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A Way Out
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08-13-2023, 02:05 PM

B.O.B. D approaches Mark Flynn in the hallway after Warfare. Flynn seems ready to defend himself, but D tries to reassure him.

"I'm not gonna attack you, Mark. You've already proven you're more than capable of kicking out of pin attempts, as well as defending your Title. Congratulations."

The Xtreme Champion isn't convinced, staying on the defensive as B.O.B. D continues.

"You've even got a guaranteed Universal Title shot, if not Title run! You clearly have no need for that belt of yours, anymore, so why don't you just make things easier for management and take this pin attempt so they don't have to do the whole 'strip the Champion and have a match to determine a new one' like what happens alot........ hell, I actually WON one of those matches!"

"I'm a villain and, as such, I will do low, unethical things. So here I am, offering you a way out. Everyone will know the circumstances, and nobody will judge you badly for it.........."

B.O.B. D rushes Mark who swings, only for D to roll him up into a pin attempt.



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24/7 Briefcase Holders get their name in GOLD
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08-13-2023, 08:19 PM


...Flynn strokes his chin thoughtfully.

"Y'know, back before I was a GOOD GUY... I might've reacted in an immediately hostile way to the implication that I would drop my belt voluntarily to anyone."

Flynn snickers.

"Oh, I would've pulled out a comically large belt and smacked you in the face with it..."


"But, now? It's a fair question. Haven't I gotten what I wanted from the belt? Isn't it time I embrace the cyclical nature of this belt and hand it off to the next worthy traveler?"


"One sec."

Flynn walks away, leaving D in the X-Treme Title hallway.

Flynn goes to a lake and stares at the ripples of the water... Exploring how each one is unique but similar... Unspectacular but amazing. Everyday mundane, but awe-inspiring.

Flynn goes to the Chicago Museum of Art and looks at that one painting from Ferris Bueller.

He looks at the face.




It's a face alright.

Flynn quietly stalks through a forest.

A mother deer is giving birth.

The Miracle of Life.

The newborn fawn's legs are clumsy stilts unable to walk.

The stag wanders forward...


The deer doctor comes in and tells the stag to calm down!



Flynn backpedals away before this gets violent...

An amount of time has passed... Big D is just chillin'.

"I have returned!" Flynn steps back into the hallway.


"And I have decided to give you th-"


Flynn squints, scratching his head.

"Wait a sec... NK STOLE MY BRIEFCASE!"

Flynn kicks D in the stomach! D doubles over in pain!

"GO TO HELL! Until I get my briefcase back, this belt is mine!"

Flynn storms off angrily... Completely missing the enlightenment he came so close to obtaining...
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