Win(By illegal pinfall[Referee mistake])
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Show: Leap of Faith - 7/28/19
Outcome: Win(Opened the 24/7 Contract)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Match 16: Triple Threat Vs. Hanari Carnes Vs. Peter Gilmour
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare- 8/7/19
Outcome: Win(By pinfall to Peter Gilmour)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Show: Wednesday Night Warfare- 8/7/19
Outcome: Win(Last man standing)
Spoiler: Match RPs
Give me a sec, mate.

Match 18:Vs. Zane Norrison
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 8/15/19
Outcome: Win(Disciplinary Action)

Match 19:Vs. Centurion
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 8/21/19
Outcome: Loss(By pinfall)

Match 20:Vs. Tony Santos
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 9/4/19
Outcome: Loss(By submission)

Match 21:Ownership of cat matchVs. Noah Jackson
Show: Relentless Day One - 9/27/19
Outcome: Draw(Cat given to Noah Jackson)

Match 22:Vs. Kieran Overton
Show: Saturday Night Savage - 11/16/19
Outcome: Win(By pinfall)

Match 23:Vs. Jim Jimson Vs. Hanari Carnes Vs. Mystery Opponent(Chris Chaos)
Show: Lethal Lottery - 9/29/19
Outcome: Loss(Pinned by Chris Chaos)

Match 24:With Big D as Notorious Big Vs. 5'2 Mafia(Sarah & Kenzi Grey-Lacklan)
Show: Saturday Night Savage - 12/14/19
Outcome: Loss(Big D pinned by Kenzi)

Match 25:With Big D as Notorious Big Vs. T.H.U.G.S.(Tommy Wish & John Black)
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 12/19/19
Outcome: Win

Match 26: Feliz Navidad Partido Vs. Hanari Carnes
Show: Saturday Night Solstice - 12/28/19
Outcome: Win(By pinfall)

Match 27: Last Man Standing Vs. Tony Santos
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 1/8/20
Outcome: Loss

Match 28:Vs. Kieran Overton
Show: Saturday Night Savage - 1/11/20
Outcome: Loss

Match 29:Vs. Boris Vs. Raphael Blackwater
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 1/16/20
Outcome: Win(By submission)

Match 30: X-Treme Title Match Vs. Fuzz
Show: Cuntfest - 1/26/20
Outcome: Loss(By pinfall)

Match 31:Vs. Noah Jackson Vs. The Calvary
Show: Thursday Night Anarchy - 1/30/20
Outcome: Win(Pinned Noah Jackson)

Match 32:Vs. Griffan MacAlister
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 2/5/20
Outcome: Loss(By ref stoppage)

Match 33:Vs. Big D
Show: Wednesday Night Warfare - 2/19/20
Outcome: Win(By pinfall)

Match 34: UNIVERSAL TITLE MATCH Vs. The Engineer/Lux(24/7 Cash-In)
Show: March Madness - 3/29/20
Outcome: Loss(By pinfall)

Match 36:Vs. Ares Creed
Show: Relentless Day 3 - 9/27/20
Outcome: Win(By countout)

Spoiler: Complete Match History in Other Feds
Match 35:Vs. Adelaide Ainsworth Vs. Andrew Logan
Show: Wrestlestock Day One -
Outcome: Loss(Pinned by Adelaide Ainsworth)

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