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Warfare Results: 9.1.21
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09-01-2021, 05:38 PM



From !!!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]



- vs -


Like the last man standing match but the winner has to incapacitate their opponent, before hooking themselves up to a pully and making it rise above the ring, and stay dangling in the air for a referee's 10 count in order to win. Beware - If you don't take your opponent out for too long, your opponent can recover and touch a button on the corner of the ring and the pully could come crashing down faster than you went up - thus turning the match into your opponent's hands.


- vs -



- vs -



- vs -


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

1 RP Per Person



From !!!

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]


Warfare fades in to a crowd that is hot with anticipation of tonights event. Pyro bursts all around the stadium while the cameras give us shots of many different areas of the packed house.

HHL: It’s standing room only!

PIP: Fans started gathering outside on Monday night!

HHL: There are big changes afoot in the XWF!

PIP: And this crowd is white hot already!

HHL: Welcome to Wednesday Night Warfare! We are LIVE from the SOLD OUT Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia!

PIP: Heather, it’s Relentless season! It’s the biggest show of the year and if last Warfare was any indication, it’s expect the unexpected!

The upper bowl lights fall dark with a loud audible SNAP causing a brief distraction from the announce team.

HHL: Speaking of unexpected...

No sooner does Heather speak, and the lower arena lights also fall dark with an audible SNAP.

PIP: ...Are we having technical difficulties?

As soon as Pip poses the question, the house lights fall dark too. The stage and the ring remain lit in a dim gold colored lighting.

The announcers lay out as ‘Sirius’ by the Alan Parsons Project begins to play. A pulse effect with the stage lighting matches the guitar strumming. About 30 seconds in, two men and two women dressed in full S.W.A.T. team gear, complete with full face helmets emerge from backstage. They separate, two on each end of the stage as ‘Sirius’ fades with a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring. When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing thousands of boos from the XWF Universe.

After the pyro bursts, ‘Anti-You’ begins. Again, the lighting stays dark, only pulsating in gold with the beat of the music.

HHL: I think its apparent we’re about to be joined by the XWF Hart Champion!


Emerging from backstage, is in fact the XWF Hart Champion dressed in his best, hand in hand with girlfriend Adi Gold. In her arm is Thad’s daughter Caitlyn. In his, his son Talon with Frankie wearing the Hart title standing beside him. The boos continue to rain. Ian Dream and Ross Hanson flank the Family.

HHL: It’s the whole fam damily!

PIP: And friends!

As Thad and his family start toward the ramp, Paul Heyman with Corey Smith’s 24/7 briefcase handcuffed to his own wrist emerges from backstage behind the Duke Family. Down at the ring, Thad climbs the steps first and holds down the bottom rope with his foot while pulling up the middle rope with his free hand, allowing Adi Gold and his daughter to enter the ring.

PIP: What an entourage!

HHL: This…. SWAT team… standing guard as Thaddeus’s entourage files into the ring!

PIP: Heather, he’s been a sickening fan favorite since he started five years ago… its almost a surreal experience to sit here, see him, and hear them booing him!

The music fades, but the lighting stays dim with feint gold light showering the ring. After a big kiss on his forehead, Thad hands baby Talon off to Frankie as Paul Heyman stands with a microphone, he hands the mic to Thaddeus.

What you see before you... he begins to a chorus of boos. No sooner does he start to speak and a fan rushes the ring from behind the announce table. As the fan rolls into the ring, he’s quickly taken down and beaten by Ian Dream and Ross Hanson.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least recognize the Golden Age of OCW standing here in an XWF ring because friendship matters. Loyalty matters. Thad says as his SWAT team fans out to cover all four sides of the ring. Y’all met Ian Dream once before, but I’d like to introduce you to the self-proclaimed enforcer of the Golden Age… ROSS HANSON!

A quick bro hug is exchanged by the three members of the Golden Age.

What I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted… Is everyone that still fucking matters to me, stands in and around this ring!

Security tries to retrieve the beaten fan but is stopped by Thad’s SWAT team.

Leave him here as a reminder that actions have consequences... he turns to look directly into the camera. Right Corey?

Predictably, they boo some more as Thaddeus starts to pace the ring slowly.

Adi Gold kneels down, holding Caitlyn next to Frankie and Talon.

Thaddeus kneels before his children.

What stands before me… is the dynasty that I’ve seeded.

Talon James, the spitting image of his dad, complete with the quirky eyebrow.

Caitlyn Olivia, my beautiful daughter.

Francis Robert, he may not have a drop of my blood but he’s my son through and through.

What’s before me, ladies and gentlemen, is future generations of Duke’s to make each and every one of you regret the day you turned your backs on me.

His demeanor is cold, but steadfast. Thaddeus stands to his feet again and approaches the hard camera side and leans his arms against the top rope, holding the mic casually.

We had a good run, you and I, he continues on. I read a poem the other day called ‘The Boxer’ and it reminded me of our time together.

You have to suck the heart of a hero for as long as it beats, it begins. We shook the country, we made the arenas vibrate so much that it registered on the Richter Scale.

I tore my opponents to shreds. I was a beacon of light in the darkness, I absorbed the insults and compelled applause. Not everyone knew how to do this.

Certainly none of you.

He pauses a beat.

I guess you all want some explanation as to why I did what I did. Why I might’ve ended Corey Smith’s career.

The boo’s again rain down on Thaddeus Duke.

Facts are facts... and just like me, facts don’t give a fuck... about your feelings.

I owe you, absolutely no explanation. I owe you absolutely nothing. I have given myself to you. I have put my body through hell for you. I have spilled my own blood for you. I have worked tirelessly for you.

And you ate it up. You sucked me dry for years and I always found just a little more to give.

For years… I wore my heart on my sleeve and you loved me for it. I poured my heart and my soul into my promo work and into my matches and you lifted me up, over and over and over again. It wasn’t until I displayed my feelings of betrayal from Corey Smith that you started to show your treasonous disloyalty to me.



Another pause for a beat.

HHL: I’m at a loss for words, Pip.

PIP: He’s right! Like it or not Heather, until last Warfare the only thing he’d done was say what was on his mind about Smith and they hated him because he was right!

Then I strung along Reggie Estrada last Warfare, letting both he and you think he had a chance and… and you cheered him, you chanted for that useless waste of space… and you hated me even more.


Again, a pause.

So I pass Corey on my way to the back… and… I thought… If you’re gonna boo me, if you’re gonna hate me… I’ll give you a good fuckin’ reason to hate me.



The crackle of the microphone is heard before it falls silent. The lighting in the arena bobs up and down with a blood red colored light before all the house lights disappear again leaving the stadium in darkness. Several seconds later the gold colored Lionheart mood lighting returns but this time it illuminates a throne in the center of the ring.

Thaddeus Duke’s throne.

On the seat of the throne lies a box with a bow. Thad stares at the two objects with a smirk before Ian and Ross start chirping in his ear. He hushes them for a moment as he reads a card stuck to the box. Opening the box, Thad smiles then sits his throne before placing the closed box under the ornate chair.

HHL: Whatever it was...

PIP: It was from D’Ville!

Sitting the throne, he calls for his kids. Caitlyn in one arm, Talon in the other, Frankie sits the arm of the throne as Paul now takes over holding the microphone.

You cheered me and loved me and I listened. You wanted more from me and I gave you more. Then I spoke my mind and you brought the torches and pitchforks... and I listened. I heard the boos, I heard the insults, so I pointed your torches toward yourselves and now I’mma watch all of you burn.

Again, the boos rain down on Thaddeus Duke.

I made Corey Smith.

I gave him back to each and every one of you… and you’re free to deny it but in your heart of hearts, you and I both know that it’s true.

And now I’ve broken him all over again... I’ve taken him away from you and all of it is YOUR fault, not mine. His blood is on your hands, not mine. The boy couldn’t do shit on own as it is… you can call on his TV title or his 24/7 briefcase, but he squandered his Television title reign...

He pauses as Heyman lifts the 24/7 case.

And there lies his guaranteed title match so really, without me, what has he ever accomplished?

Not a god damn thing.

Heavy, heavy boo’s as Thad soaks it in. Again, he hands off the kids and stands from the throne.

XWF Universe: FUCK! YOU! THAD!

Thad messiah poses a moment, soaking in the hate.

You have dug a grave in hopes to conceal me, but you know me better than that… not even the grave could stop me.

See we’ve entered into a new relationship, you and I. It quickly deteriorated from ‘committed’ to ‘its complicated’ to ‘single.’ Last Warfare was a warning shot… and you’re quickly proving to me that you don’t deserve me and what’s more is you never really did.

So I’ve set fire to Duke Nation and razed it to the ground and I watch with joy as you choke on the smoldering pile of rubble where it once stood. In its place… what should have been in its place all this time…

Thad points to his children.

Is the dynasty of dominance that started with me and will carry on through Frankie… through Talon… Through Catey.

He pauses as the boos rain some more.

Booing children? he scoffs. You should be booing yourselves.

He points out toward the four SWAT members standing with their backs to the ring and facing the stage.

We’ve now entered a new era… And these four beautiful souls standing guard at the ring here. They’re a tough bunch. They’re well trained in hand to hand combat so… I’d think twice about messing with them. What they are…

Silent Warriors Affirming Thaddeus.

They’ll be watching my back since can’t no one around here be trusted.

