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Wednesday Night Warfare 10-14-20
Author Message
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(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

10-15-2020, 03:28 AM



From !!!

[Image: 1200px-130919-Commerzbank-Arena-Europa-League.jpg]


The crowd begins to boo as GREGGO appears in the front row! He's wearing his favorite "Greggo Fam" classic T-SHIRT that features himself along with Sarah Lacklan and Madison Dyson. He has tears in his eyes as he looks down at his own shirt and rubs Madison's face a little, getting it moist from his sweet eye nectar.

Pip: Oh for heaven's sake. What the heck is this now?

HHL: This is actually a touching moment coming from Greggo for once. He misses his friend!

Greggo is wearing sweatpants that were white at the original time of purchase. He reaches into the pocket...

HHL: Greggo reaching into his brown sweatpants.

He pulls out his middle finger! He's giving the entire crowd a heartfelt F YOU!

Pip: Another touching moment, huh Heather?

HHL: …

Greggo jumps over the guard rail and security is well aware he's not to be touched. Greggo makes his way to the ring and enters, groping himself for a little while before reaching into his wet looking sweatpants and producing a microphone.

Greggo: HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I'm here, I'm here, I'm Greggo the... dear! Mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMMMMM! It's smell'n' re-re-re-reeeal tasteh here tonight! I like that smell!

Greggo starts sniffing around and looks nearly orgasmic. Nobody else seems to detect any unusually pleasant aromas, however.

Greggo: But let's get to some impotent biz. Ferget all the lil' snuff. We got a YUGE main event tonight and its gonna be me against THE FREAK in a Flamer Table match.

HHL: So this guy really believes he's in the main event tonight...

Pip: One could say Greggo seems to "know" a lot of things nobody else does.

HHL: That's just a nice way of saying he's delusional, Pip!

Greggo uses his free hand to slowly caress his bare chest and smooth stomach while he continues.

Greggo: Mmmm, mmmm it's gon' be a great night tonite! And with me n' Freak in the main event will be that new TRICK on the block. Her name is Ass Quid and she will be the guest ruff tonight! And boy lemme tell you that gurl can go WUFF WUFF with the fuzziest of em! Harrrr what a joke I done made! But seriously Assy Ashly I tried bein real sweet to you in my first RP (recorded promo!) but at the end of the day I knew you were still gonna be a prah'lem for me no matter what either of us said or done before now......AND I DON'T LIKE PRAH'LEMS! I already got like 9 of them and gurl you iz NOT one. No no, wait, you are one. Buh-buh-but NOT fer long! That's my whole point gurl. I'ma tell you right now beetchtits, if you don't raise my hand in victoreh tonight in that Flamer table match I am gonna make yer life hell by submitting yer name and phone number to ad sites and write it on bathroom stalls! You'll get so many offers you don't want! SO many!

HHL: I guess Greggo's taking this whole troll thing to the next level. Who wants to see this? Why are we allowing this to air nationally?

Pip: The same reason other nationally broadcast companies air garbage segments, Heather. Because of the age old "you'll still watch" rule and it still rings true in wrestling today.

Greggo is taking a moment to scratch his ass and squeeze it to make sure it's still tight.

Greggo: So that brings me to my next subject! The time is coming bois n' gurls! The time for the GREGGO FAM to extend!

The crowd groans a bit, and many have already left to take their bathroom break anyway.

Greggo: That's right! We all know how much you love your Champion and ruler of your universe and world, my client, Sarah "Smarter Than Charlie" Lacklan! You've seen the highs she's floated up to since becoming a part of teh Greggo Fam under my loving wing right before Leap of Faith! But guess what!!!.............................

Greggo pauses and makes the fans wait for it.

HHL: Wow.

Greggo: So guess what that's right it's time to add somebody to the fam! But who's it gonna be? Who who who who?

The very few fans that are following along, and actually like the idea of Greggo&Sarah, begin chanting for Cataclysm to join their ranks! Greggo quickly hushes them.

Greggo: Mmmm, no no no hush up my lil puppies. Our buddies CCP and Main are already extended fam in case that wasn't obvious since we started grooming the tag champs to enhance our own goals, and hey we're gonna help them with stuff along the way too. They're as good as being mah lil' nephews already. Mmmmmm, but no I wasn't talking about Cataclysm. I'm talking about a new SURPRISE for the universe! Someone or some THING nobody could even see coming from a 9-incher away! I wanna shock da werld again!!!!

Greggo begins pumping his fists in the air like a maniac! He's getting incredibly sweaty at an alarming speed!

Pip: I guess if there's one thing Greggo is known for, it's trying to shock people. I'm shocked he wants to do it again.

HHL: Who do you think he's going to add to the Greggo Fam stable?

Pip: Matt Cardona!

HHL: Who?

Greggo is still losing his mind in the ring. He has to squat down in the middle of the ring to calm himself. He's soaking the canvas with his sweat or whatever else is bleeding through his sweatpants.

Greggo: But what if I told you all YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE! Mmmmm, mmmmm, a chance to be me next client! That's right bois n' gurls it's open to the whole WERLD! I might even pick you, Pip!

Pip: Woah!

Greggo: So everyone start think about how you want attract my attention! I will be keeping an eyeball or three on ERRRBODY over the next weeks and whoever is the stand out human or monster or robot or alien will be get the honor!

Greggo disappears to the back.

Pip: (blinking) Oof, why'd he go away so fast? I had a question.

HHL: I'm sure you can DM him, Pip. Maybe he'll choose you as his client!

Many of the fans that had left to the washroom or to purchase merch at the stands begin to repopulate the seats.

