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Warfare Results: 7.7.21
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07-07-2021, 03:26 PM

WEDNESDAY - 07 - 07- 2021


From !!!

[Image: usa-nyc-times-square-new-years-eve.png?f...C436&ssl=1]



- vs -


LATE SHOW SET BRAWL- Match takes place on the Late Show set with the winner determined via pinfall or submission ** 1 RP


- vs -

RACE TO THE TOP OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY- Winner is the first to make it to the top of the statue of liberty ** 3 RP


- vs -

CENTRAL PARK BRAWL- Winner determined via pinfall of submission ** 3 RP


- vs -

TIMES SQUARE BRAWL- Match takes place at Time Square with the winners determined by pinfall or submission **3 RP per person

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - Match will take place inside MSG! Winner via pinfall or submission ** 3 RP


WEDNESDAY - 07 - 07- 2021


From !!!

[Image: usa-nyc-times-square-new-years-eve.png?f...C436&ssl=1]


BETSY GRANGER has been replaced in the TV TITLE match.
COREY SMITH will now defend against BOBBY BOURBON

Wednesday Night Warfare takes the air LIVE inside Madison Square Garden to a sold out crowd booing intently as the countdown clock ticks away to zero before Fozzy’s “Judas” hits the speakers. The lights dim out to darkness as a single spotlight hits the top of the ramp. Seconds later the boos only get louder as CHRIS PAGE is shown sauntering out through the curtain with Andre Dixon at his side.

HHL: It looks like tonight we are kicking things off with the former XWF Universal Champion, one “Chronic” Chris Page has arrived at Madison Square Garden.

Pip: The sooner to be two time Universal Champion whenever he elects to use his rematch from the briefcase cash in at the hands of Alias back at Leap of Faith; but we would be remised if we did not talk about what that man and Andre Dixon did to Apex two weeks ago on this very program.

HHL: They send a very loud and very clear message to all three members of Apex, including Drew Archyle.

Chris and Andre start to make the walk towards the ring as they pay little to no attention to the negative crowd around them. They reach ringside with Andre climbing up on the ring apron while Chris Page makes his way up the ring steps. Andre steps through the ropes followed by Chris Page as the New York Crowd is all over them.

Pip: I wish I could say I am shocked at the complete lack of respect for both of these two gladiators, but if you aren’t kissing the fans ass it is to be expected.

Andre calls for the microphone as the music fades away leaving the solid boos from the crowd. He hands the microphone over to Chris Page who takes center ring. He raises the microphone as he starts to talk over the New York crowd.

” You know something, Dre? Can you believe the heat we got over laying out Apex two weeks ago in Washington D.C.?”

Andre shakes his head as Chris continues.

” They say we went a little to far by crucifying Drew Archyle and labeling him as a martyr of Apex; when in actuality all we did was pay their actions towards you and I forward. It’s mind blowing to me how we can be chastised for our actions yet it is perfectly fine for Robert and Jim to show up on Savage and lead to Dixon losing the TV Title to one of the most overrated pieces of trash to ever be in the business today. Listen we get it, it’s super easy for the hypocritical masses to come sideways at us for not taking shit laying down, which is why we are out here tonight.”

The crowd responds with a huge “YOU SUCK!” chant directed towards the ring drawing a smirk from Chris Page as he continues.

” Where is Robert Main?”

The crowd pops huge for the name drop of Robert Main which prompts Chris to let the crowd cheer before it eventually dies down.

” For a guy that wants a piece of us SOOOOOOO bad he never seems to be around, does he? He had his monthly match two weeks ago, and has his next one… you guessed it, a month later. It is time that Robert Main faces the music once and for all- it is time for Robert Main to deal with Chris FUCKING Page!”

The crowd pops huge at the possible match announcement.

” Do not get to far ahead of yourselves because Robert Main is not man enough to deal with Chris Page- as we have all seen more times than I care to count; so what about this, since you do not want to deal with me why don’t you bring ApeLeg and I will bring BOB for a good ole fashion 12 Person Tag Match!?!

The roof explodes at the mere notion of this possibly happening.

” Robert, and I want you to look into these cold blue eyes as you listen to the sound of my voice- you can keep playing your little games like you’re actually doing something other than loading my guns, you can parade around like you and Apex mean something… but until you step to the plate and accept my challenge you will be nothing more than a fucking bitch!

Andre starts to laugh at the statement made by Page.

” I don’t know why you all still have blinders on when it comes to this prick but this is going to come to an end sooner rather than later.”

There is a pause from Chris Page before he continues.

” Now on to other business, the XWF Universal Championship.”

Pip: Now we are getting somewhere!

” The rumor mill has been churning on when I will exercise my GUARANTEED rematch to recapture what should have never been taken away from me; and the answer is quite simple, whenever I goddamn choose to. I am not on a time frame, I do not have to cater to anyone but myself when it comes to when and where I am GOING to take back my Championship. Alias is riding on borrowed time, and as easy as it would be for me to stake my claims now for a rematch… Why? Why not have a little fun with it? Why rush to listen to all of your complaints about me being the top man in the federation, again? I never heard so many people pitching a fit about me being the Universal Champion versus the people pitching fits about me not exercising my rematch by now. Shit makes no sense.”

HHL: He has a point.

” I do this on my time, not anyone else’s. So the way I see it is like this… what’s to say Alias even has the Universal Championship after Savage? Ole Atty has been known to collect some belts, if you catch my drift.”

Chris winks at the camera as he drops the microphone. “Judas” by Fozzy hits the speakers once again as Andre and Page make their exit from the ring.

We fade to…

[Image: 3051980-inline-s-5-the-story-behind-the-...e-show.jpg]

The band equipment has been moved from the stage as a wrestling ring is in its place as the live crowd applauds. We see Steven Colbert standing in the center of the ring with a microphone in hand while wearing a sleeveless referee shirt tucked into a pair of black slacks.

”Ladies and Gentleman this is your opening match for Wednesday Night Warfare scheduled for one fall with yours truly serving as the special guest referee!

”About to make her Late Show debut, GERI VAYDEN!

Geri emerges out to boos from the crowd as she walks to the ring. She climbs up on the apron before stepping through the ropes and entering the ring.

”Her opponent, about to make her Late Show debut as well… VITA VALENTEEN!

As the opening riff of "Hart Attack" roared through the arena the crowd jumped to their feet as Vita ran onto the stage. Vita walked down the stage in a zigzag pattern as she slapped hands and tried her best to get the crowd riled. At the foot of the ramp, Vita took off and slid under the ropes to enter the ring. Vita hopped to her feet and struck her infamous "Arnold pose" to the crowds' delight!

HHL: Warfare is officially invading New York City and the Late Show with Steven Colbert as we kick off this edition of Wednesday Night Warfare!

Pip: Vita looking to bounce back from a loss to Steven Cooper on our last edition of Warfare while Geri looks to build some sort of momentum as she heads into her Number One Contenders match for the Anarchy Title tomorrow night against Terry Borden.


- vs -


LATE SHOW SET BRAWL- Match takes place on the Late Show set with the winner determined via pinfall or submission


HHL: Here we go!

Geri charges towards Vita who side steps her sending her crashing sternum first into a neutral corner! Vita immediately comes up behind latching on to a back waist lock where she delivers a Bridging German Suplex! Steven Colbert drops down to make a count.




Geri kicks out of the near fall. Vita is the first to her feet where she stomps down on Geri several times before picking her up off the mat. She whips her into the ropes, Geri bounces off the ropes as Vita ducks her head allowing Geri to deliver a swinging neck breaker!

Pip: Just like that Geri has taken the advantage with that swinging neck breaker!

Geri drops down taking a mount on Vita where she hammers down with a series of right hands forcing Colbert to make a count. He reaches the five count before catching Geri’s hand pulling her off the mount on Vita. Geri spins around shoving Colbert who threatens disqualification only to have Geri laugh at him before turning her attention back towards Vita. Geri picks Vita up before hurling her into a neutral corner. Geri charges in after Vita where she eats a reverse elbow from Vita who comes out and catches Geri with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

Vita rolls out to the ring apron as she gets to her feet and she measures Geri who starts pushing her way back to her feet for Vita to springboard off the top rope with a Flying Cross Body Block that is on the money! Geri rolls through and it is Vita’s shoulders on the mat!




Vita kicks out to a pop from the Late Show crowd as Steven Colbert pops back up to his feet signaling two. Geri is the first to her feet where she is followed by Vita, Geri lands several forearm strikes rocking Vita backwards. Geri comes forward with a Superkick, Vita ducks out of the way! Geri spins around and walks into a stiff knife edge chop across the chest by Valenteen! It’s followed with a second and then a third that echo throughout the studio. Vita backs Geri into the ropes where she shoots her across the ring with an Irish Whip, Geri bounces off the ropes ducking a clothesline attempt, she bounces off the near side where Vita leap frogs over her sending her once again bouncing off the far side and into a hip toss take over!

Geri pops back up to her feet where she is met with a standing drop kick that sends Vayden back into a neutral corner! Vita pops back up to her feet where she charges forward with a full head of steam looking to drive a diving shoulder block to the midsection of Geri only to see Geri side step at the last second sending Vita crashing into the right post right shoulder first! Vayden pulls Vita back out into the ring where she takes a back wasit lock of her own before delivering a release German Suplex!

HHL: Geri is not backing down from the offensive flurry by Vita Valenteen.

Pip: But can she put on that full court press to secure a victory.

Geri makes her way over to Vita choking her blatantly in front of Steven Colbert. He starts to make the count which sees Geri break at the four count.

HHL: Thus far Steven Colbert is doing a fantastic job officiating this opening contest.

Geri steps back up to her feet where she takes the right leg of Vita where she looks to lock in a figure four leg lock only to have Vita counter with a dreaded inside cradle!




Geri kicks out of the near falls where she beats Vita back to her feet driving a knee across the midsection doubling Vita over. The crowd starts to chant for Vita as Geri lands a gut wrench suplex to Valenteen.