The one male team member standing in front of him on the floor reaches his hand up and Thad slaps his hand in kinship.

This new era… ladies and gentlemen, if you think you liked it when you loved me… You’re really gonna fuckin’ love hating me.

‘Anti-You’ begins to play as Thaddeus Duke’s entourage begins to make their exit. Hand in hand, toting the babies, Thad and Adi head up the ramp, flanked by Ian Dream and Ross Hanson. Trailed by Paul, Cashe and Tony Savage.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke came to Warfare to make a statement!

PIP: I never thought I’d see the day, Heather! These fans have turned their backs on the Lionheart, and he’s ready to make each and every one of them pay for it!

The Lights of the arena go dark as the Music begins to charge through the speakers, The X-Tron flashes Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, flickering between colour and static. Lasers and smoke begin to fill the arena as a Neon outline steps through the curtain, her figure momentarily outlined before disappearing. The smoke is thick, she appears again, Neon lights tracing up her arms, a Set of LED's Illuminate her face, shining from the collar of her Jacket. As the drums break in she begins making her way towards the ring, a baseball bat slung over her shoulder. Talking trash to the fans at either side, some of whom take it well, other's return her hatred with middle fingers and receipts.

Jessica steps up the stairs and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, looking dominantly down at the crowd below. She drops down from the turnbuckle after a few seconds, taking in all the reactions the crowd has to offer. She leaps from the ring, pulling up the apron, pulling a long, Exposed, 1/0 welding cable, she throws it into the corner of the ring near the pole. Reaching back underneath the ropes produces a car Battery and Jumper Cables, the crowd pops as she slings the cables wildly over he shoulder, lifting the Battery into the air. She slides it into the ring next to the wires, jumping back into the ring, swinging the jumper cables around as she waits for the challenger.

"Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears is heard on the sound system. Talia comes out from behind the curtain. When she gets to the ramp, shower fireworks reign down on her. She walks down the ramp with her hips moving back and forth and she is swinging her arms. She gets on the apron and enters the ring between the ropes. After that she walks over to the ropes on the right side and stands on the first rope. She then bends over and looks at the fans with a smile on her face. She then gets off the ropes and walks to one side of the ring and waits for the officials to start the match.


- vs -


Like the last man standing match but the winner has to incapacitate their opponent, before hooking themselves up to a pully and making it rise above the ring, and stay dangling in the air for a referee's 10 count in order to win. Beware - If you don't take your opponent out for too long, your opponent can recover and touch a button on the corner of the ring and the pully could come crashing down faster than you went up - thus turning the match into your opponent's hands.

The two opponents circle the ring for a hot minute before locking up in the center. Tremor appears to get the early upper hand but her opponent tightens her grip on the back of Tremor's neck and with two vicious knee strikes to the gut sends Tremor stumbling backwards. Talia sensing that damage dealt quickly backs up into the ropes which act line a slingshot and send her charging forward catching her battered opponent with a Solar Shower, a double knee strike that puts her opponent down on the mat.

Talia wasting no time grabs Tremor by the hair and pulls her towards the pully system, she quickly wraps the chain around Tremor's waist and then smashes the button in the corner of the ring which begins raising the pully up towards the ceiling.

The ref immediately begins the 10 count as Tremor frantically tries to detach herself from the pully before it gets too high...











The ref reaches his 10 count and immediately calls for the bell signaling the end of the match.

Winner - Talia Areano

The crowd roars as Robert Main is shown entering the Mercedes Benz Stadium. He is ready for action as he heads towards the backstage hallway area. Ned Kaye is shown walking past Robert as we see Robert speak.

” Yo Ned, how are things?”

Ned ignores Main causing Robert to shrug his shoulders before getting back to heading to his locker room when Ned suddenly re-enters the frame cracking Main across the back with a chair shot!

HHL: Why the hell is Ned Kaye attacking Robert Main??!!

Ned cracks Robert across the back a second time dropping Robert to one knee. Ned measures Main who stands back up and turns around into a sickening chair shot over the skull! Blood starts pouring down the face of Main from his skull. Ned says nothing. The crowd responds as Drew runs in. Ned tosses the chair down on top of Main before walking off screen leaving Drew to check on the fallen Robert Main.

Lights in the Sky hits as the fans begin to boo. Marf makes his way out onto the stage, looking around at the audience and shaking his head in disgust. He marches to the ring while the crowd continues to boo and insult him. Marf rolls into the ring and goes to a corner, climbing up and then flipping off the crowd for more heat.

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans. He slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.


- vs -


Marf stands his ground as Barney charges forward and bashes the trash can over Marf’s head, knocking him back. Marf stumbles back but uses the ropes to push himself forward and he lunges and hits a hard forearm into Barney’s face. He drops the trash can and gives his head a shake before locking up with Marf. They struggle for a moment and Marf shoves Barney off and then slaps him across the face. Barney looks surprised and then slaps Marf right back with a heavy chop. Marf throws a big punch this time and connects with Barney’s head. Green returns the favour with a haymaker of his own. They continue to trade punches while not giving up any ground.

Heather: This has quickly escalated into big time fists!

Pip: Not shocking at all.

Heather: These guys like to fight.

Pip: You’re telling me!

The two brutes continue to pound on one another until finally Barney blocks a shot and then surprises Marf with a stiff jab. Barney hits another jab and then another until Marf is stunned. Barney does the little shuffle and dance before hitting a perfect Bionic Elbow that would make Dusty Rhodes proud. Marf stumbles back and leans into the ropes. Barney beats his own chest and roars before running at Marf. Barney goes for the big running clothesline but Marf grabs the top rope and falls down, pulling it with him. Barney can’t stop in time and goes tumbling over the ropes and out to the floor.

Marf steps through the ropes while Barney is pulling himself back up. Marf jumps off with a double axe handle and drives Barney back down. Marf stomps on Barney a few times before pulling him back to his feet. He goes to throw him into the steel steps but Barney reverses it and Marf slams into the unforgiving steel. Barney lumbers after him but Marf suddenly turns, holding the top half of the steps and slams them into Barney’s head. Marf drops the steps and goes for Barney but is met with a set up into a Foleyplex but Marf counters out of it, pulls Barney up and hits a Death Valley driver onto the lower half of the steel steps.

Heather: That was not a nice landing!

Pip: Are there any good landings?

Heather: ......

Pip: Well? Hello?

Heather: Shut up!

Marf gets to his feet while Barney rolls over off of the steps and holds his lower back in pain. Marf pulls him up and then drives him face first into the ring post. Marf goes over and grabs the top half of the steel steps while Barney is leaning over the bottom half. Marf brings the steps down and smashes them over Barney’s upper back with nasty force. He once again tosses them down right in front of them while Barney moans in pain. Marf pulls Barney into position, carefully lines it up and then hits him with The Sway on top of the steel steps. Barney crumples to the ground while Marf stares at him for a moment in shock and then pins him.




Winner by pinfall, Marf!!!

Heather: Oh thank goodness this one is over!

Pip: Marf with a very impressive victory over Barney Green!

Heather: Impressive? Marf might have injured poor Barney!

Pip: In other words, Marf did what he usually does and hurt someone...

Heather: ...shut up!

We cut back to an interview set where we see The Can-Jap Connection, Mr. Fikki and of course Billy B. Blankenship. Billy stands in front of his team as he addresses the camera.

”Ladies and Gentleman we’d like to take a few minutes to talk to you about just what in the blue hell happened on Saturday Night Savage. My boys just took care of those scrubs, and here comes Freddy Fabulous and his loser’s goons showed the world just how much they want to be embarrassed again?! He challenged me to a Tuxedo Match at Relentless. Challenge accepted, under one condition. Come Relentless my boys The Can-Jap Connection get the D-Grators one more time; in a Tag Team Street Fight!

The ball is in your court, shit stain.

The scene opens up backstage to a long dark hallway leading up to a red door. Across the face of the door in faded gold letters reads,

Doctor Louis D'Ville

From the shadows to a large pop from the crowd emerges XWF Universal Champion Alias. He slowly steps towards the door and reaches for the handle. Locked again. With a determined sighed, Alias retreives a rocket launcher! He rests it on his shoulder, aims it towards the door, and fires!

The rocket shoots out and soars straight into the door, exploding on impact! Alias steps ever forward, waving the smoke out of the way, only to see the red door still standing, but the name scratched away from it.

"HEY!" Alias turns around to find himself no longer in the dark hallway he once was, but backstage at Warfare once again. And someone who looks important is yelling at him.

"Those fireworks are for AFTER the show! What were you thinking?!"

The bell rings at ringside, grabbing the attention of the Universe inside the home of the Atlanta Falcons.

The following contest is a tag team match, set for ONE FALL!

HHL: Welcome back here at ringside!

PIP: This next match has the chance to steal the show, Heather!

HHL: It really does, Pip! Mark Flynn and Dolly Waters are both elite talents and their partners? One is perhaps underappreciated despite having a remarkable win loss record and the other? Brand new to XWF but has found herself in alignment with the great Dolly Waters.

Introducing first… with a total combined weight of 2 hundred 65 pounds… the team of Latina Submission Machina… and DOLLLLYYYYYYY WWWWWATERRRRRRRS!

HHL: A red hot Dolly Waters takes newcomer Latina Submission Machina under her wing here tonight on Warfare!

PIP: Nothing like learning the ropes in the XWF from a colossal underachiever!

HHL: I hardly think Dolly is an underachiever, Pip.