Fire and smoke blasts along the entrance and down the ramp as VVR makes his way to the ring, sliding through the ropes wiping his boots in the corner, and raising his fist with a Southern Comfort bottle clutched in one.

Fantasia music hits. She comes out the crowd with a beer in her hand. Getting into arguments with crowd as she jumps over barricade and slides into the ring.

Vincent Van Rose

- vs -



The ref calls for the bell and the match immediately gets underway...

VVR takes a step towards Fantasia then points off into the distance and into the crowd. Both the ref and Fantasia turn around to look at what is going on...

HHL: What the hell is VVR on about?

Pip: I sense a disturbance in the force.

With the ref and his opponents backs turned VVR reaches into his pocket and quickly slips a pair of brass knuckles onto his right fist.

Not seeing anything in the crowd Fantasia turns back around only to be met with a superman punch to the right temple!!

HHL: Hey wait a second!!! VVR has brass knuckles on. He's cheating.

Pip: If you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin. That's what my grandpappy used to say. Of course he meant that in a whole other way but still...

Fantasia is now staggered as VVR quickly removes the brass knuckles and tosses them away just as the ref turns around. VVR tackles Fantasia to the ground and them immediately places him into an ankle lock.

Fantasia screams out in pain and has no choice but to immediately scream I QUIT!!!!

VVR tightens the hold for added measure before the ref forces him to let go.

HHL: Well that was a load of crap right there.

Pip: Awesome. I still might be able to make it to the SIzzler before they close.

Winner - Vincent Van Rose

Special Agent Blackman is sitting across from none other than…..CENTURION. With a look of besmusement, the agent sets in. Now, you’re an interesting one. I hear tell that when I put the call out that I would be interviewing the XWF roster, you raced to the front of the line to volunteer! Now does this mean you got a hot tip for me? Or maybe even a confession?

The camera settles on Centurion.

No, no tips. I just came here to make absolute sure that bitch is dead! And not this fake “wrestling” dead stuff. Is she buried yet? Is there a grave I can dance on?

Blackman looks taken aback. Whoa whoa whoa there budget Tom Cruise. Where all this animosity comin’ from? Madison was one fine slice. But to answer your question, yeah, I can confirm she is truly dead and gone. Didn’t you see my initial statement?

If you’re in pro wrestling long enough, you see plenty of official statements made regarding people’s “deaths”. Hell, I’ve seen full funerals with folks who came back to wrestle a month later. In fact, how do I even know you’re a real detective? Maybe Shane hired you to throw us all off!

The agent looks at Centurion askance. Are you on meds? Because if you ain’t, you probably should be! Look, it’s like this Mr. Century…


Fine, Mr. Centurion! I got a fine ass black woman dead, and my gut tells me that somebody in this godforsaken company knows somethin’ about it! Blackman sighs. You want proof? He reaches into his bag for a manilla folder and pulls out a series of large photographs, all of which show a very, very dead Madison Dyson with a single bullet hole in her forehead. There’s your proof. Now you got somethin’ for me or not?!

Centurion winces a bit at the graphic nature of the pictures, before rallying a response.

If you’re looking for those with a motive, pretty much everyone in the known universe is a suspect. Madison was a vile woman. But if you’re looking for somewhere start, try Charlie Nickles. That dude is a madman. He’s apparently on all kinds of drugs. Oh, and look into Thunder Knuckles. That dude would do anything for a couple bucks. Whoever it is, though, make sure you let me know so I can hand them a medal.

Blackman smiles sarcastically. I’ll be sure to do that. I think we’re done here.

Lights go dark, then flash purple and blue as the song begins. Ash strides onto the entrance bending seductively and flipping her long black hair as the crowd erupts.

Comes out to shooting golden sparks, Pedro "Golden" Patron makes his way down the ramp, not paying any attention to the crowd as he stares smuggly at Ash, who pays no attention to him as she continues to stretch in front of thirsty fans. Pedro walks up the steps and steps into the ring.

PIP: Where is Liam?

Heather: He probably forget he had a match.. Oh.. There he is..

Liam Roberts, a man needed not of an entrance, comes stumbling out from backstage and "Kill Somebody" by Yungblud hits.

Liam stops ontop of the ramp and shrugs, making his way down and into the ring.

Ash Quinn

- vs -

Pedro Golden Patron

- vs -

Liam Roberts


Wang calls for the bell to start the match.

Heather: Wait!? Wang is referee! I GOTTA CHANGE SOME BETS!

Heather desperatly reaches for her phone as the match begins. Liam rushes over and plants two feet into the chest of Pedro Patron, who flies through the ropes and out of the ring. Ash notices and laughs at Pedro who is holding his chest while on the ground outside the ring. Liam looks over at Ash, who stops laughing once she notices him, and rushes over to her. Attempting a diving dropkick, Ash steps aside and watches as Liam crotches the middle rope and bounces off inside the ring. Ash quickly stomps on Liam's back, who is on the ground, holding his jewels.

PIP: Liam really needs to be less reckless if he wants any kids in the future.

Heather: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I forgot my password to this betting site dammit!

PIP: Uhm. The match is underway, Heather. I don't think...

The sound of Heather smashing her phone can be heard as the match continues. Ash picks Liam up and tosses him to the outside. Ash follows as all three wrestlers are outside the ring now. Pedro is slowly getting to his feet, out of sight from the other two, as Ash focuses on Liam, who finally return color to his face after the nut shot. Ash picks Liam up and starts drags him over the the steel steps leading to inside the ring. Ash holds Liam's head and starts to smash it into the steel steps with force.

