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XWF Presents: War Games 2021
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Pre-Show Bathroom Break

"The Can-Jap Connection"
Ricky Goldhart and Kyodai Monsuta
w/Billy Blankenship
- vs -
"The Disintigrators"
Johnny Steele and Dave Mustgang
w/Freddy Fabulous

Savage Rules

[Image: eOh83zy.png]
Robert Main
Dolly Waters

- vs -

[Image: FjVO7AD.png]
Dick Powers
Jim Caedus
Ned Kaye
Geri Vayden

[Image: soyR9Dt.png]
Betsy Granger
Atara Themis Shawn Warstein
Reggie Estrada

- vs -

Miss Fury
Thunder Knuckles
Bobby Bourbon
Money Oswald

[Image: 6zLmFkk.png]
Thaddeus Duke
Corporate Chaos
Andre Dixon

- vs -

[Image: TJYhRGv.png]
Corey Smith
Morbid Angel Centurion

Survivors From Match 1

- vs -

Survivors From Match 2

- vs -

Survivors From Match 3






The entrance music of the Can-Jap Connection blasts from the loudspeakers, echoing over the sea of fans, bringing them to their feet with a roar that would shake the roof off if there was one.

ANNOUNCER: Introducing first, being led to the ring by Billy B. Blankenship... the team of Ricky Goldhart and Kyodai Monsuta.... THE CAN-JAP CONNECTION!

Blankenship saunters out through the flashing lights, a smirk on his face and tennis racket in hand, as he whirls around, extending it out with flair as Goldhart and Monsuta appear on stage. They both lift fists high into the air as they begin their walk down to the pair of rings. Goldhart slides into the first one and bounces, at the ready, as Monsuta climbs in behind. Blankenship rallies the crowd as the music fades out.

Only to be replaced by.....

ANNOUNCER: And their opponents, accompanied by Freddy Fabulous... they are  "Dangerous" Dave Mustang and Johnny "Twisted" Steele.... THE DISINTIGRATORS!!!

As Megadeth shrieks through the arena, Freddy Fabulous trots out, moving aside as "Dangerous" Dave Mustang and Johnny "Twisted" Steele roar down the entrance ramp on their twin Harleys. They circle the rings, chasing an unfortunate Blankenship into doing a lap around to avoid getting run over. They park their bikes on either side of the ramp and strut to the ring, giving each other a massive high ten once they are on the apron together. Mustang gets in the ring first, followed by Steele as Fabulous arrives, slapping his hands on the apron in approval.

Pre-Show Bathroom Break

"The Can-Jap Connection"
Ricky Goldhart and Kyodai Monsuta
w/Billy Blankenship
- vs -
"The Disintigrators"
Johnny Steele and Dave Mustgang
w/Freddy Fabulous

Savage Rules

PIP: Tag team action to start us off here at War Games!

HHL: The Can-Jap Connection came in really wanting their presence known... let's see how they do against the vets!


Steele and Goldhart remain in the ring as their partners exit to their respective corners. They circle around, eyeballing each other up as they close in to lock up in the center of the ring. Muscles bulge and quiver as they test one another, Goldhart quickly gaining the advantage, powering Steele back into a neutral corner, ramming a shoulder into his midsection repeatedly until the ref backs him off.

He grins as Steele slowly inches out, heading immediately to tag in Mustang. Goldhart motions for him to bring it as Mustang charges with a head full of steam only to miss his target as Goldhart ducks the clothesline. Mustang comes off the ropes, turning around to meet a big drop kick that sends him crashing to the mat. Goldhart is there in an instant, capitalizing by dropping a heavy fist into his opponents face.

He immediately grabs up Mustang by the hair, using a fistful to lift him back to a vertical position just to set up a series of forearm strikes, rocking the other man back against the ropes.

PIP: Goldhart dominating here in the early going!

Mustang does his best to cover up against the assault, but to no avail. Goldhart relentlessly rains blows down, dropping Mustang to his knees, then crashes his own into the Disintigrator's jaw, toppling him onto his back. He puts the boots to him, stomping away until the other man is motionless.

Blankenship yells out his approval as Goldhart strolls towards his partner, raising an arm to the wild approval of the fans as he tags in Monsuta.

HHL: And here comes an absolute monster of a man... Dave Mustang is in a world of trouble.

The big man climbs in, eyes glued to where Mustang is starting to creep across the canvas. He moves towards him and Mustang, feeling the ground rumbling, glances back and starts crawling a little faster.

Steele is up on the ropes, arm extended out.... Mustang scrambles and gives a frantic lurch forward and...

Their fingertips just miss as Monsuta gets ahold of Mustang's ankle, hauling him back as Freddy grabs his hair in frustration.

Monsuta assists Mustang to his feet, as the man desperately grabs at him, trying to whip him away. He gets absolutely nowhere, earning himself a grin from the big guy as Monsuta yanks him back over, smashing their skulls together with a devastating head butt and Mustang is down again.

Except this time he rolls away, towards his corner towards a waiting Steele and a screaming Fabulous.

Monsuta simply watches as the tag is made and Mustang rolls onto the floor.

PIP: And Steele is in!!! This is what the Disintigrator's needed!!!

Steele roars it out as he races across the ring, lowering a shoulder and putting his full force behind a tackle!

Only to bounce off and fall onto the mat.

PIP: ......... well that didnt work like he planned.

HHL: You think?

Monsuta rubs his jiggling belly with a chuckle as Steele hops back to his feet. He takes aim and charges once more, this time dropping low and aiming a drop kick into the massive Monsuta's knee. Caught off guard, he is rocked slightly, and Steele takes advantage, focusing a full on assault on his kneecap!

He goes down with a bang, making the entire ring quake!

Steele stomps on him as he crawls across the ring, trying to slow him down and failing. He latches onto Monsuta's leg, getting dragged across to the corner, where Goldhart makes the tag in, jumping through the ropes to come at Steele who releases his grip in time to block the swing aimed at his head.

He counters with a right hook of his own and they start trading blows, falling back across the ring.

Steele whips Goldhart into his corner where Mustang starts pounding away as his partner distracts the referee. Blankenship howls his protest as Freddy flips him off from across the way.

Steele gets a running start and flies, slamming Goldhart between his body and the post. He tags in Mustang, who heads to the top.

PIP: The Disintigrator's taking charge now!

Steele tucks Goldhart's head between his knees, then lifts him up as if for a power bomb when Mustang takes flight, bulldogging Goldhart. He covers as the ref slides into position!






Monsuta plows through Steele and squashes Mustang with a leg drop, breaking up the count.

HHL: That didnt last long.

PIP: ........ nope.

The ref chases both Monsuta and Steele out as the legal men begin to stir and get to their feet.

Goldhart is up first, but Mustang isnt far behind. He charges, Mustang ducks. Goldhart bounces off the ropes and ducks a clothesline attempt as he continues on, bouncing off the far ropes and soaring through the air to land a cross body, wiping Mustang out. He pulls him to his feet, sending him up and over with a belly to back suplex. He rolls, quickly kipping to his feet as Mustang writhes in pain.

Goldhart rears back and sends a sharp punt into Mustangs ribs, flipping him from his belly to his back.

HHL: The Can-Jap Connection has been absolutely dominating this match!

He slaps the waiting hand of the big man, then returns to haul Mustang to his feet. He hauls him backwards and sends him hurtling at Monsuta.

A superkick from Kyodai blasts Mustang backwards into Goldhart once more. Goldhart drops him with a backstabber and holds him in place...

RUNNING LEG DROP from Monsuta!

PIP: TorontOkyo!!!!

He covers!



Goldhart races across the ring to take out a charging Steele, foiling the save!


HHL: THIS ONE IS OVER! The new team making their presence known in the XWF!

Billy B. Blankenship clambers up onto the apron, a huge grin on his face. He gets in, joining his clients, waving the racket in the air as they celebrate their huge win.


Breaking News!

We cut to the backstage area where medical personnel are rushing to provide aid.

Unconscious, lying on the ground, a body is being loaded onto a gurney… and it looks like…

It’s North Korean War Criminal!

The gurney is wheeled down a hallway, out to the dock area of the Bethel Woods loading area, into an ambulance!

Who did this?!? Was it #BOB? Another Team? Tommy Wish?

What does this mean for Team #FUCKTHAD?!?

HHL: Hello everyone and welcome to WAR GAMES 2021 live from BETHEL WOODS, NEW YORK!!! Wait a second, I'm just getting word in my ear piece of some more breaking news. North Korean War Criminal is officially medically unclear to compete tonight.

Apparently, as part of a contingency plan he meticulously laid out in case of another attack, NKWC has brought a “substitute competitor” that will fill in on his behalf.

But how will this sub align with the rest of Team #FUCKTHAD? How will they fare against Team Discontinuum? I guess we will find out when we get to our third match of the night!

Pip: Oh goodie. I can't wait.

A swirling collage of dusky colors paint the skies above Bethel Woods like an intense acid-trip. There’s a pause from commentary as the camera pans around the grounds of Woodstock. We hear various mixtures of cheers from the record-shattering crowd as the camera moves behind the wrestling rings and moves up to the XTron.

The crowd has hardly noticed a man standing with his back to the rings. He’s dressed in a moldy looking , purple suede coat with matching pants, and black leather boots that ride up beyond his calves. A comically tall top hat sitting on his head.

An old timey microphone descends from the XTron on a cord and dangles in front of the man. He takes a hand off of the cane he’s been leaning on and grabs the microphone…

Shitheads, freaks and geeks…degenerates of ALL ages!

Welcome to the greatest show in hell!!!

The man turns around, revealing the unmistakable, sadistic grin of Charlie Nickles, a green tie dangling down on a black button up under his coat. The crowd roars with excitement.

Welcome to the Charlie’s Carnies Three Ring Circus!

As the ominous rock ballad intensifies through the PA system, the lights on and around the XTron glow and pulse like old burning circus bulbs.

A hot white spotlight bursts onto the stage next to Charlie and out steps Robert Main from the back. He’s wearing a sleeveless leather jacket with the fur of a lion’s mane sewn into the collar. He doesn't regard Charlie, instead only keeping an icy focus on the War Games rings.

Another spotlight falls and out steps Marf. His mustache twisted in beeswax and wearing an old timey black wrestling singlet like a carnival strongman. Like Main, Marf’s gaze is cold and focused.

A third and final spotlight falls down and a stalking Dolly Waters appears in it’s glow. She’s wearing her trademark all-black Buronan gear, but her face is painted like a hellish clown. A white surface and black, streaky triangles from her eyes, her closed mouth painted with a frightening skeleton smile.

The camera moves from the left-most side of the ramp moving in front of each of the Carnies. It catches Dolly moving from her spotlight. None of the Carnies make eye contact with one another, yet Dolly walks past each of them bumping a lowered fist with Main, Marf and Charlie before returning to her spot on the stage.

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the War Games rings...

Charlie’s! Carnies!!!

Charlie flings his cane into the air, a green fog coming from the top of the cane as the team captain leads the match down the ramp. Robert, Marf and Dolly stalking behind in the smoke, each of them looking soaked with focus and determination.

Charlie swaggers his way up the steps and onto the ring apron, the crowd is going wild. Marf and Main split the ring, each hitting the apron on opposite sides as Dolly slides under the front bottom rope and moves to the ropes that lead to the second ring. Main and Marf each climb a turnbuckle, roaring at the crowd while flexing their muscles as Dolly climbs the ring ropes, flings her hair back and opens her arms like a creepy ballerina pose. Charlie stands in the center of the ring, his cane still pointed in the air letting the green fog swell through the atmosphere of Woodstock.

Still the commentary team is silent, the moment has grown too big for words to do justice. Charlie’s Carnies all stand united in their silence as well, looking up to the XTron that’s setup like the original Woodstock concert stage. The pulse of the crowd is frantic and we’ve only gotten through one entrance.

if not received in time use: WGoDaYjdfSg

An iconic guitar riff permeates the atmosphere, and if there were a roof over Woodstock, it would have fallen in from the roar of the crowd. Psychedelic lighting colors the stage with the shades of a counter culture callback. All of the combinations of lights finally become enough to make the stage luminous and we see a man with his back to the crowd, hot-pink guitar in hand, and shredding every chord of Jimi Hendrix perfectly.

He turns around to sing the first lyrics:

Purple Haze! All in my brain!

It’s Dick Powers! Though his singing voice isn’t near as good as his guitar skills, it’s still better than most. His poofy hair is pulled back behind a pink bandana. He’s wearing a silky top designed with dragons and flowers that’s unbuttoned down the middle, and a pair of belle bottom jeans.

Walking out next to Dick, slapping a tambourine and puffing on something REAL good, blowing purple smoke out of her lungs is the Goddess of Ganja herself, Geri Vayden. She’s barefoot and wearing a long field dress, with a string of flowers around her forehead. She blows Dick a rather intimate shotgun from the doobie as he continues to jam on the guitar, unconsciously nailing the song with perfection.

Flanking the stage from either side at the same time are The Nefarious Ned Kaye and the XWF Xtreme Champion, Jim Caedus. Caedus is shirtless, and shoeless, only wearing a pair of blue jeans, sunglasses, and his Xtreme Title around his waist, with his long hair down and dressing his shoulders. Ned Kaye is also shirtless, shoeless and wearing jeans, but Ned is wearing a vintage looking cowboy hat. He and Jim could both pass as guys in the crowd you wouldn’t want to fuck with.

’Scuse me while we COCK the sky!

Ring Announcer: Making their way to the War Games rings...