PIP: She’s been in and out for a long time Heather. How good is she?

HHL: One of the best to ever do it!

PIP: And never once held the Universal title, Heather. Underachiever.

Waters and LSM enter the ring as Dolly’s entrance theme fades out.

And their opponents...

With a total combined weight of 3 hundred 85 pounds… North Korean War Crimnal AND… MMMMMMARK FLLLYYYYYNNNNNNNNN!

HHL: War Criminal and Mark Flynn have proved to be an interesting tandem, Pip.

PIP: War Criminal is criminally underrated, Heather. With Mark Flynn at his side, that’s sure to continue!

HHL: Mark Flynn has a date for the Hart Championship at Relentless against Thaddeus Duke and that match is highly anticipated.

PIP: Whatever else they are, they’re both magnificent athletes Heather. We’re in for a match that has the potential to top Thad and Page from last years Relentless!

As Flynn and War Criminal enter the ring with War Criminal’s marching band at ringside. The two teams retreat to their respective corners to decide who will start the match. Just as the referee goes to signal for the bell…

HHL: It would appear that we’re about to be joined here by the Hart Champion.

PIP: It should be noted that in addition to Flynn and Thaddeus Duke at Relentless, Dolly Waters has NOT been real thrilled with him since last Warfare.

HHL: Gee, I wonder why.

Thaddeus Duke makes his way to ringside flanked by his SWAT team. He sits the announce table with his SWAT members standing behind him, separating him from the fans at ringside.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, welcome to ringside.

PIP: Show some respect, Heather! This is the reigning Hart Champion and this time next week, he’ll be wearing two championship belts from two different companies.

Pip Collins, don’t think we’re friends just because these traitors boo me now. You spent an entire year taking a verbal shit on me and sadly, I never forget a thing.

The bell rings and the match is under way.


- vs -


Latina Submission Machina and North Korean War Criminal start the contest for their respective teams. Circling the ring for a moment. WC and LSM lock horns in the center. War Criminal transitions to a side headlock and his evil smile grows, only for Machina to back him up to the ropes and shove him off.

War Criminal bounces off the far side and Machina leap frogs sending War Criminal off the ropes again. On the rebound, Machina hits the mat and monkey flips War Criminal across the ring. Machina gets back to her feet as War Criminal rolls to his knees and protests to the referee that she pulled his hair.

HHL: War Criminal getting the early jump on underhanded tactics here on Warfare!

C’mon Heather, that’s barely even underhanded.

In the ring, War Criminal insists that Machina tag Dolly Waters. Someone with “honor,” he shouts out. Machina willingly obliges and tags in Dolly Waters. Dolly enters the ring and she comes to the center of the ring where she and War Criminal lock it up. War Criminal transitions to an arm twist, and ducks behind, locking in a hammer lock on the teenage sensation.

Waters though, delivers an elbow to the face of War Criminal stunning him just long enough for her to reach back with her free arm, grab a handful of hair and snap mare him over her shoulder to the mat, breaking the hammerlock.

HHL: Great reversal strategy here from Dolly Waters!

PIP: Oh you GOT to be kidding me!

The hypocrisy from you is alarming Heather. It’s underhanded if War Criminal points it out but its just totally acceptable when Dolly pulls on hair?

HHL: Coming from a guy that...

All I’m saying, is call the action. No one needs... and further, no one CARES about your personal opinion on who does what, when and why they choose to do it.

In the ring, War Criminal again protests the hair pull, but at least this time he wasn’t lying. The referee admonishes Dolly Waters for a moment but the two go to tie it up again only for Waters to take down War Criminal with an arm drag.

War Criminal rolls to his knees and quickly retreats to his corner where he tags Mark Flynn to a mild pop from the Universe. Before entering the ring, the King of the Midcarers turns and scowls at the Atlanta chapter of the XWF Universe.

HHL: I don’t think Mark Flynn appreciates the cheers he’s receiving.

Forget the marks, Flynn.

With Flynn’s back turned for a moment and War Criminal near their corner attempting to exit the ring, Waters comes charging into the corner and delivers a knee to the back of War Criminal causing him to collide with Mark Flynn. War Criminal staggers back and Waters tosses him out of the ring while Mark Flynn tumbles to the floor.

Waters follows suit, exiting the ring and to the floor. Grabbing a handful of hair, she pulls Flynn to his feet and tosses him toward the barricade. He collides back first. Dolly then gets a head of steam, charging toward Flynn. Mark ducks down though and upends Dolly Waters, sending her soaring over the barricade and into the fans.

The fans though, catch her in flight and she crowd surfs to safety as they let her down back over the barricade.

HHL: The wily veteran that is Mark Flynn! Sending Waters up, over and into the crowd!

As her brother from another mother, I hope she realizes that those fucking marks… they’ll chew you up and spit you out.

PIP: You’ve seen the error of your ways though Thad!

They verbally sucked me off for five years just to turn their backs on me, Pip. Her and I are a lot more alike than we are different. They’ll do the same to her when they decide they’re done with her.

Mark Flynn rolls into the ring, unaware that Dolly Waters was returned safely. She too re-enters the ring and comes face to face with the King of the Midcarders. The crowd unites in solidarity, wanting to see these two pillars of the industry mix it up for the very first time.

The two go to tie it up in the middle but Flynn is too smart for that and duck underneath while giving Waters an arm drag and twist. He twists again, causing Waters to hit one knee. In defense, she rolls forward, reverses position and gets back to her feet before flipping out of the arm twist and arm dragging Flynn to the mat where she locks in an arm bar.

HHL: Nice exchange there from these two!

Flynn is a cagey veteran Dolly, be ready for anything.

Flynn reverses position, gets to his feet, flips much like Dolly did, then takes her down with an arm drag before retreating quickly to tag in War Criminal. Back to her feet, Waters tags out to Machina and we’re back to where we started.

Once more the two lock horns and this time its Machina that’s ready for it, sending War Criminal into the corner. She follows in but eats a big North Korean boot counter from War Criminal. Machina staggers back before falling to her back. War Criminal comes out of the corner and grabs her by her hair, pulling her to her feet. With a handful of hair he pulls her toward his corner where Mark Flynn waits with a boot up on the top rope. War Criminal sends her face first into his boot and tags out.

Flynn enters the ring and the two double team Machina in the corner with stomps and punches. Waters tries to intervene, stopping the referees DQ count. While the referee is distracted by Dolly’s interference, Flynn and War Criminal continue to double team the sensational XWF rookie luchadora.

By the time the referee returns his attention to the match at hand, Flynn is back on the apron and War Criminal is the ‘legal’ man with Machina trapped in their corner. Flynn though, holds both hands up and keeps his distance.

HHL: A real saint, that man.

Can you really blame him? If Dolly is gonna cause the referee to take his eyes off the match, bad things will continue to happen. It’s not rocket science.

HHL: You’re defending Mark Flynn?

I have no hate for Flynn. Or anyone in that ring right now. You can’t sit here and blame him for doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

War Criminal delivers a few shoulders to the midsection before stepping back and applying his boot to Machina’s throat causing the referee to start a DQ count. The ref gets to five but War Criminal won’t break the choke. Again the referee starts his count only for War Criminal to break the choke at the count of four. Being admonished by the referee, War Criminal hold his hands up proclaiming his foot slipped and it was an accident.

Behind the referees back, Mark Flynn takes some of his wrist tape and begins choking Machina in the corner. As a result, Dolly Waters attempts to intervene and naturally the referee is again distracted by her involvement leaving Machina open to a tag team assault from both Flynn and War Criminal.

Both men are in the ring and lay Machina out with a double suplex as Dolly finally retreats back to the apron. Back to their feet, War Criminal retreats to the apron never really tagging out to Mark Flynn. When the ref returns, Flynn covers Machina and hooks the leg.



HHL: Machina kicks out and this Battle of the Sexes rages on here on Warfare!

I don’t know, all four of them are wound a little tight. They could probably all use a little more sex in their lives.

That’s not what...

I know what you meant and I also don’t really give a fuck.

Flynn gets back to his feet and ventures to Machina’s legs. Lifting one, he delivers an elbow to the inside of her thigh before applying a leglock variation. In desperation, Machina reaches up and rakes the eyes of Mark Flynn and he releases the hold. Flynn grabs both of his eyes and lays on the mat as Machina scoots away and starts to make her way toward her and Dolly’s corner. To his feet, Flynn grabs the referee and makes him check on his eyes as Machina makes the tag. Dolly enters the ring and the referee immediately calls for her removal having not seen the tag.

Dolly’s protests go unheard as Flynn lifts Machina to her feet. Dolly retreats to the apron to a chorus of boos. Back in the ring, Machina unloads with a flurry of shin kicks, stunning the former world champion. She then takes Flynn down with a headlock takedown but he’s quick on the draw and immediately locks in a head scissor, breaking the headlock. Not to be outdone, Machina kips up out of the head scissor and is back to her feet. In just a split second she reaches her feet and leaves them again, delivering a standing moonsault to Flynn, going for the cover as a result.



HHL: Mark Flynn kicks out!

PIP: Here comes the War Criminal!

War Criminal enters the ring and the referee stops him as finally, Machina makes the tag to Dolly Waters. War Criminal immediately retreats to the apron leaving the referee to once again stop Dolly Waters from entering the match. Flynn gets back to his feet as Waters and Machina argue with the referee. Flynn delivers a chop block to the back of the knee of Machina sending her crumbling to the mat before grabbing her leg and pulling her toward his corner with War Criminal.

