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04-01-2019 03:30 AM

The cameras fade in to the stadium to show all of those competing at the Pay Per View standing at the top of the ramp, with Mastermind and his wife Maria standing in front, and General Manager Smoking Bill Williams or SBW for short, standing in the ring, holding a microphone. The crowd is errily quiet.

SBW gets given the cue to talk.
"Good evening everyone and welcone to XWF's Pay Per View, March Madness, now I'm this to be a great Pay Per View.

But before we start, as you all know our Wednesday Night Warfare is currently in the Midst of a World Tour, it's also halfway through its Australasian tour, just about to finish the New Zealand tour with their final match in Dunedin this coming Warfare.

But as you all know last Warfare was in Christchurch and as we all know just 2 days later on the 15th March, Christchurch and New Zealand as a whole was rocked by their first ever Terrorist event when a crazed gun man killed 50 Muslins in two seperate mosques while praying.

But instead of dividing the country which was his attenttion, it only brought the whole country together by everyone standing up with the Muslim community.

So we all know we have a proud Kiwi on our roster, Mastermind. So management with the rest of the XWF roster would like to honor Christchurch and New Zealand with a minute of silence.

"So please stand and join in this minute of silence."

The whole crowd stood and joined the XWF in an emotional and moving minute of silence. Mastermind was seen giving his wife a hug. Then after the minute was up:

"Thank you everyone for your thoughtfulness.
We'll take a quick break and when we come back we'll start with the Pre Show."


Federweight Championship Match

John Rogan

- vs -


- vs -

Justin Sayn

- vs -

Kid Kool

- vs -

Kuda ©

Elimination Battle Royal
500 Word Limit Trash Talk Only!

"War Machine" by Six Feet Under plays

War Machine by Six Feet Under begins to play. Lights go out. A red spot light hits him. He is in a crouched position. As fog begins to rise from the stage he then rises slowly to his feet with his hands together in a praying position. He looks up with a very twisted grin on his face as he moves towards the ring. He steps up on to the apron wipes his feet as he enters the ring. He then stands in the middle of the ring with his hands in the praying position once again and again giving a twisted grin.

"Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung plays

"Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung hits and the fans pop big time as hot pink and lime green laser lights shine all over the stage! " #koolioz " appears on the X-Tron in lime green over a hot pink background, as Kid Kool bounds from the backstage area and through the curtains, sending his fans [the so-called 'Kool Kidz'] into a frenzy. His girlfriend follows not too far behind as Kool rushes down the rampway, tagging hands along the way. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet. He unclips his hot pink-framed shades from his eyes, attaching them to the collar of his shirt...

Nash walks up to the ring and blows a kiss to her boy, who returns with a kiss of his own. He bounces off the far set of ropes, then the other, before hopping up to the top turnbuckle, procuring his cell phone and clicking the red button to take a quick vid of the jubilant XWF Galaxy for his YouTube video blog, " #TheKoolKidz " with Kid Kool!! He then pockets his phone, before rolling out, and walking up to a young fan, holding up a "#1 Kool Kid!" sign... Kid Kool places the sunglasses over the kid's eyes, as they beam with joy! Kid Kool smiles, before rolling back into the ring and preparing for the match.

"Enter Sandman" by Metallica plays

The lights dim, the excitement settles in the arena, Enter Sandman by Metallica blares, as the lights begin to pulsate. Onto the stage appears a silhouette of John Rogan, his arms out to the sides. As the drumming begins, the e-wrestling veteran walks towards the ring, the fans cheering, the lights pulsating. Once he reaches the ring, he slides in under the bottom rope, he throws his arms in the air walking around the ring.

"Discipline" by Nine Inch Nails plays

"Notorious" Ned Kaye walks down to the ring with a slight nervousness at the sheer size of the Miami crowd but this quickly turns to confidence upon hearing the cheer of roars.

"Knotty Head" by Denzel Curry plays

The Federweight Champion, Kuda enters last with a confident stride.

All competitors are in the ring, sizing up the champ as he enters the title still strung over his shoulder looking to hand it to a ref who isn't there. This is around the time Erratik stumbles out from underneath the ring and crawls under the ropes to enter, he slightly brushes past Kuda who takes offence and knocks Erratic down with the only title shot he'll see.

Erratik crumples to the mat, his face bloody from the hit. Justin Sayn spits on him before lifting him up and dropping him back down with InSayn Twist! Kid Kool steps up and drops Erratik with Kool Beanz! Rogan joins in on a bloody and brain dead Erratik and fractures his skull with The End Result! Erratik isn't down somehow, flailing around the ring like a headless chicken; Kuda hurls a steel chair that he grabbed towards Erratik at high speed and Ned Kaye adds to the momentum with a killer Van Daminator! This is enough to permanently destroy Erratik's face and sends him hurtling over the top rope with a pop from the crowd.

The actual competitors in the ring give a brief nod towards one another but still, no bell has rung and no ref is to been seen. Suddenly...

"Gardenia" by Kyuss plays

The crowd pop as Gator walks down to the ring in his trademark mask and a referee shirt, he smirks under the mask at Kuda and Ned Kaye who have mixed feelings. Sayn doesn't care and Kool's just happy to be there. Gator walks around the ring, confirms Erratik as dead and enters, signalling the bell to actually start the match.

Kaye is the first to sprint into action nailing a Bicycle Kick against Sayn, knocking him down. Kid Kool then blindsides Kaye running clothesline against the side of Ned's neck. Kid Kool taunts to the crowd but not for long as Rogan grabs KK and chucks him across the canvas with a huge belly to belly suplex! Rogan turns, right into a deadly knee from Kuda! The blow to the gut causes Rogan to crumple, Kuda the only man standing the crowd cheer. Kuda looks to Gator who blows him a kiss with a wink.

Momentarily confused, Sayn is the first to get up and charges Kuda, tackling him and pushing him against the ropes. Kuda begins to club Sayn's back but Justin doesn't relent, grabbing Kuda's leg and trying to push the big man over the top! Kid Kool joins in to eliminate the champ. Kuda pushes against his opponents and gains some leeway, until Rogan turns the tide.

Kuda is halfway over the rope, desperately clinging on. He manages to get a leg free and boot's Rogan in the jaw, knocking him away, Kuda drops to one foot and headbutts Kid Kool! Kuda smashes down on Sayn's spine and knocks him down, he then deadlifts Justin and hurls him over the top rope with a Fallaway Slam!


Kuda turns around and is immediately hit by a forearm from Rogan! Kuda shakes the cobwebs and replies with a backhanded slap against Rogan who wobbles from the strike. Gator sat smoking on the turnbuckles begins to call out for a trading chops spot. Rogan obliges giving a sharp chop to Kuda's chest. Kuda holds in the pain and smacks Rogan's sternum with a huge open palm. He cannot hide the pain as his chest turns bright red. Rogan turns in anger and makes knocks the wind out of Kuda's lungs with a nasty chop.

Kid Kool gets in between the two chops each man weakly, Rogan and Kuda look to each other and back to Kid Kool, simeaulteanously throwing a chop against both of KK's nips. Dropping him to the canvas. Ned Kaye has smartly been resting patiently for a good opportunity and sprints forth, knocking Rogan off balance with a low dropkick; Ned rolls on the mat and jumps up to Kuda hoping to land a surprise attack but Kuda's instincts kick in and he grabs Ned mid-air and drops him with a chokeslam!

Kuda beats his chest but is interrupted by Kid Kool jumping on his back and...


Kid Kool locks in the katahajime, legal Judo chokehold as Kuda stumbles around, his arms flailing like a zombie on a treadmill. Veins begin to pop in Kuda's head but he has the wherewithal to hook Kool's legs and he runs towards the corner and crushes Kool between his frame and the post. Kid Kool releases the hold and slumps against the turnbuckles; Kuda catches his breath turns in a rage and throws a godly right hook against KK, sending him flying over the top rope!


Meanwhile, Ned Kaye and John Rogan have been trading blows; Kaye trying to dodge the heavy strikes, wearing down Rogan's legs with quick kicks. Rogan grabs Kaye for a suplex but Kaye quickly breaks the hold with a few precise elbows to Rogan's temple and whips him into the corner where Gator is sitting; Gator quickly scrambles out onto the apron to get out of the way and gives Kaye a death stare. Kuda looks over to Rogan and rushes over, throwing himself to crush him but John quickly steps out of the way and throws Kuda into the corner.

Rogan meets Kaye in the center and knocks The Notorious One down with a brutal lariat. Rogan picks Kaye up and hurls him into the corner against Kuda, Rogan builds up a head of steam running into the opposite corner and sprinting back towards the two for a spear but Kaye runs ahead and stops Rogan's momentum with a glancing knee!

Rogan drops to the mat as Ned Kaye is spun out and crashes against the canvas, Rogan stumbles up to his feet, clutching his forehead and looks to Kuda on the second rope. Mammoth Killer!

Kuda hits the second rope spear and the two collapse on the mat. Rogan is dazed, looking up at the lights. Kuda begins to sit up but is laid back out with running double knees from Kaye! Ned rolls up to his feet and sees Rogan slowly getting up to his feet with aid from the ropes. Rogan turns around right into a Bicycle Kick from Kaye! Rogan is toppled over the ropes!


The crowd roar as the final two competitors face in the ring. Kaye moves away from the ropes circling Kuda who kneels, staring a hole through Kaye.

Ned Kaye runs at Kuda who lays down on the mat, Kaye jumps over and goes against the ropes. Kuda leaps to his feet and runs to meet Kaye with a knee but Ned quickly leapfrogs over Kuda which causes the champ to run into the ropes, his knee extended he halts himself.

Kaye turns with haste and grabs Kuda from behind and throws him over the top rope!

The crowd pop in disbelief!

Gator pops! Getting ready to lift Ned's arm.

But only for a moment as Kuda lands on the apron!

Kuda clutches the ropes for dear life; Kaye clenches seeing victory and stomps on Kuda who doesn't budge!

Kaye tries to kick Kuda out but to no avail.

With a roar; Kaye kicks Kuda's head and goes against the opposite ropes.

He sprints forward as Kuda groggily raises to his feet.

Kaye begins to leap!

But Kud throws his shoulder against Kaye's gut and pushes him away.

Ned Kaye stumbles into special guest referee Gator who gets pissed off immediately and shoves Kaye. Ned, shoves back arguing with Gator for a moment. Kuda gets back into the ring.

Kaye begins to prod Gator one too many times so he responds with a kick to the gut and...


Gator drops Kaye with the Powerbomb Cutter, to a mix of cheers and boos from the audience. Kuda shakes his head and grabs the back of Kaye's neck who is more or less out of it and tosses him over the top rope.



Gator grabs the Federweight title and hands it to Kuda, Gator lifts Kuda's arm in victory and the reigning champ basks in the glory for a minute before turning into Gator.


Kuda annihilates Gator, both knees going hard against Gator's injured spine causing him to scream and flail in agony. Kuda, throws the title over his shoulder and exits the ring, patting Kaye's shoulder recovering on the outside. The scene fades as Kuda holds the belt high above him, leaving up the ramp.

The scene is the XWF pre show banquet room where various XWF super stars are partaking in the customary pre show buffet. While most of the starts don't particularly care for each other there is an unspoken understanding that the pre show meal is sacred and that no shenanigans are to take place during this time of cease fire.

As the various stars starting taking a seat at the circular tables placed randomly throughout the room a few of the stadium's event staff start bringing out hot pans of food and placing them in their assigned spaces on the food table.

The door to the kitchen swings open and out steps Drew Archyle in a chef's hat with a pot of something under his left arm and a stirring spoon in his right hand. He starts barking out orders to the event staff before kicking the door to the kitchen back open and disappearing.

As the scene begins to fade out we catch a table situated in the corner with a few dozen copies of Drew Archyle's cookbook placed atop it.


HMW Championship Match

Mad Dog Vally

- vs -


- vs -


- vs -


Backstage Brawl!
First Person to Get A Pinfall or Submission Wins!
3 RP limit

Mad Dog Vally is the first to appear back stage, followed by Drezdin, then Mingernind and finally the HMW Champion, EDWARD.

Valley and Edward look to one another and then to Drezdin and Mingermind who are just standing around, probably drunk.

Valley goes to Mingermind who is already crying and boots him against the concrete wall. Valley provides to just throw knee after knee into Mingermind's face, breaking several bones and painting the room red.

Edward produces a spear from nowhere and hurls it at Drezdin which impales into his thigh, Drezdin screams in pain. Edward then produces another spear, but this time the wrestling move and mows down Drezdin. He then begins to loom over Drez and throws heavy right hooks against Drezdin's skull.

After a while, the two tire of the snuff film they're making and look at one another. Valley charges Edward.


