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XWF Title Histories (2012-Present)
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    XWF Universal Title History
#HolderDate Won
01Azrael Erebus05/19/14
02Sebastian Duke05/19/14
03Azrael Erebus(2)06/21/14
04Morbid Angel07/21/14
05Eli James IV08/24/14
06Theo Pryce10/24/14
07Steve Davids12/17/14
08John Samuels01/24/15
09Morbid Angel(2)01/24/15
11Doctor Louis D'Ville02/23/15
12"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane08/03/15
13"Mr. F'N Dominance" Trax09/02/15
14"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane (2)01/30/16
16Peter F'n Gilmour11/19/16
17Chris Chaos12/11/16
18"The Radical" Gabe Reno04/01/17
19Jim Caedus04/22/17
20Bruce Blingsteen07/01/17
21James Raven08/19/17
22Robbie Bourbon10/14/17 (Stripped of title on 1/17/18
23The Engineer03/04/2018
24Robert Main12/05/18
25Unknown Soldier08/31/2019
26Lux/The Engineer12/01/19
27Shawn Warstein03/29/2020
28Sarah Lacklan07/26/2020
29Thaddeus Duke11/29/2020
30Chronic Chris Page01/31/2021
32Jim Caedus (2)11/28/2021
33Peter Vaughn01/30/2022
34Aliass (2)03/27/2022
35Raion Kido07/24/2022
36Mark Flynn09/25/2022
37Bobby Bourbon (2)03/26/2023
38Sidney Grey03/26/2023
39Raion Kido (2)04/22/2023
40Corey Smith07/01/2023
41Thunder Knuckles09/24/2023
42Isaiah King11/26/2023
43Ned Kaye01/28/2024


    X-Treme Title History
#HolderDate Won
01Hardcore Smitty04/08/12
02Outsider Stone04/21/12
03Hardcore Smitty (2)04/21/12
04Jose Chavez04/28/12
05RJ Palmer03/30/12
08J. Page07/14/12
09Trist Slater07/28/12
10Mr. XWF08/02/12
11Griffin MacAlister08/08/12
13John Madison11/12/12
14Mark Flynn11/12/12
15Tyler Decker11/12/12
16John Madison (2)11/12/12
17Sid Feder11/20/12
18Mr. Satellite12/24/12
19Hisoka Itazura12/26/12
21Mr. Satellite (2)12/27/12
23Sebastian Duke01/29/13
25Mark Flynn (2)01/31/13
26Angelus (2)01/31/13
27Luca Arzegotti03/31/13
28Unknown Soldier05/25/13
29THE Crimson Dong06/04/13
30Dean Moxley McGovern06/06/13
31Matt Lennox06/27/13
32Steve Davids06/29/13
33Stevie Tyler07/03//13
34Tony Santos07/13/13
35Stevie Tyler (2)07/25/13
36Angelus (3)08/14/13
37Smoke Man09/11/13
39Peter Gilmour09/26/13
40Mr. Radio09/28/13
41Peter Gilmour (2)11/16/13
42Steve Davids (2)01/08/14
43Morbid Angel02/20/14
44Theo Pryce as Enigma03/05/14
45Mandii Rider04/04/14
46Morbid Angel (2)05/18/14
47Griffin MacAlister (2)05/28/14
49Bobby Zi06/18/14
50John Austin06/21/14
51NAZI (2)06/21/14
52Michael McBride06/21/14
53Mark Flynn (3)06/21//14
57Bobby Zi (2)09/08/14
59"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane09/27/14
60I Evertrust09/29/14
62Doctor Louis D'Ville12/03/14
63Justin Sane02/25/15
64Unknown Soldier (2)03/18/15
65Bruce Blingsteen04/08/15
67"Mr. FN Dominance" Trax07/01/15
69The Reverend Tholomew Plague08/23/15
70Steve Davids (3)09/02/15
71Mason Prince12/13/15
72Alexis Riot12/27/15
73Austin Fernando01/20/16
74Frodo MF Smackins03/27/16
75Unknown Soldier (3)04/27/16
76Drew Archyle as The Watcher10/26/16
77"The Radical" Gabe Reno11/05/16
78Michel McBride (2)11/07/16
80Broken Oswald Autem Sephtis02/05/17
81Thaddeus Duke03/15/17
82Broken Oswald Autem Sephtis (2)03/15/17
84Dolly Waters03/30/17
86Dolly Waters (2)04/07/17
86Micheal Graves05/28/17
87Thaddeus Duke (2)06/13/17
88John Samuels07/31/17
89"Mr. F'N Dominance" Trax (2)08/02/17
90The Engineer08/19/2017
91James Raven02/28/18
92Vincent Lane (2)03/04/18
93Muddy Waters03/16/18
94James Raven (2)03/24/18
95Jim Jones03/25/18
95Christian Andrews04/14/18
96Bearded War Pig05/27/18
99Jenny Myst06/20/18
100Madison Dyson07/02/18
101Bilbo Blumpkinz07/17/18
103Tommy Wish07/28/18
104Jessalyn Hart08/11/18
105Donovan Blackwater09/26/18
106Robbie Bourbon12/19/18
107Dax Harris01/07/19
108Vita Valenteen01/08/19
109Mastermind (3)03/31/19
110Zane Norrison05/11/19
111Tommy Wish(2)05/22/19
112Steve Justice07/28/19
113Unknown Soldier (4)08/18/19
114Big D09/04/19
116Atara Themis29/03/20
117Felix Jones04/28/20
118Micheal Graves (2)05/31/20
119Alexei Medved05/31/20
120Felix Jones (2)06/12/20
121Hanari Carnes06/27/20
123Robert The Omega Main07/26/20
124Reggie Estrada11/27/20
127Jim Caedus07/21/21
128Dolly Waters (3)08/01/21
129Corey Smith08/01/21
130Jim Caedus (2)08/18/21
131Bam Miller11/28/21
132Cage Coleman12/03/21
133Reggie Estrada12/25/21
134Marf Swaysons01/30/22
135"Notorious" Ned Kaye03/27/22
136Thunder Knuckles04/20/22
137Latina Submission Machina08/03/22
138Big Preesh08/24/22
139Atara Raven09/24/22
140Jenny Myst (2)10/29/22
141Marf Swaysons (2)11/06/22
142Jenny Myst (3)11/12/22
143Jason Cashe02/09/23
144John Black03/06/23
146Cadryn Tiberius04/08/23
147The Generic Heel04/22/23
148Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn05/02/23
149Mark Flynn (4)05/15/23
150B.O.B. D (Big D) (2)08/26/23