Heather: Whatever... I'm gonna lose money... OH WATCH OUT, ASH!

Out of nowhere, Pedro smacks Ash across the back of her head. Ash flops over Liam and the steel steps, as Liam crumbles below her. Pedro looks down and notices Liam's head resting on the steps. Pedro looks at his chair and at Liam with a smirk. Pedro raises the chair over his head to gather speed to destroy Liam... However... Once Pedro swings downward, Liam rolls out of the way in a split second before a chair was about to smash his head open like a watermelon.

PIP: Close call for Liam!

The chair bounces off the steel steps, the reverb causes Pedro to drop the chair and hold his hands. Ash crawls away and around the corner of the ring. Liam gets to his feet and kicks Pedro in the gut to plant a quick DDT on the steps. Liam holds his own head from the pounding he took from Ash and the steps. He looks around for Ash, who happens to make her way around the ring and behind Liam with a hard closeline. Ash picks Liam up and chucks him to the ramp and off into the lights between the ramps and the crowd.

Heather: Ouch! I always fear the guys getting hurt around those lights.

PIP: Ash taking control of this match, and now she's looking for something under the ring!

Ash reaches under the ring and pulls out a ladder. The crowd goes nuts as Ash sets up the ladder outside the ring. Pedro finally gets to his feet and grabs Ash from behind, landing a suplex on her. Her feets tap the ladder she set up, as the ladder wobbles back and forth. Pedro gets to his feet...

PIP: And now Pedro is looking for the something under the ring!

Pedro pulls out a table and sets it up between the railing and ring, right in front of the ladder. Pedro picks Ash up by the hair and leads her to the table. He picks her up and slides her onto the table. Pedro crawls under the table and begins to climb the ladder.

Heather: You know, this is where Liam is suppose to excel. Where is that guy?

Pedro makes his way to the top of the ladder with the crowd going nuts. Pedro stares down at Ash, who is starting to regain herself and move a little on the table. Before Pedro can jump off, Liam quickly slides into the ring, bounces off the ropes and runs to the other side to jump on the top rope and launch himself onto the top of the other side of the ladder. Liam is now staring directly into Pedro's face, who had to keep the ladder stable from Liam jumping up on it. Liam starts with a quick right jab on Pedro, who returns with his own as the two exchange jabs ontop of the ladder.

Ash rolls off the table and to her feet. She notices the two fighting ontop of the ladder and a devilish smile flashes across her face. She climbs under the table she was on and at the bottom of the ladder where Pedro and Liam are exchanging blows; Ash grabs hold of the ladder and starts to wobble it, getting the attention of the two above. Pedro and Liam wave Ash to not do it..


The crowd notices this and quickly scatter, leaving their seats to watch from a safer distance. Ash wobbles the ladder once more before she shoves it forward, over the railings and into the seats and cement. The sound of steel and plastic ring through the arena as Pedro and Liam's bodies smack hard onto the cold cement and chairs. The ladder follows and bounces over the railings, sending it's feet crashing down on Liam's head, slicing the back of his head open.

Heather: I.. I think I'm gonna be sick.

PIP: Someone needs to check on Liam!

Blood gushes out of Liam's head as Pedro kicks some seats away while holding his back in agony. Ash laughs for a second, but notices Liam down and out. She jumps over the railings and pushes the ladder away for a cover. Wang slides into view for the count..




Winner - Ash Quinn

Back to the interview room, where the lamp on the table is cutting a pallid barrier of light between Agent Blackman and THUNDER KNUCKLES.

Blackman rifles through a file in front of him, starting to speak before even looking up. Mr. Knuckles, it is to my understanding that you had a business relationship of sorts with Ms. Dyson shortly before her death. A relationship in which she was paying you 1000 XBux to try to pin Robert Main. He looks up, a bit irritated. What the fuck is this XBux thing anyway, is this like a Bit Coin?

How can you not know, officer-


Thunder Knuckles shrugs off the difference between the two.

Well, what-the-fuck-ever. You don't know what xbux are and you call yourself an agent? It's fucking currency.

What type of currency?

You know… currency...for stuff.

Care to elaborate?

Well, you need someone's ass kicked, or want to place a bet.

Thunder Knuckles stops talking for a few minutes.

All I really know is that they were created by Shane . You might wanna find his shell. I'm one hundred percent sure he'd answer all your questions about xbux. Why do you want to talk about xbux for anyway? I thought I was here because someone off'd Madison Dyson?

You are.

Then why are we talking about xbux.

I figured I'd loosen you up. Where were you when Madison Dyson was murdered?

I can tell someone doesn't watch XWF, or for that matter one of the biggest shows of the year, Relentless. Make sure to check us out on Saturday Nigh-

This isn't some damn pitch!

Life is a big fucking pitch, officer.


Whatever. I was getting ready for my match with Chronic Chris Page. Doing my fucking job and I did my job well. You on other other hand are wasting your fucking time.

I think you had something to do with this. You took Madison Dyson's xbux. She disappears for a while and comes back and suddenly dies. You two have a rocky history. She banged you up pretty good when you came in.

Thunder Knuckles is becoming even more annoyed at this point.

Yes, Grandma Lemon Tits and myself don't have the best fucking past. She paid me to take a dive.

Thunder Knuckles smiles.

Extortion isn't why I'm here. So if taking xbux to lose a match is a crime. Well, I'm fucking guilty. Killing Madison Dyson, the fucking thought of that has crossed my mind. but I wouldn't do it. Why? Because I was waiting on another fucking payday. Looking back, Madison knows what's up. Even that cold hearted bitch knew 'Ol Thunder Knuckles goes away once those cold hard xbux hit my account. Most of my opponents don’t even try. So am I free to go, officer?