Stopping Valley's momentum and causing him to fall to the ground.


A heavy boot comes crashing down on top of Valley's spine, forcing him against the cold floor.


Edward tries to bite Valley but he counters with an elbow to Edward's mouth and rolls away, getting to his feet.

Valley sprints towards the champ and knocks him down with a lariat, Edward quickly gets back to his and charges Valley who dodges and helps send Edward towards an open dumpster. Edward falls into the trash and thrashes around for a moment, he reappears with a banana skin comically placed on his head. Edward looks at the garbage and looks towards the camera, a single tear rolls down his face like the sad Native American from that thing.

Valley walks over to the dumpster and grabs the lid, smashing it down on Edward's back causing him to flinch in pain. Valley tries again but Edward too smart and halts the impact with one hand and throws a punch with the other, knocking down Valley.

Edward stands up and gets a foot on the edge of the dumpster and leaps off with a mighty splash.

Edwards was about to attempt a pin but Mingermind interrupts, placing a hand on Edward's shoulder.

Bad idea.


Mingermind stumbles back holding his hand in shock.

In some kind of blood rage, Edward leaps on top off Mingermind.


Edward begins to repeatedly smashing his fists against Mingermind until blood pools out onto the floor and Mingermind lays still.

Several XWF officials come in to stop the bloodbath, crowning Edward the winner!


The scene opens up with a limo pulling up in the back. It parks by the back entrance. There are some fans cheering behind a barricade. The door slowly opens up and out steps CENTURION.

He grabs his bag from the trunk, and give the fans a wave. They are all holding out pens and stuff for him to sign. He waves them off and mouths “I’m sorry” as he walks past them.

Disappointed the fans quiet down and notice another limo pull up by the opposite door. They all rush over there screaming even though they have no idea who it is. There is just one man left standing there where Centurion was.

A man dressed in all black, wearing a Jason mask. He titls his head as the camera cuts to the ring for the next match.


R.L Edgar

- vs -

Azrael Erebus

Edgar's entrance music starts playing and comes from the back and heads straight to the ring. He gets inside and waits for his opponent.

The audience is on their feet and screaming when Azrael Erebus' music hits the speakers but when he doesn't emerge from the entrance and several seconds pass, the adoration is replaced by sudden and immense confusion. That's when the music is cut abruptly and the crowd churns with displeasure. For most this is directed toward the situation, to a small select few returning to their seats, it's because the churro guy at the concession stand is all out of churros. R.L. Edgar on the other hand, gives a sly grin and pulls out a pocket microphone. It's like a regular microphone, only pocket sized and appears to hook to his cell phone. He apparently just carries that on him.

"Well... well, it looks like the great and powerful, Azrael Erebus isn't going to show. I guess he must have teleported back to his own timeline. Pssssh... what a load of crap. That pathetic, sack of shit is afra..."

Appearing out of nowhere and everywhere, all at once. Azrael Erebus materializes directly behind Edgar and sends him flying with a big boot. Edgar's tiny mic and phone go soaring into the audience and one lucky fan couldn't be happier. Meanwhile the ref frantically signals for the bell and this match begins!

Picking himself off of the floor, on the outside of the ring, R.L. Edgar glares at Azrael with daggers shooting out of his eyes. Metaphorical daggers, just to clarify. Erebus responds by smiling warmly and waving. This only angers Edgar and he rolls into the ring. Rushing towards Azrael with purposeful intent to destroy an alien. He goes for a Spear. Erebus vanishes. Edgar crashes into the ring post and Azrael reappears directly behind him. Lifting Edgar in the air, he sends him to the canvas with a Belly to Back Suplex. Although once Reginald hits the mat, he pivots around like a breakdancer, spinning his body like that canvas just converted to cardboard, he catches Azrael off guard with a Leg Sweep. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, is not only a euphemism here tonight, when Azrael's seven foot tall frame crashes to the canvas, the force of the impact thunders through the entire arena, like Zeus sent a thunderbolt down from Mt. Olympus.

Edgar rises and wastes zero time before attacking the spaceman. Catching him with a Diving Double Axehandle, Edgar's clenched fists strike with absolute precision. He then begins to hammer away at Azrael's face, with his fists. Striking over and over again. Erebus responds by reaching up and grabbing Edgar by the throat. Extending his arm upward, Azrael proceeds to lift Edgar, while still laying on the mat. Soon Edgar finds himself dangling over the spaceman, looking down, right before Erebus tosses him across the ring. Edgar collides with the ropes and Azrael hops up to his feet, right as Edgar comes zooming back towards him. Only for Edgar to get caught in the grasp of Erebus again, sent down with a Chokeslam.

Reginald slams into the canvas and he flounders about like a fish out of water, from the agony that ensues. Grabbing the smaller man up, Azrael hoists him in the air again. Preparing for a Gorilla Press Slam. Yet Edgar manages to halt this from happening, when he kicks the fearless universe traveler, directly in the head. This throws Erebus off his game, much like a kick to the head would do to anyone. Causing him to stumble back, losing his grip of Edgar. Reginald drops from his hands and falls towards the top turnbuckle. Instead of this being a catastrophe though, Edgar uses the momentum and catches the top turnbuckle with his hands, turning potential chaos into a handstand, momentarily before he pushes himself off of it. Launching into a Super Diving Dropkick!

The crowd screams in awe of Edgar's flexibility and total dexterity but in truth, the man is just high and experiencing one of those moments when not even gravity can ruin his buzz. He slams into Azrael and they both drop to the canvas. Where Edgar gets Azrael in a Rear Naked Chokehold! Yanking back as hard as he can, Edgar screams in fury! It's almost like he wants to snap the man from the stars' neck! Edgar pulls the hold as tight as humanly possible, despite Azrael's efforts to stop this, he can't seem to get ahold of the smaller man and cease his suffering. So he does the next best thing. He snaps his fingers and one of the ropes on the ring, yanks away from its tethering. Then slithering, much like a snake, it wraps around Edgar's waist and whips back. Startled Edgar loosens his grip as he is thrust directly out of the ring. Crashing into the outer fan barricade, he crumples into a heap as Azrael sits up and holds his throat. Clearly effected by what Edgar had done.

Azrael then gets to his feet, and slides out of the ring to where Edgar is. He stomps him a few times before forcing him to stand and throwing him back into the ring. He follows and as Edgar tries to get to his feet, Azrael follows up with a massive flying clothes line. He then goes for the cover.







Sarah Lacklan

- vs -


No Role Play Limit - But you need to add trash talk against other opponents as well.

The lights go out in the arena.

The jumbo tron flares to life.

The voice which would make a choir of angels weep from a mixture of awe and jealousy fills the air and it says 'Eyes on Me'

The X-TRON goes dark again to leave the entire arena in darkness. Then a red spotlight flashes down on the entrance area as the heavy guitars of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata begins to play over the PA system and a body steps out onto the entrance ramp. Kenzi Grey, the sexiest valet in the history of all sporting events, is wearing a "Team Kickass" t-shirt and stands in the spotlight for a moment, but then moves out of the way and gestures for a hooded figure to step forward. Sarah throws back her hood to show the white face and red eyes of the Blood Princess. They make their way down the isle with the red spotlight following them as the rest of the arena stays dark. When they come to the ring they slide underneath the ropes and upon standing, Kenzi and Sarah stand nose to nose and are clearly on the verge of saying "F this!" and just having some kind of public sex event instead of the match. But cooler heads prevail and Kenzi helps Sarah remove her robe to show the green and gold skin-tight bodysuit beneath.

The lights dim and all the screens in the arena become a wall of green code. As the opening scream of “We Appreciate Power” is heard, the code starts to slowly twist and bend into the outline of a woman's face, interspersed with shots of Lux in action ruining people's shit with brutal kicks and strikes. Lux appears at the top of the ramp, looking determined and ignoring the crowd. He runs into the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and rolling to his feet like a little goddamn ninja. The lights all turn back on and he's mean mugging his opponent or staring up the ramp and waiting for them. [/color]

The bell rings and this bout is underway. Though its only a semi final match up in the March Madness tournament, this feels like a Universal Championship fight. Two new competitors in the XWF who have proven to be immovable forces, the dynasty, Sarah Lackland against the enigma, Lux. Who will move on to the finals???

The crowd is pumped and MY GOD! Lux wastes no time running it at Lacklan! He leaps with a knee to the head but Lacklan side steps, jumps and wraps her legs around Lux, taking him down with the scissors. Lacklan has Lux, she mounts him and smashes a palm to the bridge of his nose, she shifts up a grabs the arm moving the legs around his neck for a triangle!

But Lux shifts his weight and rolls Lacklan on her back with a bridging pin!


Quick kickout for Lacklan!

Both are on their knees for a second before a quick spear takedown from Lux to Lacklan. He sends a nasty forearm down across her head, and goes for another but he tried using too much force and Lacklan was able to roll out of the way. She's quick to her feet and sends the point of her boot right into Lux's rib cage. As he grabs for his ribs, Lack takes the arms and locks it, dropping to the mat and wrenching it backwards. Lux shouts out in pain and squares his body up to maneuver over for strike but Lacklan sends a boot to his face, followed by another quick boot!

Lacklan wrench back on the arms again!

Lux flops on the mat, screaming in agony, as it looks like his arm might get broken if he doesn't tap out. But Lux jumps from his back onto his feet, breaking the hold but seriously damaging his arm in the process!

Lacklan is up and charges at her quick and skilled adversary, but he ducks under her running spinning heel kick and makes his way towards the opposite ropes, he lunges at Lacklan uptop like he's leading with a clothesline, but just as Lacklan goes low to avoid, he drops with a sliding dropkick to her chest.

Lacklan is knocked back and rolls under the ropes. Lux quickly slides after in pursuit, but Lacklan is quicker sliding back into the ring. As Lux climbs back onto the apron he's caught with an impressive martial arts kick. Lux starts to fall backwards, but Lacklan grabs his bad arm, wraps around it with her legs and starts wrenching it over the top rope as she dangles down towards the mat.

The ref comes for the count





Lacklan uses every second of the ref's count before letting go and backing away. Lux las on the apron, grabbing at his arm and trying to pull himself back up. Just as he gets to his feet Lacklan runs and dropkicks him through the ropes, sending him flying from the apron and crashing onto the fan barricade with his chin.

She gives no quarters, scaling the top rope and peering out at Lux waiting for him to get to his feet, and just as Lux does she dives off with a flying round house!
But Lux doges and catches her landing with a shocking punch right to the throat. Lacklan is down and grasping at her neck trying desperately to breathe. Lux lifts her and connects across her cheek with a spinning backfist planting her against the barricade.

Lux takes a few steps back and the takes off with a full sprint. Helluva kick across the chin! Lux grabs Lacklan and rolls her back into the ring covering her.



Sarah Lacklan kicks out!

Lux stays on her though, picking her up and moving her to the corner where he sends a nice back armed chop across her chest. Then a chop from up high, another back armed chop from the left, another from the right, welps are starting to form. Lacklan stumbles away from the corner as Lux steps back, Lux goes for a roundhouse to send her back, but Lacklan ducks, rises up and rams Lux face down to the mat with a brainbuster.


Lacklan steps back, waiting for Lux to get to his knees!




Lacklan steps back, and watches Lux as he gains his barring's. Lux swings wildly, and OH FUCK! AN EARTH SHATTERING RIGHT HOOK ACROSS LUX'S JAW FROM LACKLAN!








Lacklan gets ups frustrated, spitting on Lux and kicking his leg off from the rope. She jerks him up by the locks in his hair, BUT WAIT!

















But as Lux comes to the mat he sends an sickening forearm to Lacklan's mouth breaking the hold. Lux stumples back. Lacklan rolls away.

The two stand as the crows roars with approval.

Lux charges a kneeling Lacklan…











Game Girl

- vs -

Dolly Waters

No Role Play Limit - But you need to add trash talk against other opponents as well.

Akira by Anamanaguchi blasts as colored lights pass over the roaring crowd. Game Girl springs from behind the curtain and begins to energetically hops down the ramp. Smiling, waving and high fiving fans. When in the ring she proceeds to power up.

Devil by Shinedown starts playing on the Arena's Sound System and Dolly makes her way from onto the stage before heading to the ring, and getting inside.

Both competitors meet at the center of the ring to be briefed by the official before departing to their respective corners. The fans seemed pumped for this contest, with dueling Dolly and Game Girl chants being lobbed back and forth. Finally, the bell rings and this semifinal contest for the March Madness tournament is underway!