Incredibly smart tactics from Flynn and his Korean buddy!

PIP: Waters and Machina just haven’t had an answer yet and now they’ve effectively taken Machina’s best weapon from her… her legs!

HHL: They keep getting cute but sooner or later, Dolly Waters will get into the match!

I mean, War Criminal is cute in his own way but Mark Flynn? Maybe his dad should’ve pulled out. Not even his mother could love that face.

HHL: Once again, that’s not...

And once again Heather, I still don’t give a fuck.

Making a rare legal tag, War Criminal enters the ring. The duo each take a leg and deliver a double wishbone leg snap to Latina Submission Machina. The duo then exchanges a series of repeated elbow drops to Machina before the referee finally orders Mark Flynn to the apron. Proud of their work so far, Mark Flynn happily obliges as War Criminal hits the mat and gives a blatant choke to Machina.

He breaks the choke at four.

Lifting Machina to her feet, War Criminal tosses her toward a neutral corner only for Machina to reverse it, sending War Criminal crashing into the turnbuckles. Getting a head of steam, she charges into the corner and leaps to the second rope only for War Criminal to catch her and counter with an inverted atomic drop sending the shocks up through Machina’s body.

She falls to the mat and War Criminal quickly goes for the cover and hooks the leg, placing his own feet on the ropes for additional leverage.



HHL: Latina Submission Machina barely kicks out here!

PIP: And War Criminal can’t believe it!

Keep on her War Criminal! You got her where you want her!

Back to his feet, War Criminal protests the referee’s count as Machina starts to inch her way across the ring toward the fresh and excitable Dolly Waters. The fans firmly support the coming tag and their anticipation grows mightily.

Just as she reaches up for the tag, one of War Criminal’s band members claps his symbols while Mark Flynn enters the ring, grabbing the referee’s attention.

HHL: Tag!

Dolly Waters enters like a bull at a rodeo delivering a lariat to the unsuspecting War Criminal. Flynn goes for one of his own but she ducks under before spring boarding from the middle rope delivering a back elbow to the back of Flynn’s head.

As Waters gets back to her feet, the referee tells her the bad news. He did not see the tag, therefore Machina is STILL the legal woman.

Man this is tag team artwork at its finest.

PIP: Flynn and the War Criminal have effectively cut Machina off from Dolly Waters!

HHL: She’s taken a hell of a beating yet somehow she still won’t stay down!

With the referee distracted, Flynn has entered the ring and pulls Machina back to the far side of the ring before retreating to the apron. Dolly finally gives into the officials demands and retreats to the apron herself as War Criminal has his sights set on Latina Submission Machina.

Lifting her from the mat, he stands her upright in a suplex position before lifting her up.

HHL: Oh my God he actually lifted her!

PIP: He’s finally gonna hit the North Korea Nuclear Arms Test!

Suddenly, War Criminal drops Machina from the suplex and she flips over, landing on her ass on the mat behind him.

I guess not.

War Criminal starts pumping his arms in the air. His cadets storm back to the ring to bow and celebrate with their commander. The orchestra begins to play. Falling to his knees, War Criminal weeps tears of pride as his cadets drape the flag of True Korea over his shoulders while Machina sits in the ring perplexed.

On the apron, Mark Flynn is beside himself, realizing the band distraction is giving Machina time to recuperate enough to tag out to Dolly Waters. Flynn starts barking at War Criminal while the referee ushers the band out of the ring.

I am North Korean Hero, Mark Flynn!

War Criminal cries out in Flynn’s direction, the flag still draped over his shoulders. Flynn keeps trying to point out Machina inching ever closer to the awaiting outstretched hand of Dolly Waters. With each passing second, the anticipation from the XWF Universe grows.

Come on War Criminal! Get your head back in the game!

I don’t understand, Mark Flynn!

No sooner does War Criminal say that and Latina Submission Machina makes the legal tag to Dolly Waters to a gigantic pop from the Universe. Thaddeus Duke, Pip Collins, Mark Flynn and every villain watching gives a collective face palm.

[Image: UHIIXWz.gif]

Entering the ring with reckless abandon, Dolly Waters hops into the air behind a clearly confused North Korean War Criminal, delivering a backstabber to the would-be hero. In an effort to halt her offense and even the playing field again, Mark Flynn enters the ring but eats a dropkick to the face from the Pride of Kentucky.

This is what Flynn and the War Criminal didn’t want! A fresh Dolly Waters that’s always amped and ready to fight!

HHL: She’s a wrecking ball that’s real hard to hate!

Flynn scrambles back to his feet and charges toward Waters. She ducks under him but on his way by, grabs her by the arm and sends her to the ropes. On the rebound, she telegraphs, maintaining a hold of the top rope, stopping her forward momentum. Flynn though reacts quickly and again charges toward Waters only for Dolly to fall to the mat, taking the top rope with her and causing Mark Flynn to spill over the top rope and to the floor.

HHL: Alone at last! It’s Dolly Waters one on one for the time being with the North Korean War Criminal!

War Criminal starts to get to his feet. As he begins to get vertical, Dolly runs toward the ropes and spring boards, delivering an uppercut to War Criminal.

Ode to Joy!

HHL: That might do it!

Dolly Waters quickly crawls over the mat and hooks the leg of War Criminal.



Flynn slides into the ring.


PIP: Flynn pulls Waters off of War Criminal!

Waters flips over to her back sending a vicious kick into Mark Flynn’s head staggering him backward as Machina enters and hightails it across the ring sending her full body shoulder first into Mark Flynn with a spear. Upon landing, Machins begins a ground and pound assault on the King of the Midcarders before the referee finally intervenes and orders her back to the corner.

Heeding the referees orders, Machina retreats quickly as Waters gets back to her feet. Flynn meanwhile, rolls from the ring surface to the apron. Dolly grabs herself a handful of hair of the heroic North Korean and pulls him to his feet before sending him into their team corner.

Reaching up, she tags Machina. The Latinx submission machine enters the ring and aids Dolly in lifting War Criminal to the top rope. The duo climbs the ropes before sending War Criminal crashing to the mat.

God damn, he crashed and burned like a typical North Korean missile test!

Dolly retreats to the apron as Latina Submission Machina lifts War Criminal’s upper body from the mat before locking in a dragon sleeper, completing it with a body scissors.

HHL: War Criminal is in trouble!

PIP: And Flynn is still down!

War Criminal manages to flip back stacking Latina’s shoulders to the mat.





HHL: What a match this was, guys!

PIP: It was a great old school tag team match for sure, Heather!

The post match festivities die down as Dolly Waters stands in the middle of the ring with a microphone in her hand. She stands, staring at Thaddeus Duke.

Thaddeus Duke! Dolly calls out before she pauses to catch her breath.

Mark Flynn and North Korean War Criminal stand on the floor looking toward the ring at the bottom of the ramp. Latina Submission Machina sits in the corner of the ring looking up at her tag team partner.

HHL: Dolly’s got something to say to you, Champ!

Still seated at the announce table, Thad stares stoically up toward Dolly Waters.

You know what, Thad. I'm done guessing about yer' motives. I'm done wondering why you decided to start acting like such a pretentious little snob. I'M DONE wondering how in the hell I could've been duped into thinking that you actually gave a damn about our friendship with Corey.

At ringside, Thad removes his headset and stands up, still looking up at Dolly Waters.

From the words you've spoken since attacking him, it's clear that you had no rhyme or reason for taking those actions. Sure, blame it on the fans, say that they betrayed you, Thad. These people have been around and watched us all wrestling for years. They know the kind of people we are, and they started booing you because you changed.

She pauses as Thad one hops it to the ring apron. He leans with his forearms against the ropes, still listening intently to his friend.

You betrayed THIER trust. You betrayed Corey's trust, and you've betrayed my trust... So yeah, I'm done wondering why, buddy. The time for questions is over, and the time for kicking your ass is NOW. I want you Thad... ONE ON ONE, MONO E MONO, DOLLY WATERS VERSUS THADDEUS DUKE!

The Universe pops big time at the potential match up as Thaddeus Duke steps into the ring.

HHL: These fans! They’re loving the prospect of these two phenoms clashing in the ring!

PIP: Dolly Waters is being really unfair towards Thaddeus Duke!

Thad motions for the mic. Dolly hands it to him with a chorus of boos. Fearing for a moment that his Hart title big money confrontation with Thaddeus Duke might be in jeopardy, Flynn steps forward before being grabbed and held back by North Korean War Criminal.

No good reason? he begins with a pause. Corey Smith had his little feelings hurt because of things I said and did in a promo hyping War Games. Corey Smith wanted blood… my blood, Dolly.

I was just done with him. I was ready to move on with my professional life and leave Corey Smith in the rear view mirror. I understand your frustration, Dolly. I understand your anger toward me and I accept your distaste for me at this moment.

What else would I expect from someone that has never taken off the rose colored Corey Smith glasses?

Dolly takes exception and wants to fight now but Thad holds his hand up, saying he’s not done.

He could’ve called me, but he didn’t. He could’ve questioned why I feel the way I do but he didn’t. He chose war the moment he DEMANDED a match with me.

Violence begets violence, Dolly.