HHL: Looks like Vayden has firm control over Vita.

Geri gets back to her feet where she makes her way to the ropes. She steps out to the ring apron before making her way towards the nearest set of buckles. Geri starts to climb up to the top turnbuckle to the top rope. She looks down at Vita before looking to deliver the MILLER’S TALE!

Vita rolls out of the way sending Vayden crashing and burning into the canvass!

The crowd is solidly behind Vita as she starts to get back to her feet and as she does Geri starts to stir! Vita catches Vayden with the Canadian Destroyer to a huge pop from the crowd! Vita snitches the cover hooking the near leg!

Pip: Goodnight Geri Vayden!





Vita is back up to her feet where Steven Colbert raises her arm in the air in victory to his live studio audience.

HHL: All it takes is one little mistake for a loss to happen, and tonight Vita took that one mistake and made Vayden pay dearly.

Pip: A nice way to bounce back after that loss to Cooper two weeks ago, now can she keep building this momentum or will this be a one and done for Valenteen?

[[The lights go out, and silence falls, until…]]




[[The rhythmic sound fills the arena in total darkness.]]



[[What the hell is that? Spurs?]]


[[The last one echoes off as the lights come back on.]]

Backstage, Steve Sayors is standing by near the talent entrance at Madison Square Garden.

HHL: Steve what do you got for us?

SS: Heather, I just received word from my sources that the Hart Champion is arriving here any moment.

HHL: Yeah. That’s great Steve. Thaddeus Duke is in the main event so clearly, he’ll be arriving here anytime now.

PIP: Are you chasing something Sayors? Fuck man, get with the program.

SS: Thanks Pip! As it happens...

Behind Sayors, Thaddeus Duke and his “entourage” of Paul Heyman, his son Frankie and his new squeeze named Brandon enter the building. Heyman spies Sayors and urges Thad and the rest to move along.

SS: I have it on good authority that Thaddeus Duke is going to grant me interview time! Sayors shouts out excitedly.

Thad and company walk right by Sayors and he doesn’t even know it. Heyman approaches Sayors.

HHL: Yeah somehow I think your sources are off.

Heyman throws his meaty arm over Sayors’ shoulders. Sayors looks to his right at Heyman.

Hello again Steven, Heyman greets the nutless backstage journalist.

SS: Mr. Heyman, I was hoping to get a word with...

Thaddeus Duke, of course you were. You’ll have to settle for me instead.

SS: This past weekend on Savage, your client not only defeated their own Television Champion, but he outlasted all five other competitors in the Captains Match to set the draft order for War Games.

Very good Steven! Heyman fires at him, full of condescension.

SS: As a result, your client now has the option to choose to pick first or sixth in the upcoming War Games draft. Can you give us any indication of what way he’s leaning.

I can, but I won’t.

SS: Well, how’s he feeling after that big win?

Thaddeus Duke is the Hart Champion, he’s main eventing tonight in his adopted hometown of New York City in the Worlds Most Famous Arena.

He’s coming off a major win over the TV champion and the rest of the captains on the TV champions home turf on Savage… so you tell me… how do you think he feels?

SS: I’d assume he’s in a great mood?

Heyman nods confirmation.

SS: Tonight in the main event, Thaddeus Duke defends against Morbid Angel. Should he be successful, next Warfare, he’ll defend that very title against Robert Main one on one. That’s not to mention his OCW in-ring debut against Ed Houston before finally coming to War Games.

I know you and your client have all the confidence in the world, but can you tell me what he’s thinking?

Heyman stands up straight and fixes his tie.

Thaddeus Duke went to Savage and won the Captains Match. Tonight, Thaddeus Duke will beat Morbid Angel. Thaddeus Duke will beat Robert Main. Thaddeus Duke will beat Ed Houston at OCW’s House of Cards and Thaddeus Duke and whomever he drafts… will feast at War Games.

And let me tell you why, Steven.

Because Thaddeus Duke is what Thaddeus Duke does.

And Thaddeus Duke… is a winner.

Heyman walks off leaving Sayors like a dear in the headlights.

SS: Theo? Vinnie? Back to you at ringside.

PIP: Which of us is which you think?

HHL: Clearly I’m Vinnie Lane.


- vs -

RACE TO THE TOP OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY- Winner is the first to make it to the top of the statue of liberty



Pip: Alright fans! Welcome back to Warfare and we’re going to take you to Liberty Island where Rel Dixon and Betsy Granger will be racing to the crown of Lady Liberty!

HH: 393 steps. 22 stories, Pip.

Pip: Not only that, Heather, but the match, er, race is starting clear over at Flagpole Plaza. These two have a good distance before they even reach the front door!

The camera pans around Liberty Island via helicopter then switches to Flagpole Plaza where Rel Dixon is standing on one side of Old Glory and Betsy Granger on the other with an XWF Official standing between them.

He gets the word and is just about to start the match when XWF Owner Vinnie Lane, dressed up like Uncle Sam, rolls up on a moped and stops ahead of them.

Pip: Is that…?

I’ll handle this! Okay, dudes! I WANT YOU.... TO GET ON YOUR MARKS! GET SET!!!!!

He pulls a tiny, pink pistol out from his jacket, points it up in the air, and plugs one ear.


Pip: And here we go!

Vinnie zips away on his moped and disappears in the distance.

Flag Pole Plaza

Rel and Betsy take off on foot away from the flagpole towards the main entrance. While sprinting the two of them push each other back and forth until Betsy is tripped up and falls to the ground. Rel doesn’t look back and continues for the gate ahead. Betsy sees a golf cart parked on the side behind a row of trees and breaks for it. She hops in, steps on the pedal, and gets after Rel Dixon.

Pip: Quick thinking by Betsy! This should make up for the lost time right away.

HH: Rel had better get behind the gate before Betsy catches up or else she might be road kill!

The cart isn’t zooming, but it was definitely faster than running. Rel, out of breath, runs through the gate and up to the doors where its handles are chained. She pulls at them trying to unravel them, but that’s when Betsy torpedoes her in the back with a drop kick!

Rel slams off the double doors and falls back as Betsy takes over pulling the chain away from the handles. Rel immediately responds with a kick of her own to Betsy’s back and the two tie-up and flail each other around in the entrance way. Betsy manages to land a knee to Rel’s gut and wraps her arm around applying pressure with a headlock! Rel struggles to break the hold, but Betsy uses the stone wall to walk up and spring from it landing a tornado bulldog on the sidewalk!

Pip: Ouch! Rel is lucky to not be busted open by that attack!

Betsy gets up and finishes pulling the chain from the doors and pushes them open. As Rel reaches her feet, Betsy tosses the heavy chain at her, but Rel manages to roll out of the way and dodge it! Betsy runs inside and turns around to slam the door shut but Rel boots it back nailing Betsy in the face with it.

Pedestal Lobby

Rel drives Betsy into a square pillar right by the entrance then DDTs her into the floor! She then pulls Betsy to her feet and throws her through the glass entranceway!!

Betsy crawls away carefully through the shattered glass and is kicked in the stomach by Rel on her way by. She reaches the pedestal steps and begins up them, but Betsy fights to her feet and runs over to stop her. She grabs Rel and slams her head off the golden rail then tosses her over to the other side! Betsy pulls Rel’s hair with both hands then ties it in a knot around the rail!

HH: Oh what’s Betsy doing?!

Pip: She’s keeping Rel Dixon from going any further is what she’s doing!

Rel struggles to get free as Betsy runs the rest of the way up the steps into a small room with more, much narrower stairs in a tiny stairwell. Betsy races up into the next area. Meanwhile, Rel Dixon freed herself from the rail and must now catch up to Betsy who is a couple floors ahead of her.

Double Helix Stairway

Betsy climbs up the last set of steps, which were basically steep enough to be considered a ladder, into the Double Helix Stairway. She leans against a rail on the catwalk for a moment to catch her breath. Keeping an eye on the level below her, she takes a moment too long and doesn’t realize there is more than one way up to the level she is on. Rel Dixon climbs up a separate ladder and manages to sneak up behind Betsy and tries to throw her over the rail!

Pip: Oh no! Rel is trying to kill Betsy!

HH: Betsy is holding on! She throws an elbow back, but misses! Rel grabs Betsy around the waist now and throws her back with a German suplex on the steel!

Betsy folds up and rolls backwards, almost falling down through the hatch she came up through. Rel reaches her feet and starts kicking Betsy in an attempt to knock her through it. Betsy blocks a kick and grabs the boot of Rel and twists it, twirling her around and down to the floor. Rel grabs her knee and holds it tight before rolling over and pushing to her feet. Betsy swings around with a roundhouse kick, but Rel ducks and hits Betsy across the face with an enziguri! Betsy is knocked silly and falls against the wall. Rel throws a couple of punches to Betsy’s midsection followed by a couple of knees then throws Betsy over onto the floor. Rel walks up the couple of steps up to the helix stairway which is up enough to be called a platform. She

Betsy beats her there and grabs her by the back of the neck and throws her over the railing!

Pip: That’s a long fall!!!

HH: Well, she’s dead.

Betsy stumbles over to the side of the stairwell marked to go “Up” and begins to ascend the narrow stairwell. It is several minutes before she reaches the lower platform as you can’t exactly go fast up these stairs because of how small and cramped everything really is. It wasn’t shortly after Betsy’s ascension it is revealed that Rel Dixon just barely held on to the ledge when she was thrown over the rail by Betsy. She went unnoticed and was able to climb back up and took the opposite stairwell marked “Down” and began her own ascension.

Lower, Upper, and Arm Access Platforms

Pip: It’s another race to the top, ladies and gentlemen!

HH: I don’t think Betsy has any idea Rel is on her way up the other steps behind her!

Pip: I don’t think so either! They’re going to meet at one of the platforms! For you fans, they’ll pass the lower platform, continue up to the upper platform, and from there is a ladder to access the arm, which then will lead up to the torch where we call our winner!

