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laugh damn it.
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Thunder Knuckles™ Offline
A No Good Bastard

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

05-14-2023, 10:09 PM

I'm pinning you.

[Image: newtngb.png?ex=661f68da&is=660cf3da&hm=6...9be1b4b4b&]
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Mark Flynn Offline
24/7 Briefcase Holders get their name in GOLD
The 24/7 Shot!

XWF FanBase:

(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

05-15-2023, 05:55 AM

"Thanks, TK."

Flynn twists toward the camera.

"Welcome to Part 2 of 'What is a Kick-out' on the XWF network. Apparently, I'm now doing this as community service because some people don't know how to kickout of pins."

"In order to kick-out out of a pin, it is traditional to lift one or both shoulders off of the ground. Like so..."

Flynn gently lifts his left shoulder of the ground, breaking the pin attempt. TK remains in place, but the official stops the count.

"Let's see that one again..."

The official counts.



This time, Flynn gently lifts his right shoulder off the ground.

The official stops again.

"This phenomenon is said to have been coded into our DNA from the times of the neanderthal, who famously used their shoulders to get off the ground when pinned by ravenous saber-tooth tigers."

Flynn puts a microscope up to his shoulder. He then places a finger on his shoulder.

The official counts...



Each of Flynn's shoulder cells lift up on one side.

The official stops the count.

Flynn smiles. Flynn stands up. He and TK shake hands for a documentary installment well-made.

"Tune in next time where we cover the invention of the kick-out and the lifetime incarceration of its inventor."
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