Dolly sweeps into the center of the ring, and Game Girl meets her there for a lock-up, but Game Girl quickly shifts behind Dolly and tries to wrap her up from behind, Dolly elbows Game Girl, reversing the rear waist lock and dumping Game Girl back down with a suplex. Game Girl quickly rolls to her feet, trying to shrug off the pain, but Dolly is relentless, wading back in on Game Girl. Game Girl surprises Dolly with a High Kick! Stunning the champion, and she quickly parlays that into a Shift-Slide, knocking Dolly off her feet!

Game Girl waits for Dolly to rouse. Dolly throws a wicked haymaker, but Game Girl is able to dodge, countering with an Atomic Headbutt, followed by another attempted High Kick! But Dolly ducks under the kick, and Game Girl lands on the mat hard. Dolly snaps onto a standing moonsault while Game Girl is on the mat, and pulls GG's leg up into the first cover of the match!


2....KICK OUT!

Unsatisfied, but not really surprised, Dolly wrenches Game Girl up by her hair and whips her hard into the turnbuckle. Game Girl seems to glitch a tad on impact, and the sheer force of the throw causes her to bounce out of the corner and onto the mat. Dolly hits low with a baseball slide type kick, quickly chaining that into an anaconda vise! Game Girl cries out in pain and tries to power up enough to get out. Dolly leans back on the hold hard, drawing another cry of protest from the video game princess. But then, with a flash of 16 bit force, Game Girl charges up an aura of energy and releases it, stunning Dolly and sending her snapping back. Dolly rolls multiple times and Game Girl staggers to her feet, working out the pain from the hold.

Recovering quickly, Dolly runs at Game Girl, but GG counters it into a surprise Bimmy to Jimmy belly to belly suplex that chucks Dolly into the ropes! Dolly lands hard on her shoulder. With Dolly on the mat, Game Girl performs her Get Over Here! The fans pop as Game Girl lanyards Dolly into a big time Raging Uppercut that drops the Hart Champion! Game Girl covers!



Game Girl goes to force the shoulder back down for another cover, but with a battle cry the Hart Champion starts lighting GG up with a series of nasty elbow shots from the mat. Grappling her then, Dolly irish whips Game Girl into the ropes. Game Girl slides past Dolly on the rebound and rolls under Dolly's strike. Hitting the ropes then, Game Girl charges back at Dolly but gets caught by a boot to the stomach followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Dolly then floats over and goes to lock in the Hart Lock! The fans pop....BUT GAME GIRL FIGHTS OUT before it can get locked in!

Frustrated now, Dolly picks up one of Game Girl's legs and drops numerous falling elbow shots into her thigh, before once again wrenching her up to her feet and grappling her, nailing her with a reverse atomic drop followed by a viscious clothesline. Dolly covers again.



Dolly heaves her up again, lighting her up with a series of elbow shots, and then a kick to the side, and then another clothesline. Game Girl barely ducks the clothesline, reaching up and over and pulling her down into a headlock takedown, followed by a brutal kick across Dolly's back! Game Girl then backs off, trying to catch a breather. Dolly gets vertical, and starts gesturing for Game Girl to bring it on again! But Game Girl doesn't, wagging her finger and starting to circle Dolly. Dolly, annoyed by the keep away, makes a move towards Dolly, but instead gets a drop toe hold for her efforts, nailing her face right into the bottom rope! Dolly clutches at her nose and rolls out of the ring to put some distance between them.

Game Girl remains in the ring, and her eyes start fluttering. Canny observers and fans will note that it's Game Girl activating her Konami Code cheat menu! In a flash, Game Girl Fast travels and appears right in front of a stunned Dolly! Game Girl launches into her Kitsume-Rana combo, finishing it off with a sick hurricanrana DDT to the floor! But this seems to take some of the wind out of Game Girl as well, and she takes a breather. Dolly takes a long time to rouse, and she uses the ring apron to get standing again. Game Girl approaches her, nailing her with a basic kick, then a punch, followed by a Swift Strike then sends Dolly flailing into the crowd control barricade. GG approaches her again, and Dolly ducks low and rocks her opponent in the abdomen out of desperation. Game Girl launches back with a punch, and then another punch, before dragging Dolly away from the barricade and trying to throw her back into it. But Dolly puts the breaks on, takes hold of GG's arm in the process and rocks her fucking face with a big time rising knee strike! GG goes down!

Dolly, muttering and looking pissed, starts to peel away the padding at ringside as the ref's count starts.




Dolly grabs Game Girl, hefts her up and dumps her onto the concrete with a big time sit out spinebuster! Game Girl cries out in agony!




Dolly, hearing the count, picks Game Girl up and tosses her back in the ring. Game Girl rolls to the center, back still arched in pain. Her eyes flutter again, she's accessing another Cheat Code out of Desperation!

Dolly climbs to the top rope and takes flight with a big time diving elbow, Macho Man style, but upon nailing Game Girl with it, she finds herself reeling in pain, snapping off of Game Girl and holding her sternum! GG used Mirror Mode! IT WAS SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Game Girl uses the opportunity to roll over and cover Dolly!




Game Girl slaps the mat in frustration! Not letting her anger get the best of her though, she herself goes to the top rope! Ad she uses another cheat! BIG HEAD MODE! Game Girl's head swells to ludicrous size! And then she takes flight, dropping her massive dome onto Dolly's body to deliver the world's most massive diving headbutt! GG shakes her head, returning it to normal size, before trying another cover!



3....NOPE! DOLLY KICKS OUT AGAIN! Game Girl cries out in frustration and starts peppering Dolly with a series of punches before standing up and dropping a spinning legdrop on her!

Game Girl drops down for another cover....BUT DOLLY SURPRISES HER WITH A SMALL PACKAGE!



3.....GAME GIRL KICKS OUT WITH A FRACTION OF A SECOND TO SPARE! Shaken by the close call, she gets up and away from Dolly. Dolly slowly gets standing, prompting Game Girl to cautiously close the distance. She throws out a quick kick as a feint, which Doly dodges, but follows it up with a leg sleep. Dolly jumps over the sweep, and, upon landing, rocks Game Girl's jaw with an uppercut, followed by a closed body shot, and then a knee to the abdomen, another closed body shot.....Game Girl gets forced into the ropes, and she slips through to the outside. With no wasted motion, Dolly gets on the ring apron and launches off it with a picture perfect moonsault, landing right on Game Girl. The count is on again!



Dolly mounts Game Girl n the outside, laying in some sick shots with her fists and elbows, before forcing her up. She throws Game Girl into the ring apron, then takes a hold of her again to toss her into the crowd control barricade.



Game Girl stumbles out after hitting the barricade, and right back into Dolly's waiting arms. Dolly drop toe hold's Game Girl to the floor and then floats over to lock in THE HART LOCK! Dolly wrenches and pulls, tearing muscle and ligament, and there is no way for Game Girl to break the hold!





Dolly curses upon hearing the count reach 8, so she scrambles to her feet to roll in and out of the ring to break the count up. By this point, Game Girl has rolled onto her stomach and is trying to force herself up. Dolly does a double foot stomp down on GG's back, forcing her back down, before dropping onto her spine for a camel clutch! Hooking her fingers in Game Girl's mouth, she pulls and wrenches!





Dolly then releases the hold, snapping Game Girl up by the hair again and forcing her back into the ring. Game Girl rolls away from Dolly upon hiting the ring. Dolly rolls in after her. Game Girl reaches a hand up, summoning her WARHAMMER, which appears in her hand out of thin air! The ref immediately takes issue with this, telling her she can't use the weapon and has to get rid of it or risk being DQ'ed. Dolly uses the distraction to push past the ref and start punching GG again. GG drops the hammer. The ref kicks the hammer out of the ring, or tries to anyway but only succeeds in stubbing his toe!

Dolly, with the momentum again, his a big dropkick to Game Girl's face, knocking her into the corner. Dolly irish whips Game Girl into the opposite corner, and in the process GG passes over the hammer. Dolly follows her into the corner, but Game Girl surprises her, picking her up and dumping her spine first onto the hammer! Dolly screams and Game Girl,exhausted but ready, sees her chance! Game Girl sways her fingers in the air, performing her Metronome technique! She goes to pluck someone's finisher out of thin air....but who's will it be??

Game Girl waits for Dolly to get up....before nailing her with Vinnie Lane's BLACK LABEL DRIVER! She stole the boss' move! Game Girl goes for the cover!



3! YES, YES, WAIT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BY GOD DOLLY KICKED OUT! Game Girl argues with the ref, her expression shocked beyond belief!

Dolly rolls over, her face a rictus of pain. Game Girl finally concedes the ref was right, but looks deeply saddened by it. She grabs hold of Dolly, slowly pulling her up. She lands a punch on Dolly, and then another, and another. Dolly locks out on her feet! Game Girl finishes the punch series of with a big roundhouse kick that sends Dolly into the ropes. Dolly hooks an arm over the rope, barely holding on. And with that, Game Girl starts to glow red....she's powering up for her ULTRA COMBO....

...NO, HOLY FUCK! DOLLY EXPLODES OFF THE ROPES, LOU THESZ'ing her to the mat and just starts rocking her with punches! Dolly screams like an animal just landing shot, after shot, after shot! The crowd goes nuts! Finally, Dolly, looking woozy or exhausted, rolls off of Game Girl, getting away from her to go to a safe corner. Game Girl moves slow, getting up on her knees trying to shake out the cobwebs. And then, with another unexpected and insane burst of energy, Dolly charges at Game Girl and HOLY SHIT SHINING WATERS! SHINING WATERS! Right to Game Girl's dome! Dolly covers!!



3.....YES THAT HAS TO.....BUT IT ISN'T! GAME GIRL GETS A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! Dolly cannot fucking believe it!

Dolly rolls off of Game Girl, covering her face with her hands. Finally, she slaps both hands on the mat a few times, pumping herself up, trying to work up some more momentum. Dolly sits up,and slowly goes to the top turnbuckle.....she starts calling for her rarely used SIMPLY STUNNING manuever!

A hush possesses the crowd, time seems to slow to a crawl as Dolly measures Game Girl. Game Girl finally stands up, she's not facing Dolly, but she soon turns around.....







We open up backstage, XWF Legend Centurion pacing in a hallway and preparing himself for his first match in the company in a half decade. Already changed from his suit to his ring attire he bounces up and down several times, then crouches low and stretches from side to side. He pauses when he feels a shadow fall across him, a tension rising in his body as he stands suddenly and turns around to see…

James Raven, the People’s G.O.A.T. and fellow XWF Legend, a man that Centurion himself helped bring up in this sport and helped to turn into a pillar of the company. Raven smiles at Centurion, but says nothing.




The fans inside the arena break into a loud chant for the two founding members of one of the XWF’s most historic stables, so loudly that they can hear it from the bowels of the arena. Still the two icons say nothing to each other but the smile on Ravens face grows wider and wider. Centurion looks around awkwardly, and realizes there’s nobody else around. Finally he cracks, and returns the smile to his old friend.

[b]CENTURION: It’s nice to see you.

RAVEN: Likewise. Are you medically cleared for tonight? I’d hate to see you break a hip climbing into the ring.

CENTURION: Don’t stand here squawking at me all night, kid. You’ve got a gift wrapped tag team title to go out there and “defend”.

RAVEN: Nellie called. She said not to forget your blood pressure medication.

CENTURION: Try to look pretty out there while Drew carries you to a win.

They both smile and share a laugh, Raven patting his old friend and mentor on the shoulder and stepping past him. He turns around to look at Centurion before drifting away.

RAVEN: I guess you’ve seen the next Warfare card by now? Any thoughts?

Centurion is quiet. He thinks for a long while, eyes drifting down to the floor as he ponders. He looks back up at Raven, smiling once more.

RAVEN & CENTURION: Fuck the Black Order.

They extend their hands simultaneously, shaking like gentlemen and sharing one last laugh. The Prophecy never dies. The Prophecy is forever.

RAVEN: Good luck, Andy.

James turns and makes his way down the hall without another word, leaving Centurion alone to continue his pre-match preparation.

Number One Contenders Match for the Hart Title!

Tony Santos

- vs -

El Príncipe

- vs -

Natia Ngata

- vs -

Bearded War Pig

Fatal Four Way!! Elimination Match - Last person left standing becomes number 1 contender for the Hart title
No RP limit!

"A Lesson Never Learned" hits, roaring guitars filling the arena. Tony Santos descends down the entrance ramp, black trench coat on his back, taking slow, confident strides toward the ring. The disdain from the crowd pouring in, Tony Santos takes it all in with a smirk that would put Alex Rodriguez to shame.

The chorus (Could be the end of the world, I'd still be laid here on my own, wasting my life away!!!) hits, Santos ascends the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle, one hand raised in the air, depicting the championship he always assumes he holds. Boos mixed with indecision rain in from the crowd, Tony still smiling, still loving the life he lives and the job he holds.

