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chopped cheese sandwich w/ Pryce Sake
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Some Nobody

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06-06-2023, 06:27 PM

It opens to Flynn in his hotel post War Games, where he was practically being adored by the fans of his at the door outside of the place. As he entered into the building, someone managed to throw some random white powder in his face and was going around the place tryin to find who did it, then after that he managed to get into his room he see's that there's a a random letter on his bed that said....

You did it champ...
You did the impossible....

After he placed the letter down on the counter, he turns around to see someone in Kabuki mask with a red jacket and pants spits out Purple Myst in his eyes, as he stumbled around his room, he then kicks Flynn in the gut and gives him a "J-Bomb" on the floor, then he takes takes the mask off to revealed T underneath it and he places a knee on his gut as stared at Flynn as a ref came into the room to count the fall..


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24/7 Briefcase Holders get their name in GOLD
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XWF FanBase:

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06-06-2023, 10:01 PM


Flynn shakes off the purple mist and white powder!

”I’m lodging a complaint with the hotel! I don’t care how future-y it is, the liquid dinner should NOT be served from the waiter’s mouth to my face!”

He stomps out, walking over Tommy Wish-o, who looks bewildered.

Before Flynn exits, he looks back.

”Oh, by-the-by, Tom-Tom. I had about $2800 of snacks from the minibar and billed the room in your name.”

And with that, Flynn departs
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