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ANARCHY: Micro RP Show Latina Submission Machina
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Latina Submission Machina Offline
El Chapo's Favorita Luchadora
TITLE - Anarchy Champion

XWF FanBase:
Men and Lesbians

(physically attractive female on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

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08-03-2021 11:19 PM


In-Ring Name: Latina Submission Machina

Wrestler's Real Name: Robyn Gonzalez

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: 12/24/2002

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145

Hometown: Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Personality: Young woman with big dreams and a knack for submissions.

Looks Description: Thunder Rosa

Ethnicity: Latina!

Pic Base, if any: Starfire!

Strengths: Mat technician, strong amateur wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background, submission expert, kickboxing experience, occasional high-flyer

Weaknesses: Very little experience in hardcore wrestling or wrestling with weapons, doesn't really have 'knockout' power, ironically willing to tap out to avoid serious long-term injuries

Entrance Theme Music: youtube = XtPY5kxjCWo

Special Entrance (if any): color=#32CD32 & please bold

As soon as LSM's theme music hits the speakers the crowd starts cheering for their favorita luchadora. As the bass bumps through the arena the crowd chants along to the music. A spectacle of green and red pyrotechnics shoot up twenty five feet from the entrance platform. A complimentary arrangement of pyro shoots up through the four turnbuckles of the ring.

Who's this?

Latina Submission Machina pops out onto the entrance ramp alongside an additional burst of pyrotechnic fireworks. The crowd pops hard for the 24/7 freestyle champion as she holds the belt up high over her head.

Mach-ina Mach-ina!

The masked luchadora bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment before flinging the championship belt over her shoulder. She flings her red hair to the side as she starts walking down the ramp. She gives out a few high fives and exchanges a few courtesies with some of the front-row fans on her way down to the ring. The crowd begins to clap along to the beat of the theme music as LSM nears the squared circle.

Latina Submission Machina slides beneath the ropes to great applause from the crowd. LSM hands her championship belt over to the referee for safekeeping before she starts pumping up the crowd to cheer louder. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins reveling in the applause of her fans.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:

Rear Naked Choke
Shin Kicks
Roundhouse Kicks
Liver/kidney punches
Double leg takedown
Single leg takedown
Judo Trips
Spear transitioned into ground and pound blows
Arm drag takedowns
Hip toss
Tie-ups/transition chain wrestling
Bulldog submission
Single leg crab
Schoolboy rollup
Backslide pin
Fireman's carry
Cradle pin

Trademark Move(s): 1) IMANARI ROLL 2) Dragon Sleeper (ALWAYS with body scissors) 3) Armbar
Description(s):1) 2) 3) Any variation of an armbar, she's great at armbars

Finishing Move(s): Machina Roll
Description(s): Standing front headlock into a quick pinfall

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: None.

Additional notes: she does not try to win by pinfall often, it's almost always by submission......but various quick falls and the finisher can be used from time to time!

She does not try to 'stand and bang' aka box/duke it out with other wrestlers very often. She either prefers to keep her distance by using shin kicks, roundhouse kicks, and lengthy jabs or she tries to close in and get them in the clinch/a tie-up. Her goal is usually to bring the fight to the mat.
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