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Savage Saturday Night: Weekly Show Vita Valenteen
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Vita Frickin Valenteen Offline
"Vicious Frickin Vampire"

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(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

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01-04-2019 07:31 AM

[Image: VVV.jpg]


In-Ring Name: Vita Valenteen

Wrestler's Real Name: Ashley Johnson

Wrestler Date of Birth: 11/07/2001

Height: 5'2

Weight: 122lbs

Hometown: Toronto Canada

Alignment: Face

Personality: Vita is fighting for the side of GOOD once more!! She's watching her language and playing by the rules! However, she's not the same goody-goody as she was before, she's a vampire, with an uncontrollable hunger for blood. At least that's what we keep trying to tell her, but she assures us that she's good!

Pic Base: Portia Perez


A talented high flyer with a strong technical game. Now with vampiric strength and speed!


Sunlight and fire. ;) Also tends to rush into dangerous situations without planning.

Entrance Theme Music

Wicked Child (Remix)


Special Entrance

As the opening riff of "Wicked Child" tore through the arena the crowd jumped to their feet! Vita makes her way down to the ring, taking time to interact with her adoring fans along the way. Vita then slides into the ring and postures for the crowd as her music dies down.

Standard Moves

Reverse Hurricanrana
Flying Cross Chop
Running Bulldog
Swinging Neckbreaker
Russian Legsweep
Wheelbarrow Driver

Signature Strikes

Knife Edge Chop
Koppu Kick
Summersault Kick

Corner Moves

Running Corner Double Knee Smash
Handspring Elbow
Mounted 10 Punch Combo
SUPER Bulldog

High Flying Moves

Tornado DDT
Springboard Moonsault
Diving Back Elbow
Diving Elbow Drop
Rope Bounce Arm Drag
Double Foot Stomp

Other Moves

Sunset Flip
Roll Up (Usually done after ducking a clothesline)
Bootlace Eye Rake
Low Blows
Punt Kick

Submission Moves

Rings of Saturn

Flying Dragon/Octopus Hold

Finishing Moves

Eat Defeat (Springboard Dropkick from the apron)

[Image: N5O4LWf.gif]

Canadian Destroyer

[Image: jl7hHmN.gif]

Hardcore / Illegal Moves

Canadian Destroyer onto a steel chair. (As a face, only use this in a really heated face vs heel situation.)

[Image: VVvv.png]
Spoiler :

1x Anarchy Champion
1x Xtreme Champion
1x Television Champion
2x Tag Team Champion
1x Freestyle Champion
3x Heavy Metalweight Champion
1x Federweight Champion
24/7 Briefcase Winner - March 2019
2019 Tweener Of The Year
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