Santos jumps off of the turnbuckle and hits the mat with his two feet, giving one more raised arm to the crowd, then turning toward the entrance ramp, awaiting his opponents..

The opening riffs of Deafheaven's Dream House begins to play, and all in the arena go silent as the arena begins to darken, and all spotlights shine on one man walking from the back and kneeling, looking down calmly. As the drums begin to kick in, the man - El Príncipe himself - bolts up as the arena blasts in white and gold as El Príncipe looks out to the crowd. The two forces in the arena stare at each other as the crowd cheers or boos for him. Finally, wasting no more time as his manager, Klaus Alfssen walks out behind him and tapping him on the back, El Príncipe sets forth walking calmly as the guitar riffs and screamed vocals rock the arena. El Príncipe steps into the ring slowly, analyzing the situation before him as he takes a deep breath, bounces on his toes and gets ready for the match.

The opening lyrics of Underoath's "A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White" play over the PA system, accompanied by the gradual dimming of the arena lights. A spotlight shines on the stage and Natia Ngata emerges from the back, wearing a Vapor95™ Shockwave Zip Up Hoodie. She drops to one knee in the center of the spotlight, looking down at the floor as the music builds. Once the harsh vocals kick in, she explodes to her feet, flipping the hood back and raising one arm in the air to a modest pop. With a wide, nigh-manic smile on her face, she jogs down the ramp, slapping hands with fans on her way to the ring. At ringside, she climbs onto the apron and steps between the ropes.

Once the vocals hit in “Between Now and Forever” BWP emerges from behind the curtains fierce and swift. Headbanging in a power stance his head almost smashing into the rampway, he really gets excited. Sprinting down toward the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope. Combat rolling to his feet he throws up one arm with his hand forming the “shaka” symbol. His thumb and pinky sticking out while the rest of his hand is knuckled up into a fist. Pig then chooses a turnbuckle, which he sprints toward. Turning last second slamming his back into the buckles before sliding down until his ass hits canvas where he sits kind of like Raven from WCW, awaiting the bell.

The bell rings to start the match and all 4 competitiors look at one another from their own corners.

Suddenly Bearded War Pig rushes at Natia Ngata, and Tony Santos does the same with El Principe.

Natia tries to protect herself but a flying knee fron BWP has Natia in all sorts of trouble. BWP follows up with a low kick then executes a DDT before finally locking in the Devildog Drop a.k.a German Suplex thrown into a Stunner which is done perfectly....

Meanwhile Santos hits El Principe with a Diving Crossbody which sends them both to the canvas before Tony follows up with punches and then he executes a flying neckbreaker before hitting the Tony Award a.k.a Shooting Star Press.

Both BWP and Santos pin their respective opponents at the same time with the referee starts the 3 count simaltaniously.





Tony stands up smiling but his smile turns to horror as BWP is on him within seconds of the 3 count. BWP hits Santos with a flying knee that sends Tony backwards into ropes, he rebounds and is met with a low kick which forces him to bend over, and BWP executes a DDT which BWP goes for the cover.




BWP gets up smiling. He looks down at the fallen Santos and pulls him to his feet by his hair. He sets Tony up for the Power Bomb. But just as he is executing it, Tony counters the move by using his weight to bring himself down on his legs, and exectues his own DDT.

Tont gets up still recovering from the initial attack, so he backs into the ropes and tries to suck in enough oxygen as possible.

Meanwhile BWP gets to his knees and looks over at Santos with disgust.

He starts to stand up, but Santos makes his move first and hits BWP with an enzuguri. He then follows up with a punches. He manages to land a few before BWP pushes him away and tries to follow up with a low knee to the groin but Santos anticipates this and blocks it and grabs BWP leg and launches him backwards into the ropes.

BWP rebounds and Tony follows up with a massive shoulder hit that it sends BWP to the canvas hard. Tony then sets up for The Final Destination a.k.a Senton Bomb.

Tony executes 95 percent of the move but just as he is on his way down, BWP lifts his legs and catches him flush. BWP gets up as Tony writhes on the canvas in pain. BWP goes for a quick cover.



3... no kick out at 2 and 3 quarters.

BWP quickly gets to his feet, and starts stomping away on several parts of Santos's body just like a pig ready to attack its victim. He starts laughing knowing that he has Santos right where he wants him.

BWP helps Santos to his feet. He sends him into the corner before running in after him. Suddenly Tony dives out of the way. BWP hits the corner so hard that as he stumbles backwards he grabs his chest. Santos follows up with a neck breaker.

Santos quickly gets up and sets into another TONY AWARD a.k.a Shooting Star Press. He executes it again perfectly, and goes for a cover.





Tony will meet the Hart Champion on the 24th April Warfare card.


Jack Nation

- vs -


Jack Nation's entrance music hits the Sound System and Jack comes from the back, and walks out onto the stage, and he walks straight to the ring. He gets inside and waits for his opponent.

Centurion's entrance music hits the Sound System and Centurion walks from the back onto the stage. It's his first match back in the XWF after being gone for a few years. He heads straight to the ring, and gets inside and waits for the bell.

The two XWF originals stand in their respective corners, the fans cheering loudly as the referee calls for the bell to get this battle of classic superstars underway. Jack Nation smiles slightly and tilts his head to look out at the crowd, bouncing from side to side and getting ready for war. Centurion looks calm, eyes focused on Nation as a pocket of the crowd begins to chant his real name.


*Clap! Clap! ClapClapClap!*


*Clap! Clap! ClapClapClap!*

Centurion steps forward and wases to the center of the canvas where Jack Nation meets him, still smiling and offering up a hand, eager to tie up with the Legend. Centurion reaches out slowly and touches Nations hand… and… finally… the two lunge forward and lock up! We’re OFFICIALLY underway! The crowd pops loudly at the early action, ecstatic to see Andy Cortinovis back in an XWF ring for the first time in five years! Centurion gains the advantage early, twisting Nation into a hammerlock but Jack is able to roll away and shoot in on Centurions legs! Nation drives Centurion back into the ropes before eventually dumping him to the canvas with a traditional double leg takedown! Nation tries to step over and mount Centurion, but the multiple time World champion is able to block his advances and escape back to his feet! Nation stands as well… but a hell of a dropkick from Cortinovis sends him back to the mat and skidding across the canvas! Centurion charges Nation, leaping into the air for an elbow drop. It connects! Nation grasps at his midesection and rolls around, wind knocked out of him, as Centurion hooks his leg and looks for an early cover!



Jack Nation is able to catch a breath and kick out, shoving Centurion off of the top of him and climbing slowly to his feet. Centurion isn’t willing to give him even a second to recover and charges again, looking for a clothesline! Nation sees him coming and drops to the canvas, pulling the top rope down and sending Centurion flying over the top and to the floor below! My God! Centurion took that landing hard, let’s hope the veteran superstar didn’t break anything! Centurion crawls around groggily outside the ring as Jack Nation rolls underneath the bottom rope and joins him, grabbing the Legend by the hair and pulling him to his feet. Nation whips Centurion powerfully into the ring post, a loud ‘CLAAAAAANG!’ echoing through the building as Cortinovis’ skull bounces off the steel. Nation keeps his grip on Centurion, holding him up as his knees buckle and wheeling around to hurl him into the fan barricade! Centurion goes head over heels into the wall! That looked absolutely brutal!

The referee screams for Nation to get the bout back into the ring and starts to count the two old schoolers out. Nation nods his head and lifts Centurion to his feet once more, sliding him back underneath the ropes and following close behind. Nation covers Centurion and the referee drops down to make the count!




No! Centurion is able to get a shoulder up and keep himself alive! Nation hits Centurion with a few powerful ground and pound shots, trying to soften the Hall of Famer up! He shoves Cortinovis flat once more for a quick follow up. The ref starts up again!



Nation is clearly frustrated, but nods his head and gets right back to work. He drags Centurion up to a vertical base and irish whips him into the ropes, Centurion rebounding and baseball sliding underneath Nations leg as he goes for a big boot! Nation is off balance and spins around as Centurion pops up and rebounds off the far side ropes… V TRIGGER! Centurion obliterates Nation with a flying knee to the skull that echoes through the building like a baseball bat hitting a tree trunk! Good GOD! Nation has to be concussed after that impact, but Centurion looks disoriented still and can’t capitalize! Both men are down on the canvas, but the crowd here in Miami is on their feet!

“Let’s go Na-tion!”


“Let’s go Na-tion!”


Centurion crawls slowly for the ropes, pulling himself slowly to his knees as he shakes his head to try and clear the cobwebs. It’s obvious the damage Nation did outside the ring has taken a toll on him, but even on autopilot the fifteen year veteran finds a way to swing the momentum! Centurion takes a few deep breaths and reaches for the top rope, pulling himself from his knees to his feet and refocusing on Nation. Jack has begun to stir as well, rolling to his hands and knees as a thin trickle of blood falls from his forehead to the mat, staining the canvas. Centurion takes a slow step forward to make sure he’s steady, then moves for Nation… JACK NATION ROLLS CENTURION UP! Small package! The crowd is shocked, and even the referee takes a minute to process what’s happening before making his move!




NO! CENTURION KICKS OUT! Jack Nation almost stole one there, and he knows it! He turns to the referee, pleading and telling him he started the count too late but the ref simply shrugs and tells him to keep fighting. Before he has a chance Centurion grabs Nations wrist and throws his legs up, locking in a tight armbar and slamming Jack flat to the mat! Centurion could have this here, that armbar looks cinched in and Andy Cortinovis has put away legitimate legends with this move… Nation doesn’t have a prayer!

Jack flops and flails, trying to roll away from the pressure! He can’t! Centurion is trapping him in position with his legs, and he tweaks his grip and bends Nations arm at a horrific angle!

Nation screams in pain!

His hand hovers over Centurions knee, ready to tap!!!

He gets his foot across the bottom rope, and the referee immediately calls for Centurion to relent! Centurion lets go of the arm bar promptly but isn’t happy about it. If he had been a few inches closer to the center of the mat, this one would be over! Centurion stands slowly, turning towards the fans and smiling as they roar loudly for him. Nation stands as well, clutching an elbow that may have been dislocated there, but gamely turns to face the XWF Legend and shouts for him to bring it on! The two men jump to the center of the mat and begin trading knife edged chops and overhand right hands, delighting the crowd as they light each other up like Christmas trees! Nation decks Centurion with a short elbow to the jaw and hurls him into the ropes! Centurion rebounds and Jack Nation hits a beautiful belly to belly suplex, sending Centurion flying over his head and crashing hard to the mat! Nation scrambles over to his prone body and grabs the neck of the Legend, looking for his famous half nelson choke! He’s got it! It’s locked in! The Katahajime! Jack Nation has Centurion in his judo submission, and Cortinovis may be fading quickly here! His face begins to turn a bright red, and then a deep purple!

Centurion is going to go out!

Centurion pushes himself up to his knees, and finally pushes up to his feet! Nation has to be careful here, if he keeps this grip he’s going to be in perfect position for…


Nation lets go of the choke!

Centurion rolls atop Jack with his last ounce of energy!

The referee makes the count!




Winner - Centurion

CENTURION is in the ring raising his hands after a hard fought battle. Suddenly the lights go out. On the X-Tron flashes the following.

“Those who run are destined to be forgotten”

“Those who hide are destined to be found”

“Those who fight are destined to be forever”

When the lights come back up NATION is no where to be found, and CENTURION is laid out in the middle of the ring. Standing over him is the man from earlier with the Jason Mask. The man looks around and then squats next to Centurion. You can hear see him mouthing something. The camera pans in and you can hear what he’s saying.

???: I’m sorry. It had to be you, it always had to be you.

The man stands up and slowly removes the mask from his face. Every inch feels like a minute. The crowd is in a frenzy of anticipation. As he lifts the mask off, he puts his head down to obscure their sight. Slowly he lifts his head to reveal.....

Former XWF Universal Champion.......


Fuzz squats next to Centurion once again and whispers into his ear, but this time the camera can’t pick up what he said. Fuzz stands up and gets out of the ring. Fuzz slowly makes his way up the ramp and pauses for a moment and looks over his shoulder towards Centurion and just shakes his head.


"The Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves

- vs -

Dolly Waters

This match is NOT sanctioned by the XWF!
1 RP Limit

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as the opening riff of Unholy blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. Graves walks down the the ring to a mixed reaction. At the bottom of the ramp he takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Graves stands up and raises his arms out to his sides like a cross. He slowly lifts his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade in.

Devil by Shinedown starts playing on the Arena's Sound System and Dolly makes her way from onto the stage before heading to the ring, and getting inside.