ACockalpyse Now!!!

ACockalpyse Now all move on command of that altered lyric, and walk shoulder to shoulder down the ramp. Dick is still shredding the guitar, pulling behind him the longest amp cord in the world. The Carnies all sit back on the apron of the second ring and watch as ACockalpyse enters the ring. Geri sliding under the bottom rope, Jim and Ned each taking an opposite turnbuckle, looking at the Carnies and mouthing some inaudible threats. Dick Powers has played the guitar all the way up the ring steps through the ropes, and has now fallen in the center of the ring, laying on his back and shredding the final guitar solo to perfection.

The crowd is going ape shit.

All of the Carnies, besides Cap’n Charlie Nickles, step off of the ring apron of the second ring. ACockalypse Now, all but for Cap’n Dick Powers take a place on the outside of the first ring leaving Charlie and Dick staring one another through the two sets of ropes. From the massive fixture above the ring, the War Games cage lowers and fits down perfectly over both rings.

[Image: eOh83zy.png]
Robert Main
Dolly Waters

- vs -

[Image: FjVO7AD.png]
Dick Powers
Jim Caedus
Ned Kaye
Geri Vayden

PC: Heather, this has got to be the most highly anticipated War Games in history.

The camera focuses on the rings, the cage, the captains and the teams as the commentary team continue to speak,

HHL: You’re absolutely correct, Pip. In fact, this might be the deepest War Games, in terms of the pure talent participating that I’ve ever seen. Every single one of these matches tonight are a toss up, especially this opening bout.

PC: I couldn’t agree more! Now for those not familiar, a member from each team will start out the match. Every two minutes, based on the entrance strategy provided by each captain, another member of their team will enter the ring. This will go one until everyone has entered the ring. And it looks like we’re starting this bout between the team captains themselves, Dick Powers and Charlie Nickles!

The official calls for the bell and War Games are officially underway!


Charlie and Dick both meet at the ropes separating the two rings and start hammering away on one another’s heads with various punches. Charlie grabs a handful of Dick’s hair and wrenches his forehead down onto the ropes, dragging his face against the unforgiving tape and to the turnbuckle. Charlie lifts Dick’s head to slam it into the turnbuckle, but Dick stops him, putting his hands down on the turnbuckle ropes. Charlie still has Dick by the hair and pulls his face back towards him, cracking Dick in the forehead with a headbutt, but Dick shakes the attack off and rams an elbow right into Charlie’s nose.

PC: This match is intense already and these two haven’t even stepped in the same ring yet!

Though he’s temporarily blinded by the elbow shot to the nose, Charlie keeps lock of Dick’s hair and forces Dick to climb his turnbuckle as Charlie starts to climb his opposite while pulling Dick up. The two are both on the turnbuckles opposite of one another, trading blows again. A half of a discus punch from Dick jars Charlie free from his clutch on Dick’s hair, blood flings from his nose and onto the mat. A quick reflect from Charlie and he turns right back and places a perfect uppercut on Dick’s chin, sending the ACockalyplse Captain falling from the turnbuckle and back into the ring.

Charlie dives from the turnbuckle! A vintage Nickels diving elbow drop!

But Dick rolls out of the way! Charlie smacks the mat hard and Dick wastes no time leveraging a modified school boy roll up for the pin!



Charlie blasts up from the mat, finding Dick already to his feet and grabs the smaller man by the arm, sending him smacking chest first into the corner with a lariat! Dick is falling backward and Charlie catches him with a reverse scoop powerslam!

He covers Dick!




Dick kicks out to a pop from the crowd, but Charlie gives him no time to recover. He already has Dick lifted again by his hair, and this time takes off running and throws Dick into the wall of the cage facing the entrance ramp. Dick’s face meets the mesh and steel as he crumbles between the cage and the ropes.


Dick is in desperate need for some backup as Charlie bounces from the rope and nails a seated Dick Power in the face with a running knee while pinned up against the cage. Charlie pulls Dick out from under the ropes and covers!




HHL: Yes it was and now Charlie Nickles is in full control of this match! Dick Power HAS to survive these last few seconds or else it could be curtains for Acockalpyse Now!

But Charlie wants to put Dick away before the timer goes off, members from each team look on, ready to hit the ring.

Charlie lifts Dick from between his legs and powerbombs him to the mat, but he doesn’t let go! He lifts Dick again and drives him with another powerbomb, and then a third time for good measure!


Charlie bends Dick’s legs back over his folded body and pins him with leverage!




SOMEHOW DICK FLIPS Charlie over, and is now sitting on his chest, The Nickleman’s legs pulled up behind him!





Acockalpse Now: Geri Vayden

The cage door opens at the side of each wrestling ring as Geri Vayden for Dick, and Marf for Charlie burst into their respective rings. But Geri is closer to the action she charges right in with a superkick to Nickles as he stands from Dick’s pin, but Charlie catches her leg with a smile!

PC: The action picking right up as the timer resets waiting for our next entrant!


Charlie, still holding Geri’s leg, swings at her with a clothesline, but Dick Powers!




Dick covers Charlie and Geri immediately climbs her captains back putting more weight down on Charlie’s shoulders!




He kicks out even with two people covering him, sending Dick and Geri into a state of brief shock, giving the Nickleman time to get to his feet. Geri charges at Charlie but he side steps, grabs her head and sends her vaulting into the cage wall.

But Dick takes advantage of the two-on-one, he runs and leaps at Charlie, grabbing his head and swinging him skull first into the mat with a flying DDT.

Dick covers Charlie again!



Charlie Nickles is refusing to stay down! He powers out again, and with enough in the tank stil to grab back ahold of Dicks hair, pulling Power down to his face and latching onto his ear with his teeth. Dick shrieks as the side of his head turns crimson in Charlie’s mouth. Nickels lifts his free hand to put a thumb in Dick’s eye.


But it’s Geri with the save! A baseball slide kick nails Charlie in the face breaking the hold, but taking a chunk of Dick’s ear with Charlie as he’s blasted over by Geri’s kick. Dick is on his knees clutching his ear, his face turning bright red as he appears to be hyperventilating. Charlie is getting up and Geri is charging back at him! She jumps in the air with hifist cocked back!


Charlie catches Geri mid air and plants her head first with his trademark DDT.

Charlie goes for the- BALLS TO BACK SUPLEX!!!!!

Dick has recovered and nailed Charlie with his patented cock-lift suplex!


PC: 69 seconds remain until Charlie gets some help, and he’s out cold!

Dick covers Charlie again!





PC:Charlie Nickles will to win this match is unrivaled!

Dick looks gassed, blood from the ear wound staining the side of his face. He looks over to Geri for some help putting Charlie away, but she’s still knocked out from the Devil Hook Drop. Dick limps over, trying to rouse Geri. He gets her to her feet, but Geri is still seeing stars.




Dick rolls out of the way just in time as Charlie creams Geri with the boot. Dick charges back at Charlie, he leaps in the air DICKus CLOTHESLINE!



It knocks the wind out of Dick as Charlie falls to one knee with a smile as he hears the buzzer.

Charlie’s Carnies: Marf

Marf enters the match rubbing his hands together as Charlie smiles and pulls Dick up from the mat, tossing him over the ropes to his fellow Carnie. Marf has Dick by the throat and back hands him, Charlie meanwhile walks over and delivers a few stomps to Geri who is still laid out for good measure. Marf lifts Dick on the turnbuckle of Carnie's ring, and Charlie climbs up behind him. A SUPER BULLDOG FROM THE TOP ROPE!

Dick is dead!


Charlie covers and Marf puts a boot on his captain's back, flexing and sneering at the crowd.




Just barely! Dick got the shoulder up!

PC: What an unbelievable kick out! I thought for sure Dick was done!

HHL: That’s War Games for you, Pip! The XWF Superstars always pour EVERYTHING they have into this contest. Right now Dick, and Charlie have both been displaying why they were chosen to lead teams. The heart of these men is unreal!

Frustrated, and trying to put Dick away before he gets some help, Charlie and Marf lift Dick up. MArf takes Dick right back to the mat with a belly to belly and Charlie bounces from the ropes and leaps over Dick’s face, coming down on his forehead with a diving knee.

Charlie lifts Dick again, wanting to make sure he’s out for good before going for the cover, he whips Powers into Marf, who wraps him up… .THE ECHOSLIDE SUPLEX FROM -




But before Geri can take advantage, The Nickleman grapples her -

Charlie’s Carnies: Ned Kaye

Ned Kaye hits the ring with an explosion unlike anything anyone has seen him do before. He charges, he vaults, TDA! The springboard headscissors takedown rocks Charlie’s face against the mat as Geri spins away. Ned covers Charlie!



He pulls Ned off and up, suplexing The Nefarious one into the side of the cage wall. But Geri is there! She superkicks Marf who’s head trashes into the steel next to Ned. She turns back, seeing Charlie is still down. She scrambles up to the top rope, and raises her arms, motioning that she’s going for -

Geri does a 450 flip in the air and lands FACE FIRST ON THE CANVAS! Charlie rolled out of the way just in time. Geri is reeling and Charlie grabs her from behind. A sidewalk slam! Charlie goes for the cover!




Between the cage wall and the ropes, Ned and Marf have begun to brawl. They’re locking horns and beating one another senselessly. But Dick leaves the downed Charlie, charges over and shotguns Marf into the cage wall with a powerful front dropkick. Charlie has stood up but Dick turns and drops him again with a standard dropkick. And now Ned has the dizzy Marf standing, Dick turns back, his stamina is otherworldly, a triangle dropkick to Marf, still pinned between the cage and ropes. DICK HITS ALL THE DROPKICKS AS THE CROWD ROARS!

Charlie’s Carnies: Dolly Waters

Dick’s eyes light up at the announcement and the buzzer. Dolly hits the ring like a bat out of hell, dressed in all black with her face painted and immediately takes Dick down with a spear, delivering a single palm strike to his nose then standing up. She turns around and Geri is coming for her, but Geri eats a devastating spinning backfist that almost sends her vertical. Dolly wastes no time trying to speed up the pace of the match. She hits the ropes and charges at Ned who has just come back through the ropes on his side. Dolly leaps at him with a flying forearm, but Ned grabs the arm! He arm drags her down-


Dolly lands on her feet, reverses, and drops Ned with a swinging neck breaker! But the drop doesn’t keep Ned down for long, he’s up to his feet just a second or so after Dolly. Waters swings at Ned with another backfist, but Ned grabs and swings her up and powers her down to the mat with a sitout shiranui! But before Ned can take any advantage, Captain Charlie comes to Dolly’s aide, blasting Ned in the back of the skull with a running knee. Charlie helps Dolly to her feet but Dick is there to meet them. Dick and Dolly wrap up in a series of strikes, falling through the ropes to the ACockalpse, but Charlie follows in, shortly after by Marf who has recovered. Dolly screams sends a knee into Dick’s groin as he’s on top of her, limbering him up as Marf grabs Dick off of his partner. He and Charlie lift Dick up, A DOUBLE POWERBOMB!

Dick is flattened and Dolly is standing in the corner now, sizing him up, waiting for him to get on all fours before she charges in. Dick pulls up into a crawling position and Dolly charges after him!



ACockalypse Now: Jim Caedus

Caedus pounces into the ring.


Jim stops Dolly from finishing off Dick Powers by delivering a crippling kick right to her stomach. She folds over. Jim has her now…

KATAB- A CLOTHESLINE! Charlie blindsides Jim, sending him falling into the waiting arms of Marf, who lifts the Xtreme Champion and drops him with a suplex- NO! Jim flipped over and landed on his feet!

A Purgatory Punch to Marf!

Jim spins again!

Purgatory Punch to Charlie!



Dolly ducks, turns back and wipes Jim’s face with a spinning back fist of her own. It doesn’t knock Jim down, he turns right back and swings a haymaker at Dolly, who eats the punch and somehow only stumbles back. SHE SPEARS JIM! BUT CAEDUS HAS STOMACHED THE BLOW AND HAS DOLLY LOCKED INTO A GUILLOTINE CHOKE! Her legs flail in the air, she kicks and screams and claws trying to break free.

Marf is up!


Charlie is up!


ACockalypse Now stands around Jim and Dolly as the XTreme Champion is strangling the life away from his foe. Dolly is trying everything she can to break free, but less and less oxygen is available for her to fight with.

HHL: It looks like we’re about to witness our first elimination!



Charlie’s Carnies: Robert Main

The final contestant hits the ring with rage! A hard clothesline topples Geri. Ned Kaye swings at Main, but Robert parries with a spinebuster! The Monstrosity is on fire! Dick leaps with the spinning discus but Main superkicks him in midair!

Dolly is still holding on for dear life, but just as her arms start to fall limp, Robert blasts Caedus in the face with a boot, breaking up the hold. Dolly lies lifeless on the canvas as Robert mounts Jim. He starts trashing Jim over and over in the face, but Jim reaches up around Main’s head and pops him with the point of his elbow. The two break from one another, but both stand up face to face. The APEX brethren ready to tear one another apart as the crowd roars into a shit frenzy.

Robert irish whips Jim towards the cage, but Caedus reverses, sending Main vaulting into the steel. As he falls back, Jim catches him from behind and folds him on the mat with a sickening german suplex. Caedus covers Main.



CHARLIE NICKLES! He breaks the falls with a kick to Jim’s head! But before he can capitalize, Geri Vayden is there! She flies at Charlie, BUT CATCHES A BOOT TO THE GUT!