I don't give a fuck.

Thunder Knuckles gets up and walks out the door because if he was under investigation, for real, they’d stop him and he knows it.

The agent shakes his head. What an asshole.

We hear the glitch on the X-Tron, and shows images of Eric/Freak on the screen, then once the song starts playing the whole arena is in green lighting, with green smoke filling the stage. Then we see Freak coming out, and he poses with his green and black Kendo Stick in the air, then he walks down to the ring and slides into it. Then he gets on his feet, and waves the stick and slams it on the floor and pyro blast on all four ring posts. Then Freak walks around the ring as his theme cuts off.

Greggo emerges from the back by himself to a chorus of boos. He climbs into the ring and waits for the refs to begin the match.

The Freak

- vs -




As the bell rings, matches are dropped onto the tables, immolating them instantly. The crowd looks on at the display while the two men eye each other with a perverted stalk. Special Referee Ash Quinn looks on with a mixture of disgust and boredom, obviously a little more preoccupied with how her referee outfit looks on her and not letting either of the competitors lay a single finger on her. With a sigh, she places a large dildo onto one of the ring posts before the fighting commences. Greggo licks his lips before leaping towards The Freak, only to be caught by his larger opponent’s right hand! The Freak slowly begins to lift Greggo up!

PC: “Freak is looking to capitalize on Greggo’s overzealousness and put him away quick with his signature chokeslam, the O.T.A.!”

HHL: “Somehow, I doubt Greggo has any real problem being choked.”

PC: “Gross, Heather.”

HHL: “You’re telling me.”

Once The Freak has extended his arm fully, Greggo wraps his legs around The Freak’s thick arm, grinding his crotch against the giant’s elbow. Unable to get the manager off of his arm, he lumbers over to the corner where the dildo was placed, grabbing it with his free hand and smacking it against the back of Greggo’s head.

Greggo collapses to the floor in a heap, and is repeatedly smashed in the face with the now bloodied faux-phallus. An awkward silence overcomes the crowd. The sight of the bloodied cock however is only intensifying Greggo. His own male-member begins to show its true form.

The Freak becomes enraged, snatching Greggo up by his cock and standing him to his feet. Greggo shoots a glare at referee Ash who proceeds to nearly vomit in her own mouth. Wiggling his eyebrows, Greggo dodges an attempted uppercut by The Freak and sees his opportunity. Gnashing his teeth together towards Quinn for a moment, Greggo dips down and clenches his teeth onto Freak’s groin, grinding his teeth, tearing parts of The Freak’s pants as The Freak cries out in pain, trying to wrestle his opponent off of him. When the pain is almost unbearable, Freak falls to his knees, Greggo finally breaking hold. As The Freak tends to his Little Freak, Greggo slips out of the ring and begins to rummage under the apron, pulling out a small bag typically used for storing thumbtacks. As he jumps back into the ring, he empties the bag of its contents, revealing several sets of nipple clamps! Greggo approaches The Freak, who has still been painfully clutching himself. Greggo, wasting no more time, applies the nipple clamps to Freak, who lets out a noise reminiscent of Tim Allen from Home Improvement. In a swift movement, Greggo grabs the chain holding the clamps together and does a rolling cutter on the chain, ripping them off of The Freak!

A blood curdling shriek ensues. The Freak begins flopping around the mat, the crimson from his skinned nipples staining the ring. Greggo, feeling proud himself gestures towards Ash, telling her in a way to be ready to watch his love sick victim tumble through the burning plywood.

PC: “Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know how, but The Freak is up and he’s shoving his arm into Greggo’s pants!”

Feeling the clammy hand slide down near his rear, Greggo sends a couple of elbows into The Freak's face, but to no avail. The Freak grabs, and twists, and pulls, and suddenly…

PC: “is that a Bad Dragon Jockstrap?”

HHL: “...Unfortunately, it is, Pip. And I’ve just been informed that Bad Dragon has actually paid to sponsor this thing.”

PC: “Sad world, Heather.”

The Freak is holding Greggo by his jockstrap as he tries to rush to the apron, looking for something desperately. Freak yanks Greggo to him, only to be met with a mysterious substance spit into his eyes by his smaller adversary! Quinn’s face looks downright disgusted, which, quite frankly, it had kinda been stuck in a similar expression for the entire match.

PC: What’s that in his hands, Heather? What did Greggo spit into The Freak’s eyes?”

HHL: “It’s… it’s lighter fluid.”

Pip can be heard retching at the thought.

PC: “Man, there is no rock bottom for these guys.”

Despite being blinded, The Freak still has a hold of Greggo’s jockstrap, stretching it over his opponent’s head and clutching onto Greggo’s neck for an atomic wedgie chokeslam onto the burning table! He lifts Greggo up...


Greggo goes through the table and immediately starts rolling around to stop the fire that caught hold of his sleeve from spreading.

Winner - The Freak

Cameras go backstage to see a relatively unknown wrestler who recently joined XWF, a wrestler dressed in green clothes and wearing a green and black mask. This wrestler's well known in Germany with the mixed cheers and boos for the man. This wrestler's known as Lord Raab.

Of course, Lord Raab wore a different mask last show in Munich, but he spotted someone wearing the same gear, so he changed into wearing a different mask and gear. Lord Raab stands with the microphone and begins to speak.

Lord Raab: "How typical that Sarah Lacklan decides to pick Charlie over me for the open challenge last time I was here. I never cared for the title she holds, that's not important to me on why I demand to face her. I know you idiots in the back will claim I'll jump ahead of everyone to face her and need to earn it. Then you'd officially be stupid because for a one on one hardcore brawl we'll eventually have, I don't need to earn anything to face that stupid cunt."

