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Wednesday Night Warfare Results - 08/18/21
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08-18-2021, 03:46 PM



From !!!

[Image: f04ddaa7-bd4d-42c2-bd66-14ef50cfdb04_1920x1080.jpg]



- vs -
- vs -
- vs -



- vs -

This match will utilize our new tag team rules!!
Each team will do 3 Collab RPs, no word limit.
Not 3 per character but 3 total.


- vs -



- vs -


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -




From !!!

[Image: f04ddaa7-bd4d-42c2-bd66-14ef50cfdb04_1920x1080.jpg]


The crowd erupts into boos as the countdown clock ticks away down to zero before breaking into “Judas” by Fozzy.

HHL: It’s Wednesday Night, and you know what that means…”

Pip: It means we are about to find out the six members of BOB that will be competing in the twelve man blockbuster Main Event next week on Warfare!

The boos reach massiver levels as Chris Page saunters out to the top of the ramp in his gear with a black leather jacket on. His hair is pulled back in a ponytail as he starts to saunter towards the ring.

HHL: A lot is going on when it comes to Chris Page. Tonight in that Cage hanging above the ring he has Betsy Granger. On the next Savage, he is exercusing his rematch for the Universal Championship against Alias, and then in two weeks he is taking part in that massive Main Event versus Apex-Legacy, and if you believe him he is defending the Universal Title at Relentless.”

Pip: A busy man indeed.

Page climbs up on the ring apron before stepping into the ring. He calls for the microphone as he walks across the squared circle and reaches through the ropes. He’s handed the microphone where he takes center stage as the music fades away just before the chorus; naturally the crowd takes over.



Chris raises the microphone as he looks into the hard camera with a mixed reception from the crowd behind him as he states.

”There is a lot of interesting events that surround ole Chris Page as our road to Relentless is now in full swing.”

HHL: It is the biggest event of the year.

” Every piece of talent behind that curtain controls there own destiny in what very well could be the single biggest event in the storied history of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. It’s clear if your name is Chris Page where you are heading; I have made my intentions known that in about a week and a half I am going to take BACK the XWF Universal Championship which pretty means that everyone is fucked once again..”

More boos can be heard than cheers at this point as Chris continues.

” But that’s a week from Saturday Night and has nothing to do with tonight for tonight we have all gathered here to watch the public execution of one Betsy Granger, and to find out just which six members of BOB will step forward to thrash Apex-Legacy in two short weeks. The way I see it ole Double D gave me until the close of tonight’s show to disclose that information… so I will be taking every minute of this program before I reveal to you the team that I have put together as we will slay Apex-Legacy.”

Chris turns his attention towards the top of the ramp a the crowd boos a little louder.

” Back when I redefined what it meant to be the Universal Champion I made a very bold statement about what it means to come out here and steal the show. I also said that if I wasn’t going on last that I would be going on first before telling the rest of you to FOLLOW THAT!”

Page motions towards the rafters and with his motion, the Steel Cage starts to lower from the rafters.

” Betsy, why wait? Bring that little ass of yours down to this ring and let us get this party started!”

The steel Cage completely lowers around the ring touching down on the ring apron as Chris waits for Betsy to answer the call.

The roof explodes!

Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is a STEEL CAGE match where you can only win via pinfall, submission or Escaping the Cage; about to make her way to the ring, she is THE IMPOSSIBLE TIME TRABELER, BETSY GRAMGER!”

As the opening notes begin, the lights go out, save for a single spotlight on the top of the stage. Betsy comes out, but she’s only a silhouette at this point. Just as the drum strikes it’s second note, Betsy dabs and the lights come back. The song starts from the refrain as Betsy starts dancing down the ramp.

“Sin City’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when your gone-one-one”

Arms out, Betsy begins twirling around wildly, blonde ponytail whipping about with her, as she slaps hands with fans on both sides of the ramp. The chorus hits just as Betsy baseball slides into the ring.

“And I said ooooh, I’m blinded by the lights
I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
And I said ooooh, I’m drowning in the night
Oh, when I’m like this, you’re the one I trust”

As the chorus chimes on, Betsy bounces up and hops up onto every ring corner, pumping her fist and bobing her head in time with the song, getting the fans amped up for the upcoming bout. When she finishes playing up the fans, she starts bouncing in place, preparing mentally for the bout.


- vs -


There’s an outside referee that closes the Cage door as Chris Page paces back and forth in the ring with a second referee shown back in a neutral corner.

Pip: It looks like we are kicking things off with Granger versus Page!

The opening bell counds as Page and Granger stare across the ring from each other as this first time meeting between these two polarizing figures within the XWF are about to lock horns. There’s solid chant of “BETSY! BETSY! BETSY!” as we see Page and Granger circle each other before locking up center ring. Page immediately usue his size and strength to muscle Betsy back against the ropes where he holds her there for several seconds before releasing his grasp and backing away towards the center of the ring.

Betsy looks across the ring at Page before coming back out towards the center of the ring. They lock up a second time where this time Page muscles Betsy back into a set of turnbuckles where he holds her back against the buckles before swinging with a right hand that Betsy evades with her speed and agility! She reverses the positioning as Page is now against the buckles while Betsy backs out towards the center of the ring.

HHL: A minor feeling out between Granger and Page to start things off but I think we all know it’s just a matter of time before this breaks down into an all out fight.

Page walks out from the corner where he and Betsy circle each other before looking to lock up for a third time, Betsy ducks under the lock up attempt where she caches Page with several lighting quick kicks to the right knee before backing away as we see Page kick his right leg out several times. He makes his way out towards Betsy where he shoves her back several feet bringing a smile from her face as she comes back with a forearm smash to Page, Page throws a right forearm of his own, Betsy comes back with a forearm, Page fires back with one, Betsy delivers one only to be rocked back into a neutral corner with a European Uppercut from Page.

CCP rushes in after Betsy only to have Granger throw a reverse elbow to the jaw staggering Chris back backward which allows Granger to hop up on the middle turnbuckle where she lands a single leg missile dropkick taking Page down! Betsy is quick to make the cover.




Page kicks out of the near fsll as Betsy quickly transitions into her SUGAR HOLD submission! The referee quickly is in position asking Page to surrender as Betsy has both knees firmly in Page’s lower back while cranking back on the full nelson.

HHL: Besty has Page in a tough position in the opening minutes of this contest!

Page shakes off the referee as Betsy continues to apply more pressure to the Sugar Hold. Page manages to get to his knees before stepping up to one knee relieving the pressure on his back but Betsy maintains the full nelson. Page steps up to his feet where he turns into the full nelson slipping free as he shoves Betsy into the ropes, she bounces off the ropes and into a drop toe hold from Page who transitions into a Crippler Crossface to Granger!

Pip: A quick transition from Page and now Betsy is in a bad spot.

Chris cranks on the Crossface as the referee asks Betsy to surrender. She shakes off the referee as Page leans forward before cranking back on her head and neck while screaming out at the referee.


The referee asks Betsy to surrender which she again refuses as Page cranks back harder on the head. Betsy pulls herself down towards the mat before manage to counter into a Japanses Armbar! The crowd pops huge as Betsy snitches in deep on the right arm!

HHL: Betsy counters into a Japanese Armbar!

The referee asks Page to surrender and he refuses while Betsy cranks back harder on his right arm and shoulder. The referee continues to ask Page to surrender and he continues to refuse before using his free arm to reach around and gouge Betsy in the eyes to break the hold!

The crowd boo Page as he starts to get back to his feet where he immediately stomps away at Granger to create some space as he shakes some feeling back into his right arm and shoulder. He immediately picks Betsy up off the mat where he runs her towards the Cage and looks to smash her face first into the steel.

Betsy puts on the brakes with her hands on the cage. She drives an elbow into the side of Page braking the grip on her hair and allows Betsy to look for a superkick! Page catches the right foot! He pulls Betsy into a T-Bone Suplex! Chris rolls into a cover.




Betsy kicks out to a pop from the crowd! Chris negotiates his way back to his feet where h picks Betsy up off the mat where he takes her back into a neutral corner and delivers a knife edge chop that echoes throughout the arena! Page laces her across the chest with a second knife edge chop! Page brings Granger out towards the center of the ring with a snapmare take over before backing up into the buckles where he runs forward flipping over Granger while snapping her head forward! Page quickly makes another cover forcing Grangers shoulders to the mat.




Granger kicks out to another ovation from the crowd. Page gets back to his feet where he picks Betsy up and takes her back into the ropes. He fires her across the ring with an Irish Whip, Granger bounces off the far side ducking under a clothesline from Page. Chris spins around and walks into to a Pele Kick from Granger!

Betsy gets back to her feet where she takes Page by the head and runs him face first off the steel! Page bounces face first off the and into a spinning roundhouse kick from Granger that takes Page down to the mat!

HHL: Page is the first introduced into the cage which has lead to Granger taking control.

Betsy sizes up Page who starts pushing himself up off the mat and back to his feet where Betsy comes up from behind where she locks in the Cobra Clutch before delivering a Cobra Clutch Slam!


Betsy makes a cover hooking the near leg.




Page escapes the near fall to a gasp from the crowd. Betsy gets back to her feet where she picks Page up and runs him towards a set of buckles and bounces him face first off the top turnbuckle. She spins Page around where she delivers several kicks to the ribs before landing a jumping spin kick to the jaw of Page!

Betsy climbs up on the middle turnbuckle where she starts hammering away with right hands to the face of Page! The crowd counts along with each strike. Psge latches on to Betsy’s legs and brings her out of the corner before turning towards the Cage! Page charges towards the Cage throwing Betsy into the side of the cage with a running Powerbomb!

Betsy slides down cage landing on the apron between the cage and the ropes.

HHL: You know Legacy and Apex are looking on as now Chris Page has regained control of this Cage Match,

Page yanks Betsy back under the rope by her hair where he picks her up off the mat. Page takes a back waist lock where he snaps off a German Suplex! Page doesn’t release his grasp as he rolls through picking himself and Betsy up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered! Page rolls through a second time not releaeing his grasp as he picks both himself and Betsy up off the mat where a third and final Release German Suplex to Granger.

Page takes several seconds to gather himself before he starts getting back to his feet. He makes his way over to Betsy where he picks her up off the mat before taking her towards the Cage where he drives her head first into the cage it self before starting to rake Granger’s face across the mesh of the steel to massive boos from the crowd.

Pip: Page is trying to shed the blood of Betsy Granger!

Chris continues to rakes Granger’s face across the steel before yanking her back out towards the center of the ring where he takes a front face lock and hoists her up in the iar only to driver her down head first into the mat with a brainbuster Page floats over into the cover hooking the near leg.




Betsy kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd! Page immediately starts hammering down with a series of right hands to the forehead of Granger sparking louder boos from the crowd. Page lands six stiff shots before stepping back up to his feet where he taunts the crowd garnering some cheap heat in the process.

HHL: The question now become can Betsy Granger weather the storm of Chris Page?

Page turns his attention towards the Cage where he makes his way over towards the ropes where he starts to climb up the ropes.

Pip: Might not be much left to weather as Chris Page is looking to escape.

The crowd rallies behind Betsy as Page reaches the top rope and starts to climb up the side of the Cage. Betsy starts to get back to her feet. Page nears the top of the Cage before Betsy starts climbing up after him!

HHL: Betsy’s giving chase!