Eliminated: Geri Vayden

HHL: And just like that! The odds have swung dramatically in the favor of Charlie’s Carnies!

PC: Grei put up a good effort but it just wasn’t enough tonight!

Dick climbs on top of Charlie and starts pounding him in the face. Main and Caedus have both gotten to their feet and charge at one another like two bulls. They lock up and Main sends a blunt knee to Jim’s gut leaving him bent over and gasping for air in the middle of the ring. Main hits the rope and charges at Caedus. But before Robert can hit his move, Jim bursts with a snap suplex that smashes Main into the cage wall. As Charlie and Dick roll around the ring beating each other senseless, Marf is lifting Ned up by the ears, squeezing his skull. Marf lifts Ned up but Ned wraps around his neck, and drops, sending Marf’s jaw cracking into his skull.

Marf stumbles back and Ned Kaye dropkicks him through the ropes. But just as Ned turns around A TOP ROPE DIVING SLING BLADE FROM DOLLY!

She covers Ned Kaye!



JIM CAEDUS! He blasts Dolly in the ribs with a kick, sending her crashing over in agony. Jim grabs a handful of Dolly’s hair and lifts her, but she doesn’t go quietly. An elbow to Jim’s gut, breaking the hold! Then an elbow to Jim’s face! Dolly hits the double ropes, flies at Jim and


Jim sidestepped and slammed Waters down to the canvas with incredible force, causing her to bounce off the mat. But before Jim can try and capitalize, he hears Dick hollering out in agony.

Charlie Nickles has climbed on top of Dick and has his thumb rammed into Dick’s eye, screaming insults in his face.

PC: Hammurabi’s Code!

HHL: Dick won’t last long in this- ...and OHMYGAWD! Blood is squirting from his eye socket around Charlie’s thumb!

PC: I’m going to be sick!

Dick’s legs are frantically stamping the mat. Jim Caedus grabs for Charlie, but Charlie immediately breaks the hold on Dick, stands and rams the same thumb into Jim’s eye who didn’t expect Charlie to move so quickly. Charlie is smiling wildly, and keeping Hammurabi’s Code locked into Jim’s eye as they both stand. Charlie pushes Caedus into the steel and his thumb even deeper into his skull.

Main is up to his feet, he spots Dick Powers who looks all but dead and goes in for the kill. But Ned Kaye hits Robert with an STO from behind! He plants Robert down and seizes his opportunity to put the big dog down! Ned climbs the turnbuckle without argument as Dolly and Marf are still reeling, and Charlie is still tied up with Caedus. Ned Kaye stands all the way up, just as Robert Main gets to his feet…



There’s a struggle as Robert tries flipping Ned over on his back like a tourture rack. Ned is fighting desperately, beating Robert in the side of the jaw with elbow after elbow. Robert stumbles and sways about to lose his grip on Ned before he sees an opportunity. He runs the two of them over to the cage walla and starts ramming Ned, and his own upperbody into the cage. Ned tries bracing for the impact while continuing to smash Robert in the face. But Robert roars and slams Ned into the cage again, and again causing massive damage to Robert himself. Ned takes a gamble, instead of continuing to strike Robert, he tries grabbing with both hands onto the cage to pull himself off of Robert’s shoulders. But with the sweat, his fingers slip, and Robert bashes the two of them into the cage again, this time knocking Ned into position for…


Robert, exhausted, gassed and beaten, lays on top of Ned Kaye for the cover.





Eliminated: Ned Kaye

PC: Ned Kaye did everything he could to stop Robert Main!

HHL: He forced Main to deal some real damage to himself before getting the Dead Man’s Hand executed. Robert does not look to be in a good place right now!

Dick is crawling up to his hands and knees, all but totally blinded with blood dripping from his skull onto the mat. After hearing the elimination he knows he’s down two and is desperate. He’s been in this match since the beginning and has given everything for his team. He can’t let them down now! Out of his good eye he sees Marf up to his feet and lumbering towards Charlie who has Jim Caedus in a desperate situation. Jim has done everything he can from feeling the full frontal of Charlie’s violent submission hold. He’s been swinging blows at Charlie, but Charlie has been returning them even harder having an advantage of leverage, all while keeping Jim’s skull pinned between the cage wall and the force of his thumb.

Dick spots the guitar he entered the ring with. Dick would normally never use weapons. But at this moment? A moment this big? With his teammates' survival on the line? Dicck Powers roars and swipes the heavy electric guitar from just near the ropes. He charges Marf who has no clue and swings as hard as he can cracking M-


Charlie noticed Dick stalking and let go of Jim, diving between Dick and Marf! He takes the electric guitar like a bullet to the head for his teammate and collapses. The impact of the entire collision knocked all three of them over, tangling Marf in the double ropes, bringing Dick to one knee and nearly decapitating Charlie Nickles.
Dick Powers covers Charlie!






Eliminated: Charlie Nickles

HHL: Dick and Charlie have been in this war since the beginning. Those two have been through hell!

PC: Each one making the ultimate sacrifices for their team. What phenomenal captains these two are!

Marf turns and kicks Jim Caedus in the face, breaking hold of the grip on his ankle, and stands to meet Dick Powers who looks worse for the wear! Marf goes to grapple Dick, but incredibly the blinded Dick Powers spins and smacks Marf with a stiff forearm. Dick grabs Marf by the arm and slings him into the turnbuckle, knocking him to his ass. Dick plays to the crowd for just a second, but in a more serious way and locks in the sight of his one good eye on Marf…



Out of nowhere Dolly flies up dropkicks Dick in the back as he runs towards Marf! The stumble gives Marf time to stand, he snatches Dick mid fall…


Marf flips Dick onto his neck with the devastating piledriver with the assist from Dolly.

Marf pins the shoulders.




Eliminated: Dick Powers

PC: My god this is a three on one now! I think it might be over for Acockalypse Now!

Robert Main is still reeling in the corner from that stamina draining, and bruising battle with Ned. Dolly is scrambling over Marf, trying to hit out from the awkward pinning situation, but she’s not quick enough!

Jim spins in and smashes Dolly in the face with a Purgatory Punch! She spins several times in mid air before crumbling to her face. Marf is up and bashes Caedus over the forehead with a double axe handle from his blindside. It knocks Jim stupid as Marf grabs him up and swings him down to the canvas by his hair. He knees the helpless Jim Caedus in the side of his head before lifting him back up.

Marf has the Xtreme Champion between his legs! HE’S GOING FOR IT! Another Canadian Destroyer Piledriver!






The half nelson wheelbarrow driver crushes Marf’s spine and neck into the canvas. Jim keeps the leg hooked!




Eliminated: Marf!

PC: What a battle this is! As unbelievable as it is that Caedus seems to be overcoming the odds, Marf has nothing to be ashamed of here!

HHL: Marf proved here tonight that he can be a stand alone from Lycana too, and that he can work with anyone as a team! What an effort!

PC: And now only three people remain in this match. Dolly Waters and Robert Main from the Carnies, and Jim Caedus from Acockalypse Now!

From out of nowhere Robert Main roars and spears Jim Caedus into the side of the cage, rocking the entire structure, but just like on Dolly, Jim takes the impact of the spear and locks in a guillotine.

Robert struggles for a moment or two, but breaks the hold, rises up and bashes Jim in the face with a stiff jab. Jim’s head bounces from the cage, but he takes it and swings right back with a skull cracking headbutt to the bridge of Robert’s nose. Robert stumbles backward in a daze as Jim climbs back through the ropes and goes after him. Jim grapples Robert, but gets grappled all the same, and Robert Main slams Jim down with a gutwrench suplex. The move is so devastating and took so much out of Robert that he was unable to cover Jim. The APEX Brothers each get to one knee gingerly. They exchange a series of slow haymakers to one anothers face. Both men are reeling and sluggish. The hell they’ve all been through is unspeakable. Jim clobbers Main in the face, but Main returns a right hand that’s almost identical to Jims. Robert has a chance to swing away and lays Jim ou---- NO!


He positions himself on Robert’s back, bashes him in the back of the skull before locking in




Jim twists, rolls, and squeezes. Robert’s eyes immediately bug from his head. Jim being over a foot shorter than Robert makes it hard while on his back to fling him off. Robert’s face is turning blood red. Caedus wraps his legs around Robert and pulls back again BUT DOLLY WATERS SLIDES IN!

She smashes Jim in the face with a forearm, breaking the hold as she starts to grapple with Jim on the mat. She tries locking around his neck and bedding his arm back into an anaconda vise, but Caedus is able to fight her off from the hold. Robert rolls away trying to recuperate as Dolly and Jim scramble to meet one another at their bases.

Caedus swings at Dolly with a haymaker but she ducks, and dives her shoulder directly at Caedus’s knee, bending it in an awkward position from the reverse chop block. Luckily Jim doesn’t stand firm and falls forward to his face, his knee could have been seriously damaged there. Dolly scrambles and climbs Jim’s back, locking in a sleeper hold of her own on Caedus! Jim takes a deep breath that sustains him long enough to power up to one knee with Dolly on his back. She locks in the sleeper hold to perfection, and Jim uses his last breath to power all the way up and run backward, sending both of them falling into the cage wall. Dolly winches at the blow and aches her way to her feet, grabbing Jim by the hair and pulling up with all her might. She swings with and uppercut but Jim blocks it, and grabs Dolly by the hair, slamming her face first into the cage. The impact is so devastating that it splits Dolly’s forehead immediately, as blood starts soaking the ring apron at their feet.

Jim looks almost frightened for Dolly for a moment when he sees the damage he’s caused. It’s a gruesome sight. But he shakes his emotions quickly and smashes her face first again. This time washing her face into the steel for a solid minute as Dolly screams out in tourture. Jim finally lets go of her hair and Dolly crumbles to her rear. The blood on her forehead washes away the clown makeup as her eyes roll back in her head.

PC: It looks like Jim Caedus has just eliminated Dolly Waters from this match!


Main is exhausted and beaten but still, he rips Jim up from behind the ropes and has him draped over his shoulders!




The headbutt catches Main out of nowhere! He’s out on his feet!












Winner - and NEW XTreme Champion - Dolly Waters!

Advancing To The War Games Main Event - Charlie’s Carnies: Dolly Waters and Robert Main

PC: Heather! That was one of the most amazing finishes to one of the most amazing matches I’ve ever witnessed! Dolly Waters picking up the win for Charlie’s Carnies AND the XTreme Championship here tonight!

HHL: Dolly Waters just put on the performance of a lifetime! But take nothing away from any of these eight superstars tonight! This was easily one of the most grueling, hard fought and entertaining contests I’ve ever witnessed.

Dolly, her face covered in blood, looks delirious as she tries to stand, the ref trying to hand her the XTreme as she slips and falls back down.

Robert Main and Jim Caedus both start climbing to their feet. They both notice Dolly struggling to stand and limp over towards her. Jim grabs an arm, Robert grabs an arm and APEX lifts Dolly up helping her gain their balance. Robert raises Dolly’s arm in the air and the crowd goes wild. Caedus wraps an arm around the little warrior's shoulder and gives her a fatherly kiss on her bloody forehead.

Robert and Jim eye one another down with Dolly standing between them. They nod at one another, slap hands and pull each other for a warm embrace.

HHL: To all the people wondering if War Games was going to be the end of APEX? I think you just got your answer!

PC: What a class act here by all three of these competitors. This is truly one of the most emotional moments I’ve ever seen in all my time calling matches!!

Like a class act, Caedus leaves the ring, raising Dolly’s arm one last time before stepping through the ropes and out of the cage. Charlie Nickels and Marf return to the cage, each helping Robert and Dolly stagger away from the warzone as the scene fades.

The camera opens backstage to an up-temp piece of jaunty North Korean propaganda music. The North Korean War Criminal is doing North Korean War Criminal things, as the camera pans to the side and reveals Centurion sitting on a stool, with the Anarchy championship on his lap and… a smile on his face?

It’s the headphones, folks. Must be listening to line dance music or whatever old people are into these days. Wait… shit, are we the old people?

Panning along further still, an empty-handed Corey Smith taps his foot nervously on the ground as he looks at his watch.

SMITH: Come on… where are you?

Almost as if on cue (convenient, huh?), the door to the locker room opens and Universal Champion, Alias, enters with the championship slung over his shoulder.

SMITH: Finally! Wait…

With a small amount of effort, Alias turns his back and pulls a baby stroller around the corner and into the room. Centurion’s eyebrow arches and he pulls out the headphones. For his part, the War Criminal turns off his music and stands still. Really, really still. It’s creepy as fuck.

CENTURION: Is that…?

It is.

At the bottom of the stroller, Corey Smith’s Alias’s 24/7 25/8 briefcase rests on a small shelf. But it’s what’s above that has captured the XWF Legend’s attention.

CENTURION: Where did you get a child from? And who do we need to report this too?

ALIAS: You guys don’t remember this kid?

Centurion and Corey exchange puzzled glances. The North Korean War Criminal is so still that he’s practically invisible. Like Drax, except North Korean and a War Criminal.

SMITH: Should we?

ALIAS: The couple from the campsite.

CENTURION: Wait… Bob and Jeannie?

ALIAS: Yeah. Gotta say, those were unexpected names for Koreans.

CENTURION: You’re hardly in a position to criticise names.

ALIAS: Okay ‘Army Commander from Ancient Rome’. Aren’t we supposed to be friends now?

Like magic, Alias and Centurion become the bestest of friends and nobody ever needs to question it again.

SMITH: This is their kid…

Corey fades out, his eyes trained directly on the young girl - barely a year old - gleefully kicking in the air as she looks around at the strange faces in the room.