The cameras cut to outside of the stadium on a little side road leading to towards the talent parking lot. We see Dolly Waters dressed in a t-shirt and jeans checking in with an XWF official as we await what will serve as the conclusion to a feud dating back nearly two years.

Dolly is bouncing around, throwing punches at the air waiting for Michael Graves to show his face. Suddenly the screech of tires burning rubber fills the air, Dolly turns around to see the Robbie Bourbon Rape Van flying towards her from the parking lot.

Dolly dives out of the way and smacks onto the pavement just before the rape van smashes into a guardrail. Dolly looks up to see that the official hadn't been so lucky, he's pinned between the guardrail and the front of the van, blood pouring from his mouth as the tires on the van continue to spin. She drags herself up from the ground and imps over to the van, swinging the driver side door open, only to see a blowup doll and a cinderblock on the bass peddle.

She grabs the cinderblock and lays it on the ground, but suddenly, she's smashed over the head from behind with a double axe handle from Michael Graves who was laying in wait. He snatches Dolly by the hair and slams her face into the side of van multiple times before grabbing her by the back of the pants and rag dolling her entire body into the van. Dolly bounces from the van and slams onto the ground. Graves lifts her face by the chin and lines up with a devastating punch right to her nose, blood splatters against the van as her head bounces back.

Graves lifts Dolly up, and it looks like he's about to powerbomb her into the side of the van, this could be crucial. But once up on his shoulders, Dolly starts teeing off on Graves' head, tearing away Graves' mask and ramming her thumb right into his eye. Graves starts to lose balance, Dolly wraps her arms around his head driving him down onto, and THROUGH the fucking cinderblock with a spiral DDT.

Dolly gives herself a moment regain her footing, and remembered a certain detail about the van. She walks over to the passenger side and pops the glove box, there's a fucking hand gun inside! Dolly grabs the little .38 and walks back over towards Graves just in time for him to be stirring up to his feet. She runs over and smacks him in the face with the butt of the handle, teeth fly from his mouth as he plants down ono his rear. Dolly cocks the hammer back and aims at Graves, he reaches his arm out begging her to stop,

"Dolly I'm sorry I-"

Without hesitation Dolly fires a round right into Graves' knee and he screams out in pain and horror, this prompts Dolly to bash the gun into his skull again. Dolly wipes some blood from her nose and drags Graves from his hair into the back of the van. She hops in the driver seat and speeds off towards the arena. She drives through a cargo entrance and into the actual stadium, tearing down a portion of the XTron, but suddenly Graves is up, climbs from the back of the van and jumps on the wheel, turning it hard to the left and sending the van crashing off from the stage and onto the arena floor.

Dolly's head whiplashes and smacks against the steering wheel, the airbags deploy and the dash is rammed into the her legs and gut. The crowd stands as a collective gasp overtakes the arena. A few moments pass and finally Michael Graves emerges from the back of the van, limping from the gunshot to the knee and now wielding the gun. He rips open the driver side door to the van and drags Dolly out by her hair as the her lifeless body smacks against the ground.

Graves mounts Dolly, cocking the gun back and pointing hit right to her bloodied forehead, he pulls the trigger!

But the gunshot goes awry and shoots a nearby Steve Sayors right through the throat. Just as the gun was fired Dolly ad rammed piece of broken off gear shift she was concealing into Graves' kidney causing his arms to fly up. Graves screams in agony as Dolly hobbles up to her feet and grabs the gun from the floor, shooting Graves in the back of the other knee. The crowd is silenced with shock and horror. Dolly mounts Graves again and begins striking him over and over in the face with the heavy steel of the gun. Graves' blood begins splashing on Dolly's face as his physical reactions to the beatings end.

Dolly stands and grabs Graves by the leg but she is being cut off by a medical team who has made their way off of the stage. At the top of the XTron Vinnie Lane, Darius Xavier, Atticus Black and Bob Williams stand motionless in shock. Dolly points the gun at the EMTs and commandeers their stretcher. She lifts Graves up onto the stretcher and starts rolling him to the ring.

The management teams starts talking amongst themselves and soon make their way down to the ring. Dolly as she gets closer to the ring, takes off running with the stretcher, sending Graves flying into the steel ring post. She picks him up and rolls him under the bottom rope, and before rolling in after him she grabs a chair from under the ring.

Graves slides his way over to the corner, sitting on his bottom and inaudibly pleading for Dolly to stop this onslaught, but he catches a boot directly to the mouth instead. Dolly then wedges his lifeless body with the chair supporting his head in the corner Dolly limps her way all the way to the opposite corner- it looks like she's setting up for a most devastating Running Waters knee strike!

She takes off at full speed, but suddenly Lane slides under the ring followed by the rest of the management team and stops in front of her.

"He's had enough, Dolly."

Lane can be seen pleading to Dolly Waters off mic with his hands out,

Darius Xavier puts a hand on Dolly's shoulder who is visibly shaken and asks for the gun that she's still holding. After a moment of self deliberation, Dolly hands Darius the gun, he pulls her in and rubs her head as tears begin streaming from her eyes. Lane stands in the center of the ring between Dolly and Graves and opens his arms. Dolly falls into Lane as he catches her and hugs her tightly, tears pouring from her eyes as he kisses her forehead. Management along with the audience begin applauding.

But after the jubilation, everyone turns to notice that Graves has started crawling his way up to the XTron, the crowd is singing his goodbyes, but suddenly!

It's Vita Valenteen! Her music hits and the crowd is ecstatic. She stomps her boot right on Grave's hand as he's crawling up to the exit, leans down and waves a finger in his face. Vita lifts Graves up on her broad shoulders and carries him back to the ring.

She slides him under the ropes and Graves drags his way to the center of the ring, finding himself somehow able to climb to his knees. Vita screams out at Dolly before catapulting on the ropes...

Dolly takes off running towards Graves!

A springboard dropkick from Vita and a Running Waters from Dolly connect to opposite sides of Graves' skull at the same time!

Dolly covers him...





ITS FUCKING OVER! Lane calls for the bell as the announcers calls Dolly's name as the victor!

Winner - Dolly Waters


N.A.Z.I. & The Great Buzzard Eli James

- vs -


No RP Limit

Hanzel und Gretyl - Mach Schnell by Hanzel and Gretyl hit's the Stadium's sound system, Nathaniel Adolph Zachary Idenhaus, appears at the the entrance to the arena, his icy cold eyes of pure hatred, locked straight in front of him as he raises his arm in a traditional Nazi salute, promptly professing a loud and proud - Sieg Heil! Dropping his arm, a small, sadistic smirk slides onto place upon his face as he begins his decent down the ramp, marching the entire way to the ring. He then climbs the steel stairs, steps over the top rope, takes his place within the ring and awaits his tag team partner.

Open by Hellbinki hit's the Stadium's sound system. The lights go out. The lights come on very dim with a blue haze with fog smoke everywhere. Eli makes his way to the ring smiling and taking is precious time.. he's in no hurry.

"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons hits the airwaves as the XWF Tag Team Champions Drew Archyle and James Raven walk out from the back Drew slaps hands with some of the fans that are lined up along the entry ramp. Raven then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp with Drew right beside him. Raven stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring. Once Drew reaches the ring he quickly follows Raven up the steps and climbs in between the top and middle rope and into the ring. Drew removes his leather jacket and tosses it outside of the ring while he leans against the turnbuckles chatting with Raven.

The two teams confer with each other as the referee calls for the opening bell, deciding who will start the match off. Slowly Eli James steps out to the apron, leaving N.A.Z.I. to kick things off for the challengers. James and Drew see this and Raven pats Archyle on the shoulder before stepping through the ropes, leaving the true tag team title holder to get Apex rolling. Drew and N.A.Z.I. race towards each other, immediately unloading with furious punches that bring the fans to their feet! They hammer each other in the center of the mat before N.A.Z.I. changes strategy and iris- errrr… German whips Drew into a neutral corner. N.A.Z.I. pursues but Drew throws a back elbow and catches him right in the mouth and sends him staggering backwards. Drew turns and sprints across the ring hurling himself through the air with a senton that hits N.A.Z.I. like a cannonball! N.A.Z.I. hits the mat like a ton of bricks! Drew rolls over and scrambles back to the Apex corner, and James Raven gets the tag and leaps over the ropes and into the ring! N.A.Z.I. tries to reach Eli but can’t before Raven drags him back to the center of the mat and lays heavy boots to his midsection. Raven drags N.A.Z.I. to his feet before hitting a swinging neckbreaker and looking for a quick cover.



Eli James leaps into action and drops and elbow on Raven to break up the pinfall, the referee turning around and giving Eli a stern warning. Suddenly Drew Archyle charges back through the ropes and spears Eli like a freight train! My GOD! Eli James was nearly snapped in half there! Raven nods his thanks to Drew as Archyle retreats back to the corner. Eli crawls desperately for the bottom rope and rolls out to the apron. James Raven climbs to his feet and motions to pump up the crowd, bringing a roar from the fans as N.A.Z.I. tries to stand but only manages to get to all fours. Raven turns and sprints towards him… V-TRIGGER! RAVEN DRILLS N.A.Z.I. WITH THE V-TRIGGER! Raven rushes to the Apex corner and tags in Drew Archyle instead of looking to cover! Drew climbs the turnbuckle! He lines up N.A.Z.I. and hurls himself from the top rope with a flying crossbody! N.A.Z.I. rolls out of the way and Drew crashes and burns on the mat! N.A.Z.I. dives for his corner and tags in Eli James who is still trying to recover from Drew’s spear a minute ago! Hesitantly Eli steps through the ropes as a charged up Drew rolls to his feet, barely feeling the effects of his failed crossbody, and sprints at Eli! Another spear! Drew is going to break Eli’s ribs before the night is over! Drew looks for a cover!



N.A.Z.I. reaches underneath the bottom rope and grabs Eli’s foot, draping it across the rope and signaling to the referee who stops his count! N.A.Z.I. just blatantly cheated there! Raven is furious at the other end of the ring but there’s nothing to be done now. Drew hammers Eli with a few right hands and lifts him to his feet, irish whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a powerful clothesline on the rebound. Eli folds like a cheap poker table and Drew flattens him out, looking for another cover!




Eli manages to kick out, but barely. Drew retreats to the Apex corner and tags Raven back in, giving himself a breather. Raven steps in confidently and smiles to the crowd as he waits for Eli to climb to his feet. Raven hits Eli with a sharp jab, then boots him in the midsection and doubles him over. DDT from Raven! Eli is sprawled out on the canvas and it doesn’t look like he’ll be moving anytime soon! Raven heads for the corner and leaps athletically to the top rope without touching the turnbuckles, and springboards backwards for an incredible Ravensault! N.A.Z.I. is back in the ring though, and drags Eli out of the way! Raven is able to adjust midair and lands on his feet in the center of the mat. N.A.Z.I. stands up and turns to face Raven! F.Y.S.! James Raven connects with a superkick that stiffens N.A.Z.I. like a board and sends him falling back against the ropes! He bounces forwards lifelessly…





James Raven leaves N.A.Z.I. out cold on the canvas and dives to The Apex corner to tag in Drew Archyle! Eli James still isn’t moving and has nobody to protect him now! Drew hauls Eli to his feet!




Both of the challengers are down! Drew Archyle covers Eli James as James Raven stands triumphantly over a vanquished N.A.Z.I. and pumps his fist along with the referees count.





Steve Sayors is seen standing just in front of the men's locker room. To his left, Ned Kaye is on his feet, wiping the sweat from his face with a clean, white towel. His hair is rough from his spirited performance and his face is somewhat somber looking as Steve begins to loudly caw into the camera.

Steve: "Hello to everyone out there in the XWF Universe! I'm Steve Sayors and here beside me is "Notorious" Ned Kaye, the bright young man who made his debut tonight!"

Ned visibly winces at the abrasive pleasantness of Sayors' voice and demeanor.

Steve: "So, Ned, unfortunately you were unable to achieve victory in your first match in the company. Do you have any clue what went wrong out there?"

Ned: "Nothing."

The interviewer stammers a tad, looking shocked at Ned's quick answer.

Steve: "No-n-nothing? But you los-"

In a swift motion, Ned Kaye grabs Steve's hand firmly bringing the microphone to his lips.

Ned: "You misunderstand me, Sayors. Allow me to be more clear. I did fail to attain the Federweight title. I did fail to win tonight's match. However, I needn't have to explain that failure does not define an individual, it challenges them to improve. What you see as a series of events where some gear fell out of a place is in all actuality a chance to study the machine more. You mistake failure for a weight holding one down when it's a spring that propels us forward. If I had given up the first time some punk-ass school kid knocked me to the ground, I wouldn't be wrestling and I sure as all hell would've never walked into this stadium tonight."

