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XWF Presents: Leap of Faith 2020!
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07-27-2020 07:37 AM

[Image: kki3O2v.png]




Andrew Logan
- vs -
Broken Oswald Autem
- vs -
Azrael Erebus
- vs -
Scott Charlotte
- vs -
Docktor Trust
- vs -
Brian Storm
- vs -
Michael McBride
- vs -
Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Captain Acab
- vs -
Liam Roberts
- vs -
Mackenzie Wright
- vs -
Dick Powers

Over-the-Top Battle Royal

Savage RP Rules

Atara Themis
- vs -
Jenny Myst

"Belle of the Brawl" 3 Falls match
1st- Standard Fall
2nd- Bra and Panties
3rd- I Quit

Savage RP Rules

- vs -
Gerri Miller

Standard Match

Anarchy RP Rules

Big D
- vs -
Michael Graves

Falls Count Anywhere Match
If Big D wins he becomes Co-General Manager of Saturday Night Savage

Anarchy RP Rules

The Wizard
- vs -

I Quit Match

Warfare RP Rules

Robert Main & Chris Page
- vs -
Chris Chaos & Peter Gilmour

Standard Tag Match
w/ Theo Pryce as Guest Referee!

Warfare RP Rules

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thunder Knuckles
- vs -
The Collector

Thunder Knuckles gets to name the stipulation in his FIRST RP!

Savage RP Rules

Hanari Carnes
- vs -
Robert Main
- vs -

Ladder Match

Savage RP Rules

Nathaniel Idenhaus
- vs -

Last Man Standing Match

Warfare RP Rules

Chris Page
- vs -
Sarah Lacklan
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Geri Miller
- vs -
Gage Gannon

Leap of Faith Rafter Match!

Warfare RP Rules

Shawn Warstein
- vs -

Standard Match

Universal RP Rules

The camera slowly fades in, inside the Saitama Super Arena! The fans are on their feet, stomping and screaming support for their favorite superstars as the cameras pan wildly around the crowd. Many fans try to show off their tee shirts or hand made signs, and a few catch phrases are picked up on screen.




We cut over to the commentary desk where Heather Lasiewicz and Pip Collins are sitting with eager smiles on their faces, and immidiately they launch into their opening spiel.

HHL: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Tokyo!

PC: It's time for Leap of Faith! The show you've been waiting for, and boy do we have a hell of a card for you!

HHL: We've got Atara vs Myst, Duke vs TK, Wizard vs Mastermind!

PC: Not to mention Ruby vs Geri Miller, Cataclysm vs Chaotic Inc, and James Raven vs Theo Pryce as Legend takes on Legend!

HHL: Still not enough? How about the Leap of Faith rafter match for a 24/7 case!

PC: How about the Centurion vs Warstein match for the Universal title, and nearly twenty years in the making!

Pip feigns being out of breath and Heather fans herself with her notecards.

HHL: That's not even the full list, but we've got a match about to start!

PC: We're out of time, turn the cameras around you fools! People are coming out!

On cue the cameras cut away from the commentary desk and focus on the entrance ramp for the opening battle royal!

All 12 of tonights opening match competitors stream out from backstage and file down the entrance ramp one by one. Some pose with the XWF fans for photos, but there are several new faces that make it to the ring undisturbed. The competitors climb up the steps, jump to the apron, or rull underneath the bottom rope, but soon all of them are inside the confines of the ropes and ready to begin.

HHL: There is NOT a lot of space in there.

PC: People are going to go flying early, and often!

Thunder Knuckles walks out of the flashy Leap of Faith entranceway, with a steel folding chair. He makes an impressed look at the stage and shakes his head in approval. As Thunder Knuckles is walking down to the ring, he notices a popcorn vendor. Thunder Knuckles snatches a bag of freshly popped corn from the vendor's hand and continues to walk toward the ring.

PC: What’s this?

HHL: The Television Champion is coming out, great... Don't we have to see him later tonight? What in God's name is he doing out here?

Thunder Knuckles unfolds the steel chair that he brought with him and sits with his bag of popcorn.

PC: It looks like Thunder Knuckles wants the best view in the house for the Battle Royal. Doesn't it?

The ring is filled with social distance conscious wrestlers; the refs outside call for the bell.


Andrew Logan
- vs -
Broken Oswald Autem
- vs -
Azrael Erebus
- vs -
Scott Charlotte
- vs -
Docktor Trust
- vs -
Brian Storm
- vs -
Michael McBride
- vs -
Robbie Bourbon
- vs -
Captain Acab
- vs -
Liam Roberts
- vs -
Mackenzie Wright
- vs -
Dick Powers

Over-the-Top Battle Royal




PC: "And we're off, kick-starting Leap of Faith 2020 with a mukbang of mayhem!"

HHL: "Mukbang is Korean, Pip, you racist."

Competitors pick their dancing partners and quickly try to eliminate the other as fast as they can; Azrael tangos with Captain Acab whilst Brian Storm and Docktor Trust try to force Broken Oswald out of the ring as Dick Powers dances the Lambada with Robbie Bourbon. Heather gasps.

HHL: "The forbidden dance!"

No one knows why she said that as all these dance metaphors are simply that, metaphors. In reality, everyone is beating the crap out of one another; Oswald is almost over the top rope immediately but manages to brute strength his way out of Storm and Trust's hold with raw power and forces them both away; he knocks Trust down with a mighty club of his forearm and grabs Storm by the throat, lifting him off his feet and turning around to the ropes. Erebus sees this and elbows Acab away to rush in for the save, Azrael kicks the back of Autem's legs to loosen his grip on Storm; Brian drops to his feet and he and Azrael grab Oswald by the collar and hurl him out onto the apron. Azrael kicks at Oswald as Storm turns his attention to help Trust who Liam Roberts has been using as a doormat. MacKenzie Wright has been showing a dominance of strength taking on all comers and almost eliminating Bourbon after lifting him in a Gorilla Press but he managed to get loose drop her with a German.

Storm ax handles the back of Robert's neck and knocks him down; Storm lifts Trust to his feet and both men stomp down on a prone Robert's before both picking him and sending him packing!


Trust celebrates raising his fist in the air but as he turns Storm nails him with a superkick and sends Trust following Roberts!


A chorus of boos comes from the crowd as Storm chuckles to himself; Oswald still on the apron headbutts Azrael away and climbs back inside the ring and throws Azrael into the corner and shocks him with heavy body blows. As the fight continues all over the ring; Storm grabs Scott Charlotte and spins him around, a hook from Storm is blocked and Charlotte takes advantage with a palm strike to the bridge of Storm's nose before dropping Brian with a beautiful float-over DDT. Before Charlotte can pick Storm up he's knocked away by McBride who blindsides him with a sharp knee to the temple; Charlotte is knocked down and slides onto the apron under the bottom rope. Dick Powers is going one on one with Bourbon trading blows, Robbie takes advantage pretty quickly slamming Dick's head into the turnbuckle before picking him up for a powerbomb! Powers quickly shakes the cobwebs and throws a few clubs into Bourbon's dome, loosening Bourbon's grip and falling away onto the top turnbuckle.

McBride and Charlotte are wrapped up in the opposite corner. Andrew Logan rips Acab away and sends him into the canvas, Oswald Autem is on the brink of eliminating Azrael Erebus and Brian Storm sees Dick Powers teetering on the top turnbuckle; Storm takes his chances but crashes into Robbie Bourbon who eye poke Storm before lifting up with a powerbomb, Powers sees his opportunity and flies off the turnbuckle hitting Storm with a crossbody as he descends with Bourbon's powerbomb and the two quickly toss Storm out of the ring.


PC: "Been a show of teamwork in this match."

HHL: "Some betrayal too, it never lasts."

Bourbon and Dick look at one another and Powers smirks for a fist bump and Bourbon quickly dabs him up. Scott Charlotte is trying to out McBride but the Irishman counters and drops Charlotte with a snapmare, McBride goes for a punt but Charlotte rolls out of the way and explodes with speed with a clothesline and rings out McBride!


McBride is shocked as the crowd roar. Charlotte taps the top rope looking down at him and turns back to the action in the ring. Andrew Logan rushes Scott Charlotte, Dick Powers jumps onto Acab and Bourbon squares off with Azrael Erebus. Logan rushes Charlotte with a flurry of punches and kicks; he uppercuts Charlotte and he leans against the ropes dazed. Logan goes for a big boot but Charlotte ducks out of the way and Logan hangs himself over the top rope! Andrew Logan groans; Charlotte is ready to take advantage but Azrael bumps into him and knock Charlotte off his balance after a dropkick from Acab. Logan gets himself back in the ring; Acab rushes Logan but Andrew goes low and sends Acab over the top rope and onto the apron! Mackenzie Wright who has been laying low and picking her spot goes for a clothesline to knock Acab out but he pulls the rope down and Wright is gone!


Captain Acab with quick reflexes goes for an enziguri but Logan backs up and boots Acab onto the outside!

HHL: "Great instinct from the newcomer!"


PC: "Acab sinks into Davy Jones' locker as we have 6 remaining."

Azrael Erebus weighs his options, seeing Charlotte a little out of breath he takes advantage and spears Charlotte into the corner; Erebus stands up and throws a knee into Scott's jaw, his head snaps back and he goes limp. Erebus picks up Charlotte and sets him up on top of the top turnbuckle; Erebus then begins to climb too!

PC: "Bold move my Azrael here!"

HHL: "Hubris! Sheer hubris!"

Azarel lifts Scott Charlotte up but Charlotte fights back! He headbutts Azrael and strikes him to knock Azrael into the tree of woe! Scott Charlotte sizes himself up!

Hangman's Pride!

And Azrael goes limp on the canvas! Charlotte lifts him up and tosses Erebus over the ropes!


The mountain of a man Oswald Autem is double-teamed by Bourbon and Logan trying to get the big man out of the ring, Dick Powers sneaks away from the confrontation and focuses on a worn-down Charlotte. Scott sees the Slambassdor approaching and dives towards him, Powers leapfrogs over and Charlotte hits the ropes, on the rebound he goes for a clothesline which Dick counters with a hip toss, Charlotte rolls up and surprises Dick with a dropkick. Powers drops but not for long as he kips up and roundhouses Charlotte into the ropes followed with a Bruce Lee style thumbing of his nose. Powers runs the ropes and gives an explosive dropkick of his own sending Charlotte up and over!


Oswald has been beaten against the ropes but he manages to keep off his attackers and throw them back with a mighty roar; Dick is cockily hot-dogging to the crowd after a successful knockout; Oswald snorts like a bull seeing red and picks up Dick like he was nothing, lifting him over his head and tossing him over the top rope! As Powers flies through the air Thunder Knuckles darts forward, out of his chair, dropping his popcorn, and catching Dick Powers in his arms.

HHL: "Look! Thunder Knuckles has his arms full of Dick!"

PC: "What!? His feet never touched the floor!"

Thunder Knuckles carries Dick Powers and rolls him back into the ring, under the bottom rope. Thunder Knuckles gives a thumbs up to Dick Powers. Dick Powers nods his head, in thanks, and the crowd goes ape shit.

HHL: "Best seat in the house, right, Pip?"

PC: "I was wrong, but the fans LOVE IT! They want to see more of this!"

HHL: "What the Hell do they know?"

As Dick turns he meets the sole of Broken Oswald's boot and is sent packing back over onto the ground, Thunder Knuckles frowns inches away from Dick.


Dick sighs and gives a shrug as Thunder Knuckles helps him up and the two watch the rest of the match sharing some popcorn and interacting with fans.

Oswald breathes heavily looking at Bourbon and Logan in their own corners; Oswald glares at each in turn. Logan and Bourbon give a nod and rush the big man; Oswald swipes at Logan who dodges and Bourbon catches the arm getting Autem into a full nelson! Logan strikes like Oswald were a heavy bag and knocks the wind out of him. Bourbon then lifts Oswald off his feet and slams him down onto his back; Autem lets out a kick and knocks Logan away; he goes to grab Bourbon but Robbie rakes the eyes and picks Oswald up to throw him into the ropes and catches him on the rebound!


The pop-up spinebuster leaves Oswald motionless.

PC: "Exactly what you need to stop The Broken One."

Bourbon breathes deeply as he picks Oswald back up and with Logan's help, the two launch Oswald onto the outside!


Oswald hits the barricade, Dick and Thunder Knuckles throw popcorn in laughter at the giant in some kind of childish revenge. Meanwhile in the ring, Andrew Logan and Robbie Bourbon square off.

PC: "This is it! Down to our final two!"

HHL: "The living legend and future HOL inductee Robbie Bourbon versus the fresh-faced Andrew Logan who has shown huge potential in this match."

Andrew Logan is the first to strike missing a right hook and Bourbon counters with a stiff body blow, Logan backs up and tries for a kick but Bourbon stops the blow, cradling an arm around Logan's leg and stabs an elbow down into his knee! Logan falls onto the mat holding his wounded leg; Bourbon chuckles to himself and offers Logan a hand up but Andrew slaps it away. Robbie smirks with a raised eyebrow giving a playful kick into Logan's side as Andrew uses the ropes to get himself to his feet. Robbie snaps his neck and feigns a strong left only to bitch slap with his right, leaving a huge red mark on Logan's cheek. The crowd 'oooooh'.

HHL: "Jesus, it's like watching a cat play with his prey."

Logan takes a moment and spits blood onto the floor; Bourbon lightly slaps Logan's head to get him to stand up straight; Bourbon wraps a mighty hand around Logan's throat and lifts him high into the air!


A strong knee to the jaw helps Logan get his feet back onto the ground; another stong kick to the gut and Bourbon reels!

Logan gets Bourbon into a powerbomb position and struggles with the weight until...


A brutal Kawada Driver almost breaks Bourbon's neck and the two fall onto the ground gasping for air as the crowd cheer on the fallen competitors.

HHL: "Gotta give it to Logan, he's got heart to say the least."

PC: "I've seen Bourbon go through glass, barbwire, table, and an entire bar and come out unscathed. Andrew Logan needs to give 300% to get him down for good."

After some time the two slowly begin to get to their feet. Logan is collapsed against the turnbuckles as Bourbon rests against the ropes; the two share a smile briefly. Logan spitting some more blood from his lip before egging Bourbon on. Robbie laughs heartily and comes at Logan like a freight train, Andrew Logan tries to move but his knee fails him and he is crushed from a huge splash. Air escapes Logan's lungs as Robbie Bourbon grabs him and packs him tight as he lifts with a powerbomb! Logan can't escape as he struggles in the hold!



Logan twists at the apex and manages to get an armbar in and breaks Robbie's hold! He lands safely on the apron as Robbie roars in agony! Logan maneuvers Bourbon and lifts all 290 pounds over the top rope and onto his shoulders!!!



Bourbon screams in agony as Logan roars trying to break Robbie's spine!


With a throw of his shoulders...




Logan collapses and almost lands on Bourbon whilst the crowd cheer him on and his music hits.

HHL: "WOW! I mean... Fucking WOW!"

PC: "An incredible display from Andrew Logan! What a win for this man! What a win!"

Theo stands at the back entrance to the building waiting for the arrival of the XWF Tag Team Champions for the return of the XWF Television Championship. A side door swings open taking Theo’s attention as seen walking through the door are the XWF Tag Team Champions Chris Page and Robert Main, Cataclysm.

Robert has his Tag Title in his right hand dragging it as he walks slow and methodically while Chris has his Tag Title in his right hand and the Television Title in his left dragging both belts on the concrete floor. Cataclysm have their eyes locked on Theo Pryce. The intensity is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife.

The closer Cataclysm gets the colder the air seems to get and the more uneasy Theo visibly becomes. Main and Page stop four or five feet away from Theo and as the camera pans back six black suited private security stand prepared to back up Theo should things get out of hand.

THEO PRYCE: I take it you’re here to be a man of your word and turn over the Television Championship.

Chris starts to laugh under his breath as he takes a step forward towards Theo.

CHRIS PAGE: You know something Theo… for almost nine months Robert and I have been calling your name and you’ve tuned us out as if you can’t hear us; not only have we called you out we’ve called out your boy Vinnie as well…

ROBERT MAIN: And it’s all gone unanswered.

CHRIS PAGE: And now all of a sudden because I elected to keep what belongs to me you’ve FINALLY stepped forward demanding I return this…

Chris raises up the XWF Television Championship.

CHRIS PAGE: And if I don’t hand it over you’re going to do what? Keep me out of a scavenger hunt?

Chris draws back the Television Championship as he remains locked on Theo.

THEO PRYCE: Maybe if you got to the point instead of boring me with this lame preamble I'd have time to answer your challenges, but here we are. Now I don’t have all day… Are you returning the title or aren’t you?

CHRIS PAGE: You don’t call the shots with me! Are you going to get Vinnie out from behind a desk and fight us or are you going to keep being a bitch?

ROBERT MAIN: I’m guessing it’s the latter.

THEO PRYCE: Still waiting...

CHRIS PAGE: You know what, fuck your Leap of Faith Match and fuck you too! If Thunder Knuckles or Thaddeus Duke want this title they can come find me on Savage.

THEO PRYCE: Then you leave me with no choice to remove you from the Leap of Faith Rafters match.”

CHRIS PAGE: Actually I think I removed myself, dumbass.

Chris and Robert walk past Theo and his bodyguards as they enter the stadium and get ready to prepare for their upcoming title defense.

HHL: That’s one hell of a way to kick off Leap of Faith! Chris Page has been removed from the Leap of Faith Rafters Match for not turning over the XWF Television Championship to Theo Pryce!

PC: Yeah but what’s the endgame for Cataclysm because they don’t make a move that isn’t well thought out or meticulous.

We fade back to the ring.

Hello Doves appears briefly on the X-tron in pink accompanied by Atara's voice saying the same over the arena PA right before her theme hits the speakers. The crowd goes pops like crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage as Atara appears from backstage in a full grunge walk to centerstage right before the ramp. Posing for the camera, she blows a kiss before throwing off a silk robe to reveal her attire for the night.

She full on grungewalks to the ringsteps and stops at the top to posture once more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring very Stacy Kiebler-ish and awaits the start of the match.

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and the pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. When she gets to the ring:

[Image: RUlZaSV.gif]


Atara Themis
- vs -
Jenny Myst

"Belle of the Brawl" 3 Falls match
1st- Standard Fall
2nd- Bra and Panties
3rd- I Quit




Jenny steps up to Atara, the two ladies are face to face. To exchange some words, and Jenny then slaps Atara across the face as the bell rings. Atara slaps her back, and the two ladies grab each other by the head as the go to the ground, wrestling around and pulling hair. Both ladies roll under the ramp and to the mat outside, where they separate on impact. Both get to their feet with a hateful look in their eyes. Jenny grins, and rolls back into the ring, tempting Atara to come get her.

HHL: Jenny is a ring master. She knows what she is doing here. Make Atara play HER game.

Atara rolls her eyes and rolls into the ring. Jenny stomps her a few times, cheap shots, but when Atara gets to her feet Jenny hits the deck and rolls back out of the ring again as the crowd boos. Atara rolls her eyes again and Jenny walks around the apron outside.

Jenny "recoups" and walks up the steps, stepping through the ropes.

PC: She seems a bit hesitant to get in the ring with Atara one on one. If she can't cheap shot her, she doesn't want any part of her!

HHL: It's called strategy Pip, strategy. She knows what she's doing

Jenny steps into the ring and the two lock up. Atara over powers the Queen and whips her back first into the turnbuckle. Atara rams Jenny with a clothesline, sending the Queen stumbling to the middle of the ring. Atara comes off the ropes and clotheslines her again, putting Jenny flat on her back. Atara takes a moment to pose for the crowd, who is loving this, before picking Jenny up by the hair. She has Jenny on her feet, and slaps her again. Kicking Myst in the gut Atara flattens her with a DDT.




Jenny kicks out.

Atara has a grin on her face as she has dominated the match in the early going. She picks a rolling Jenny up by the hair and whips her into the opposite corner. Going for a running forearm smash, Jenny moves out of the way real quick and Atara slams the turnbuckle, stumbling back. Jenny rolls her up in a small package.



Atara kicks out of it.

Jenny slaps the mat in frustration but can't complain too long as Atara is already up. She kicks Jenny once, and the Queen rolls out of the ring again and onto the mat, walking around outside as the crowd boos.

PC: She is totally out classed here. Atara has had an answer for everything she has done. This match may not make it to three falls.

Jenny walks up the steps on the other side. Atara poses again for the crowd, who cheers.

PC: They love Atara in Tokyo! Listen to this crowd!

Jenny slowly gets back into the ring again. Atara goes for a clothesline, but Jenny ducks. She hits a back elbow on Atara then comes off the ropes with a knee to the face. Atara only goes down to one knee, however, and comes off the ropes for a bulldog, but Atara shoves her off, and when Jenny comes back on the rebound.....

Judgement of Paris!!!!!

A jumping bicycle knee to the face.

PC: The Queen is down!

Atara covers.



Jenny gets a shoulder up. Atara looks stunned, but also somewhat pleased. She gets to inflict more punishment.

Atara picks Jenny up off the mat. Jenny isn't done just yet, though, as she hits a thumb to the eye to create separation, then kicks the back of Atara's leg. Atara goes to one knee and Jenny comes off the ropes, grabbing her hair and shoving her face to the mat. With a flurry, Jenny hits a snap-mare using opponents hair Atara bounces off and is sitting up, and Jenny hauls off and kicks her in the back. Atara groans as Jenny waves to the crowd. They boo.

Jenny stomps a few times on Atara, then lifts her up.

Standing STO from Myst. She has a smile on her face now as she feels more in control.

Standing up she is yelling at Atara.

JENNY MYST: Get up! Get up, Dove! I said get up!

She kicks her again.

Atara rolls, and is getting to her feet.


Jenny kicks her in the back of the head again.

Finally Atara is up to all fours. Jenny kicks her in the ribs. Atara rolls toward the ropes.

Jenny uses the ropes for leverage as she stands on Atara's chest, pressing all the weight in her 5 foot body down onto her opponent. The ref counts, and Jenny breaks it at a 5 count. She doesn't want to get DQ'd first fall. As soon as the count breaks, she does it again for a 5 count. She steps off and poses, mocking Atara.

She goes to do it a third time but Atara grabs Jenny's ankle, tripping her, and the Queen's torso falls over the top rope. She stumbles back and Atara delivers a well place kick, almost taking Jenny's head off. The Queen is out flat, and Atara is holding her chest trying to catch her breath.

HHL: Neither of these two can get over on the other. They are so evenly matched!

PC: Maybe if Myst wasn't so cocky she could keep some consistent offense going!

Jenny is starting to stir. Atara seems to have caught her breath, and motions that she is going to go to the top rope. The crowd cheers.

Jenny is up and runs, knocking Atara to a spread eagle position over the turnbuckle.

The crowd joins in an "OOOOHHHH" as Jenny climbs to the second rope. She fires off shots to the head of Atara before locking her up for a suplex. She goes to suplex her off the top but Atara blocks, fighting out of the hold. She shoves Jenny off, and the Queen hits the mat. Atara dives off with a splash, crashing into Jenny and stays in the combo, hooking the leg.



Jenny kicks out at 1 and a half.

Atara seems flustered as both of these women are giving it their all.

Atara picks Jenny up by the hair but Myst uses her athleticism to slide around, hooking Atara for a suplex… Belly to back! Bridge! Pin!



NO! Atara is about to squirt out of that one as well. Jenny is frustrated now, but knows this is standard match rules. She has to beat Atara, she cannot cheat. Jenny picks up Atara and hits a spike DDT. She poses for the crowd quick and climbs to the top rope.

HHL: She's going for Gold Digger here! the 450 splash!

Jenny blows a kiss then comes off the top.....


Jenny rolls off, holding her mid section and coughing/wincing. Atara pops up and the crowd cheers.