    Television Title History
#HolderDate Won
01Griffin MacAlister02/02/13
02Lexi Sheckler02/16/13
03Donathan Alphonse De Sade03/02/13
04Mr. Satellite/Supernova (Luca Arzegotti(2), Sebastian Duke, Sophia Sanchez, De Sade, Bryce's Mother, Danny Devia, Alex Richards, Kate Astrofy, Eric Rex, Donnie Damage, Ann Thrax)04/27/13
06Theo Pryce05/28/14
07Tony Santos06/21/14
08Steve Davids07/21/14
11Aerial Knight12/01/14
12Gator (2)12/29/14
13Dolly Waters10/01/16
14Michael McBride10/29/16
15Thomas Nixon12/11/16
16Jim Caedus01/14/17
17The Monster of Htaed04/22/17
18Danny Imperial04/29/17
19Thomas Nixon (2)05/06/17
20Jack Cain06/13/17
21Neville Sinclair07/01/17
22Bearded War Pig11/04/17
23Erik Black12/02/17
24Neville Sinclair (2)12/09/17
25Kitt Kennedy01/13/18
26John Holliday01/27/18
27Drew Archyle02/03/18
28Chris Chaos03/04/18
31Abigail Monroe08/11/18
32Damon Tyler08/18/18
34Hanari Carnes02/02/19
35Donovan Blackwater02/23/19
38Thaddeus Duke09/14/19
39Big D10/19/19
40Noah Jackson12/01/19
42Big D (2)01/11/20
43Scully (2)01/11/20
44Noah Jackson (2)01/11/20
45Thunder Knuckles03/29/20
46Thaddeus Duke (2)07/26/20
47Chronic Chris Page08/29/20
48Thunder Knuckles (2)09/27/20
49Charlie Nickles11/14/20
49Marf Swaysons03/28/21
50Andre Dixon05/01/21
51Corey Smith06/20/21
52Bobby Bourbon07/17/21
53Vita Valenteen08/14/21
55Vita Valenteen (2)09/25/21
56Marf Swaysons (2)10/16/21
57Betsy Granger10/30/21
58Charlie Nickles (2)11/28/21
59Jenny Myst05/29/22
60Gary Ray-Ray Nelson06/18/22
61Jenny Myst (2)07/02/22
62Bobbie Bourbon (2)08/13/22
63Dick Powers09/25/22
64Michael Graves10/15/22
65Isaiah King10/29/22
64Ned Kaye12/28/22
66Chris Page (2)01/29/23
67Jenny Myst (3)02/25/23
68Dolly Waters03/11/23
69Isaiah King (2)04/08/23
71Angelica Vaughn06/18/23
72Dionysus (2)08/12/23
73Bulk Logan10/07/23
74Tommy Wish11/11/23
76Dolly Waters01/13/24
77"The Dark Warrior" Michael Graves (2)01/28/24
78Doc D'Ville02/11/24