Page pulls himself up to the top of the Cage where he slings one leg over followed by the second and as he starts to clomb down Betsy reaches the top where she snatches Page by the ponytail! The crowd pops huge as Betsy starts to bring Page back up to the top of the Cage!

Betsy successfully brings Page back over the top of the Cage and back down to the top rope! She smashes Page face first off the Cage! She drives him face first off the cage a second time and then a third before he falls and crotches his self on the top rope to a huge pop from the crowd! Betsy walks the top rope where she delivers a hurrincanranna to Page snapping him over to the mat!! Granger executes a cover hooking his leg.




Page kicks out again! There’s a massive gasp from the crowd with this being the nearest fall of thius contest! The gasp breaks out into a “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME” chant directed towards the ring as we see Betsy Granger starting to work her way back to a vertical base.

HHL: This is unbelievable!

Betsy reaches down picking Page up off the mat where she rocks him with a forearm shot followed by a second and then a third which backs Page up against the buckles. Betsy takes CCP and shoots him across the ring and into the opposite buckles as she charges in after him where she eats a boot to the face that staggers her backward.Page comes out of the corner taking a front waist lock where he takes a few steps back towards the buckles before delivering a release over head belly to belly suplex into the buckles!

Chris lays on the mat for a few seconds gathering himself before he rolls over and starts to crawl towards the Cage door. The crowd comes alive as he inches closer and closer towards the door which prompts the outside referee to open the door. Betsy starts to stir as she begins to crawl towards the door to catch Page. Chris crawls under the bottom rope where he reaches through the door and grabs ahold of the ring apron.

Chris tries to lunge himself forward and out the door only to have Betsy snag the right ankle and prevent him from trying to escape as she pulls him back towards the center of the ring where she locks in an Ankle Lock Submission!

HHL: Back to the submission wheel for Granger!

Betsy cranks on the right ankle of Page as the crowd pops huge! The referee is in prime position as he asks Page to surrender! Page shakes his head off as he refuses to surrender. Betsy cranks harder on the ankle lock on Page! Chris pushes himself up off the mat where he manages to roll through breaking Betsy grasp while sending her bouncing off the topes where she delivers a V=Triggerto the face of CCP! Granger executes another cover.




Page kicks out of the near fall!

Pip: We are seeing right now exactly what CCP is made of. He can absorb a lot of punishment and dish it right back out.

Betsy reaches both knees as she looks towards the referee who shows her two fingers. She steps up to one knee before standing back up to her feet. She makes her way over towards the ropes where she now starts to climb up them garnering a huge reaction from the crowd. Page begins to stir as Betsy reaches the top rope and starts to scale the side of the cage.

Page reaches one knee before stepping up to his feet where he sees Betsy nearing the top of the Cage. Page rushes towards the Cage where he starts scaling up after her! Betsy reaches the top of the cage where she hurls one keg over the top followed by the other and as she starts to climb down Page snatches her by the wrists.

He starts pulling Betsy back up over the top of the Cage where he locks in a front face lock before Superplexing Betsy back into the ring from outside of the cage back inside the cage falling some fifteen feet down to the canvass below to a thunderous “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant.

HHL: A superplex off the top of the Cage has rendered both Page and Granger down!

Page and Granger lay motionless on the mat as the referee can do nothing but look on. Several seconds pass before we see Page slowly start to roll over where he manages to drape his right arm across the chest of Granger.




Betsy kicks out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd!

Pip: How the hell did Betsy kick out of that?!?!

Page rolls off the cover and onto his back where he lays for several more seconds before starting to slowly work his way back to his feet. Page reaches down picking Betsy up off the mat. Page takes Betsy and rams her face first off the Cage! Betsy bounces off the Cage staggering back out to the center of the ring . Page comes forward with a boot to the midsection where he looks to under hook the arms thinning PAGE PLANT!

HHL: This is going to be over!

Suddenly Betsy yanks her arms free before taking Page down with a double leg take down! She pulls Page back several feet where she falls backward catapulting CCP into the side of the Cage!! Page bounces face first off the Cage and into a School Boy from Granger!




Page kicks out to a thunderous gasp from the crowd as Betsy is back to her feet where she picks Page up off the mat where she sets him up and delivers the GALACTIC ADVANTAGE! The crowd erupts as Betsy hurries into another cover on Page!




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat at the very last possible second to another massive gasp from the crowd. Betsy reaches both knees where she cuts her eyes back towards the referee who shows him two fingers and inches with his left hand. Betsy shakes her head as she steps up to one knee before stepping up to a vertical base.

She reaches down picking Page up off the mat. She takes Page and runs him face first off the side of the Cage! Page bounces off the cage back out towards the center of the ring where Betsy drives a boot to the midsection. She locks in a front face lock before attempting to deliver a suplex. Page blocks. Betsy looks for a second attempt only to have Page block and counter as he hooks one leg of Granger before hoisting her up in the air and delivering a Hangman’s DDT!

Page makes a cover!




Granger kicks out to another thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Pip: Betsy is refusing to lose tonight on Warfare!

Page starts to push himself up off the mat and back to both knees. He steps up to a vertical base where he backs up into a neutral corner. Page hops up on the middle turnbuckle where he balls up his right hand. He sizes up Betsy where he sets sail delivering a dreaded second rope fist drop!

Page forces Betsy back down to the mat.




Betsy escapes the near fall yet again to another huge ovation from the crowd. Page starts to work his way back up to his feet where he stomps down on Betsy before reaching down and picking her up off the mat. He locks in a front waist lock before snapping off and over head belly to belly suplex before popping back up to his feet where he calls for the Page Plant that garners loud boos from the crowd.

HHL: Come on Betsy, don’t fall victim!

Betsy slowly starts to push herself up off the mat and to a vertical base where Page comes forward driving a boot into the midsection where he underhooks the arms and looks to deliver the Page Plant! Betsy spins out at the last second where she counters with a 3/4 Neckbreaker! The crowd explodes as Betsy manages to roll Page over executing a cover.




Page kicks out of the near fall to a huge gasp from the crowd as both Betsy and Page are down in the middle of the ring.

Pip: We are back to square one as both participants are down!

The inside official can’t do anything but look on when suddenly the crowd boos intently as we see THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS sprint down towards the ring! Thunder Knuckles decks the outside referee before pulling the key to the locked door out of his pocket. He tosses it over to Bobby who unlocks the Cage door and enters the cage! The crowd roars as DREW ARCHYLE comes from the crowd and tackles TK with a spear before hammering down with a series of right hands! In the ring we see Bobby Bourbon pick Betsy up off the mat where he effectively delivers the BOBBY BOMB! The crowd pops huge a second time as JIM CAEDUS storms down to the ring just as Bobby is leaving the Cage and pulling Archyle off Thunder Knuckles. Suddenly all four men start brawling back up the ramp where they disappear behind the curtain!

Page starts to stir as he slowly begins to crawl towards the open Cage door!

HHL: Not like this!

The crowd boos intently the closer Page gets to the door. He starts to crawl under the bottom rope where he can reach and grab the ring apron. He starts to pull himself towards the Cage door when suddenly the lights go out! The crowd pops big time when they draw back up to reveal…

[Image: ffd191caa39ea25eb91069477472881096d81a47.gifv]


The Omega takes the Cage door and slams it on Page’s skull sending him backwards into the ring busting him wide open in the process! In the ring Betsy is pulling herself up to her feet using the ropes. She turns around to see Page laid out and The Omega entering the Cage where he slams the door behind him! Betsy starts to scale the side of the Cage! She climbs up to the top and over! She climbs down the side of the Cage dropping down to the floor!


Pip: Once again Robert Main, or the Omega, or whatever the hell you want to call him has just screwed Chris Page!

The Omega looks down at a bloody Chris Page who starts to push himself up to his knees where he looks up at The Omega and starts to laugh! The lights go dark a second time. They draw back up to reveal…

[Image: chris-jericho-njpw-painmaker-600x375.png]

The Beast and The Omega stare at each other! The crowd is on fire! The Omega comes at The Beast when the lights go dark a third time! They draw up several seconds later to reveal The Beast has disappeared leaving the Omega in the ring to boos from the crowd. The Cage starts to rise as we hear the voice of The Beast.

” I wish I could say I was shocked that you had to show yourself in order to get someone else a win…”

Our attention is drawn to the X-Tron where The Beast stands with Miss Fury, Them No Good Bastards, Mr. BOB and Big Money Oswald.

” Unfortunately you aren’t going to have that luxury in two short weeks. I do not need until the end of the show to disclose which six members of BOB will show up to take on Apex and Legacy because you’re looking at them! Miss Fury, Bobby Bourbon, Thunder Knuckles, Mr. BOB and Big Money Oswald are going to be more than prepared to end you, and the posers you are bringing with you!

Speaking of you Mr. Main; or Omega, I have come to the realization that this thing between you and I has gone on for far too long... not only has it gone on for far too long I have grown tired of carrying your dead weight. Some come RELENTLESS I am officially challenging you for a 3 STAGES OF HELL MATCH; with ONE STAGE taking place each night. And to sweeten this pot if Apex and Legacy can somehow defeat us next week, I'll let you name the first stipulation for night one. Whoever wins night one names the stipulation for night two... we won't need night three because you won't make it that far! ”

BOB disappears from the tron as we fade to commerical

The Warfare crowds come alive as the Hart Champion’s music kicks in. It’s a mixture of cheers and boos. This crowd still has a lot of love for their champion of Wednesday Night, but there’s an undercurrent of very vocal criticism for his recent behavior.

HHL: We’re about to be joined by the Hart Champion here on Warfare!

PIP: Oh joy!

The BASS kicks in! Gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way… Wait, the lion has a large red X drawn over it…

HHL: ...or are we?

The screen flashes to behind the curtain where we see at the top of the ramp, a figure wearing a white Lionheart hoodie, hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement, his back to the crowd.

He spins and….


PIP: The crowd is electric!

Mark Flynn’s first appearance on Warfare, the show on which he was the inaugural champion after the show’s reboot in 2013… Back when Warfare’s top belt was the US Title. His first appearance on XWF non-PPV programming in over SEVEN YEARS!

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd screams at full-volume as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring. He runs up the steps and pauses, looking at the crowd before hopping over the top rope into the ring.

He stops at the corner closest to the announce table, holding out his hand… The ring announcer chucks up a mic at him. And He catches it!

The crowd rises to its feet, as the music fades out… He lifts the microphone to his face.

“Well, it’s…”

The crowd screams as loud as it can.

Flynn gets a crooked grin on his face. And before he can continue, the crowd starts up a chant:




Flynn is in disbelief. He presses the mic to his face and the crowd’s chanting subsides.

“What the Hell happened while I was gone?”

The crowd pops!

“I leave for seven measly years, confident that my reputation as…”

Flynn lifts his chin...

“‘The Most HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATED Man in the XWF’...” The crowd pops again! They’re eating this up!

“Was set in stone! And then I come out here, ready to take back what’s mine and rule over this RING and this MICROPHONE like I have my entire career... And YOU PEOPLE CHEER just to FUCK ME UP!” He laughs. The crowd laughs with him and after a couple seconds, they start up another cheer.




“THAT’S MORE FUCKING LIKE IT!” Flynn’s angry visage returns, still smiling and pointing towards the crowd, who clap, eager to hear more.