Atara lifts Jenny up again........she is going for a suplex, but Jenny slips behind........sleeper!

Jenny has the sleeper on.

She jumps on Atara's back piggy back style, her arm across the neck! Atara goes to a knee.

HHL: Jenny a sleeper out of desperation here! She did what she needed to do!

Jenny goes to the ground with her, and begins to chirp again as Atara begins to fade.

The ref lifts her arm.

PC: I think atara is out here.

HHL: I hope so.

PC: You would.


He lifts her arm again.



He lifts her arm a third time.......

Atara tenses. With a surge of momentum she stands up, Jenny's eyes go wide, she backs quickly into the corner, ramming Jenny's surgically repaired back into the turnbuckle. Jenny lets go of the hold. Atara begins to unload with a series of MMA style kicks, she brings Jenny out to the middle of the ring. She is going for a suplex again but again Jenny slides behind. Turning Atara around. Kick to the gut.


PC: Just like that! Pink Perfection out of nowhere!

HHL: Cover her! COVER HER!

Jenny slides into the cover.





Jenny can't believe it!!!!!!!!

[Image: xj2rce8.gif]

PC: What does she have to do to put Atara away here?! She can't keep her down for a pinfall, how the hell is she gonna make her say "I quit?!"

Jenny rolls to her feet. She goes to stand Atara up again. Setting her up, spike spike piledriver time!!!


JENNY MYST: Count to three!

She hooks a leg.





Myst throws a temper tantrum in the ring.

[Image: CQsEzIh.gif]

Jenny stands up again, exhausted. It's been about 15 minutes already, and this is only the first fall!!!!!!!

She picks up Atara who is almost out on her feet. She brings her to the corner and sits her up on the middle rope.

She is gonna suplex Atara off the top. But just as she goes to throw her, Atara blocks. Jenny tries to hook again. Another block. Atara has the tights, they shift position.

From A Dove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Rope Powerslam!!!!!!!

PC: Oh my god!!!!!!! Atara nearly put Jenny Myst THROUGH the ring!!!!!! From A Dove OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!!

Atara hooks a leg, she has the tights.

HHL: Tights! Atara's got the tights!!!!!! Ref! She's got the tights!




Winner of the first fall: Atara Themis!

Atara, however, is spent.

Jenny is using the ropes to pull herself up. She has a look of shock in her eyes, but she explains to the ref that Atara had the tights. She's pulling at her wrestling shorts bottom, showing the ref what Atara did, when Themis comes out of nowhere.

Gannosuke Clutch!! She's got Jenny's shoulders pinned to the mat.

PC: Top is off! HER TOP IS OFF! Atara gonna sweep this thing!

Jenny uses a power kick of her legs to push Atara off, and rolls away holding her chest. Atara holds Jenny's top over her head, to taunt her.

PC: All she needs is the bottoms and this one's over!

Atara goes to grab Jenny to finish the job but this time Myst has a game plan. She reaches into her exposed bra and pulls out the pepper spray. She sprays Atara right in the face!

Screaming, Themis backs off. Jenny rips her top off and leg sweeps here, pulling off her bottoms.

HHL: She did it! She pulled it off! It's 1-1!!!

Winner of the Second Fall: Jenny Myst!!!!!!

Myst grins now while wincing, knowing this is the last fall.

Jenny stomps on Atara's hand, which is on the mat. She recoils her hand back with a yowl. Jenny stomps then on the other hand. Another yowl. Rolling out of the ring, Jenny goes over to the time keeper, shoving him off. She folds his chair and marches towards the ring. When she gets near the ropes, Atara baseball slides under the ropes and slams the chair into Jenny's face. She stumbles back towards the barricade.

Atara slides out and grabs Jenny by the head, bouncing her off the barricade again. Jenny walks towards the commentary table, and Atara is in hot pursuit. Just as Atara is about to grab her again, Jenny takes the coffee cub from Pip's station.

PC: HEY! Vinnie makes us pay for those!

Jenny turns and throws the hot coffee into the face of Atara. Themis screams and turns away.

HHL: Thats pepper spray AND coffee now! Her face is going to be on fire after this!

Jenny grabs Atara by the hair and flips her over with an arm drag. She takes the camera man and shoves him, taking the camera and smashing Atara over the head with it. Bending down, Jenny begins to choke Atara with the camera chord.


Atara has her hands up by her neck to try to pull the chord away. Jenny has her knee in the back of Atara, pulling the chord until her eyes almost pop out.


She yells again. Atara is fading. Jenny lets go of the chord. She rolls Atara into the ring. From under the ring Jenny pulls out a kendo stick. Atara is coughing and trying to get to her feet. Jenny brings the kendo stick down over her back.



PC: Jenny is wearing Atara out with the kendo stick here. That's gonna leave a mark or two. But I think she is going to have to do more than that to keep Atara down.





Atara is in a bad way when Jenny tosses the kendo stick. She steps on Atara's hand again.

Jenny rolls out of the ring again, and pulls out a tool box. She opens it, and out of it she pulls out a nail gun, holding it up to the crowd.

PC: NO! Oh my god, no!

HHL: Atara is familiar with getting nailed.....she would enjoy this

Jenny rolls into the ring. She pulls Atara's panties back, and nails them to the ring, in a sitting position. After 4 nails, Atara is stuck!

She is trying to wiggle out of it.

PC: Atara is stuck. The only way out of this is to rip the panties! She would be naked from the waist down if she does! Jenny is trying to embarrass Atara here. Humiliate her!

Jenny takes the pepper spray out of her bra again and sprays Atara right in the face.

She begins to slap Atara, and punch her. Atara is trying to move, and she feels her panties rip more and more each time.

JENNY MYST: Quit.......just quit and end this!

She slaps Atara again. Then hammers her in the face 3 times.


Atara spits.


Jenny smiles and opens the front of Atara's underwear, spraying the pepper spray down inside!!!!

Atara screams.

HHL: OH MY! As a woman I know how that feels! That was brutal! Jenny has gone too far here!

PC: I don't even this Jenny cares if she quits anymore, she just wants to torture Atara now. She wants to send a message, this is disgusting!








PC: Jenny is wearing Atara out with the kendo stick here. That's gonna leave a mark or two. But I think she is going to have to do more than that to keep Atara down.





Atara is in a bad way when Jenny tosses the kendo stick. She steps on Atara's hand again.

Jenny rolls out of the ring again, and pulls out a tool box. She opens it, and out of it she pulls out a nail gun, holding it up to the crowd.

PC: NO! Oh my god, no!

HHL: Atara is familiar with getting nailed.....she would enjoy this

Jenny rolls into the ring. She pulls Atara's panties back, and nails them to the ring, in a sitting position. After 4 nails, Atara is stuck!

She is trying to wiggle out of it.

PC: Atara is stuck. The only way out of this is to rip the panties! She would be naked from the waist down if she does! Jenny is trying to embarrass Atara here. Humiliate her!

Jenny takes the pepper spray out of her bra again and sprays Atara right in the face.

She begins to slap Atara, and punch her. Atara is trying to move, and she feels her panties rip more and more each time.

JENNY MYST: Quit.......just quit and end this!

She slaps Atara again. Then hammers her in the face 3 times.


Atara spits.


Jenny smiles and opens the front of Atara's underwear, spraying the pepper spray down inside!!!!

Atara screams.

HHL: OH MY! As a woman I know how that feels! That was brutal! Jenny has gone too far here!

PC: I don't even this Jenny cares if she quits anymore, she just wants to torture Atara now. She wants to send a message, this is disgusting!

Jenny comes off the ropes and knees Atara in the face. The underwear rips, and Atara falls back. She puts her hand down to cover up as the underwear rips away.

Just then, the crowd cheers. Coming through the crowd was a female figure dressed in all black, runs into the ring. She stands behind Jenny.

PC: What is--who is--that! It's a female dressed in all black!!!

The figure grabs Jenny from behind.

The Vertebreaker!!!!!!!!!

PC: We've seen this move before! We've seen that.....oh my god don't tell me!

The figure throws a pair of gym shorts that she pulls out of her pants and throws them to Atara. Atara puts the pants on and limps, her crotch and back sore, over to Jenny. disappears through the crowd. Jenny is stirring.

Atara locks in the Sharpshooter!

Jenny begins to scream as Atara pulls harder.

[red[HHL: The pressure is on Jenny's surgically repaired back! She's gonna pop a disk!!!!![/red]

Jenny screams again. She sits down into it, wrenching the back more.

JENNY MYST: Gahh! Pleasssee! NO!!!!

Atara has it locked in deep!


Just then, a blonde figure jumped over the barricade and onto the ringside area.

Atara pulls tighter, an audible pop is heard.

HHL: Did you hear that! I think Atara just broke Jenny's back..........again!

PC: That's Sarina Hazard! Jenny's friend from RLF that just signed with XWF!

The blonde figure throws in the towel.

The ref sees the towel, and calls for the bell.


The crowd is still giving Atara a strong ovation, but they take it to a new level when her music suddenly fades out and the X-Tron explodes in dark purple hues.

PC: WHOA! Heather, did you know Roxy was going to be here tonight?

HHL: We aren't exactly on each others' friends lists, Pip...

PC: I just assumed...

Roxy Cotton emerges from the back, her platinum blonde hair bobbing on her head as she struts on impossibly tall stiletto heels down to the ring. She smirks as she makes her way down, keeping clear from any of the grubby hands of the front row fans.

Roxy blows kisses to Pip as she passes by, giving him a rosy shade to his cheeks. Heather gives him a good elbow to the ribs but he doesn't notice as he just keeps watching Roxy's apple bottom pass him by.

PC: I wonder why she's here?

HHL: Really Pip? That's really what you're wondering right now?

PC: I'm just here to do my job, Heather, that's all I'm focused on!

HHL: Why'd you cross your legs just now then?

PC: Can we please just go to the ring? Roxy's brought something with her!

Indeed, Cotton has a velvet bag over her shoulder with golden strings hanging from its mouth that dangle as she bends down low to enter the ring.

As she makes her way to meet Atara Themis in the center of the ring, Atara eyes her suspiciously, but Roxy just holds up a hand in an effort to show she means no harm. With a wide smile, Roxy turns toward the hard cam and addresses the crowd.

Roxy Cotton: Relax, Atara, I'm not, like, here to rain on your parade or anything. Lord knows no one spoils your successes any better than you do yourself, so I wouldn't even bother trying. No... I'm here to make your great night even BETTER.

The crowd murmurs louder, sensing something in the works. Roxy waits a beat and then walks in a half circle around the front of the ring on her golden tanned legs, making sure to walk directly in front of Atara several times.

Roxy Cotton: See, as many people probably remember, but a few apparently forgot... I do have a job here. My #ForeverFiance Vinnie Lane knows that nobody knows glam and gorgeous girls better than myself. He knows that as a former top champion in my own right, I know exactly what it means to be a true BOMBSHELL in professional wrestling. The looks, the attitude, the ability... and he knows what I know about you too, bb. He knows, and I know, that Atara Themis has all of those traits as well.

The crowd pops again and Atara looks caught off guard by the compliment. She still keeps her distance though.

Roxy Cotton: So, Atara... like I said. I have a job here. My official role in the XWF for the last several years has been at the helm of the Bombshell Division. Something that kind of went into hibernation for way too long. But Vinnie and me, we've been talking. We saw the buzz you and Jenny generated when we first started putting Leap of Faith together. We knew what you both wanted... so I brought it with me.

Another pop. The crowd is starting to anticipate exactly what Roxy is getting at.

Roxy Cotton: BUT... Atara, let's face it. The Bombshell Division? As STACKED as it was for a time, it already had its moment to shine. I wanted to do something new. I, as you should be aware, am an EXCELLENT brand ambassador. And I knew the XWF needed a whole new brand... something to replace the old Bombshell Division. Something with a real bonus to chasing after it. See, because way too many girls would whine and cry about ONLY being the champion of the women... as if that wasn't an incredible feat unto itself. No, they wanted to be seen as more than women. They wanted to be seen as stars all on their own, against the men as much as against other women. So, I came up with an idea.

HHL: Roxy has ideas?

PC: Will you stop? The woman is an executive... and technically your boss!

HHL: What's she going to do, fire me over Snapchat? With a dog filter?

Roxy Cotton: So Atara, considering that you DID just defeat the woman who was technically the last remaining eligible Bombshell Champion... congratulations. You picked up a few extra pounds of gold... but it's NOT the Bomshell Title. The Bombshell Title has EVOLVED. And what you re, Atara, is more than a bombshell... you are a shooting star in this company and in this business. So it is perfectly fitting that you would be not the NEW Bombshell Champion... but the FIRST Shooting Star Champion.

Roxy pulls the velvet bag off of her shoulder and opens it, pulling out a glimmering new title belt and holding it out for Atara.

Roxy Cotton: Congratulations Atara... you earned it. Welcome back to championship status... and try not to fuck it up this time?

Atara gives Roxy a face while Roxy cackles away from her microphone.

Roxy Cotton: One last thing though, DOVE. This title comes with something special... like I said, we don't want you ladies to feel like all you can do is beat up other girls. So ye, although the Shooting Star Championship will ONLY be defended against women... if at any time you decide you have something to prove? You can simply relinquish this title and trade it in for a championship match against another title holder of your choosing. You want to go kick Fuzz's ass again and take his title away? You want to be the X-Treme Champion once again? You want to take on Ruby on Anarchy? Say the word, sweetheart, and I'll make it happen. Now. pose for the cameras, bb, we've got revenue to make off of you.

"Vanity" starts up again and Roxy leaves the ring, heading off towards the back and leaving Atara standing speechless wit her new championship.

The scene opens up to a backstage corridor, where there is a ladder standing in the middle of the hallway, it pans to the X-Treme title that is hanging on a wire, as it sways back and forth, it cuts into images of W82 and Hanari’s confrontations that lead to up to this point. Then it cuts to when Robert Main called out Hanari, then it leads into all the subsequents promos that lead into this match.

Now, we see Reggie wearing a hoodie, with his head down. He slowly climbs to the the top of the ceiling, but instead of reaching it, he simply sits on top of the ladder, and left the belt swinging back and forth, then Reggie take down his hoodie and the camera pans to fresh faced Reggie, keeps a mean glare in his eyes as he speaks.

WRESTLER82: You see people of Japan, look where it all lead to… me being a X-Treme champion, me getting heat from everyone, to even me almost getting myself into a deal with Hanari to just drop the belt to him.. in fear that i wouldn’t handle Main. Look who’s laughing now, i’m the middle man in between you guys.

Like I said before, I am the Beniot, or even the Bryan to these guys own Triple H’s and HBK/Orton. I am the mere underdog, who knows that at some point, i have to let all the inhibitions go, and just become a monster that I can truly become. I don’t fear with what is to come here tonight in Japan.

Do I fear that i won’t take the belt that is swinging back and forth down?

Then he takes the X-Treme belt down, and looks at it’s silver shine, then he drops it down the fifteen foot ladder on the concrete.

WRESTLER82: Look what just happened, i managed to take it down with no sweat, but i know that i wouldn’t be so easy. I have to take on these two massively overrated, and overhyped guys who step inside that ring. I have to prove to them, that Reggie doesn’t play around, and is willing to turn them out like bitches in the corner. I am the pimp of the X-Treme; they are the ho’s who need to wait their turn to get a shot of the pimp juice of X-Treme.

I can open up a bottle of henny right now, and pour it down on the belt and show you all that i’m ALL THE WAY UP. Nothing can stop me from showing this belt, and this division the light of what I can do. As I established that if i don’t even get the belt back, i shall relinquish my FTX belt into the fans of Japan and let them have it as a sacrifice, due to my inability to take something down from the top of the ceiling.

Reggie then climbs down from the ladder, and grabs a sack, and pulls out the belt with the FTX logo on the title plate. He then lays it out right next to both belts, and the camera pans to both of the belts he’s holding on the floor. Then he comes up to the camera with a hostile attitude.

WRESTLER82: Take a good look at both of the belts that is on the floor, those belts are representation of me, and how I see myself in this company. I could easily say, fuck these belts and take a plane back home to America, and leave them here so that the management can do whatever they want wit them. Hell the FTX belt costed me 20K to make from a local belt shop, but the one that is the X-Treme belt… that is fucking priceless with the blood of all the prior champions before I.

From my inner thoughts moments, I told myself that after the night is over the name of Wrestler82 is going to be dead and gone… i’m going to become a cult of personality… the outsider… the one who’s going to cause some riots in the XWF. This will become a new beginning for myself; and if i manage to climb on those ladders and retrieve the X-Treme belt, then i will make sure that I defend both of the belts i have that is on the floor. I’m bringing heat back to this place.

If i don’t retrieve the X-Treme belt by the end… i am going to give up my 20K FTX belt, and never acknowledge it as i make a new transitional point in my time here in XWF. Start off anew, and fresh with a new path of pain and misery for all those who doubt me.

Reggie then picks up both belts, and he holds them in his hands and looks at them both. Then he looks into the camera for the final time.

WRESTLER82: So listen up Hanari and Main, one of you guys can come home with extra gold on your waist if you manage to take one off from the ceiling. I will make sure that i will destroy the both of you in that match, and make sure to make use of all those ladders. Maybe, i’ll manage to turn one of your faces into Joey Mercury, and make sure you don’t see a damn thing with all the blood pouring into your eyes.

I will go the distance, I will be determined… and i will come home as the X-Treme champion as I retain it from pulling it down. This will become the era of pain and misery from myself unto others.

Reggie then places the belts off hands into the step parts of the ladder, and he walks off in the shadows, as the camera pans to the belts. Then the next segment happens after.

Geri Miller makes her way out to the stage, bobbing her head along with the music as she makes her way quickly down the ramp and to the ring. The XWF's resident stoner makes her way up the ring steps and bounds through the ropes, motioning for them to start Ruby's music so that they can get this match underway.

The XWF Anarchy Champion, Ruby, makes her way to the top of the ramp with her championship around her waist and an ear to ear smile. She high fives as many fans as she can as she runs and jumps down the ramp, rolling underneath the bottom rope and into the ring to face off with Geri. She hands her belt to the referee and waves to a few kids in the crowd.

This is going to be a good flippin' time.


- vs -
Gerri Miller

Standard Match




The fans cheer loudly as Ruby and Geri Miller eye each other from across the ring, the referee holding the Anarchy title high above his head for the crowd to see before carrying it over to the ropes and handing it to the time keeper. Ruby moves first, bouncing a few times to loosen up before beginning to circle slowly. Geri circles with her and each star raises a hand for an opening tie up… but Geri kicks Ruby in the midsection and doubles her over! Geri falls back to bounce off the ropes and… scissor kick to the back of Ruby’s neck! She’s down on the mat, and Geri quickly rolls her over onto her back and goes for a quick cover!


Ruby is able to get a shoulder up quickly, rolling Geri off of her and getting back to her feet.

HHL: Geri tried to steal a victory there, what a dirty tactic!

PC: Dirty tactic?! There’s a title belt on the line here, Heather. You do what you need to do to win!

Geri rushes towards Ruby but the Banana Lime Blur sidesteps and watches Geri fly harmlessly past. Ruby grabs Miller around the waist and looks for a suplex but Miller throws a backwards elbow that catches the Anarchy champion right on the jaw and drops her to a knee. Pele kick! Geri corkscrews through the air and cracks Ruby across the head with a powerful kick! Ruby tries to stand but she looks dazed and collapses back down to the mat; that kick did some serious damage! Ruby looks like a newborn fawn trying to get back up and Geri knows this is a golden opportunity! She jumps on Ruby and locks up a front headlock, trying to lock in a choke hold but Ruby somehow shakes free of Millers grip and rolls underneath the bottom rope and out of the ring!

HHL: Ruby drops to the floor and tries to collect herself!

PC: Geri Miller bounces off the ropes on the far side of the ring… Suicide Dive!

Geri Miller hurls herself over the top ropes and flips towards Ruby, but Ruby rolls out of the way and Geri crashes hard to the floor! The crowd cheers the carnage wildly, and Ruby drags herself slowly to the fan barricade and pulls herself to her knees… then her feet. Ruby’s up! The referee urges her to get the action back into the ring, before he’s forced to count them both out. Never one to break the rules, Ruby salutes him and drags Geri up before rolling her up onto the apron and shoving her limp body under the bottom rope. Ruby climbs up slowly, then looks to the ring post and slowly trudges over to it.

HHL: Shes taking to the air!

PC: Ruby climbs to the top rope!

Ruby takes a long moment to collect herself on the top rope, taking one more deep breath. She launches herself through the air…

… Frogsplash!

Ruby connects and Geri Miller nearly folds on half on impact! Ruby hooks Geris leg and the referee slides down to make the count!



Kickout! Geri Miller kicks out and the fans roar in approval! The match continues!

HHL: Both of these women are really going all out for the Anarchy title, this is incredible to watch!

PC: Way better than Batman V Superman.

HHL: Who said anything about that?

PC: Nobody, but I like to remind people it’s a trash movie.

Geri and Ruby both lay on the mat for a moment, trying to catch their breath. Ruby stands slowly…

… and Geri dives on her leg!

Geri is fighting like a dog to get a good grip on Ruby’s foot while grapevining her legs up Ruby’s thigh! She’s looking for another submission! She topples Ruby back to the canvas, then fully locks in the figure four leg lock! Ruby shouts out in pain and tries to roll but Geri Miller has her anchored in place!

HHL: This looks bad!

PC: Geri has her locked up tight! She’s tugging violently at Ruby’s knee!

Ruby’s hand hovers over the canvas!

The referee is asking if she’s ready to tap!

Ruby shoots her hand out and grabs hold of the bottom rope!

HHL: Rope break!

PC: The referee forces Geri to let go of the figure four! Ruby uses the rope to pull herself across the canvas and away from Geri Miller.

Geri is back on her feet quickly, her eyes narrowing as she eyes the possibly injured Ruby across the ring like a predator stalking their prey. Ruby is trying to stand up and move away from the ropes, but she quickly collapses to all fours. That knee may not be able to support her weight! Geri stomps towards her and reaches down to grab Ruby by the hair, and-

HHL: A quick rollup!

PC: Ruby catches Geri by surprise and rolls her backwards, pressing her shoulders down to the mat!



Miller gets a shoulder up, Ruby just didn’t quite have the strength in her legs to drive into the mat and keep Geri down! Geri shoves Ruby off of her and gets back to her feet, huffing and puffing wildly. She grabs Ruby and drags her up to her feet, Ruby’s knee buckling as Geri holds her up and looks out at the crowd…

Geri Miller is sensing victory here!

Geri hoists Ruby up vertically, looking for a high arching DDT… but Ruby stalls the momentum mid air and is able to drop safely back to her feet! She takes a moment to brace herself then jumps as high as her wounded leg will allow!

HHL: The Ruby Cutter!

PC: That’s it! It’s over! Ruby retains her Anarchy title!

Ruby crawls slowly atop Geri Miller! She hooks the leg as the referee slides in to make the count!


The fans are on their feet! They’re ecstatic!




HHL: Kickout!

PC: Geri Miller somehow gets that shoulder up! My God!

Ruby sits up on her knees in complete and total disbelief! She thought for sure she had put Geri away there! Not sure what to do next, Ruby crawls into the corner and stands slowly. The crowd continues to cheer for her, hoping she finds a way to retain her Anarchy title, but it seems anything short of hitting Geri with a truck won’t be enough!

With a determined expression on her face Ruby shakes out her injured leg a bit… and begins to climb up the ropes! Ruby is on top of the ringpost, and turns slowly to face the still downed Geri Miller!

The crowd is on their feet!

HHL: This could be a bad idea!

PC: That knee doesn’t look stable!

Ruby launches herself off the top rope!