Rel Dixon and Betsy Granger continue up the Helix stairway past the lower platform. Rel is just a couple rungs behind Betsy now as they reach the upper platform. Betsy stops and looks around, there’s two ways to go… Towards the crown and towards the torch. She hops over the rail from the double helix stairway and onto the upper platform where she notices the ladder. She approaches it and grabs hold and pauses to get ready for the long climb. That’s when Rel comes up from the other side of the stairway, climbs over her own rail, and stands in place at the platform staring Betsy down who steps away from the ladder to face her opponent, as well.

Pip: This could be the final showdown folks! There’s one more climb to the top and only one of them can fit on that ladder!

HH: I couldn’t imagine climbing this thing withOUT someone trying to attack me the entire time, Pip.

Pip: It is quite a trek, Heather…

Betsy marches forward toward Rel and Rel does the same thing! The two meet in the middle and begin exchanging blows! Fist after fist landing wherever it may as the two battle back and forth! Rel catches Betsy with a couple good ones and causes her to stumble, but Betsy fights back and gets the best of Rel! She forces her back towards the railing which they both came and throws her over the edge back onto the helix stairway! Betsy races back to the ladder and begins her climb! Rel manages to leap back over the railing and spring over to the ladder. A couple ropes hang down and she decides to climb that way! She grabs hold and pulls herself up behind Betsy who sees her coming and stops. As Rel approaches relentlessly on the rope, Betsy waits and when she’s within reach starts kicking her in the head! Rel pushes off the structure and swings looking to kick Betsy from the ladder but misses! On her way back Betsy smacks her in the back of the head with her heel sending Rel Dixon plummeting back to the bottom!

Pip: There goes Rel Dixon! This is the second to last climb to the top of the torch!

HH: I think Betsy has it, Pip!

Betsy continues her climb through arm access and just as she is stepping on the ladder to the torch Rel Dixon reaches up from below and grabs her ankle! Betsy tries shaking her away, and does, but trips backwards allowing Rel to gain access. Betsy reaches her feet and Rel wastes no time on the attack! Another fist fight breaks loose, but Betsy is taking the worst of it! She manages to shove Rel who manages to catch herself before falling back down the hole! She takes a step forward only to get roundhouse kicked by Betsy and flipped backwards! Betsy kicks Rel in the head for good measure before taking her final climb to the torch!

HH: Rel Dixon was relentless in this one… Betsy is so close now!

Pip: She’s got it! What a match.. Race? What a show by these two!

Winner - Betsy Granger

Warfare returns from a break and this time, they’re at Madison Square Garden.

HHL: Folks, we are set to be joined by Paul Heyman LIVE here momentarily.

PIP: For the last several weeks, Thaddeus Duke has made no secrets about his desire to face XWF legend Mark Flynn but to this point, there has been no word to my knowledge, whether or not Mark Flynn has any interest in returning to face Thaddeus Duke.

HHL: I did have the opportunity to speak to Paul by text a few minutes ago and he told me that there has been a development and that tonight, right here inside Madison Square Garden, that development will be addressed.

PIP: Huge, if true!

As the sound of Paul’s old ECW theme hits, the old ECW town comes unhinged. Heyman emerges from backstage to a huge ovation from the XWF Universe. He stands at the entrance way for just a few seconds before heading toward the ring.

Entering the ring with a mic in hand, he stands in the middle letting the adulation from the crowd wash over him.

I don’t need an introduction, he begins. BECAUSE YOU AND I… HAVE ALWAYS… BEEN FAMILY!

Feeding off of the electric NYC crowd, Paul starts to circle the ring.

In a few moments, I’m gonna bring out one of your old favorites, he begins again, before coming to a stop in the middle of the ring. Okay… well favorite is a strong word… BUT… absence DOES make the heart grow fonder and what I brought with me...

Heyman retrieves a leather folder with the XWF logo embroidered into it from inside his jacket.

What I have with me, is a signed contract by Thaddeus Duke for Relentless and all we’re waiting for is Mark Flynn to come here to the Thaddeus Duke Show and sign on the dotted line.

Heyman pauses to let the crowd chill the fuck out.

New York City… tell Mark Flynn who the real King is...


Ladies and gentlemen… it is both an honor and a privilege… to introduce to you… your King…




HHL: Right here! In the Capitol of Duke Nation!

Heathers voice is drowned out by the Universe as Thaddeus Duke emerges from backstage, once again wearing a Mark Flynn inspired King of the Midcarders robe. He makes his way to the ring with the Hart title around his waist and slapping some hands. Entering the ring, he removes the robe and lays it over the top rope before removing the title and throwing it up over his shoulder.

After several moments, the crowd begins to quiet as Thaddeus slowly travels the ring in circles.







HHL: Oh man...





PIP: What?







HHL: He’s mocking Mark Flynn’s delivery style.
























HHL: These fans remember!

PIP: And they’re loving it up here!

Oh my God, how the fuck did he ever talk like that? I was just about to put myself to sleep and y’all know how much I looove the sound of my own voice!

See it’s been five weeks since I first challenged Mark Flynn. It’s an offer he really can’t pass up because if he loses? What did anyone expect? He’s facing a man named Duke and in the history of the XWF, the name Duke was always kryptonite for Mark Flynn.

Thaddeus is Everest compared to Sebastian’s… I don’t know mountains… bad analogy… something far less impressive, how bout that?

So really, its no harm, no foul… one day of his time for a fat ass paycheck courtesy of Duke Nation and the Thaddeus Duke Show. He can slink back into oblivion and in a few months, everyone will have forgotten him again anyway.

If he wins? Well, I’ll still have the Hart title come Relentless because its just not going anywhere. So if he wins, then he gets a shiny lil belt to put around his no doubt pudgy little waist.

If no one remembers Mark Flynn in a few months then why am I doing this? Why am I so interested in facing Mark Flynn? Because I like new challenges. I like putting on clinics in this ring and I like being the best match on the fucking card.

It’s just what I do.

Despite Flynn’s track record against Duke’s, the man was good in this ring. Despite everything else, Thaddeus Duke against Mark Flynn is quite simply… money.

The longer he goes without saying yes… then it’s really telling… because...

Thad holds the mic into the air.


Pulling the mic back down, he waits for them to quiet.

I don’t know guys… maybe… just maybe Mark Flynn ain’t got what it takes and he knows it. Maybe Mark Flynn’s absence hasn’t made him miss these electric crowds… Or maybe… Flynn was never quite skilled enough to take a crowd like this and pull their strings like I can, like the fuckin puppet master that I am.

Mark I hope you’re listening… there’s a clock on this amazing opportunity you have to potentially put on a clinic in the master art form of wrestling with me. At the close of War Games, the clock strikes zero, you miss your chance to step in the ring with a bona fide legend in the making… and I find someone else to make money with.

Thad and Heyman start to make their exit to much fanfare from the Universe. Before exiting through the curtain, Thad stops and looks back toward the ring and over the crowd.

It doesn’t get any better than this Mark, Thad says into the camera. If you ain’t got the balls to lace ‘em up, just tell me you ain’t got the balls.

The Hart Champion throws up the ‘I love you’ hand gesture before retreating back through the curtain.

XWF Wednesday Warfare returns from commercial, bringing us to the commentary table in Madison Square Garden where Pip Collins and Heather Halliwell are preparing to call our next match remotely

PC: Ladies and gentlemen, the contest we have coming next will not be for the faint at heart.

HHL: That’s right, Pip, a Central Park brawl between two of the more hardcore talents on our roster.

PC: Jim Caedus, a former Universal Champion and Charlie Nickels, a former Television Champion. Both incredibly talented, both incredibly violent and both looking to pick up a huge win here tonight… so without further adieu, let’s take you to Central Park, NYC

The Sun has already hidden away behind the Manhattan skyscrapers, leaving only a dusky glow of pink and orange painting the skies. Down in Central Park, near the reservoir in the southeast corner, the streetlights that line the sidewalk have lit up as the park's patrons have dwindled in numbers. This is the time of the evening where New York’s homeless reclaim their home.

There’s a long, winding concrete sidewalk, lined with street lights, benches and trash cans. The sidewalk sits between a grassy knoll, and the embankment to the reservoir. All is still, all is quiet. Lightning bugs begin dotting the darkness as night continues to fall. In the distance we can hear what sounds like a marching crowd. Faint and Unrecognizable shouts grow louder, as just beyond the grassy knoll a burning light begins to emerge.

The light grows larger until we see Charlie Nickels holing a torch and standing a top the knoll, a legion of NYC’s homeless following behind. At least twenty transients swarm around their leader, with taped fists, various weapons and torches of their own.

HHL: It looks like The Nickleman has brought reinforcements!

PC: Heather, be it Demos, be it Charlie Nickels, this man has a reputation as being a conduit for the downtrodden, the clinical and criminally insane. I wouldn’t doubt for one second that once Charlie showed up in Central Park, the sewer rats started following the podpiper!

Charlie raises his torch in the air and his followers go completely silent, all but for the sound of glass bottles clinking together:

[Image: EvergreenHarshIceblueredtopzebra-max-1mb.gif]

Jim Caedus!!! Come out and plaaaaaaay!

Charlie shouts into the muggy summer air, while a member of his followers clinks three empty beer bottles together on his fingers.

And on cue, a burning red glow from below the reservoir embankment. The same, indistinct sounds of a crowd become louder until…

HHL: You know who else has a natural appeal to such unfortunates that society has deemed unfit? The criminally, mentally insane and those in despair?


Jim Caedus appears at the top of the embankment, a swell of bewildered bums flanking him. As opposed to Charlie’s group, these men and women look older, possibly ex-bikers, carrying metal chains, brass knuckles, and two-by-fours. The only thing separating Jim and Charlie’s armies of homeless people is that long, winding sidewalk, and Charlie’s highground.


Jim’s crowd roars with approval as his raises his arms into the air,

Charlie shouts back, his face twisting in a psychotic anger:Since when did you become a fucking diplomat?!