“How different things are…”

“Last time I was here.... It was 2014. I was in the middle of ushering a new era of X-Treme title dominance to the XWF. I’d defended the belt week in and week out for 2 months against the fiercest competitors there were in the company… and also Mastermind. I’d verbally dissected every opponent. I’d taken to describing exactly how I planned on beating them… and then doing it, with my opponents helpless to stop me.”

“I had a 24/7 briefcase and I wanted another. I wanted to be the first competitor in XWF history to hold two briefcases simultaneously. And why? It was all a part of my plan to command the XWF, to take my rightful place at the top of the food chain and to go down in history as the most dominant Universal Champion of All-Time! The only competitor to ever hold the XWF Universal AND World Heavyweight Title in this company’s history!”

The crowd pops as Flynn basks in the glory of what could have been… Then, he rubs his neck awkwardly…

“Yeah… About that plan…” He chuckles and the crowd laughs with him.

“Well… ... I lost the X-Treme Title and… I left the company. I left the briefcase in my locker when I left. As far as I know, some janitor in Honolulu, the last place I wrestled, has a 24/7 briefcase!”

The crowd laughs and Flynn’s face gets deadly serious!

“You watch out, Alias! He could strike at any moment!”

He shakes his head, smiling.

“I had a setback. A big one. One that made me think I’d never be in this ring again.”

“And if you were looking at any other ‘Returning XWF Superstar Slash Sideshow Freak’ standing in the center of this ring… You might think I came back here to cash a check…”

The crowd retorts “WHAT?”

“Collect appearance fees…”


“Plug a podcast…”


“Sell Souvenir Cups…”


“And coast on my fucking name and accolades until I hit retirement age…”

The crowd boos gently at that idea.

“But, I.”














The crowd roars.

“The X-Treme Title? Back!”

Another roar!

“My briefcase? Back!”

The crowd screams!

“And the XWF U-”

Mirroring Flynn’s own mirrored entrance from moments ago… a figure stands on stage. This figure too wears a white sleeveless lionheart hoodie. This figure even wears the Hart Championship around his waist.

HHL: That! Is not Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: Haven’t seen him on TV in quite awhile!

The XWF Universe erupts as Frankie, the son of the Hart Champion, and a crowd favorite, makes his way to the ring. Like his dad, Frankie slaps hands on his way down the ramp. The ten year old climbs the steps and again, like his dad, peaks over his shoulder at the adoring Universe before stepping into the ring.

HHL: Flynn ought to watch himself, Frankie Duke might be ten years old and under five feet tall but he once famously took Chris Page off his game by cutting a promo!

PIP: The kid has a mouth on him!

HHL: Mark Flynn does NOT look happy!

PIP: Would you be happy? He finally comes home to face Thaddeus Duke and he’s face to face with a child!

”It took you three months…” Frankie begins before being interrupted by Flynn.

“You looked a little taller at War Games…” Flynn says before Frankie looks up at him.

”Bitch don’t interrupt me when I’m talkin’!” Frankie cuts in. ”You’re here to address my dad and I thought… you know it’s been awhile. You might need a warm up act first.”


”You want Thaddeus Duke?”


”You wanna see if you can beat the new and improved edition?”


”You want him to prove he’s better than you?”

“YE-- NO!”





Frankie holds the mic out toward the Universe:



A new remixed version of ‘My Name Is Human’ plays over the sound system. Thaddeus Duke wastes very little time as he steps through the curtain. Making his way down the ramp he stops midway as the fans give him a rather mixed reception.

PIP: Something isn’t quite right in Duke Nation!

HHL: ...he can feel it.

Thad shakes his head a moment before continuing down the ramp and rolls into the ring. Getting to his feet, Frankie hands him the mic. Thad goes to speak...


Thad looks where Flynn is standing in the corner, his head buried in his hands.

“You talk and talk and talk and talk to get me to come back for the last THREE months! And now I’m back and you want to talk MORE?!?!” The crowd guffaws at this.

Flynn shakes his head again, laughing.

“Fine. I’m in a really good mood. Let’s hear it.”

First and foremost… Thad looks out to the crowd. I can hear you!

Louder boo’s and feinter cheers rain down on Thad.

Listen… y’all can boo, y’all can cheer but the fact of the matter is that I’m still the same me I’ve always been. So those of you booing me for telling the truth about Corey Smith to him and to all of you, I’ll give you this piece of advice Mastermind once gave my father… build yourself a bridge… and you and Corey all can just get the fuck over it.

HHL: Unfiltered… and from the hip like usual.

Thad returns his attention to Mark Flynn.

Everything you wanted to be, Mark. All the titles, the wins, the greatness, the dominance… You’re looking at the living… breathing… embodiment of everything you wanted to be but couldn’t, and news flash… I didn’t need a briefcase or sneak attacks in order to win the Universal championship.

The booing from moments ago, begins to transition to cheers.

You only need to look at War Games, Mark, to see how fucking good I truly am. It took the near spotless record of the Universal Champion and his number one contender to put me down for three. So no, I really don’t think you got what it takes to beat me so that really begs the all important question, doesn’t it?

The Universe breaks out into chant: THAD! THAD! THAD! THAD!

If I’m so good and I don’t think you got what it takes… Why you? Why Mark Flynn? Why Relentless?

Because I’m so fucking good Mark, I’m starting to get real bored and I need new challenges. New opponents to run through... because I can. New mountains to conquer… because I can. I’m not even 23 years old Mark, and I’ve done everything that really matters… because I could. I’ve won every major fucking title this company has to offer and I’ll win them all again... simply… because I can.

I don’t mince words and I don’t blow smoke. I give credit where its due and Mark… You were good. You were real good. I’m the best there is in this ring, and you’re the best there was. Two of the very best to ever do it on the biggest show of the year expands the Thaddeus Duke brand of excellence, that much further.

You’re here now Mark Flynn.

Welcome to the Thaddeus Duke Show.

Duke Nation pops again and Thad looks out at them… Suddenly, a snap. Thad looks back and Flynn is snapping to get his attention.

You all right, Thad? You seem a little… distracted.”

“Almost like I don’t have ALL of your attention right now…”

Flynn snickers as he circle-steps around Duke, before turning to the hard cam.

“It seems to me like part of your attention is being taken up the fine people of…” Flynn scratches his head… “Moine, Illinois?”

The crowd boos! This is MOLINE, Illinois!

“Huh. Sorry, the programs must have a typo… But, additionally, who gives a fuck about your shithole town?”

The boos get louder. As does Flynn, staring Thad dead in the eye.

“Who gives a fuck about Corey Smith?”

The crowd pops as loud as they did when Flynn first came out. This crowd loves Corey.

“Who gives a fuck about Alias?”

EVEN LOUDER POP! Cheers for the reigning Universal Champion ring out!

“I want you to understand something, Thad.”

“I was fine listening to Kids Say The Darn’dest Things over there… As long as you wanted to waste my time by proxy. But the SECOND you stepped into this ring, you had my full fucking attention. I have not taken my eyes off of you since we’ve shared this ring tonight.”

“I have not spared one SECOND of focus from analyzing your behavior… And what I see right now…?”

“You’re distracted.”

“You’re thinking about these people. You’re thinking about WarGames… In which my team beat yours.”

Flynn grins.

“And why? Because you were distracted. Because that’s what you’ve become.”

“You’re booking your own tour of conquest, you’re calling your own title matches months in advance, you’re listening to what these yokels and bumpkins say…”

Another chorus of boos like clockwork.

“And if you’ve ever seen me before. And I know you have.”

“You know that I have one interest and one interest only.”



“I didn’t come back to satisfy some sense of legend or help you prove that you’re as deserving of the Hall of Fame as your dear old dad.”

“I didn’t come back to help you sell tickets and put asses in seats.”

“I came here because I smelled blood in the water.”

“Just like I smelled when Tristan Slater was XWF World Champion.”

“Just like I did when Eli James was at his peak in this company.”

“And just like both of those Hall-of-Fame caliber competitors.”

“I plan on putting on a clinic and demonstrating to everyone just how mortal.”

“Just how beatable.”

“Just how achievable it is.”

“To beat Thaddeus.”

“‘Better Than U’”


The crowd starts to chant “THAD!”, “THAD!” THAD!”.

Flynn immediately cuts them off.

“And you’re right, Thaddeus… You’re not even 23 years old. And you’ve accomplished so much.”

“Good for you.”

“It’s too bad you’re going to celebrate your 23rd birthday in a full-body cast.”

The crowd boos again.

“It’s too bad your doofus son over there is going to have to learn how to change out your colostomy bag when I’m through with you!”

Frankie goes to charge Flynn, but Thad gets a grip on his arm and holds him back. Flynn cackles, still holding his sight on Thaddeus Duke.

“You know how many careers I’ve ended, Thaddeus?”

“You know how many more careers I’m GOING to end, Thaddeus?”

“Getting in the ring with me is the best way to guarantee people look back on you…”

“...And think, Man… how much farther could they have climbed…”

“...How much more could they have done in their career…”

“If they didn’t run into Mark.”



Duke goes to put his mic to his face…

Then tosses it to the ground.

Flynn peels off the mock-Thad jacket and cackles.

Duke and Flynn meet in the center and circle up. Fast footwork, looking for an opening…


Both stop without looking away from the other.

At the top of the ramp comes Derrick Diamond.


“If you all want this fight between Thaddeus Duke!”

The crowd pops! They’re so psyched to watch this go down!

“And Mark Flynn!”

The crowd has a second of booing but then pops even louder! They’re so amped!

“Then you’re not going to want to miss this year’s Relentless!”

The crowd starts booing! Diamond shrugs.

“Sorry, folks! We’ve got a great show for y’all tonight in beautiful MOLINE, Illinois!”

The crowd graciously pops at the correct identification of the city this show is taking place in.

“But, as Thad himself would say, Flynn and Duke has to happen… when the time is right to do so!”

The crowd cheers! Flynn and Duke continue to stare each other down.

“HEY HEY HEY!” Diamond once again tries to get their attention.

“We’re drawing a line in the sand! No fighting until Relentless between Mark Flynn and Thaddeus Duke! We’re not giving away a second of this action for free!”

“Here’s what we’re going to do!”

Diamond clears his throat to sound as serious as possible.

“As Co-General Manager of Wednesday Night Warfare, I proclaim that until Relentless… Mark Flynn and Thaddeus Duke are not to lay a hand on one another.”

The crowd cheers as Duke and Flynn stay right in each other’s faces.

“If Thaddeus Duke lays one hand on Mark Flynn before Relentless, he will VACATE the Hart championship!”

Duke pauses a moment… Then backs up a half-step from Flynn.

Flynn grins deviously.

“AND If Mark Flynn… If “Whore For Gold” Mark Flynn lays ONE hand, even a FINGER on Thaddeus Duke, he will NEVER CHALLENGE FOR A TITLE IN THE XWF AGAIN!”

Flynn immediately back-pedals into the corner. He actually shoves his hands over the turnbuckle to show his mitts are nowhere near Duke.




”There! Now you folks have every reason to check out this year’s Relentless!”

”Now play my theme song!"

"...Don't I have a theme song? Well, play it!"

The crowd screams with approval as Derrick Diamond grooves to the theme song of Bosom Buddies.

Thad looks at Flynn, who stares over his shoulder venomously as the feed goes to commercial.