There were mixed boos and cheers due to where Warfare is at and was the only place in the world Lord Raab isn't fully booed.

Lord Raab: "I want to face Sarah Lacklan in a hardcore match because she deserves to get a taste of her own medicine from the hands of me. This cunt and I will say this, seeing we are in my home country of Germany, has trashed another German hero of the wrestling business, my brother Konrad Raab was verbally and mentally abused by the stupid cunt who's a champion. Went on and on for eight hours how he doesn't belong in wrestling and him being a loser and other kinds of shit she did to him."

Now that Lord Raab mentioned the hero, the cheers are right there for Lord Raab which was unusual, but he expected that, being in Germany.

Lord Raab: "More so she verbally abused his wife and his entire family as well. I have no use of beating her for the title, but I will make sure that I won't let her get away with what she did to my brother with her fucking monologue videos she does for matches. It's ridiculous. Sarah's going to be my bitch of hell where I will squeeze the life out of her with my hands and barbed wire as well. I will batter her head eight times with any weapon so she'll get the message that she'll never fuck with Konrad and any of his family ever again."

Once again there were cheers as it was clear Lord Raab wasn't wrestling for himself for a change. He seeks redemption on Sarah and wants a match badly.

Lord Raab: "She made this god damn personal and every beating I will do to her, will be fully deserved, regardless of what the idiots of XWF say about it. Sarah wants to make this a war where she forced Konrad to be the other person he's not. I'm going to make that for Sarah, a person she doesn't want to be of her being the victim of her crimes. She won't be getting up once I've done all the damage towards her. Sarah can ignore me all she fucking likes, but she'll realise that she'd fucked up and has the toxic green disease German Monster on her tail, chasing after her and giving her a brutal beating she's never had in her entire life."

The crowd applauded Lord Raab as they've never heard him so determined to beat someone for his family.

Lord Raab: "I will give her a beating she'll never forget for causing my brother to beat himself up for the damage he done to her because Sarah wouldn't shut her full of shit mouth up and pushing him to that level. Don't worry Sarah, you won't be pushing me to another level, you're on the same level as me, and I won't pull any punches back in my video against you. So you better make your prayers right now before I beat the shit out of you. Because the only way you'll be leaving the match against me is on a stretcher to the hospital. You won't be able to walk or move because of the damage I've done on you and you will regret everything you've said to my brother very quickly, being in your nightmares every night."

Lord Raab seethes anger through the camera, seeing his eyes full of red due to the anger he had against her due to the verbal and mental abuse Sarah caused on Konrad Raab. Raab drops the microphone before the cameras go to ringside for the next match to take place on Warfare tonight.

"Fuck Everybody" blasts through the XWF's sound system as Peter Gilmour and Hanari Carnes, two members of Chaotic Inc step out from the back. The two men quickly make their way to the ring and await their opponents.

The entire arena goes black as the song begins. Slowly, the X-Tron begins to show scarce, glowing embers, the light of each one illuminating smoke growing at the entrance of the ramp. As the song continues, more embers are seen until a large fire is displayed on the screen. The ramp then glows Ned's famous blue, revealing a silhouette in the smoke. Slowly stepping from the fog is none other then Notorious Ned Kaye. He stops for a moment, calming himself in front of the clamoring crowd. He lifts an arm, eyeing the stands to watch the many audience members who follow suit. With a single smile, he drops his arm and rushes towards the ring, slipping in from under the bottom rope, picking himself up immediately.

The music hits as a video package of Charlie Nickles laying fools out rolls on the X-tron. Charlie pops out through the entrance, absolutely vibing to the music and hyping himself up. He walks down the entrance ramp with his arms held wide out at his side ala the passion of the Christ. He seems absolutely unconcerned with the jeers and taunts of the audience. As he nears the ring he suddenly brings his arms back to the center of his body, shaking his closed fists in the air while screaming something incoherent. He hustles over to the stairs, quickly ascending them before grabbing the top rope and stepping onto the ring apron. Charlie looks back at the audience with a toothy grin before ducking under the top rope and stepping the ring proper.

Peter Gilmour / Hanari Carnes

- vs -

Notorious Ned Kaye / Charlie Nickles

Carnes edges near the center of the ring, bouncing and cracking his neck in anticipation for the bell, while on the other side Nickles is receiving a final few words of advice and encouragement from Ned Kaye while he paces along the rope.


Pip: And we’re off ladies and gentlemen in this highly anticipated tag-team bout!

HHL: It should be a good one. Very curious to see what Chaotic Inc can do here.

Carnes’ cold stare toward Nickles turns alarmed as his unruly foe comes tumbling toward him for a grapple. Carnes dodges and rolls under the bottom rope.

Pip: Oh! And the quick exit from Carnes prompts the ref to begin his count.


Nickles stands in the ring looking miffed while Gilmore taunts him and Carnes resumes his cocky bouncing out on the floor.


Ned Kaye: “Get back in the ring, coward!”


Peter Gilmour: “Suck my dick, Ned!”


HHL: Some strong verbal exchanges, but nothing physical yet. You have to wonder if Carnes is trying to play mind games with the unstable Charlie Nickles.

PIP: You think anyone has actually gone down on Gilmour after one of his trademark "Suck my dicks."

HHL: Not a chance.

Nickels rolls out of the ring towards Carnes, but before hi can even get his feet to the floor Carnes rolls back into the ring, smiling and bouncing still and thus eliciting a shower of boos from the anxious crowd.

