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Part Time/Floater: Only book me when and where I opt in Drew Archyle
07-31-2015, 08:07 PM
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In-Ring Name: Drew Archyle

Wrestler's Real Name: Andrew Archyle

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Personality: Unpredictable. It's not known if Drew Archyle is currently prescribed any drugs but if he is it's a pretty safe bet that he's off his meds.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener but leans face. He doesn't like bullies or authority figures. He will break the rules when he wants to. Not because he's a bad guy per say or because he needs to but he simply doesn't care.

Looks Description: Dean Ambrose

Ethnicity: Milktoast motha fucka

Pic Base:Dean Ambrose

WRESTLING STYLE High Flying Brawler

Strengths: There are times when Drew can get in the zone and become so focused that he basically does not feel pain. Additionally Drew is capable of rallying when it appears his opponent has him beat however both of these strengths usually have a short shelf life before the adrenaline subsides.

Weaknesses: Drew can become so focused that he can at times become ignorant of what is going on around him. He is prone to sneak attacks.

Entrance Theme Music: "Ready For This" by All Good Things.

Special Entrance (if any): His song plays. Drew walks down to the ring and begins to F.S.U.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
Double Underhook Suplex
Pendulum Lariat
Over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver
Chickenwing Facebuster
Spinning Side Slam
Snap DDT
Running Crossbody
Suicide Dive
Tornado DDT
Double Leg Takedown
Running knee Lift

Trademark Move(s): The Funny Bone
Description(s): Diving Elbow Drop to a standing opponent. Done from the top turnbuckle to an opponent inside or outside of the ring.

Finishing Move(s): Ill-Gotten Gains
Description(s): Headlock Driver

Submission Finisher: Nighty Night
Description: Arm-Trap Crossface
Favorite Hardcore Attacks: Anything involving weapons.

Additional notes:

[Image: YSqFoQ7.jpg]
[Image: q0TJ9kP.png?1]

[Image: nD3fxYJ.png]
[Image: vAioXnP.png]
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