Sayors squirms slightly, becoming more and more uncomfortable with Ned's grip. Noticing this, Ned lets go. Steve runs his hand over his sore wrist, breathing in sharply.

Ned: "With that in mind, Steve, I do hold animosity for this specific loss."

Steve: "You mean to say you blame someone for your defeat in the battle royal?"

Ned: "Not necessarily, but it's fairly obvious he gunned for me. You know it as well as I do, John. That's why at the next Warfare I insist we settle this... issue like men. One on one. In the ring. I believe you'll find it far more difficult to compete with me when you're not letting others wear me down for you. But I suppose we'll get that answer at Warfare. I am brimming with anticipation."

A smirk sprawls across Ned's face as he prepares to walk off-screen to end the interview.

Steve: "But wait, Mister Kaye! Who do you think will win tonight's main event between Robert Main and Chris Chaos?"

Ned pauses a moment, giving Sayors a snide look.

Ned: "With all due respect, I couldn't give less of a damn currently."

He walks off, leaving Steve with a slightly stunned expression before the scene cuts away.


Thaddeus Duke

- vs -

Donovan Blackwater ©

3 Rps 2500 Word Limit!]

"My Name Is Human" - Highly Suspect starts playing on the Arena's Sound System. Silence.


GUITAR! White light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from the ring posts illuminating the vertical Illuminatus Iron Cross banners (white field, blue cross,) hanging from the lighting rigging above each corner of the ring. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Dolly Waters, Revolution Prime hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement. The Xtreme title slung over his shoulder

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in blue and white colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers before hopping over the top rope into the ring. He makes his way to each corner, giving the Bret Hart "I love you" pose with the Xtreme title held high. Once all four corner are done, he hops back to the outside and takes selfies with fans at ringside. Mostly kids and teens.

Bad Kharma by Ida Maria hit's the Arena's Sound System All three brothers emerge, with Donovan, in the lead. Pausing briefly, the brothers look around at the exuberant crowd, with immense entertainment. Sharing an amused glance to one another as the fans scream. From there they walk in unison to the ring, occasionally separating to approach a random fan that's losing their mind. Clearly, enjoying the effect they have on the crowd, the Brothers Blackwater continue onward. Once they reach the ring, two of the brothers hold up the bottom rope, as the Donovan slides into the ring. That brother then takes his place in the squared circle and awaits his opponent, while basking in the cheers from the audience.


The following contest is set for ONE fall with a 15 minute time limit. And it is for, the XWF Television CHAMMMPIONSHIIIIP!

There’s a short delay, and the crowds anticipation grows. The longer the delay, the more restless they grow.

CROWD: “We want Duke! We want Duke! We want Duke!”

”This capacity crowd here in South Florida, highly anticipating the return to the XWF of former three time Xtreme Champion, Thaddeus Duke!”

Radio Silence.

The arena falls dark.

More delay.

More restless anticipation from the crowd.

”Hello My Name is Human” by Highly Suspect plays.

GUITAR! White light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from the ring posts illuminating the vertical Illuminatus Iron Cross banners (white field, blue cross,) hanging from the lighting rigging above each corner of the ring. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, strobing in blue and white colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving.

”This young man has been pretty vocal about his excitement in returning to the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. It’s save to say, this crowd is excited too.”

Thaddeus is a little overwhelmed by the love shown to him by the XWF Universe. He throws up the “I love you” sign with his right hand.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd cheers as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. Once he can reach fans, he slaps hands old school style, going from side to side. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at his admirers before hopping over the top rope into the ring. He makes his way to each corner, giving the Bret Hart "I love you" pose. Once all four corner are done, he hops back to the outside and takes selfies with fans at ringside. Mostly kids and teens. He then grabs a fan sign that reads: DUKE = RATINGS and shows it to the camera. He waits at ringside, conversing with fans as his entrance music fades out.

Bad Karma by Ida Maria plays.

”And here comes the XWF Television Champion!”

All three brothers emerge, the XWF Television Champion Donovan Blackwater, in the lead. Pausing briefly, the brothers look around at the exuberant crowd, with immense entertainment. Sharing an amused glance to one another as the fans scream. From there they walk in unison to the ring, occasionally separating to approach a random fan that's losing their mind. Clearly, enjoying the effect they have on the crowd, the Brothers Blackwater continue onward. Once they reach the ring, Ezra and Raphael hold up the bottom rope, as Donovan slides into the ring. Donovan Blackwater then takes his place in the squared circle and awaits his opponent.

Thaddeus Duke climbs back into the ring, staring across the ring at Blackwater.

”Introducing the challenger, from Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Standing 6 foot 1 and weighing 2 hundred 10 pounds. Thaddeus...”


Thaddeus Duke nods his head as the crowd cheers, then gives the arm motion signal to get louder, before hopping around a bit and removing his hoodie.

”His opponent. From Brooklyn, New York. Standing 6 foot 2 and weighing 1 hundred 82 pounds. He is the reigning, defending XWF Television Champioooon. Donovaaan...”


Blackwater raises the TV title high.

”This is what its all about, folks. An established up and coming star, the reigning champion Donovan Blackwater set to do battle with a young man returning to action, that was white hot 18 months ago.”

Before signaling for the bell, the referee points to Ezra and then Raphael Blackwater, then points toward the stage WITH AUTHORITY!

”This crowd, firmly behind the referee’s decision to eject the two Blackwater Brothers. Donovan doesn’t really seem to mind either though.”

With the Brothers headed toward the back, the referee signals for the bell and this TV title match is officially under way.




Blackwater and Duke circle each other as the crowd begins to come unglued with anticipation. The two lock horns in the center of the ring before Blackwater traps Duke in a side headlock. Duke backs Blackwater toward the ropes and shoves him off. Donovan flies toward the ropes and on the rebound delivers a shoulder tackle to Duke, dropping him to the mat.

Blackwater backpedals toward the ropes and bounces off, giving him greater forward momentum before leaping into the air with an elbow drop. Just before landing though, Duke rolls out of the way and Donovan crashes hard and clutches his elbow. Duke pops to his feet, but Donovan gets back up as well.

The two lock horns once more and this time its Duke trapping Blackwater in a side headlock. He’s then thrown to the mat with a take over and Duke wrenches the headlock a little more.




Donovan soon starts to fight out of it though, forcing he and Duke to vertical base before delivering a succession of elbows to Duke’s abdomen. Blackwater backs him up to the ropes and shoves him off. On the rebound Duke tries a quick clothesline but Donovan ducks under, sending Duke’s momentum to the far side. On that rebound, Blackwater catches Duke with a big drop kick which lays out the challenger.

Blackwater is back up quickly and delivers a series of elbow drops to Duke in quick succession. With Dononvan back to his feet, he decides to lift the challenger to his before tossing him into the corner. Blackwater chases him in, but Duke is able to telegraph it and hop over Donovan with a sunset flip pinning combination.



But Donovan kicks out. It was closer than he’d have liked but the challenger caught him off guard this time.




Both men get to their feet quickly, but this time Donovan is slightly quicker. He drives his shoulder into Duke’s abdomen, forcing him hard against the turnbuckles. Blackwater then delivers a series of shoulders to Duke as he’s trapped in the corner. Once he tires of that, Blackwater backs off and Duke falls to his hands and knees. Donovan, not one to waste an opportunity, rolls Thaddeus up in a three-quarter nelson, trapping Duke tightly.



Duke kicks out!

That was close and Duke knows it. He rolls out of the ring quickly, trying to regain his breath. Donovan starts to follow him but the referee intercedes, stopping him with little protest. Once the referee turns his back, Donovan quickly runs and slides under the bottom rope.


Blackwater stalks his prey.


Donovan grabs Duke by his wrist and spins him around, delivering a forearm smash to Duke’s face, before tossing him crashing shoulder first into the ring steps.


Duke winces in pain in a heap next the ring and leaning against the steps.


Blackwater smells blood in the water and lifts his slightly younger challenger to his feet, before sending him to the arena floor with a vertical suplex.


The move stuns Blackwater momentarily before he gets back to his feet.


Blackwater rolls back into the ring after getting to his feet.


Duke is stirring on the arena floor.


Thaddeus uses the ring skirt to aid his recovery as Donovan starts to count along with the referee.


Thaddeus Duke rolls into the ring at the last second and Donovan Blackwater can be seen smiling and mouthing the word ‘damn’.




Donovan doesn’t allow his challenger to rest long as he moves on him quickly. Blackwater lifts him to his feet and tosses him toward the ropes. On the rebound, Thaddeus has no answer and Donovan scoops him up, before slamming him down across his own knee with a pendulum back breaker.

Donovan then hooks the leg and makes a cover.



Duke kicks out!

If Blackwater is even slightly frustrated, he doesn’t really show it. The pin was more to gauge how close he might be to putting Duke away for good. Donovan gets back to his feet. Grabbing his challenger by his hair, he pulls him to his feet only to send him right back to the mat with a side Russian legsweep.

”The champion has been in firm control of his challenger near the entire match! Maybe Thaddeus Duke wasn’t quite as ready for Donovan Blackwater as he thought!”

Blackwater gets back to his feet and stalks his prey a little as Duke is slow to get up. Once he does so, Blackwater sends Duke to the ropes on the rebound…

”Making friends!

“I don’t think that move made Thaddeus Duke his friend though!”

Duke face plants from high in the air after the alley oop face buster with a hard crash and Donovan Blackwater is tasting victory as he makes the cover.



”The challenger kicks out! It’s not over yet folks!”




With Thaddeus Duke sprawled out near the center of the ring, Donovan moves in on him for the kill. He grapevine’s Thad’s legs and Duke tries to resist, but ultimately is trapped.

”Shattered mirror of Illusions! This maneuver has ended many a foe for Donovan Blackwater!”

Blackwater locks in the Educator submission as Thaddeus Duke writhes and yells out in pain.

”I hate to doubt anybody, but I really think that maybe Thaddeus Duke should have trained another couple weeks. This has certainly not been his night!”

Duke struggles to resist the maneuver, but its locked in tight. No matter where he reaches, he’s still inches away from the ropes to break the hold. Finally, Duke decides to contort his body so that he can grab a hold of Blackwater’s leg. He tugs at Blackwater’s leg, causing him to finally lose his balance and fall to his knees, breaking the hold.

The two young men are still tangled up though. Blackwater gets to his feet, untangling as he goes. He then steps through the ropes and acknowledges the crowd on the apron as he begins to scale the turnbuckles.




Thaddeus struggles to his feet as Donovan perches atop the turnbuckle, waiting to pounce. Just as Duke reaches his feet, he stumbles into the ropes, causing Donovan to lose his footing and crotch himself on the top turnbuckle.

”This could be the opening that Thaddeus Duke has needed, really since the start of this match!”

Blackwater winces in pain as Thaddeus eyeballs his opponent and moves in. Thaddeus climbs to the top rope and pulls Donovan to his feet. Both men standing now on the top turnbuckle. Donovan tries to fight off Duke but his grip is too tight as he lifts Donovan up and both men crash to the mat. The high impact rocks the ring as both men lay sprawled out on the mat.

Duke soon rolls over, draping an arm over Blackwater’s chest.



”The defending champion kicks out in the nick of time!”

Duke begins to get to his feet. Blackwater rolls to the ring apron and uses the ropes to aid his recovery. As Duke gets to his feet, he notices Blackwater with his head poking through the ropes and moves in for the kill. He grabs Donovan in a front facelock and drags him through the ropes until only his toes remain on the ropes.


Duke twists Blackwater to the mat with Cross Rhodes. He quickly makes the cover, but Blackwater’s leg is laying over the rope so never gets a count.




”Time continues to tick away here! Just 4 and a half minutes remaining in this Television championship contest!”

Thaddeus drags Donovan away from the ropes and rather than going for a cover, he quickly heads toward the corner as momentum has swung firmly in his favor.

”The resilience of these two young stars is nothing short of awe inspiring! With these two men and a plethora of others, along with Vincent Lane’s leadership, the future of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation is brighter than ever!”

Thaddeus gets to the top rope and leaps off with reckless abandon.

”Mother of all bombs!”

Duke lands the shooting star press, hurting himself as well as Donovan, but goes for the cover.



”The champ kicks out! What a move! What a match! And this one continues on!”

Duke gets to his feet, shaking off the pain and running off of pure adrenaline. He lifts Donovan to his feet and traps Blackwater’s left ankle behind his right knee, then puts his left knee inside Donovan’s knee, driving it to the mat. Blackwater yells out in pain as Duke gets back to his feet and Blackwater is on all fours. Duke then lifts Blackwater upright.