- vs -

CENTRAL PARK BRAWL- Winner determined via pinfall of submission

Jim just grins as the two armies face one another, slapping their weapons in their bare hands. He yells out like a battlecry and charges towards the knoll, Charlie screams back and points his torch at Jim, sending his men rushing down the knoll to meet Jim’s men on the sidewalk.

PC: Oh my god, Heather! This might end up getting out of control!

HHL: Might? MIGHT?! Pip, these men both have about twenty NYC street vagrants going to war with them in Central Park. This is like the ultimate episode of BumFights!

The conflict turns dusty and red with violence in a hurry. Two-by-fours are being cracked over skulls, noses and ears being bitten off, bottles smashed, bones broken. In the middle of this war, Jim and Charlie meet, the commanders of their armies engaging in combat alongside their men and women.
Jim strikes first with a fierce right jab that sends Nickels stumbling backward, but The Nickelman absorbs the pain and swings wildly with his burning torch, cracking Ceadus across the face, spinning the former Universal Champion around. Jim does well to absorb the damage too and rushes back, he grapples Charlie, but there's a struggle, both mens head’s are pulled down as they struggle for a strength advantage. Jim drops one of his arms, losing out on the battle of strength. and Charlie lifts him


A canister of pepper spray spews out from the hand of Jim’s free arm, spraying Charlie right in the eyes. Charlie howls out in pain and breaks the hold, but the mace got in Jim’s eyes as well. Both men grunt and contort trying to overcome the effective toxin. Jim, having caught less of the spray, recovers first. He snatches Charlie up and snaps him down directly on the concrete with a snap suplex. Charlie arches his back and grinds his teeth trying to suck-up the shock of being hammered down to the concrete, but Caedus gives him no quarter.

He starts alternating kicks and stomps to Charlie’s head and body. One boot in particular catching Charlie right in the mouth and busting his lips open. Charlie smiles up at Jim, grunting still, as Caedus lifts the heavier, taller, man up by his bloodied beard. Unbeknownst to Charlie, Jim has a large rock in his other hand, and gets the rock smashed properly into his face.


Somehow, Charlie eats the devastating blow with the rock and comes right back at Jim! Connecting with a brutal headbutt. Not expecting the hit left Jim off balance and causes him to fall to his rear. Nickels pounces and begins bashing Caedus over and over in the face with a series of chops, palms, punches and elbows. Jim’s face turns crimson. Charlie reaches over and grabs a two-by-four from one of Jim’s fallen men, and while still mounting Caedus, wedges the hunk of wood onto his throat, trying to choke the life away from Caedus.

The battle amongst the two armies rages on, though men and women are dropping like flies. Charlie begins to mount more leverage on Jim’s throat with the two-by-four., placing his knees across the board now. Blood spewing from his mouth and onto his beard, his eyes red and watery from the pepper spray attack, Charlie laughs out like a mad man. Beating his chest as Jim’s body begins to go limp.

Referee John X, who has apparently been here this whole time, but not about to get caught up in all this mess with those stank-ass homeless people, rushes over. Just as John X reaches down to check on Jim, the board bows and snaps over Jim’s throat, sending one side of the two-by-four up into Charlie’s crotch. Charlie sucks a deep breath, as does Caedus who slides away from the now kneeling, and prone Nickelman.

Jim gets to his feet and backs up into a small group of his men. He allows them to hoist him up a little as he tries gaining balance to size Charlie up. Charlie, still trying to catch his breath is lifted under his arms by a few of his men. They put a piece of barbed wire two-by-four in his hands, BUT IT’S TOO LATE!!!!

Like a bat-out-of-hell, Jim charges in, leaping in the air and spinning with his now brass-knuckled fist.

PC: OH MY GOD! PURGATORY PUNCH! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Jim run, and LEAP that way with that attack before!

HHL:And with brass knuckles?! Charlie might be dead!

The attack violently spun Nickels around multiple times as he toppled head first into the sidewalk. Jim’s men ambush Charlie’s as Caedus makes the pinfall.





Somehow Charlie Nickles just barely gets a shoulder up. For a moment, Jim looks perplexed and frustrated, blood trickling from his forehead and covering his face as he sits on the ground next to his downed opponent. But then Jim hears Charlie laughing, which causes Jim to smile and start laughing himself.

PC: You know what, Heather? I believe these two are a perfect matchup.

HHL: I agree, they both foil one another. The Old Gunslinger, and the Hardcore Icon. These two and their own unique thirsts for violence and insanity almost cancel out. I think we’re watching the first match up in what will be a storied rivalry!

Jim gets up to his feet, and gives Charlie no time as he tries rolling over. Jim instead sends a rib-cracking boot to Charlie’s side and jerks the big man up. With a handful of Charlie’s beard again, Jim leads Charlie over to one of the remaining park benches along the sidewalk that haven’t been destroyed. Jim struggles for a moment with Charlie’s size, but then lifts the big man up for-




Nickels reverses and falls down Jim’s back pushing him face first into a metal streetlight. Jim’s bell is rung as he stumbles backward and then turns right into Charlie. He scoops Caedus up and takes off running, yelling with Jim up on his shoulders. Charlie releases Caedus with a violent release powerbomb that sends Jim smashing through the park bench.

Charlie drops to one knee as Jim explodes through the wooden seat and the metal frame. Jim is completely incapacitated, his lips sputtering and flinging blood away from his face as his eyes roll into the back of his head. But Charlie doesn’t make the cover. He instructs what few of his men are left to get Caedus to his feet, and they do so, unforgivingly, punching Jim in the gut and the throat. Charlie waves his fingers towards himself and his vagrant militants toss Jim towards him.

Charlie hooks Jim’s arms!!!



From behind Charlie a group of Jim’s loyalists attack with a cinderblock to the head, freeing Jim who spins away from the arm hook. Before Charlie can even fall to the ground…


Jim folds Charlie in half with the devastating Yakuza kick, as the remaining militants from both side stab one another and such, rendering them all either dead or incapacitated. There’s only Jim, Charlie and John X left.

Caedus, having just hit his big setup trademark move, wobbles back, waiting for Charlie to get to his feet. Just as he does, he creeps from behind with a grapple for -




He ducks under the grapple attempt causing Jim to stumble forward. Charlie charges Jim and spears him! The two go tumbling down the embankment and into the shallows of the reservoir below. Jim’s head is smashed against a large rock near the water, giving Charlie the advantage.

The water is up to Charlie’s knees who is standing before a kneeling, and defeated Jim Caedus, the water up to almost his neck. Charlie grabs Jim by the head and starts screaming random insults at Jim as he presses a tumb into each of Caedus’ eyes.


PC: HOLY FUCK! Charlie Nickles has his thumbs in Jim’s eyes and his shoving his head underwater!

Charlie submerges Jim into the reservoir, the splashing and struggling evident that the former Universal Champion is being drowned! Charlie continues to scream out his hands still pressed into Jim’s skull and forcing him under water. John X runs down the embankment towards the action.

There’s a gargle. Air bubbles pop on the surface of the reservoir water that's running red from Jim’s blood. Charlie laughs like a maniac and looks over to John X. Proclaiming victory, he holds his arms up-




Jim Caedus pops out from the water like a ghoul and wraps around Charlie’s back with the rear naked choke, climbing Charlie’s back. The two struggle, Charlie tries desperately to fling Jim off, but Jim pulls him down into the mud just at the banks of the reservoir, smacking his head against another rock in the process. Charlie gasps as his face turns white, and his legs stop kicking. John X is there. He lifts an arm once… and that’s enough!

He waves his hands infront of Jim who, completely spent, promptly releases the hold.

Winner- Via Knockout - Jim Caedus

Jim and Charlie both lie motionless on the banks of the reservoir, the bodies of their fallen comrades slung about Central Park as paramedics and police rush to the scene.

Pip and Heather are both speechless at the war the just witnessed as XWF Wednesday Warfare breaks for commercial.

Backstage we see Billy B. Blankenship flanked by Kyodai Monsuta. Kyodai’s eyes are wide and bulging as he stares into the camera, the intentions of destruction written across his face. Billy is ruffled up and wearing a neck brace.

[Image: IBYq4gn.jpg]

The camera zooms in on Billy as he removes his glasses, seething. His face battered by the femme-like claw marks of that coward who calls himself Marf.

Let me make one thing abundantly clear Marf, you’re a dead man walking!

Look into the eyes of Kyodai Monsuta, you have coward!

[Image: ttSW82D.jpg]

He looks like he’s smelled a Marf!

Look at this man and explain to him why you’re such a sniveling pail of unfiltered toxic waste and estrogen water. Explain to Kyodai why you decided to attack, and maim a defenseless manager such as myself. Explain all of that to him while he’s dropping his six-hundred and fifty pound frame on that stupid looking face of yours!

[Image: MllHqje.jpg]

Look in his eyes, Marf!

Do you feel him tearing your intestines out and eating them like a fresh string of sausages from the butcher? You want to put your filthy Covid19 hands on Billy B. Blankenship, an innocent bystander?

This is Marf’s m.o., he’s a shock and awe draw. Nothing else. It’s shocking that the shit-stain spends so much time around a talent like Lycana and still can’t wrestle to save his life. Leaving us in awe every time he loses a tag match for his partner. A backstage beat down that’s all you’re good for, kid!

You’ll all notice Freddy the fake justice warrior Flabbypuss is silent on this grave injustice.

You believe me when I tell you this, you thundering vagina fart, our paths will cross again. More specifically yours and Kyodai’s. Because after the greatest Tag Team on the planet, The Can-Jap Connection wrecks those antique Mustang brothers, bottoms Apex and bests Them Bastards, you better believe you and that hussy can be first in line for a beatdown from the greatest XWF Tag Champions of all time!


The image of Kyodai’s face fades to an Xtreme shade of black as Warfare breaks for commercial.