ALIAS: Nobody came to get her after what Morbid Angel did at the campsite-

CENTURION: Is he in jail for that yet?

SMITH: I have no idea.

ALIAS: -so I couldn’t just leave her there by herself.

SMITH: Do you want to bring her by the commune?

Corey crouches down next to the stroller and prepares his best ‘coochy-coo’. Before he can do anything, however, the child begins to cry. Corey pulls back immediately.

ALIAS: Yeah… so apparently she does that a lot. Except, for some reason, with me.

NKWC: Let me try!

The War Criminal emerges from the other-dimensional void of pure stillness that he had retreated to.

NKWC: I am excellent with all of the children, and this young girl would make an excellent addition to my people’s war effort against American capitalists.

Like Corey before him, he crouches down to the child. She cries.

NKWC: Hmph. She will need a lot of re-education.

Even though the child cries, the War Criminal still reaches for her. Centurion bats his hand away, causing the War Criminal to retreat. The crying immediately stops.

CENTURION: I still don’t think you can just take a child. And Corey, you should know better than to just immediately expect her to be taken to your house. Take her to the authorities, so they can find her family.

ALIAS: I did! But they couldn’t find anyone. It was either take her myself or put her into the foster system.

CENTURION: How did you do that without a name?

Alias gives a ‘don’t worry about it’ shrug, which is totally different from whichever shrug Shawn Warstein has patented.

SMITH: We’ll have to sort that out later. We’re about to go to war, you know? Everyone good with their plans?

All three of them nod. Even the War Criminal, who had returned to practicing his perfect camouflage.

SMITH: Now Alias, last time you were in a match-

ALIAS: Fight.

SMITH: Right. Last time you were in a fight against someone you hated - Lycana - you admittedly took your eye off the ball. This time…

ALIAS: I don’t hate Thad.

SMITH: What?

ALIAS: I’ve never said I hated him. He keeps talking about that like it’s what fuels me. But it’s just not true. Lycana and Marf? Sure. But him? No. Not hatred. I just think he’s unequivocally the worst type of person. The rest is all in his own damn head, and only serves to prove me right.

SMITH: Oh. Well… are you going to be able to focus tonight?

ALIAS: After what he said yesterday, I think the better question, bud, is are you?

Corey bites his bottom lip.

Mommy and daddy are getting a divorce.



HHL: "Coming up next, it's the highly anticipated match-up between Estrada's Angels, plus Shawn Warstein, and Team B.O.B."

PC: "Highly anticipated is right! We've got the XWF in ring return of former Universal Champion, Shawn Warstein; as well as the budding rivalry between Betsy Granger and Bobby Bourbon! Add in the controversial attacks by BOB last Savage, along with the retaliation from a good chunk of the roster on the go home Anarchy, and this is certainly one to keep an eye on!"

Big Money's music hits, soon the ramp opens up and slowly Oswald begins to rise, his ornate cane planted in the platform, dressed to the nines like always. The crowd starts to chant "MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.!"

HHL: "And it looks like Miss Fury has tasked Big Money with being the first one out."

PC: "An excellent choice! Being one of the biggest men is this match, if he can dominate their opponents from the get go, BOB could be in control this entire match!"

HHL: "While I can't argue with the logic, I gotta admit, I'm a bit disappointed we aren't seeing Bobby and Betsy starting this one out!"

PC: "Sounds like you want to witness a murder, Heather."

Once Oz is level with the stage, he flings his arms open to form a t, letting out a loud roar, before grinning as he steps forward. He makes his way down the aisle while slowly unbuttoning his suit jacket, his tie, his dress shirt, and the Billion Dollar Championship belt. Before entering the cage, he hands his belt, clothes, and the cane, to one of his servants. He then makes his way through the door of the double ringed structure, where he awaits the first entrant of the opposing team.

PC: "Who's it gonna be?"

HHL: "I don't know, but you got a 25% chance of guessing it right!"

PC: "I'm gonna go with Lycana. Werewolves have alot of energy, so she seems like the logical choice to go the distance!"

HHL: "Guess again!!!"

PC: "OK, I guess Shawn!"

Shawn Warstein walks through the curtain and out onto the ramp, sending the fans into a frenzy. He takes a moment to let everyone know how much better he is than them, before heading down the aisle.

PC: "Big Money's been on a roll as of late, but he may be in over his head as far as Warstein's concerned!"

HHL: "He's certainly gonna have his hands full, that's for sure!"

Shawn makes his way to ringside, where he climbs up the steel steps and into the cage. As soon as the door is shut behind him, Big Money's right there to lay a beating, which prompts the referee to start the match.


[Image: soyR9Dt.png]
Betsy Granger
Atara Themis Shawn Warstein
Reggie Estrada

- vs -

Miss Fury
Thunder Knuckles
Bobby Bourbon
Money Oswald

PC: "This is smart on Oswald's part! Don't let your opponent get the drop on you!"

Big Money hammers away at the back of Shawn Warstein before Irish Whipping him towards the opposite corner of the current ring. Shawn bounces off the buckles as if they were nothing and stuns Oz with a Super Kick as he chases after him! Warstein follows it up with a short Knee to the face, followed by a straight Elbow.

HHL: "He hit the Past and Present, now here comes the Future!"

Shawn goes to finish the combo off with a Spinning Back Elbow, but Oswald ducks it and wraps his arms around his opponent's waist. He then connects with a German Suplex, keeping his hands locked in order to drag Warstein back up and deliver another one!

PC: "He could be looking for four more of 'em!!!!"

HHL: "We're just seconds into this match and it already looks like Shawn has a long night ahead of him!"

Rather than finish off the Sextuplet of Suplexes, Oswald positions himself with his back to the cage and does one more German; this time tossing Warstein over the top rope and into the unforgiving steel. Upon impact, the former Universal Champion lands HARD out on the apron as Big Money poses for the BOB faithful.

HHL: "Told you!"

PC: "Maybe we were wrong about Oswald holding his own!"

After taking a moment to gloat, The Billion Dollar Man turns around and heads in Warstein's direction. Oz reaches over and pulls him to his feet, but Shawn immediately drops back down to the apron, bringing Oswald's neck down across the top rope. Big Money stumbles backwards, clutching his throat, as Shawn rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. He gets to his feet, but Oz knocks him back down with a beautiful Backflip Kick for someone of his size!

PC: "Oh wow, what a Kick from Big Money!"

HHL: "I don't think even Miss Fury expected this kind of effort from her last pick!"

Oswald brings Shawn to a vertical base and hoists him up in Powerbomb position. Rather than deliver the move, he instead pops Warstein up in the air and catches him with a devastating DDT that lays Shawn out, face first, on the mat.

PC: "This is absolute DOMINATION from Big Money Oswald!"

HHL: "Shawn better hope his team has the advantage, otherwise he's in for a world of hurt!"

The Billion Dollar Man shows off for the crowd, once more, as the timer for the next entrant hits 10. He heads over and begins choking Shawn as the clock hits 3.............. 2............... 1.........................

PC: "Who is it?"

HHL: "Care to take another guess?"

PC: "Reggie Estrada!"

Everyone looks towards the ramp in anticipation, as Miss Fury struts through the curtain and down the aisle. She doesn't seem to be in too much of a hurry, likely due to the fact that Big Money is absolutely manhandling Shawn Warstein.

HHL: "By the time she gets to the ring, we're gonna be counting down our next entrant!"

PC: "Why rush? This is as much an endurance match as it is a cage."

Oswald tosses Shawn around the ring as Miss Fury finally enters the cage. Rather than help her teammate, though, she instead heads for the other ring, where she perches herself atop the turnbuckle and motions for Big Money to continue.

PC: "See? No need to waste any unnecessary energy!"

The Billion Dollar Man brings Warstein to his feet, prompting Miss Fury to shout something at him while pointing to the center of her ring. Oswald nods before Gorilla Pressing Warstein over his head. He steps towards the side of the ring where his meets Fury's, before proceeding to toss Shawn into it!!!!!

PC: "Oswald just lawn darted Shawn like he did Mini Morbid at Leap of Faith!"

Miss Fury gives Big Money a thumbs up, clapping for him as he joins them in the adjacent ring. Fury points back to the one Oswald just came from, ordering him to do it again.

HHL: "Fury's calling for an encore!"

Once again, Oz agrees, picking Shawn up above his head and stepping back towards the ropes. However, this time Warstein is able to escape, dropping down behind Oswald and turning him around. A revitalized Shawn Kicks Big Money in the gut and plants him with an Ego Trip DDT! The blow bounces Oz up to a knee, allowing Warstein to drop to the ropes and back, connecting with a King's Crown that sends the fans into a frenzy!!!!!

HHL: "Miss Fury's free to join anytime she likes."

PC: "Why the hell would she want to join NOW?!?"

A beat up Shawn struggles to his feet, only for Miss Fury to jump off the second rope and drag him down with a Backstabber! Fury gets up and takes a moment to pose for her "adoring" fans, before going and checking on Oswald.

PC: "Miss Fury's about to find herself in a 2 on 1 situation if Big Money doesn't recover quick!"

Miss Fury shakes Oswald, who slowly starts to stir as the countdown clock hits 3.............. 2............... 1.........................

HHL: "Who is it, Pip?"

PC: "Team Captain, Betsy Granger!"

Out from the back runs REGGIE ESTRADA, Kendo stick in hand, sending Miss Fury into a panic.

HHL: "Wrong again!"

PC: "Could be worse, I could be Miss Fury right now!"

Estrada wastes little time getting to the cage, sliding in and heading right for Miss Fury. She begs him to go for Oswald, instead, but Reggie ignores her request and whacks her over the head with the stick! Fury flies back into the ropes, which propel her forward into another shot!!! She stumbles away from him, only to get cracked in the jaw with the Spinning Back Elbow Oswald avoided earlier!!!!!

PC: "Apparently it's called the Future for a reason!"

Miss Fury, clearly unaware of her surroundings, limps back towards Reggie Estrada, who finally puts her down with a Stone Cold Stunner!!!!!


PC: "Too bad he can't pin her, yet!"

Reggie and Shawn turn their attention to Oswald, who's made it to his hands and knees. A vengeful Warstein motions to Estrada to hand him the Kendo stick, which Reggie happily obliges. Shawn raises the weapon high above his head before bringing it down across Oz's back, breaking it in half. This doesn't matter to the XWF Legend, who drops down to Big Money's level and uses the serrated edge of the broken stick to slice his opponent's forehead open!

PC: "I wonder if this is for the German Suplex against the cage, or the toss across the ring?"

HHL: "Probably both."

As Shawn continues to grind away at Oswald's face, Reggie Estrada brings Miss Fury to her feet. She's unable to stand on her own, causing her to fall forward into Reggie's arms, where he drops her with a Neckbreaker.

PC: "This match went from being all BOB, to Estrada's Angels in a matter of moments."

HHL: "Pretty much since Reggie made his entrance."

PC: "This has got to be the longest two minutes of Oz & Miss Fury's lives!"

HHL: "Well, we know the next entrant will be one of the Bastards, the question is: which one?"

PC: "I'm gonna go with Thunder Knuckles, let your former Universal Champion bat cleanup."

HHL: "Not a bad strategy at all, Pip."

Shawn and Reggie pick up their respective opponents and Irish Whip them towards one another, causing Oz and Miss Fury to collide in the center of the ring and collapse to the mat. The countdown timer begins as Warstein rains down on Oswald with a flurry of rights as Estrada locks in a Mexican Surfboard on Miss Fury. That's when the clock reaches 3.............. 2............... 1.........................

Out from the back runs BOBBY BOURBON, who wastes no time rushing to the ring in order to help his BOB stablemates.

HHL: "Wrong again!"

PC: "To be fair, I'd rather have Bobby coming to save me than TK, ESPECIALLY in a War Games match."

HHL: "Hey! Jesus taught Thunder Knuckles a valuable lesson about not screwing over your teammates!"

PC: "Speaking of which, I'm still waiting on that casino!"

Bourbon heads over to the door and enters the cage, where Shawn and Reggie greet him with about a dozen or so haymakers. Bobby shoves Estrada off him, before grabbing hold of Warstein and trapping him in the corner. The TV Champion delivers a vicious combination of rib shots to the former Fuzz, only to have Reggie Estrada jump onto his back and lock in a Sleeper Hold! Bourbon flails his arms in an attempt to grab hold of the former Xtreme Champion, only to turn around and ram him, backwards, into Shawn! The blow forces Estrada to let go, which in turn allows Bobby to grab hold of BOTH their hands and whip 'em towards the opposite corner. Warstein's back hits the turnbuckles as Estrada sandwiches Shawn between himself and the corner. Bobby then charges towards them for an Avalanche Splash, with Warstein shoving Reggie out of the way at the last second and taking the brunt of the move, himself!!!!!

HHL: "What a selfless act by Shawn!"

PC: "Think that was more about preserving the team as a whole, rather than saving one individual."

HHL: "A veteran maneuver, regardless."

As Shawn slowly slides down the turnbuckles and crumbles to the mat, Reggie Estrada grabs one of the broken Kendo stick pieces and jams it into Bourbon's face. The shot dazes Bobby but, luckily for him, Oz and Miss Fury grab hold of Estrada's legs, preventing him from following up on it. This allows Bourbon to deck him with a monstrous Clothesline!!!

PC: "Things aren't looking too good for the Angels now that Big Money and Miss Fury are rejoining the party!"