Ruby double stomps a whole through Geri's chest and dives atop her challenger to make the cover!





Ruby climbs gingerly to her feet as the referee retrieves her title belt and hands it over to her. Geri Miller rolls around the mat in agony, clutching her torso as Ruby jumps through the ropes to the floor and begins high fiving the fans and posing for pictures.

PC: A hell of an effort by Ruby.

Ruby makes her way happily up the ramp, posing on the stage with the belt one more time before we slowly fade out.

Back in the parking area we see that Jenny Myst is being helped out of the arena by Sarina. She can barely walk as they cross the pavement.

JENNY MYST: My back… that bitch...

SARINA: Don't worry, I'll find that bitch in the black. She attacked you like a coward. Based on what I saw, it looked like she had red hair.

JENNY MYST: There-----ahh, ouch...careful--there is nobody here with red hair.

SARINA: Do you still have that luxury hotel?

Jenny nods, wincing.

SARINA: Lets go, get you back to your room… we'll watch trash TV, drink wine… I'll order sushi.

JENNY MYST: Did.....did I win?

SARINA: Yes, you never quit. As far as I am's a draw...

Jenny smiles.

JENNY MYST: Draw......

They get into an Uber and disappear for the night.

VINNIE LANE: Our next match certainly has a lot on the line, as not only is the Internet Championship up for grabs, but so is the potential to be co-General Manager of Savage! That's right, if Big D can pull off a victory here tonight, he'll be sharing GM duties with Atticus White!

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as the opening riff of Unholy blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash, Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. He stands there for a moment, allowing for Atticus White to walk out from the back. The Savage GM follows close behind as Graves walks down the aisle to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

VINNIE LANE: I'm kind of surprised to see Atticus out here, I wouldn't think he'd want to put himself in harm's way like that. You also gotta wonder how Graves is gonna approach this match considering his recent blackmail revelation. I don't know what those photos were, but I can only imagine Atticus is here to give his fighter an extra push, if needed.

At the bottom of the ramp, the Dark Warrior takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope into the ring while Atticus walks around on the outside, finding a spot to observe from. Graves stands up and raises his arms out to his sides like a cross before slowly lifting his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade in. White claps for him as the crowd lets both men know exactly what they think of them.

"X-Men Theme" by Powerglove hits over the PA system, sending the fans into a frenzy. Different colored spotlights in the shape of a 'D' shine throughout the arena, as a fired up Big D makes his way onto the ramp. He holds his belt up high in the air, patting the plate of it with pride before making his way down the aisle.

VINNIE LANE: Big D hasn't had much competition since winning the Internet Title, but that's all about to change tonight. Not only does he have to worry about Michael Graves, but also whatever Atticus may have up his sleeve.

Big D does an impression of his opponent and runs towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, before getting up in Graves' face. The ref tries his best to separate the two, but the Dark Warrior manages to get in a shove that knocks D back a few steps.

VINNIE LANE: This fight has been brewin' for months, these two are ready to go!

Big D isn't intimidated, holding his Championship up in Michael's face as the ref pushes him back.

VINNIE LANE: I don't envy the ref OR the competitors in this one, it's about to be Pearl Harb................... uuuum, I mean, Hiroshi---ma................ it's about to be explosive, let's just leave it at that!

With both men eagerly waiting in their respective corners, the ref calls over to Big D and takes his Internet Championship, holding it up for everyone to see. He then walks over and hands it to the time keeper before calling for the bell.


Big D
- vs -
Michael Graves

Falls Count Anywhere Match
If Big D wins he becomes Co-General Manager of Saturday Night Savage




Michael Graves immediately charges at Big D, who steps aside and half-whips him, chest first, into the turnbuckles. Graves bounces back into D's arms, where he's hit with a German Suplex. Upon impact, the Dark Warrior does a 360 tumble backwards and pops up to his feet, only to be greeted with the Champ's arms around him. Big D nails a beautiful Belly to Belly Suplex that sends his opponent rolling out to the floor, where Atticus walks over and gives him a pep talk.

VINNIE LANE: We may very well be looking at the next General Manager of Savage!

Big D wastes no time climbing through the ropes to the outside and grabbing Michael Graves from behind, causing Atticus White to cautiously back away from them. D attempts to Irish Whip Graves towards the barricade, only to have it reversed, sending him into it, back first, instead. The Dark Warrior rushes towards Big D and Clotheslines him into the front row, causing him to land in the laps of the fans sitting there. A fired up Michael Graves quickly climbs up onto the apron and scales the ropes to the top as the fans push D off and scatter.

VINNIE LANE: He's not ACTUALLY gonna jump from there to the front row… is he?!?!

Just as Vinnie asks the question, Michael Graves dives for his opponent in Crossbody position... only to get smacked in the face by one of the fans' seats!

VINNIE LANE: Big D with a chair shot out of nowhere! That's thinking like a Champion right there! Despite the blackmail, Graves seems willing to put it all on the line to win the Title!

Atticus White is visibly frustrated as Big D arrogantly pulls a Sharpie from his pants, signs the chair, and hands it to one of the Japanese fans to a roar of the crowd.

VINNIE LANE: He should've used Graves' blood!

The referee climbs to the outside, just as Big D drops down on Graves for a cover.




Big D brings Graves to his feet and leans him over the guard rail, before turning and grabbing another fan's chair. He raises it above his head and brings it down on the Dark Warrior's back, causing Atticus White to take a few steps towards him. D notices this and cocks the chair back like he's gonna hit the Savage GM, causing him to back up. After a brief moment to warn against Atticus' intervention, Big D turns around and gets leveled with a shot to the face from his own chair, thanks to a powerful punch from Michael Graves.

VINNIE LANE: I can't tell if that crunch was Big D's face or Graves' hand? Maybe it was both?

The Dark Warrior looks unphased, as Big D drops to the floor, clutching his face in pain. Graves picks his opponent up and tosses him further into the crowd with a Fall Away Slam. Rather than land on the cold, hard concrete, however, Big D ends up in the arms of his adoring, Japanese fans. Michael Graves turns around, only to witness his opponent crowd surfing towards the top of the arena, laughing as he does so.

VINNIE LANE: Is this a wrestling match, or a Ratt concert? This crowd is carrying Big D all the way to the upper deck of the arena!

Eventually Big D makes it to an open area of the crowd, where he's placed gently on his feet before throwing his arms in the air. Graves doesn't look pleased as his opponent motions for him to follow him up there, which he gladly does with the ref following close behind.

VINNIE LANE: Security's holding the fans back from tearing the Dark Warrior up!

Michael Graves meets Big D in the open area, swinging and connecting with a right. The Internet Champion retaliates with a right of his own, followed by a hard Knee to the gut of his challenger that hunches him over. D then tosses Graves, face first, into the wall before turning his attention to a random propped up table. He looks up above at a balcony about 10 feet above, situating the table within jumping distance of it.

VINNIE LANE: I don't think Big D plans to have dinner with Graves here.

Big D heads back over to Michael Graves and delivers a swift kick to the head. He then picks his opponent up and rolls him onto the table, beating on his chest a couple times to ensure he stays in place. D points to the sky, getting a positive reaction from the crowd, only to have it come crashing down as Little Feather Clotheslines him from behind.

VINNIE LANE: You had to know Atticus would have some sort of insurance policy in place!

Little Feather walks over and helps Graves to his feet, before heading back over and hitting a Reverse STO on Big D, causing his skull to bounce off the concrete. The Head of Security motions for the Dark Warrior to climb up to the balcony, while he places Big D on the table.

VINNIE LANE: This match has essentially become a Handicap Match, now. If Graves hits this move, it'll all be over.

Little Feather stands back as Michael Graves positions himself on the other side of the balcony, preparing to jump. After a moment to position himself, the Dark Warrior gestures towards the crowd before leaping off the railing… only for Big D to roll off at the last second, sending Graves through, instead. The audience goes crazy as Little Feather grabs his head in disbelief and Atticus kicks the barricade with frustration.

VINNIE LANE: Big mistake by Little Feather not holding the Champion in place!

Little Feather walks over to Big D and tries to pick him up, but D fights back with a rake to the eyes, causing the security guard to turn his back to the Internet Champion. Big D takes advantage of this, lifting him up and bringing him down for a Dan Slam. He quickly follows it up by grabbing Little Feather by the back of his shirt and throwing him 20 rows down the stairs.

VINNIE LANE: And we're back to a fair one on one, folks!

Big D dusts his hands off with satisfaction and turns around, only to get leveled with a Superkick from an already recovered Michael Graves.

VINNIE LANE: Graves is inhuman! The amount of punishment he can withstand is insane!

The Dark Warrior drags Big D to his feet and leads him through an exit into the hallway, where he Irish Whips the Champion into a wall. As soon as D hits the ground, Graves brings him back up and gets him into Death Valley Driver position.

VINNIE LANE: He could be looking to end it right here with a Grave Digger on the unforgiving arena floor!

Before Graves can pull it off, however, Big D manages to slip behind him and deliver a German Suplex against the wall. He keeps his arms locked and delivers a second one on the floor, keeping it bridged for a pin.




VINNIE LANE: The fine people of Japan are finding out, first hand, just how tough Michael Graves is!

Big D puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head before helping Graves to his feet and whipping him down the hall into a trio of trash cans, sending garbage everywhere. D walks over, picks one up, and brings it down on Graves'll head, before attempting another cover.




Big D slaps the floor in frustration and makes his case to the ref, who assures him Graves kicked out. After a deep breath, D looks around, noticing a door with the nameplate 'ATTICUS WHITE' on it. He rubs his chin and smiles as the camera shows White at ringside, shaking his head and pleading for him to stay away.

VINNIE LANE: Hopefully Atticus remembered to lock the door to his office.

Big D tries to open it, jiggling the handle multiple times, but to no avail. Atticus laughs and holds his hands together with joy,

VINNIE LANE: Looks like he did!

The Internet Champion puts his hands on his hips and looks over at Graves. He snaps his finger, seemingly with some sort of idea, before heading over and brings the Dark Warrior to his feet. Big D wraps his arms around Michael Graves, with his back to the office, and delivers a Belly to Belly Suplex that flings him into the door. Unfortunately for both men, the door stays intact, and Graves lands awkwardly on his neck.

VINNIE LANE: Big D might've just killed Michael Graves!!!!

Big D shoves his opponent off him, annoyed they didn't bust through. He gets up and grabs Michael Graves by the back of his outfit and tosses him through the door, breaking it down as the fans go nuts.

VINNIE LANE: He got him through THAT time!

With Graves laid out on the broken door, Big D moseys on in and exams the well organized office. He takes a random book off a shelf and examines it for a moment, before chucking it at his opponent's head. D repeats this with an armful more, each one bigger and heavier than the last. After nailing Michael with the last one, the Internet Champion uses all his might to tip the bookshelf onto his opponent.

VINNIE LANE: Big D's showing no mercy here tonight; he REALLY wants that GM position, and he might have it right here!

Big D lifts the shelf up and slides it off of Graves, rolling him onto his back and laying across for a cover.





Michael Graves launches Big D back off him, sitting up with a second wind. D hurries back towards his opp, only to get pulled down so his head bangs against Atticus' desk. Graves takes a moment to recover, before getting up and bringing the Champion with him. He climbs up onto the Savage GM's desk, knocking off important papers and breaking his fancy lamp, bringing Big D with him. The Dark Warrior then picks D up and hits him with Sit-Out Powerbomb that doesn't break the desk, but potentially some bones. Graves keeps D's legs up and puts a hand on him for a pin attempt.




Big D kicks out so hard he tosses Graves off the desk and to the floor. As D slides off the desk onto his feet, his opponent gets charges at him and tackles them both into a nice vase, shattering it upon impact.

VINNIE LANE: That's Atticus' one-of-a-kind Italian vase!!! It was valued at $50,000 and they just broke it like a Crash Test Dummy!

Graves gets into full mount position and begins punching away at Big D's face. After what seems like a hundred shots, the Dark Warrior picks up a piece of the broken vase and uses it to slice open D's forehead, while he unsuccessfully tries to fight it. With a stream of blood pouring down from Big D's wound, Michael Graves tosses his tool aside and hooks a leg.





VINNIE LANE: Big D's proving himself to be a fighting Champion! He's not gonna let a little blood slow him down!"

Michael Graves Gorilla Presses Big D above his head and tosses him towards the exit. D lands on Atticus' broken door, and bounces into the hallway, where he attempts to crawl away from his opponent. At ringside, Atticus White breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing Graves follow Big D out of his office.

VINNIE LANE: Not like there was much left for them to break at this point.

Big D crawls over to catering and uses a tablecloth to pull himself to his feet. As soon as he does, Michael Graves attempts a Roundhouse Kick only for D to duck under it and sneak behind the Dark Warrior. The Champion positions himself and the challenger with their backs to the catering table before thrusting his hips and sending his opponent through it with a German Suplex, knocking a variety of food and drinks all over Graves and himself. A bloodied and battered Big D hooks a leg, attempting to end it.




NO!!!!! KICKOUT!!!!!!!

VINNIE LANE: Michael Graves has been sent through a door and TWO tables, but refuses to give up!

Big D rolls off of Graves and gets to his knees, where he takes a moment to wipe the blood from his eyes and shake his head at the tenacity of his opponent.

VINNIE LANE: It looks like Big D's running out of ideas!

The Internet Champion slowly rises to his feet, bringing the challenger with him. Big D walks Graves down the hallway a bit, finally stopping at the gorilla position where Steve Sayors, Smokin' Bob, and a few others switch from watching the monitors to the live action happening in front of them.

VINNIE LANE: I'd say it's the best seat in the house, but given what these two men have done so far, we could very well see some more collateral damage!!!

Smokin' Bob enjoys his cigar as he encourages both men to steal the show, while Steve Sayors cowers behind the monitors. Big D cracks the Dark Warrior's skull with a hard right, only to get struck with a retaliation shot. D swings again, but Graves weaves back and connects with the Roundhouse Kick he attempted moments before. The Champion drops to a knee, where he gets hit with a Shining Wizard and covered by his opponent.




VINNIE LANE: ANOTHER KICKOUT!!!!! At this rate, the cable company's gonna cut our feed before anyone else gets a chance to wrestle!

An angry Michael Graves abruptly gets up and shoves his way past management, grabbing one of their monitors and yanking it from the wall. Steve Sayors hides under the table as the Dark Warrior ignores him and heads back over to Big D. On pure adrenaline alone, the Internet Champion pops to his feet and delivers a surprise Belly to Belly Suplex to Graves, sending the monitor smashing against a wall as the fans cheer on with excitement.

VINNIE LANE: That might've been it for Big D, he isn't moving and neither is Graves!

Both men lay on the hard concrete floor for a good minute before either of them, Big D, starts to stir. Michael Graves follows close behind, crawling towards the broken monitor as his opponent heads for Smokin' Bob. Using Bob's weight to his advantage, Big D pulls on his suit and manages to yank himself to his feet as the Warfare GM stands still in horror. As this happens, Graves gets to a knee and grabs the monitor, hurling it in D's direction. Like some sort of ninja, the Internet Champion manages to shove Smokin' Bob out of the way while, at the same time, using his free hand to snatch his cigar out of his mouth. As the monitor smashes even more against the opposite wall, Big D does a forward roll and jumps to his feet, where he presses Bob's lit cigar against Graves' forehead, sending shrieks all the way down the hall.

VINNIE LANE: Big D's gonna burn a hole through Michael Graves' head!

The Dark Warrior claws at his opponent, franticly trying to get him to stop, to no avail. Once Graves gets dangerously close to D's eye, he wisely lets go, letting the challenger drop to the concrete. A smug Big D walks back over to Smokin' Bob and puts the cigar back in his mouth. Bob looks disgusted at first, but upon realizing it tastes exactly as it had before, he casually smokes it as D heads back over to Graves and forces him to stand. Big D leads Graves past the Warfare GM through the curtain.

VINNIE LANE: Looks like they're heading back out here!

A camera stationed in the aisle sees them and the ref head out onto the stage, where Big D slams Graves' burned face against the back of the stage; as Atticus White, nervously, continues to look on from ringside. The Internet Champion tries to smash the Dark Warrior's face again, but he blocks it and retaliates by smashing D's face, instead. Big D backs up after the shot, but turns around into a vicious Clothesline that bounces the back of his head off the metal ramp. Graves falls over onto D from exhaustion, technically covering him.




VINNIE LANE: I cannot believe that Michael Graves is, not only staying alive in this match, but actually putting up a FIGHT!!!! This guy is impervious to pain!

The Dark Warrior stumbles to his feet, motioning for his opponent to do the same, calling him a "PUSSY!!! in the process. After much struggle, Big D gets to a knee, where Michael Graves attempts a Superkick, only to be ducked by D. With Graves' back to the Internet Champion, Big D takes advantage, hoisting him up in Dan Slam position. The fans get to their feet as D takes a few steps to the left and delivers his Finisher SO HARD, it puts Graves through the stage. The referee looks down into the hole and sees Big D has an arm draped over his opponent.





VINNIE LANE: Michael Graves is inhuman!!!! He shook hands with the Grim Reaper and took him for all he's got!

Atticus White looks absolutely stunned that his pick is STILL going, much like the rest of the Japanese crowd. Big D slowly crawls out, barely able to make his way back up. He then bends down and yanks Graves out, too, but he collapses as soon as D sets him on his feet, frustrating the Champion.

BIG D: No you don't ya bastard!

Big D hunches down to Graves' level and wraps his arms around his waist, attempting to pick him up for another Dan Slam, but failing.

VINNIE LANE: Both these men have given it their all and shown exactly why Anarchy is the number one show, regardless of what the ratings say!

After about three attempts, Big D finally gets enough power and momentum to lift Michael Graves back onto his shoulders when all of a sudden...

VINNIE LANE: It's MeFisto!!! Apparently he takes Yen as a form of payment!!!

As the fans cheer MeFisto's arrival, Big D tosses Graves' limp body aside and turns towards the curtain in anticipation. Eventually, it becomes clear that Japan wasn't rich enough for MeFisto, as not even the hard part draws him out from the back.

VINNIE LANE: MeFisto must've bribed the sound guy with a Powerade to play his music!!!

Big D yells into the abyss before turning around and getting lifted onto a recovered Michael Graves' shoulders and driven into the ramp with a Grave Digger to a chorus of boos. The Dark Warrior laughs, laying over his opponent's body for a cover.

VINNIE LANE: MeFisto just cost Big D the Internet Championship!!! He just cost him Savage General Manager!!!!





VINNIE LANE: Big D won't die!!!! Atticus White is absolutely losing his mind at ringside!!!!!

Michael Graves stands up and pulls Big D with him, looking off the stage at the electrical wires below.

VINNIE LANE: Is he really gonna do this?!?!? Does Graves seriously expect to survive this?!?!?? I feel like that's pushing it, even for them.

The Dark Warrior puts Big D's head between his legs and signals for the Grave Consequences. As he goes to lift D into position, however, the Champion manages to slip out of it and hoists Graves onto his shoulders. Big D takes a deep breath before charging off the edge of the ramp and Dan Slamming Michael Graves into the electrical wiring of the arena. As they both collide with it, sparks begin flying everywhere and the sound of running electricity can be heard throughout the building. The referee. looks down and sees Big D has a lone arm resting over his opponent, causing him to jump down to a safe point and count.





VINNIE LANE: Big D did it! He retained his Title AND is now the new co-GM of Savage!!!!............. as long as he's not dead, of course.

Medical staff immediately rushes out and checks on the competitors, confirming both men are indeed alive. After a bit if recovery, Big D begins to move, refusing service as he barely makes it to his feet. He gingerly hobbles his way over to the aisle and towards ringside, where Atticus White is furious. D ignores him, however, choosing to go grab his Championship(which he drapes over his shoulder) and a mic.

BIG D: That......... was a.......... helluva match..........

The fans cheer in agreement as Big D huffs and puffs in an attempt to catch his breath.

BIG D: I gotta give Graves credit............ I didn't expect him to put up a fight after those photos came into the picture. Not many men would stand up for their principles and refuse to sellout, even with the risk of prison being a potential consequence..............

VINNIE LANE: Is Big D implying he sent Graves the envelope?

BIG D: I'd congratulate Graves on the loss, but unfortunately for him I have an image to uphold and that image doesn't include any Chester's in it!!!! So, Michael Graves, with my first act as new General Manager of Savage Saturday Night...................not only are you fired you're also going away for a LONG time!!!

A squad of Japanese police walk out onto the stage and climb down to where Graves is still recovering. The medics insist he needs medical attention, forcing the cops to back off, to Big D's chagrin.

BIG D: No, no, fuck that, arrest him NOW! Take him to the back and choppee choppee his peepee or something! He can get treated at the prison with all the other criminals!!!!

Big D makes a waving gesture, as the fans voice their approval. The police cuff Michael Graves and begin to take him away as he declares Big D a "PUSSY!" over and over again until he's out of sight.

BIG D: I want EVERYONE in the back to take notice, from the curtain jerkers to the Universal Champion............. Big D's NOT fucking around! I said I'm gonna improve this company and I just proved it by kicking that piece of trash to the curb.......... something that should've been done years ago! No problem, though............. that's why I'm here.

Big D takes a deep breath before continuing.

BIG D: I'm gonna show the suits how to suit, and the wrestlers how to wrestle. You know those fat football coaches who eat donuts while the rest of the team conditions? I ain't gonna be one of them coaches! I'll be right there on the frontlines, defending my Internet Championship and raising the ratings from inside AND out of the ring!!!! And that ain't no story, it's the Cold, Big D Truth!!!!!

Big D tosses the mic into the audience as "X-Men Theme" by Powerglove begins to play. He completely ignores Atticus(who's practically crying at the thought of working with Big D) as he exits the ring and makes his way up the aisle. At the top of the ramp, he holds up his Championship one last time, before noticing the damage him and Graves caused. D motions for a cameraman to come closer, where be makes one more demand as GM.

BIG D: Get someone out here to fix this shit!

Big D laughs, before walking through the curtain and out of sight.

We cut backstage. It’s the locker room that (for the moment) belongs to The Wizard. Seated on a bench, head down, he combs his fake beard. Mof paces, anxiously. Father Thyme is admiring a giant chunk of thyme while carrying his trusty Bible. Fanny keeps refreshing the sign ups for Saturday Savage – she’s got some OCD going on.

EDWARD MOF: Just stay calm. You got this.

The Wizard looks at his beard. It needs a few more strokes with the comb.

EDWARD MOF: Nothing to be nervous about. Just do your thing. Show up, execute, and you’ll win.

The Wizard’s beard is finally combed out. He applies it to his face and stands, stretching out.

EDWARD MOF: I mean, I know it’s the biggest match of your career but there’s no need to feel any pressure. You know? Stay calm. Stay calm.

The Wizard pats Mof on the back.

THE WIZARD: I think you’re the one that needs something to calm your nerves, Ed. I’m good.

Dropping to the ground, The Wizard performs some push ups. Mof turns his focus to Fanny.

EDWARD MOF: How’s the fan club looking? We getting much support out there? I haven’t heard any notifications.

Fanny heads over to Twitter.

FANNY: Nothing yet. Twitter must be down.

Fanny’s reasoning doesn’t at all align with the fact her phone pulled up. But, whatever. Mof hurries over, whispering in Fanny’s ear.

EDWARD MOF: Why don’t we have any support. It’s his big night! C’mon, Fanny...make stuff happen!

Fanny’s eyes widen as if to say, “Geez, calm down.” She goes to work. A few seconds later, her phone pings.

FANNY: Oh, look! Support is coming in!

EDWARD MOF: Let me see that!

Mof swipes Fanny’s phone.

EDWARD MOF: Hot dog! Alice Knight and Adi Gold both wish you luck, man! Look at that, the ladies are flocking. I’ll see if they want to meet up with you.

