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X-treme Wrestling Federation » XWF Live! » 24/7 X-treme Championship
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sixk fuzk!
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Tommy Wish Offline
Some Nobody

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08-15-2023, 04:19 PM

Flynn is simply at an autograph signing at a local convention, then suddenly the people hear a scream in the venue and we see someone pullin a Snitsky on an random woman's foot. Then Flynn gets out of his booth to see someone dressed in jump suit at a Slipknot mask, he then tries to stop him but the stranger pushes him to the side.

"Ha Ca Booo Wakkaaa!"

Then he tries to tackle him on the floor, but Flynn noticed under the mask it was T by the back of his hair. He pulled back from him and runs away, then he hides underneath one of the tables. T then finds the X-Treme title and swings it like a madman in front of everyone.


Then he see's one of people in Flynn's line who expected him to hand him the belt back.

"Can you please get Flynn from under the table?"


Then T fucks up the place by fliping tables over until he finds Flynn, who was in a cradle position. He then lifts him up in a cradle position, and rocks him back and forth. Then he chucks him to the wall of the place. He then clears his merch of his table and kicks him in the gut, and hits a J-Bomb through the table!

"AAHSHAHAHHHAH.... you probably won't sell it.... BAHAHAHAHHAAA!"

Then T picks up the title and smashes it on the floor, as someone from the convention who happened to wear a ref shirt then sees T covering him with his 8x10s as he counts the fall.... all the convention goers counted...


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Mark Flynn Offline
24/7 Briefcase Holders get their name in GOLD
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08-15-2023, 05:49 PM


HOLY SHIT! The official counts three!

The entire auditorium bursts into applause! TOMMY WISH JUST PINNED MARK FL...


Wait a second... Who is this guy?


Bobby Zi (former two-time X-Treme champion) coughs directly into his hand, before he signs a glossy headshot of himself... he adds it to a stack of fifty handmade autographed headshots...

"$55 each... That'll buy me SO MUCH scalp cream..." The greasy Zi smiles, rubbing an itchy spot on his head... (he might have... hand, foot and mouth disease... don't babies get that?). Zi fiendishly wrings his hands. "Now, I just have to sell them..."


Zi sits at his autograph booth... He hasn't moved a single picture.

A trio of XWF fans walks by with a convention map. They're sporting B.o.B. t-shirts...

Zi waves!

"Hey fellas! XWF fans! I see you're fans of the Brotherhood of Bastards!" Zi fishes three autographed headshots off the stack. "How'd you like to pay $200 for a picture with a guy who met them once!"


"At an airport!"

The trio walks by without making eye contact.


Zi snarls.



Zi snarls, sitting back in his chair.

"Dammit... Stupid, tasteless NERDS... No one cares about the GOLDEN AGE of XWF... Late 2013! ...Everyone cares about the new guys..."


Zi looks over.

There's a cardboard cut-out of Mark Flynn...


Zi scratches his head like a mangy dog... Thoughtfully.


Zi sneaks over... Grabs the cardboard cut-out and a pair of craft scissors from the artist's corner...

Wish stands over...

Bobby Zi... wearing a cardboard cut-out of Flynn's face!

Wish J-Bombed that has-been through his table... Destroying his stack of autographs...

With the last of his strength, Zi reaches into his pocket...

And retrieves... GASP!


A calculator.

...He punches in $55... And 50 (his Flynn disguise plan was NOT working).

"YOU OWE ME $2750!!!"


That moment, the actual Mark Flynn walks by, with a hot dog and an extra-large soda.

He gives Tommy a head-nod.

"Oh, hey T-Wish. Changing corporeal forms again, you Time Lord you?"

Flynn gently lifts one shoulder in the air (kickout). Then walks away.
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