Duke looks out over the crowd and points to Blackwater.


Duke runs to the ropes, on the rebound, he goes for his shining wizard trademark but Blackwater ducks it and Thaddeus wiffs on it.




Blackwater, running on instinct now, get to his feet as Thaddeus gets to his. Donovan delivers a kick to the abdomen, stunning Thaddeus, then delivers a spinning neck breaker to his challenger. Donovan elects not to go for the cover, instead he gets back to his feet and retreats to a corner, allowing Thaddeus to get up under his own power.

Thaddeus staggers to his feet and searches around for Donovan Blackwater. Thaddeus turns…


Donovan, as quickly as he can, hooks the leg of his challenger.



”Duke kicks out! This match still continues!”




Donovan shows a little frustration, being unable to put Duke away finally. Blackwater gets back to his feet and again backs off, waiting for Thaddeus to get to his. As he does so, he tosses Duke toward the ropes. On the rebound…


Donovan goes for his alley oop facebuster, except…


Thaddeus reverses course mid flight, and grabs Blackwater by the head on his way down, landing the RKO outta nowhere!




He didn’t get all of it though and both men stagger to get to their feet. Reaching a vertical base at almost the same time. Blackwater lands a hard right hand, rocking Thaddeus. Then Thaddeus rocks Donovan. They trade blows a few times before Donovan goes for a wild one connects and down goes Thaddeus. Blackwater goes for the cover.





We open up backstage where we see James Raven standing in his locker room with one of the XWF tag team titles, still flushed and sweating from Apex’s title defense earlier tonight. He takes a deep breath and glances to the doorway where he notices a slender but curvy figure leaning against the frame. Her fiery red hair hangs in gentle curls around her face, a mischievous smile on her face. Genevieve Tate, the XWF’s newest signee who’s set to make her in ring debut against Big D on the next episode of Saturday Night Savage. Raven returns a sly grin of his own.

RAVEN: Well, look who it is. Fancy seeing you around these parts.

TATE: What can I say, James? My story was ready for a new chapter.

James looks at the floor and chuckles. As mysterious as always.

TATE: I wanted to congratulate you. Quite the performance out there tonight. It seems like you’ve recaptured some of that fire you were searching for last year.

RAVEN: Yeah, well… you had a little to do with that. I appreciate it. Good luck on Savage, and in the XWF in general I guess. If you ever need anything; advice, backup… whatever… you know where to find me.

She smiles knowingly, a glint in her eye as she tosses her hair and winks at him.

TATE: You don’t think I can handle myself?

RAVEN: I know you can. Just know that the offer is on the table.

A pause, as the two share a long look with each other.

TATE: I know, thank you.

RAVEN: Try not to kill everyone.

She winks again and spins around on her heel, throwing up two fingers in a peace sign as she struts off down the hallway.

TATE: I make absolutely no promises, champ.

She disappears out of sight, and Raven just grins as the scene fades out.


Jessalyn Hart

- vs -


- vs -

Vita Valenteen ©

Match will be played on hotel grounds next to the stadium right next to a pool.
The surrounding area will be surrounded by weapons, and weapons will also be in the pool.

We go outside of the Hard Rock Arena; to a nearby hotel. Jessalyn Hart stands alone near a pool, seemingly waiting there for a while with no crowds. A few seconds go by and still... nothing.

We then go to the hotel this match is actually taking place at, even closer to the arena and a few miles away from Hart.

Mastermind sits solemnly on a seat poolside, a crowd of people encircle the hotel and chant for Mastermind; fans on the balcony get rowdy holding up signs. The crowd begins to roar and cheer as the Xtreme Champion Vita Valenteen enters; the title around her waist. She smiles high fiving fans on her way towards the pool; Mastermind stands to meet her.

VV removes her title and kisses the faceplate, then placing it carefully onto a nearby table.

A lifeguard blows his whistle to start the match.

Mastermind wastes no time, grabbing a glass from beside him and hurling it towards VV, she ducks and it hits some douchebag in a 'Haters love me' t-shirt. No one cares. By the time she looks forward again, Mastermind is upon her, bowling her over with a spear! The two go down hard against the tiles; MM straddles VV and begins to throw hooks left and right against the champ but Vita manages to block each blow; when she sees an opening she pulls Mastermind in close and rolls over with him transitioning into a roll-up! The crowd count the pin!



Quick kick out!

The pair separate and get back up to their feet; Mastermind reaches for VV but she hops out of the way and gets to Mastermind's side; VV looks around and sees an inflatable donut ring. She grabs the ring and throws it over Mastermind's head, trapping his arms against his body as if he were a Scooby Doo ghoul getting trapped by the gang. Mastermind wiggles but before he can escape, VV knocks Mastermind over with a beautiful dropkick!

Mastermind is knocked to the ground, the impact softened from the ring as he bounces on the ground and struggles to get to his knees. His back to VV, the champ takes advantage and bulldogs Mastermind, however, thanks to the flotation device, MM's head never hits the ground! He bounces back up and frees his arms. He grabs VV's from the back...


Mastermind locks in the hold as tight as he can!

Valenteen struggles desperately in the sleeper, she flails wildly as the two move to their feet.

VV throws glancing elbows and headbutts against Mastermind, but the master of minds moves in closer and his height advantage saves him from serious damage.

Her face turning red, Vita lifts her leg forward and throws a foot back into MM's knee gaining some leeway.

With MM still on her, Vita bolts towards the pool and cannonballs into the water!

The two fall in and the hold is released.

The two competitors float in the pool with a roar from the crowd.

Mastermind growls in frustration and throws a strike. Vita dives under the water and vanishes. Mastermind looks around, unable to find Vita. The crowd begins to sing the Jaws theme.


Mastermind swims a little and grabs a steel chair floating on the surface with one hand.


Vita bursts from the water behind Mastermind!

Strangling the life from MM... With a pool noodle!!!

The crowd pop huge, looking upon VV choking the life from Mastermind with the foam weapon.


Mastermind kicks his feet in the water, those in the splash zone loving the carnage.

Mastermind grabs both hands onto the noodle and pulls them apart, ripping it in two! He throws his head back against Vita, buster her nose as a trickle of blood drops into the water and disperses. Mastermind grabs a hold of the chair again and spins in the water, smashing it against VV's skull!

Vita's eyes glaze over as she floats still in the water; Mastermind tosses the chair onto the tiles and swims to edge pulling himself out of the pool. He grabs VV's arm and pulls her onto the floor before going for the pin!






VV manages to get a shoulder up before the three. Mastermind smacks the ground in anger; he grabs VV's hair and drags her back towards the water and dunks her head underneath! Mastermind is going to drown the champ!!!

He holds her head into the pool, blood from her head and nose begin to dye the water red as she thrashes, air leaving the lungs and bubbling to the top. The crowd go nuts ready to witness a murder.


Mastermind holds her head under for several seconds, he looks around at the crowd and back to the Xtreme Title. He needs this.

He continues to hold her down.

Vita's hand reaches out into the water until her hand taps something solid and she grabs it, throwing a glass bottle back against Mastermind's face!

MM falls backs, the glass shattering against his head, ripping the flesh on his cheek. Vita gets herself out of the pool, breathing heavily.

Mastermind touches the blood pouring from his face and stands, he waits for Vita to raise too and the pair lock eyes. Mastermind goes for a spear but feints, instead turning around and getting to Vita's back, he goes for a German Suplex but Valenteen puts her arms tightly against her body and ducks out of the hold; she makes some distance and superkick to Mastermind's face!

MM stumbles but keeps on his feet at the edge of the pool; he drunkenly wobbles to the side and collapses against a sun lounger. Vita sprints towards Mastermind reclined against the chair and lands a vicious double knee smash against his chest. The pair fall over each other; Vita crawls to her feet and grabs Mastermind's collar, turning him and bowling him against sets of tables and chairs! Mastermind tumbles through the clutter and hits the ground hard in the mess.

Vita breathes and walks over to the fallen Mastermind, knocking chairs out of her way and throwing aside a sun lounger that toppled over Mastermind and she is immediately hit in the gut by the tip of a parasol! VV stumbles back, holding her stomach; Mastermind gets to his feet using the parasol as a crutch and then wields it like a spear. He makes a jab at VV's thigh which hits and knocks her, MM reaches back and smashes the tip against her face! He goes for another but Vita with a burst of energy stands and puts a foot down on the parasol, she leaps off the handle held by Mastermind and hits with a hurricanrana!

The pair fall to the ground again taking a rest as the crowd cheer them on.

After a while, the two stir and get to their feet once more but become distracted.

Suddenly, the screech of tires.

A taxi separates the crowd IT'S JESSALYN HART! She hops the small wall separating the pool area from the car park and joins the fight but... She was followed...

Suddenly, a man in long black trench coat with a Carver mask on comes to the hotel ground, and decks Mastermind with a baseball bat in the gut. Then he grabs Mastermind's head and slams him into the glass window of the receptionist. Then he picks up the bat and points to Vita...

He DECKS Jessalyn in the head with the bat.

He then grabs Jessalyn by her hair and attempted to drown her head in the pool. But the security grabs the masked man, but he strikes them all with a bat. Then he hits one of them with a HideYaFace on the concrete.

Then the masked man lifts Jessalyn up and hits her with a HideYaFace. Mastermind tries to spear him, but he sidesteps to where Mastermind falls into the shallow end of the pool.

Then the masked man turns to Vita, who is pleading for him not to hurt her starts to remove the mask...


Vita then his horrified by Tommy's glare as he walks up to her, then he grabs her by the hair and a little kid tries to stop him. But he pushes him off, and he drags her near the parking lot. Tommy slams her head at the hood of a car, and the people started to boo him..

Tommy then lifts Jessalyn over his shoulders and takes her to the lot. Tommy then pancakes her on Vita, and he motions for the crowd to count it.

Then he wears the mask again and walks off to a nearby the match continues.

The crowd counts!






He tosses Jessalyn's body away from Vita; he goes to grab her but Vita isn't done yet, countering with a stiff jab to Mastermind!

Vita grabs ahold of Mastermind!



Mastermind screams in agony!

Vita barely with enough energy to keep the lock on, fights to make Mastermind tap.

But with inhuman resilience, Mastermind powers through and refuses.

Mastermind struggles with all his might, VV begins to waver. Her head slowly nodding as this match has tested her heart.

Mastermind tries to roll!


He gets himself out of the hold and knocks out Vita with a hell of a haymaker. He stands, still grabbing the champion and throws her into the pool!

Mastermind, places his hands on his knees and then rolls his shoulder; he looks behind seeing Hart stumbling over a chair. Mastermind sprints with a roar and jumps off a nearby table, taking down Hart with a flying clothesline!

He rolls through and transistions into...


The crowd go beserk!

Vita sees Mastermind and Hart and swims towards the edge of the pool.

Mastermind uses all his strength, breaking Jessalyn's back!

Vita struggles to get herself out of the water.

Hart tries to hold out!

Vita is on dry land!!!




Mastermind is given the X-Treme Championship belt and looks at it, he looks over at Vita who has slumped to her knees in disbelief, and shock. Mastermind with all the remaining effort that he has gets to his feet, and stumbles over to Vita. She looks nervous, but Mastermind reaches out his hand, and she takes it and he helps Vita to her feet, and gives her a quick cuddle, before turning and heading towards the gate.


Sarah Lacklan

- vs -

Dolly Waters

Winner receives a 24/7 Briefcase or a Shot At Any Title They Wish

Dolly Water walks down to the ring as her thing song blasts throughout the arena. She smiles at a young girl wearing a shirt that says Dolly is my favorite Waters. Dolly climbs into the ring and takes up a position in the far corner waiting for her opponent.

The lights go out in the arena.

The jumbo tron flares to life.

The voice which would make a choir of angels weep from a mixture of awe and jealousy fills the air.

[Image: dVWWGaj.gif]

The X-TRON goes dark again to leave the entire arena in darkness.

Then a red spotlight flashes down on the entrance area as the heavy guitars of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata begins to play over the PA system and a body steps out onto the entrance ramp. Kenzi Grey, the sexiest valet in the history of all sporting events, is wearing a "Team Kickass" t-shirt and stands in the spotlight for a moment, but then moves out of the way and gestures for a hooded figure to step forward. Sarah throws back her hood to show the white face and red eyes of the Blood Princess. They make their way down the isle with the red spotlight following them as the rest of the arena stays dark. When they come to the ring they slide underneath the ropes and upon standing, Kenzi and Sarah stand nose to nose and are clearly on the verge of saying "F this!" and just having some kind of public sex event instead of the match. But cooler heads prevail and Kenzi helps Sarah remove her robe to show the green and gold skin-tight bodysuit beneath.