HH:: Okay this is certainly mind games now!

Nickles tares at some of his hair and slaps his sweaty, hair matted hand against the apron out of frustration. He slides back into the ring, but Carnes has already exited from the other side.

Carnes holds his arms open smiling,

Carnes: “C’mon fat boy! What wrong? Pappi too fast huh esse?”


The ref starts to count again, as the boos grow louder. Carnes turns around to blow kisses at the fans, but Nickles is to his feet and charging the ropes! Carnes turns around to see Nickles’ frame flying through the second and third rope toward him. Carnes rolls to the floor and out of the way just in time as Charlie’s body violently crashes into the fan barricade. Carnes stands to retreat, but Nickles, still lying on the floor has recovered just enough to grab his ankle.

The two tug for a moment before Carnes sends a stomp to Nickles’ knuckles, breaking his hold. Carnes turns to run around the ring and heads towards Nickles’ and Kaye’s corner. But Charlie is up, and with a crazed look in his eyes, is pursuing Carnes. The two dart up around the ring and around the next corner heading straight towards-

HHL: A nasty looking boot from Gilmore! Catching Nickles off guard from the apron with a shot to the temple!

Nickles collapses to the floor much to the amusement of Carnes and Gilly. But just as Gilly turns around, the smile is wiped off his face by a jumping, spinning heel kick from Ned inside of the ring right into Gilmore’s jaw. Peter explodes from the apron and crashes onto the floor next to Nickles.

Kaye starts jawing and pointing hisfinger down at Gilly, but he’s been distracted,


The step up enzuigiri wallops Ned Kaye, and Carnes goes for the cover…




Pip: Only the ref isn’t counting! What the hell is he doing?

HHL: I think you already answered your question.

Carnes slaps his hand on that mat giving his own count




Pip: It looks like Carnes is trying to pull a fast one on Lawanda Sass!

Sass: He ain’t legal bendejo!

Carnes jumps to his feet out of frustration, arguing with Sass, but the crowd begins to rouse. Unbeknownst to Carnes, Nickles has rolled Kaye’s body out of the ring and is now laying in the spot where Ned was down behind Carnes.

Carnes turns around visibly confused, but goes for the pin on Nickles anyway. BUT NICKLES CRADLES CARNES INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!



3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

HHL: Carnes nearly lost the match right there, BUT WAIT WHAT’S THIS?!?

Nickles stays latched to Carnes and locks in his trademark Mounted Triangle! Carnes screams out in Spanish, beating his free arm into the mat and kicking his legs wildly, desperately trying to break free, but Nickles has positioned his knee down into Carnes throat.

Pip: Ladies and gentlemen, Carnes is fading! The question now becomes what breaks first? His arm, or his will?

Gilmore: “Suck my dick !”

From the ashes rises a fully erect Peter Gilmore, a sadistic grin canvassing his face as he wields his wart covered phallus towards Nickles’ agape jaw.

But suddenly Ned Kaye launches himself from the top rope!


Ned Kaye executes the valuting headscissors takedown on Gilmore's penis! This sends Gilly flying shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle post! In the chaos and confusion, Carnes has summonsed the will to lift Nickles, dropping him down with an Oklahoma Slam! Carnes turns towards Ned Kaye. Punta Cana Kick!

No! Ned ducks just in time he goes for a-

HHL: Folks! Lawnada Sass has seen enough!

The official grabs Ned by his luscious, flowing hair and jerks him over to his corner and forces him to exit the ring. Ned complies. Carnes with his focus turned to Ned has lost sight of Nickles, turns around and walks right into the Devil Hook Drop! Nickles rolls Carnes over for the pin!




Carnes just barely gets his shoulder from the mat. The two men collapse over in exhaustion and after a moment, each begin crawling to their respective corners. On either side, Ned and Peter are rallying their partners, chomping at the bit to get in and finish the job.

Nickles tags Ned!

Carnes tags Peter!

The two rush each other, but Ned Kaye gets the better of the exchange, dropping Peter with a Lou Thez Press, but Gilly is quick and rolls Ned over, dropping an elbow into his forehead. Both men stand and Peter grabs Ned, snapping him with a burst Flacon Arrow. Peter hooks the leg



Ned kicks out!

Gilly lifts Ned back from the mat and hurls him towards his corner, where Carnes is now waiting with his boot smashing into Ned's face. As Ned Falls back, Gilly tags Carnes back in. He holds the lifeless Ned as Carnes makes his way to the top rope and then lifts Ned up onto Carnes' shoulders!

HHL: My goodness It appears as if Carnes is about to Super Power Bomb Ned Kaye out of existence!

Pip: Would that be such a bad thing?

BUT NICKLES HAS HIT THE RING! He crashes into the back of Gilmore knocking him unconscious and begins to climb up with Carnes and Ned. Ned comes-to, working himself half way down from Carnes shoulder before flinging his other leg around and connecting with an enzuigiri, sending himself crashing to the mat, and an unconscious Carnes right into the hands of Nickles.

With a total disregard for technical precision, or safety, Nickles lifts Carnes...


Nickles with the cover...




Winners - Charlie Nickles and Ned Kaye

As the crowd is buzzing, they begin to boo as the music hits.

Chris Chaos and Mandii Rider walk out onto the stage, and they are pushing Ned Kaye's mother in a wheelchair. She is fully concious, and trying to get up but appears to be strapped down.

Ned sees this, and immediately makes his way towards leaving the ring. Ares Creed appears through the crowd. He jumps Ned from behind, and Hanari and Peter hold him up by his arms, Ares holding his head forward.