The Wizard finishes his push ups, returning to both knees.

THE WIZARD: Please don’t...that’s so creepy.

EDWARD MOF: Okay, fine. Maybe just a tweet at them saying that you’re always watching.

Everyone in the room: NO

EDWARD MOF: Alright, geez. You’d think you guys were the dating coach. Anyway, you’ve got support!

Rising, The Wizard continues to loosen up. The match is nearing.

EDWARD MOF: Father and Fanny...come in here. We’re gonna need you guys out there with us to stop any interference from Mastermind’s Misfits.

FANNY: Ringside? At a PPV?

She can barely contain her excitement.

FATHER THYME: I’m reminded of a passage from Leviticus that states -

EDWARD MOF: FATHER...I know it’s Sunday, but we need to stay focused on The Wizard defeating Mastermind.

There’s a knock at the door. The head belonging to an XWF employee pokes in.

XWF EMPLOYEE: Wizard? It’s time.

Silence. The Wizard nods and takes in a deep breath.

EDWARD MOF: You got this. You got this. Just remember, you got this.

The Wizard nods.

EDWARD MOF: Everybody...bring it in!

The four strange allied individuals throw their hands together.

EDWARD MOF: Alright, on the count of three….

Mof pauses.

EDWARD MOF: Wait, do we have a name?

THE WIZARD: Not yet, but I’ll think of something.

He turns, facing the camera.

THE WIZARD: Which will be revealed LIVE on Saturday Night Savage.

That one was for you, Warstein. Mof nods.

EDWARD MOF: Sounds good.

It gets awkward. They pull their hands back.

THE WIZARD: Let’s do this.

The Wizard marches forward. Fanny and Father Thyme look at Mof.

EDWARD MOF: Hey, not the best or coolest line...kinda cringey, but he’s working on it. C’mon, let’s back him up...he needs us.

The trio follow the Wizard as he heads off, preparing for the greatest challenge of his life.

Arena goes dark. Silence. Fans are curious. POOF. Big puff of smoke. The WIZARD is in the ring...Guile's Theme hits.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring.

PC: Here we go, outside of the probably the titles, and the Leap of Faith rafter match, this match promises to be an epic showdown. I can't wait for this to start!

HHL: The Wizard has Mof, Fanny and Father Thyme out there on different sides of the ring making sure that if the Misfits, if they indeed show up, can’t ruin the match.

PC: Do you believe they will show up?

HHL: With these two involved, I don't believe anything they tell us anymore, it's all smoke screens.


The Wizard
- vs -

I Quit Match




And right from the start both The Wizard and Mastermind are not hesitant towards each other at all! They both confidently walk towards each other. Mastermind starts talking smack, the Wizard stands there taking it all in. And when Mastermind stops, The Wizard starts his own smack talk. Suddenly the Wizard lashes out at Mastermind and hits him with a right hook. Mastermind stumbles backward. The Wizard follows up with a SHOULDER TACKLE. This sends Mastermind stumbling back into the ropes, rebounding off of the ropes, and comes back and The Wizard hits him with a BIG BOOT to the face.

Mastermind hits the canvas hard.

HHL: Wow what a start from the Wizard, he is on a roll early.

The Wizard drops down on Mastermind and starts pounding away with lefts and rights.

PC: It's as if The Wizard wants to get this match over with early.

Mastermind is trying to block but the quickness of the Wizard is doing more harm than good, and the Wizard seems angry. He starts using his elbows, and they are just as effective. The forcefulness of the elbows are too much and it seems Mastermind stops defending himself, and it's like he is losing consciousness.

The Wizard noticing this slows down, and asks the referee for a microphone. The referee runs to grab a microphone, and from his robe, The Wizard grabs what looks like a stun gun.

PC: Is that a stun gun? Surely not.

But just as The Wizard is preparing to use it, the referee returns with the microphone. The Wizard slips the stun gun back underneath his robe, and grabs the microphone and places it at Mastermind's mouth.

THE WIZARD: Say the words I want to fucking hear. Say it. Say 'I QUIT'.

The crowd falls silent, trying to listen in.

MASTERMIND: I....................don't quit.

The Wizard throws the microphone back at the Referee, and grabs Mastermind by the head and tries to throw the back of his head down onto the canvas in anger, but somehow using whatever strength he can muster, Mastermind brings his right leg up, hooks the Wizard, and does what the kids used to call an INDIAN LEG WRESTLING MOVE. The Wizard goes flying off of Mastermind backward.

Mastermind summons more strengths and roles towards the nearest ropes and slides out to the floor below.

HHL: He must have played Indian Leg Wrestling with his friends when he was a kid, that's a kid's game.

Mastermind looks all bloodied as he tries to compose himself in the heap that is in on the floor. Meanwhile, The Wizard runs towards the ropes and starts swearing at Mastermind on the floor. The referee pulls him back so he can give Mastermind time to recover.

The referee has his back to the ropes, and he doesn't see Fanny who is on that side of the ring, watching out for Misfits, walk up to Mastermind, bend over, looks at Mastermind in his bloodied face, smiles, and then slaps him, and walks away acting all innocent.

PC: That's not good. Where are the Misfits to stop this?

HHL: They were told not to be here, keep up with the times' Pip.

The Wizard holds back, letting the Referee know he will give Mastermind all the room he wants. The referee turns and heads over to the ropes, and tells Mastermind he needs to get back into the ring. Meanwhile The Wizard is seen talking to Mof and Father Thyme.

Mastermind finally gets back to his feet, much to appreciate of his fans that have turned up in droves to watch this match. He looks around the outside of the ring to see where Mof, Father Thyme and Fanny are. He looks inside the ring to see how far the Wizard is. The Wizard is on the other side of the ring, leaning on the ropes waiting for him to get back inside.

Mastermind finds the strength to climb back into the ring. The Wizard takes a step towards him, and starts running. Mastermind holds his ground. The Wizard slows to a halt. He starts clapping at Mastermind, but his smile disappears when Mastermind lunges at him and hits him with a shoulder. The Wizard stumbles backwards, regains his footing, now mad, steps towards Mastermind.


From out of nowhere, and that's usually when it happens, Mastermind hits The Wizard with an RKO-Stunner, and they both get down. The Wizard is winded, but Mastermind is no one top of him hitting him with lefts and rights. These punches are getting through because the Wizard was clearly caught off guard.

HHL: Wow where did that come from. Mastermind doesn't use that very often. Very clever though.

PC: He had no choice but to though.

The Wizard now is the one looking dazed from all of these punches, and Mastermind calls for the microphone from the referee. The referee grabs it from where he placed it last, and gives it to Mastermind.

MASTERMIND: Now Motherfucker. Say 'I Quit'

THE WIZARD: Get fucked loser.

Mastermind is incensed by those comments. He throws the microphone back at the referee, stands up, pulls the Wizard up by his hood, and places him in the DDT position, within seconds, and connects with the DDT.

He gets back to his feet, and pulls a lucid looking Wizard back to his feet, puts him in a head lock and runs.


He connects with it. Mastermind stands back up and yells at the referee for the microphone again.

HHL: Mastermind is mad, and he is clearly running on instinct, and what little else he energy he can muster up.

The referee gives Mastermind back the microphone, and he uses it to hit the Wizard on the head.
MASTERMIND: Now MOFO, tell me that you quit, say it 'I QUIT'.

Mastermind thrusts the microphone back into Wizard's face.

THE WIZARD: I............. I............. Say...... Get fucked loser.

Even though his face is all bloodied, everyone can see he is going further red with anger and contempt. Mastermind stands up and yells which is very unlike him. He heads towards the ropes, and goes to rebound off of them, when all of a sudden he trips on something, and goes crashing to the canvas, face first.

PC: What the hell happened.

The staff used by the Wizard is in the ring, just outside the ring is Father Thyme acting nonchalant. He clearly was the one that put the staff inside the ring at the exact time Mastermind used the ropes to rebound off, and it was enough to trip him up.

This gives the Wizard enough time to recover, and he quickly did what Mastermind did before, and roll out of the ring, this time the other way. He drops down to the floor. Mof and Father Thyme are at his side within seconds. They whisper something in his ear.

PC: I'll say this again. The Misfits should be here. Even though these three hangers on of the Wizards are out here, they were only supposed to keep an eye out for the Misfits who are clearly not turning up. Mastermind has shot himself in the foot with that move.

HHL: It is what it is.

Mof and Father Thyme help to his feet. They all peer inside the ring, to see Masttermind clearly on his knees, more blood from a bleeding nose on his face, and clearly in trouble. The Wizard realizes this, and he jumps back into the ring. He starts stalking Mastermind ever so slowly. Mastermind is seen trying to get to his feet, but he keeps dropping back to his knees. Finally the Wizard runs and hits Mastermind with


The Wizard grabs Mastermind and pulls him back to his feet, where he is shaking and then hits him with:


What a chokeslam!

The Wizard looks down at the exhausted Mastermind, and starts laughing. He yells at the referee for the microphone and drops to his knees.

He yells at Mastermind.

THE WIZARD: This is it loser, you need to say it. I'm going to hurt you more and more until you say it loser.

The referee gives the Wizard the microphone.

PC: I swear Mastermind should have had the Misfits here.

HHL: I swear Pip, you need to get over this. He told them not to come, so they aren't here. Clearly respecting the poor judgement of their leader, which is now suffering big time. So, build a bridge and get over it. they aren't coming.

The Wizard throws the microphone at Mastermind's mouth.

THE WIZARD: Say I quit, loser, and lets end this match now. Say it. Say it.

MASTERMIND: Okay, okay. I'll say it. I........................ SAY...... IT.

The crowd could be heard laughing from outside of the ring. Clearly not in the laughing mood, The Wizard jumps on Mastermind and hits him with the microphone. Before grabbing it and putting it back in his face.

THE WIZARD: Fucking say I quit loser. Do it NOW!

MASTERMIND: No.... I can't do it, don't make me.

The Wizard gets back to his feet clearly in a state of rage now. He grabs Mastermind and pulls him to his feet, and HEADBUTTS him.

HHL: This is clearly hard to watch now.

Mastermind stumbles backward, The Wizard follows up with a couple of rights and lefts, before grabbing Mastermind and sending backward into the ropes, and he rebounds off of them and comes back:


PC: Wow what a move from The Wizard, using his finishing move Hocus Focus!

The Wizard is up on his feet, and back on top of Mastermind, he grabs the microphone.

THE WIZARD: Say it I quit, you loser, say it now!

But Mastermind looks out cold. The Wizard gets up and yells at Mof to get some water. From out of nowhere Mof slides a bucket of water under the ropes. The Wizard walks over to it, grabs it, and pours it all over Mastermind. He is seen coming to but only just.

The Wizard grabs the microphone and drops to his knees.

THE WIZARD: Say 'I Quit' you loser!

Mastermind can be seen looking up into the ceiling. At the rafters. Is he remembering his own Leap of Faith rafter match from the year before? What a difference a year makes. He seems to be nodding.

MASTERMIND: Okay... okay....... I......

Then all of a sudden a white towel floats down from the rafters, it lands beside the referee, who takes one look at it, and grabs it.

PC: Is that what I think it is? A white towel... that signifies that ones corner is ending the match pretty much saying it's over.

HHL: But Mastermind doesn't have a corner, they aren't here, hang on, who's that at the corner of the ring?..... That's....

The referee turns around to see Antony The Jerk, and he tells him the White Towel was for Mastermind. The Wizard watches speechless as the referee walks over to the Wizard and asks for the microphone. The Wizard gives it to him but doesn't know what's going on.

The referee walks to the center of the ring.

REFEREE: As a result of Mastermind's corner throwing in the towel, this match is awarded to The Wizard by stoppage.


PC: Wow I didn't see that coming.

The Wizard just realized what happens, grabs the microphone from the referee, and jumps back on to Mastermind.

THE WIZARD: That's not fair I want to hear you say it, I want you to say 'I Quit' say it now, you loser!

Suddenly all hell breaks loose, when from out of the crowd comes Melanie ';Crayzee' Childs and Scarlet The Hunteress Donaldson. They set upon both Fanny and Father Thyme.

PC: I see the Misfits are here, finally. This must have been their great plan all along.

The Wizard is irate is continuing to pound away on Mastermind, suddenly he is hit in the back of his head by a hammer, and Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, drops from the rafters. The Wizard falls off of Mastermind, and rolls to the ropes. He is grabbed by Mof. Mof is telling him that he won, but The Wizard doesn't see it that way. He wanted to hear it directly from Mastermind. Mof continues to pull The Wizard back to the ramp, and then wolf whistles. Both Father Thyme and Fanny break off their fight with Melanie and Scarlet, and head towards Mof, and the Wizard.

Antony is now in the ring, trying to help Mastermind to his feet. He is bloodied all over. Melanie and Scarlet hit the ring.

Mastermind takes a few steps back as he focuses in on all the Misfits being in the ring.

Antony walks to the center of the ring and holds out his fist. Kris joins him, as does Melanie and Scarlet. They are all fist numbing. They all look at Mastermind.

For a moment, Mastermind hesitates and then stumbles towards them. He looks at all four Misfits, and the fans go crazy as he fist bumps all 4 Misfits.

The cameras cut out to commercial.

”Introducing first, he is the Special Guest Referee!! Ladies and Gentleman give it up for THEO PRYCE!!

The words "Money Talks" flash on the X-Tron and then a video montage of Theo begins playing as the wrestler makes his way to the ring.

HHL: The wild card if there ever was one. Theo Pryce doesn’t have any friends involved in this upcoming match.

PC: He wields the ultimate power with how this one is going to end.

Theo reaches ringside where he climbs up on the ring apron before stepping through the ropes and into the squared circle as he’s dressed to referee. The music fades away.

”And now introducing the challengers… They represent CHAOTIC INC., they are the team of CHRIS CHAOS and PETER GILMOUR!”

The words [shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up while being joined by Peter Gilmour.

”And their opponents…”

Suddenly the power to sections of the stadium start to shut down until the entire stadium is engulfed in darkness.

HHL: Here we go.

[Image: american-flag-wind.jpg?quality=85&w=...amp;crop=1]

A spotlights hits the rafters of the Stadium where an Atomic Bomb is being lowered with both Chris Page and Robert Main standing on it as they wave small American Flags while displaying American Flag themed ring gear.


HHL: Would you stop! This is disgusting!

The Atomic Bomb lowers down over the ring before touching down in the ring itself. Page and Main hop down to the ring where the remove their respective tag strap from their waists. The Atomic Bomb starts to rise back up into the rafters of the stadium as both Page and Main have words with Theo before turning the tag titles over. Theo hoists the belts up in the air before passing them out to the ring announcer and then calls for the opening bell.


Robert Main & Chris Page
- vs -
Chris Chaos & Peter Gilmour

Standard Tag Match
w/ Theo Pryce as Guest Referee!




PC: We are officially underway with Cataclysm versus Chaos Inc. for the XWF Tag Team Championship.

Gilmour starts things off for Chaotic Inc. while Chris and Robert play a game of paper, rock, scissors to determine who starts and it’s Page who crushes Robert’s scissors with rock. Robert steps out to the ring apron. Chris looks over to see Peter who is already seething as Chris blows him a kiss! Gilmour charges towards Page to see Chris side step and Gilmour rush sternum first into the buckles that house Main. Page rushes forward delivering a step up enzugiri before tagging Robert into the mat. Page takes Gilmour up into a torture rack position before spinning his body towards Main as the drive him into the mat with a Sit Out Powerbomb/Reverse Neckbreaker combination! Main makes the cover.



Gilmour kicks out and as he does Main immediately starts choking him! Theo is right on the spot calling for the break before laying the count to Robert who breaks at 4. Robert cuts his eyes at Theo before getting to his feet where he reaches down picking Gilmour up off the mat. Main decks Peter with a strong right hand knocking Peter back into the ropes. Main comes forward where he’s gouged in the eyes by Peter who drives a boot to the knee of Main dropping the larger man to one knee! Gilmour bounces off the ropes delivering a V-Trigger to Main! Pete executes a cover hooking the near leg.



Main kicks out. Gilmour cuts his eyes at Theo complaining of a slow count as he gets back to his feet. Gilmour picks Main up off the mat before driving him back into the corner that houses Chaos. Chaos makes the tag to the back of Gilmour as he pins Main against the corner. Chaos enters the ring and starts unloading with right hands to Main’s head as Theo lays the count to Gilmour who exits at the four count. Chaos brings Main out from the corner and delivers a short arm clothesline taking Main to the mat. Chaos stomps away at The Omega.

HHL: I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but Peter Gilmour is getting the upper hand on Chris Page.

Gilmour gets to his feet where he reaches down picking Page up off the mat only to have Page counter the pickup attempt with a jaw breaker! Page springs out towards Gilmour delivering a Code Breaker! Page works his way back to his feet where he tags Robert back into the match before making his way back to Gilmore as Page delivers an inverted Atomic Drop holding Gilmour up as Main bounces off the ropes driving a Claymore into the face of Gilmour knocking him down to the mat. Main executes a cover as Theo makes the count.




Gilmour escapes the near fall as Main steps back up to his feet before turning his attention towards the corner that houses Chaos and throws up a middle finger before he reaches down picking Gilmour up off the mat. Robert executes a back breaker before making his way to the ropes where he steps out to the ring apron. Main makes his way to the nearest set of buckles and starts to climb to the top rope. In the ring Gilmour is prone on the mat as Main sets sail delivering the Ice Pick Elbow drop! Main is quick to execute another cover as Theo drops down into position.



Chaos enters the ring pulling Main off the cover breaking the count. Theo admonishes Chaos who is back out to the ring apron. Main gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking Gilmour up off the mat as he takes him back into the corner that houses Page where a tag is made. Page steps into the ring as Robert positions Gilmour for a Powerbomb! He hoists him up in the air and delivers a Powerbomb/Backstabber combination by Cataclysm! Page gets back to his feet and spits at Chaos as Robert steps back out to the ring apron. Page starts to size up Gilmour as he waiting for Peter to roll over and start to pushing himself up off the mat and as he starts to reach his feet Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection that doubles Peter over for Page to hook up to deliver a Page Plant! Gilmour rolls out transitioning into a GILMOUR CUTTER!


Peter can’t make the immediate cover but eventually he’s able to make the cover on Chris Page.



Page kicks out! Gilmour is the first to his feet as he turns and makes the tag to Chaos. Chris Chaos steps through the ropes and as Page starts to get to his feet Chaos spring boards off the middle rope delivering a clothesline taking CCP back down to the mat. Chaos mounts Page and starts hammering away with right hands. Theo calls for the break before laying the count to Chaos! Chris Chaos breaks at the four count before starting to hammer down with right hands again!

HHL: Chaos is ignoring Theo!

Theo starts to count Chaos a second time and a second time he breaks at four before getting back to his feet where Theo gets in his face and admonishes him! Chaos simply smirks as he steps away from Theo with both hands up in the air. Chaos comes forward stomping away at Page before reaching down and picking him up off the mat where he drives him back into his corner with a shoulder block allowing Gilmour to tag his back. Gilmour enters the ring unloading with right hands as Chaos is back out to the ring apron. Theo lays the count to Gilmour who tags Chaos back in at the four count and now Chaos unloads with right hands forcing Theo to start his count over, and at the four count Gilmour tags back in and takes over with the assault on Chris Page! Theo lays the count and Chaos tags in at the four count and as he enters the ring he flips off Theo!

PC: Certainly no love loss and you talk about messing with Theo, we just saw it.

Chao brings Page out of the corner where he sets him up in position for a Pile Driver! Chaos holds Page upside down for several seconds allowing the blood to rush to his head before spiking him with a Spike Pile Driver in the mat! Chaos rolls Page over executing a cover while hooking a leg.



Page pops the left shoulder up off the mat before the final count of three! Chaos gets to his knees as he once again shifts attention to Theo but the count has been fair throughout the contest. Chris Chaos is back to his feet where he picks Page up off the mat and rocks him with a right hand before following up with a stiff knife edge chop across the chest which echoes throughout the Stadium. Chaos backs Page up into the ropes and hurls him across the ring, Page bounces off the near side as we see Chaos set for a back body drop only to have Page deliver a seamless FLIP PILEDRIVER!

HHL: HIGH TIMES from Chris Page to Chris Chaos!

Page can’t capitalize immediately but he doesn’t opt to cover, instead he starts to crawl across the ring towards his corner where Robert Main paces the ring apron as he rallies Page on! Chris Page makes to the corner where the tag is made! Main steps through the ropes and into ring while across the ring Peter Gilmour enters illegally and charges towards Main who ducks a Gilmour clothesline sending him bouncing off the ropes and into a scoop up by Main who runs towards a neutral corner delivering a Snake Eyes before clothesling Gilmour over the top rope and out to the floor!

PC: Robert Main has entered and completely taken control!

Main turns and blocks a right hand from Chaos before snatching him by the throat! Main hoists Chaos up in the air and drives him down into the mat with a Chokeslam! Robert drops down into the cover of Chaos.




Chaos pops the right shoulder off the mat! Robert gets back to his feet as he sizes Chaos up but is suddenly spun around and dropped with an illegal GILMOUR CUTTER! Theo restores order as he gets Gilmour out of the ring while we see Chaos crawl over making a cover on Main! Theo is forced to drop into position to make the count.




Main kicks out of the near fall!

HHL: Wasn’t good enough to stifle the Champions.

Chaos starts to push himself up and back to a vertical base. He picks Main up off the mat twisting his right arm and shoulder before pulling him back towards his corner where Gilmour tags into the match once again. He climbs to the top rope where he leaps off with a double axe handle to the twisted arm and shoulder of Main. Chaos steps back out to the ring apron as Gilmour sends Main bouncing off the ropes and into a Sleeper Hold! Gilmour actually jumps up on to the back of Main and wraps his legs around his waist as to make Robert carry all of his weight!

PC: I’m not sure how Chaos Inc. has hung this long with Cataclysm but I have to admit we’re seeing a really good Tag Title match unfold here at Leap of Faith.

Theo asks Robert is he wants to quit which Robert shakes off before he wraps his arms around the legs of Gilmour and falls backwards driving Peter in the mat and crashing down on top of him breaking the grasp and hold.

HHL: And think about this, both Page and Main have another match to competing in later on tonight. The more Chaos Inc. can take out of them now the less chance they’ve got to win their respective matches later.

Robert gets back to his feet where he reaches down and snatches Gilmour up by the hair before hooking him up and delivering a Fisherman’s Suplex! Main gets back to his feet where he follows up with an Omega Sault! Robert looks towards his corner where Page has his hand extended. Robert steps back to his feet where he walks over tagging Page into the match. Page climbs the turnbuckles and stands up on the top rope before setting sail and delivering a diving headbut To Gilmour! Page makes the cover.




Chaos illegally enters the ring and pulls Page off the cover saving the match for his team before being ushered back out to the ring apron by Theo. Page gets back to his feet where picks Gilmour up off the mat before taking him back into the corner that houses Main, Robert makes the tag and enters the ring as Page positions Gilmour in a reverse suplex, he hoist Gilmour up in the air and as Gilmour starts falling backwards Robert catches his feet and legs and shoulders them before they drop down to the mat collectively delivering a high impact Cutter to Gilmour.

PC: Main and Page are incredibly proficient in performing Tag Team wrestling moves.

Page makes his way to the ring apron as Main picks Gilmour up off the mat where he locks in a Full Nelson and delivers a Full Nelson Suplex with a Bridge pinning Gilmour’s shoulders to the mat.




Chaos breaks the pinfall again before escaping back out to the ring apron. Theo admonishes Chaos again who holds up both hands as Main gets back to his feet and cheap shots Chaos with a right hand knocking him off the ring apron and down to the floor! Theo looks down at Chaos with a smirk on his face as Main comes back over to Gilmour who delivers a low blow to Main! Gilmour rolls Main up with a school boy! Theo turns around seeing the pin attempt!




