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Wednesday Warfare: Bi-Weekly Show Thaddeus Duke Updated 8/18/2021
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10-22-2016 06:06 PM


In-Ring Name: Thaddeus Duke

Wrestler's Real Name: Thaddeus Leander Duke II

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Returning

Wrestler Date of Birth: December 25, 1998 (legally)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 217 lbs.

Hometown: New York City

Personality: Cocky, a touch of Arrogance, no longer shows mercy and selectively shows compassion. He's been betrayed by "Duke Nation". Fun loving kid at heart, but will do anything to make the fans hate him even more.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Heel. Wants to take everything you love and burn it to the ground.

Looks Description: Wears a white sleeveless Lionheart hoodie as he makes his way to the ring. His long trunks are white with a gold band around the waist. His Lionheart logo on his rear accented in black. Gold Illuminatus (iron cross) crosses down each leg, offset and in no particular order, in the style of HBK's bleeding hearts from the old days. Knee pads are similar. Boots are black and trimmed in gold, motocross style a la HBK.

White wrist tape.

Ethnicity: White boi

Pic Base: Tom Holland <3


Strengths: He's a naturally gifted athlete and he uses his athleticism to his advantage. He's a well versed ring technician, and does a bit of high flying also. He's quick, energetic, agile, nimble. Everything you'd expect from a guy his size. He's also a masochist. He rather enjoys pain. Taking it, as well as dishing it out. He could be bloodied head to toe, and he'll still come at you with that Thad Duke charming smile. He uses his quickness to thwart brawler attacks. He DOES have a mean streak.

Traditional Heel Role WITHOUT cheating to win unless he chooses to. Eye pokes, low blows, begging off, acting like a coward only to lure opponent into an offensive assault, using a ref as a shield, etc.

Weaknesses: He could hold his own in a brawl for awhile against larger opponents, but the longer it goes, the lesser his chances, unless weapons are involved. He won't quit, but he's not trained as a brawler. He's young so a result of that is being a little brash. He'll sometimes act without thinking about it first. That could definitely open him up to counters. Pride is a weakness as well. He's so prideful that if he's trapped in a submission that he can't get out of, rather than tap out and live to fight another day, he'll pass out instead.

Important Note: He is accompanied by the entirety of the Lion's Den (Paul, Cyrus and the SWAT team) however the SWAT team will typically stay up on stage as a "just in case." Heyman will use himself as a distraction. Cyrus will sometimes get physically involved depending on the opponent. If the mood strikes Thad, he will sometimes pull off a post-match assault on his opponent. Sometimes himself, sometimes Cyrus, sometimes SWAT.

Entrance Theme Music: Custom Tron: 'Sirius' by Alan Parsons Project & 'Anti-You' by Blue Stahli

Youtube: LLD4soPtrqU

Custom Tron curtesy Apex Productions

Entrance Description:

The house lights fall dark with a loud audible snap. The stage and the ring remain lit in a dim gold colored lighting.

The announcers lay out as ‘Sirius’ by the Alan Parsons Project begins to play. A pulse effect with the stage lighting matches the guitar strumming. About 30 seconds in, two men and two women dressed in full S.W.A.T. team gear, complete with full face helmets emerge from backstage. They separate, two on each end of the stage as ‘Sirius’ fades with a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring. When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing thousands of boos from the XWF Universe.

After the pyro bursts, ‘Anti-You’ begins. Again, the lighting stays dark, only pulsating in gold with the beat of the music. Emerging from backstage, is Thaddeus Duke with Paul Heyman by his side and his bodyguard Cyrus Braddock behimnd him. Thad in his customary white Lionheart hoodie stands on stage as Heyman backs off to the side and Cyrus keeps his distance.

Thad hits his knees to a chorus of boos, striking a messiah-like pose as the camera pans out and golden pyro bursts behind Thad in front of the X-Tron. After the pyro bursts Thad basks in the hate from the XWF Universe. He then gets to his feet and makes his way to the ring, no longer spending time with his adoring fans.

Inside the ring, he climbs the turnbuckles on the far side, welcoming the hate from the crowd with a smile before throwing both the Hart and OCW Savage titles into the air.


