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ANARCHY: Micro/Angled Shows John Black
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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

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09-12-2014 04:35 AM


In-Ring Name:
John Black

Wrestler's Real Name:
Johnathan Blackstone

New to XWF or a returning roster member?:
JB's been here since 2012.

Wrestler Date of Birth:



Baltimore, Maryland

Well, his personality is a jaded sense of accountability. Has a new found sense of militant mind since he left XWF. Now, he still militant, but has a sense of ghetto ganksta like attitude that might come across terrible to people in XWF. Outside of the ring, he is a guy who is slightly introverted, but still gets people's attention that he has to deal with on a consistent bases.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener):
He's Pretty Much On The Tweener side.

Looks Description:
In the ring, he wears a baggy track pants, Black T-Shirt, and nikes on his feet. Outside, it varies and he always wears his old metal mask in public places. He gained some weight, but still has some little to no muscle mass on his body.

A Black Man

Pic Base:


It all depends of JB is in the eyes of the fans. He likes to take a beating, until he gains a motivation to fight back. He takes risk for the sake of his fans.

Ring Rust, not great like was years ago. Since he hadn't been in a ring for some years, he might be able to focus well with current XWF roster. He might intentionally stiff his opponents, harass the ref, and cause mischief in the ring that might get him DQ'ed.

Entrance Theme Music:

Special Entrance (if any):
As soon Ice Cube blast on the X-Tron, the smoke arises on the entrance way and the camera pans around the arena, and then it pin points Black who's coming out of the entrance stage. He stand there, and walks down to the ramp, and gives some high fives to the fans. He climbs to the ropes, and enters it and gives out a fist around the ring, then he stands in the middle of the ring as his theme cuts off.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
*Cripplercross Face
*Boston Leg Lock
*Heymakers To The Body
*Scoop Slam
*Roll Up
*Diving Elbow Drop
*Rear Naked Choke

Trademark Move(s):
Real Raw , The RaWkUs Driver (T.R.D), Blacka Jacka

Liontamer, Torture Rack into DDT, Brainbusta

Finishing Move(s):

Death Valley Driver

Favorite Hardcore Attacks:
Baseball Bat to the face, Kendo Stick Shots, Chairshots. A Blacklisted through a table. He might Body Splash wrestler through tables or floor in any high places where he can find to dive off of (ala New Jack in ECW.)

Additional notes:

[Image: John-Black.jpg]
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