Main kicks we see Chaos climb back up on the ring apron as Gilmour rolls towards his corner making the tag to Chaos. Chris Chaos now climbs the buckles getting to the top turnbuckle and as Main starts working his way to his feet Chaos comes off the top rope with a SPEAR!

HHL: Chaos might have just cut Robert Main in half with that Spear from the top rope!

Chaos makes the cover hooking the nearest leg.




It’s Page who breaks the count before Theo makes the fatal three count! Theo admonishes Page but gets a middle finger from CCP as he exits the ring to the ring apron. Chaos works his way back to his feet where he reaches down picking Robert up off the mat before dropping him with a swinging neck breaker. Chaos stands back up where he backs up into a neutral corner where he calls for the Superkick!

PC: Chaos is sizing Main up for the Wrong Side of the Tracks!

HHL: Chaos could be moments away from finally vanquishing one of his most bitter rivals.

Robert starts pushing himself up off the mat and back to his feet and as he stands Chaos comes out from the corner looking to deliver the Wrong Side of the Tracks! Robert ducks out of the way at the final second before impact! Chaos spins back around where Main takes him up in the air setting him up for the Dead Man’s Hand! Gilmore makes the blind tag as Main drives Chaos down into the mat with the thunderous DEAD MAN’S HAND!

PC: Gilly is legal!

Main starts to get back to his feet when he’s met with a GILMOUR CUTTER outta nowhere! Gilmour pops back up to his feet where he SUPERKICKS Page off the ring apron sending him crashing into the security railing!

HHL: Dear God we’re about to crown new Tag Champions!

Gilmour quickly dives on top of Main with a front press hooking the near leg! Theo drops down into position.




Main kicks out! Gilmour can’t believe it as he reaches both knees.

PC: Robert Main has that intangible as he kicks out and keeps the match alive!

Gilmour starts to get back to his feet while out on the floor Page is shown climbing back up on the ring apron near his corner. Gilmour reaches down picking Main up off the mat where he hammers him with a hard right hand sending Main back into the ropes. Gilmour comes forward as Page makes the blind tag, Gilmour looks for an Irish Whip that’s reversed by Main and its Gilmour that’s sent bouncing off the ropes and into a SHATTER MACHINE from Cataclysm! Page rolls Gilmour over making the cover.





Robert and Page get back to their feet before demanding Theo raise their arms in the air. Theo, as the referee raises the arms of both Page and Robert before awarding them the XWF Tag Team Championship. Page and Main start mouthing off at Theo as they hoist the Tag Titles up over their heads. Theo removes himself from the situation by exiting the ring and making his way back up the ramp.

HHL: Cataclysm retains the Tag Tiles over Chaos Inc. and nobody can say Theo didn’t call it down the middle because that’s exactly what he’s done.

PC: Whatever Page and Main was saying to Theo he wasn’t having it as he’s left and headed back to the locker room.

Page and Main exit the ring and start to walk back up the ramp.

HHL: Cataclysm is 1-0, can they make it 2-0 later tonight when Robert Main tries his hand at becoming the Xtreme Champion.

Cataclysm walk back up the ramp leaving Chaos Inc. in the ring. The two defeated challengers stand in the ring after Cataclysm has begun to head back up the ramp. As Gilmour rises to his feet, the crowd begins to cheer loudly. Peter, dazed, gives a cocky grin while Chaos looks more skeptical, noticing the cheering come from a portion of the crowd located mainly behind them.

HHL: What's all the commotion for? I mean, with all due respect, Peter and Chris typically get a different reaction from the fans.

PC: Oh my God... they're turning to look. Somebody's coming in through the crowd!

As the audience begins to cheer louder, the figure running through the audience is none other than...

Ned Kaye!

He sprints towards the ring in casual clothes, leaping over the guardrail and past security. Chaos tries to get Gilmour's attention, but just as Peter turns around, Ned pelts the Chaotic Inc shirt at his head, blinding Gilmour temporarily! Chaos steps back, leaving his teammate defenseless as Ned jumps up on the apron, climbs to the top rope and hits a devastating hurricanrana on Gilmour! The stands are going absolutely crazy as Ned stares daggers through Chris!

HHL: Whatever happened on The Queen's Court has caused The Notorious One to set his sights on Chaos!

PC: Wait, Heather... Look! Someone else is coming out from the crowd!

As Kaye approaches Chaos, Chris turns his attention to the strange figure emerging from the crowd, clad in a full mask covering their face and an XWF hoodie. The Chaotic One grins smugly, visibly pleased with the turn of events.

PC: The masked man's carrying something!

The masked figure lifts themself up into the ring and holds a small box out to Ned, who's slightly confused, but certainly not shocked. Ned pushes it back into the hands of the masked figure and prepares to lunge towards Chaos! Before he makes it too far, the person in the hoodie clubs the back of Ned's head with the box, throwing him off balance. Ned tries to spin around, but is hit square on the chin with a right elbow from Chaos! The masked figure and Chaos begin to stomp on Kaye, a cavalcade of boos following. Gilmour picks himself up off the mat, ripping the t-shirt from his face and joins in stomping on Ned, a little more violently than the other two. Chaos ceases, waving for the other two to do the same, though Peter gets one more stomp in.

Chaos holds his hand out as the masked figure gives him the box. Chris undoes a small latch on it and dumps the contents over Ned's prone body.


The three slip out of the ring as Chaos smiles widely, soaking in every boo from the crowd, a crew of referees and security rushing past him.

HHL: Are those... ashes..? Is that supposed to be... That's sick. Absolutely disgusting.

PC: How low will these men go...? God... someone check on Ned for God's sake...

Ned gets up with help from a few refs, ashes still stuck to his hair, his head low. His fists are clenched, but he walks out with the XWF crew surrounding him without issue.



GUITAR! gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in gold colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers before hopping over the top rope into the ring. He makes his way to each corner, giving the Bret Hart "I love you" pose.. Once all four corner are done, he hops back to the outside and takes selfies with fans at ringside. Mostly kids, teens and 20 somethings.

Twenty midgets with sparkers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. The sparkers ignite as Thunder Knuckles walks past them. Once Thunder Knuckles is down to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and in one movement he pops up to his feet. With his back turned towards the camera, he raises his right fist in defiance. As soon as his fist goes up, counterfeit xbux with Thunder Knuckles's face on them fall onto the crowd.

PC: Thunder Knuckles goes for the record here. He is looking to break Mastermind's 129 day streak!

HHL: He can thank Hanari for that one.

PC: A masterful run for Knuckles here, but he is going to have his hands full if he is going to finish it off!

Knuckles and Duke circle each other as the strap hangs from a pole above the right hand turnbuckle.

PC: So this is a strap match that can also end with a pinfall......only for TK!

HHL: Tv champ certainly gave himself options!


[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thunder Knuckles
- vs -
Thaddeus Duke






The two lock up in the center of the ring, and the TV champ uses his size to get out to an early advantage. He shoves Duke away from him. The challenger gets up and attacks TK again, and again the bigger man throws him down. Duke again is back up. Knuckles ducks a clothesline, but Duke comes off the ropes on the other side with a flying forearm to take Knuckles off his feet. The TV champ doesn't stay down for long, however. Knuckles is up, and Duke shoves him into the corner and starts to fire off head and body shots. His punches don't seem super effective however, as Knuckles clubs Duke over the head, backing him out of the corner......He grabs Duke for a suplex, but the smaller man wiggles out, hitting a standing dropkick to the back and sending Knuckles against the ropes. Duke comes off the ropes on the other side and jumps, landing across the neck and torso of Knuckles, driving it into the top rope. The champ bounces off and lands on the middle of the matt, coughing.

PC: Nice move there form Duke, unorthodox.

HHL: He is a veteran, he's been around the block.

Duke comes off the ropes again and drops a knee across the chest of Knuckles. Coming off the ropes on the other side, he drops another knee across the chest.

PC: Love the style or hate it, Thaddeus is a tactition. He will go for the weak spots and exploit them. It's not usually the chest but in this case, he's picked his target.

Knuckles doesn't stay down long, however, and is powering himself back up. Duke comes off the ropes again but this time the TV champ catches him and plants him with scoop slam. Knuckles knows he has to stay of the offensive against Duke, so he picks him back up by the head and power slams him down again. Picking Duke back up he whips him off the ropes, and back he comes, hitting an Alabama slam. Duke arches up as he hits the mat, and Knuckles dusts off his hands.

Turning and looking at the strap, Knuckles grins. He points at it, taunting Duke. As he bends down to pick Duke up, Thad kicks him in the shin, then grabs TK's foot and trips him. He goes to lock in the figure 4, having the champ in perfect position. TK tries to fight out of it. He is kicking at Duke, but Duke is trying hard to get the figure four locked in. TK is able to kick away, connecting with the chest of Duke before rolling away. TK uses the ropes to pick himself back up. Duke flips to his feet. The two look up at the clock on the X-Tron. The crowd is into the match, but they want to see someone get strapped!


Both competitors are on their feet again. They lock up in the center of the ring. TK goes for a measure of strength, trying to bend Thaddeus down backwards. He is successful, to a point, until Thaddeus in a crazy rush of energy shoots up and begins to push TK back!




When he bends the TV champ almost all the way down, TK powers back again, snapping to a standing position, kneeing Thaddeus in the gut. He doubles the challenger over. When Thaddeus stands back up.


PC: Thunder Knuckles almost took Duke's head clean off his shoulders!

HHL: Whelp, that's it. Looks like we aren't gonna get to see a strap in this strap match. Fitting.

TK slides into the cover.






Knuckles, frustrated, picks Duke up off the mat. Chopping him twice, he whips Duke into the corner, but flips due to momentum, and lands upside down. Knuckles grins as Duke is in the perfect position for the tree of woe. But instead of the kicks and stomps he would normally do, he runs and baseball slides into the face of Duke. The challenger crumbles.

HHL: Oh my god.....

Knuckles drags him into the center of the ring.


TK covers.



Duke kicks out.

TK slaps the mat again.

But as Duke approaches the corner where the strap hangs, TK comes out of nowhere and clubs him from behind. Duke staggers face first into the corner.


Duke turns towards him and gets a shot to the face. He tries to step OVER Thaddeus in the corner and use his long arms to reach. He is standing on the middle rope. Thaddeus uses some strength, adrenaline and pure will, and carries TK out of the corner, to the middle of the ring.

HHL: Oh my god look at this!

He plants TK with a spinebuster!

The crowd goes nuts again, and Duke knows he is close to being out of time, with the clock approaching 5 minutes.

Duke goes to get the strap again and again out of nowhere, a determined TK is on him, this time grabbing him in a sleeper hold from behind.

PC: XBUX DREAM! It's locked in here! TK is going to make Duke pass out, THEN go get the strap. Smart strategy!

HHL: He's earning those X-Bux he complains about tonight!

Just then a laugh fills the arena, almost like a giggle. The sleeper still locked in, TK looks around. The lights flicker a bit.

The timer on the X-Tron flickers.

129, 129, 129, 129

What sounds like Thunder echos through the arena.

PC: Look at this, look ring side!

Melanie Childs and Hammer Von Bonn are at ring side. Von Bonn is on the apron, and the ref is distracted by him. Meanwhile, Childs is climbing the top rope.

PC: She's unhooking the strap! She's taking the strap down!

Vonn Bonn has the ref totally distracted by trying to clumb into the ring.

Knuckles lets go of Duke and walks over to The Hammer, the two exhange words, and TK goes to punch him off the apron.Vonn Bonn ducks, but TK's punch does graze the ref.

PC: Ref is down! Ref is down and Childs....she......she handed Duke the strap!!!!!!

HHL: Mastermind's Minions have struck here! They want to preserve his streak!

PC: The two are set to face each other on Savage, and boy do they have some motivation now!

TK is able to finally shove Von Bonn off the apron. Childs rolls out of the ring. TK turns around.


Duke hits him across the mid section. TK doubles over.






Duke is wearing Knuckles out with the leather strap.

The ref comes to. He sees Duke whacking Knuckles.

He calls for the bell.




PC: The ref see's TK being strapped here, but he didn't see how he got it!! This should be a DQ!!!!!!!'

Duke stops hitting TK as the announcement is made throughout the Tokyo Dome.


The crowd says "DUUUUKE" in unison with the PA as Duke drops to his knees in the ring. Holding the strap and panting, he winces a bit from the beating he took. TK is throwing a fit on the outside...

PC: So we have a new champ, but he has no belt.......Page still has it......

On the top of the ramp, Mastermind walks out. He points to the broken timer on the X-Tron which still says 129. He grins.

Tk charges up the ramp as MM and his minions disappear behind the curtain.

Thaddeus shifts his attention towards the top of the ramp as CHRIS PAGE emerges out to the top of the ramp as he is followed out by Robert Main. Both Page and Main have their Tag Title over their right shoulders while Chris has the XWF Television Championship slung over his left shoulder. Cataclysm stands at the top of the ramp as Chris has a microphone in hand.

CHRIS PAGE: Allow me welcome you back to XWF Pay-Per-View Mr. Duke.

Chris pauses for a brief second before he continues.

CHRIS PAGE: And while beating Thunder Knuckles isn’t an impressive task you beat him for something that didn’t belong to him, it belongs to me.

Chris lifts the Television Championship off his left shoulder and hoists it up in the air as he continues.

CHRIS PAGE: If this is something you want Mr. Duke, you can find me on Savage… I’ll be the guy standing over your body holding up this very Championship.

Chris lowers the Television Championship as he drops the microphone before he and Robert walk back through the curtain.

Danza Kuduro hits and Hanari spins and dances his way out to the ramp in traditional latin Bachata style. He is carrying the flag of the Dominican Republic on a flag pole over his shoulder. He swings his hips and points at the ladies in the front row, winking and making the gun symbol with his thumb and index finger of his free hand. He spins again and walks his way down to the ring with a cocky head swing and a million dollar smile. Climbing the ring steps he gets into the ring, getting on the top rope and waving the flag a few times before jumping down and preparing for the match.

Shaman’s harvest begins blaring throughout the arena. Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring.

As soon Eazy E voice comes on the X-Tron, the rooms goes dark. Then as soon the some comes on, the lights come back on and we see W82 walking down to the stage, and raises a fist. Then he walks down to the ramp and gives people some dap as he walk down. He then slides into the ring, and leans on the corner as his theme cuts off.


Hanari Carnes
- vs -
Robert Main
- vs -

Ladder Match




The three men stand in their respective corners as the bell rings, surveying their opponents and looking to the ladders around the outside of the ring. Almost in unison the three men turn their attention to the air, watching the XWF Xtreme title as it sways back and forth about fifteen feet over the canvas. Robert Main moves first, walking slowly to the centre of the mat and looking straight up, trying to gauge just how high the championship is.

HHL: Watch out, Main!

PC: Like a lightning bolt, Hanari Carnes charges across the ring and spears Robert Main in the midsection!

Carnes drives a surprised Main back into the corner as Main pummels him with powerful rights and lefts. Wrestler82 doesn’t flinch, and watches the two men brawl in the corner for a moment before charging towards them and hurling his body like a cannonball at his two challengers! Wrestler82 takes out Main and Carnes, and all three men are sprawled out on the canvas! Wrestler82 rolls to his feet first and jumps through the ropes and begins to climb the ringpost, he’s looking to take to the air!

Carnes is on his feet and grabs the top rope, shaking it wildly until Wrestler82 loses his balance and topples down to the floor! Wrestler82 lands awkwardly and with a sickening thud but Carnes has no time to follow up… Robert Main is on his feet, and grabs Carnes around the waist before hurling him with a German suplex! Carnes tries to pop up quickly but Main is waiting for him and sends him flipping backwards with a powerful clothesline! Robert Main pounces atop Hanari and begins to hammer him with elbows!

HHL: Hanari is busted open!

PC: My God! Those elbows opened a nasty cut on Hanaris forehead! He’s a-leakin’!

Main stands up and stares down at his handiwork for a moment, practically grinning at the bloodied Hanari Carnes. After a minute Main refocuses, and looks at the belt still swinging above the canvas. He drops to the mat and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the floor, ready to grab a ladder and make his move… but Wrestler82 is up and charges, leaping off the steel ring steps and nailing Robert with a corkscrew elbow! Main collapses to his knees… and Wrestler82 DDT’s him directly onto the floor!

Robert Main could be out cold here!

Wrestler82 boots Main in the ribs a few times for good measure, then grabs a nearby ladder and shoves it underneath the ring ropes and onto the canvas. Wrestler82 makes his way up the ring steps to the apron, and then climbs the ring post to the top rope for a second time!

HHL: If at first, you don’t succeed...

PC: Then you’re probably like 99% of the population.

Wrestler82 looks at Hanari Carnes and measures the distance carefully before taking off and leaping through the air!

Hanari rolls out of the way!

Wrestler82 misses with his flying legdrop, and the Xtreme champion grabs at his lower back as he rolls around the mat in agony! Good God that looked like it hurt! Wrestler82 tries to stand up and defend himself, but Hanari drills him with an enziguri!

Hanari might have just concussed the Xtreme champion!

Hanari stands slowly, lifting a hand to his face to cover the cut Robert Main opened up, but it’s flowing too much to slow and all he does is smear the blood around his forehead like warpaint. He looks at Wrestler82 and knows he’ll be out of commission for a minute, then he looks to the swinging Xtreme title and the ladder on the mat at his feet.

This is Hanari’s opportunity to regain his belt!

As the blood continues to drip down his face Hanari turns to Robert Main on the outside of the ring.

HHL: I think Hanari is looking for some revenge, here.

PC: No! Focus on the title you goddamn imbecile!

Robert begins to stir, and Hanaris mind is made up! He charges off the far ring ropes and then hurls himself over the top with a suicide dive! He hits Main square and both men crash back into the fan barricade to the delight of the crowd!




Wrestler82 realizes he’s alone in the ring, and tries to get his body to move. At an agonizingly slow pace he crawls across the canvas to the ring ropes and pulls himself up to his feet, looking down at Hanari and Main who both writhe in pain on the floor!

Wrestler82 knows he needs to hurry, and with a sudden burst of adrenaline fights through the pain and makes his way over to the ladder, standing it up and unfolding it before checking the supports to make sure the whole thing is stable.

HHL: He’ll never reach the title! He’s way off center!

PC: In more ways than one, Heather. In more ways than one.

Wrestler82 begins to drag the ladder to the centre of the canvas, looking up at his Xtreme title and trying to get the angle right.

Hanari Carnes is up!

Hanari slides into the ring and pops up behind Wrestler82! Dropkick! He dropkicks Wrestler82 in the spine and sends him flying across the ring!

Robert Main is up! He grabs a second ladder and manages to hurl it like a javelin, over the top rope and into the ring, and barely misses Hanari Carnes! Hanari looks down at the second ladder in surprise and realizes Main is coming! Main is in the ring in a flash and charging Carnes but Hanari counters with a jumping knee and drills Main in the midsection! Hanari throws the former Universal Champion in a front facelock, walking him over to the corner and bouncing his head off the turnbuckle!

Wrestler82 sees Hanari and Main tied up and he rushes the ladder!

He’s halfway up!

He reaches the top!

Main and Carnes both realize that this match could be over here, and let go of each other. They rush to opposite sides of the ladder and begin to push it over!

HHL: Wrestler82 abandons ship!

PC: Frog splash from the top of the tipping ladder!

Wrestler82 takes out Robert Main! Wrestler82 knew he was going for a ride and he used the former Universal Champion to break his fall! Hanari tries to quickly stand the ladder up and climb it himself, but Wrestler82 grabs hold of his ankle and keeps him anchored on the ground! Carnes fights to pull free, but Wrestler82 wont let him go!

Main pushes himself up to his hands and knees!

Carnes needs to hurry and get up this ladder if he’s going!

Main is on his feet!

Carnes finally tugs his boot free from Wrestler82 and begins to scramble up the ladder, but Main charges off the ropes and hits the ladder with a running shoulder block! Hanari falls back to the canvas with the shock of the impact, and Robert Main grabs him by the back of the neck and hurls him wildly into the corner! Hanari turns around but Robert is chasing after him and hits a heavy clothesline, flipping Hanari backwards to the floor!

HHL: Turn around, Robert!

PC: Wrestler82 is nearly at the belt!

With Main distracted, Wrestler82 has once more scaled the ladder!

He’s at the top!

The Xtreme title is in his grasp!

Robert Main sprints to the ladder and takes the rungs two at a time, but Wrestler82 is undoing the clasp!




HHL: Oh my GOD!

PC: Robert Main hits Wrestler82 with the Dead Mans Hand from the top of the ladder! That must have been a twelve foot drop!




The crowd explodes as Robert Main lays on the mat, looking up at the Xtreme title dangling by a thread above him. It looks like Wrestler82 nearly had the belt undone, and now the next person to so much breathe on it will probably get it down!

Slowly, Main rolls over and from his hands and knees begins to climb the ladder!

He’s halfway!

Hanari is on his feet outside the ring! NO! He’s going to stop Robert Main!

Main reaches the top of the ladder!

Hanari is on the ring apron, he’s going to try and springboard off the top rope to the ladder…



HHL: He’s got it!

PC: Main retrieves the title!


Robert Main poses atop the ladder, holding the Xtreme championship high over his head as Wrestler82 and Hanari Carnes exit the ring with their heads hanging. The crowd cheers the former Universal champion loudly as he makes his way down from the ladder and wraps the belt around his waist.

Robert Main makes his way to each of the four turnbuckles, posing for the crowd, and we slowly fade out.

We come back from commercial for the Xshop to a shot of the main stage. A solitary spotlight illuminates an image of the XWF Hall Of Legends banner which is hanging to the left of an official XWF podium and just a short moment later James Raven appears at the podium.

Raven steps to the microphone to the delight of the crowd.

JAMES RAVEN: Last month we induced Doctor D'Ville who along with The Kings hold the record for the longest tag team reign in XWF history however the person we are inducting tonight makes of one half of the longest two man tag team reign the XWF has ever seen. Few teams have tried to surpass it but so far no one has. Tonight the XWF is proud to induct it's newest member of the XWF Hall of Legends...

JAMES RAVEN: And here to induct him is none other than Sebastian Duke's half brother and my opponent for later tonight....THEO PRYCE!!!

THEO PRYCE: I am. Back to induct someone else into the XWF Hall of Legends. And I suppose it's only fitting that after inducting some friends I now get to induct family. Sebastian Duke. My half brother. We are quiet literally brothers from different mothers. Something that neither of us were aware of when I came to the XWF in September of 2013. Long after Sebastian had established himself as one of the premier forces in professional wrestling. A former Universal Champion, Xtreme Champion, TV Champion, United States Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Two Time Trios Champion and to date part of the longest reigning tag team champions of all time. To say Sebastian Duke has done it is not only factually correct and also a grossly simplistic summation of just how incredible Sebastian Duke's career was in the XWF.

Many years ago when the XWF was very literally fractured by the actions of Eli James and drawn into a war that would pit Team Eli vs Team Theo against each other at XWF War Games there were two people who sided with my instantly in my quest to get rid of Eli and repair the XWF. John Samuels and Sebastian Duke. And this was before Sebastian and I even knew of our shared lineage. It was almost as if the two of us were drawn together by some kind of cosmic force to always have each other's backs. And when War Games finally occurred it was Sebastian Duke choking out Ambrose Helios to capture the victory for our team. Yet one more accolade for Sebastian to add to his already impressive resume.

So with all of that greatness it should not come as a surprise to anyone that my brother was able to produce an heir that in many ways has the same wrestling chops to equal that of his father. And I am sure that there will come a time when Thaddeus comes back to the XWF to further cement the Duke Dynasty as the true first family of the XWF. And so it is with that that I close my induction by formerly welcoming my brother Sebastian Duke into the pantheon of greatness that is the Hall of Legends.