Chaos brings a mic to his mouth.

"Oh....hey there, Ned. Did ya miss me? I apologize, I've been quite busy lately. Quite busy indeed."

Mandii nods and mouths the word "busy."

"But in light of new development and my opportunity at High Stakes, I haven't had nearly as much time to play as of late. No fun. Honestly, though, if I am going to get down to the brass tacks here, I am bored with momma........."

He rubs a knuckle across her face, she tries to bite him.

"I am bored with her, and quite frankly, with you. This was fun, it truly was, but you just aren't worth my time right now. So I am going to do what you've been asking me to do for a month now, I am gonna give you your momma back........"

Pip: What is he getting at here......

Heather: God only knows.

"She is gonna be an easy one to find, Ned. She will be with hell."

The crowd gasps as Chaos curls his lip into a sick smile. Mandii points and Chaos nods, wheeling his mother towards the edge.

Pip: No.....oh my god no! Don't do it! Don't you do it!

He wheels his mothers wheelchair towards the edge of the stage and lets go. The momentum from the chair keeps it going until..........


Ned's face twists into undeniable anguish and anger. Chaotic Inc clubs him a few times in the back then lets go. They leave the ring as Chaos and Mandii look down at their dirty work. He waves and Mandii blows a kiss before they embrace themselves, kissing.

Heather: These two are despicable, deplorable human beings!

Pip: Someone get help out here. Oh god. This isn't good.

EMT's rush to the scene as Warfare goes to commercial.

We find Micheal Graves walking backstage when suddenly he stops dead in his tracks as an angry sneer forms on his face.


The camera swings to show Greggo look back at Graves from catering. Greggo can't believe his eyes as he screams..

”YOU 2!”

Greggo throws his plate of spaghetti like a frisbee! He also throws his incredibly stylish fedora immediately following it!

HHL: "Wait, back up a second... what were the brown things on top of Greggo's pasta? Catering didn't have any meatballs today..."

The plate of custom spaghetti crashes into Graves' skull and causes him to stumble, and also hold his nose while gagging a little! The fedora gently bounces off of his forearm. Greggo giggles and runs, but Graves is on the pursuit!

Pip: “Micheal Graves and Greggo are getting into it backstage, but why!?”

HHL: “Micheal was calling out Greggo the other day for apparently giving him some bad intel!”

Graves catches up to Greggo as he enters the women's locker room! All of the girls cover up and jump out of frame as Graves chases after Greggo!

”Get back here asshole! You promised me that Sarah and Kenzi would join BOB!”

Greggo grabs Jenny Myst’s gym back and hurls it at Graves to try and slow him down! Graves swats the bag out of the air and it crashes to the ground where a big pink dildo rolls out onto the floor. Graves smiles as he picks it up and brandishes it as a weapon.

Pip: “I’m not sure if we can show that on TV or not!”

HHL: “Relax Pip, it’s not like this isn’t a storm the XWF hasn’t weathered in the past.”

Greggo backed into a corner as Graves stalks ever closer smacking Jenny’s big pink floppy dildo into the palm of his hand. Greggo bats his eyelashes and smiles.

”Mmmmmm hay big boi. What'cha gunna do with that, hmmm?”

Greggo grabs the wall as he pushes his ass out towards Graves.

Pip: “It’s almost like he’s asking for it!”

Graves smiles, seemingly pleased.

HHL: “Okay, okay, maybe we shouldn’t show this!”

Suddenly he whacks Greggo across the back of the head with the giant pink floppy dildo! Graggo lets out a girlish yelp and he collapses down the wall. Graves swings again, and again as Greggo desperately tries to shield himself from the big floppy blows! Graves kneels down, grabbing Greggo tightly by his hair and jerking his head so that they are making eyes contact.

”Why are you fucking lying to me, huh!? I thought we were cool, but you fucked me over Sarah, and now Miss Fury’s crawling up my ass for getting in bed with you!”

Defiantly, Greggo spits blood in Graves face.

”Haha! Ha? Wai'uhh? WTF? Woah woah woah, hold the bone. Is that what this is about!? Yer really gauuhh-I mean awesome stable? Heh. Maaaan, it's real simple like. I done told you to kick out the jobbers and my Sarah might consider teaming up and letting you guys lick our sex juices after we make sweet SWEET love while Kenzi cries in the corner!”

”Not good enough!”

Graves firmly grips the pink floppy dildo and shoves it deep down Greggos throat!

Pip: “Oh my God!”

”HHL: “I think I’m going to be sick!”

Graves smashes the back of Greggos head against the wall, leaving a splotch of blood and causing Greggos eyes to roll into the back of his head.

”Fucking dummy!”

Graves turns to walk away, but a rustling sound from behind causes him to look over his shoulder where he sees Greggo halfway to his feet, pull the dildo out of his mouth and smile before pushing up to a vertical base.

”So you wanna play the ballsac chacha, hmmmm? Let me show you how to use this thing proper Gravy balls!”

Micheal’s eyes bulge as the fear of God takes him over. Greggo lunges towards Graves, and Graves takes off in the opposite direction hauling ass!

Pip: ”Uh, I guess we’ll keep with this story through the night?”

HHL: “Hopefully not!”


- vs -

Doctor Louis D'Ville


The following contest.... is a MIRROR MATCH! Each side of the ring will have a mirror which needs to be broken before either competitor can attempt a pinfall or submission!

This has been year's in the making, Heather...

Agreed, Pip... These two have been battling for years! Mastermind and his Misfits attacked the doctor after his victory against Gator a couple of weeks ago at Relentless... Will it be enough to have an edge tonight?

