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Jenny Myst Offline
The Queen of X-Treme

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(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

03-12-2023, 06:50 AM

First off...........


You have earned where you're at now. You've been working super hard and improving immensely with every piece you out out and this heel turn you took is amazing! So, congrats, and do that TV belt justice! 


Not gonna say I didn't expect this outcome. I did, for many reasons I won't list here, but I chose this stip and billed this as and "End of an Era" for a reason.....

I am going to take a break from this place. My personal life is super busy and about to get busier (as some of you know) and quite frankly I need to step back and re-invent my characters and what I want to do with them. Not just Jenny, all of them. This match stip was a good way to bury the crazy Jenny persona. It's been a good run but like many good runs, it went stale. 

I don't plan to be gone forever, but at this moment I can't tell you all how long. Hell, I could get the itch next week and opt on, or it could be 2024 or longer. I just don't know yet. 

This has been my e-fedding home since 2016 and there is no other place like it on the internet. 

Take care ya'll, and maybe I'll see some of you around.

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John_Black Offline
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03-12-2023, 06:57 AM

Big up to Myst passing up that torch to Dolly, and also to you tha handler I hope you do well with your irl shit and come back stronger with your characters.

An Outsider Thug.
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Prince Adeyemi Offline
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(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

03-12-2023, 07:36 AM

Hang in there bud, hope to see you around asap! Appreciate all the work you put into your characters and your matches!

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Dolly Waters Offline

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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

03-12-2023, 10:18 AM

Thanks for being a good sport. I think the long awaited matchup between these characters lived up to the hype. You as a handler have always been a tough out, and I can’t say that I expected the win by any means.

Get some rest, recharge the batteries and let’s run it back when you return.

Thanks again for the classy competition!

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