HHL: "Thankfully they should be getting some help here real soon."

The 3 members of Team BOB stomp away at Estrada, who does his best to block some of the shots, but just cannot defend them all. Miss Fury points to Shawn Warstein, prompting Oswald to head over and yank him to his feet, holding him out for his teammates to strike. Fury starts with a Slap to the face, followed by a couple Ric Flair-esque Chops that receiveba chorus of "Woo!"s from the crowd. She then turns it over to Bobby, who winds his arm up like an overexaggerated cartoon pitcher, before going to take Warstein's head off with another Clothesline. Unfortunately for all involved, Shawn manages to escape Oswald's clutches and dive out of the way, causing Bourbon to nail his ally with the Clothesline, instead! Miss Fury grabs at him, but Shawn ducks under her arms and runs to the ropes, leading her into a Fuck Off Me from out of nowhere by Estrada!!! Bobby Bourbon turns around and gets hit with a Spear by the rebounding Warstein............................................... except his stomach takes the majority of the blow, allowing Bourbon to catch Shawn and hoist him up into position for a Bobby Bomb!!!!!!!!!

PC: "Bobby's belly just absorbed Shawn's Spear!!!"

HHL: "And Shawn's neck is about to absorb ALL of this Bobby Bomb!"

Before Bourbon can hit his finisher, Shawn begins hammering away at the spot where Reggie jammed the Kendo stick just moments before. The punches allow Warstein to slip out of the Powerbomb and into an Ego Trip that lays them both out on the mat with the rest of the competitors.

HHL: "That may have been all Shawn has left!"

PC: "Not a good sign considering we still have three more entrants to go!"

HHL: "Shawn and Reggie are just seconds away from some much needed backup! Who's it gonna be, Lycana or Betsy?"

PC: "At this point, I'm thinking Lycana. Let your Captain come in at the end and clean house!"

HHL: "Another excellent point, Pip!"

The clock ticks away to just mere seconds as the audience waits in anticipation of the next member of Estrada's Angels as the countdown reaches 3.............. 2............... 1.........................

And it's.........................................................
........................... BETSY GRANGER!!!!!!!!!!!

HHL: "Heavens to Betsy, looks like you're wrong AGAIN, Pip!"

PC: "Take note, as it doesn't happen very often!"

HHL: "Wait a minute, Betsy's not alone!!!!"

As the Estrada's Angels Team Captain makes her entrance, Thunder Knuckles sneaks up from behind and drills her in the back with a steel chair!!!!!

PC: "And that's exactly why TK is a No Good Bastard!"

HHL: "Security needs to get out here and stop this! TK isn't supposed to be out here for roughly another two minutes!"

Thunder Knuckles hits the downed Granger in the back with the chair, once more, before tossing it aside and dragging her down the aisle. Fans boo him as he does so, but he just tells 'em to "Fuck off!", all the while pulling Miss Granger by the hair.

HHL: "Can BOB do ANYTHING legitimately?!?"

PC: "Cheat."

HHL: "True."

Once at ringside, Thunder Knuckles smashes Betsy's face against the outside of the Cage before letting her drop to the floor. He laughs as a groggy Bobby Bourbon gives his partner a thumbs up from the mat. TK responds with a thumb of his own, but something prompts Bobby to frantically point behind his co-Tag Team Champion.

HHL: "It's Lycana!!!!!"

Thunder Knuckles turns around and is met with a surprise Handspring Back Elbow that knocks the back of his head into the unforgiving steel of the cage! With him resting against the side of the ring, Lycana heads back up the ramp and grabs the chair TK introduced before proceeding to smash his head between it and the cage!!!!!

PC: "I'm assuming we're saying fuck the rules, at this point?"

HHL: "Not like there was any in the FIRST place."

An infuriated Bobby Bourbon heads over to the cage door and insists the referee let's him out, but he refuses. Lycana helps Betsy to her feet and the two of them head in Bourbon's direction, where he happily invites them in along with a rejuvenated Oz and Miss Fury. The BOBs inside the cage taunt the Angels on the outside, knowing they have the high ground. Little do they know that Reggie and Shawn have also recovered and are standing behind them, ready to strike!

PC: "Turn around!"

HHL: "That's probably the LAST thing they're gonna want to do!"

Lycana and Betsy point behind the BOBs, who all turn around, simultaneously. Shawn and Reggie take each other by the hand and Clothesline all three members of the bWo, allowing their other two teammates the opportunity to get inside the cage and join 'em!

HHL: "And it's the Angels who have the advantage, now!"

PC: "Not gonna do them much good until TK can join the mix, though."

HHL: "No, but if they can incapacitate his teammates before he gets in the cage, it won't matter!"

Estrada's Angels begin laying a beatdown on Team BOB, receiving a massive pop from the live crowd. Shawn Warstein helps Betsy Granger drag Bobby Bourbon into the other ring, where they grind his face against the Cage like cheese. This leaves Reggie in the corner of the other ring with Money Oswald, hammering away at his face well past the 10 count from the audience. Lycana focuses on Miss Fury, Irish Whipping her to the ropes, only to get reversed! Fury goes to pick Lycana up off the rebound, but she manages to reverse into a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Take-down that leaves Miss Fury seeing stars!!!!!

HHL: "Looks like TK's finally getting up!"

PC: "You say that like he was taking a nap!"

HHL: "I mean............ he kinda was."

PC: "Yeah well, if I were him, I wouldn't enter the cage until my team was back in control!"

HHL(sarcastically): "How courageous.........."

Thunder Knuckles uses the bottom of the cage to hold himself up as he stumbles towards the door. The ref opens the door for him and he slides on in, unnoticed by everyone except Lycana. She turns her attention away from Miss Fury, only to get clocked by a brass knuckles shot!!!! Her collapsing to the mat causes Reggie Estrada to look over his shoulders, abandoning Oz in order to drive off the second rope at TK. As Estrada flies in the Tag Team Champion direction, he gets clobbered with another loaded shot!!!!!!

PC: "They don't call him Thunder Knuckles for nothing!"

HHL: "He's got the cover and neither Betsy or Shawn realize it!!!"




Reggie Estrada has been eliminated!!!

HHL: "TK just put Team BOB up a man!"

PC: "That means it's gonna no Estrada and all Angels from here on out!"

Thunder Knuckles hurries over to Lycana and covers her, too, as Shawn and Betsy notice they're now down a team member.



Granger and Warstein try to make it to the other ring, but they're too far away!


HHL: "Lycana kicked out!!!"

PC: "Good thing, too, 'cause neither Shawn nor Betsy were gonna be able to save her in time!"

Thunder Knuckles raises his weaponized fist once more, only to get tackled into the cage by both Shawn and Betsy! They both get up and begin laying into him with multiple kicks each, before being pulled away by Oswald and Miss Fury. Oz delivers a knee to Warstein's gut as Fury rakes the eyes of Betsy, before Irish Whipping their opponent's to the opposite side. Miss Fury cracks Betsy in the side of the head with a Judas Effect, as Shawn Warstein drops a bent over Oswald with an Ego Trip DDT!!!!!!!! Both members of the opposite team cover their respective opponent, with neither willing to give up their pin in order to save their teammate.




Money Oswald has been eliminated!!!

PC: "That's not fair, the ref counted Oswald first!!!!"

HHL: "No he didn't; he counted them at the same time!"

An angry Miss Fury hurries to her feet and attacks Shawn while he's still down. Bobby Bourbon joins the fray, blood dripping out from under his mask, turning his attention immediately to Betsy Granger.

PC: "How long have these two been waiting to get their hands on each other?"

HHL: "Oh, it's been a while now, unfortunately for Betsy, she's not really in a position to fight back currently!"

Bobby Bourbon brings a dazed Betsy to her feet and sets her up for a Bobby Bomb. Upon lifting her up, rather than Slam her in the ring, Bourbon walks over to the center of the cage where the two rings meet, and tosses her over the top rope!!!! Miss Granger's neck smacks against the other ring and her body crumbles into the small crack between both rings.

HHL: "Betsy's stuck between the rings!"

PC: "Brilliant thinking by the TV Champion! She may not be eliminated, but she's also not in any position to help her teammates, either! At this point, they can finish off the other two and leave her for last!"

HHL: "This is NOT looking good for the Angels at all!"

Bobby heads over and helps Thunder Knuckles to his feet, before heading over to Lycana and bringing her to her feet. From there, Bourbon hoists her up for a hanging vertical suplex, as TK climbs all the way up to the top turnbuckle. Rather than jump, though, he instead grabs onto the top of the cage and begins climbing forward a bit, obviously struggling to do so.

PC: "Are we gonna see a Rainbow Laser Death Sequence from the ceiling of the cage?!?"

Thunder Knuckles checks to make sure he's positioned good enough, before letting go of the chain link ceiling. On the way down, he catches the Lycana's right foot and hits the...................

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

PC: "He did it!!!!!"

HHL: "As much as I hate to admit it, these guys are changing the game of Tag Team wrestling as we know it!"

TK lays across Lycana, with Bobby putting his hands down on his back for extra leverage. As the referee counts the fall, Miss Fury holds Shawn up to watch another teammate fall.




Lycana has been eliminated!!!

HHL: "Not really much she could do about THAT."

PC: "I don't think there's much anyone can do to stop BOB tonight!"

HHL: "This is really starting to feel like a repeat of Savage, isn't it?"

PC: "Couldn't have said it better myself!"

Miss Fury stays down on a knee and rolls Shawn Warstein towards her Tag Team Champions, ordering them to do the same thing to him. An exhausted TK looks up at the cage top, weary about trying it a second time. His partner gives him a pat on the back, reassuring him he can do it. TK nods, making his way back over to the corner as Bobby Bourbon prepares to lift Warstein up. Thunder Knuckles hops back up and takes hold of the cage, moving slowly towards Bobby. As he's doing that, Shawn manages to flip Bourbon over his shoulders, causing him to knock TK down!!!!!! The fans go crazy as the Bastards crash to the mat, with Warstein following it up with a brutal King's Crown to Miss Fury, immediately covering afterwards!!!



Bobby and TK hurry to their feet but, before they can get to Shawn, Betsy Granger reaches in from between the rings and trips them up!!!!!!!!!!!!


Miss Fury has been eliminated!!!

HHL: "And, just like that, we're all tied up!"

The Bastards escape Betsy's clutches and deliver a Double Dropkick that sends her backwards over the other ring, before dropping her between the rings, once more. They then turn their attention to Shawn, picking him up and Irish Whipping him to the ropes. On the rebound, they go for a Double Clothesline, but Warstein ducks underneath it and bounces off the other side. He propels back at the Tag Team Champions, going for a monstrous Spear!!! Unfortunately for him, Bobby steps aside, leaving TK to take the full. impact of the move! Shawn turns around, only to get kicked in the gut by Bourbon, lifted up, and brought back down for a vicious Bobby Bomb!!!!!! He pushes Warstein's shoulders to the mat, putting all his weight into a pin with Betsy nowhere to be found.




Shawn Warstein has been eliminated!!!

HHL: "A hell of an effort from Shawn, but the power of the Tag Champs was too much to overcome on his own!"

PC: "And that leaves Betsy Granger all alone with Them No Good Bastards.......... now it's starting to look like Anarchy, huh?"

HHL: "You said it, Pip, Betsy might want to just hide under the rings and not come out!"

PC: "Shocking to hear YOU talking like that!"

HHL: "I'm legitimately worried about Betsy's safety."

PC: "You probably should be."

Bobby Bourbon rubs his hands together, a smug look on his face, as he walks over and pulls Betsy Granger up from between the rings and into his. He brings her to a vertical base and lightly pushes her back into the ropes................................. only to get knocked off balance by a Single Legged Dropkick!!!!! Betsy runs around Bobby, to the other side of the ring, and bounces back for a Plante de Visage that drives Bourbon's head into his partner's balls!!!!!

PC: "Oof, I felt that one!"

The shot causes TK to curl up into a ball, allowing Betsy to roll him up in a pin, taking a page out of BOB's playbook and wrapping her arms around the bottom rope for leverage!!!!




Thunder Knuckles has been eliminated!!!

HHL: "What a showing by Betsy!!!"

PC: "She better watch her back, Bobby's up and heading her way!"

Granger goes to get up, but Bourbon Kicks her HARD in the back of the head before lifting her up for an Earth's Mightiest Chokeslam, leaving a hand across her chest for the cover!!!!!!




PC: "Are you serious?!?!"

HHL: "This is Betsy's moment, she's not gonna let Bourbon take it away from. her!"

PC: "She obviously doesn't remember that Anarchy too well, then."

A frustrated Bobby yanks Granger up and into Powerbomb position; however, before he can bring her down, she slips out of it and begins attempting to apply an Indian Deathlock!!!!!

HHL: "She could be looking for Tuez les étoiles!"

PC: "I don't think she can overpower Bobby!"

As Pip stated, Granger can't overpower Bourbon enough to bring him down. Fortunately for Bobby, though, he can, allowing him to yank Betsy back up into a Bobby Bomb, one he manages to HIT, this time!!!!!!!! Just like Shawn, he pushes her shoulders to the mat, looking to end it.





PC: "What in THE hell?!???!!"

Bobby Bourbon looks stunned as the camera gets a close-up of Betsy Granger, still on her back, laughing!!!!!

PC: "I think he knocked her silly, Heather!"

HHL: "I think so, too! No one in their right mind would be laughing right now!"

