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Wednesday Night Warfare is a Bi-Weekly show with a 3 RP/Unlimited Words format. (Exception being Universal Title Matches which are Unlimited in both the number of RP's and Word Count.)

The HARD RP Deadline is 11:59 PM/2:59 AM EST (end of the day before the show) board time, so if the show is for Wednesday, the deadline is end of day Tuesday. The SOFT DEADLINE is at 11:59 PM/2:59 AM EST the Tuesday before the HARD DEADLINE.

Roleplay Rules
In order to post the maximum number of roleplays for the show (3) you MUST post your first during the first week. (IE Before the soft deadline) If you post your first roleplay before the first deadline you are allowed to post two more during the second week. If you do not post one roleplay before the Soft Deadline you are only allowed to post one total roleplay.

Daily RP Limit and The Anti-Flood Rule
Also, remember to allow a minimum of TWO HOURS between roleplays. We do not want to see people manipulating the sandbagging rules by holding out on RPs just to post them together.

Lastly your first roleplay of the week must contain a "Cold Open" for trash talk. Meaning it can not be in direct response to any trash talk your opponent/s did for THIS RP cycle. You can of course respond to other trash talk they may have said in roleplays from previous cycles or on other boards. After your first rp your trash talk can be in response to your opponents.

If you do not post a roleplay during the first week then the only roleplay you are allowed to do MUST contain a "cold open."

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