Say whatever it is you want about me and what I did to him last Warfare. Think what you want to think, feel whatever it is you need to feel. The fact is, he chose war instead of diplomacy, so I gave him war. I gave him what he wanted.

Go on and blame me if it makes you feel better but the only person to blame for this mess… is Corey Smith.

In time, you’ll see things for what they are… what they really are and you will see that what I did… was doing COREY SMITH a favor. So the answer to your challenge Dolly… is no.

Thad exits the ring, his SWAT team trailing him. On his way passed Mark Flynn, he points at his Relentless opponent and mouths the words “we’re still on” before pointing at the Relentless sign for only a moment and heading up the ramp.

HHL: Mark Flynn will challenge Thaddeus Duke for the XWF Hart title at Relentless!

PIP: And Dolly Waters has yet to find a dance partner!

Flynn and the War Criminal make their exit as Machina rolls to the floor. She looks into the ring at Dolly Waters who seems to be in deep thought for the time being.

HHL: I can’t even imagine what’s going through her mind right now.

PIP: You can disagree with what Thaddeus Duke did to Smith last Warfare, but you can not deny that he’s at the very least partially correct.

HHL: Be that as it may Pip, Dolly Waters is still stuck in the middle of a war between two men she loves like brothers.

The lights start flickering in the arena and we see smoke blowing out from the stage. Tommy comes out in a light jacket with the hoodie on his head. He does some shadow boxing on the stage. Then he walks down to the ramp, giving the fans fist bumps as he does. He slides under the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring posing to the crowd as his theme fades off.

HHL: Our next match-up is a grudge match between Lycana and Tommy Wish. Lycana laid down the challenge against Wish, saying she’s tired hearing her name out of Wish’s mouth. What’s the story here, Pip?

Pip: To know that, you have to go back to the 24/7 attacks Wish made on Lycana. Lycana seems to want a piece of Tommy because Tommy went some off-limits places going after her while she was X-Treme champion. Her bedroom, her locker room, her hotel room...

HHL: Oh my God, that sounds awful.

Pip: Some would say it’s the nature of the beast, being X-Treme champion, but Tommy did start smelling what he thought were her leggings… Making constant awkward eye contact… Grabbing up on her… ahem… cleavage.

HHL: There’s a reason Tommy Wish gets called the “Louis CK of the XWF”. And not because he works one hour every year.

Pip: So, while Tommy Wish originally was aiming for the X-Treme title and originally accepted her challenge back in July, he seemed to lose interest once Lycana dropped the belt. Lycana, on the other hand, is still ravenously hungry for revenge. She feels Tommy Wish has shown her an unforgivable level of disrespect and she plans to rectify that tonight.

The lights fade to black. Lycana's music hits as lime green and red pyros shoot off. She steps out onto the stage and looks around the crowd with a condescending look before walking down the ramp. Tommy slips out of the ring, just as Lycana slides in, running to the other side to hop onto the ropes looking out over the sea of fans with a sneer on her face. She hops down and turns to face Tommy, who remains on the outside of the ring..

HHL: Tommy Wish, for the first time in many months is maintaining a respectful distance.

Pip: To be fair to Tommy...

HHL: Pip, I will punch you in the face.

Pip: ...Okay, let me rephrase. To present Tommy’s argument: He’s said he has the utmost respect for Lycana as a competitor. He genuinely believes that he’s not a worthy opponent to face her in the ring and has insisted she’s above this match-up.

HHL: Counterpoint, Pip. If Wish knows he’s not worthy of facing Lycana one-on-one in the ring, he probably shouldn’t be assaulting her outside of it.

Tommy slowly climbs up the steps and takes his corner. The official signals and the bell rings.

​​MATCH #4:

- vs -


Tommy goes for a traditional grapple in the center of the ring, but Lycana immediately tackles him to the ground.

Pip: I think what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Tommy was anticipating a technical wrestling match and Lycana clearly wants a no-rules street fight.

HHL: What a surprise, Tommy has difficulty communicating. Probably why he ignores the word ‘no’ from every woman on the roster.

Lycana wrenches Tommy to the ground and crawls to mount Tommy prone. Lycana goes to strike Tommy in the face, but he brings his fists up to block.

She starts alternating between punching and elbowing Tommy. Wish eventually drops his guard and heaves himself toward the side of the ring, grabbing hold of the ropes. The official moves to peel Lycana off. She eventually gets Lycana off Tommy, but not before she delivers a series of kicks to a still-prone Wish.

Pip: Interesting decision to book these two in a submission match. Tommy Wish has the Fetish Lock and the Disjointed Arms. Does Lycana have… any submission maneuvers in her arsenal?

HHL: I mean, if she tries to tear his head off, that’ll probably make him tap.

Lycana is taken back to her corner, Wish slowly climbs up his own corner. He looks a little shaken.

Pip: Wish seems a little taken aback. He might be re-thinking his ways...

The official gives clearance to Lycana to proceed. Lycana charges Wish in the corner…

BAM! Wish catches Lycana with an elbow to the face.

HHL: Nope, just playing possum.

Lycana spins and covers her face in pain… Giving Tommy an opening to score a running bulldog! Lycana is planted face-first into the mat.

Pip: It looks like Tommy might be taking control… He is slightly more experienced in this submission-based match.

With Lycana down, Tommy delivers a stomp to Lycana’s right ankle! A second! A third!

HHL: Tommy is moving to soften up Lycana for the Fetish Lock here.

Pip: It must be very difficult for him to possibly ruin a perfectly good foot.

He goes to grab Lycana’s ankle… Lycana latches onto his neck! CHRONIC FLUKE! She spins him onto his back while holding his neck and legs!

Pip: This pinning combination would do wonders if it weren’t a submission match!

HHL: It’s achieving what it needs to, Lycana has regained top position!

Lycana releases her grip on Tommy’s neck, but as Tommy flops onto his back, she latches onto his ankle and secures a leg lock! She lies on her back and cranks Tommy’s ankle in her bicep.

Pip: Lycana secures a leglock!

The referee pauses over Tommy to check if he wants to submit. Tommy shakes his head no, but he grimaces with pain as Lycana twists his ankle.

HHL: Lycana, maintaining good control here… Tommy needs to figure out an escape quickly!

Tommy tries to wriggle his way out, writhing in pain...


Lycana goes to twist his ankle again… But when she does, Tommy expertly shifts his weight to roll himself and Lycana onto their front. The motion is all Tommy needs to slip out of the grip… And also out of the ring!

Pip: Tommy, trying to create distance to regroup.

You can see on Lycana’s face she’s sick of getting dodged. Lycana slides out of the opposite end of the ring and starts sprinting around the edge of the ring…

HHL: What is Lycana doing here!?!

Pip: Looks like she’s building up speed!

Tommy regains his breath outside…

Just as Lycana leaps around his body and onto his neck! She latches her legs around his neck as he desperately spins to peel her off!

It’s a Tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Lycana flips Tommy flat and he lands back-first on that thinly padded-concrete outside the ring.

Lycana peels him off the mat and rolls him back into the ring. She mounts the apron. Just as Tommy gets back to his feet…

Lycana delivers a springboard hurricanrana! Once again, Tommy is brought to the ground.

HHL: Tommy is really losing control here, Pip.

Pip: It’s important to remember Lycana is really laying on high-impact moves! But is that the best strategy for a submission match?

HHL: What do you mean, Pip?

Pip: Scientifically, the more times Tommy gets dropped on his head, the less his central nervous system is sending pain signals to the rest of his body. What Lycana needs to do to isolate a body part and start inflicting as much pain as possible.

HHL: I hear you, Pip. But Tommy is looking like he’s already in a lot of pain.

Lycana sprints across the ring and flips, bouncing off the ropes. Tommy gets up just in time to eat a handspring back-elbow!

Tommy bounces off the ropes and meets Lycana in the center, where she grabs him by the skull and slams his face against her knee! FACEBUSTER!

Tommy flops down onto the mat.

Lycana moves behind Tommy, then lifts his back off the mat and locks in a sleeper hold!

Tommy’s hands search wildly for escape, but Lycana has him trapped in the center of the ring!

He tries to twist out of her grip, but she’s got a vice grip around his throat!

HHL: It might just be a matter of time now!

Tommy wriggles as the oxygen flow gets more and more limited....


All of a sudden, Tommy grabs Lycana by the hair and rips as hard as he can!

Lycana loosens her grip in pain just enough for Tommy to find his footing again. He jumps while keeping his grip on Lycana’s hair then slams her jaw against his skull! Sitout Jawbreaker!

Pip: An impressive escape by Tommy Wish!

Lycana writhes on the ground as Tommy moves to take the offensive. He delivers an elbow drop onto a prone Lycana! A second!

Pip: Tommy is using his 320 pound frame like the weapon it is!

He picks Lycana off the mat and shoves her into the corner. A chop! A forearm smash! A chop! A forearm smash!

He drags Lycana back out of the corner and hooks her into a front-facelock! He heaves her into the air! Suplex!

Tommy rises to his feet and grabs Lycana’s ankle, flipping her onto her front. He latches onto her ankle! THE FETISH LOCK IS LOCKED IN!

The official hovers over Lycana to ask if she wants to tap out! Lycana…

Lycana’s arm is shaking…


Wait! Lycana bites her own arm?!?

Pip: What on earth is she thinking here?

HHL: The brain can only take a limited amount of stimulus at any time! If Lycana’s biting her own arm, it’s dulling the pain on her ankle. It’s a known fact, Pip.