The crowd offers up a sizable pop when they see Corey Smith on the Xtron, looking to be arriving for the evening with a duffel bag thrown over his shoulder. Steve Sayors rushes up to meet him.

Corey, Corey! Can I have a word?

The XTreme champion stops, but somewhat reluctantly. As the camera trains on him, it’s clear that something is off. Dark crescent moons have formed under his eyes, and he looks a little pallid. You can have a couple, Steve. He breathes the words, and even those seem strained.

Steve seems to size him up for a moment before continuing. Corey, there’s been a lot of speculation about your...status.

Huh? He squints his eyes at Steve. What do you mean “status”?

Well, it’s just that you’ve seemed a little off lately. There’s been some odd behavior during your 24/7 title defenses. And you didn’t say a word in the run up to your match with Jim Caedus here tonight. Which is very unlike you.

He looks away for a moment before answering. Steve, did you miss the part where one of my best friends publicly cut me down and let me know how he REALLY felt about me? And then proceeded to bitch out when I challenged him to a match? Did you miss that? He seems genuinely annoyed. But there’s something else there too.

No, I don’t think ANYONE missed that. And yes, I’m sure that was difficult for you. But, this seems a bit more than that. Some have even wondered if you’re medically able to compete. Or even if… He trails off.

Spit it out. I love hearing what the anonymous “some” have to say about me.

Look, there’s been speculation that you’re doing drugs again. He pushes the accusation out painfully.

Corey gives a sarcastic “heh” sound and shakes his head. If management wants to tox me I’m ready and willing. I have nothing to hide. Now I didn’t fly all the way to Indiana just to get accused of falling off the wagon, so if you’ll excuse me.

Steve looks startled. Corey, we’re in Illinois.

That’s what I said. [/blue]

No, you… Steve trails off again. Um, good luck tonight.

He responds noncommittally as he steps past Steve.

he lights fade to almost black and start to flicker. Smoke fills the entranceway as Arcana slowly steps through and stands, hand on her hip surveying the crowd. She runs down the ramp, sliding under the bottom rope, popping up to jump on the nearest turnbuckle, throwing her arms in the air as gold sparkling pyros shoot off.

PIP: "Here comes the first participant of the Fatal Four Way, Arcana,"

HEATHER: "She looks ready for action,"

"Intergalactic" by Beastie Boys starts and the arena turns green. Mr. BoB trots out from the back, bouncing to the twang of the guitar in the intro of the song and stops out on the stage. A light shines down from high up in the arena to accent its gold plated exterior. Gold fireworks shoot off like rockets and explode behind it. Mr. BoB makes its way down to the ring while waving to the booing fans, as it doesn't know the difference. When it reaches the ring, its jetpacks activate to boost it up and over the ropes where it lands in the center of the ring. A large "BoB" flag drapes down from a balcony across the arena which it faces and salutes.

pip: "This guy is weird,"

HEATHER: "I wouldn't call him weird, rather he is unique,"

The Lights of the arena go dark as the Music begins to charge through the speakers, The X-Tron flashes Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, flickering between colour and static. Lasers and smoke begin to fill the arena as a Neon outline steps through the curtain, her figure momentarily outlined before disappearing. The smoke is thick, she appears again, Neon lights tracing up her arms, a Set of LED's Illuminate her face, shining from the collar of her Jacket. As the drums break in she begins making her way towards the ring, a baseball bat slung over her shoulder. Talking trash to the fans at either side, some of whom take it well, other's return her hatred with middle fingers and receipts.

Jessica steps up the stairs and climbs up onto the turnbuckle, looking dominantly down at the crowd below. She drops down from the turnbuckle after a few seconds, taking in all the reactions the crowd has to offer. She leaps from the ring, pulling up the apron, pulling a long, Exposed, 1/0 welding cable, she throws it into the corner of the ring near the pole. Reaching back underneath the ropes produces a car Battery and Jumper Cables, the crowd pops as she slings the cables wildly over he shoulder, lifting the Battery into the air. She slides it into the ring next to the wires, jumping back into the ring, swinging the jumper cables around as she waits for the challenger.

PIP: "Now she looks determined than the rest of them,"

HEATHER: "She does look ready to go,"

"La pistola, chambonea"

"Salió El Sooooollll"

Green and red pyrotechnics shoot up about five feet in the air on either side of the entrance platform as Latina Submission Machina pops out of the tunnel. The masked wrestler bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment, her red hair flipping from side to side. She crouches slightly and begins overhead clapping along to the music as she steps forward. Some of the crowd begins to clap along as the luchadora descends down the entrance ramp. The latinx music continues to blast through the speakers as the woman in the green and red wrestling outfit rolls beneath the bottom rope and into the squared circle.

"La pistola, chambonea"

The crowd begins to clap along to the rhythm of the music with greater enthusiasm as Latina Submission Machina performs a modest belly dance in the middle of the ring. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with it's fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins rolling her shoulders and neck, stretching in preparation for the coming battle.

PIP: "Now this chick is as weird as Mr. BOB,"

HEATHER: "I don't know, I kinda like her,"


- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

The bell rings to start the match.

PIP: "So here we go, this should be an interesting match. Only one competitor can win it, they have a 25 percent chance each."

All 4 competitors looked at each other from their corners of the ring. Suddenly Mr. BOB walks to the middle of the ring, and starts pointing at the three ladies and starts telling them they are all going to lose when suddenly smoke starts coming from his body, and there is a large whirring noise. Then he completely stands still, with his head looking at the ground.

PIP: "It's like it suddenly got all too much for him, and he's shut down,"

HEATHER: "So now it's a 33 percent chance for one of the girls to win going on what just happened,"

Suddenly Arcana, Jessica Tremor,and Latina Submission Machine all look at one another and realize what had just happened. Arcana runs at Mr. Bob and hits him with a SUPER KICK. Mr. Bob stumbles backwards and stops.

Jessica Tremor runs at Mr. Bob, and hits him with a SPINNING HEAL KICK, and this nakes Mr BOB stumbles backwards some more and he stops.

Then LSM runs at Mr. BOB and hits him with a ROUND HOUSE KICK forcing Mr BOB to stumble back into his corner where he stays.

PIP: "They have to realise that only one of them can win this match using Mr BOB so one of them has to distract the others,"

HEATHER" "Which is going to be hard to do,"

LSM suddenly turns around and focuses her attention on Jessica and hits her with a DROP KICK sending Jessica flying back past Arcana. Arcana runs forward and hits LSM with a SPRINGBOARD EUROPEAN UPPER CUT which sends LSM backwards towards the ropes, she rebounds and Arcana follows up and hits LSM with a TORNADO DDT taking her down to the mat and trying to get an early pin.




HEATHER: "It's not going to be that easy,"

Arcana gets up and pulls LSM by her hair to her feet, and then sets up for a TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER which she executes. Again she goes for a cover.




Arcana sits up and lets out a scream of frustration. She stands up and is suddenly hit from behind by Jessica with a SPEARING DOUBLE-LEG TACKLE TAKEDOWN.

PIP: "Ouch that has to hurt,"

Jessica stands up, and looks down at Arcana and smiles. She walks over to LSM who is trying to recover, but pulls her up by her hair, and smiles in her face before delivering a SNAP OVERHEAD RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX.

HEATHER: "Woah,what a move,"

Jessica stands back up, and grabs LSM by the hair and pulls her towards the ropes and sends her flying out over the ropes to the floor below. Jessica turns around and is hit by a HEAD SCISSORS TAKE DOWN. This time Arcana gets up and smirks down at Jessica and rolls her out of the ring underneathe the ropes.

She wipes her hand looking like she is enjoying herself, she takes a look behind her at Mr BOB still in the corner. She gets up and slowly walks over to him. Just to make sure he has totally broken down she slaps him in his metal face.

PIP: "Rest assured Arcana, MR BOB is out of action,"

Arcana pulls Mr BOB into the middle of the ring, and hits with her trademark move "FLARE" a.k.a AVALANCE FRANENSTEINER. She rolls over onto the downed Mr BOB, and goes for the cover.



Broken up by LSM using a MOONSAULT from the top rope. Some how she recovered in the nick of time to break up the pin. But it looks like she's hurt herself crashing down on top of Arcana and Mr. BOB because of Mr BOB steel body. She's rolling around in pain.

Arcana gets to her knees and shakes away the cobwebs and sees LSM in pain, and gets up, She walks over to LSM and helps her to her feet, and hits her with a SUPERKICK that sends her stumbling towards the ropes. Arcana follows up with a SPRINGBOARD EUROPEAN UPPERCUT that sends LSM back out over the top rope to the floor below.

Arcana turns and is hit by Jessica Tremor with her FLYING FOREARM SMASH. Arcana stumbles into the ropes and comes back and Jessica hits her with an ENZURGURI.

Jessica then gets up, grabs Arcana by the head, pulls her to her feet, and sends her flying out over the top rope to the floor below.

She turns her attention back on Mr. BOB.

PIP: "Surely Jessica Tremor has this won?"

HEATHER: "You would think that, but don't discount the others,"

Jessica pulls Mr BOB back to his feet, and then hits him with T-K-O a.k.a LEAPING OVERHEAD R.K.O.

Down goes Mr. BOB again. But Jessica isn't finished. She knows she doesn't have much time, and she grabs Mr BOB and pulls him up to his feet and delivers her finisher 2-4-9 which goes like this:

Jessica throws her opponent face first into the corner, she then begins slamming their face into the turnbuckle.











She then Leapfrogs her opponent and onto the second turnbuckle, she lifts them up vertically overhead before dropping them into a sit-out corkscrew piledriver.

HEATHER: "Wow what a fantastic move from Jessica Tremor, this girl is going to be one to watch in the coming weeks right here in the XWF and on Wednesday Night Warfare, just mark my words. You heard it here first,"

PIP: "Not many people get an automatic first impression speech like that from Heather on a debut match. So that is saying something,"

Jessica then quickly covers Mr. BOB.





As Warfare comes back from commercials, the anti pro wrestling activist turned pro wrestler against her will, Sonya Benson, is in the ring flanked by Norris and Smith. The crowd is not welcoming them at all.

[Image: gcmNmTy.gif]

Heather: Fans, we apologize. Their appearance was not on our program notes. They pulled this same stunt on Saturday Night Savage. Somebody needs to do something about these people coming out here unannounced and uninvited.

Pip: Agreed. She had the nerve to offer money for a personal trainer and even a tag team partner after the horrible things she’s done to professional wrestling outside of the ring. Her activism against our sport will never garner her any support in her endeavor to the 25 wins threshold she must meet.

The unbelievably beautiful blonde looks tired and stressed as she raises the mic to her perfectly formed lips.

Sonya Benson: As I’m sure you’ve seen or heard, I offered one MILLION dollars to any wrestler on any brand to become my personal trainer, and I also offered 500 THOUSAND for a tag team partner. It was my hope that someone would have taken me up on these offers by now, but that’s not the case so I’m forced to present myself before you Illinois troglodytes.

That certainly doesn’t get her any love, the crowd jeering her more now. Norris and Smith gestures for the fans to simmer down but it only serves to make them rowdier.

Sonya Benson: Those offers still stand, however I also am offering contractor work. You will be an ace up my sleeve, hired on retainer, given a generous monthly stipend to be on standby in case I need some extra muscle or something. I offered this to Steven Cooper already. He was under the effects of chemo so he rejected me while not being in his right state of mind. If any of these offers interest you, have your people call my people and we’ll do brunch. My treat.

