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Part Time/Floater: ONLY book me when/where I opt in Kid Kool
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Kid Kool Away
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The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

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04-02-2019 08:47 PM


In-Ring Name: Kid Kool

Wrestler's Real Name: Darren Gardella

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Current

Wrestler Date of Birth: 07-04-91

Height / Weight: 205lbs. / 6'0

Hometown: San Diemis, California

Current Residence: DisneyWorldLand, CaliFlorida

Bio: Cool, cocky, fun-loving, friendly but slightly egotistical. Is good at what he does and he knows it. Party animal, likes to put on a show for his friends, fans and family. Was the class-clown, most popular AND prom king in high school. Also HUGELY into 80s music, movies,culture etc., as well as modern social media such as Twitter, YouTube and FaceBook. Has his own videa blog entitled "#TheKoolKidz" w/Kid Kool!! ... Loves flashy colors and long walks on the beach. Which beach? Hell if i know. Loves red heads.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Face

Looks Description:

[Image: kid%20kool%204_zpscr0h3flt.png]


Strengths: Nicely toned, remarkably powerful for his size, moves quickly around the ring and can use each part of it as a weapon.

Weaknesses: Often stops in the middle of his matches to take pictures with his fans, or to give his signature.
Also has a knack for annoying his opponents into thrashing him to ribbons.....

Entrance Theme Music: "Dance Hall Days", Wang Chung

Entrance Description:


"Dance Hall Days" by Wang Chung hits and the fans pop big time as hot pink and lime green laser lights shine all over the stage! " #koolioz " appears on the X-Tron in lime green over a hot pink background, as Kid Kool bounds from the backstage area and through the curtains, sending his fans [the so-called 'Kool Kidz'] into a frenzy. KK wears a shiny, silver pair of short spandex, silver wrestling boots with hot pink laces... his long, blonde hair is slicked back, he wears a pair of hot pink-framed sunglasses, and to top off his look, he wears a hot pink t-shirt with the hashtag "#bKool..." on the front in lime green, and on the back; "...or #bJealous".

Kool rushes down the rampway, tagging hands along the way. He slides under the bottom rope and into the ring, before hopping to his feet. He removes the hot pink-framed shades from his eyes, clipping them to the collar of his shirt... KK bounces off the far set of ropes, then the other, before hopping up to the top turnbuckle, procuring his cell phone and tapping the red button to take a quick vid of the jubilent XWF Galaxy for his YouTube video blog, " #TheKoolKidz " with Kid Kool!! He then pockets his phone, before rolling out, and walkng up to a young fan holding up a "#1 Kool Kid!" sign... Kid Kool places the sunglasses over the kid's eyes, as they beam wth joy! Kid Kool smiles, before rolling back into the ring, preparing for the match ahead.


- High Impact -

outsider's edge
rock bottom
spike ddt
Alabama Slam
death valley driver
double-a spine buster
flatliner/lifting reverse sto
side effect, ala matt hardy
diamond cutter / rko from top rope

- Grappling -

Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker
running zig zag
swinging reverse sto
electric chair drop off turnbuckle
headlock bulldog
high back body drop
swinging neckbreaker
side russian leg sweep
stalling brainbuster
snap suplex
double underhook suplex
belly-to-belly release suplex
fisherman suplex
release german suplex
knee to gut followed by gut wrench suplex
locks arms around foe's waist, swivels, & hits t-bone suplex

- Attacks -

running cartwheel kick
corkscrew lariat
fist to jaw
knee drop to fallen foe
standing shooting star to laid out foe
Triple H knee lift
running lariat
running front dropkick to kneeling foe's face
discus clothesline
running superkick
european uppercut
standing dropkick
stomp to toes
running front dropkick to chest
lou thesz press w/punches
Standing Senton
step-up enziguri
dropkick to knee
bicycle kick
shining wizard
Knife-edge chops
spinning back chop
short-arm clothesline
Flying Burrito, HBK

- Submissions -

fujiwara armbar
ankle lock
camel clutch
dragon sleeper
boston crab
rolling cross armbar
sharpshooter/scorpion deathlock
rolling single leg boston crab
katahajime [aka, the Tazmission]

- Turnbuckle -

stinger splash
top rope leg drop
lifting reverse ddt from turnbuckle
samoan drop from turnbuckle [super samoan drop]
hang-time dropkick into corner, w/foe in tree of woe
running boot to the face of foe in corner
powerbomb into turnbuckle post
flying lariat into corner, ala The Miz
running knee to corner, followed by bulldog, ala CM Punk
Corner Clothesline
720 harlem hangover
tornado ddt off top rope
flying cross-body from top rope
springboard 360 splash
springboard splash to downed opponent
springboard elbow drop
springboard moonsault
springboard shooting star press
Springboard Flying Forearm
springboard blockbuster / throwback

Set-up Moves: Kool Beanz!! -- Rock Bottom [standing or from a high jump off-point like the top turnbuckle] {set-up for The Kid Kompaktor} ...... The HomeSlice -- reverse twist of fate

The Kid Kutter -- irish whips foe, and on the rebound he throws them into the air before catching them with a diamond cutter / rko

KidLock -- sharpshooter into stf .... Kool-Kan-Rana -- shooting star into dragonrana ... The Kold Hand Fallz -- pepsi plunge;

Finishers: The Kid Kompaktor-- katahajime [aka, the Tazmission]

The Kool Krusher-- vertebreaker from top rope [foe on top turnbuckle, back toward the ring]

Kold Shoulder -- goes for the Razor's Edge while standing on the second turnbuckle, opponent on the top, before changing the move into a double-arm ddt in mid-air, driving them face first into the canvas.

IC3.Kold-- loads foe up on his shoulders with their stomach facing upward, so he has them in a reverse fireman carry position. He then flips them over as if to hit a modified FU / Attitude Adjustment, only he ends up hitting a diamond cutter / RKO, with authority

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: backdrop into fan barricade.... sets up a table between the apron and barricade, followed up with a powerbomb through the wood... spear through the barricade.... death valley driver to opponent on announce table.... repeated chair shots to the skull.... rolling thunder onto chair ontop of opponent / van daminator to chair held by opponent....

Hardcore Finisher: Outsider's Edge, Kid Kutter, Kool Krusher, Kool Beanz!! or IC3.Kold off top rope through double stacked tables

[Image: darren%20gardella.png]

5x HeavyMetalWeight | 1x Federweight | #YourOnlyHope | #HeroOfTheDay | #80s4LIFE
@kool_beanz_123 (on forum) | "I'm 2 cute for this shit." ~ Hunter Payne | W/L -- 3/11 | @kool_beanz_123 (on twitter)
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