    Tag Team Title History
#HolderDate Won
01RJ Palmer & Anjeleka Slater04/11/12
02Psico Payaso & Aaliyah Monroe05/05/12
03Psico & Arsenic05/19/12
04Raymond Hatcher & Tyler Decker07/21/12
05T. Slater & R. Cross10/01/12
06T. Slater & Mark Flynn10/29/12
07Sid Feder & Mark Flynn (2)12/01/12
09Peter Gilmour01/24/13
10Peter Gilmour & Poppa Feder02/23/13
11Crimson Cobra & Knightmask "The Crimson Knights"05/25/13
12Eric Rex & Eli James Mystica "The Congregation"07/13/13
13Griffin MacAlister & Sebastian Duke "The Brotherhood"08/07/13
14Griffin MacAlister03/26/14
15Scorpio & Frodo Smackins05/07/14
16Peter Gilmour (2) & The Dimallisher "Team Special"06/21/14
17Kendall Sawyer & Azrael Erebus08/13/14
18Kendall Sawyer (Prev.) & Next Level Meta12/10/14
19Pest & JACK12/10/14
20(Freebird Rules Now Apply to Tag Team Titles)Theo Pryce/John Samuels/John Madison "The Kings"12/29/14
21Justine Sane/CorVus/Gator "Defiance"01/27/15
22Maverick and Scully04/08/15
23"Lucky No. 7" Carson Waters and Flynn Andrew Cole-Ericson "Brick Squad"04/22/15 (Vacated on 08/02/15)
24"Mr. F'N Dominance" Trax and Lux Lyden09/01/2015
25Austin Fernando and Luca Arzegotti "FernGotti"01/30/16
26Sir Chris Macbeth and Scully "The Union"04/06/16
27Makaveli and Peter Gilmour (3) "The Resistance"05/25/16 (Makaveli stripped on 07/22/16)
28Peter Gilmour (4) and Michael McBride07/22/2016
29Kandi Washington and Jake Wakefield - Stripped for severe cunting08/03/16
30Robbie Bourbon and "Arby Beef" (Scully) - Found belts in trash08/16/16
31Dr. D'Ville and Unknown Soldier "Doctor Satan"09/28/16
32 D'Ville was forced to replace Unknown SoldierDr. D'Ville, John Madison, Theo Pryce and John Samules "The Kings"04/19/17
33 Doc D'Ville relinquished the tag titles as a prize for Shove It Where The Sun Don't Shine IIChris Chaos & Jim Caedus11/26/17
34 The Engineer cashes in on Chris Chaos's half of the tag team titlesThe Engineer & Jim Caedus12/23/17
35 Chris Chaos (2) and Peter Gilmour (5)04/11/18
36 Micheal Graves (2) and Cadryn Tiberius 06/27/18
37 Bilbo Blumpkinz and Sebasstian Duke(BX3)08/01/18
38 Peter Gilmour (6) and Drezdin08/29/18
39 "The Midnight Dolls" Jessalyn Hart and Vita Valenteen09/14/18
40 "Purebred Killers"(2) Peter Gilmour (7) and Michael McBride(2)09/29/18
41 "The Midnight Dolls"(2) Jessalyn Hart and Vita Valenteen(2)12/19/18
42 "Apex" Robert Main and Drew Archyle01/16/19
43 "The Arm Collectors - Steve Justice and Hanari Carnes 09/14/19
44 "5'2" Mafia" Sarah Lacklan and Kenzi Grey09/29/19
45 "The Sick Cunts - Fuzz and Noah Jackson01/26/20
46 Cataclysm - Chronic Chris Page and Robert The Omega Main (2)03/29/20
47 Continuum (Thaddeus Duke, Doc D'ville & Corey Smith)11/29/20
48 Them No Good Bastards (Bobby Bourbon & Thunder Knuckles)03/28/21
49 Mark Flynn(3) & North Korean War Criminal10/20/21
50"Apex" Jim Caedus, Robert Main (3) and Drew Archyle (2)11/28/21
51 Mark Flynn(4) & North Korean War Criminal (2)01/30/22
53Dolly Waters and Vita Valenteen (3)09/23/22
54"Angie Vaughn and John Madison Jr10/29/22
55Dolly Waters (2) and Charlie Nickles01/14/23
56"Angie Vaughn(2) and Sarah Lacklan (2)01/29/23
57Raion Kido and Jason Cashe03/26/23
58"The Just Us League" The Atomic Bat and The Blue Tango05/02/23
59"The Good Guys" Bobby Bourbon (2) and Mark Flynn (5)11/26/23
60Isaiah King and Ned Kaye12/23/23