More booing now. Sonya motions for something and Norris hands her a sheet of paper.

Sonya Benson: In an effort to show that I’m not as mean as the media has billed me to be, I have decided to start re-engineering your behavior patterns. So at this time I will read to you all a poem. This will open your minds and hearts, if only for a moment. Ahem

The spectators don’t want to hear it. She continues anyway.

Sonya Benson:
“Ah, that Time could touch a form
That could show what Homer’s age
Bred to be a hero’s wage.
‘Were not all her life but storm
Would not painters paint a form
Of such noble lines,’ I said,
‘Such a delicate high head,
All that sternness amid charm,
All that sweetness amid strength?’
Ah, but peace that comes at length,
Came when Time had touched her form.”

William Butler Yeats, 1895.

A noticeable yet not resounding “Shut Up Bitch” chant has kicked up and grows in strength. Offended, Sonya relents and has a look that says her feelings have been genuinely hurt. Her expression turns sour. Someone gets ballsy enough to hurl a full 32 oz cup of soda into the ring at her but Smith swats it away. Sonya throws her hands up in exasperation.

Sonya Benson: Fine! May all the bad things that can happen to someone happen to each of you. May you all die before the sun comes up and may you rot in hell!

With that, she hurries out of the ring with her entourage and makes a speedy egress up the ramp, disappearing behind the curtain much to the crowd’s delight at last.

The Green Order comes through the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp! There’s cheering for the faces as they run down ringside to the musical backing of Daley’s “Time Travel”.

Pip: This is the Debut of The Green Order! Many exciting tag teams are coming to the XWF! Thoughts, Heather?

HHL: I don’t know shit about these people, Pip. One is allegedly a time traveler who was born yesterday and the other is some guy from Michigan. They supposedly met via Twitter. And considering they're Twitter friends, they haven’t done much, on social media or otherwise, to promote their debut match.

Pip: You can’t be too dismissive, Heather. We’ve seen countless future XWF legends come from similarly mysterious backgrounds.

HHL: Yeah, sure, Pip. Wake me up if they win.

The Green Order takes the corner furthest from the entrance ramp.

North Korean War Criminal walks in perfect step to the tune of the North Korean National Anthem, wielding a ceremonial sword and immaculate military uniform. A wondrous orchestra of True Koreans trumpet out the most beautiful melody any man could ever hear. Two cadets walk several paces after him wielding the glorious flag of True Korea, waving majestically overhead, leading the way to a brighter future for all mankind. Wherever he is, the True Leader of the Free World, Kim Jong Un sheds a single tear of pride for the Greatest Warrior on the Planet, aside from himself.

NKWC sheds off the jacket of his military uniform and walks to the bottom of the ramp. The cadets catch the jacket and without letting it or the flag hit the ground and touching filthy North American soil, quietly scurry back up the ramp.

The curtain flies open and Flynn appears out in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". His expression is muted.

He hits the bottom of the ramp with NKWC. NK takes the steps as Flynn slides into the ring. They both storm to the center. The Green Order gives them space. Flynn smiles, holding his gaze a few seconds before guiding NK and himself back to their corner.

Pip: The Most Hated Man in the XWF! This is the first time Mark Flynn has been on regular XWF programming since 2014.

HHL: The thing to remember about both Flynn and NK is they both put the time into the mental game. You can see that on display as they immediately encroached onto the Green Order’s side of the mat. They want to communicate, this is their ring.

Pip: Well, if it is truly Flynn and NK's ring, The Green Order has a chance tonight of laying claim to it.

CIela and Kai play rock-paper-scissors on the apron to see who will start this match out.




Kai throws scissors… And Ciela throws Rock! Kai snaps his fingers as Ciela leaps over the ropes and into the ring.

NK is delighted. He goes to do the same to Flynn. Instead Flynn bows and opens the ropes for NK to step through.

HHL: North Korean War Criminal seems eager to start this match off.

Pip: But, also he seems maybe disappointed he didn’t get to play rock, paper, scissors.

​​MATCH #3:

- vs -


Ciela and NK start this match off.

NK… still holds his hands out in a rock-paper-scissors style. He beckons to Ciela to play.

Ciela is hesitant, but shrugs okay.

They move into playing position.



Suddenly, NK goes for a two-fingered poke-to-the-eyes!

Ciela blocks it with a straight hand!

NK laughs triumphantly, pointing at his hand in scissors, then pointing at Ciela, who has defensively put her hand into paper!

Pip: Unsportsmanlike! North Korean War Criminal has never found a rule he didn’t want to bend.

HHL: Complain about his methods if you want, but you can’t argue with his results in the ring... or at rock-paper-scissors!

As NK cackles and parades around the ring, Ciela leaps into the air! Oh my God, a hurricanrana to NKWC! NKWC flips in the air and lands flat on his back!

The bell rings for the match to start!

Pip: Ciela Luiz just leapt almost six feet in the air onto NKWC’s neck!

HHL: Over nine feet according to the Central Government’s measurements!

NK crawls desperately to a neutral corner as Ciela moves to keep up the offense. He latches desperately onto the bottom rope! Ciela goes to peel him off the ropes before the official steps in between the two.

NK gingerly reaches his feet, not releasing the ropes, as Ciela continues to reach over the official to grapple NK.

As Ciela leaps over the official, who desperately holds her back by the waist, NK takes advantage! Virtuous, Dedicated Citizen's Thumb-to-the-Eye just over the referee’s shoulder!

Pip: A dirty move!

HHL: You don’t think that surprise huricanrana was dirty? NK wasn’t ready! The bell hadn’t rung!

Ciela covers her attacked right eye with both hands, retreating to the center of the ring. NK sprints and dive tackles the back of her left leg! Adventurous, Masculine Chop-Block-To-Inflict-Knee-Injury!

Ciela doubles over screaming in agony!

NK looks at his corner for encouragement and Flynn politely claps.

As Ciela howls in pain holding her left knee, NK grabs her injured leg and delivers a series of kicks right at the joint. Kai is furious in his corner as Ciela screams with each kick.

Pip: NK has clearly been taking some guidance from Flynn, known for his style of dissecting opponents slowly and isolating weaknesses.

HHL: NK, after that first huricanrana must realize how dangerous Ciela is at full-speed, and is looking to ground her to the mat.

NK delivers a standing knee drop directly to Ciela’s patella. Her knee bends inward from the impact!

Suddenly, Kai charges out of his corner, delivering a lariat to the back of NK!

HHL: It’s an ambush! Ref, stop the damn match!

Pip: Are you serious right now, Heather? Kai is just trying to stop NK from ending his partner’s career!

NK drops to the ground, holding the back of his head, as Kai goes to check on his partner, cautiously trying to set her knee back in place. The official stands over him, trying to usher him back to his corner.

Suddenly, NK forward-rolls to his corner and leaps for the tag!

CLAP! Mark Flynn is in this match!

Mark Flynn!


very calmly...

very deliberately...

steps through the ropes.

Pip: Flynn is a dangerous mat-wrestler and one of the most vicious submission artists in XWF history! He also... has never seemed to understand how a hot tag works.

HHL: Flynn is as fast as he needs to be, Pip. But, he's also the kind of guy that measures twice and chops once. He knows he's at his most dangerous when he's in full-control of the pace of a match. And he knows he doesn't want to get into a lucha-libre contest of speed with the Green Order.

Kai Morgan goes to put up his fists to defend his partner, who’s still the legal (wo)man in this match. Flynn shakes his head and points to both of them, directing them to the corner.

Kai furrows his brow. Flynn points at Ciela’s hand then at Kai’s hand and claps.

Pip: What the hell is going on here, Heather?

HHL: Flynn’s a hunter, Pip. He doesn’t want a pre-prepared meal. He wants fresh meat. He wants Kai in the ring as the legal man.

Kai picks up Ciela gently, cradling her injured leg and sets her down gently to the team corner. He steps through the ropes and tags her out.

Flynn smiles, then beckons him to the center.

Pip: This could be a critical error for Flynn. His team might have had the match won thanks to NK’s dirty tactics.

Flynn holds up three fingers...

Suddenly, Kai goes for a running dropkick! Flynn sidesteps! Kai lands on his back!

Before Kai can get up, Flynn latches onto his arm and twists him onto his belly! Fujiwara armbar in the center of the ring! Kai is howling. His hand shakes!

Suddenly, Flynn releases it.

Kai looks back up confused.

Flynn now holds up two fingers.

Kai kips up! An incredible feat of athleticism!

Kai goes to grapple with Flynn! They lock into a collar-and-elbow tie-up...

Pip: A risky strategy by Morgan here to bring it in close quarters where Flynn has an inch advantage in reach and 13 pounds on his only-slightly smaller opponent.

Morgan latches onto Flynn's right arm! He goes for a wrist lock… Which he secures!

Pip: An impressive achievement! Flynn is one of the best grapplers in XWF history, getting a hold on him is a feat in-and-of-itself!

Suddenly, Flynn ducks under Morgan’s left arm and reverses it into a wrist lock of his own!

HHL: Spoke too soon there, Pip.

Flynn tucks Morgan’s wrist against Morgan's own back, maximizing the tension in the shoulder. Then, quick as a flash, Flynn releases and wraps his arms around Morgan’s waist! German Suplex from Flynn to Morgan!

Pip: OUCH! Flynn just dropped Morgan right on his neck!

Then, without losing his grip, Flynn backward-rolls until he’s over Morgan, facedown on the mat! He grabs his arm again! Fujiwara armbar!

Kai goes to tap!

Just before Morgan's arm can hit the ground, Flynn releases the hold!

Pip: Heather, What is going on here?!?

HHL: Flynn is out to embarrass Kai Morgan, Pip. He doesn’t want to beat him once. He wants to beat him three times.

Kai looks up, his arm aching. He squeezes his hand from the floor to regain feeling in it. He looks up at Flynn, who is still smiling. Flynn holds up only one finger.

Morgan is furious! He flips onto his back and kips up again!

Pip: Morgan is getting mad!

HHL: No, Pip. He’s getting beat.

Morgan goes for a bicycle knee! Flynn side-steps.

Morgan transitions into a spinning back-fist. Flynn ducks under it!

Morgan tries a spinning back-fist the other direction! Flynn ducks again!

Morgan ends up with his back to Flynn! He goes for a desperation Pele Kick!

Pip: A Pele Kick?!? That is NOT in Morgan’s typical fare!

Flynn barely slides backwards to dodge it! Morgan’s kick whiffs and he flops onto his face.

Pip: Incredible reaction time by Flynn! If Morgan had tried that move a couple more times in practice, he might have known the radius and proximity to make it connect!

HHL: What’s crazy to me, Pip, is Flynn was ready for it! Flynn knew what move Kai Morgan might try when it didn’t look like Kai Morgan even knew what he was gonna do.

Flynn stands over a desperately-frustrated Kai Morgan, breathing heavily, facedown on the mat.

Suddenly, limping out of the corner comes Ciela Luiz!

Flynn sidesteps out of the way…

BAM! Out of nowhere, in her already poked-eyes, NK comes in with a mouthful of Manly, Machismo Blinding Green Mist!

While Ciela tries to wipe her eyes dry with both hands, NK scoops her into suplex position!