Pip: Wow! Is that the reason?

HHL: That or her canine brain is trying to chew its own arm off to escape.

Lycana… continues to sink her jaws into her wrist…



Lycana, in an incredible showing of core strength, lifts herself off the mat to flatten her body and swing her leg to launch Tommy into the corner! He desperately crawls up the turnbuckle to escape...

Lycana leaps onto her feet! Lycana runs up the ropes and… METAMORPHOSIS!

Lycana grabs a hold of Tommy in another sleeper hold! Tommy is dizzy from the slam and falls deeper and deeper into Lycana’s grip…

His hands desperately paw through the air, searching for escape…

He once again moves to grab Lycana’s hair…

SHE TWISTS HIS NECK FURTHER! Tommy’s hand falls to the mat…

The official picks up Wish’s hand.

It drops once…

She picks it up again…

It drops a second time.

She picks it up once again…

A THIRD DROP! Lycana wins by submission!

Winner - Lycana

HHL: An incredible win for Lycana! Hopefully Tommy Wish will think twice before getting handsy with another XWF competitor.

Pip: … I mean, it’s Tommy so, probably not?

HHL: Well, if getting choked out and humiliated won’t get Tommy to change his ways, Lycana has promised Marf will launch his own attack on Tommy. So maybe watching his back will make him think twice.

The two roll away from one another as a figure tears down the ramp.

PIP: It’s John Black!

JB runs up the stairs, entering the ring and going over to Tommy Wish, crouching beside him for a moment before rising, as he shoots a glare over at Lycana. He takes a step towards her as the blue haired vixen narrows her eyes, getting to her knees.

HEATHER: Lycana might be in a bit of trouble here with both THUGs in the ring...

PIP: The odds are about to even out!

Another figure explodes from the back. Marf quickly slides under the ropes and gets to his feet, extending a hand to Lycana who takes it, accepting the help. Tommy gets vertical and moves to stand by JB. The two tag teams stand motionless on opposite sides of the ring, eyes spitting fire as they take the measure of the other.

HEATHER: Someone may want to call security; this looks like it might get ugly!

Tension crackles in the air as slow, feral grins start to form on the faces of the Dissentients. The THUGs take exception to this, starting to spout off on tirades towards them. Lycana throws her head back and laughs as Marf raises a middle finger, then the other, giving each one a salute. Tommy points to Lycana, taking a menacing step forward, which she matches. JB holds his arms out in the universal sign to bring it, and Marf gives a simple, single head nod.

Before erupting from his spot to spear him to the ground!

Without hesitation, Wish and Lycana launch themselves at one another, trading wild blows as they clash in the center of the ring, before Wish plants a boot in her midsection, doubling her over as he sends an elbow crashing on her back, knocking her to the mat. He goes to assist Black, who is being pummeled by Marf.

Marf sees him coming and rises to meet him, and now they start alternating hard rights and lefts, a swift uppercut sending Wish back a few steps, turning to walk away... until Lycana come out of nowhere with a superkick to the jaw, sending him lurching forward into Marf’s waiting arms, and a beautiful belly to back suplex.

Marf gets up, turning in time to see Lycana eating a dropkick to the back by John Black. He charges at the other man, and they start to brawl once more.

PIP: And here are the troops!

HEATHER: Finally... they hardly ever seem to be around when you need them.

Personnel emerge from the back, pulling the four away from one another and ushering them to the back so the show can go on.

PIP: I don’t think this is going to be the end for these two teams...

Lined across the stage, 6 ornate cauldrons have been placed clearly resembling those used in the Olympics games. They sit gleaming and yet to be lit with flame.

[Image: T4po1kP.png]

Inside each and equally shimmering in all their Championship glory are 5 belts and in one just a piece of cardboard with the name Mr. Bob written in sharpie. Flanking both sides, the tag team titles are displayed, then comes the BWO Championship and Anarchy Title. The cardboard piece and Chris Pages Universal title finally round out the middle. Replicas or not, who's to say but they shine bright all the same.

Just below the cauldrons three flag barriers stand. Evzones, Greek Presidential Guards dressed in traditional uniform stand stoic and in the center the blue and white of Hellas is raised proud.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would please rise for the playing of the Greek National Anthem

The X-Tron comes to life as the music starts while a shot of the Parthenon atop the Acropolis in Athens fades in. The music continues and the scene fades out to be replaced with another in a no discriminate location. The fire of another cauldron crackles on the screen and entering from the left garbed in Grecian robes is the one and only Goddess of the XWF.

[Image: oQylJgJ.png]

The crowd murmurs in stifled excitement as she approaches the flame, a ceremonial torch in her own hand. The music still playing, she lowers her arms and the torch is lit. She disappears from the screen as the music comes to close.

[Image: rde0hgp.png]

The crowd, full of excitement cheer loud and noise returns to the arena as it would normally would and the voices of Heather and Pip fill the air waves

Pip: Oh my god, the BOB-Lympics seem to be in full swing tonight Heather, kick offed by none other that the our own Olympian, Atara Themis! Listen to this!

HL: Um Pip, I don't think it's done it. I mean is she even her....

The crowd suddenly erupts in a frenzy from when behind the Gorilla position a torch bearing Atara Themis appears with a contingent of The Presidential Guard behind her. They line up, blocking any access to the Goddess and she solemnly takes center stage pausing momentarily with flame in hand. She raises it for the crowd and they pop expecting the expected.

She spins on foot and walks to the right looking into the first cauldron with the tag team title bared unprotected and with no lack of ceremony reaches her torch in. The cauldron erupts to fiery life and metal and leather char and burn inside. She proceeds to the next and the next setting every BOB belt on fire and after they are all the aflame she passes the torch off to a Guard who hands her a mic.

She looks dead to the crowd then to the camera and lifts it to her lips. The arena is in a frenzy.

"Hello Doves! Let the Games Begin!

It's Effin Pandemonium!

Guards men start to retreat to the back as the cauldrons burn and before she disappears completely, Atara turns one final time.

OPA! Apex!

” The following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening!”

The massive crowd of over 80,000 strong come alive with a thunderous ovation as the lights throughout the stadium dim out to darkness which draws an even louder ovation from the crowd as the anticipation grows.

The Atlanta crowd erupts with loud boos throughout Mercedes Benz Stadium.

”Introducing first, about to make their way to the ring… representing the BROTHERHOOD OF BADDIES; “CHRONIC” CHRIS PAGE, MISS FURY, the XWF and OCW World Tag Team Champions THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS, the XWF Anarchy Champion “BIG MONEY” OSWALD and MR.BOB!

The massive boos only increase as Miss Fury and Chris Page walk out to the top of the ramp arm in arm followed closely by Bobby Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles and rounded out with Ozzy and Mr. BOB.

HHL: If there has ever been a must-win for BOB this is it. They’re coming in with a numbers advantage with the attack on Robert Main by Ned Kaye.

Pip: Is that the excuse train I hear backing up to the station already? With or without Robert Main the end result has never been in question, but if I am being honest Apex-Legacy is stronger without Robert “Dead Weight” Main.

The members of BOB soak in the negativity from the Atlanta crowd as they walk towards the ringside area. Once ringside Page climbs up on the ring apron while Miss Fury takes the steps. When she reaches ringside Chris sits on the middle rope while hoisting up the top rope for Miss Fury to step through the ropes and enter the ring. She’s followed by Page while Them No Good Bastards slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Oswald climbs up on the ring apron before stepping over the top rope and into the ring while Mr. Bob mimics TK and Bourbon by sliding into the ring. TK, Bourbon, and Ozzy lay their respective titles in the corner of BOB as Page and Fury take the center of the ring where they share a quick kiss on the lips before being joined by the rest of BOB. The music fades away as they await their opponents.

”And the opponents.”


Atlanta, Georgia EXPLODES as we see Betsy Granger lead out the team of James Raven, Shawn Warstein, Jim Caedus and Drew Archyle.

HHL: We are told that Robert Main is still being checked out by the trainers following that attack by Ned Kaye, but it is not stopping the rest of Apex and Legacy from showing up for this fight that’s been brewing since Leap of Faith.

Pip: They’re screwed!

Betsy and company start to make the long walk to the ring as Chris Page and the rest of BOB simply wait on their arrivals. Apex-Legacy reach ringside where they come around the ring, not taking their eyes off the six in the ring. They all make their way into the ring as our Main Event is ready to get underway.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

1 RP Per Person

HHL: We are officially underway!

The smoke clears and the dust settles as all eyes are locked on this now 6 vs 5 Handicap Match. Chris Page elects to start things off for BOB while across the ring he sees Jim Caedus. There’s a smirk from Page looks up and all over the stadium before looking down at Caedus across the ring where he acts shocked to see him.

Pip: For the first time ever Jim Caedus is about to square off against Chris Page.

Page walks out towards the center of the ring as the Xtreme Champion does the same. Page stands nearly a foot taller than Caedus and as they look to lock up Page kicks him in the gut before shoving him back into the corner that houses Apex and Legacy. Tags are offered but Caedus comes out from the corner where walks up to Page and slaps him in the face to a huge roar from the crowd! Page comes back with a Mafia Kick that Caedus avoids and as Page turns around Caedus lands a clothesline that staggers Page back towards the ropes. Jim charges forward as Page sidesteps him sending him into the ropes, Caedus bounces off the ropes and into a drop toe hold from Page, Chris floats over into a front face lock that Caedus quickly reverses into a hammerlock.

