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Wednesday Warfare: Bi-Weekly Show Thaddeus Duke Updated 7/16/2020
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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

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10-22-2016 06:06 PM


In-Ring Name: Thaddeus Duke

Wrestler's Real Name: Thaddeus Leander Duke II

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: December 25, 2013 (1998 for legal purposes)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 210

Hometown: Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Personality: Cocky, a touch of Arrogance, but also shows mercy and compassion. He loves his adoring fans or "Pride". Especially the kids.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Baby Face

Looks Description: Wears a white sleeveless hooded robe, similar in style to what boxers wear, as he makes his way to the ring. The robe has a large gold lion on its back. His long trunks are white with a gold band around the waist. LIONHEART in gold script on his rear. Gold Illuminatus (iron cross) crosses down each leg, offset and in no particular order, in the style of HBK's bleeding hearts from the old days. Knee pads are inverse. Gold with white crosses. Boots are White and motocross style, not laced, with thick shin pad covering. They're white with


along the front in gold.

White wrist tape.

Ethnicity: White

Pic Base: Tom Holland


Strengths: He's a naturally gifted athlete and he uses his athleticism to his advantage. He's a well versed ring technician, and does a bit of high flying also. He's quick, energetic, agile, nimble. Everything you'd expect from a guy his size. He's also a masochist. He rather enjoys pain. Taking it, as well as dishing it out. He could be bloodied head to toe, and he'll still come at you with that Thad Duke charming smile. He uses his quickness to thwart brawler attacks. He DOES have a mean streak. He can be extremely vicious if he's been beaten up a lot.

Weaknesses: His mean streak, above, could become a detriment at times as he's apt to deck a referee in the heat of the moment. Doing that, would snap him out of the moment and he'd feel guilty. He could hold his own in a brawl for awhile, but the longer it goes, the lesser his chances. Unless weapons are involved. He won't quit, but he's not trained as a brawler. He's young so a result of that is being a little brash. He'll sometimes act without thinking about it first. That could definitely open him up to counters. Pride is a weakness as well. He's so prideful that if he's trapped in a submission that he can't get out of, rather than tap out and live to fight another day, he'll pass out instead. He will never quit by submitting.

Entrance Theme Music: "My Name Is Human" - Highly Suspect

Youtube: l5-gja10qkw

Entrance Description:



GUITAR! gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in gold colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers before hopping over the top rope into the ring. He makes his way to each corner, giving the Bret Hart "I love you" pose.. Once all four corner are done, he hops back to the outside and takes selfies with fans at ringside. Mostly kids, teens and 20 somethings.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

-3 Amigos (Trip verticals)
-Top Rope Bulldog
-Crossbody block
-Springboard hurricanrana
-Double A Spinebuster
-Figure Four
-back breaker
-Top Rope Frankensteiner
-Missile Dropkick
-Garvin Stomp
-swinging neck breaker
-Double Axe handle from the top
-side russian legsweep
-Running back elbow into the corner, dude staggers out, Thad springboards and twists in the air, delivers a driving bulldog.
-HBK's flying forearm smash and kip up
-Reversal exchanges. He's a small guy by wrestling standards. He wiggles out quickly.
-Top Rope Superplex (Can be easily reversed by larger opponents)
-Float over DDT, used as a counter to lariats and things of that nature

**He's a technician. If there's an ailing body part, he'll target that part. If its a shoulder, he'll work on that shoulder by throwing it into a turnbuckle, a ringpost, he'll do those arm ringers that takes the opponent to the mat, so on. Just an example.

Trademark Move(s):
Kiss It - It's definitely cocky. With an opponent on their knees, he'll face them, look down at them and yell "Kiss It" before stepping up onto the opponents thigh and dropping them with a shining wizard.

Mother of All Bombs - Shooting Star Press - can be used as a finisher in the right situation.

Finishing Move(s):
1st Choice: Better Than You - Primary - Sweet Chin Music

1st Choice Again: Fuck You - Sister Abigail (use whichever makes more sense)

Shell Shocked - Situational - Surprise RKO when he appears to be down and out


Pandora's Box Version 2.0- Hell's Gate - It's purely situational. He uses it out of either A) desperation or B) when playing possum.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks: All of them. He's environmental. He'll use whatever is around if the situation calls for it.

Additional notes: He's better than you. He will put his body on the line, he's an adrenaline junkie so anything that gets a roar from the crowd, he'll do it.

[Image: P2MwBpA.png]
Career Record: 21 - 9

XWF Accomplishments
  • 3x XWF Xtreme Champion
  • 2x XWF Television Champion (current)
  • Unbeaten Streak From 10/10/16 to 7/8/17

OOC: Overall Career Record: 103-48-2
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