And he lifts her into the air!

Oh my God!

He’s going to do it!


He’s got Ciela Luiz perfectly vertical!

And he twists her into a JACKHAMMER Slam!


Pip: ...I mean, she weighs 90 pounds! Is it that impressive?

The band sprints down to the ring, blaring the North Korean National Anthem as NK sits down on his knees in the ring with tears streaming down his face! North Korean flower girls throw daisies into the front row! Mrs. North Korea comes ringside and pushes a boquet of flowers to NK’s knees.

Flynn is bemused by the procession.

Suddenly, Kai Morgan scrambles off the mat behind Flynn! Schoolboy pin!

The ref drops to count!



Flynn shifts his weight 90 degrees to the left, forcing Morgan’s arm between his legs! He latches onto his arm and shifts position!


For the third time in this match, Flynn has trapped Morgan in a Fujiwara Armbar!

Pip: If Morgan tries to resist too long, his shoulder is going to get dislocated!

Morgan bites down! He tries to hold out!


WINNER: Mark Flynn & North Korean War Criminal

Flynn immediately breaks the hold and rises to his feet.

Into Flynn's arms leaps the North Korean War Criminal like Scooby Fucking Doo. NK pumps his fists in the air, triumphant as the magnificent orchestra gathers around the victors. Flynn looks bemused before setting NK back to the ground. The two raise their arms in victory.

Pip: I can understand why NK is so ecstatic. This is possibly the least controversial victory in his XWF career.

HHL: A strong showing for NK and Flynn! And a less-than-stellar debut for the Green Order… A pair of very competent athletes, simply outclassed, outplanned and outgunned by one of the fastest rising stars in the XWF, North Korean War Criminal. And shout-out to his sidekick, Mark Flynn!

Pip:... FLYNN is the sidekick?

Luiz and Morgan are left in the ring following the match…


[Image: Xhws16W.gif]




Jackson hits the ring where he drops Luiz with a Stone Cunt Stunner! He pops back up to his feet where Morgan rushes looking for a clothesline! Noah ducks and as Morgan spins around he gives her a double middle finger followed by a boot to the midsection where he drops her with a Stunner!

The crowd roars as THREE DOZEN members of security hit the ring to overcome “Stone Cunt” Noah Jackson to boos from the crowd. The crowd pops as he somehow fights free and starts dropping Stunners on anyone that moves only to be overtaken again!

They get him out of the ring before forcibly taking him backstage. Cameras stick with them as they head backstage where they go through gorilla and towards the back entrance of the arena. They finally get Noah outside flinging him out of the building before closing the door on him!

The bell rings, grabbing the attention of the XWF Universe.

The following contest… is a Last Man Standing match for the XWF Hart Championship!

Fans cheer. Fans boo. Regardless, fans keep their asses in the seats.

HHL: The champion has had a definite attitude shift in recent weeks, Pip. Will it prove successful tonight against Reggie Estrada?

PIP: He’s gone through everyone that’s come calling, Heather. Estrada poses a different kind of challenge in a different kind of match, nevertheless, it should be a good one.

Introducing the challenger…

From Glenmont, Maryland.. weighing 2 hundred 60 pounds…



HHL: Reggie Estrada! Lookin’ ready to fight tonight here on Warfare!

[white]PIP: He needs to be Heather!

The smoke fills up with red on the stage, as the arena lights flickers. Then once we see "The Rebellious One" on the X-Tron, then we hear the voice of Bone Thugs and Reggie walks down to song. Then we see him with walking down the ramp, and stop at the camera gives it the finger. Then he rolls into the ring, and goes to the top rope and poses. Then he jumps down, and chills on the corner as his theme cuts off.

His opponent...



BASS! Gold light bursts through the darkness pointing straight up from beneath the stage illuminating a lion banner above the entrance way. More guitar, the screen flashes to behind the curtain where Thaddeus is shown wearing a white Lionheart hoodie with the hood up, rocking back and forth in anticipation and excitement.

Heyman steps into frame, whispering something into Thad’s ear while giving the champ a shoulder massage.

Back to the mostly darkened arena. 'OKAY,' the arena lights pop on, pulsing in gold colored lighting with Thaddeus Duke, hood up, standing on stage not moving. Heyman stands behind him, grinning from ear to ear.

GUITAR WINDS UP, CHORUS: The crowd delivers a solidly mixed reaction as he throws off the hood and walks to either side of the stage, pointing out toward the fans. He backpedals toward center stage and then heads toward the ring.

Unlike in years prior, Thad does NOT spend time with Duke Nation. As he starts up the steps, Thad spies a little guy reaching as far as he can for a ‘five’. Thad drops to the floor and takes off his hoodie to give to the boy before climbing the steps again.

HHL: Things are definitely different for Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: He’s just focused!

HHL: When has he NOT spent a couple minutes at ringside with his fans?

PIP: Heather, you’re reaching.

In the ring now, Thad gives the Hart title a kiss and hands it off to the ringside attendant and the referee signals for the bell.


- vs -


HHL: It’s Last Man Standing, and its for the Hart Championship!

PIP: It’s Reggie Estrada challenging Thaddeus Duke!

HHL: And it’s RIGHT NOW!

The two competitors circle the ring for a moment before going to lock horns. Thad has a height advantage over the shorter Estrada, but Reggie has a significant weight advantage over the Hart Champion and the tie up is a stalemate. Both men break simultaneously, circle and go back for more.

Using his weight advantage and forward momentum, Estrada backs Thad into the corner. The referee requests a clean break, but being Last Man Standing, they’re under no obligation to honor it. Nevertheless, the break comes and Reggie slowly backs off before Thad sends a hard open hand slap across Reggie’s face, enraging Estrada.

He charges for Thaddeus in the corner, but using his agility and quickness, Thad escapes the ring to the floor to some boos from the XWF Universe.

HHL: Nothings different about Thad, right Pip?

On the floor, Thad travels around the ring at a slow pace as Reggie Estrada yells obscenities at him. Thad flips him off and Estrada hightails it out of the ring chasing after Thaddeus Duke. Thad himself rounds around the corner and slides in the ring and rolls to his feet. Estrada slides in after him, but Thad lays in the boots to keep his challenger grounded.

Estrada tries to retreat but Thad doesn’t let up. Reggie rolls toward the corner trying to avoid the stomps, until sitting up and resting his head against the bottom turnbuckle. Thad then drives his boot into the throat of Reggie Estrada, trying to choke the life out of him, even pulling the ropes for additional force.

The boos rain down, starting to drown out the cheers..

HHL: Thaddeus Duke, keeping the offense going here in the early going!

PIP: Estrada is searching for answers right now!

Thad finally releases the boot choke and backs off of Estrada. Reggie grabs his throat and gasps for air on the mat as the referee begins his ten count. Thad throws his arms out in a messiah like pose to a mixed crowd reaction.

The referee stops his count as Estrada gets to a knee and uses the ropes in order to aid him to his feet. As Estrada turns…



As Thad throws his super kick, Estrada scrambles to avoid it, falling through the ropes and landing on his feet on the floor. Thaddeus shoots him a smile and leans his hands against his knees, not taking his eyes off of Reggie. Estrada takes the moment to regain his composure on the floor, but behind him, the manager extraordinaire has a chair and it stalking Reggie Estrada.

Estrada turns around just as Paul Heyman rears back and Estrada grabs himself a couple of fistfuls of Heyman’s jacket. Paulie drops the chair and begs Estrada not to do anything as the crowd urges Estrada to do something.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Thaddeus bounces off the far side ropes and leaps over the top rope with a suicide dive. Estrada notices a little too late as he unhands Paul Heyman and Thad crashes into him, taking both men to the floor.

With both men down for the moment, the referee begins a double ten count. Thad though is quick to get back up as he continues the count on Estrada. As Thad gets back up, Heyman picks up the chair and hands it to his client. Taking the blunt edge of the chair, Thad stabs it down against Estrada’s right ankle, before stabbing it at his right knee, then his elbow. Around he goes stabbing the chair down to each of Reggie Estrada’s joints.

Thad tosses the chair as the referee begins his count on Estrada anew.

XWF Universe: REG-GIE!

Thad listens to the crowd a moment and shakes his head before retreating up the ramp as the referee reaches FOUR. Thad jumps off the stage and disappears for a moment before his head pops back up. A couple seconds later, he shoves a table up onto the stage before climbing up.

The referee reaches SIX.

Thad sets the table upright and locks its legs in place before venturing back down the ramp toward Estrada who has reached all fours, effectively stopping the officials ten count. Thad, grabbing a handful of hair begins to pull Estrada to his feet.

HHL: Reggie Estrada is in a bad way here, Pip!

PIP: If he wants any hope here, he needs to get on the offense!

HHL: He really needs some separation and…


HHL: Reggie Estrada! With an uppercut low blow to the Hart Champion!

The crowd pops loudly for the groin shot from Estrada. Thad doubles over before falling to his knees. He leans his head against the ramp as he clutches his groin. Estrada gets to his feet and again, stalking him from behind is Paul Heyman with the chair!

HHL: Turn around Reggie!

Estrada does indeed turn around and catches the chair from Heyman mid-swing. They struggle with it a second before Estrada rips it from Heyman’s grasp. Heyman backs off, trying to beg Estrada off. Estrada advances forward a step, then hits Heyman over the head with the chair to a loud crowd pop.

HHL: The crowd cheering Estrada tonight is also a little surreal!

PIP: They really can’t make up their minds tonight!

Estrada refocuses his attention toward Thaddeus Duke, who remains grounded after the low blow. With Thad’s back exposed, Estrada brings it down hard across the back of the champion to an enthusiastic response from the Universe.

Then again.

And again.

And a fourth time, before he finally tosses the chair down on the ramp. With the Hart Champion down and out, the referee begins his ten count.

HHL: The challenger took his opening and eliminated Paul Heyman from the equation!

PIP: It was a cheap move, Heather! Heyman isn’t a trained fighter!

The referee’s count gets to five as Thad reaches his hands and knees. A cameraman inadvertently cuts off Reggie’s path to Thaddeus and as a result, Estrada decks the cameraman and takes the camera cord with him. Straddling the back of the Hart Champion, Reggie wraps the cord around his neck and begins to choke the life out of him.

Some fans boo the move, a lot of fans cheer.

Thad’s face turns beet red from lack of oxygen before the referee intervenes and tries to get Reggie to stop choking him. In a fit of anger, Estrada finally relents but gets in the referees face. Shoving the referee on his ass, Reggie takes a page out of Thaddeus Duke’s playbook and reaches down, removing the referees belt and begins whipping the Hart Champion as Thaddeus tries to roll down the ramp and out of harms way.

HHL: Welts beginning to form on the back of the champion!

PIP: It’s Last Man Standing, Heather! BOTH of these men are gonna be beaten and bruised before its all over with!

Reggie stops swinging the belt as Thad uses the ring apron to aid him to his feet. With the champions back to him, the challenger places the belt around his neck and latches it. Initially, Thad struggles, pulling at the belt, but Reggie pulls the belt and whips Thaddeus into the ring before sliding in under the bottom rope. Estrada gets to his feet and retrieves the loose end of the belt. Picking it up, he rips Thaddeus back to his feet.

HHL: What’s Estrada have in mind here!?