Chris starts getting back to his feet as Caedus maintains the hammerlock. Page backs Jim up into the BOB corner with a handful of hair using his free hand. Miss Fury makes the blind tag as Page forces Jim back against the buckles. Page starts driving shoulder blocks to the midsection of Caedus before he steps away while Miss Fury charges from the center of the ring delivering a step-up knee to the jaw! She follows up by bringing Caedus out of the corner with a running bulldog! Fury quickly rolls Caedus over making the cover.




Caedus kicks out to a pop from the crowd as Miss Fury gets to her feet where she starts stomping away at Caedus before picking him up off the mat where she whips him into a neutral corner. Fury rushes in after Caedus who throws a reverse elbow to the jaw staggering Fury back towards the center of the ring.

Caedus pops up on the middle ropes where he leaps off with a diving clothesline taking Fury down where he executes a quick cover.




Fury kicks out of the near fall as both are quickly back to their feet. Caedus takes Fury back into the ropes where he shoots her across the ring, Fury bounces off the far side and into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker from Caedus! He forces another quick cover.




Fury kicks out again.

HHL: Some quick covers by Caedus as he looks to try and end this early.

Jim is back to his feet where he picks Fury up, twists her right arm taking her back towards the Apex-Legacy corner where Drew tags into the match. He enters the ring where he drives a series of kicks to the ribs of Fury before bringing her to the ropes, he shoots her across the ring ducking under a clothesline where she bounces off the far side catching Drew with a shotgun dropkick! Miss Fury pops back up to her feet where Drew charges towards her swinging with a clothesline, Furry ducks out of the way while taking a back waist lock where she delivers a snap German Suplex with a bridge!




Drew kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Miss Fury beats Drew to his feet where she’s able to turn and tag Ozzy into the match. The big man steps over the top rope and into the ring just as Drew reaches his feet. Drew and Ozzy stare across the ring from each other before finally Drew shrugs his shoulders and charges as he leaps up on Ozzy and starts throwing a flury of right hands! Ozzy counters quickly by locking in a bear hug.

Pip: Archyle has never been known for having the most intelligence, it shows.

The referee is in position asking Drew to surrender as Ozzy rag dolls him with his God like strength before lowing Drew down so his feet are back on the mat. This chooses to be not wise as Drew knaws on the forehead of the big man which causes him to release the bear hug! Drew stops on the toes of Ozzy’s right foot before kicking him in the left shin.

Drew charges towards the far side bouncing off the ropes only to be picked up and driven down into the mat with a side walk slam. Ozzy makes a cover.




Drew kicks out to a huge ovation from the crowd. Ozzy gets back to his feet where he reaches down picking Drew up. He drives him back into a neutral corner before driving a series of shoulder blocks into the midsection. Ozzy hoists Drew up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle before turning and taunting the crowd.

He turns back towards Drew where he’s thumbed in the eye!

Drew pulls Ozzy in with a front face lock before he delivers a Tornado DDT spiking the Anarchy Champion head first into the mat to a roar from the crowd! Drew rolls towards his corner where James Raven tags into the match drawing a rockstar like ovation as he scales the turnbuckles waiting for Ozzy to work his way to his feet, and as he stands Raven sets sail with a Missile Dropkick that’s right on the money that sends Ozzy back into the ropes!

Raven is quickly to his feet where Ozzy charges off the ropes looking to take Raven’s head off with a clothesline from hell. Raven ducks which sends Ozzy bouncing off the far side where Raven looks for a F.Y.S. only to have Ozzy catch his foot before it makes impact! Ozzy takes the leg where he spins Raven around before taking him by the throat. He hoists him up in the air looking for a Chokeslam, Raven escapes where he comes around Ozzy, Ozzy spings around where he’s taken with a front waist lock where Raven looks for a Belly to Belly suplex.

Ozzy blocks before delivering a hard headbut to Raven knocking him back towards the center of the ring before being tagged by Bobby Bourbon.

HHL: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this!

Raven and Bourbon stare across the ring from each other. Suddenly the ovation grows louder as Betsy Granger frantically extends her hand out for the tag which draws Raven’s attention. He points towards Betsy getting an even louder reception which seals the deal for him to make the tag. Atlanta explodes as Betsy Granger enters the ring!

Pip: Looks like you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

Betsy steps into the ring as Bobby laughs before shaking his head. He and Betsy circle each other before looking to lock up, Betsy evades by ducking under. Bobby spins around where he walks into a backflip kick from Granger! Betsy pops back up to her feet where she starts kicking at the knees of Bourbon. Besty ducks a Bourbon wild right hand and follows up with a stiff kick to right quad before driving Bourbon back into a neutral corner.

Betsy looks to shoot Bobby across the ring only to have Bourbon reverse and it’s Granger that crashes into the buckles and sees Bobby charge across the ring with an Avalanche Splash driving Betsy back into the buckles. Bourbon holds Granger in the corner where he starts delivering massive right and left forearms to the side of the head! He brings Granger out towards the center of the ring before underhooking the arms and delivering a butterfly suplex!

Bourbon floats over into a cover.




Betsy kicks out to a huge pop from the massive crowd as Bourbon locks in a rear chin lock. The referee asks Betsy to surrender which she refuses as Bobby releases the hold and gets back to his feet. He picks Betsy up before taking her back into BOB’s corner where Thunder Knuckles makes the tag. TK enters the ring with a cheap shot to Betsy as she’s pinned against the buckles. He turns looking across the ring at Apex-Legacy before motioning a jerkoff hand gesture towards them drawing loud boos from the crowd.

TK follows up by walking out towards the center of the ring spitting at the Apex-Legacy corner which brings in Caedus who is cut off by the referee. Across the ring the five members of BOB on the ring apron all start throwing shots on Granger garnering louder boos from the crowd while Caedus is ushered out of the ring. When the referee turns around TK is walking back across the ring ring where he brings Betsy out from the corner.

TK locks in a front face lock where he delivers vertical suplex to Granger. TK floats over into a cover.




Betsy kicks out to a huge ovation from the crowd. TK is back up to his feet where he picks Betsy up off the mat before taking her back into the ropes where Shawn Warstein is able to make a blind tag to the back of Granger as TK shoots her across the ring. Warstein enters the ring as Granger bounces off the far side where she slides between the legs of TK. TK spins around where Shawn plats a boot to the midsection before delivering a Falcon Arrow!

Warstein makes the cover!




TK kicks out! The crowd roars a Shawn takes a mount position on TK where he starts hammering away with right hands! The Atlanta crowd is on fire as Warstein unloads on TK before getting back to his feet where he snatches TK up off the mat. He sends him into the ropes where he catches TK with a spinbuster slam!

Warstein pops back up to his feet as Chris Page enters the ring charging at Warstein who side steps Page before sending Chris over the top rope and out to the floor with a clothesline!

Shawn turns back towards TK who is starting to stir. He calls for The King’s Crown! TK reaches one knee as Warstein explodes towards him looking for the King’s Crown! TK ducks out of the way and counters with a School Boy!




Warstein escapes and beats TK to his feet where he delivers a stiff knee lift sending TK back into the BOB corner where Mr. BOB tags in.

HHL: And now we have a Robot.

Pip: A RoBOB.

Mr. BOB enters the ring where he drops Warstein before knocking Legacy and Apex off the ring apron. He takes Shawn and delivers a Buckle Bomb into BOB’s corner before Bourbon tags back in. Bobby starts unloading with right hands to the face and midsection of Warstein before bringing him out of the corner with a front face lock where he hoists Shawn up in the air before driving him down with a Jackhammer! Bourbon holds the cover.




Shawn kicks out of the near fall as Bobby immediately starts choking away with both hands across the throat. The referee executes a four count before the hold is broken. Bobby steps back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Warstein up off the mat where he fires him into a neutral corner, Shawn bounces off the buckles back out towards the center of the ring as Bourbon explodes towards him only to have Warstein side step Bourbon sending him crashing sternum first into the buckles where he back tracks into a Back Stabber from Warstein!

The crowd rallies behind Shawn as he starts to push himself up off the mat back to his feet where he turns and tags in James Raven! Raven steps through the ropes as Bourbon gets back to his feet. Bobby swings with a right that’s blocked and countered with a right, he swings with a second and it’s blocked by Raven and countered with a right before Raven tee’s off with a third and a fourth followed by a boot to the midsection which is followed up with a swinging neck breaker! Raven makes the cover.




Bourbon kicks out of the near fall. Raven pops back up to his feet where he waits and as Bobby looks to get to his feet Raven attempts the Flight of the Raven! Bourbon shoves Raven off and into the ropes, he bounces off the ropes and into an Avalanche body block that sends him crashing down on the mat. Bourbon backs away from Raven towards his corner where he turns and tags in Chris Page. The crowd comes alive as Page steps through the ropes entering the ring.

He doesn’t pounce on Raven as he waits for Raven to get back to his feet. The two icons stare each other down with neither man breaking eye contact from the other. Page and Raven start to circle each other and as Raven’s back is to BOB’s corner Ozzy steps over the top rope blasting Raven from behind to massive boos from the crowd which only get louder as Page takes advantage driving a boot into the midsection as Raven staggers forward from the blindsided shot. Page looks to deliver the Page Plant only to have Raven spin out where he looks to deliver the Flight of the Raven that Page counters as he slips free from his grasp.