Cameras backstage fall upon a cadre of various XWF referees and crew as they tend to something in one of MSG’s kitchens.

“Hey! HEY! We need some help back here!”

“Get some EMTs!”

The commotion continues as a pair of officials lowers a bright blue bag out of a standalone freezer as wisps of vapor cloud all around like fingers clawing at them.

The bag seems to be moving ever so slightly, and when one of the referees unzips it, the barely conscious body of Geri Vayden is shown. Her eyes flutter in and out of cognition as crewmen struggle with the zip ties on her wrists.

“Geri! Geri stay with me!”

One of the referees slaps her gently on the cheek, trying to keep her awake.

“Geri who did this to you? Who was it?”

He pulls the silver duct tape off of her mouth so that she can answer. Geri’s mouth opens and closes in silence.

“Give us a name Geri!”

But Geri goes limp, her head falling to the side before she can utter a reply. The official looks up and shoves the cameras back, continuing to call for help.

“Get the goddamn cameras away! Medics! We need medics back here!”

The cameras back away as trainers and EMTs arrive, and the scene blacks out.


- vs -

TIMES SQUARE BRAWL- Match takes place at Time Square with the winners determined by pinfall or submission

We fade to Time Square in New York City where we see EXP; Cooper and Stone in street clothes with both fists heavily taped as they stand in the center of time square where all the traffic is stopped, roads blocked and thousands of fans gathered.

HHL: The Tag Titles are about to be on the line in a Time Square Brawl between EXP and Them No Good Bastards.

Pip: EXP has lead several attacks over the last month or so on The Bastards- tonight is what they have been waiting for, but will they be able to do what nobody has been able to do since taking those straps… beat them.

The crowd responds as Them No Good Bastards emerge from the M&M store alongside Chris Page. Bobby tosses from m&m’s in his mouth before handing Page his tag title while Thunder Knuckles removes his black shades tossing them into a massive crowd to his right before passing his tag title over to Page.

HHL: The Bastards aren’t alone tonight! Chris Page is in tow.

Chris leads the Tag champions across the street to an island in the center of Time Square where EXP awaits. The concrete island is barricaded around to keep fans out. There is a referee present who calls for the fight to begin!

Pip: This one is underway.

Cooper and Stone and Them No Good Bastards pair off with Stone and TK with Cooper and Bourbon. The right hands are being slung from by all four before TK thumbs Stone in the eyes! He takes him and drives him into the barricade while Bourbon drives a boot to the midsection of Stone before hurling him over the guardrail and into the crowd.

HHL: Well that didn’t take long.

Page watches as Thunder Knuckles scoops up Stone and slams him down on the concrete while Bobby steps over the barrier and starts stomping at at Cooper! He reaches down picking Cooper up and looks to smash him face first off the barreri, Cooper puts on the breaks before elbowing Bobby in the ribs before smashing him head first off the barricade!

Inside the enclosed area TK stomps down on Stone before taking a mount position where he hammers down with right hands. Cooper grabs a frying pan from a fan before knocking Bobby over the head sending him down to one knee. Cooper leaps over the guardrail running up behind Thunder Knuckles cracking him in the back with the frying pan.

Pip: There’s literally nothing off limits in this Time Square Brawl!

Cooper snatches Thunder Knuckles by the sweet, sweet mullet pulling him back to his feet where he slugs away with right hands allowing Stone to get back up to a vertical base. Cooper and Stone deliver a High-Low to Thunder Knuckles! Cooper makes the cover!




Thunder Knuckles kicks out of the near falls. Stone picks TK up where he holds him by both arms. Cooper is back up swinging right hands to the unprotected head of TK when suddenly Bobby Bourbon is back in the mix as he smashes Cooper across the back with a walker! Cooper drops to one knee as TK throws a mule kick back into the groin of Stone!

Bobby knocks Cooper down to concrete with a second shot across the back with the walker taken from some older sap. Stone drops to his knees as Bobby smashes the walker over his head before dropping down making a cover.




Kickout by Stone. TK picks Cooper up and takes him towards the side of the barricade where he tosses him over to the curbside. Fans part like the red seas as the lights of Time Square illuminate the streets as Bobby and TK comes over the barrier. Bobby picks Cooper up where he body slams him on the hood of a taxi cab!

Stone is shown getting back up where he looks over seeing Bobby choking Cooper on the hood of the taxi. Stone rushes forward where he climbs up on the barricade and leaps off with a double axe handle across the shoulder blades of Bourbon breaking the choke on Cooper. TK spins Stone around who blocks a right hand and counters with one before booting TK in the midsection and sending him face first through the drivers side window of the Taxi cab face first!

Pip: This violence and the brutality is going to be off the charts!

Stone clobbers on the back of Bourbon while Cooper rolls off the hood of the taxi cab. Stone takes Bobby and hurls him into the security railing as Chris Page looks on with the Tag Titles from a distance away inside the area originally blocked off for this fight to take place in.

A bloody TK emerges from the cab as Cooper drives a boot into the midsection before he and Stone take TK across the street as the crowd roars loudly followed by the referee. The cross the one lane street to a curbside where a 7/11 sits set to one of the hundreds of souvenir stores in the area. The crowd parts like the red seas as Cooper and Stone hurl TK through the front door of the 7/11!

Pip: Anyone else have the munchies?

HHL: A Slurpee sure does sound good about now.

Cooper and Stone enter the small store as the people inside get as away away as possible. We see Cooper and Stone start laying the boots to a bloody TK. Cooper snatches a bag of Lays and opens them up before pouring them down on TK as Stone opens a cooler and snatches a can of WHITE CLAW! He cracks it open and pours it down on top of TK!

Cooper reaches down snatching up Thunder Knuckles up before throwing him into a rack of canned goods knocking the rack over as TK crumbles to the ground.

Stone and Cooper turn around towards the entrance only to be taken down with a double clothesline by Bobby Bourbon! Bourbon snatches up Stone before sending him crashing face first through the glass off a beef fridge! Bourbon picks Stone up off the floor where he takes him towards the front door and sends him back out to the street. Bourbon makes his way over to a bloody TK helping him get back to his feet. Bourbon yanks Stone out of the cooler with a back waist lock. TK delivers a Superkick to a now bloody Stone while Bourbon delivers a release belly to belly suplex. TK turns towards the clerk who shockingly looks on.

THUNDER KNUCKLES: Send the bill of damages to Vinnie Lane care of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation.

Bobby and TK exit the 7/11 and walk back into the streets of Time Square. Bobby snatches a trash can from the street where he comes up behind Cooper crashing it across his back sending him staggering forward and into the Virgin Mobile store! Bobby comes in after Cooper where he snatches him by the throat before delivering a chokeslam through a CD table! He drops down making the cover.




Cooper kicks out of the near fall. Bobby starts pounding away at Cooper's face landing several stiff shots as TK comes into the store bleeding profusely. Bobby gets back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Cooper up off the floor. Bourbon and TK could be setting up Cooper; Bobby locks in a front face lock.

HHL: Them No Good Bastards could be thinking Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

Bourbon looks to pick up Cooper for the suplex only to see Stone blows past Thunder Knuckles where he clips the left knee out from under Bourbon just as he is lifting Cooper up for the Supelx! With the clip of the knee Cooper counters the suplex attempt with a dreaded Inside Cradle!




TK breaks the pin attempt as Stone grabs a ABBA vinyl record. TK turns towards Stone where the record is broken over his head staggering TK backwards several feet. Cooper gets to his feet where he grabs TK and fires him towards Stone who delivers a spinning heel kick taking TK down! Stone makes the cover hooking the near leg!




TK kicks out of the near fall saving the tag titles for the Bastards. Cooper reaches down picking Bourbon up off the floor before where he looks to send him towards Stone who looks to nail a clothesline, Bourbon ducks under the clothesline attempt, Stone spins around where he walks into a Samoan Drop from Bourbon!

Bobby gets back to his feet as Cooper rushes forward, Bobby leap frogs over Cooper sending him into a Spinbuster Slam from TK who is getting back to his feet! TK covers Cooper as Bobby stomps away at Stone.




Cooper kicks out!

Pip: All bets are off when it comes to where the hell this one is going to go!

Bobby picks Stone up off the floor as we see TK getting back to his feet as well. He picks up Cooper who delivers a low blow! TK staggers backwards where he bumps into Bourbon as he looks to deliver a Bourbon Bomb but assists Stone with a back body drop!

Cooper and Stone snatch TK by the hair and drag him out the front door back to the streets of Time Square where a pizza joint is next door! Cooper and Stone take TK towards the front door and look to send him crashing through it, TK reverses and Irish Whip and its Cooper that is sent crashing through the door and spilling into the pizza establishment. Stone sucker punches TK before taking him inside where he smashes TK face first off the hostess stand! He follows up by body slamming TK on to the salad bar! Stone covers TK on the salad bar!




TK kicks out before taking a face full of Salad by Stone. Cooper comes around from the kitchen area where he smashes Bobby Bourbon in the skull as he enters the establishment which sends him backwards back through what was the door way and into the streets!

HHL: All hell is breaking loose with this war between EXP and Them No Good Bastards.

Cooper comes out smashing the oval pizza pan over Bobby’s head a second time before we see Stone emerge out of the eatery where he comes forward driving a boot to the midsection of Bourbon as we see Stone and Cooper deliver a double suplex on the sidewalk! Cooper floats over into a cover.




Bourbon escapes the near fall! Chris Page is shown still observing from a safe distance away with the tag straps over his shoulders.

Pip: Page looks on as this fight rages on.

Stone turns his attention back towards the pizza joint where TK is staggering towards the door. Stone comes forward swinging with a right hand, TK blocks and counters with a right hand followed by a second and then a third rocking Stone backwards! TK charges forward with a clothesline, Stone ducks but TK catches Cooper in the back of the neck sending him out into the streets. TK turns around catching the right boot of Stone who looks to kick him in the midsection, TK spins Stone around in a complete circle before gouging him in the eyes before he takes Stone and hurls him face first into a parked car on the street side!