With a strong grip on the loose end, Reggie ‘beals’ the belt and Thaddeus swings over the top rope. Reggie slams his ass down in the ring and holds onto the belt for dear life as the Hart Champion hangs by the neck to a pop from the Universe.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke is being hung by Reggie Estrada!

PIP: And these fans are loving it!

Estrada hangs on as long as he can before he finally loses his grip and the Hart Champion falls to the floor. The referee starts his ten count as the champion lays down and out on the arena floor.

HHL: Thad Duke! In real danger here of letting the Hart Championship slip between his fingers!

PIP: Estrada is a real tough guy despite his lack of success over the years and I think Thad is fionding that out here tonight!

The referees count is to FIVE!

Thaddeus removes the belt from his neck and tosses it as he rolls over to his stomach. Seeing Thad coming to, Reggie escapes the ring to the floor in case the count gets broken. Struggling to do so, Thad pushes his upper body up off of the floor as the referee reaches SEVEN!

Not waiting, Estrada reaches down and grabs a handful of Thad’s hair, breaking up the impending ending of the ten count. Just as Thad makes it to his feet, he slides through Estrada’s legs feet first. The backward momentum from Thad causes Reggie to stumble forward and collide his shoulder with the ring steps.

With Estrada in retreat from a closing in Thaddeus, Reggie rolls away toward the fan barricade. Using it to aid him to his feet…


PIP: Estrada avoids it again!

As Thad throws the kick, Estrada arches himself backward over the barricade before tumbling over the top and into the front row, narrowly avoiding the Champion’s lethal kick. Reggie lands awkwardly when he lands on the other side and takes him a moment to start getting to his feet. Meanwhile, Thad quickly re-enters the ring and scales the turnbuckles. He perches himself on the top, waiting for Estrada to get back to his feet.

Among the fans, the Universe urges Estrada to his feet. Just as he gets vertical, Thaddeus leaps…

HHL: Thad Duke goes aerial!

Soaring over the ring post and over the barricade, Thaddeus crashes into Reggie Estrada and some fans in the front row with a cross body block. The crowd pops for the aerial heroics as Thaddeus gets back to his feet. On the arena floor, the referee urges Thad to bring it out of the stands, but Thad doesn’t listen and elects to start a ground and pound tactic on Reggie Estrada.

Still urging Thad to bring it out of the stands, the referee reaches over the barricade, stopping Thad’s fist assault. Lashing out in anger, Thad gets to his feet quickly and stiff arms the referee in the face, shoving him back and causing him to hit his head off the ringpost.

Returning his attention to Estrada, Thad is intent on resuming his ground and pound assault before a fan locks Thad’s arm. In another fit of rage, Thad punches the fan in the face with a left hook sending the boos raining down. The reaction stuns Thad a moment as Estrada gets back to his feet behind him.

Shaking his head in disgust, Thad turns to find Estrada. Reggie though, charges forward with a lariat sending he and Thad both tumbling back over the fan barricade

The referee starts to come to as Reggie is to his feet first. He grabs Thad by his hair, lifting him to his feet. Estrada pulls Thad toward the ramp as Thad trips over Heyman, still knocked unconscious from earlier. Estrada momentarily loses his grip on Duke, but backtracks to retrieve his fistful of hair again. Pulling Thad back to his feet, Thad delivers an uppercut low blow to his challenger.

HHL: And a rare low blow from Thaddeus Duke!

PIP: Estrada did it to him earlier and Thad’s just ringing up the receipts!

Estrada hits his knees, clutching his groin. Meanwhile, Thad grabs the chair from earlier and swings it, bringing it crashing into Reggie’s face. Estrada collapses on the ramp and the referee starts his ten count.

HHL: That was a rather brutal shot to the face!

PIP: This match could be over right here!

The referee reaches THREE while Thaddeus backs off and takes a breather.

HHL: Estrada is in a real bad way as the count continues!

PIP: This match has been brutally awesome, Heather!

As the ref reaches 6, Reggie rolls over on his stomach and starts willing himself up off the ramp. Still with the chair in hand, Thad goes to bring it down across Reggie’s back, but stops himself. Instead, while maintaining his hold on the chair, he grabs Estrada by his hair and pulls him to his feet. Placing the chair over Reggie’s head and neck, Thad pulls Estrada up to the stage where he pulls back on Reggie’s hair in an attempt to shove him face first toward the stage with the chair impacting his windpipe.

Instead, in a defensive measure, Reggie throws an elbow into the midsection of the Hart Champion. Thad swing wildly in defense but Estrada ducks wit the chair still wrapped around his head. He grabs Thad and delivers an STO back breaker to the champ!


PIP: And the tide has turned!

Arching and clutching his back, Thad retreats on his knees up on the stage toward the entrance way. Reggie removes the chair wrapped around his head and sets it up right, slamming it down on the stage. Thad gets back to his feet. He turns to find Estrada and receives a kick to the gut followed by a stunner!

Reggie drops the champions throat against the back edge of the chair and the referee begins his ten count.



Thaddeus lies flat on his back near the table he set up earlier as the referee’s count is at FOUR! Meanwhile, Reggie Estrada inexplicably begins to climb the X-Tron.

PIP: Where the hell is he going?


HHL: Well, Estrada either wins it now, or if not, Thaddeus has to expend his own energy chasing Estrada down by having to climb the X-Tron.


PIP: The defending Hart Champion isn’t out of it yet!

HHL: Estrada! He’s climbed to the base of the screen!


Thad tries to will himself to his feet.


In the nick of time, Thad uses the referee to pull himself upright. Inadvertently or not, halting the ten count prematurely.

PIP: Wise move from the champion!

HHL: Had he not done exactly that, Reggie Estrada is the new Hart Champion!

Estrada is beside himself as he stands on the rigging at the base of the X-Tron screen, knowing he was a split second away from defeating Thaddeus Duke. On his feet, Thad looks around, searching for Reggie and finds him about to leap off the tron. Thad though darts toward the entrance and starts to climb up after him. Estrada wisely does NOT make that leap.

HHL: We’re entering very dangerous territory here as Thaddeus Duke and Reggie Estrada are about to battle it out here on the rigging of the X-Tron!

PIP: Both of these men are no fucks given types of daredevils, Heather! Whether the fans support them or not, they’re gonna get their monies worth. No if’s and’s or but’s about it!

Reaching to top of the rigging below the X-Tron, Thad pulls himself up as Estrada lays in some vicious stomps in an attempt to thwart the champions recovery. Grabbing some hair and pulling Duke to his feet, Reggie turns…


Estrada attempts the RKO, but Thad shoves him off at the last moment. Estrada nearly spills off the X-Tron as a result. He turns, and Thad leaps into the air…


Thad attempts his own RKO but like Thad a moment ago, Estrada shoves Thaddeus off of him at the last moment. Thad though, lands on his back with his left leg and arm dangling precariously off the edge of the Tron.

Estrada urges Thad to his feet as the crowd is almost solidly behind him.

PIP: I can’t wrap my head around this crowd, Heather!

HHL: It’s difficult to tell whether they’re pro-Estrada or just anti-Thad!

PIP: That by itself causes me discomfort and confusion!

Estrada stands in wait as Thad rolls over and starts to climb to his feet. The Hart Champion, weak legged, gets to his feet and takes a kick to the gut…


Once AGAIN, Thad shoves Estrada away from him. Estrada unintentionally headbutts the upright rigging of the Tron and he turns around…




After the super kick form Thaddeus to Estrada, Reggie falls from the Tron and crashes through the table from earlier in the match. The referee begins his count as Thad falls face first on the Tron rigging.


Estrada and Duke both lay motionless.


HHL: If either of these men can make it to their feet, this match is over!


PIP: Whoever gets their hand raised no doubt deserves it Heather!

HHL: I tend to agree. It was brutal almost from the first bell!

PIP: I tip my figurative hat, in both of their direction!


Thad slides off the Tron, hanging by the frame.


The current Hart Champion drops to the stage but falls on his back as Heyman makes his way up the ramp holding the title.


Thad rolls toward the upright framing of the X-Tron while Reggie Estrada continues to lie motionless.


Grabbing a hold of the Tron with both arms, Thaddeus starts to pull himself to his feet as Estrada unfortunately remains motionless.


HHL: Duke is to his feet!



PIP: The official calls for the bell here and Thaddeus Duke successfully retains the Hart Championship!

HHL: Reggie Estrada gave him one hell of a fight!

PIP: A lot of people lose to Thad Duke, Heather! Reggie Estrada, when he wakes up, ought to be proud of his effort even in defeat!

With the match in the books, Heyman raises his clients arm in victory and hands him the Hart title as the Universe showers the champion with boos and fewer cheers than he started the night with.

We cut back outside of the arena where…

[Image: UkNTnlX.gif]

“STONE CUNT” Noah Jackson is in the parking lot where he is headed towards his black pickup truck! The crowd roars in approval when suddenly the sound of tires screeching can be heard followed by a loud engine revving up. A white hummer with blacked out windows speeds through hitting Noah Jackson sending him rolling up over the front hood and off the side of the hood crashing down on the asphalt!

HHL: OH MY GOD someone just ran over Noah Jackson! GET SOME HELP!

The scene cuts abruptly to commercial.

HHL: “We’re just being informed of a fight occurring backstage! Let’s cut to our camera crew on the scene and see exactly what’s going on back there!”

As the shot changes, Jim Caedus, still ahead of his match later in the night, is being attacked by an indeterminate, hooded figure! The assailant Irish whips Jim into a bartop, the wood striking hard against Caedus’s ribs! The bartender behind the counter evacuates as the figure seems to yell out at them. Jim holds his hands to his chest, unable to properly protect his head as the attacker swings a steel chair at the crown of Jim’s skull, rocking the former X-Treme Champion after the brutal connection!

HHL: “Who could be doing this?! Corey wouldn’t get one of his friends to do something as heinous as this!”

PC: “Says you! That’s kid’s rotten to the core! Of course he would get some buddy try and secure a victory tonight!”

The hooded man attempts to smash the chair into Jim again, but Jim dodges, letting the steel chair lay flat on the table and grabbing the assailant’s head and driving it into the chair! With that small opening, Caedus grabs the man and throws him over the bar, getting a bit of time to recoup. Unfortunately for him, the figure stands up in an instant and smashes a whiskey bottle into the side of Jim’s head! The hooded man turns towards the camera, giving a smirk as blood gushes down his forehead from the impact with the chair. It’s…! It’s………


PC: “Alright! Now that’s a welcome surprise! Give him hell, Ned!”

HHL: “I thought whoever was doing this was “rotten to the core,” Pip!”

PC: “This is different!”

Ned grabs a bottle of scotch, placing it on the bar as he hops back over it to pick up Caedus and place him on the bar. Moving a nearby table and bringing it up to the bar, Ned gets on top of it and lifts Caedus up, as he tries to regain his bearings. But before Jim can even look up, Ned dashes at him and connects with the Nefarious Knee! The two men splatter into the drinks behind the bar, shattering nearly the entire display as alcohol soaks them, stinging any cuts the broken glass happens to leave on their skin. Kaye gets to his feet, opening up the scotch and taking a swig before putting the top back on and placing it in Jim’s lap, winking at the camera as he walks away, uttering something under his breath before he turns around.

Ned: “That’s just the beginning.”

PC: “What do you think he means by that, Heather? Is there more hell to pay for the other members of Acockalypse Now?”