The bell sounds and the FINAL MATCH of the King of the Ring Tournament 2019 is underway. Of the two finalists Hart Champion Dolly Waters looks the most tired as shes been the busiest of the two.

Suddenly Dolly runs at Sarah who stands her ground and attempts a missle drop kick but at the last possible moment a smiling Sarah steps out of the way.

As Dolly hits the canvas, Sarah is quickly on top of her hitting lefts and rights and connects with a few. She then gets off of Dolly and grab her by the hair and sends her into the corner.

Lacklan waits, she knows not to attack too early. Dolly turns around and stands her ground as Lacklan comes at her attempting a spinning heel kick. But she manages to block the moce, and as a shocked Sarah gets back on her feet, Dolly grabs her by the head and smashes her head on the top turn buckle.

Dazed Sarah stumbles backwards and Dolly follows up with a swinging neck breaker. She quickly goes for the cover.



Kick out.

Dolly quickly gets to her feet, and pulls Sarah to her feet using her hair and executes a snapmere.

Dolly runs towarda the ropes, rebounds and comes back and executes a diving elbow drop, she doesnt stop at just the one or two she attemps a third.

As she comes back for her third attempt Dolly is shocked to see Sarah jump to her and comes at her and launches her self and hits a shocked Dolly with a Running Knee which she executes nicely.

Once again Sarah jumps on Dolly and smashes her with several punches. Sarah then stops, gets to her feet, helps Dolly vacks to hers and executes a Brain Buster.

It is now obvious what little energy Dolly did have is now gone as for the next few mutes Sarah continues to execute different moves that Dolly cannot muster a counter for.

Then Sarah tries a cover, a half assed attempt at that.



Kick out.

Sarah gets back to her feet smiling, grabs Dolly and sets her up for the Shining Wizard which she executes 100 percent to her ability.

Sarah doesnt stop there, she sets Dolly up for her ABYSS finishing move. Dolly with all her remaining strength tries to counter but the hold is locked in tight. She waits a few more seconds so that the crowd can get involved with tge enormity of the situation.

Sarah finally executes the Abyss Finishing move and goes for the cover.



2 and a half.....

2 and three quarters........



NOTE: Sarah will decide on the upcoming Savage whether she wants to be Number 1 contender for any title of her choosing or receive a 24/7 briefcase.

[Image: lmjMMnQ.png]


Chris Chaos

- vs -

Robert 'The Omega' Main ©

No role play limit

The words [shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

Broken Dreams' by Sharman's Harvest hits the Arena's sound system and Robert walks through the curtains after the instrumental “I make them for you”! He then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp. He stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring.

Both Chaos and Main glare at each other. Main pulls on the top rope aggressively, and Chaos jogs in place. The bell rings.


Both men slowly approach each other in the center of the ring.

“This is going to be one for the ages! Can Chaos become a repeat champion here in the XWF?”

“Can Robert Main retain?!?”

The crowd is in an absolute fever pitch, the amazing night of wrestling so far tonight, and here in front of them are two of the best in the business. Chaos pounds his chest proudly, hollering at Main. Main points to the crowd, and both men are toe to toe, still glaring at each other. Chaos continues to jaw, and Main shoves him away! Chaos steps in and shoves Main! Both men tie up and Chaos goes into a hammerlock! Main backs Chaos into a corner, Chaos breaks the hold and puts his hands up for the referee to see! Main turns and backs away, and as he does, Chaos slaps him across the forehead! Main retaliates with a strong forearm to the jaw of Chaos! Another forearm to Chaos! Main rains forearms down on Chaos as the crowd goes crazy! Chaos leans back into the turnbuckles, and the referee comes in to break Main off of Chaos!

Main steps away to the center of the ring as Chaos looks back and main, wipes under his nose to check for blood, looks at his thumb, then back at Main. Main beckons for Chaos to step forward! Chaos charges in and both men tie up again, and Main turns it into a headlock! Chaos shoots Main into the ropes to counter the headlock! Main rebounds, and Chaos hits the deck as Main bounds over him! Main hits the ropes again, and Chaos hits a back heel kick! Main doubles over, so Chaos hits the ropes with a springboard, and comes back with a two handed facebuster on Main! Chaos goes for a speedy pin!



Kick out! As Main kicks out, Chaos cinches in a side headlock! Main handplants into a head stand, then falls on the opposite side of Chaos, chaining into a hammerlock! Chaos rolls through, and puts Main on his shoulders for a sudden pinfall!



Main kicks out and goes straight into a hammerlock as Chaos is prone on the ground! Main presses the advantage and goes for a pin on Chaos!



Chaos rolls Main over and locks in a small package in a cunning development of chain wrestling!



Main kicks out, swivels his hips, and gets to his feet holding Chaos in a front chancery lock! Chaos backs Main into the ropes hoping to free himself, Main bounds back and keeps the chancery in place! Chaos has the key to the lock here and does a back body drop to Main over the top rope! Main lands on the apron! Chaos spins and faces Main as Main nails a forearm to Chaos! Chaos recoils! Main bounds to the top rope, looking to springboard! Chaos hits him with a dropkick on the top rope! Main falls to the outside, nailing the barricade in the process!

Chaos jeers and gestures a belt around his waist! The fans boo heartily, as Main is seen motionless on the arena floor! Chaos nonchalantly rolls out of the ring and slowly walks over to Robert Main, and throws a boot to Main’s body! Main jolts from the blow. Chaos with another boot! Chaos looks down at the floor mats, and reaches down! He starts pulling up the mats, revealing the concrete underbelly, the true bottom of the arena!

“What is Chaos thinking?”

“Nothing good for Main!”

Chaos stands Main up and leans him against the barricade! HUGE European uppercut to Main! Chaos goes to hoist Main for The Equalizer! He has him up! Main grabs the barricade! Chaos tries to overpower Main to drop the Equalizer on him! Main throws a series of back elbows to Chaos, and Chaos drops Main on his feet! SUUUUUUUUPERKICK to Chaos! Chaos staggers back to the matted part of the floor! Main approaches, and hooks Chaos, looking to go for a snap suplex onto the exposed concrete! Chaos blocks, and throws the Wrong Side Of The Tracks at Main! Main stumbles back and is leaning on the ring steps! Chaos gets a sadistic smile on his face as he reaches under the apron!

“What is he pulling out?”

Chaos starts to slide a ladder out from under the ring as the crowd goes crazy!

“OH NO! What is Chaos going to do!”

Chaos holds the ladder up, still folded, the peak pointed straight at Main!

“This isn’t a damn ladder match! What is going on here!”

Chaos charges, looking to decapitate Main! Main ducks out of the way at the last minute, and Chaos recoils feeling the brunt of the ladder hitting steps back on him! Main to his feet quickly, and grabs the peak of the ladder! He tries to pull it from Chaos! Chaos pulls back like it’s ladder tug-of-war! The referee is yelling at both men! Main steps to the side while holding the ladder and is atop the barricade! Chaos pushes, and Main leans backward, almost falling into the XWF Universe! Main pushes back hard and Chaos hits the ring apron! The blow caught him off guard and he drops the ladder! Main drops the top of the ladder on the barricade, and bounds down the rungs of the ladder hitting a vicious spear using the momentum, splatting Chaos’s back against the ring apron hard! Chaos crumples up to the floor as Main sets himself up slowly, looking at Chaos.



The fans in attendance are going wild, louder than they’ve been all night! Robert Main stands and pulls the ladder up, setting it up off to the side of the exposed concrete!

“The referee is letting this one go! Only in the XWF can the DQ come at the discretion of our officials!”

“It’s a title match, THE title match, no way should it end as a double count-out!”

With the ladder set, Main hoists Chris Chaos up, and then lifts him for the Dead Man’s Hand! Chaos flips out of it! Main spins, and Chaos nails a headbutt! Chaos boots the gut, and goes for a piledriver on Main onto the exposed concrete! Main reverses, and does a back body drop onto Chaos, who lands on the apron! Main throws a forearm to Chaos, who is lying prone on the apron! Main looks to the ladder! He walks over to it and starts to climb! Chaos is still down on the apron! Main leaps from the ladder, looking to hit a double axe handle onto Chaos’s prone chest from the ladder! Chaos rolls under the rope! Main nails the apron, and his arms flail back as he hollers in pain! Chaos slowly pulls himself to his feet inside the ring! Main has his back to Chaos! Chaos shoots off the ropes! He rebounds, and throws a spear at Main through the ropes! Main catches Chaos and reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex into the barricade! Main catches his own skull on the barricade as he does!



“I have never seen a spear countered like that before!”

Main rolls over and goes for a cover! Nothing is happening since he’s not in the ring! He slaps the ground several times as the referee calls to him, reminding him a pinfall can only happen in the ring! Main slowly peels himself up to his feet and lifts Chaos. He looks to push Chaos into the ring, but Chaos stops himself at the apron and throws a reverse kick into the groin of Main! The referee gives Chaos a warning as Main stumbles backward! Chaos turns, sets Main up, and throws a jackknife powerbomb onto the apron! Main falls to his knees, then lies prone on the bare concrete floor! Chaos looks at the ladder and sneers! Chaos slowly climbs the ladder! As he does, Main gets himself to his feet, and crawls to the base of the ladder! Chaos looks down, and descends! He goes to throw a boot at Main, but Main catches it! He posts up on Chaos and pulls himself to his feet! Chaos with a European uppercut! Main with a forearm! Main with another forearm! Chaos stumbles back and falls to a knee! Main lifts Chaos and puts him into the ring, his head poking out from under the bottom rope and on the apron, and then places his head under the ring skirt!

“Main is going to end Chaos’s career tonight!”

Robert Main climbs the ladder, but as he does, Chris Chaos pulls himself out from under the skirt of the ring and to the other side of the ladder! He stands on the same rung at Main! Main with a shot to Chaos’s head, grabbing his hair! Chaos in turn grabs Main’s hair!

“This is why you cut your hair short in fights!”

“This is why you condition!”

Both men pull each other upwards on the ladder, neither letting go! Chaos tries to slam Main’s head into the top of the ladder! Main blocks! Main with an attempt at slamming Chaos’s head into the peak of the ladder! The ladder buckles!

“OH NO!”

The ladder’s base below the bottom rung on one side of the ladder cave! The ladder falters, tilts, and both men crash downward onto the exposed pavement!

They both lay there motionless and then it's Main who begins to move. He crawls over to Chaos, and collapses with one hand on Chaos's body. The referee goes for the three count.


1 and a half......................


2 and a half...

Chaos is stirring.......................

2 and 3 quarters.....................................




[Image: 3W7ADQY.png]

OOC: Thank you for a terrific fortnight of role playing for March Madness, I hope you all enjoyed it.


Thank you to all the writers and everyone who submitted segments.

Management appreciates what you writers can do and get done as fast as you can.


Robbie Bourbon
Dolly Waters
Game Girl
The Brothers Blackwater
James Raven
Tommy Wish
Atticus Black
Arnold Chubby Fletcher

I hope you all will enjoy War Games, more information on that in the weeks ahead.
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I had a segment for the show but life caught up to me.. I'll save it for the warfare show on the 24th..

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”After tonight, I know everyone is wanting to know how I feel about losing the championship without getting pinned? Well guys, let me tell ya, Mastermind fought a HECK of a fight, and dude, you earned that Xtreme championship whether you pinned me or not. Well frickin’ done!!!”

“Jessalyn, Girl I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you’ve been pretty distant as of late. I’m sorry that things didn’t go your way tonight. You’re one tough cookie though! Hopefully the next time we’re in that ring together, it’ll be when we take the Tag team championships and bring them back to their RIGHTFUL home!”

“As far as what’s next for me?”

VV reaches off camera and grabs her case, pulling it into view. She glances at the case and the back to the camera.

”I dunno... Maybe?”

VV flashes a cute smile before turning her back and skipping down the hall.

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(04-01-2019 08:57 PM)VV Said:  ”After tonight, I know everyone is wanting to know how I feel about losing the championship without getting pinned? Well guys, let me tell ya, Mastermind fought a HECK of a fight, and dude, you earned that Xtreme championship whether you pinned me or not. Well frickin’ done!!!”

“Jessalyn, Girl I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you’ve been pretty distant as of late. I’m sorry that things didn’t go your way tonight. You’re one tough cookie though! Hopefully the next time we’re in that ring together, it’ll be when we take the Tag team championships and bring them back to their RIGHTFUL home!”

“As far as what’s next for me?”

VV reaches off camera and grabs her case, pulling it into view. She glances at the case and the back to the camera.

”I dunno... Maybe?”

VV flashes a cute smile before turning her back and skipping down the hall.

Get it, girl.

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