Bobby starts to pull himself back up to his feet where he takes Cooper with a front face lock before hoisting him up in the air for a vertical suplex, he falls backwards and it's TK who completes the.....

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

TK makes a cover.





Chris Page makes his way over as he helps TK and Bourbs back to their feet before awarding them their tag titles. He raises their arms in the air when suddenly.

Hey!! Hey Page you egotistical asshole. UP HERE!!!

Them No Good Bastards and Chris Page both swing their heads around and upwards in unison towards a building about 50 feet away from them. Standing on the roof of the building, about 7 stories up is Drew Archyle.

Did you really think that March Madness was the end of our story? I know everyone thinks of me as just a place holder until Page vs Main part 97 happens but no. You and I have unfinished business and unlike Robert I'm not going to wait around for you to pencil me into your "busy schedule." You and me, next Warfare and don't you dare try and punk out and expect to show your face in the halls of the XWF ever again.

Drew steps back from the ledge of the building and disappears into the darkness as Chris Page stands there in disbelief.

[Image: Mcien0T.jpg]

HHL: Welcome back here on Warfare, LIVE from the Worlds Most Famous Arena!

PIP: There are bigger venues, Heather. Larger capacities, open air, domed, you name it… but none more famed and storied than right here at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

HHL: We’re just moments away now from the main event pitting the XWF Hart Champion Thaddeus Duke against challenger, Morbid Angel.

PIP: On last Warfare, Morbid Angel literally hunted the Hart Champion down to secure this match but my gut tells me, Morbid is walking into the Lion’s Den, so to speak.

HHL: The Lionheart, fresh off of pinning his best friend, Television Champion Corey Smith on Savage to earn the right to choose first for War Games...

PIP: Or sixth.

HHL: That being said, the Hart Champion is white hot all over again and he’s coming home, Pip.

PIP: It seems like every time he falls, he finds a way to climb back up quickly and while his primary residence is in Connecticut Heather, he spends the majority of his time living in New York City and tonight, the champion has home field advantage.

HHL: Morbid Angel has a distinct size advantage over Thaddeus Duke. He towers over the champion by 9 inches and outweighs him by around 60 pounds. So while the champion may be at home here tonight, the challenger presents a rather unique and formidable challenge.

PIP: It’s gonna be a hard fought match there’s no doubt about that.

The bell rings with Michael Buffer standing in the center of the ring in his traditional white suit.

[red]HHL: Without further adieu, we turn it over now to the Worlds Most Famous Ring Announcer here at Madison Square Garden, Michael Buffer.

The cameras trained on Buffer, he raises the microphone to his lips.

MB: Ladies and gentlemen… it is time now… for the WEDNESDAY NIGHT WARFARRRRE… MAIN… EVENT… of the evening!!

New York City is already rockin’.

MB: This match is one fall to a finish… by pinfall or submission only… with no countouts… and nooo disqualifications… and it is for… the XWF!… HART!… CHAMPIONSHIIIIP!

Once more, New York City is rockin’.


MSG rocks on.


New York grows louder still.

MB: Then for the thousands in attendance… and the millions watching around the world… Ladies and gentlemen…. LLLLLLLLET’S GET READYYY TO RUMMMMMMBLLLLLLLE!

The lights go out…the crowd screams with anticipation for who is to enter! The soft sounds of Stryper’s Yahweh starts to play.

The crowd erupts into loud cheers as the music takes off and Morbid Angel appears on the entrance ramp like a gift from God! He swiftly makes his way down to the ring, greeting people as he goes, shaking hands and giving high fives.

He gets to ringside and climbs the stairs, He then steps over the top rope and awaits his opponent as ‘Yahweh’ fades out.

HHL: Morbid Angel, heavily cheered here tonight in New York City!

PIP: It’s New York, Heather. They’re the moodiest, most temperamental fans in the world, and if they love you, they’ll let you know. If they hate you, they’ll let you know then probably jump you out back.

Madison Square Garden falls quiet for a moment. Anticipation soon starts to grow as the delay for Thad’s music builds the Universe into a slow burning frenzy. Slowly but surely, the fans start to stomp their feet… then the clapping of hands begins.

HHL: These New York fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of their favorite adopted son!

PIP: Love him or hate him, the son of a bitch knows how to work a crowd when he’s not even present!

HHL: Few are better crowd psychologists than the Lionheart, Pip!

Duke Nation grows louder and louder before finally…

The high pitched squeal of the ‘Hart Attack’ guitar riff hits the sound system and MSG absolutely comes unglued. They rage with love and adoration, anticipating the arrival of their champion. Their son. From their city.

Thaddeus Duke’s gold Lionheart logos wave over the exceedingly boisterous crowd as ‘Hart Attack’ plays for several moments. Coming through the curtain in his Hitman inspired gear, Thad enters MSG to nuclear baby heat with Paul Heyman carrying the Hart title in tow. Thaddeus stops at the top of the ramp and smiles as he soaks in the response from Duke Nation. Seconds later, he starts making his way down the ramp as the old school pyro pops and pops overhead.

Slapping a few hands as he walks by, Thad climbs the steps and stops at the top. Heyman hands him the Hart title and Thad looks over his shoulder at the most loyal chapter of Duke Nation with one hand raising the title and the other giving the ‘I love you’ hand sign.

Thaddeus steps through the ropes and he stands his corner with the Hart title draped over his shoulder. Heyman stands behind him, massaging the shoulders and upper back of the Hart Champion.

HHL: Few crowd reactions, if any, are louder and more energetic than those given to the Hart Champion!

PIP: I’m not a fan of the man, but I’ll never deny he gives his body to these fans night in and night out. He’s earned their love and support.

Hart Attack fades out and all eyes are on Michael Buffer as he stands in the center of the ring.

MB: Introducing the challengerrrr… he hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, he stands a towering 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in tonight… At 2 hundred 75 and one quarter pound…

Ladies and gentlemen the masterrr… of the Blessing of St. Peter top rope piledriverrr… a two time former Universal Championnnnn…


The Bible Mannnnn…


Morbid steps forward after the classic Micheal Buffer introduction to an overwhelmingly kind and supportive response from New York fuckin’ City. Morbid steps back, leaning in his corner as he stares across the ring at Thaddeus Duke.

MB: His opponent… Accompanied to the ring tonight by Paulll Heyymannn… From right here… in...


PIP: They just drowned out Buffer!

MB: Standing at 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in tonight… at 2 hundred 18 and one-half pounds… He is the master of the Heat Seeker superkick…

The llleaderr of Duke Nation…

A former Universal Champion in his own right…







Thad steps forward to a ridiculously loud ovation. Raising the Hart title in the air with his left hand, he beats his chest twice with the right and throws up the peace sign to his fans. Folding the title straps behind it, Thad gives the championship a kiss before handing it over to the referee. Buffer and Heyman exit the ring as the official holds the title high while Morbid and Thad stare each other down from their respective corners.

The official hands the title off to the ringside attendant then signals for the bell.

HHL: Its the champion, Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: Its he challenger, Morbid Angel!

HHL: And its right now!

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

MADISON SQUARE GARDEN - Match will take place inside MSG! Winner via pinfall or submission

Morbs and Thad circle the ring for a few seconds as they eyeball each other up. The two competitors step toward each other and lock it up in the center. Morbid with the staggering size advantage, easily backs Thad into a corner. The referee intervenes asking for a clean break. With no DQ, they’re not obligated to respond in kind but nevertheless, Morbid and Thad break.

The challenger retreats toward the center, giving Thad an opportunity to step out of the corner. They go to lock it up again and Thad nails Morbid with a surprise stiff boxing job to the jaw, stunning Morbid for a moment. Thad hits another one and Morbid shrugs off the second one. The larger man goes for a shot of his own.

Using his superior speed and quickness, Thad ducks under the attempted shot from Morbid and dances behind him. Morbid turns to find him and takes another shot to the jaw. Getting frustrated at the smaller champions superior speed and quickness, Morbid again shrugs off the snap jab to his jaw and grabs himself a two hands full of Thad’s neck and power tosses him into the corner.

The landing shifts the ring a couple inches as Thad clutches his back. Morbid nurses his jaw a bit before charging full steam ahead into the corner. Duke again uses his quickness to avoid the collision in the corner and Morbid stops his own momentum from causing him to come up empty. Thad charges toward Morbid as the challengers back is turned but eats an extremely stiff elbow to the jaw.

Thad staggers backward, turns and falls to one knee as he tries to shake the cobwebs. Morbid turns to find the champion on his knee and stands in wait as Thad gets back to his feet. Morbid shoots across the ring toward him and as Thad spins around, Morbid about takes his head off with a lariat.

HHL: And the challenger turns the champion inside out here!

PIP: He may have spun in the air more than 360 degrees, Heather!

With the champion on the mat, Morbid Angel feels the wave of momentum on his side as he looks down at the fallen Thaddeus Duke. Grabbing a fistful of the lion’s mane, Morbid begins to pull the champion to his feet. With Thad vertical, Morbs lifts him up and powers him back down to the mat with a thunderous body slam. Thad bounces off the mat and leans to one side, clutching at his aching lower back. Morbid though isn’t satisfied with that and delivers a stiff kick to the lower back of the Hart Champion.

Knowing that giving Thad Duke time to recover could prove a fatal mistake, Morbid steps on the gas. Again, he lifts Thad to his feet before planting his head between the challengers legs. Thad tries to fight it but Morbid is just too strong and lifts, then plants Thaddeus Duke with a vicious power bomb.

With Thad sprawled out on his back in the center of the ring…

HHL: Morbid hits his knees and hooks the leg of Thaddeus Duke!



PIP: The resilience of the champion proves strong here as Thaddeus Duke kicks out!

In his heart, Morbid knew it wasn’t time yet, but he had to try. He gets back to his feet and again, with a fist full of hair lifts the champion to his feet. Still a bit on dream street and winded, Thad is easy to manipulate at the moment. Morbid turns him, then whips him hard into the corner. Thad strikes the turnbuckles with such force that it causes him to bounce out back toward Morbid in the middle of the ring.