- Three Amigos (Trip verticals)
- Double A Spinebuster
- Swinging Neck Breaker
- Back Breaker
- Side Russian Legsweep
- Float over DDT, used as a counter to lariats and things of that nature
- Slingblade


- Grounded Hammerlock (Does a headstand later to increase pressure before bridging over, torqueing the victims arm)
- Figure Four
- Ankle Lock
- Elevated Boston Crab (Liontamer/Walls of Jericho)
- Elevated Texas Cloverleaf
- Sharpshooter
- Chain Wrestling/Reversal Exchanges

MEAN STREAK MOVES (Press R2+L2 to activate):

- Garvin Stomp (successively stomps each joint in the body)
- Gator Roll - front facelock with a repeated rolling twist
- Chair or other weapon assisted Garvin Stomp
- Ringpost Figure 4
- Pillmanizer (chair wrapped around opponents ankle or knee, then hops off the turnbuckle snapping the chair shut on said body part)
- Piledriver onto chair or other hard surfaced object
- DDT onto chair/weapon

AERIAL ASSAULT/DAREDEVIL (Press R1+L1 to activate):

- Top Rope Bulldog
- Crossbody Block (either on rope rebound or off the top)
- Springboard Hurricanrana
- Top Rope Frankensteiner
- Missile Dropkick
- Superplex
- Moonsault (All variants: standing, top rope, off the X-Tron, etc)
- Top Rope Suicida (suicide dive over the top rope, ala Dead Man)
- High Spot Heroics - Any crazy dive off of high objects (ladders, xtrons, balconies.)

**He's a technician. If there's an ailing body part, he'll target that part. If its a shoulder, he'll work on that shoulder by throwing it into a turnbuckle, a ringpost, he'll do those arm ringers that takes the opponent to the mat, so on. Just an example.

Trademark Move(s):

- Fuck Corey De-Lux: Corey Smith's Face Pain De-Lux (Black Mass Roundhouse Kick)
- M.O.A.B.: Shooting Star Press - can be used as a finisher in the right situation, like off the X-Tron or something

Finishing Move(s):
Primary Finisher A: Heat Seeker - Sweet Chin Music (Please use this less often for false finishes)
Secondary - Used more often, less successfully: Coup de Gras - Rollins top rope superplex, roll through into a Falcon Arrow
Situational: Shell Shocked: Surprise RKO when he appears to be down and out

*****Please use Coup de Gras or Shell Shocked more often for false finishes, Heat Seeker less. TY.

Submission Finisher:
End Game: Hell's Gate

Favorite Hardcore Attacks: He's environmental. He'll use whatever is around if the situation calls for it. He likes to fly off of things. He particularly likes hitting big moves on chairs.

Additional notes: His intent is to always put on a 5 star classic. He will put his body on the line, he's an adrenaline junkie so anything that gets a roar from the crowd, he'll do it.

Supporting Cast:

[Image: H3nc5IF.jpg]
Sebastian Duke - Father
(The Undertaker)

[Image: YV8xRLi.png]
Elizabeth "Liz, Lizzy" Henry - The Girlfriend
(Olivia Wilde)

[Image: 2H4yK9O.jpg]
Francis Robert "Frankie" Rickle - The Foster Child
(Jacob Tremblay)

[Image: cpCPKcN.jpg]
Garrett "G" Wentworth - The Ex-boyfriend
(Nick Robinson)

[Image: vlSQjaD.jpg]
Roberta "Berta" Williams - Housekeeper/Sorta Mother Figure
(Conchata Ferrell - RIP Berta)

[Image: McR0iY5.jpg]
James "Jim, Jimmy" Edwards - The Chief of Staff
(Tom Felton)

[Image: rhAgKG9.jpg]
Lincoln Tritter - The Intelligence Chief
(David Morse)

[Image: bzESWlI.jpg]
Janet Wilson - Sebastian Duke's "Gatekeeper" @ Veneras International
(Lily Tomlin)

[Image: mAub6fR.jpg]
Alister Henry - Maternal Grandfather
(Charles Dance)

[Image: rBwG4lQ.jpg]
Virginia "Ginny" Tate - Elizabeth's Mother
(Sela Ward)

[Image: BkEkhvm.png]
47-18-1 | 108-40-3

  • 1x XWF Universal Champion
  • 3x XWF Xtreme Champion
  • 1x XWF Supercontinental Champion (First)
  • 1x XWF Hart Champion (Last)
  • 1x OCW Savage Champion
  • 2x XWF Television Champion
  • 1x XWF Tag Team Champion
  • 2x SOTM (9/20, 7/21)
  • '20 High Stakes Royale Winner
  • '21 War Games Captains Match Winner
  • OOC: XWF Hall of Legends Inductee**

**Inducted as Sebastian Duke, fix that later.
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