Knowing what he has to do, Bobby heads towards the nearest corner and climbs out onto the apron between the ropes and cage. He slowly begins climbing to the top, as a dazed Betsy makes it to her feet. She stumbles forward and hits the top rope, causing Bobby's groin to drop onto the turnbuckle. Granger delivers a convincing right to her rival, before. beginning to climb up with him.

PC: "The ref needs to stop this before Betsy hurts herself!!!!!"

HHL: "This is about more than a match, Pip, Betsy wants to send a message to Bobby, and anyone else who might be gunning for her, that she's NEVER gonna back down!"

Once up top, Betsy Knees Bobby in the head, before positioning herself for a Frankensteiner. As she goes to fall backwards, though, Bourbon catches her and pulls her back up into a Powerbomb, where he proceeds to toss her, neck first, down to the mat!!!!!!


HHL: "And it doesn't look like he's done, either!"

With his opponent out, Bobby Bourbon jumps off the top rope and connects with a Senton that sends shockwaves throughout the arena!!!!

PC: "Flying Circus!!!!!!!!!"

Wanting to ensure his victory, Bobby hooks both legs while simultaneously putting all his weight down on Betsy's chest for the cover.




Betsy Granger has been eliminated!!!

Winners- Team BOB, Sole Survivor: BOBBY BOURBON

PC: "That's all she wrote, folks!"

HHL: "What an effort by Betsy Granger! She went from being jumped during her entrance, to nearly winning the whole thing for her team!"

PC: "Yeah, but at what cost? This match easily took YEARS off her life, only to lose."

HHL: "Sometimes there's more to it than winning and losing, Pip."

PC: "Sounds like something a loser says!"

The other members of Team BOB run out and congratulate bobby, who's almost to wore out to celebrate. They help him from the cage and up the ramp, hoping he'll have enough time to recuperate for the Main Event.

HHL: "Speaking of costs, Bobby better hope the next match goes on for a while."

PC: "Could be worse, he could actually be IN the next match and have to fight again immediately after."

The following contest is the THIRD WAR GAMES Match between Team Captains Thaddeus Duke and Corey Smith…

Introducing first, Team #FUCKTHAD; Captain COREY SMITH; his partners, the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION, ALIAS, the XWF ANARCHY CHAMPION, CENTURION… and??

Corey leads himself, Alias and Centurion out to the top of the ramp. The trio start to make the walk towards the ringside area.

Pip: It looks like Corey doesn’t have a replacement for North Korean War Criminal who was render unable to compete earlier tonight.

Corey and company reach ringside where they come around the ring towards the far ring entrance to the War Games structure.

And their opponents…


Team Thad emerges out to the top of the ramp in camo fatigues, black combat boots, faces painted for war! They start to make their way towards the War Games structure.

Pip: Talk about a team that’s come to play the game tonight; look no further than this team right here.

Thad leads his squad to ringside as we are prepared for War Games!

[Image: 6zLmFkk.png]
Thaddeus Duke
Corporate Chaos
Andre Dixon

- vs -

[Image: TJYhRGv.png]
Corey Smith
Morbid Angel Centurion

The crowd is on fire as both teams are ringside- Thad’s team in black combat boots, army fatigue pants with faces painted camouflage as we see the Hart Champion enter the Cage and ring first with the door closing behind him as he looks across into the second ring at Centurion who steps into the Cage with the door closing behind him.

HHL: Thad starting off for his team while a surprising choice for Centurion to start off for Corey’s team.

Pip: Contrast in styles between Captains; Thad showing us all that leadership by example means, but is it a dumb move while Corey knowing that there is no lag once you enter who whichever team survives and moves on to the finals. We are about to find out.


The bell sounds as we are officially underway as Centurion looks across into the other ring at Thaddeus. Centurion calls Thad over and Thad obliges as he steps through the ropes of ring one and through the ropes of ring two where he and Centurion meet with a series of right hands between both men!

Back and forth they go with neither man giving an inch! Centurion blocks a right and counters with a series of his own before backing Thad up into the ropes where he shoots him across the ring, Thad bounces off the near side ducking under a Centurion clothesline and allowing him to bounce off the near side looking for a flying cross body block that Centurion counters with a double knee gut buster!

HHL: Never has pacing been more critical for; piggybacking off what you said earlier the winning team advances right into the finals, no breaks or anything. You have to go the distance.

Centurion hammers Thad’s forehead with several closed fists before getting back to his feet where he reaches down picking Thaddeus up. He laces him across the chest with knife edge chop before backing him into a neutral corner. Centurion lays in several shoulder blocks before backing out towards the center of the ring where he rushes towards the corner only to eat a reverse elbow from the leader of the Duke Nation rocking Centurion out towards the center of the ring.

Thad explodes out from the buckles delivering a sling blade clothesline taking Centurion down to the mat!

Pip: Thad looking to continue to build upon the momentum he’s been building since March Madness as he takes over on the Anarchy Champion.

Thad pops back up to his feet where he cuts his eyes out towards Corey and Alias before turning his attention back towards Centurion. He reaches down picking him up off the mat where he hurls him over the top ropes and into the first ring.

HHL: Thad showing the smarts by getting Centurion into the ring closer to his corner knowing he has the mad advantage.

Thad steps through the ropes of ring two stepping into ring one. He picks Centurion up off the mat where he shoots him towards the ropes. Centurion latches on to the ropes breaking the momentum. Thad charges towards Centurion where we see Centurion side step Thad while sending him head first into the Cage!

The Cage door opens and in enters Andre Dixon.

HHL: One of the heavies from BOB Andre Dixon is now in War Games.


Dixon enters the ring as Centurion charges forward Dixon who blocks a right hand and counters with a right followed by a second and then a third before ducking under a Centurion clothesline sending Centurion bouncing off the ropes and into a Tilt-A-Whirl slam attempt that Centurion counters into a Japanese Armbar as he drives Dixon down into the mat and starts cranking back on the arm! Thad stomps on Centurion breaking the armbar in the process. He picks Centurion up off the mat rocking him with a forearm shot, followed by a second that sends Centurion back into the ropes while Dixon is shown starting to get back to his feet. He rushes towards Centurion who elevates him over the top rope from ring one into ring two with a back body drop!

Centurion is spun around where Thad drives a boot to the midsection before snapping off a suplex.

HHL: We have seen how the numbers have played out with our earlier matches. Centurion is going to fall, victim.

Thad reaches down picking Centurion up off the mat. He shoots him into the ropes, Centurion bounces off the ropes as Thad ducks his head allowing Centurion to put on the brakes and delivering a brainbuster suplex to the Hart Champion. Centurion starts to work his way back up to his feet where he steps through the ropes of ring one and as he steps into ring two he’s cut off with a stiff knee lift from Dixon who has gotten back to his feet. Centurion falls through the ropes into ring two as Andre wastes no time in putting the boots to the Anarchy Champion.

Pip: Dixon has a lot to prove with this being his first match back since losing the Television Championship to the very man that is captaining the other team.

Dixon picks up Centurion where he takes a front waist lock before delivering a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex! There’s some boos from the crowd as Andre gets back to his feet just as the buzzer sounds.


The door swings open and enters COREY SMITH!

Pip: Corey is in the mix!

Corey enters the ring where his sites are on Andre! He charges towards him ducking under a big boot attempt where he catches Dre with a series of overhand chops to the chest of Dixon before being cut off with a knee across the midsection, Dre looks to hoist Corey up with a Military Press only to see Corey slip down the back of Dre shoving him forward into the ropes where Dixon runs into a running STO!

Corey pumps the crowd as Centurion works his way back to his feet. He starts to deliver boots to Dixon on the mat while we see Thad starting to get back to his feet over in ring one. Corey steps through the ropes of ring two to the ring apron before stepping into ring one.

HHL: We aren’t going to have to wait long to see this interaction between former tag team champions!

Thad reaches his feet where he looks across the ring at Corey Smith. The crowd starts to rumble with anticipation as the staredown ensues while over in-ring one Centurion is shown looking to try and ram Dixon’s face into the cage! Dixon puts on the brakes and drives Centurion face first into the Cage before raking his face across the mesh!

Corey and Thad start to circle each other before they swing with a right-handed exchange!


The door on Thad’s side of the ring opens and in enters Corporate Chaos to loud boos from the crowd. The door closes behind him as he steps into the ring blindsiding Corey sending Corey knocking heads with Thad as Corporate Chaos delivers a release german suplex to Smith as we see Dixon hold Centurion by both arms as Chaos exits ring one and enters ring two taking the cheap shots on Centurion! The crowd boos intently as Dixon spins Centurion around where he scoops him up for a Powerslam, Centurion slides down the back of Dixon shoving him forward into Chaos! Centurion snaps off a release German Suplex to Dixon only to be turned inside out with a clothesline from Chaos.

Pip: Centurion has taken a beating over the last several minutes. He’s got to find a way to counter the numbers game while it’s in play.

Chaos steps back through the ropes of ring two and back into ring one as Corey reaches his feet. He swings with a right that’s blocked and countered with a right, followed by an open handed chop, a knife-edge chop. In Ring 2 Dixon picks Centurion up off the mat before shooting him towards a corner. He charges in after Centurion where he eats a reverse elbow staggering him backward and allowing Centurion to hop up on the middle turnbuckle where he connects with a missile dropkick!

Corey rears back to swing on Chaos only to have Thad grab his arm and spin him around which allows Chaos to deliver a chop block to the back of the right knee! Centurion is back to his feet where he makes his way from Ring 2 back into Ring One where he spins Chaos around ;landing an inverted atomic drop

The door swings open at Ring Two where Alias enters the cage to a huge roar from the crowd.

HHL: The Universal Champion has arrived at War Games!


Thad looks to plant Corey with a DDT only to have Centurion take down the Hart Champion with a running clothesline while over in ring one Alias and Dixon start trading blow with the crowd solidly behind Alias within the exchange before he is cut off with a knee to the midsection from Dixon. Andre fires Alias into the ropes, he ducks his head where he eats a swinging neckbreaker! Centurion and Corey start stomping away at a downed Duke before shifting attention towards Corporate Chaos where he is getting up in a corner. Centurion and Corey start stomping away at his midsection as they stomp Chaos down into the canvass before being joined by Alias who picks Duke up off the mat where he successfully delivers a Falcon Arrow!

Pip: Team Long Fucking Name is is dismantling team Thad!

Alias pops back up to his feet as we see Corey and Centurion whip Corporate Chaos towards Alias who connects with a ¾ Neckbreaker to a huge pop from the crowd! Alias gets back up to a vertical base as he, Corey and Centurion surround Thaddeus Duke who is getting back to his feet. Once to his feet Thad takes a look around seeing he is surrounded before shrugging his shoulders and connecting with a right hand to Centurion before Smith and Alias overcome him, beating him down into the mat before collectively stomping away.

The door swings open as all attention from Alias, Corey and Centurion shift towards the door as they see Doc entering the ring.


Doc locks eyes with Alias as the crowd comes to a complete ovation before he turns his gaze towards Corey, and then finally over to Centurion. Andre Dixon re-enters Ring One where he clobbers Centurion from behind before delivering a cheap shot to Corey! The roof blows as Alias and Doc start trading right hands! Corporate Chaos is back in the mix as he hurls Centurion face first off the Cage while Dixon rams Corey face first off the other other side of the Cage!

Doc gets the upper hand on Alias as he takes him down with a double leg take down and transitions into a full mount where he hammers down with repeated rights and lefts to the face of the Universal Champion. Thad is back up where he takes Corey and starts raking his face across the mesh of the Cage!

HHL: We are just under a minute away from finding out who is replacing the North Korean War Criminal for #fuckthad.

Dixon and Chaos hurl Centurion over the ropes of ring one and into ring two before going over after him while Doc gets back to his feet where he calls for Thad who takes and sends Corey towards Doc who delivers a Samoan Drop to Smith! Doc pops back up to his feet where the crowd roars in approval. Doc and Thad start putting the boots to Corey and Alias while over in ring two Dixon and Chaos are assaulting Centurion!

All of a sudden, there is the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar…

A Member of the XWF Spanish Announce Team steps into the ring with an index card.





[Image: dbryav.jpg]

Walking down the ramp in a large, dazzling sequined blue robe…

Across the back it reads “El Rey Del Media De La Tarjeta”…

There’s a buzz of excitement in the crowd as Mark Flynn LUCHADOR Flynn Marko climbs the steps to the ring! Making his return XWF debut!

HHL Fkynn Marko is the fourth man!

Marko enters the cage as Chaos charges towards him, he side steps Chaos sending him bouncing off the ropes where Chris looks for a clothesline, Marko ducks under the clothesline attempt while taking a back waist lock where he snaps off a German Suplex to Chaos. Andre tosses Centurion into a neutral corner where he charges in after him and eats a reverse elbow from Centurion which sends him staggering backwards where Flynn Marko lands an Atomic Drop which allows Centurion to explode out from the corner with a jumping V-Trigger to jaw of Dixon! Andre crumbles to the mat with Centurion making a cover!




Dixon kicks out of the near fall.

Pip: Pinfalls or submissions only until one tram is remaining!

Over in Ring One Doc picks Corey up off the mat while Thad picks up Alias. They take them back into opposite corners while over in Ring Two Flynn Marko applies a surfboard stretch to Chaos! The referee for Ring Two is in position asking Chris to surrender which he refuses while over in Ring One Doc and Thad look to shoot Corey and Alias into each other, Corey reses and it’s Doc that’s sent towards Alias who slides under Doc’s legs.