The lights go out and darkness fills the arena. Camera flashes are evident throughout as the Illuminatus iron cross bursts into flames above the stage.

"O Fortuna" by Nevergreen plays and after several seconds of darkness, a series of torch bearers emerge from backstage. Soon, the King of Darkness rises from within the staging in the midst of the torchbearers. As the song winds down, Sebastian Duke steps forward and removes his cape, placing it on a mannequin nearby. He's in a suit, no tie with his collar unbuttoned. His brother Theo Pryce greets him with a handshake and Sebastian pulls him into a hug. It lasts several seconds before they break. Theo retreats backstage and Sebastian Duke approaches the Hall of Legends podium. He looks down for several seconds as the crowd intensifies. Once they quiet, he lifts his head.

SEBASTIAN DUKE: It is without precedent that any man can humble a man named Duke.

Today, I am humbled. I stand before you today humbled beyond what mere words could possibly describe. I stand before you on this stage not as the King of Darkness, the man that for so long dominated the wrestling world. Nights like this, people list bullet points of their achievements. This title or that title. That signature match or this one.

I said I was humbled, and I meant it.

I achieved anything I set my mind to but I didn't do it alone.

Shane Carver saw something in me that no one else did when I first stepped through the doors of the XWF in November of 2012. The early days and all the growing that came about that first few months of my existence within the hallowed halls of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, can be directly attributed to his friendship and guidance.

For better or worse, love Shane or hate him... personally, I've been on both sides of that fence and that's real talk... Shane Carver is a man that I admired for quite a long time and his seal of approval, so to speak, meant the world to me. It still does.

Over the years, every trial and tribulation, every victory and defeat helped me become what I was and still am. The measuring stick for greatness. From my humiliating defeat in my debut against Unknown Soldier to my first major victory over Mark Flynn, my epic buried alive defeat at the hands of Azrael Erebus, my battles against as well as with Griffin MacAlister by my side, to going toe to toe and coming within a ball hair of defeating who I think is still the greatest to ever lace up boots, John Madison...

No disrespect intended to anyone who thinks they're better than he was, they're just wrong.

I became what I am because of them and so many others. Not the least of which, Theo Pryce. As it stands today, he and I aren't as close as we once were. There's nothing wrong with that. Life happens. People travel different paths.

I had a choice as to who to induct me into the Hall of Legends. It could have been any one of those I have mentioned and countless others I haven't. It could have been Carver, or Griffin, Azrael or John Madison. It could have been my son Thaddeus who is no doubt watching this, who by the way, I was worried when he started that he might tarnish the Duke legacy but he's a chip off the old block- having legendary matches and being a Collector of Titles. He's only strengthened it.

But at the end of the day, there is no mans respect that I seek more than my brother Theo Pryce. I certainly haven't always deserved his love or respect but here we are, so many years later and I'm still happy that he's my brother and I'm still proud to call him my friend. He was the only call I made. He was the right choice. He was the only choice.

I am honored beyond words to be recognized by the XWF brain trust. To be included into the Hall of Legends was a long time coming. I reflect on all I have done and I humbly accept being legitimized as a Legendary figure within the company that I worked so hard and so long for. No matter how long I stay away and no matter how few and far between my appearances may be now, one thing is certain: The XWF has always been my home, it's been my playground... and its always good to come back home.

Rest assured, you have not seen the last of Sebastian Duke."

Sebastian Duke and Theo Pryce walk off stage as the show goes to commercial.

A huge firework streaks across the arena before exploding at the entrance ramp. Pasha emerges and strikes a powerful pose.

“Entering high up from the Caucasus Mountains… weighing 550 pounds… accompanied by his loyal bard, Bohdan… Representing Revolution1, he is “The Starry Plough” and Greatest Lover ... Pasha!”

Pasha walks to the ring with long, mighty strides before arriving at the apron. Pasha then pulls himself to the ropes, where he lets his cape drop into his trusty bard’s hands below. He then enters rings spinning with his arms held out straight to a sprinkling of multi-colored sparks above the ring. Pasha goes to his corner ready to crush whomever stands across from him.

PC: The sheer size of this man is enough to intimidate anyone.

HHL: Yes but Nathaniel Idenhaus is not scared of anyone. This should be fun.

Darkness fills the arena and all you can see... is the gleam of Nathaniel's eyes - cold, fearless, terrifying and glowing silver. Like the very bullet that could kill him. Smoke filters and shifts, all around and from somewhere unseen, a howl is heard, distinct and very wolf like, it is followed by a growl and Nathaniel descends the ramp. Slowly the lights return but he is unfazed, focused solely on the ring as he marches forward. Climbing the steel steps, Nathaniel takes his place within the ring.

“And his opponent, representing XWF… he is the HART CHAMPION… NATHANIEL IDENHAUS!!”

PC: The XWF faithful are behind the Hart Champion.

HHL: Ya don’t say. We are at an XWF Pay per View… why would they cheer an outsider from Revo1?

The referee holds the Hart Title high above his head as the bell rings to signify the start of the match.


Nathaniel Idenhaus
- vs -

Last Man Standing Match




Pasha reaches out his hand for a handshake as Idenhaus looks at him and laughs, shaking his head. Idenhaus runs to the opposite ropes and returns with a drop kick to the knee of the huge mountain of a man, Pasha. Pasha drops to one knee. Idenhaus hits the rope again and hits a curbstomp. Pasha slowly starts getting up and is met with a second curbstomp. He covers Pasha.

PC: Could this be it?

HHL: I will tell you like I told my ex, watch and find out.

The referee gets into position and begins his count.




Pasha launches the much smaller Idenhaus into the air and between the middle and bottom ropes. Pasha uses the ropes to stand up as Idenhaus rolls back in the ring. Pasha, now a little enraged stares at the champion. He chops Idenhaus on the chest. The smack is heard throughout the arena as the fans in the front row visibly wince. Pasha grabs Idenhaus around the waist and hits a huge belly to belly suplex on the champion.

Pip: The mammoth from Revo1 is going to town here.

HHL: If I had Pasha’s size, I would use it for good.

The Champion is on his back as Pasha climbs to the middle rope. He taunts a bit waiting for Idenhaus to get to his feet. Idenhaus gets up as he sees Pasha. Pasha jumps with a dropkick as Idenhaus moves out of the way. Pasha crashes to the ground as Nathaniel puts a neck hold on Pasha trying to keep the big man grounded.

Pip: Trying his best here to put the big man away.

HHL: Idenhaus is doing everything he can to survive.

Idenhaus gets back to his feet and watches Pasha try to get back to his, he chooses his moment, and the moment has come. He runs and takes off and dropkicks Pasha. Pasha lands back on his back. Idenahaus jumps on top of Pasha and starts hitting him with lefts and rights. But Pasha is too strong to let them through.

With one almighty surge, he manages to send Idenhaus off of him and flying to the other side of the ring. Pasha quickly gets back up. Idenhaus gets to his feet, and sees Pasha heading his way. Pasha attempts a short arm clothesline but Idenhaus ducks underneath it. Idenhaus manages to come back up, and tries attempts a Stunner, but Pasha pushes him away before he can make the scoring move.

Idenhaus quickly runs across the ring, rebounds off of the ropes, comes running back, this time Pasha tries to hit him with a full clothes line, Idenhaus drops and slides underneath the huge elbow of Pasha. Stands up, and jumps up on Pasha and delivers a knee lift to Pasha’s gut.

Pasha pushes Idenhaus off of him but grabs his gut. Only a little bit of damage has been done.

Idenhaus comes back in and tries to attempt the Stunner again, this time he gets him and Pasha stumbles back grabbing his face.

HHL: He needs to hit him about 5 or 6 times with stunners to be more effective.

Idenhau runs at Pasha again, and tries to hit him with another drop kick but Pasha manages to grab him by his feet, and flings him across the ring. Idenahaus hits the ropes and comes rebounding off of them, and Pasha comes storming across the ring. The ring is shaking. He is holding out his huge fist.

HHL: If he connects this match surely be all over.

Pasha throws a punch as he approaches Idenhaus, but amazingly Idenhaus manages to duck, drops to his knees, rolls under Pasha. Pasha stops, turns around, and is hit with another stunner, Idenhaus then follows up with a DDT. A very quick DDT, and both of them go down.

Idenhaus is first back to his feet, and he runs towards the corner, jumps up on the corner. And jumps and hits Pasha with a LEG DROP.

He goes for a quick cover.



Kick out.

Pasha manages to throw Idenhaus back off of him.

Pasha is fighting back to his feet. He makes it to a vertical base and hits a hip toss on Idenhaus. Idenhaus runs at Pasha but is caught by the throat. Pasha lifts him up for a one handed chokeslam but Idenhaus locks in a Guillotine Choke while the big man has him up. He locks it in hard as the big man begins fading. The referee stands up and looks to be attempting to call for the bell but his arm is grabbed by an unknown individual. The smiley face mask lets wrestling fans know who it is.

Pip: That’s Daniel Dream! He is from Revo1.

HHL: Is Pasha out? Did he tap out?

Dream hits a Go to Sleep on the referee. Idenhaus gets in Dream’s face and Dream hits a Go to Sleep on Idenhaus as well. He attempts to wake Pasha up as another referee comes out. It is Trapson from Revolution1. Daniel Dream is able to drape Pasha’s arm over Idenhaus as Trapson makes the count.




Pip: That count was fast.

HHL: It was but I don’t think it matters. Revolution1 set their eyes on XWF and the Hart Title and it looks like they will be leaving with it.


The Revolution1 talent helps Pasha up as Trapson yanks the Hart Title away from the time keeper and hands it to Pasha. Cecilia Ortiz is seen on the stage.

Cecilia: Your winner of this match and NEW XWF HART CHAMPION…. PASHA!!!!!!!

Pip: Is this official?

HHL: I don’t think it matters. I think Pasha and Revolution1 are leaving with the Hart Title.

The Revo1 crew slide out of the ring and join Cecilia on the ramp as Idenhaus, a pissed off look on his face, uses the ropes to get to his feet shaking his head side to side in disbelief.

Pip: I am sure these two will do battle again!

No no no no no NO!

The angry voice booming through the arena PA system sounds a lot like Vinnie Lane, but is miles away form his usual genial self. Finally Loverboy emerges from the back himself, with no music or any kind of fanfare. In fact, when the crowd starts to react to him he just shouts over them as he jogs toward the ring.

Vinnie Lane: This is CRAP. This is garbage! We all saw what happened here. We saw what Trinity or Alpha or Revolution or whatever the heck they call themselves this week is all about. LOW EFFORT. LOW ABILITY. Idenhaus was CLEARLY dominating this match, as we all knew he wold, because he's a seasoned athlete with actual skill. The Revolution challenger was nothing more than a big oaf who was in over his head IMMEDATELY when his size wasn't good enough. Who let these other people in here? Who authorized allowing a referee from a different company set foot in my arena?

Pip: The man does make a good point, Heather.

HHL: Maybe but maybe not, Pip. They have the belt in their possession, and possession is 9/10ths of the law!

Pip: Where did you go to law school?

Vinnie Lane: I'll tell you who didn't authorize it... ME. And if I didn't authorize it, that means it is NULL and VOID. Nathaniel Idenhaus is the Hart Champion, this joke PASHA is just a thief, and the Revolution1 company is exactly as worthless and bottom feeding as I KNEW IT WAS. You people will be hearing from me, REAL soon.

Vinnie throws his microphone down and storms off, leaving the crowd shocked in silence.

Pip: Looks like we have a real controversy on our hands. How do you have a champion without a championship? What do we do about Revolution1?

HHL: This is far from over, that much is clear.

The words "Money Talks" flash on the X-Tron and then a video montage of Theo begins playing as the wrestler steps out from behind the entry way for the second time this evening. Theo slowly walks down to the ring and slaps hands with as many fans hands as he can because fuck COVID. Once in the ring Theo stands in the center to soak in the fans adoration.

The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of "The Peoples GOAT". The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinodas voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I wont get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

James makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and posing for pictures with several of them until he reaches the base of the ramp. Then, he pauses for a few seconds and sprints for the ring, diving in under the bottom rope and sliding in to the center of the mat on his hands and knees. He poses for a second, then gets up and runs for the turnbuckle, climbing up and posing yet again for the fans before doing a 360 degree spin off and doing the same on the opposite turnbuckle. As his music fades out he stretches in his corner, and then waits for either his opponents entrance or the starting bell.

Match #10
Theo Pryce
- vs -
James Raven
Standard Match




The fans inside the Saitama Super Arena explode as we officially kick off the first of our two Legend vs Legend matches! Theo grabs the top rope and squats a few times, stretching out his legs. James rolls his wrists and shoulders as he bounces from one foot to the other. James Raven grins from ear to ear, this is the sort of match he says he’s been waiting months for, and Theo is an all time great that fans thought they might never see wrestle again!

The two men move out of their corners, tension building as they approach! Raven and Theo circle one another tentatively! Both men have their eyes locked on the other, waiting for one of them to make the first move!

The atmosphere is electric!

PC: This is one of the big ones. The anticipation for this match has been huge since it was announced just a few weeks before the show.

HHL: I agree when was the last time in the XWF you had four Legends on a show? With all of them facing each other.

PC: Page was here too you know?

HHL: Yeah, but not here. Not right now!

Raven takes a quick step towards Theo who steps back, brushing Raven away. Raven steps towards him again, and again Theo steps back like a matador, much to the chagrin of the crowd. Theo shakes his wrists out and finally engages towards Raven, in a classic collar and elbow tie up!

The fans explode as the two icons finally lock horns!

Raven begins to push Theo back towards the ropes, before a quick knee to the stomach gets Raven to release the hold. Theo knees Raven in the gut again, and grabs him by the back of the head and drags him quickly to the corner. Theo begins to thrash Raven against the top turnbuckle.






Raven catches himself before Theo can blast him a sixth time, and he quickly spins and throws Theo into the corner spine first! Theo collides hard with the turnbuckle and Raven begins to unload with a flurry of close range punches, as Theo tries desperately to cover himself up!

HHL: Raven is using his MMA training, keeping Theo in the corner! Beautiful angle work!

PC: Yeah, but he’s got to be careful, he doesn’t want to get disqualified.

The ref steps in and begins his five count as Raven backs up, holding his hands in the air as Theo thumbs Raven in the eye!

HHL: Hey! Did Theo do that on purpose?!

PC: I don’t know, you never know what Theos trying to do.

Raven recoils backwards holding his eye. Quickly Theo locks in a sleeper hold on Raven, who fights to get free in the center of the ring. Theo gets Raven down to one knee, but before the ref has a chance to check, the crowd gets behind Raven and he slowly works his way back up to his feet.

“Fear! The! Raven!”

“Fear! The! Raven!”

“Fear! The! Raven!”

A series of back elbows from Raven, and Theo releases the hold! Raven runs to the ropes and slingshots back towards Theo who quickly grabs Raven with a power slam!

What a counter by Theo!

Pryce covers!


PC: Raven with a quick kick out! Theo had to know that wasn’t going to work this early in the match!

Raven kicks out with little effort. Theo picks Raven up and whips him into the ropes. As Raven returns Theo bends over for a back body drop, but Raven quickly hits a swinging neckbreaker and slings an arm on top of Theo!

Great move from Raven! The referee slides in to make the count!


HHL: I think both men are just trying to tire the other one out…

Theo easily gets a shoulder up. Both men get to their feet, eyeing each other warily. They begin to exchange chops across their chests, welts beginning to form after each blow!


Raven takes control with three chops in a row, and Theo stumbles backwards. Raven attempts a kick at Pryce, but Theo catches his foot…

Raven leaps and hits an enziguri!

Theo falls flat on the mat! Raven looks at the downed Theo Pryce and instead of covering, he begins to climb to the top rope!

The fans love it!

Egging Theo to get to his feet, the crowd fully at attention!

HHL: James going for the high risk!

PC: No risk… no reward.

Raven leaps off the top rope!

Theo pops to his feet, but James levels him with a huge crossbody!

Raven rolls off of Theo clutching his chest!

HHL: Did Raven hurt himself there?

PC: He might have.

James wastes valuable time before going for the cover! Finally he hooks the leg and the referee slides in to count!



Theo shoots both shoulders up off the canvas! Raven shakes his head and gets up to his feet, dragging Theo up and to the middle of the ring.

Raven winds up and attempts a F.Y.S. Super kick!

Theo ducks out of the way at the last second as Raven misses. Theo grabs Raven by the head and falls with a reverse DDT!

Theo sits up and dusts his hands off before turning his attention to James and lifting him up to set him up for a piledriver!

Raven kicks his feet wildly in the air in an effort to stop the move!

HHL: Raven fighting to keep his head intact.

PC: Looks like he’s successful!

Raven gets both feet on the ground and flips Theo head over ass…

... over the top ropes…

... to the outside of the ring!!!

Theo crashes hard to the floor and Raven uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet staring at Theo who gets slowly to his feet on the outside. Raven runs to the opposite side of the ring and slingshots off the ropes, and then back towards Theo! Raven leaps over the top rope with a Suicide Dive!

PC: Crash and burn by Raven…. I said it earlier!

HHL: No risk…. no reward. Raven is in a bad way right here.

Theo gets hit by the flying Raven, but both men collapse hard to the ground and crashing brutally into the fan barricade.

The two men are struggling to get to their feet, but eventually they do and they begin to exchange powerful blows!

Raven eventually gets the upper hand and shoves Theo back first into the ring apron, then rolls him into the ring. He slides underneath the bottom rope right behind him! James Raven ensnares Theo and quickly passes to full mount!

HHL: Raven leaning heavily on his MMA training here.

From mount, Raven begins to smash Theo with damaging elbows! Eventually Theo is able to catch both arms of Raven and stop the flurry.

Theo Pryce transitions to an armbar, but before he can lock it in too tight Raven reaches out for the ropes.

He gets there!

HHL: Bad placement by Theo, he should’ve known better.

Both men drag themselves to opposite corners. Both men look at each other as they climb up to their feet, and both rush each other simultaneously.

Raven leaps into the air reaching for Theo to hit the Flight Of The Raven!

Theo catches him in the air and quickly reverses it into a Tilt-a-whirl slam!

Wasting no movement Theo drags Raven over to the bottom top and places it inside the mouth of Raven. Theo takes a few steps back and lines up Raven.

PC: This could be it for Raven!

As Theo gets ready to stomp down, Raven moves out of the way! Theo misses as Raven kicks Theo hard in the stomach!

As Theo is hunched over, Raven reaches up from the ground and locks in the Ravenlock!

Theo struggles to free himself!

PC: Raven can grab you from anywhere and submit you….

HHL: Theo needs to be very careful.

Theo grabs the ropes as Raven lets go of the hold and gets back to his feet!

Theo is struggling to breath as Raven rushes him, but Theo moves out of the way, and jumps up and grabs ahold of Raven and nails a Pryce Check!

Pryce Check!

Pryce Check!

HHL: I don’t believe it!

PC: Theo just caught Raven! This could be it!

Both men are laying on the ground when Theo finally slings an arm over the chest of Raven.





HHL: What the hell?

PC: Who was that?!

Someone came out and dragged the ref out of the ring!



Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour just dragged the referee out of the ring and prevented the three count! Gilmour hits the Gilmour Cutter on the referee and both men slide into the ring!

They converge on Theo Pryce, approaching him from both sides!

HHL: They’re ruining this match! Legends only!

PC: What are they even thinking? Theo did nothing wrong in their tag match here tonight!

Theo opens his mouth to speak to Chaos, but eats a stiff right hand across the jaw for his efforts!

Chris Chaos just decked Theo Pryce!

Theo stumbles but prepares to launch himself at Chaos when suddenly Gilmour shoulder blocks him back into the corner of the ring and the two members of Chaotic Inc descend!

Theo Pryce is getting demolished in a flurry of punches and knees, finally collapsing to all fours in the corner! Chaos kicks the back of Theos skull repeatedly!

HHL: Somebody get out there and stop this! It shouldn’t be happening!

PC: Raven is down! The referee is down! Theo is getting bludgeoned by Chaotic Inc!

Theo tried to get to his feet and fight back but Chris Chaos catches his punch, and Irish whips Theo across the ring and into the ropes! Theo rebounds to the Center of the mat… where Gilmour is waiting with a jumping high knee!

Gilmour catches Theo clean on the jaw and drops him in a heap to the canvas!

Gilmour and Chaos parade around the ring, arms held high and with arrogant grins on their faces, crowing around the felled body of Theo Pryce.

HHL: I hope they’re proud of themselves. They destroyed a match that people were really looking forward to.

PC: And for wha- OH MY GOD!


James Raven pops up behind Chaotic Inc, and lays Chris Chaos out with his iconic jumping cutter!

The crowd goes absolutely ape shit!




James quickly kneels down to check on Theo Pryce, helping The King up to his feet and urging him into the corner, away from the assailants. Theo Pryce tells Raven he’s OK though, and proves it by spearing a charging Peter Gilmour to the canvas!

HHL: Gilmour is nearly broken in half!

PC: Theo Pryce is on top of Gilmour, destroying him with punches!

Gilmour covers up but it’s too late. Theo beats him limp and senseless as Raven watches Chaos climb to his feet across the ring!

THE F.Y.S.!!

James Raven superkicks Chris Chaos over the top rope and to the floor below!

Theo stands up off of Gilmour and drags him to his feet before hurling him over the top rope as well, and sending him crashing down on top of Chaos!

Chaos and Gilmour scramble to their feet, stumbling up the ramp and disappearing backstage! The crowd explodes, cheering on the two Legends in the ring for working together to stand their ground!





Theo and James turn to look at each other, each with a grin on their face after handling the unexpected interruption, but slowly they back away and begin to circle slowly.

THEO PRYCE: You ready?

Raven simply grins and nods his head.

HHL: They’re not finished!

PC: These two want to finish their match!

Raven and Theo lock up again and each begin struggling for advantage as the referee crawls gingerly back into the ring after being attacked by Chaotic Inc. Raven shoots Theo into the ropes and looks for a clothesline on the rebound but Theo ducks underneath and slingshots off the opposite ropes as well… shoulder block! Theo takes Raven down to the canvas and tries to pounce on top for a quick cover but Raven shoves him and rolls out from underneath almost immediately. Raven pops back to his feet and catches Theo with a european uppercut, but misses the follow up leg sweep as Theo hops over his foot easily. Pryce tries to knee the crouched Raven, but James back rolls away and back to a standing position.

They grin at each other again, then Theo lunges and ties Raven up in a side head lock!

HHL: I have to say, Theo looks like he’s slowing a little bit...

PC: That attack didn’t help his cardio, I’m sure.

Raven manages to shake free of Theo’s grip, falling back off the ropes and…


Raven obliterates Theo Pryce with a flying knee!

HHL: I’m not sure that landed clean, Theo may have blocked it!

PC: It doesn’t matter! Raven’s going to the top rope to finish this off!

James rushes to the corner, climbing the ring post and turning his back on Theo. Raven looks out at the crowd… he’s thinking Ravensault!


Two masked figures hop the fan barricade with a steel chair and rush over to the ring apron, leaping up and smashing Raven across the skull! Raven sways on top of the ring post… then crashes down to the canvas!

HHL: What the hell is going on here, tonight?!

PC: Two more people trying to interfere in this legends match, and we don’t even know who these two are!

The two masked figures slide quickly into the ring, standing on opposite sides of Raven and raining down heavy boots and chair shots!

The referee makes his way over, but before he can ring the bell and disqualify anyone…


The referee eats a sickening chair shot to the skull! He’s busted open and down on the mat!


PC: Who the hell are these guys?!