HHL: What elevation!

PIP: Thad goes up high and down low!

HHL: He got plenty of air and there’s no doubt that the Hart Champion is now in a world of trouble!

Thad bounces hard on the mat but wills himself back to his feet. Morbid grabs a hold of his wrist and whips him hard into the corner again. Upon impact with the corner, Morbid charges in landing a ring rocking avalanche. Morbid backs off toward the center of the ring as Thad staggers out of the corner. Again, Morbid sends Thad across the ring with an Irish Whip, this time sending him rebounding off the ropes.

Morbid Angel goes for a big boot, but Thad rolls under Morbid’s extended leg and pops back to his feet, clear of the danger. Not missing a beat, the athletic Thaddeus runs toward the ropes and one hops it to the top rope, using it as a springboard.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke’s elite athleticism on full display here in New York!

PIP: Short lived though!

Off the springboard, Thad attempts a moonsault on Morbid, only for the challenger to catch him in mid air. With the champion draped over his shoulder, Morbid Angel delivers a shoulder breaker, driving Thad’s shoulder into his knee. With the champion still draped, Morbid stands before planting Thad’s shoulder into his knee again. Not satisfied yet, Morbid keeps Thad draped and stands to his feet again. Walking around the ring a moment, Morbid gets a head of steam before driving Thaddeus, along with his own weight, into the mat with a running powerslam.

HHL: Hook of the leg by the challenger!




HHL: The Lionheart survives here on Warfare!

PIP: But for how much longer!? That’s the real question!

Leaning off of Thad, Morbid looks at the referee. He doesn’t verbalize it but gives off a look that questions the count. Morbid gets to his feet and starts to head to the outside of the ring. Heyman runs his mouth at him, but Morbid ignores him. Approaching the time keeper, he shoves him out of his chair before folding it up and taking it with him.

In the ring, Thaddeus begins ever so slightly to get to his feet.

HHL: It’s a surreal scene to watch Thaddeus Duke off his game!

PIP: Morbid Angel is extremely strong and powerful, Heather! A lot of people can overlook that fact about him until they’re in his grasp and can’t fucking move!

Climbing to the apron and stepping over the top rope back into the ring, Thad gets to his feet and immediately staggers backward toward the corner. He stands there leaning against the turnbuckles, still shaking the cobwebs as Morbid Angel gives charge toward the corner, ready to swing the chair at the Hart Champion.

Morbid mistimes though and Thad gets a boot up into Morbid’s chest. The kick staggers the big man back a bit but its mostly ineffective. Again Morbid Angel charges in with the chair in hand and out of desperation, Thaddeus grabs the retreating referee by his belt and pulls him in front if him.

Not wanting to hit the referee, Morbid slams on the brakes, stopping his own momentum and halting his swing, avoiding inadvertently hitting the official.

HHL: A rare dirty tactic from the Hart Champion!

PIP: It’s New York, he’s New York, and sometimes, you just do what you gotta do!

With the referee admonishing Thaddeus Duke, and still with his belt in the clutches of the Lionheart, the Hart Champion shoves the referee forward then boots him in the back. The referee stumbles forward right into Morbid Angel and the chair. The collision causes the referee to fall to the mat clutching his head as the chair also impacts Morbid’s head. He stumbles back, drops the chair, then falls to one knee.

Thad advances out of the corner and reaches down toward the referee, unfastening his belt. Pulling it out of his belt loops quickly, he then turns his attention to his massive near 7 foot challenger. Not waiting, Thaddus starts wailing away on his challenger across his shoulders. Morbid tries to shrug it off but the sting is too great as Thad continues swinging like a wild man.

On the floor, Paul Heyman is yucking it up toward his young champion.

Back in the ring, Morbid Angel is trying and failing to retreat away from the vicious shots from the referees belts. Over and over, Thad whips on his challenger before the only retreat Morbid Angel has is to fall through the ropes and roll down to the floor as the fans octave levels rise while their champions momentum continues to build.

With Morbid Angel shaking off the sting and welts forming all over him, Thaddeus discards the belt and looks to the crowd for a moment. Urging him on, he runs toward the far side ropes as Morbid gets to his feet. Thad comes across the ring as Morbid returns his attention toward the ring. Duke leaps over the top rope and comes crashing down hard into Morbid Angel with a top rope suicida, flooring Morbid Angel again.

HHL: It’s an air raid from Thad Duke to Morbid Angel!

PIP: The momentum has shifted incredibly over the last few minutes and the champion is now in control of this match.

With both men on the floor, Thaddeus pops back to his feet quickly and reaches down to grab a handful of hair of Morbid. Helping him to a vertical base, Thad then sends Morbid face first into the steel steps causing Morbid to grow stunned for a moment before staggering back a step and falling to one knee.

Grabbing a handful of Morbid’s hair again, Thad pulls him back to his feet then sends him head first into the safety railing. Morbid hangs both of his arms over the railing, holding himself upright. Thad tears Morbid’s preacher shirt down the middle exposing Morb’s scarred chest.


XWF Universe: WOOOOOO!

HHL: Thaddeus Duke with a knife edge chop!

PIP: Well, if you didn’t see it, you could hear it and you knew exactly what just happened.

Morbid clutches his chest a moment and hangs his chest toward the floor. Someone in the crowd hands Thaddeus a full glass mug of draft beer and he readily accepts it. Downing about half the mug in a few seconds, he lowers the mug.

Being near Micheal Buffers position, Thad grabs the mic: “Let’s show him how New Yorkers fight!” he calls out before laying the mic back down and returning his attention to Morbid Angel. As you might’ve guessed, the electric New York City crowd responds favorably.

He places his free hand under Morbid’s chin, raising him up a little before shattering the glass mug across the left side of Morbid’s head, busting him open in the process. Morbid clutches the side of his head for a moment before he falls to his side on the floor and starts to crawl away from the barricade toward the announce table.

The champion stalks the challenger but a fan shoves an actual STOP sign in his face. Thad takes a step back and laughs. They spray painted it: No One STOPs THAD!

With Morbid Angel on his hands and knees, Thad takes the fans STOP sign and drives it down across Morbid’s back causing him to collapse chest first against the floor. Thad then hands the sign back to the fan before once more turning his attention to Morbid.

With the challenger in a bad way, Thad reaches down and grabs a handful of hair. Pulling him to his feet, Thad pushes Morbid toward the ring, then rolls him inside. The Hart Champion takes his time getting to the apron, planning to go aerial. Inside, Morbid starts to get to his feet despite the weaponized onslaught of offense he’s endured for the last several minutes.

Morbid gets to an unintentional three point stance as he works his way to his feet and can see Thad preparing to jump. Out of desperation, Morbid lunges forward, driving a shoulder into Thad’s midsection, stunning him in the process. For a moment, Thad hangs desperately to the top rope to avoid falling off backwards. In the ring, Morbid rights himself vertical then grabs Thad by his hair. Still vertical on the apron, Morbid sends a forearm into Thad’s face before grabbing the top rope and viciously shoving it outward, catapulting Thaddeus Duke off the apron and sending him crashing down through the announce table on the outside to a huge pop from the violence loving, blood thirsty New Yorkers.

HHL: And the violence escalates here on Warfare!

PIP: Well I’d think a fever has wept over the Big Apple if these people didn’t love every second of it!

XWF Universe: THIS IS AWE-SOME! clap clap clapclapclap

HHL: I guess the official has decided to wake up from his nap!

On the floor, Thaddeus lies within the rubble pile of busted table and monitors as Morbid surveys the damage with a smile. Grabbing the chair from earlier, Morbid heads to the outside and stalks the prone Hart Champion as if he were injured prey. Taking a moment to decide what he wants to do to Thad and how, Morbs bends down and places Thad’s right ankle in the folded up chair.

PIP: It’ll be hard for him to fly if he can’t get any air!

HHL: You’re enjoying this!?

Morbid Angel hops back to the apron as fans simultaneously boo and cheer him.

PIP: All is fair in love and war, Heather! The Hart title is on the line, this is war!

As the Universe begins to realize what’s about to happen for their hometown boy, the cheers turn to boos and at least for the night, Morbid Angels basks in the hate before jumping off the apron and bringing his foot down across the opened part of the chair, snapping it shut across Thad’s ankle.

Amid the rubble, Thaddeus is writhing in pain, rolling back and forth and clutching his ankle. Paul Heyman rushes into the scene quickly to check on his now injured Hart Champion. The boos rain down on Morbid Angel before he seeks out the fan from earlier with the custom STOP sign. The fan struggles with Morbid for a second, but Morbid’s strength is too great and he easily rips the sign from the fans hands.

Returning his attention to the busted up Thaddeus Duke, who by now is trying to use Paul Heyman in order to climb back to his feet, Morbid is again stalking Thaddeus like prey. Heyman pleads with Morbid not to do it, but Morbid just shoves him away, causing Thad to fall to his hands and knees. Morbid then brings the sign crashing down against the champions back.

Morbid turns towards the signs owner, then bends it in half over his own knee before tossing it aside. Again returning his attention to Thad, the challenger lifts him to his feet then rolls him into the ring. With Thad laying on his chest, the challenger reaches under the ring and pulls out a table before sliding it into the ring.

Morbid then starts to head back into the ring under the ropes. Inside, he gets himself back to a vertical base quickly before setting the table up vertically in one of the corners. Reaching down he starts to pull Thaddeus to his feet.

Out of nowhere…





HHL: Did he get him!?

PIP: I don’t know!

The referees hand came down to three almost simultaneous with Morbid’s kickout of the shock pinning combination. Morbid sits up on the mat and looks at the referee and holds up three fingers, asking if Thad got him. The referee holds up two fingers and Morbid lets out an exasperated sigh of relief.