    XWF Anarchy Title History
#HolderDate Won
01Sarah Lacklan07/28/19
03Geri Miller03/29/20
04Ruby (2)03/29/20
05Miss Fury09/10/20
06Vita Valenteen09/27/20
07Tula Keali'i10/22/20
08Kenzi Gray11/29/20
09Tula Keali'i (2)12/31/20
10Ruby (3)1/31/21
12Big Money Oswald8/19/21
13Latina Submission Machina09/24/21
14Centurion (2)11/03/21
15Elijah Martin01/06/22
16Latina Submission Machina (2)03/27/22
17Daniela Raye-Weathers05/29/22
18Unknown Soldier06/10/22
21Ruby (4)11/27/22
22Tommy Wish01/12/23
23Sidney Grey02/23/23
26Centurion (3)11/26/23
27Sean Parker12/21/23


    King of the XWF Title History
#HolderDate Won
01John Madison03/21/13
02Theo Pryce11/27/13
03John Samuels04/21/14
04Hulk Hogan04/21/14
N/AVacated/Inactive/Transitioned to Yearly to the Winner of the March Madness PPV--/--/--
01Doctor Louis D'Ville11/03/14
03The Engineer08/19/2017
04Sarah Lacklan04/01/19
05Madison Dyson03/29/2020
06Doctor Louis D'Ville (2)03/28/21
07Bobby Bourbon03/27/22
08Sidney Grey03/26/23

[Image: 247shot.gif]

    24/7 Briefcase History
HolderVictimTitle Used On
ScorpioTristan SlaterXWF World Heavyweight Title
Mark FlynnTristan SlaterXWF World Heavyweight Title
Luca ArzegottiSid FederXWF European Championship
Sid FederLuca ArzegottiXWF European Championship
John AustinEli JamesXWF United States Title
ScorpioGriffin McAlisterXWF Tag Team Titles
Kendall SawyerPeter Gilmour and The DimallisherXWF Tag Team Titles
Sebastian DukeAzrael ErebusXWF Universal Championship
Theo PryceEli JamesXWF Universal Championship
Steve DavidsTheo PryceXWF Universal Championship
Morbid Angel(Stole case from Mandii Rider)John SamuelsXWF Universal Championship
Doctor Louis D'VilleGatorXWF Universal Championship
Bruce BlingsteenJim CaedusXWF Universal Championship
"Mr. F'N Dominance" TraxVinnie LaneXWF Universal Championship(CCWF/IWGP Universal Championship)
Jim CaedusThe Radical Gabe RenoXWF Universal Championship
The EngineerChris Chaos1/2 of the tag team titles
Robert MainThe EngineerXWF Universal Championship
Vita ValenteenSarah Lacklan(for a match)XWF Anarchy Title
Ned KayeThe Engineer (for a match - Engy retained)XWF Universal Championship
FuzzThe EngineerXWF Universal Championship
Sarah LacklanFuzzXWF Universal Championship
Alias"Chronic" Chris PageXWF Universal Championship
Corey SmithThaddeus DukeXWF Supercontinental Championship
Jim CaedusAliasXWF Universal Championship
Raion KidoSidney Grey (for a match - Raion won)XWF Universal Championship
Mark FlynnN/A07/30/2023
Doc D'VilleN/A9/25/2023

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