HHL: “I don’t know, Pip, but I have a bad feeling that this is a promise Ned intends to keep.”

PC: Well, hopefully we’re in for a barn burner, but I’m not so sure.

HHL: As we saw earlier, there’s been some questions about Corey Smith’s wellbeing.

PC: Jim Caedus is a huge hurdle to jump, and he hates him some Corey! The champ needs his head in the game.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Someone Else” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. Corey comes down the ramp, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way. Corey jogs over and drops off his 24/7 briefcase at ringside.Then, he gets on the ring apron, throwing his arms over the top rope as the jacket keeps flashing. But then, he slips a bit. Catching himself on the ropes, he shakes his head before getting in the ring.

PC: Uh oh….

Corey steps backwards into the middle of the ring still playing to the fans. But, he stumbles again.

HHL: This isn’t looking good….

PC: Wait….what’s that?!

Just as the lights return to normal and Corey starts to remove his jacket, a figure dashes under the bottom rope and rolls to his feet.


As the Hart champion gets vertical, he clocks Corey in the back of the head with a superkick in one smooth motion! Corey falls face first, having not even gotten his jacket all the way off or the Xtreme Championship off his waist The fans look dismayed as it starts to sink in what’s happening.

HHL: Oh my God, a blindsided ambush from the Hart champion on his former best friend!

Corey shakily tries to push himself up. Thad Duke runs to the corner, sizes Corey up and hits a SICK RUNNING PUNT TO THE SIDE OF COREY’S HEAD!

PC: That was thunderous!

Corey’s head snaps to the side in a sickening display. He slumps down again and goes still. The fans finally start to boo raucously.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke! Has just left Corey Smith laying!

PIP: And these idiot fans hate it!

Squatting down beside Corey Smith, Thad watches on as his consciousness fades. The fans inside the Taxslayer Centre are letting their feelings be known, showering the Lionheart with jeers. Standing up beside his fallen former best friend, Thad looks around the crowd, soaking in their hate and vitriol towards him. Looking down at Smith a moment, then back to the crowd, he points down a moment and the crowd erupts with hate.

HHL: Thaddeus Duke has killed what might have been left of Continuum... for all time!

PIP: It's the smartest damn thing he's ever done!

Thad smiles a moment and shakes his head before hitting his knees and striking a messiah-like pose causing the hate to grow even more. This time, fans all over start to pelt him with trash. Popcorn cups, full sodas, even full beers. Soon, he stands back to his feet and exits the ring. Making his way to the timekeeper table, Thaddeus lifts Corey Smith's 24/7 briefcase. Hesitating as more trash is being thrown at him, he soon starts to make his way around the ring toward the entrance ramp. With Corey's 24/7 case in hand, Thaddeus' messiah poses once more as he backpedals up the ramp.

HHL: The Lionheart, Pip! He has taken possession of Corey Smith's 24/7 briefcase!

PC: That's a good friend! Smith is clearly not waking up any time soon! He'll keep it safe!

HHL: Oh stop! This is awful! Corey came into this match and something was clearly wrong, and now he’s just gotten kicked in the head twice on top of it.
Then, a figure makes a beeline out of the back, drawing a big time pop from the crowd! DOLLY WATERS! And she looks irate! She gets behind Duke, grabbing his shoulder and spinning him around. Thad reflexively tosses the briefcase in her face!

HHL: Now he’s assaulting Dolly?!

PC: He didn’t know it was her, he reacted on pure instinct!

Dolly holds her face a moment, stumbling back before regaining her footing and launching herself at Thad! The crowd reaction hits an even higher note as Dolly starts laying into Thad, punching him wildly before grabbing him by his lapel and dragging him towards the XTron!

HHL: Dolly looking to do some serious damage to Thad! She’s enraged!

However, officials pour out of the back like a sea of humanity, engulfing them and pulling Thad and Dolly apart. Thad takes the opportunity to pick up the 24/7 briefcase again as Dolly screams at him and tries to get past the refs holding her back.


Thad’s face twists bitterly, and at first it looks as though he’s going to fight back also, but then he simply gives in to the officials holding him back and lets them pull him away. But Dolly’s still fighting! But there’s too many of them! They start dragging her to the side of the ramp as….

PCOh ho hoooo, man! It’s Xtreme rules, baby! Corey’s defending no matter what!

HHL: He’s not even conscious!

The now familiar opening notes to "Ready Steady Go" by Paul Oakenfold begin to blast from the PA moments before the ring announcer plugs. The fans erupt. As the spiel is unloaded the lights cut, plunging the arena in darkness before silver strobes begin to flash and silver spotlights begin to continuously wave from along the length of the entrance walkway to the crowd and back.

Obviously practiced and well-timed, the moment the announcer finishes, "ready, steady, g-g-go!" is let fly by the song's vocalist and silver pyro erupts from the egress. Before the cloud of smoke dissipates, Jim Caedus emerges as the house lights come up. His hair hangs freely, bandanna covering the majority of his face, his eyes absent of emotion as he surveys the crowd of cheering APEX and/or Caedus marks and smarks as well as the BoBliophiles shouting insults, Fuck You and booing.

Meanwhile, Dolly, going wide eyed at Caedus’ advance, starts calling out plaintively, STOP THE MATCH! STOP THE MATCH!

Caedus rolls his eyes at Dolly's words, inaudibly mouthing "I'm not falling for this shit" while slowly making his way to the ring. You can see the smile in his eyes as he rolls under the bottom rope to stand up and hover over Corey’s downed form.

HHL: Oh come on! Just pin him!

Jim looks to the fans, mouthing "are YOU falling for this". Sporadic exclamations from the fans expressing their displeasure and/or either urging Jim to stop or "Kill Corey!" sound. Jim soaks it all in, slowly a smile crossing his face, before shaking his head.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -


PC: He’s enjoying this!

Caedus’ eyes lock on Corey for a solid moment before he explodes into action! He rips Corey up off the mat, heaves him up and….


Corey rag dolls, landing hard! Jim drops down for the cover! The ref, cringing, gets down to make the count.



Now, this is the moment when the hero would show some momentum shifting, impossible sign of life. A defiant raised arm! A surprising kick out! The crowd goes ELECTRIC! Jim is STUNNED! Yes, that WOULD be the cathartic moment everyone wants.

But it doesn’t happen.


Your winner, and NEW XTreme Champion-JIM CAEDUS!

Jim's eyes widen in utter disbelief.

HHL: Oh damn it!

Caedus rises, STILL eyeing Corey dubiously...then kicks Corey’s body over and rips the championship off his waist. Holding it high to more considerable heat from the crowd, he looks at the masses defiantly, mouthing "I ain't no fool! And HE" (pointing to Corey) "ain't strong enough for THIS" (pointing to the title) before leaving the ring to the sound of his entrance theme.

Dolly's focus is on the ring. She’s pleading with the officials to let her go.

HHL: Somebody needs to check on Corey!

Then, in the ring, Corey’s body stirs. It goes rigid, unnaturally cataleptic like a shock has just run through it! His eyes open, but they’re rolled back so only the whites are visible. His head starts to jerk and twitch as foaming saliva leaks out the corner of his mouth.


PC: I think he’s having a seizure!

Look at him! Let me GO! She gestures emphatically at the ring, tears rimming her eyes. Finally, a couple of the officials catch a clue and head towards the ring to check on Corey. The remaining official lets Dolly go and she bolts to Corey’s side, as he continues to foam and tremble. Dolly drops to her knees beside him. Somebody help! HELP! . The referee in the ring shoots up the universal sign for medical attention needed as Dolly cradles Corey’s head, sobbing.

HHL: This is...this is tough to watch. He could have serious injuries here.

A pregnant moment later, EMT’s rush out of the back and converge on the ring to attend to Corey. By now, the crowd is standing in shocked silence.

HHL: God I hope he pulls through this.

The shot frames on Dolly, Corey, and the EMT’s that load him up on a stretcher and quickly get him to the back with Dolly following closely. Jim Caedus stands in the ring with the Xtreme Title when the lights go out!

Pip: We’ve seen this way to much tonight.”

The blackout lasts several seconds before the lights come back up to reveal the new Xtreme Champion is surrounded by THE BEAST, MISS FURY, THEM NO GOOD BASTARDS, MR. BOB, and BIG MONEY OSWALD! Immediately BOB pounces on Caedus not giving him a moment to even try to defend himself!


Ozzy and Mr. Bob beat Caedus down into the mat before Miss Fury drops down and chokes him with both hands across his throat as The Beast stomps away at his midsection! The crowd suddenly explodes as ROBERT MAIN, DREW ARCHYLE and BETSY GRANGER hit the ring!

The Bastards cut off Drew as Mr. BOB and Ozzy cut of Granger! Main spins the Beast around where he hammers him with a series of right hands before being cut off by Miss Fury who superkicks the right knee out from underneath him dropping him to his left knee for The Beast to kick him square in the face knocking him down to the mat!

HHL: This is absolutely atrocious.

Them No Good Bastards bring Drew out to the center of the ring while Mr. BOB pickes up Jim Caedus! Bobby and TK glance over at Mr. BOB, and with a nod of the head we see a SIMULTANIOUS

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!



The sheer force of Drew Archyle and Jim Caedus’s bodies crashing into the cavass is enough to send ripples through time and space… while Big Money Ozzy snatches up Betsy Granger locking her in the BILLION DOLLAR DREAM!


Miss Fury locks Robert Main in the BLACK WIDOW!!

Pip: This is an all out assault on Apex and Betsy Granger!

The Beast stands back looking on as he comes over towards Robert who is starting to fade. He taunts him paintbrush slapping him across the face while Big Money Oswald puts Betsy Granger to sleep!

Ozzy releases the hold on Granger where he joins Thunder Knuckles, Bobby Bourbon and Mr. BOB as they watch on while Miss Fury continues to crank on the Black Widow finally Main’s body goes limp. Miss Fury releases the hold as she stands up where she jumps into the arms of The Beast where they intently kiss to massive boos from the crowd.

She hops down to the mat where we see BOB standing across the ring; Them No Good Bastards, Mr. BOB, The Beast, Miss Fury, and Big Money Oswald.

Pip: Is this the fate of Apex and Legacy in two weeks on Warfare?

HHL: Or will another song be sang when the sides are even with the playing field level!

BOB Elite throws up middle fingers towards the crowd as Warfare fades to black.

I want to thank everyone who helped put the show together with segments and story writing.

Thank you to those who wrote matches:

Chronic Chris Page
Mark Flynn
Thaddeus Duke

And for those of you wrote segments, too many to name.

Until next time.
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08-18-2021, 04:33 PM

Jess, Arcana- that match was a doozy! Ya'll both brought some absolute heat. Congrats to Jess on the win!
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OOC: Love you Core, love you Dolly, love you Jimbo.... big time sad face.

Reggie, thank you for being a good sport and agreeing to play the "good guy" so that I could get this turn completed. Much love to you brother.

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(08-18-2021, 05:37 PM)Thaddeus Duke Said: OOC: Love you Core, love you Dolly, love you Jimbo.... big time sad face.

Reggie, thank you for being a good sport and agreeing to play the "good guy" so that I could get this turn completed. Much love to you brother.

OOC: Anything to help your character grown, anytime.

Awesome show everyone, at the end of the day we all are winners in our own way.

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