With Thaddeus still ailing, he lies on his back on the mat as Morbid Angel gets back to his feet. Rather than focus on Thaddeus, Morbid sets the table up off the center of the ring but several feet in front of the corner. As it would happen, that’s the corner Thad is crawling toward while smacking at his ankle, trying to get the blood flowing again.

Returning his attention toward the ailing champion, Morbid delivers a hard punt like kick into Thad’s ribs, sending him reeling toward the corner. Morbs then reaches down and lifts Thad to his feet before lifting him up and draping him over his shoulder.

HHL: What’s the challenger gonna do here!?

PIP: Something devastating!

With his free arm, Morbid point toward the sky to a lukewarm response from the crowd. He shrugs his shoulder and backs up against the turnbuckles before scaling them with Thaddeus Duke clutched in his grasp. Balancing himself with amazing agility for a big man, Morbid Angel stands upright with the much smaller Thaddeus Duke over his shoulder.

Balancing on the top turnbuckle, Morbid shifts Thad’s from his shoulder into a tombstone-like position.


PIP: Here it comes!

HHL: The Blessing of Saint Peter!

Just before Morbid is about to leap for the tombstone off the top, Thad rears his head back and drives it squarely into Morbid’s groin, halting him instantly. Still positioned upside down, Thad repositions his legs to grapevine Morbid’s head before sending Morbid Angel off the top rope and crashing down through the table with a headscissor.

Thaddeus lands on his ass in the ring, facing the destroyed table and Morbid Angel’s fallen body. Gingerly, he crawls over and hooks the leg.




HHL: Morbid Angel kicks out!

PIP: What a match! What a main event!

With Morbid Angel still down on the canvas, Thaddeus struggles to his feet despite his obviously hurting ankle. Finally upright at the feet of Morbid Angel, Thad takes a tentative step forward, testing the resolve of his body over pain.

It holds.

Morbid though, sends a stiff kick to the side of Thad’s ankle and the champion hits his knees with his head down, clutching that ankle.

HHL: Morbid Angel! Buying separation time that he needs!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke’s ankle is a mess!

Slowly, Morbid Angel crawls out of the table debris and uses the ropes to aid him to his feet. With Thad still down and clutching the ankle, Morbid approaches and grabs the champion by his hair, slowly pulling him upright.


And the crowd erupts at the surprise RKO!

PIP: Thaddeus Duke digs deep to pull that one out of his ass!

Thad crawls over and drapes an arm across Morbid’s chest.

XWF Universe:





HHL: Morbid Angel! He digs deep this time to get his foot on the bottom rope!

PIP: This has been a fantastic contest between both of these men!

In the ring, Thad looks shocked that Morbid kicked out and lifts his head to glare at the referee. The referee points out Morbid’s foot on the rope and Thad buries his head in the mat as he can’t believe it. Through the pain and the cheering of Duke Nation, Thaddeus wills himself to his feet. Gingerly, he walks around the ring trying to shake the pain. Slow at first, then faster and faster as the crowd urges him on. He belts out a yell and jumps up and down, forcing the pain from his fucked up ankle to a roar from the crowd.

Thad retreats to the corner as Morbid starts to get to his feet. He stomps his foot against the mat a few times, revving up for the Heat Seeker. As Morbid gets to his feet. Thaddeus bounds out of the corner with his aim directed at Morbid’s chin.

Morbid catches Thad’s foot though just before impact, and spins the Hart champion around and gripping him by the throat. Thad tries to fight out of it but Morbid Angel lifts him up, then slams him in the middle of the ring with a choke slam. The challenger hits his knees and falls forward with his body across the champions chest.

XWF Universe:





HHL: Somehow, someway, the Hart Champions resilience prevails here as Thaddeus Duke kicks out!

PIP: His refusal to admit defeat has, in a lot of ways, propelled this kids popularity into the stratosphere!

Morbid leans off of Duke and grabs both sides of his head, forgetting for a moment he’s still bleeding from the left side. Looking at his own blood for a second, he starts to get back to his feet as Thaddeus rolls over to his stomach.

Now upright and vertical, Morbid reaches down and lifts the nearly defeated champion up to his feet, placing Thad’s head between his legs. He lifts the champion up to his shoulders, then transitions into a crucifix.



Thad slipped out of Morbid’s and landed on his feet. When Morbid turned around to find him, Thad nailed him with his super kick.

XWF Universe:





Madison Square Garden comes unglued as the referees hand comes down for the three.

WINNER and STILL XWF Hart Champion – Thaddeus Duke

HHL: In one hell of a match, Thaddeus Duke retains the XWF Hart Championship!

PIP: That was a Warfare Classic, Heather!

Thad is handed the Hart title as his old school golden pyro bursts over the ring.

The New York City chapter of Duke Nation is elated and in full throated victory celebration. Thad rolls out of the ring to ringside and gingerly hops the rail. As ‘Hart Attack’ plays over the Madison Square Garden sound system, the XWF Hart Champion with the title draped over his shoulder, travels deeper into the crowd receiving hugs, high fives and shoulder slaps from the XWF faithful as ....

Thaddeus nearly stops in his tracks as “Judas” by Fozzy hits the speakers at Madison Square Garden for a second time tonight. The crowd boos intently as Chris Page walks out to the top of the ramp with a purpose.

HHL: You want to talk history, there’s nothing more storied than Thaddeus Duke vs Chris Page! Why is Page back at the Garden?

Thaddeus drops down to the floor and starts to walk back up the ramp as Chris Page walks down the ramp. The two rivals reach each other without taking eyes off the other. They walk around each other, still not taking eyes off each other until they pass by. Chris turns his attention towards the ring. He reaches ringside and climbs up on the ring apron before stepping back through the ropes and into the ring.

The crowd roars with loud boos as Page walks across the ring demanding the microphone for a second time this evening. He is handed the microphone by the ring announcer. Page takes center ring where he raises the microphone as the music abruptly fades away.

” It is funny as shit to me that I kicked this broadcast off with a challenge to Robert Main only to have that challenge answered by Drew Goddamn Archyle…”

The crowd pops huge for the mention of Drew’s name.

” It’s funny to me for no other reason than even Apex members knock Robert Main for being the scared little prick that he ALWAYS has been when it comes to dealing with guys like me in this business that CAN and HAVE defeated him in the middle of this ring.”

The loud boos break away into a massive “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” chant directed towards Page as he continues.

” I can understand your frustration, Drew, I mean if I was looked at as a glorified goof and side kick to Robert I would be equally as frustrated… but you’re right when you say we have some unfinished business… but you’re wrong when you assume that there is anything about you that warrants any intimidation or fear. I have risen to the top of this federation with hard work mixed with playing a better mind game than anyone else that has ever stepped foot inside this company.”

Chris stares intently into the camera as it pans in close on his face while he continues.

” Drew, consider your challenge to meet me in this ring… ACCEPTED.”

The crowd roars with approval as Chris quickly cuts them off as he states.

” But it will be accepted under MY terms… and my terms dictate this match to take place under PURE WRESTLING RULES!”

The announcement of a lame pure wrestling rules match brings a chorus of loud boos from the crowd with a smirk on the face of Chris Page as he states.

” At March Madness you had your street fight, and you lost… in two weeks you will have your chance at redemption in MY kind of match under my set of rules… and you will lose that too. Batton down the mother fucking hatches, and prepare yourself for another eye patch because I fully intend on not only out wrestling you, but I am taking your other eye in the goddamn process! See you in two weeks, buttercup!

Page tosses the microphone down to the mat as “Judas” by Fozzy hits the speakers again.

HHL: Warfare in two weeks just got even more loaded! On top of Robert Main vs Thaddeus Duke for the Hart Title we are getting Drew vs Page Part Deux! Orlando, Florida will never be the same again!

Suddenly the crowd starts to pop huge as DREW ARCHYLE jumps the barrier behind Chris Page and slides into the ring!


Chris slowly turns around not knowing who is behind him where he eats a boot to the midsection! Drew looks to synch Page up with a double arm DDT only to have Page scurry free and slide out to the floor evading Drew’s attack. Chris starts to back peddle up the ramp as Drew is shown spouting off obscenities at Chris Page while pacing back and forth in the ring to a roar from the crowd as Wednesday Night Warfare fades to black.

Show Credits:
Thaddeus Duke- Match and Segments
Billy B. Blankenship- Segment
Chris Page- Matches and Segments
Mr. Bigg- Match
Drew Archyle- Segment
Thunder Knuckles- Video
Dolly FUCKING Waters- Match
Vincent Lane- Segments

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And now it's time to get excited.

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This is a really good show. Congrats to everyone involved.

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Someone better call fucking Main to make sure he knows what's going on! In the meantime, since we're predicting the future and shit. Drew, pay attention.

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Dearest Mr. Blankenshit...

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I've earned a shot with the X.

The Dissentients are there when we choose to do so.

Your precious Bitchtits and Fuckwad... Singles, tagging... Marf and I welcome you to come and test us out, any way you have the balls to do so.


Kiss kiss!

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All that tells me is that the XWF gets their fireworks from Five Below.

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You had your fun Chris. we get SERIOUS.

I invite you to bring all your best friends. I'll bring mine and we'll see what kind of shenanigans ensue.

In the meantime consider this a preview of things to come...

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(07-08-2021, 04:23 AM)Drew Archyle Said: All that tells me is that the XWF gets their fireworks from Five Below.

Same place they're getting their themed TV show ideas. Is this the XWF? Or Disney on Ice?

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(07-08-2021, 04:27 AM)Chris Page Said:
(07-07-2021, 05:02 PM)Drew Archyle Said:
You had your fun Chris. we get SERIOUS.

I invite you to bring all your best friends. I'll bring mine and we'll see what kind of shenanigans ensue.

In the meantime consider this a preview of things to come...

[Image: giphy.gif]

"Bring whoever the fuck you want. I will walk this one alone."

Come now Chris, let's not start off this affair with a lie.

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07-08-2021, 12:14 PM

Fun read!

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