Raven continues to be brutalized with the steel chair, but luckily…

… karma comes around!


After Raven helped fight off Chaotic Inc. Theo Pryce returns the favor, helping The People’s G.O.A.T. survive this assault!

Pryce drops the first masked man, the second spinning on him and winding up with the chair!

Theo catches the chair shot and yanks the cold steel seat away, winding up himself and bringing it smashing down over the mans head! The man drops to his knees beside his KO’d partner, and Theo helps Raven up to his feet, pointing at the kneeling man!

HHL: He’s telling Raven to handle the guy himself!

PC: James drags the man back to his feet!





James leaves the second man laid out on the canvas, and he and Theo stand towering over the two bodies, each panting heavily and wearing some serious damage.

The two Legends eye each other, each leaning against the ropes to recover.




The fans beg the two legends to resume their match up, and settle their dispute once and for all!

They want to know who the better man is!

James Raven extends a fist towards Theo.


THEO PRYCE: For now.

Theo bumps fists with the People’s G.O.A.T. and together the two men climb to the apron and drop down to the floor.

HHL: Wow. Look at the class between these two. There were some heated words in the build up, but it seems to be all respect as they agree to call this match up and head to the back!

PC: Bull shit! I wanted to see blood! I want to know who the best Legend is!

HHL: They tried, Pip, but they were bloodied and beaten and after two different attacks there was no chance the result of this match wasn’t going to have an asterisk…

PC: They better run it back, someday.

Theo and James share a few words as they head up the ramp together, posing on the top of the ramp to be serenaded one more time as the referee wakes up and sees what’s happened. He has no choice but to count both men out and ring the bell.


“Thank you, Theo!”


“Thank you, Theo!”


“Thank you, Theo!”


The two icons share one last look to each other, and bump fists again. Theo nods to Raven, and disappears behind the curtain.

Raven offers one final teary eyed wave to the XWF faithful, his family for his entire career, and disappears as well.

The camera returns to the ring, then slowly pans out to show the four pillars of scaffolding that have been erected around the corners of the ring, extending up towards the rafters where several platforms have been secured and hanging for the entire show.

There are platforms scattered at forty, sixty, and eighty feet with three different briefcases dangling from ropes at various points of the structure, one at each of the three platform heights.

One of those cases holds the prestigious 24/7 contract!

HHL: Our five competitors are already in the ring, all of them looking high into the air. Chris Page of course, was removed from the match earlier tonight by Theo Pryce.

PC: Page already found his way out of the match. The other five need to figure out their strategies now. If one or two people get up that scaffolding before you, you may never get to a briefcase!

Lacklan and Ruby stand near each other in one corner of the ring, Greggo a few yards away from Sarah. Geri and Gage Gannon stand scattered around the opposite end of the ring. The referee makes his way around the ring to check in with each of the five, asking if they have any last questions or concerns.

Finally, he calls for the start of the match!


Sarah Lacklan
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Geri Miller
- vs -
Gage Gannon

Leap of Faith Rafter Match!




As all the competitors are looking up, planning a course of attack, Greggo makes a mad dash towards the ropes where he scrambles through to the apron and jumps down to the floor, rushing over to the scaffolding!

He starts to climb the scaffolding quickly as Ruby and Lacklan start trading blows! Gage takes off in a full sprint after Greggo, making sure he doesn’t get up to any of the cases without being challenged!

Geri is not far behind him! The Goddess of Ganja hits the ropes at the same time as Gannon and hops over, falling haphazardly to the floor!

HHL: Geri Miller tried to take a shortcut there and paid the price for it!

PC: She’s up in a flash, and makes it to the scaffolding before Gannon can!

Back in the ring Ruby gets the better of the exchange with Lacklan as she hurls her through the ropes and out to the floor! The Japanese crowd explodes supportively! They flippin’ love Ruby! Ruby surveys the ring and looks at Lacklan on the outside. She sprints at the ring ropes and slingshots herself towards Sarah… Ruby flips over the top rope and comes crashing down on top of Lacklan!

Ruby and Lacklan are down!

The crowd is loving it!

Greggo finally reaches the forty foot platform and climbs up onto it, where he eyes one of the briefcases!

It’s within his reach! Greggo makes his way over, but Geri is right behind him! Gerri climbs onto the platform behind Greggo and leg sweeps him to his back! Greggo tries to pop back to his feet but Geri pounces on him and tries to hammer fist his face through the platform!

HHL: Good God! Geri Miller is trying to murder Greggo!

PC: Um. That’s fine.

Gage Gannon reaches the forty foot platform alongside Geri and Greggo. He grabs Geri in a chokehold and drags her up to her feet and off of Greggo. Geri flails wildly and tries to free herself, but Gage chokes her nearly limp and then spins her around!

Gage DDT’s Geri on the platform!



Gage is back to his feet and turns to make his way towards the first case…

… but Greggo is up and in his way!

The two trade punches, balanced precariously on the edge of the forty foot high platform!

Back down on the arena floor Ruby has made it to her feet, leaving Lacklan in a heap on the floor. Ruby comes around the ring, making her way over to the scaffold and climbing up towards Greggo, Gage and Geri.

Lacklan grabs the fan barricade and pulls herself slowly to her feet!

Ruby is climbing that scaffold like it’s nothing! She’s up in a flash, and begins pulling herself onto the platform just as Greggo cracks Gage with a heavy left hook!

Geri is back on her feet and spins Gage around after he eats the shot from Greggo! She attempts to scoop up Gage but her knee buckles and Gage falls down on top of Geri!

HHL: Geri couldn’t lift Gage!

PC: That may have been a major miscalculation!

Gage gets back to his feet where he ducks a right hand from Greggo and counters with a Side Suplex on the platform!

Gage stands and once more tries to go for the dangling case, but Ruby comes from behind and spins him around! Ruby drives a forearm smash into Gage’s face sending him stumbling backwards, his heels on the edge of the platform!

HHL: Gage is trying to keep his balance!

PC: His arms pinwheel furiously!

Ruby rushes forward with another right forearm, but Gage blocks and counters with a knee to the midsection!

HHL: I thought Gage was going to fall, there!

PC: So did I!

With Ruby doubled over Gage tries to hook her up for a powerbomb!


Ruby counters with a Sit Out Face Buster on the platform! Gage Gannon looks like he’s out cold!

Geri Miller rolls away from the mayhem on the platform, realizing it may be in her best interest to head for one of the higher cases on the other scaffolding pillars. After all, what are the odds the 24/7 case is on the forty foot platform?

Gerri begins to climb down the scaffolding, but she doesn’t realize Sarah Lacklan is on her way up! The two meet on the scaffolding about twenty feet off the ground, and begin trading punches wildly! Sarah grabs the back of Millers shirt and pulls her violently!



HHL: Geri lands in a heap!

PC: Medic! We might need a medic out here!

Sarah continues to climb up the scaffolding, nearing the platform!

Ruby has the first case in her hands when she’s suddenly blindsided by Greggo, causing her to drop the case onto the platform floor!

Greggo grabs Ruby by the hair and smashes her face-first off the ladder that leads up to the second level of platforms!

Greggo reaches down picks up the briefcase!

Greggo has a case!

Greggo opens it and unleashes a swarm of bees!! The bees swarm and sting Greggo who swats at the angry cloud!

Greggo turns around, and Gage Gannon back body drops Greggo off the scaffolding….

... sending him sailing 40 feet down to the ring below!

EMT’s that had been checking on Geri Miller quickly flood the ring, checking on Greggo as he’s completely laid out after free falling 40 feet!

HHL: Do you think Greggo is alive?

PC: Do you think he’s allergic to bees?

Geri Miller begins to slowly make her way up to her feet and begins to climb the scaffolding again! She wants to get her hands on Lacklan but Sarah is already on the platform and trading right hands with Gage Gannon!

Ruby rushes across the platform to the ladder where the climb to the second level can take place, but as she starts to climb to the second level Geri Miller reaches the first level and latches on to her ankle! Ruby can’t climb! Geri pulls her back down to the first level but before she can do any damage Ruby puts on the breaks and counters, smashing Geri face first off the ladder!

Lacklan gouges at the eyes of Gage before kneeing him in the midsection and doubling him over! Sarah crosses the scaffold and spins Ruby around, swinging with a right hand!

Ruby ducks!!!

Lacklan deck Geri!!!

Ruby delivers a suplex to Lacklan on the wood of the platform before getting back to her feet!

Ruby starts to climb the ladder to the second level of the scaffolding once again!

Gage comes across the platform and climbs up behind Ruby!

Ruby reaches the second platform, and is now 60 feet in the air! Gage nears the top and reaches up to the platform but Ruby steps on his fingers! She stomps on the left hand sending Gage falling backwards and down twenty feet to the platform below!

HHL: Holy crap!

PC:That could have been way worse if he’d missed the platform. Ruby is alone on the second level though!

Lacklan walks past Gage who clutches at his back in pain!

Lacklan climbs up the ladder to the second platform, and Ruby takes possession of the second case!

Ruby struggles to open the case, and Lacklan cracks her in the ribs from behind with a right hook causing Ruby to drop the case!

Ruby spins around and Sarah delivers a European uppercut rocking Ruby backwards! Lacklan comes forward swinging with a right hand that’s blocked by Ruby and countered with a boot to the midsection, followed by a swinging neck breaker!

HHL: Sarah Lacklan is laid out on the second level!

PC: What a counter from Ruby!

Geri Miller is back in the mix as she’s now climbing up to the second level of the scaffolding to join Ruby and Lacklan! She runs over to the briefcase and uses it to smash over Ruby’s head!!

Ruby and Lacklan are down and Geri opens the case!

[Image: screen_shot_2019-05-15_at_11.23.16_pm.png]

A pop up picture of Chris Page!

Geri looks around at the field as all other participants are down. She looks up to the third and final level of the scaffolding. Geri makes the move as she comes across the platform and reaches the ladder, and starts to climb up to the final level!

Down on the second platform, Ruby is to her feet where she sees Geri on the ladder climbing up to the final briefcase!

Ruby runs across the platform and starts to climb up after Miller! Lacklan drags herself to her feet and rushes to the ladder behind Geri and Ruby! All three women are on their way to the final level!

Sarah catches Ruby midways up and bounces Ruby’s head off the ladder!

Geri reaches the top platform!

Ruby continues to climb despite the harassment from Sarah!

Ruby reaches the top platform!

HHL: Lacklan looks furious!

PC: She wasn’t able to stop Ruby!

Geri turns around, catching Ruby with a Spinbuster on the platform 80 feet above the ring!

Lacklan continues her climb up the Ladder as Geri starts to get back to her feet! All she’s got to do is get to the briefcase which is suspended 15 feet in the air with a Ladder across on the other side of the platform… but Lacklan is behind her, and hurls Geri from the top platform down to the second level!

Geri Miller with a second big fall in tonights match!

Lacklan stands straight and looks up at the hanging briefcase!

Ruby from out of nowhere lands a Supergirl Punch to Sarah!

Ruby seizes the moment and starts to climb the Ladder! Sarah recovers and comes around to the other side of the Ladder where she starts to climb the opposite side going up after Ruby!

Ruby is reaching up with her fingertips touching the briefcase! Sarah reaches the top of the ladder to land a right hand causing her to double over! Sarah drive Ruby face first to into the top of the Ladder! Sarah swings with a right hand! Ruby blocks and counters with a right hand! Ruby lands a second before Sarah fires back with a right hand! Ruby hammers a right hand before looking to drive Lacklan face first into the top of the Ladder! Lacklan blocks and drives Ruby face first off the Ladder before shoving her backwards to the platform below!

Lacklan reaches up taking possession of the Briefcase!


It's over!

Sarah Lacklan has done it! She holds the case high over her head to the cheers of the fans, a loud roar of approval echoing through the entire Saitama Super Arena!

The camera pans the crowd, even catching a glimpse of Sarahs friend Angie Vaughan pumping her fists in excitement.

Sarah continues to celebrate, 80 feet above the ring, as the other competitors begin to make their way down to the floor.

HHL: What a match!

PC: And we're not done yet... we still have the incredible main event of Centurion and Shawn Warstein coming your way!

HHL: Just give us a second to catch our breath!

We see a close up of Sarah holding her case high, and we slowly fade out.

XWF Legend Centurion makes his way out from the back, a determined look on his face as he stares down at the ring. He's made it clear that this his final attempt to win the Universal title, and with all the years he's waited to make it happen it would be an incredible story if he can pull it off. He slaps hands with a few young fans in the front row, then with a laser focus makes his way down the ramp to the steel ring steps and climbs into the ring.

The XWF Universal Champion appears from behind the curtain, title strung confidently over his shoulder as he stares coldly down the ramp towards his longtime rival. Shawn Warstein looks indifferently out at the crowd, then saunters confidently down the ramp and rolls underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Shawn holds his title belt high for Centurion to get a good look at, then hands it to the referee to take care of.

Shawn and Centurion stare at each other, two decades of history coming to a head here tonight.

No stone unturned.

No questions unanswered.

They end this tonight.


Shawn Warstein
- vs -

Standard Match




The referee proudly displays the XWF Universal title, holding it over his head before walking over to the ropes and passing the belt to the timekeeper. The fans are on their feet, stomping and screaming for these two XWF Legends as they prepare to face off on the biggest stage in their storied rivalry. Centurion takes a few steps forward and nods at Shawn Warstein; it’s time. Warstein rolls his shoulders a few times, tilting his head from side to side to crack his neck. He nods back at Centurion.

HHL: I have goosebumps right now.

PC: I have gas.

Centurion waits in the middle of the canvas, holding out a hand for a tie up. Shawn approaches but quickly changes levels and shoots in at Centurions legs for a takedown! Centurion catches Shawn coming in and manages to move his hips and shake Shawn off and running into the ring ropes. Centurion jumps in the air for a drop kick, but Shawn holds onto the top rope to avoid rebounding. Centurion lands harmlessly on the mat and tries to sit up-

HHL: Running knee!

PC: Warstein looks to decapitate a seated Centurion with a running knee!

Centurion sees Shawn flying towards him at the last second and drops flat to the mat, sending Shawn Warstein soaring over the top of him and to the far side of the ring! That knee was an inch away from knocking Centurion senseless! Shawn spins around and grins at Centurion as his fellow legend climbs back up to his feet. He holds his fingers up in the air, centimetres apart. Centurion receives the message loud and clear.

That close…

Shawn makes his way back to the middle of the mat where Centurion is ready for him this time. Centurion ties up Warstein and slips behind him, taking Shawn off his feet with a German suplex! Centurion transitions to Shawns leg, looking to lock up a figure four, but Warstein uses his free foot to kick wildly at Centurions face! He connects twice and Centurion abandons the submission and rolls back to his feet. Centurion wipes the back of his hand across his mouth, his lip is split!

HHL: Well, Warstein has drawn first blood here...

PC: ‘Tis but a flesh wound!

Both legends are back on their feet and squaring off, each slowly circling to the right and looking for an opportunity to tie the other up. Centurion lunges in first, but Centurion gets caught in a front headlock and dropped hard by Warstein!

HHL: A quick DDT by Warstein!

PC: Warstein puts Centurion down and rolls him to his back!

HHL: He hooks the leg!

PC: Warstein with the cover!



Kickout by Centurion!

Centurion gets a shoulder up and rolls Warstein off of him. Centurion and Warstein both climb slowly to their feet, the fans cheering wildly as both men stare each other down from across the mat.


“Let’s! Go! Cent!”


“Let’s! Go! Cent!”

The fans cheer, stomping their feet loudly enough to shake the building. The two Legends take a moment, each looking out at the fans that they’ve spent the better part of two decades performing for, and it’s evident by both mens faces that they’re aware of the magnitude of this match up.

They appreciate the moment.

Shawn begins to circle Centurion but Cortinovis reacts quickly and snatches Warstein in a side headlock. Shawn shoves Centurion off of him and into the ropes, dropping him on the rebound with a sturdy shoulder block. Centurion pops up quickly but Warstein snatches him with a quick scoop slam that shakes the ring foundations! Warstein tries for a quick cover but Centurion back bridges before the referee can even count to one! Warstein grabs Centurion and drags him up to his feet, shooting him into the ropes once more and this time hitting a low chop block that sends Centurion toppling head over heels!

HHL: Centurion goes down hard!

PC: Warstein is looking to keep momentum on his side here!

Shawn Warstein looks for a standing elbow drop but Centurion rolls out of the way! He reaches over and grabs Shawn, trying to lock in a head and arm triangle choke! Warstein immediately begins to battle out of the hold and fires several punches at his fellow legend before breaking free.

Warstein urges Centurion back to his feet, looking to tie him up again, but Centurion is ready!

He cracks his long time rival with a European uppercut and grabs Shawn while he’s dazed. Centurion fights for Warstein’ neck and a guillotine grip, dragging Shawn back down to the canvas and trying to submit him! Shawn fights Centurions hands, breaking the clasped grip and freeing himself once more! Warstein rolls back to his feet and grins at Centurion once more.

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than that.

HHL: Give it to Centurion, he is really bringing it to the Universal Champion here tonight!

PC: What would you expect? The guy said if he loses he’ll never challenge for the top belt again, do you think he’s going to roll over and die?

HHL: Of course not. I’ve known Centurion a long time, and he doesn’t give up. He always overcomes the odds.

PC:You’re going to sound very stupid when he loses, Heather.

Shawn steps to Centurion as Cortinovis climbs back to his feet, and Shawn hits a vicious low kick, digging his shin into the thigh of Centurion! He fakes a second kick to bring up Centurions defense, then he utilizes a Russian leg sweep to take him down to the canvas! Warstein slides on top and hooks the leg of Centurion and the referee slides over to make the count!



A kick out by Centurion! He gets a shoulder up off the mat as quickly as possible! Warstein adjusts his tactics and shifts to Centurions leg, trying to grab ahold of it and twist Centurion into a Texas cloverleaf! Centurion pulls his leg free, but Warstein pounces right back on top of him and tries to secure a figure four!

Centurion is thrashing wildly on the mat!

PC: I’m telling you, Centurion is not on the same level as Warstein any more!

HHL: It’s not over until it’s over, Pip, don’t ever forget that!

Centurion stretches…

… and stretches…


Centurion grips the bottom rope and Warstein relents, releasing the hold. Shawn stands slowly and looks out to the crowd, the Universal Champion yawning and shrugging as Centurion climbs back to his feet. Finally Centurion is standing again and Warstein suddenly falls back on the middle rope and slingshots himself at Centurion! Centurion is ready and catches Shawn with an arm drag, flipping him over and spiking him hard on the canvas. Centurion drags Shawn up quickly before planting him with a quick DDT! Shawn is dazed and Centurion quickly jumps on his back, trying to lock in a rear naked choke on the champion!

HHL: That looks deep!

PC: It’s not, Shawn has plenty of space and he’s about to pull his head fre- OH MY GOD!

What a transition by Centurion! Warstein was about to escape and Cortinovis was able to deftly switch to an arm bar!

Centurion tries to hyperextend the champions elbow, but Warstein is able to stack his way out of the position and climb to his feet, pressing Centurions shoulders flat and threatening with a possible pin until Centurion is forced to let go and roll away!

Centurion takes a moment on his hands and knees to take a breath, then sits up straight and… running big boot to the skull! Warstein almost takes Centurions head off with that one, the Legend slumping over as Warstein rolls him to his back and heads for the turnbuckle! On nothing more than instinct Centurion rolls across the canvas, putting as much space as he can from himself and the ringpost. Frustrated, Warstein stops climbing to the top rope and drops back down to the canvas.

HHL: A veteran move from Centurion to protect himself when he’s hurt.

PC: He’s still in Warsteins sights though!

Shawn Warstein bounces in anticipation as Centurion crawls to the turnbuckle! Centurion grabs at the middle rope and pulls himself to his knees, then the top rope to pull himself slowly to his feet!

HHL: Warstein charges Centurion from across the ring!

PC: Warstein leaps through the air for a splash!

Centurion rolls out of the way! Warstein crashes hard into the turnbuckle and Centurion spins Warstein around to face him! Right hand! Right hand! A left to the body! Centurion begins pummeling Shawn in the corner, and Warstein is covering up! He looks stunned! Finally Shawn recovers and shoves Centurion away!

Shawn staggers out of the corner!

Centurion looks for the kill!









Centurion stares up at the rafters of the Saitama Super Arena, a look of disbelief on his face. Exhausted he rolls away from the Universal champion and crawls to the corner, taking a seat against the ropes to catch his breath and formulate a new plan. Slowly, Shawn Warstein rolls to his hands and knees and crawls to the opposite corner to try and clear his head.







Centurion takes a deep breath and stands up, rolling his shoulders and preparing to engage with his own rival once more. On the other side of the ring, Shawn spits a small mouthful of blood to the mat before dragging himself up and turning to face Cortinovis. The two men make their way to the middle of the mat slowly, stopping mere feet from each other and looking into each others eyes.

Flash bulbs pop through the arena.


Centurion extends a hand and Shawn accepts it, the two quickly locking up and battling for the upper hand. Centurion twists Shawn into a standing straight arm bar, but Warstein forward rolls to relieve the pressure then snaps backwards with a Pele kick that Centurion barely manages to side step. Warstein rolls to his feet as quickly as he can, and Centurion charges with a V-Trigger! Shawn drops back to the mat and Centurions flying knee sails harmlessly over his head! Centurion spins quickly so as not to be grabbed from behind, and he gets a boot to the midsection for his troubles. Warstein has Centurion doubled over, and he’s looking for a double arm DDT, but Centurion stands up and sends Shawn flying with a back body drop. Centurion backs up, ready to charge Shawn as soon as he’s on his feet!

Slowly, Shawn stumbled up!

Centurion bounces off the ropes and slingshots towards the Universal Champion!

Warstein changes levels in the blink of an eye and ducks down low, driving his shoulder into Centurions midsection and lifting him high in the air!

HHL: Spinebuster!

PC: Warstein just nearly put Centurion through the canvas!

Shawn sits up on his knees, and once more looks out at the crowd. He takes a deep breath and wipes some blood from his mouth with the back of his hand, staring blankly ahead before rolling away from Centurion and back to his feet.

He’s not going for a cover?!

Centurion is limp on the mat, his skull having bounced brutally on that impact.

Shawn stares at him, eyes cold as he makes his way to the corner and leans casually against the turnbuckle. He looks out at the crowd again.

He had warned them all what this was going to look like.

He had told them exactly what he was going to do.

It’s time to leave no doubt in anybodies mind.

Centurion sits up slowly, and Warstein studies him as he climbs unsteadily to his feet. Warstein shuffles forward… Superkick! Centurion tries to catch the kick, but Shawn connects clean and nearly boots Cortinovis’ head off of his shoulders! The impact is sickening and the light in Centurions eyes extinguishes immediately.

HHL: Centurion goes down, stiff as a board!


The crowd falls practically silent.

It’s hard to watch your heroes fall.

Shawn stands over Centurion, waiting for him to move.

He doesn’t.

Shawn bends down, grabbing Centurion by the hair and trying to sit him up, but Centurion immediately slumps back over in a heap. Shawn tries to sit him up again, and again Centurion slumps over. Carefully Shawn rolls Centurion over and balances him on his knees before backing up across the ring and sizing up Cortinovis.

HHL: For the love of God, Shawn! Don’t do this!

PC: Pin him!

Shawn sprints across the canvas!



Centurion offers no defense.

HHL: Good Christ...

PC: He might be dead.

Finally, mercifully, Shawn Warstein hooks his fellow Legends leg and waits for it to be official.




HHL: No!

PC: I don’t believe it!

HHL: Centurion got a shoulder up!

PC: He broke the count!

HHL: I… I don’t know if it’s in his best interest...

PC: We already covered that if he loses tonight, he’s never challenging for the Universal title again! If he’s going out, he’s going out on his shield without an ounce left in the tank and without every “what if” answered.