Doc puts on the brakes before running into Thaddeus only to turn around and be blasted with a Superkick by Corey that sends Doc falling back into the topes where his arms get tied up in the top and middle rope! Thad charges towards Corey who drops down to his chest, Thad leaps over Corey where Alias side steps him sending him crashing sternum first into the turnbuckles!

Thad staggers backward into a side suplex from Alias into a combination neckbreaker from Corey! Corey quickly makes the cover.




Duke kicks out!!

HHL: Doc is tied up in the ropes and now it looks like Corey and Alias are going to have their way!

In ring two Centurion sets up Andre Dixon for the 1,000 Mile Slam! Dixon counters. Centurion spins around where he is take by the throat and is driven into the mat with a Chokeslam! The referee is in position as Marko still has the surfboard stretch locked in on Chaos! Dixon comes over stomping on the face of Flynn breaking the hold!

Over in Ring One Alias and Corey start hammering away on Doc who is still tied in the ropes! Dixon comes from Ring Two over to Ring One where he comes up from behind blasting both Alias and Corey from behind! He delivers an Angle Slam to Smith where he makes a cover.




Dixon is pulled off the cover by Flynn Marko who enters from ring one. He picks Andre up off the mat where he locks in a front waist lock before looking to deliver a Northern Light Suplex! Dixon starts delivering repeated elbows across the back of the neck of Marko breaking his grasp as we see Doc free himself where he spins Alias around and starts biting him across the forehead! Over in Ring One Chaos has Centurion locked in his sights and as Centurion starts to get to his feet Chaos explodes towards him cutting him in half with a spear!




Centurion kicks out to a huge ovation from the crowd! Over in Ring One Doc smashes Alias into the cage! He starts grinding his face across the mesh while Andre Dixon looks to deliver a Powerbomb to Flynn Marko! Flynn counters with a sit out facebuster! Chaos comes from Ring Two where he steps through the ropes of ring two and enters ring one where he swings at Flynn who blocks and counters with a sit out jawbreaker that takes Chaos down! Flynn scurries into a cover.




Thad yanks Marko off the cover! Doc looks to smash a bloody Alias into the cage! Alias puts on the brakes, counters with an elbow to the midsection where he drives Doc face first off the Cage! He drives him into the cage a second time followed by a third Corey starts to work his way back to his feet as Andre starts to crawl back over towards ring number two. Chaos makes his way back over towards Ring Two where he steps back through the ropes and re-enters the ring.

Centurion starts working his way back to his feet where he turns around into a boot to the midsection from Chaos who looks to deliver an Implant DDT! Centurion spins out of the move where he ducks a Chaos clothesline before connecting with the 1,000 Mile Slam! Centurion makes the cover hooking the near leg!




Dixon dives on top of Centurion breaking the count! Corey rolls into ring two as Andre picks Centurion up off the mat where he delivers the Deadly Force Spinbuster! Andre turns around to see if the coast is clear where he walks into PAIN DE-LUX! Corey drops down into the cover.





HHL: Andre Dixon is the first casualty of this War!

Alias looks for a right hand on Doc, Doc blocks and thumbs the Universal Champion in the eye! Flynn Marko and Thad start to circle each other. They look to lock up only to see Marko duck out of the way and dart through the ropes one Ring One and into Ring Two where he looks to deliver a cutter to Chaos who is nearing his feet. Chaos shoves Flynn Marko into Corey Smith before rolling him up with a school boy!




Marko kicks out which sends Chaos backwards into into a 1,000 Mile Slam from Centurion! Centurion makes the cover!





Thad and Doc have doubled up on Alias not even knowing that they’re not at a four versus two disadvantage as they collectively beat Alias down into the mat. They turn around to see Corey. Centurion and Flynn Marko making their way back over into Ring One.

Pip: Thad and Dock have found themselves at a HUGE disadvantage.

HHL: Bobby Bourbon, Robert Main and Dolly Waters await for whoever can make it through this one- but if any two people can overcome odds like this it is Doc and Thad.

Corey, Centurion and Flynn Marko storm Doc and Duke! The crowd is on fire are the three on two take full advantage! Alias is recovering in a neutral corner as Centurion works over Thad while Corey and Marko work over Duke! Centurion picks up Thad where he takes him and throws him over into ring two. Centurion steps through the ropes and enters back into Ring Two where he sizes up Thaddeus.

Over in Ring One Corey picks Doc up off the mat. He sets him up for PAIN DE-LUX only to see Doc duck out of the way before kicking Corey in the groin! Corey crumbles to the mat as Doc blocks a right hand from Flynn where he gouges him in the eyes driving him back into a neutral corner!

Alias is back to his feet where he lunges on the back of Doc locking in a sleeper hold!

Over in Ring Two Centurion looks to be-head Thad with a V-Trigger! Duke throws his head out of the way at the last second and when Centurion spins around his teeth are nearly kicked in with a SUPERKICK from Thad! Duke makes the cover!





Flynn Marko retreats to ring two for a breather with the entire field of DisContinuum and F.U.C.K.T.H.A.D. all in ring one. Thaddeus Duke gets back to his feet, looking over the field and realizes one is missing. Turning toward ring two he sees Flynn Marko looking back at him. Marko gives him a ‘come on’ hand signal and Thaddeus is happy to oblige.

HHL: Thad has been wanting Flynn Marko all night!

PIP: I can’t imagine why!

Stepping through the ring one ropes and starting into ring two, Flynn Marko goes on the attack on Thaddeus Duke, clubbing him with forearms. Despite the onslaught, Thad is in the ring and Flynn Marko whips him to the far side ropes. Thad though reverses, sending Marko to the ropes. On the rebound, Thad ducks down and Marko leap frogs and keeps running in stride.

Rebounding again, Thad hip tosses Marko, but Marko lands on his feet and takes Thad down with an arm drag and immediately transitions into an arm bar. Thad though, twists himself and get back to his feet. Marko twists the arm and Thad flips over and lands on his feet, then takes Marko down with his own arm drag. Like Thad, Marko turns and gets back to his feet. Like Marko, Thad twists the arm. Like Thad, Marko flips and lands on his feet.

HHL: These two men are matching each other tit for tat!

PIP: Thaddeus has strongly suspected who’s beneath the mask all night and Heather, the tension between these two is real and these fans can feel it!

Marko again arm drags and this time, Thad wiggles free, side flips and lands on his feet and he and Flynn Marko stare each other down for a moment before locking horns in the center of ring two. Marko starts to get backed up toward the corner by Thad, and ducks under and out of the tie up, switching to a rear waist lock.

Flynn Marko attempts a German suplex and again Thaddeus flips in mid air, landing on his feet. He turns to find Marko back on his feet. Flynn Marko gets a head of steam, charging toward Thad and at the last second tries to deliver a clothesline. Thad ducks under and catches Marko in a rear waist lock and like Marko, attempts a German suplex. Like Thad a moment ago, Flynn Marko lands on his feet.

XWF Universe: THIS! IS! AWE! SOME! clap clap clapclapclap

Both men are vertical and Flynn Marko gets another head of steam and this time, Thad lifts him up and slams him with a Double A spinebuster. The back of Marko’s head bounces off the canvas as Thad pops back to his feet and quickly grape vines Marko’s legs. Thad attempts a sharpshooter but Marko resists turning over. He fights away but finally Thad turns him on his stomach.

Instead of sitting down and locking in the hold, Thad keeps Marko’s legs locked up…

HHL: The Lionheart is going for the strings on Flynn Marko’s mask!

PIP: He’s gonna find out if his suspicions are correct!

Stuck on his stomach and his masked face buried in the mat, Flynn Marko tries to fight off Thaddeus Duke’s hands. With the strings untied, Thaddeus lets go of Marko Flynn’s legs and leaps onto his back, leaning his weight on the masked luchadore.

PIP: If he succeeds, this is the ultimate disrespect to a Mexican wrestler!

HHL: Marko, still struggling with Thaddeus Duke’s weight on top of him!

Thaddeus tugs at the mask as Flynn Marko tries to resist and hold his mask on. With one last tug, the mask slips off of Flynn Marko and Thaddeus leans off of him and sits up, showing the mask to the crowd.

HHL: The mask is off!

PIP: And Flynn Marko has his face buried in the mat!

Thaddeus gets to his feet and tosses the mask aside as Flynn Marko is on his knees with his face still buried in his arms. Marko gets to his feet, his face still buried. Thad spins him around and Flynn Marko lowers his arms.

HHL: It’s him!

PIP: Look! He has a message for Thaddeus Duke!

With his face bare for the world to see for the first time in several years, Mark Flynn stares across at Thaddeus Duke with a single word written across his forehead.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke has challenged Mark Flynn every Warfare for two months!

PIP: And Mark Flynn came to War Games to give him the answer!

[Image: 678Cefa.gif]

XWF Universe: YES! YES! YES! YES!

Thaddeus Duke and Mark Flynn come to the center of ring two, face to face. Slowly, they turn their heads out to the hundreds of thousands of screaming fans… cept that one guy.

Finally, as the two competitors soak in the reaction for the accepted Relentless challenge...

The exchange begins! Fist are flying between Flynn and Duke while over in Ring One Doc drives Alias back into a neutral corner where he breaks the sleeper hold! Corey charges forward looking to deliver a running step up knee, Doc ducks out of the way causing Corey to deliver the running knee strike to Alias!

Doc takes Corey and drives him violently into the Cage before darting over towards Ring Two as the exchange between Thad and Flynn continues until Doc catches a right hand from Flynn spinning him around where he plants him with the DOC-BOTTOM! Doc makes the cover.





HHKL Doc and Thad have evened the numbers! We’re down to two versus two!

Thad helps Doc up to his feet while in ring one we see Corey and Alias helping each other up. They four men lock eyes from separate rings. The crowd is on fire as the staredown between all four continues. Alias and Corey make their way over into ring two from ring one. As soon as they step through the ropes Thad and Doc pounce as all four men start trading a series of right hands with Corey and Duke paired off leaving Alias and Doc trading shot for shot!

Pip: These are four of the top stars on the planet and they are throwing everything they have at each other in order to survive!

Thad gets the better of the exchange with Corey as Alias gets gets the better of the exchange with Doc as they work separate sides of the ring. Thad scoops Corey up only to have him slide down the back of Duke where he rolls him up with a School Boy.




Duke kicks out of the near fall as he and Corey each get to their feet where they take each other down with a double clothesline! Alias shoots Doc across the ring, he bounces off the near side where he walks into EAT THE LEFT HAND! The crowd roars as Alias applies more pressure only to see Doc pull him forward into a front waist lock where he delivers a over head release Belly to Belly Suplex sending Alias crashing into the Cage where he slides down to the ring apron! Doc yanks Alias out into the ring where he makes the cover.




Corey makes the save as he dives on top of Doc breaking the cover at the last possible second! Doc starts to get back to his feet followed by Corey. Doc catches Corey with a knee lift to the midsection doubling him over! Doc locks in the DOCta Ha Jima! Corey pulls himself towards a neutral corner where he steps up off the middle turnbuckle falling backwards with his weight tumbling over Doc stacking Doc’s shoulders to the mat!





Corey gets back to his feet where he walks into the SUPERKICK from Thad! Corey crumbles to the mat but before Duke can make a cover Alias locks in EAT THE LEFT HAND! Thad tries to fight free but Alias locks it in deeper as we see the Hart Champion drop to one knee. Alias applies more and more pressure as he crams his left hand down the throat of Duke. Thad falls back to the mat!






HHL: Alias and Corey have survived! And now they have to do the unthinkable and survive the Main Event!

The crowd ERUPTS as Robert Main emerges out to the top of the ramp!

It is not time for the WAR GAMES FINALS! Currently in the ring, ALIAS and COREY SMITH! On his way to the ring representing Team Charlie’s Carney’s, first he is ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN!

Robert starts to make the walk back towards the War Games structure.

”Also representing Charlie’s Carney’s, she is the new XWF XTREME CHAMPION, DOLLY WATERS!

Dolly emerges out to the top of the ramp, her head bandaged with blood soaking through from tonight's earlier affair. Dolly joins Robert at ringside where they collectively make their way to the closest entrance to the Cage. They make their way inside the Cage.

”Representing Team Bob, he is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions, he is the XWF Television Champion… he is BOBBY BOURBON!

Bobby emerges out to the top of the ramp where he starts to stomp towards the War Games structure. He reaches ringside where he makes his way into the Cage.

HHL: Team Charlies Carney’s vs Team BOB vs Team #FUCKTHAD

The referee’s call for the bell.


- vs -


- vs -


Suddenly the War Games Cage begins to rise up!

Pip: What the hell is this? The Cage is rising up?!?!?!

HHL: This means nothing is off limits!

Bobby immediately slides to the outside where he tosses the ring apron back to pull out a steel chair. Dolly Waters connects with a baseball slide dropkick to Bourbon sending him sailing backward into the security barrier while we see Corey and Alias comes from Ring Two into Ring One where they lock eyes with Robert Main.

Corey and Alias strike collectively on Main utilizing the numbers why they can as they take the larger Main back into a neutral corner. Out on the floor Dolly Waters takes Bourbon and hurls him towards the ring steps, Bobby reverses and it’s Dolly that crashes violently into the steel steps. Bobby picks the chair back up where he slides into the ring. Corey is the first to turn around where Bourbon cracks him over the skull with a vicious chair shot!

Alias turns around and is cracked next!

