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Doxxing Mark Flynn
Author Message
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05-18-2023, 05:37 PM

Vinnie rolls up to Kris "The Hammer" Von Bonn's workspace, which is literally under the ring - because he puts the rings together, and offices are difficult to come by (mostly because Theo demands a whole floor to himself in order to keep people away from his incredibly illegal ivory desk... well, that and because he's a huge germaphobe. Seriously, try coughing around the guy.)

Anyway, Vinnie is sucking down a Cotton Candy flavored Bang energy drink and sort of just bumping his hoverboard into the ring apron, making it probably a pretty weird view from under there. Like, just a pair of custom hot pink Converse All-Stars under a tiger print pai of Zubaz pants, all rolling around on a hoverboard that keeps flashing different colors.

"Dude! Get out here so I can pin you! I feel like being X Champ again!"

Vinnie bumps into the apron again, and we hear a voice from under the ring now, presumably KVB's but we can't really confirm that. Plausible deniability, you know?

Suddenly, Vin gets a text. It says it's from Charlie Nickles, but here's the thing - Charlie pretty regularly steals Vinnie's phone and changes ALL the contacts to Charlie Nickles. Why? We don't really know. But can we say for sure that this text came from THE Charlie Nickles? Nope.

"Vinnie! I see you trying to pin Kris - and that's fucked up! You know you and your entitled butt buddy Theo Pryce robbed KVB of the title just because you like Flynn better! That's so WRONG, bro!"

[color=#fffff]Charlie always changes the font settings on Vinnie's phone too. Classic Nickleman.[/color]

"Whoa! Dude! Is this true, Kris? Did we rob you of the title and stuff?"

Under the ring, the guy who is probably KVB probably nods. But, we don't really know, because he's under the ring, you know?

"Well dude, this can't go without repercussions... that's messed up! Tell you what I'll do... I'll dox Flynn! Like this!"


At that exact moment, Mark Flynn just happens to round the corner! He sees the doxxing, and is probably about to object to his definitely real and actual address being shown on XWF programming... but he never gets the chance because he gets crushed with a nasty superkick from Vinnie Lane!

One Black Label Driver later and we have a NEW CHAMPION!!!




[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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05-18-2023, 09:56 PM

”Gasp! Oh no! How did Vinnie learn my address?!? 421 Highland  Avenue, Westfield, New Jersey!”

“I mean, I don’t LIVE there. But I do have gas mailed there from Elizabethtown. It’s a sort of tax dodge.”


Flynn kicks out!

He reaches into Vinnie’s mailbag.

Oooh, this one’s addressed to Kris Von Bonn - Address: The Space Under the Ring.

Is it fan mail? Yes!

… If by “fan mail”, you mean a picture of a fan sent in the mail.

[Image: 971-F754-D-FB81-4-BE7-9-AF7-29-AAD98-F961-A.jpg]
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