Raven charges towards Page with a clothesline, Page ducks and as Raven bounces off the near side Page bounces off the far side where they take each other down with a double clothesline! Both men lay in the center of the ring as the referee starts to lay the ten count to both men. Page starts to roll to his corner while Raven rolls towards his. Page makes the tag to Miss Fury as Raven makes the tag to Betsy Granger! Miss Fury and Betsy meet center ring where they exchange a series of right hands…

The crowd explodes as all attention shifts towards the top of the ramp as Robert Main emerges out flanked by Trainer’s trying to keep him away from the ring! Page drops down to the floor where he stands at the foot of the ramp daring Robert to “bring it”. Main decks the trainer’s that stand in his way as he starts to walk down the extended ramp while Page comes up the ramp where they meet in the middle! Right hands are sailing between Page and Main as we cut back to the ring where Miss Fury gouges the eyes of Betsy Granger followed by a Judas Effect elbow strike rocking Granger backwards. Fury turns tagging in Mr. BOB who enters the ring!

Drew Archyle drops down to the floor where he pulls out a bucket of water!

Bobby Bourbon, TK, and Ozzy all enter the ring which brings in Raven, Warstein and Caedus! All hell starts breaking loose inside the squared circle as Drew slips into the ring amongst the massive brawl with the bucket of water and as Mr. BOB turns around to go after him Drew hurls the water into the Mr. BOB which seemingly short circuits him near BOB’s corner! Ozzy and Caedus spill out to the floor where they fight around ringside while Warstein clotheslines TK over the top rope and out to the floor and Raven does the same with Bourbon. The referee clears the ring of Raven and Warstein and with his back turned Miss Fury delivers a cooter shot Betsy Granger! Ozzy and Caedus separate and get back to their corners.

HHL: We almost had complete anarchy as fights were going all over the place.

Pip: Two still are; in the ring at the top of the ramp!

The screen splits as Page and Robert Main are brawling at the top of the ramp where Page kicks Robert in the gut before taking him through the curtain and back towards the “go position”. We go ful screen back in the ring Fury tags Ozzy into the match, legally, he enters where he scoops Betsy up over his shoulder and backs up into Apex-Legacy’s corner where Warstein reaches over the ropes tagging the right boot of Granger.

Ozzy looks to deliver a running Powerslam as Warstein enters the ring, Besty slides down the back of Ozzy shoving him forward into Mr. BOB sending the short circuited Robot through the ropes and down to the floor.

HHL: And now look who has the numbers advantage. Aren’t talking so tuff now are ya Pip.

Ozzy staggers backwards before slowly spinning around into a Superkick that rocks him backward several feet before dropping to one knee! Shawn explodes delivering the KING’S CROWN! The crowd erupts as Warstein makes the cover.




TK breaks the pinfall attempt to massive boos from the crowd. The referee ushers him out of the ring as Warstein gets back to his feet. The screen splits off once again as Robert Main drives Chris Page face first off the side of an XWF production truck! Page bounces off the truck as Robert walks off camera before coming back with a steel chair. He swings the chair at Page who ducks causing Main to smack the side of the truck.

Pip: How is this match not being thrown out if Robert Main is an active participant? The system is against BOB!

In the ring Warstein picks Ozzy up off the mat before driving him back into Apex’s corner where Drew tags in. He steps up on the middle ropes on the outside while Warstein has him pinned against the buckles where he starts biting the forehead! Warstein escapes out to the apron at the four count as Ozzy staggers out towards the center of the ring while Drew climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Ozzy slowly spins around and as he does Drew comes off the top rope with a Diving Elbow Drop!


The Diving Elbow Drop takes Ozzy down! Ozzy rolls towards BOB’s corner where Bobby Bourbon tags into the match. Drew charges Bourbon and starts clobbering away with right hands to a roar from the crowd as he drives Bourbon back into the ropes, he looks for the Irish Whip only to have Bourbon counter sending him bouncing off the ropes and into a Pop Up Spinbuster that silences the crowd as he drops down into the cover.




The crowd roars as Caedus makes the save! He’s ushered out to the ring apron as Bobby gets back to his feet. The screen splits off again as Page is on top of Main hammering down with right hands reopening up the forehead of Main in the process. Page picks Main up taking him outside of the building! Page throws Robert down to ground. He turns and heads back into the Stadium before emerging with a trash can. He dumps the trash on top of Main before smashing him with the trash can!

We cut full screen on the ring where Bobby picks Warstein up off the mat where he takes him back into the ropes where Caedus makes a blind tag. Warstein is sent across the ring, Caedus steps through the ropes where he chop blocks the back of Bourbon’s knee dropping him to one knee as Warstein hits a spear before rolling out to the ring apron.

Caedus sets up Bourbon for a Purgatory Punch!

Bobby begins to get back to his feet where Caedus looks for the Purgatory Punch! Bourbon ducks and in the process shoves Caedus into the ropes, he bounces off the ropes and into Bourbon who snatches him by the throat! Bourbon hoists Caedus up in the air only to have Jimmy counter with a Tornado DDT!

HHL: It’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when BOB falls victim to the very game they’ve played for months! Pin em’ Caedus!

Jim gets back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Bobby up off the mat but as he picks Bobby up we see Bobby counter with a jaw breaker! Bourbon gets back up where he’s able to tag in Miss Fury. Miss Fury scales up to the top turnbuckles to the top rope, Fury sizes up Caedus where she sets sail with a flying cross body block where she holds the cover.




Caedus kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. Miss Fury pops back up to her feet where she turns and blasts Betsy Granger off the ring apron which draws in Raven and Warstein who are cut off by the referee while leaving Jim open to a three on one assault as the Bastards enter the ring stomping away at Caedus along with Miss Fury!

The screen splits once again as Page as drug Robert Main out into a parking deck. He bounces Robert’s head off the hood of a parked car! Page backs up before charging towards Main who back body drops Page on the trunk!

Back in the ring The Bastards are back out to the ring apron as Miss Fury picks Caedus up off the mat where she takes him back into the BOB corner where Thunder Knuckles tags in. He enters the ring throwing right hands to Caedus before he drives Caedus down into the mat with a Full Nelson Slam! He makes the cover!




Caedus is saved by Betsy to a huge roar from the crowd. The referee gets Betsy back out to the ring apron. TK snatches the right leg looking for the single foot DDT only to have Caedus kick away with his left foot knocking TK backwards towards the ropes. Caedus gets back to his feet where he side steps Thunder Knuckles sending him bouncing off the ropes and into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker!

The sceen splits off with Robert Main swinging at Page with a tire iron!

Page evades sending the tire iron through a window of a truck! The window shatters as a bloody Main drops the weapon before kicking kicked in the groin by Chris Page! Main staggers backward before falling down on the concrete.

” I am going to end you!”

The screen goes full to the ring as the crowd rallies behind Caedus as he makes the tag to Granger! The crowd erupts as Betsy enters the ring where she connects with an axe kick across the back of the neck of TK! Bobby, Ozzy and Fury hit the ring a second time bringing in Drew, Raven, Warstein and Caedus to clear house as the fight spills out to the floor with Caedus and Archyle working over Miss Fury and Bourbon as Raven and Warstein neutralize Ozzy! In the ring Thunder Knuckles starts to slowly work his way back up to his feet!

Betsy comes up behind TK where see sets him up and delivers ICH MUSS DICH BRECHEN!!

Betsy rolls TK over making the cover hooking the near leg!





Atlanta erupts as Betsy Granger gets back to her feet as her partners slide into the ring joining her while Thunder Knuckles is pulled out to the floor by Bobby Bourbon.

HHL: Betsy Granger has just pinned one-half of the World Tag Team Champions!

Pip: I don’t have to like it but that is one hell of a statement made by Granger. That’s the first time a Bastard has been pinned in FOREVER!

HHL: Not only has Betsy secured the victory over a Bastard but in doing so has also put the ball in Robert Main’s court to name the first stipulation for the three stages of hell match between Main and Page.

Pyro explodes around the Mercedes Benz Stadium as Legacy and Apex Celebrate the win while The Bastards, Ozzy and Miss Fury look on from the floor. Miss Fury and Ozzy hold the gold as the Bastards have picked Mr. BOB up off the floor. Betsy steps up to middle rope pointing down at Bobby where she runs her hands across her waist.

We suddenly cut back out to the parking garage where Robert Main has control of Chris Page as he takes him over his shoulders looking to deliver a Dead Man’s Hand. Page counters with a gouge to the eyes where he slides down the back of Main. Robert spins around into a boot to the midsection where Page delivers the Page Plant on the concrete. Page rolls Main over on to his back before getting close to his ear.

”Tick tock Robert… tick tock.”

[Image: Jkq64Z1.png]
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I let you down, LSM. That schoolboy happened so quick, the ref was already counting three before I could get back in the ring.

Keep yer’ head up, chica. We’ll get em’ next time.

//awesome show! Great matches! Flynn, sir, it was a privilege. Can’t wait to do it again sometime!

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Don't fall on your sword when it's my shoulders that fell to the mat, chica.
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OOC: Much love to Dolly & LSM who fucking brought it this week.

Great match write-up, great Warfare <3

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Chalked up another win!

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"This is quite a puzzle, isn't it, Lou'? No wonder Andre bailed again after teaming with you."

Do you have a light?

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