Main comes out from the corner and is blasted with a shot sending him spilling out through the ropes and out to the floor! There’s a mixed reception from the crowd as Bourbon tosses the chair down to the mat! He turns his attention towards Alias where he picks him up off the mat before hurling him over the top rope and out to the floor just leaving Bourbon and Corey who has now been busted open thanks to Bourbon.

Pip: There’s no love loss between any of these surviving team members!

Bobby makes his way over to Corey where he takes a mount and starts reigning down with right hands the skull further opening up Smith in the process. He quickly floats over into a cover forcing Corey’s shoulders to the mat.




Smith kicks out to a pop from the crowd!

HHL: This is where match placement is key- how much can Corey or Alias take coming into this with no break whatsoever?

Pip: Stop making excuses for them, it’s embarrassing.

Dolly Waters slides into the ring with a kendo stick in her hand while on the floor Robert Main pulls a Table out and slides it into the ring before coming around where he catches Alias with a running boot to the face as he reaches his feet knocking him back down to the floor. In the ring Bourbon reaches his feet where he turns around and eats a shot to the ribs from the Xtreme Champion doubling him over where she comes forward utilizing the kendo stick to assist with a Side Russion Leg Sweep! Dolly makes the cover.




Bourbon kicks out of the near fall as he rolls out to the floor while Robert Main slides back into the ring. He gets to his feet where he and Dolly start to set up the table in the ring. Out on the floor Alias starts to work his way back to his feet. Main and Dolly set the table up before turning attention towards Corey. Dolly picks Smith up off the mat where she sends him towards Main, Main boots him in the midsection doubling him over. Main and Dolly look to Powerbomb Corey through the table only to have Alias toss it out of the way saving Corey from the table but not the powerbomb! Dolly swings at Alias who blocks before poking Dolly in the eye! Main charges towards Alias looking for a clothesline, Alias ducks sending Main clotheslining Dolly Waters!

Main spins around and walks into a backbreaker by Alias.

Dolly is pulled out to the floor by Bourbon who takes her and smashes her face first off the ring post! Dolly bounces off the post crumbling to the floor which leads to Bobby yanking the bandages off her head revealing more blood pouring from her already opened wound. Alias helps Corey back to his feet where Alias flips the Table back over! Corey reaches down picking Main up where he smashes him face first off the table! He drives Main face first off the table a second time before rolling Main on to the table!

HHL: Corey and Alias are still on the same page! Main is laid out on the table!

Alias comes over holding Main on the table as Corey makes his way to a neutral corner where he climbs up the turnbuckles from inside of the ring. Corey delivers a picture perfect moonsault down on to Main sending him crashing through the table! Corey has the cover!




Main kicks out of the near fall to a huge gasp from the crowd!!

Pip: It doesn’t get closer than that without an elimination happening!

Bobby slides into the ring where he takes both Corey and Alias down with a double clothesline sending them crashing down to the mat. Out on the floor blood pours down Dolly Water’s face as she is shown pulling a Ladder out from under the ring! Dolly slides the Ladder into Ring Two while in Ring One Bobby Bourbon picks Robert Main up off the mat where he delivers some stiff forearm smashes to the side of the face of Main.

Alias and Corey roll towards the ropes and out to the apron as Dolly slides into Ring Two where she starts to set up the Ladder.

Bourbon hammers Main back into a neutral corner before bringing him out of the corner with a short arm clothesline! Bobby taunts Main as now we see Dolly starting to climb the ladder in Ring Two as Bobby picks Main up off the mat where he delivers a BOURBON BOMB! Bobby drops down making the cover.









HHL: Team Bob is the first team eliminated!

Pip: That’s got to be the shock of the night.

The crowd is on fire as the final four are laid out in various places within the ring. A bloody Dolly starts getting to her feet as we see a bloody Corey pulling himself up using the ropes. Both Dolly and Corey have a staredown. Dolly steps through the ropes of Ring One and into Ring Two where she calls Corey out! The crowd responds, and without hesitation Corey answers as he comes across the ring stepping through the ropes of Ring One and into the Ring Two.

Dolly and Corey start to circle each other! They collide with Corey landing and open handed chop! Dolly comes back with a knife edge chop! Corey fires back with an opened handed chop! Dolly comes back with a knife edge chop before Corey lands a spinning back fist that rocks Dolly! Corey lands a second spinning back fist following up with a Running STO! Smith makes the cover!




Dolly kicks out to a pop from the crowd! Over in Ring One Robert Main and Alias reach their feet and we see Main try to get to Ring Two only to have Alias come up from behind with a backstabber! In Ring Two Corey starts to get back to his feet where he turns his attention towards the Ladder that is still set up. He turns and picks Dolly up off the mat where he takes her by the head and runs towards the Ladder looking to drive her face first into it, Dolly counters and it’s Corey that’s bounced face first off the ladder knocking it over against the ropes in the process.

Alias rolls out to the floor where he reaches under the ring where he pulls out…


Pip: Welcome to War Games baby!

Alias slides back into the ring with the blowtorch in hand. Main is down as we see Alias light the blowtorch! Dolly folds up the Ladder and as Alias approaches Main we see Dolly lawn dart the ladder from Ring Two into Ring One cracking Alias with it! He drops the blowtorch causing it to go out as he staggers backward. Corey starts to get back to his feet as we see Dolyy springboard off the middle ropes delivering the Ode to Joy knocking Corey down to the mat as Dolly makes the cover.




Corey kicks out to a gasp from the crowd.

Robert Main is back to his feet where he picks Alias up before delivering a Buckle Bomb to the Universal Champion! Main picks up the chair that’s been in the ring and as Alias staggers out from the corner he’s met with a gut shot by Main who then waffles him across the back! Main lays the chair on the mat where he picks Alias up before delivering a Full Nelson Slam on to the chair! Main makes the cover on the Universal Champion!




Alias kicks out of the near fall!

Dolly has made her way up to the top rope in Ring Two where she has Corey in her sights. Dolly leaps off the top looking for Serenity Falls! Corey rolls out of the way sending Dolly crashing and burning into the mat! He quickly picks the Ankle and locks in an Ankle Lock Submission!

Pip: What an all out WAR that is unfolding in front of our very eyes.

The referee is in position asking Dolly to surrender as Corey cranks on the ankle. Robert Main makes his way into Ring Two where blasts Corey from behind causing the hold to be broken. Main starts unloading with stomps to Cory's body before turning his attention back towards Alias who is still down. He helps Dolly up as they now head back over into Ring One where the double team Alias. Robert takes the Ladder and leans it up against a set of buckles. They pick Alias up before running him face and body first off the Ladder!

Dolly turns back towards Ring Two where Corey is starting to stir. Dolly steps through the ropes to the apron of Ring Two, she looks to springboard off the top rope where Corey delivers a jumping knee strike to the jaw in midair! Back in Ring One Robert picks Alias up off the mat where he takes him up in the air for the Dead Man’s Hand! Alias counters with EAT THE LEFT HAND!

Corey lands a standing moonsault! He presses the cover.




Dolly kicks out! Alias slides down the back of Main who turns in and counters with a side suplex to Alias! Over in Ring Two Dolly Waters rolls out to the ring arpon where she starts to pull herself back to her feet using the ropes. Corey charades towards Waters where he leaps over the top rope delivering a blockbuster style neckbreaker off the ring apron as they both crash down to the floor! Robert gets back to his feet where he picks Alias up off the mat. He takes him up over his shoulders where he delivers the DEAD MAN’S HAND!

HHL: Main is going to eliminate the Universal Champion!

Before Robert can make the cover the lights go dark The crowd is heard screaming uncontrollably.

Pip: What the hell is going on here?

The blackout continues before the lights draw back up revealing….

[Image: 446fdce9a58deab8eaae95546f4f319e_1920_1080.jpg]

HHL: That’s not Chris Page!

Pip: That’s The Beast!

“The Beast” stands behind Robert Main who is looking up the ramp before he turns around and is face to face with the Beast! The crowd is red hot as The Beast delivers a Judas Effect to Robert Main before driving a boot in the midsection! The Beast delivers the PAGE PLANT to Robert Main on to the steel chair in the ring!

The Beast stands back to his feet as he looks down at Robert Main with sheer disgust in his eyes. He turns and drags Alias on top of Main before making his exit from the ring.





Pip: Robert Main has been eliminated!

HHL: And now Dolly Waters finds herself an island all to herself and in a bad way as she’s bleeding all over the place.

Alias starts to stir unknowing what’s just transpired while Corey is pulling himself up to his feet. He reaches down picking Dolly up off the floor before taking her and driving her lower back first into the ring apron, he pulls her forward before driving her back into the ring apron a second time! Corey takes Dolly and hurls her back into Ring One where Alias is shown working his way back to his feet. He waits for Dolly to start working her way back to her feet where she turns and Alias looks for the Eat the Left Hand, Dolly ducks!

Alias spins around eating a boot to the midsection followed by a Face Buster!

Corey slides into the ring where he gets to his feet looking for a standing axe kick! Dolly evades where she catches Corey with a Superkick to the right knee knocking it out from under him where she looks to deliver the RUNNING WATERS! Corey ducks out of the way sending Dolly bouncing off the ropes and into EAT THE LEFT HAND by ALIAS!

Pip: Thanks for playing Dolly.

Corey gets back to his feet where Alias spins Dolly towards him where he lands FACE PAIN DE-LUX! Dolly crumbles to the mat with Corey making the cover hooking the near leg.





HHL: I don’t believe it! Corey and Alias survive! Not only do they survive but Corey has just procured the Xtreme Championship in the process!

Alias helps Corey up to his feet where the two raise their arms in the air. Pyro starts to explode in the skies above the ring.

Pip: They had the toughest road, no break in between matches, and here they stand as the sole survivors of War Games 2021. What an incredible outing by both Corey and Alias; to the victors go the spoils.

Alias is awarded the Universal Championship while Corey is awarded the Xtreme Championship. The two Champions celebrate the nights hard fought victory as War Games 2021 fades to black.

Big Thanks To The Following Match Writers:
Dolly Waters
Chris Page

And all of you who submitted segments and roleplayed




[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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Holy fuckin shit... Now THAT was a goddamn glorious PPV.

To Acockalypse Now: I love you guys. This shit was a blast working with you three.

To everyone who participated: Excellent job, proud of you all

To the match writers ❤️off the fuckin chain you guys, thank you

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OOC: Big up to the writers, people who went into the trenches with their team, and big congrats to the sole survivors in this years war games. Overall, big up to everyone who showed up and out for this.

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Charlie, Robert, Marf-

I can’t say enough about how much of a pleasure it was to work with you gentlemen. That was a lot of fun and a lot of good hard work. We won’t be able to do it again soon enough.

Big shout outs to everyone RPing and the match writers. This was just a tremendous show over all!

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Great work by everybody involved!

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OOC: My team was unreal, and not just because of the win. So on the ball, so willing to pitch in and go the extra mile. It was so easy to collab with them. Even after the half point switch to Centurion, who picked up the ball and ran with it despite the last minute add. I even gotta give props for Morbid. Even though he had to drop he was totally cool with us incorporating him into the ending. Thank you so much guys.

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Amazing show excellent work from everyone involved. Everyone from the participants to the match writers nailed it outta the park!

Special shout out to Dolly, Robert and Charlie, it was a pleasure to work with all three of you stallions from start to finish.

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Despite the loss I'm really, really proud of my team. It was so much fun working with Geri, Ned and Jim probably the most I've laughed while writing. Big shout out to the winners and match writers, fantastic show all around.

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Blanket fields of blood and gore.
What truth remains? What cost of war?



The bell has rung and the cameras ceased. A man, golden-framed, bends down and offers a hand to a girl, golden-tipped.

She takes it and is raised. He doesn’t judge her, but they do. And they roar.


Faith, in doubt, but in the end, provided.
The world cut in half, yet undivided.



A man gives to another. A man gives it back.



Returned in front of everybody.


Behind him again, atop the mount.
Discord reigns. Friendships in doubt.



Down a wistful road, a man walks. A babe to his chest, swaddled in gold.

Que será, será. The future is as it ever was.

And on he goes.


Ever forward.

OOC: Daaaaaaamn... so I wasn't expecting that. I legit didn't think I was getting past the first match. Doc, Duke, Chaos, you guys are damn near integral to the story I've been telling, love you guys. Andre, we go way back. Always fam. Echo everything Corey said, and I've told him in private but MASSIVE thanks to Centurion for being an absolute hero and slotting in seamlessly. Legend. Pun intended.

Que será, será.

Ate 'Em All

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08-02-2021 05:07 AM

Very well done, great rps from everyone. You all did wonderful

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08-02-2021 07:34 AM

I think in an event like this, half the field will come away having to swallow huge pills they weren't necessarily expecting. Everyone worked so hard. I'm proud of my team. I'm proud of Corey's team. I'm just proud of every team, honestly. While I have no interest in ever doing War Games again, it was a LOT of fun and I can chuck this thing off my XWF bucket list.

Congrats to all the winners and not winners.

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08-02-2021 09:02 AM

(08-02-2021 07:34 AM)Thaddeus Duke Said:  While I have no interest in ever doing War Games again,

This was the position I held until a week and a half ago.

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08-02-2021 10:16 AM

Insane show as always! Congrats to Corey and Alias. Amazing showing by everyone and I honestly can't believe how fast you guys got those results up. Big ups to everyone who rped and for all the writers of the show. You guys rock!

Doc, Chaos, and Thad it was an honor working with you guys. I really enjoyed it. You guys are all beasts and I hope to work with you guys again sometime in the future.

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08-03-2021 01:16 AM

RECORDING DATA..............
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