Shawn stares down at Centurion, borderline impressed. He’s always known who Centurion was. He’s always respected what he was capable of. Centurion can drag this out for as long as he wants, but he won’t delay the inevitable forever.

Time to end this.

Shawn stands over Centurions body, allowing Centurion to claw at his legs to try and pull himself up to face the Universal Champion. Shawn smacks Centurion in the head a few times as the Legend tries to stand, shoving his face to the side before winking at him and looking to lock up the Ego Trip!


Centurion rears back suddenly and unleashes a knife edged chop from hell across the chest of Warstein, catching him by surprise and leaving him wide eyed!


Centurion winds up with a right hand and hits Shawn with three consecutive hooks, sending the champion stumbling backwards!

HHL: Centurion is trying to fire back here!

PC: He looks furious!

He continues to pummel Warstein, Shawn covering up as he’s forced back into the corner! Centurion wails away with rights and lefts, then grabs Shawn around the neck and begins firing muay thai knees into the body of Warstein! Warstein collapses to his knees, and Centurion grabs the top rope, booting him furiously until finally the referee pulls him away!

What the hell has gotten into Centurion, here?!

Look at this fire!

Centurion backs away from Warstein, hissing and spitting furiously as he beats his chest like a madman and begins to scream wildly at the champion.

CENTURION: This is it, Shawn! Do you hear me?! I have waited TOO! FUCKING! LONG! FOR THIS! I have sacrificed too much, I have killed myself for this company dozens of times over! It DOES NOT end the way you want it to end!

Centurion charges back into the corner with another powerful knee, and Shawn collapses once more. Centurion once more wails away with punches before hooking Shawns head and hitting him with a powerful suplex.

Shawn skids across the canvas, stopping in the middle of the mat and trying to regain his senses. Centurion spins and stomps after him.


Centurion drives a powerful kick into the body of Warstein as the champion reaches his knees.

CENTURION: Eighteen years I have waited for my time at the top of the mountain! Eighteen years I have waited patiently!

Bloody Symphony!

Centurion all but decapitates Warstein! The flying knee drops the Universal Champion!

CENTURION: I have waited for this for too long…

Centurion latches onto Shawns ankle!




The champion is turned over into the submission hold!

He tries to crawl to the bottom rope…

… but Centurion drags him back to the center of the mat!

Shawn is trapped! He can’t get the rope break!

The referee asks if he wants to tap!

Centurion groans and screams, pulling at the body of Warstein as if he plans to tear it in half!

Warsteins hand hovers over the canvas!

HHL: This is it! The culmination of Centurions entire career!

PC: I don’t believe it!

In one last desperate act Shawn flails and manages to grab Centurions ankle and yank him off balance, while shifting his hips to increase the momentum and roll out of the submission and pull his feet away from Centurion!

HHL: That was… so close...

PC: I think Centurion is gassed. He’s taken so much damage, and that outburst had to cause an adrenaline dump. Not to mention… the guy is old… He didn’t have the strength to hold on to the finish.







The fans cheer both Legends as they lay exhausted on the mat beside each other. Their chests heave in unison, their eyes blank as they stare into the rafters, neither sure what they can possibly do from here.

Shawn crawls back to the far corner and tries to stand, but it’s obvious Centurion did some serious damage to that knee and he’s having a hard time standing.

Centurion rolls to his hands and knees and with every muscle he has forces himself back to his feet, but it’s obvious he’s spent. He’s exhausted. He’s given us everything he has to offer… just like he always have.

Warstein doesn’t grin. He doesn’t offer a cocky wink or a dismissive shrug.

He nods to his old rival, a nod that says a thousand words.

Centurion nods back.


… Iconic.

Shawn hobbles over to Centurion, and slowly the two extend fists and bump them in the center of the ring.


HHL: Warstein unleashes a massive haymaker as Centurion throws a counter hook!

PC: Both men connect!

It’s a flurry of rights and lefts as the two Legends pummel each other in a phone booth. Neither takes a backwards step, neither gives an inch! Warstein goes to the body and digs into Centurions liver, and Cortinovis lands an uppercut that sends a tooth flying from Shawns mouth! Centurion kicks at Shawns injured leg, but Warstein ducks and catches Centurions foot before wrapping him up! Centurion slides around to Warsteins back and looks for a suplex but a backwards elbow catches him clean and he releases his grip around Shawns waist! Warstein throws another combination of punches but Centurion ducks under them and gets a body lock on the Universal champion!

Centurion gets too close.

The moment he locks up Shawns body he feels Warsteins arms slip into position.

The two icons make eye contact…

… and twenty years of history flashes by in an instant…

Every drop of blood spilled between them. Every tally on the scoreboard, kept over two decades. Every inconclusive finish or unanswered question.

It all led up to this.

They both understand the significance, and they both accept it.



Shawn Warstein makes the cover.



It’s finally over.




The fans roar in approval after the epic bout, both men laying motionless on the canvas as the referee makes his way to the ropes and collects the Universal title from the timekeeper and carries it dutifully back to the two Legends. Fuzz slowly rolls to his knees, and then pushes his way to his feet. He takes his championship from the referee and slings it over his shoulder.

The referee takes Shawns hand and tries to lift it, but Warstein pulls away and returns his focus to Centurion, helping his fellow hall of famer up to his feet. The two share a few words for only them to know, and Shawn holds Centurions hand high to the approval of the Japanese fans.

With one final look at the Universal title, Centurion nods in congratulations and rolls out of the ring to let Shawn have his moment.

He makes his way up the ramp, and disappears backstage as Warsteoin celebrates in the ring.

PC: What an absolutely hellacious main event! And what a way to top off Leap of Faith.

HHL: Oh, I'm not sure we have topped it off!

PC: Why do you say that?

HHL: Because we're still talking and Shawn Warstein is still in the ring!

PC: And we haven't signed off the air yet....

HHL: Nope!

PC: And the cameras are all focusing on Shawn.

HHL: Yep!

PC: Ruh roh....

Indeed, Shawn Warstein is still in the ring, trying to shake off the aches from this hard fought match as he prepares to exit the ring.

PC: I'm sure his exit will be completely uneventful and oh ho ho hoooo, 'lemme stop!

And that's when it happens.

Shawn stops dead, eyes wide as something both desired and feared rears its head like a shadow behemoth from depths most foul. Shawn instantly stands up straight, backpedaling into the center of the ring as autonomic nervous response takes the wheel, preparing him to fight or die. But, beneath it all, the barest hint of a smile curves his lips. He wants this. Oh God he wants this.


And then, as quickly as it started, it just stops. The Engineer's music cuts out, the main screen pitches black. Shawn looks quizzical, but doesn't let his guard down. In fact, he casts a glance behind himself. There's no one there.

And then.....

HHL: ...LUX?!

Now Shawn looks truly confused. He tilts his head, looking at the ramp and taking a tentative step towards the ropes. But then, a masked woman explodes out of the stands! Her long tresses of dark hair trailing behind her as she makes a beeline for the ring, sliding under the bottom rope with no wasted movement.

In a nearly inhuman flash of movement, two syringes appear in her hands. Shawn, sensing something is amiss, wheels around to confront the mystery woman. Reacting on pure instinct and adrenaline, he manages to block one of the syringes as the woman tries to plunge it into his bicep, but he misses the second shot that imbeds itself in his neck! The woman deplunges the syringe, emptying the foul reddish contents inside the needle into him! Shawn shoves her to the canvas, but the damage has been done!

PC: What is going on?! Who is this woman?!

HHL: Does this remind you of anything? It's shades of how Shawn Warstein won the Universal Championship!

Now, Lux's music suddenly stops. Shawn clasps a hand to the injection site, scowling at the masked woman as she skitters away from him. In a rage, he advances on her when....

Yo! Yo! Yo! YOOOOOOOOOOOO! 'Hol up, white bread!

Another figure appears on the ramp, mic in hand! It's......

[Image: tekashi-69-7-696x464.jpg]

It's ya boi, TAKESHI SIX NINE, makin' house arrest my BIATCH!

PC: I have completely lost the thread here, what is going on?!

Back in the ring, Shawn stumbles a bit, his eyes starting to glaze over and go unfocused as the chemical cocktail in his body takes hold. Going to the ring ropes to steady himself, he still has the wherewithal to survey his surroundings. He sees the eerie mystery woman that stabbed him slither to her feet, but she just watches him ominously. Returning his attention to Takeshi, he mutters a curse even as his eyelids flutter.

I know you don't know me 'Cuz, but it's aight! You 'bout to. But you DO know the star of tonight's attraction! So without further a-uhhhh-ad-ad-uhhhhhh, time wastin' (!)....may I present the star of all my sex tapes from now on, the baddest bitch in wrestling history, and YOUR QUEEN OF THE XWF.....MADISON FUCKIN' DYYYYYSSSSOOOOOOOOOOON!

Takeshi waves theatrically behind him as yet another theme music hits!

Madison Dyson appears at the top of the ramp! Shawn slumps to the mat, not able to withstand the poison working it's way through his veins anymore, but that doesn't stop his face from contorting into a mask of fury! With an air of pomp she saunters out, a black crown inlaid with barbed wire sitting atop her dread locked head. Casting a glance at Takeshi, she summons him in closer and proceeds to perform a tonsillectomy on him with her tongue.

HHL: Oh, that is pure class.

With that done, and Takeshi now sporting a very visible erection in his skin tight designer jeans, the duo advance on the man formerly known as Fuzz! Shawn tries to pick himself up off the canvas, but all her can manage is to barely push himself up an inch. Madison demands a mic before rolling under the bottom rope. Then, considering Shawn with disdain, she sets in.

MADISON DYSON: Yeah, it's cool. Don't get up.

Shawn instead tries to pick himself up again, but with a bark of frustration finds that he cannot.

MADISON DYSON: I said....DON'T GET UP! Look needle prick, I want you awake for this but I can just as easily have Mercy dope you up again and if that happens you will violently shit your pants in the middle of this ring! Is that how you wanna go out? A fresh steamer in your britches?

Shawn glowers at Madison, and we see him mouth “Fuck you”. He's trembling now, and looks sickly.

MADISON DYSON: ”Fuck me?” “Fuck me?!” No fuck you, Fuzz! Fuck you for a great many things! Which I will tabulate. At length. As I make the rest of your life a living GODDAMN HELL for what you did to me! Oh, and by the by, nobody's coming to help you. Turns out that works both ways. A-HA-HEM!

She shoots a pointed glance at the camera.

MADISON DYSON: So, let's start out with the answer to the one million dollar question. Where's The Engineer?

Madison bends low to bring her face closer to Shawn's.

MADISON DYSON: He's dead. You killed him.

Madison intones with an icy finality. But despite the fact that he's barely hanging on to consciousness, this brings a small smile to Shawn's face.

MADISON DYSON: Funny, right? Yeah....yeah....

She reels back and hocks a vicious honker of a loogie right in Shawn's mouth! In the background Takeshi preens and cheers her on.

MADISON DYSON: You can eat a carton of dicks for that you mincing pink belly! Because now you gotta deal with me! And I know...I know what you're thinking! You're thinking dealing with me is gonna be playing the game on easy mode. And you got a point.

Madison stands back up as Shawn works his jaw in frustration.

MADISON DYSON: Up till now, I was always sitting in the backseat, content to guide others to glory. And quite frankly, nobody's done that better than me. I've managed TWO Universal Champions, one of whom is still the longest reigning champion of all time! The fact is, I never took my own career here all that seriously. And I want you to consider what that means, knowing that I won March Madness and became Queen of the XWF without really trying.

She licks her lips, her face twisting into something maniacal as she does so.

MADISON DYSON: But that ends now. I am once again taking myself very, very seriously. And I am taking you, very, very seriously. Which is a very, VERY bad thing for you. There will be no more Engineer's, Fuzz. Just you. And me. Until you break. And break you will. Because the weakness is written all over you. It was evident from the moment you refused The Engineer's challenge. It's evident with every piss baby tweet and weekly promotional emotional breakdown. You....are SHATTER!

Madison takes a step back and smirks.

MADISON DYSON: But first you're just gonna shit your pants. Mercy, hit him again.

Mercy scrabbles for the other needle Shawn blocked before, picks it up and jams it right into his belly! Shawn contorts and grimaces, eyes fluttering more rapidly now. Takeshi gets down on all fours, face to face with Shawn.

MADISON DYSON: Nighty night! Keep your pucker tight! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Finally, Shawn's body betrays him and he collapses into the void. He might even have shit his pants but it's tough to tell. Madison signals for Mercy and Takeshi to pick Shawn up and drag him into the corner. They do so, hefting his dead weight over there. Madison then gets to work on removing a turnbuckle pad, after which Takeshi and Mercy flip Shawn over and force his face down into the exposed metal of the turnbuckle.

PC: Oh my God! Oh no!

Madison playfully jogs to the opposite end of the ring and then, building up a head of steam, she pumps her arm in the air a couple times before running at Shawn and hitting a shattering drop kick to the back of his skull, slamming his mouth down into the unforgiving steel!

HHL: Oh, he's bleeding!

Indeed, Shawn's mouth has been busted open! Blood pours out from between his lips as Takeshi and Mercy let him unceremoniously slump back down to the canvas.

HHL: He needs medical attention!

Seeming very proud of herself, Madison showboats in the middle of the ring and signals for her music to hit once again! As if on cue, Takeshi and Mercy then lift Madison up on their shoulders as a pop sound can be heard and the entire arena is suddenly covered in leaflets dropping down from the rafters of the Saitama Super Arena! The camera catches sight of the leaflets. On each leaflet is a picture of Shawn Warstein's face with the words “A GIANT PUSSY!” stamped across his features. Madison snatches one out of the air as it descends and holds it up!

PC: Wow! Madison Dyson making a dramatic return and declaring all out war on Shawn “Fuzz” Warstein!

HHL: This feud is no doubt going to be red hot!




HHL: What?!

Sarah Lacklan walks out onto the entrance ramp, still in her wrestling gear, with the 24/7 Briefcase in her hand!

HHL: Are we about to see a cash-in?!

PC: Don't be stupid. NOBODY cashes in on the day they got the briefcase. She's too exhausted from the rafter match!

Sarah slowly walks down the ramp as Shawn lays in the ring. Sarah slowly climbs into the ring and leans against one of the turnbuckles.

HHL: Both Sarah and Shawn were in grueling matches tonight, and I'm not sure what either one have left.

PC: You sound like an idiot. This is NOT a cash-in! We all watched Sarah's dumb predictions vlog. She's out here to harass and annoy whoever won the Universal Championship match, just like she said she would!

Sarah pushes herself out of the corner and joins Shawn in the center of the ring. She looks down to where Madison Dyson has left Shawn laying, and holds the briefcase up high with her left hand and extends her right hand.

PC: See? She just wants to shake his hand!

HHL: Don't take it Shawn!

PC: ….okay, I wouldn’t, either…

Shawn looks up at Sarah's offered handshake for a few seconds and doesn’t move. Sarah rolls her eyes, raises the briefcase even higher, and offers her hand again.

HHL: Don’t!

PC: Quiet!

Shawn takes a deep breath, still dazed from the attack, and reaches out his hand, and-


Flips Sarah off!

HHL: The Universal Champ isn’t going fall for any shenanigans.

PC: Doesn’t look like Sarah is taking it personal, though.

Sarah laughs at the middle finger and offers one of her own in return. She backs up back into the corner, pushes herself up to sit on the top turnbuckle, and asks for a mic.

SARAH: Hey, Fuzzy! No hard feelings, man. Congrats on retaining, buddy! But just remember:

She holds up the 24/7 Briefcase and points at it.

SARAH: It’s only a matter of time before-

She snaps her fingers.

HHL: Sarah out here just to taunt the Universal Champion.

PC: I told you! She's here to remind Shawn, and everyone, that she'll come after him when she's good and ready...AFTER she terrorizes him!

Shawn finally drags himself to his feet, bloodied and beaten as he holds up his Universal Championship and mouths off to her.

HHL: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for tuning in to Leap of Faith! For Pip and the rest of the crew, this is-


Shawn collapses to the ground! Suddenly standing behind him, Kenzi Grey looks down at him, her braids hanging in her face. Sarah's face is a mask of wide-eyed shock.

HHL: What the hell?!

The Universal Champion holds the back of his head and struggles to get to his feet. Kenzi hits the ropes and drives him back down with the Walk of Fame curbstomp!

HHL: Kenzi Grey just attacked the champion!

PC: And look at Sarah! She's in shock at what's happening!

The referee moves to push Kenzi away, but then stops as Sarah leaps down from the turnbuckle and thrusts the 24/7 Briefcase into her hands!

HHL: Damnit!

PC: Look at that smile on Sarah's face!

The "shock" from Sarah's face is gone and is replaced by a smug smile. The referee asks if this is legitimate and she nods her head. The referee calls for the bell!



Shawn Warstein
- vs -
Sarah Lachlan
Universal Title Match

HHL: It's happening?!

PC: Did Sarah always mean to cash in tonight?!

HHL: Did she just wink at us? I think she just winked at us!

After indeed giving the announce booth an exaggerated wink, Sarah pulls Shawn up by his head, hooks his head under her arms, and drives him down with the Abyss Reverse DDT!

HHL: She's going for the cover!

PC: The referee is there!





Sarah Lacklan stands quickly, snatching the XWF Universal title up and standing beside Kenzi.

The fans are stunned.

Everybody is stunned.

Everybody except Sarah Lacklan and Kenzi Grey.

Leap of Faith fades off the air.




As always, a Special Thanks to everyone that RP'd for this show, and to the following people that assisted in match writing, segment submissions, graphics, and anything else that went into making this show possible. You're all the best!

Chris Page
Sebastian Duke
Sarah Lacklan
Theo Pryce
Jenny Myst
Big D
The Wizard
Shawn Warstein
Madison Dyson

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Greggo is looking bumpy as hell after all those bee stings, but he can't help but smile...

A flashback from around 2 weeks ago plays!

(07-12-2020 11:50 AM)GREGGO has a wet scrotum! Said:  "So there's this rumor going 'round that people on the xwf website saw Sarah Lacklan eyeballing my Manager profile less than an hour ago."

"I'm thinking this confirms reports that she's already received notice that I have been assigned as her manager and guaranteed winning ticket for the LoF match Ruby won't be winning. Why else would she just sit there starin' at my manager page all day? With this news not coming out of my first round Realtime Promo, Sarah will be more than able to comment on it right away if there's any error to this breakin' story."

"But some of ya doubted me. Then what happened in my client's promos? Didn't y'all think it was a little mmmmm fishy when this was as far as her comments about me went?

Sarah Lacklan Said:"Greggo...well...that’s all there is to say about that."

"That's not how my client talks about her opponents; she rips them to friggin' shreds spending 60 minutes a piece on them, mmmmmm..... But why would she do that to her own insurance policy? She wouldn't. Clients don't cut promos on their manager."

"Oh oh and guys, guys, it gets better. It was so obvious to the people watching the 24/7 halls... because here we are together."

(07-12-2020 02:07 PM)GREGGO has a wet scrotum! Said:  Greggo, standing next to Lacklan, can't help but giggle at Atty.

"Teehee, HaHa Atty. Mmmm, mmmm, MMMMM! Gurl you just got porked in a whole new way for once. Take your offensive comments and shove them at someone else. My client could walk you in her sleep."

Turning to his client, Sarah, he holds up a piece of folded paper...

"We're gonna kill it at LoF, Sar! You're already as good as cashing in on Fuzz after he bests that old fart Cent."

"Mmmm yup, oh and I even gave away the cash in on Fuzz and held the plans in the air. Heh. There was another point I also said out loud that the winner of Fuzz vs Cent would get cashed in on by my client but I think one quote is enough to prove it... and let's be honest we all knew it wouldn't be Cent getting cashed in on. HARDY HARR HARR! Now look who your champion is: My client. Duh."

"Sarah, I know we agreed I wasn't allowed IN yer Realtime Promos going into the show because I smell like used toilet paper, but have I proven myself yet? Or do I still need to sleep in the bird house out back? It's small. Didn't my divide and conquer strategy work great in the LOF match? I told you we would do better if we split up like that but keep careful not to hit each other. Thanks to me, I got the bee briefcase YOU may have ended up getting. I sacrificed this face for you, while you easily boyhandled Rubes so I wouldn't get cooties."

"Remember when I told you to cash in on Fuzz because I had guaranteed your win? Remember when I held up that piece of paper? That was written confirmation from Camp Engy that they were going to help ME help YOU win that there title. And look what happened. I told you the cash in was a lock, gurl. Doesn't MATTER how it happened. YOU were the one with the title at the end of the show."

"Please let me be in your promos now instead of keeping me hidden away when you're with yer friends. I shouldn't have to stay hidden in the toilet while I manage the most powerful wrestler of all time, gurl, but I'll let you decide where I work from as we put these wannabe athletes in their place right under your sexy, tiny toes."

Greggo has tears in his eyes. He is very emotional. He is shaking. Urine is traveling down his left leg when he barks out...

"Bow down to yer champion, X Dubyeh Eff! The Impenetrable Sarah Lacklan! You don't deserve my client!"

Sarah Lacklan's official manager and insurance policy moving forward, as established on July 12th, 2020.

Sarah definitely speaking to the whole roster and putting them in their place:
(08-06-2020 07:54 PM)Sarah Lacklan, Greggo's best client ever Said:  
YOUR best is losing again.

MY best is winning multiple championships and accolades at one event.

Then again, considering what all you have been doing while I was away, no one should be truly surprised.

Robert Main, 2nd highest ranking champion in XWF, admitting his (and your) place:
(08-06-2020 03:45 PM)Robert "The Omega" Main, speaking honestly and totes not being sarcastic at all Said:  The Engineer... Shawn... Cent... You... We all fall to the real queen of the XWF and new Universal Champion...
Buy in to the hype. Never before has it been so obvious who the top talent is. Never before has everyone embraced the top draw. Never before has a champion already defeated the whole roster without even beating them in a match. Drink the chilled coffee type drink. Accept her, worship her, and stop taking your eyes off of her.

I Said:"Obsession" is a word dem lazy failures use when they describe ppl who can focus on the same thing fer more than 2 seconds at a time. It's the lazy loser's insult to the art of dedicated execution. Trigger alert: It's like all those broke democrats who claim successful republicans are "obsessed" with money. LOLz

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As for you Fuzz? Sorry about the rough night, poopy pants. But it happens to the best of us. Right?


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congrats to sarah.. shine it up for me darling.. and that pussy too Tongue

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(07-27-2020 10:47 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  congrats to sarah.. shine it up for me darling.. and that pussy too Tongue

[Image: 4JeZ20n.gif]

Peter......why are you the way you are? Who hurt you?

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im just teasing girl Wink

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Ooc: Just popping in to say what a great ppv! Does great justice to the leap of faith legacy! Tremendous results to all the match writers and congratulations to all role players and awesome job working in all the big swerves and props to the big winners!

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(07-28-2020 01:19 AM)Unknown Soldier Said:  Ooc: Just popping in to say what a great ppv! Does great justice to the leap of faith legacy! Tremendous results to all the match writers and congratulations to all role players and awesome job working in all the big swerves and props to the big winners!

OOC- come back.

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With Robert "The Omega" Main

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What Page said

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OOC: Overall Career Record: 103-49-2
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Finally got a chance to read the entire show. Well done! Big shout out to Lacklan for incredible work in the LOF match!!

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[Image: fMJwa5h.png]

With Robert "The Omega" Main

- 2019 Heel of the Year
- 2019 Locker Room Leader of the Year (suck it Raven)
- 2019 Feud of the Year w. Robert Main (you’re welcome)
- Former XWF World Heavyweight Champion
- The most hated man in XWF History
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