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

Introducing first! From Wellington, New Zealand.... MASTERMIND!!!

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the ring, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind. Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn.

Look at the serious look on Mastermind's face.

There isn't a time when this man isn't serious, Pip. Perhaps this new-found aggression that we seen on display at Relentless will be too much for Doc to handle... Even with one match under his belt, the doctor has only been in an XWF ring twice in the last couple of years.

I can't say I seen much ring rust falling off the doc against Gator...

As Mastermind strips down to his ring gear and his Misfits surround the outside of the ring, the music screaches to a halt and the arena goes completely dark.

And here we go..

A red mist rises from under the ring and throughout the entrance-way and the ramp up to the stage and a cold streaks shoots down every spine in every person lucky enough to witness this arrival.

His opponent....

The crowd stands in absolute silence as the watch the stage for the doctor. Within the mist, he ascends from below and stands tall with the infamous devilish grin stretched from ear-to-ear.

XWF Legend....... Ladies and gentlemen..... DOCTOR.... LOUIS....... D'VILLE!!!!

I can't feel my feet.

I'm cold

Doc walks out to the top of the ramp and stands for a moment to an outstanding ovation from the audience. Mastermind stares up at his old adversary from the center of the ring and his Misfits do the same. The doctor basques in the cheers, the jeers, and the aura for a few moments before beginning his slow stroll down the ramp towards the ring.

The doctor sure is taking his time getting to the ring.

Yeah, but, judging the look on Doc's face, I doubt it's intimidation. We all know about the games he likes to play with his enemies... and "friends", I suppose, huh?

Doc holds on hand in the other behind his back as he reaches the ring. He takes the stairs that climb the corner and enters the ring. Mastermind sticks to his corner while Doc seems to admire the new props that surround him in the ring.

This is a very unique match, folks. Each side of the ring has its own mirror that needs to be smashed before either of these two can make an attempt to win the match. This all goes back into the deep history that the two of them share.

The Mirror of Mastermind, Heather... A magic mirror that Mastermind kept that Doc stole from him for his own sinister purpose... ANOTHER reason Mastermind has to take down the doctor.

The lights around the arena remain dark but a single spotlight shines down onto the ring as the last of the red mist floats away. The two maintain a stare down from their respected corners as the bell rings to start the match.

Mastermind works a half-circle around the ring, while Doc stays in the same position in his corner. Studying the doctor, he works another half-circle back the other way.

Mastermind is not rushing into this one, folks.

Doc and Mastermind burn a hole through each other with their piercing stares when the Master of Minds rushes in for the attack! He goes after the doctor with a double-axe handle which Doc evades! Mastermind hits the corner turnbuckle and quickly turns around to see his opponent standing in the opposite corner with his hands still held behind his own back.

Mastermind may be the Master of Minds, but Doc is no stranger to mind-games, himself!

Doc mockingly "puts up his dukes" and joins Mastermind in strafing in a circle. Mastermind makes the first move again and catches Doc in the jaw with a quick jab. Doc eats it and continues to flail his fists around like a drunken martial arts master. Mastermind plants another jab, then another, then another until Doc reaches out with both hands and grabs Mastermind by the neck and throws him behind him directly into a mirror! The glass spider-webs and Mastermind winces in pain as bounces off the mirror!

Does that count?

Doc follows up and goes for a swift stomp, but Mastermind rolls out of the way and Doc's boot meets the mirror shattering it the rest of the way!

Well, that certainly does! One mirror down, already!

Yeah, that didn't take long at all.

Doc laughs as Mastermind pushes himself back to his feet. With a look of disgust and hatred painted on his face he rushes after the doctor and takes him to his back with a wicked clothesline! Stradling Doc, he throws fist after fist into his skull!












Doc's head took a bounce off the mat with each landed punch and he is now being pulled up to his feet by that same head. Mastermind leads him to a corner and begins going to work on his midsection with more fists of fury. Doc takes each one before Mastermind grabs him and throws him across with the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex! Doc bounces and rolls to the opposite side, but rises seemingly uneffected by the blows. Mastermind rushes across the ring and goes for a spear on the doc, but Doc leap frogs over! Mastermind rushes into the corner, but catches himself on the ropes! Doc grabs Mastermind from behind but eats an elbow sending him staggering backwards! Mastermind takes Doc from behind the head and launches him into another mirror and it shatters on impact!


That's two down!

That one looked like it hurt. I can see a few glass shards sticking out of Doc's back.

Mastermind wastes no time and boots Doc in the head before picking him up and throwing him into another mirror!


I don't know if you're keeping score, but technically Doc's been the one to shatter these three mirrors, so far...


Doc's blood stains his pants as it drips from his back like a river. He crawls about on his hands and knees before Mastermind grabs him by the neck and lifts him up to his feet. As Doc stumbles he swings his arm around and stabs Mastermind in the left shoulder with a shard of mirror glass that was lying on the mat!

Is that legal?!

Uhh? I don't know but the object is to through your opponent through a mirror... as far as stabbing them with the remains? Uhhh...

The glass remains embedded into Mastermind's arm and he stumbles back. The Misfits from outside of the ring begin to stir, but Mastermind holds up his hand and, with a stern look, tells them to stand-down.

The Misfits looked a bit concerned there... Their involvement in this match isn't out of the question, but it looks like Mastermind wants to take care of business on his own tonight!

Doc takes the blood that has already spewed out of his body and Mastermind's and gives himself some war paint as Mastermind works the shard of mirror out his shoulder. Doc bats his tongue at his opponent and leaps in the air, dropkicking the shard of glass further into Mastermind's shoulder!


Oh my GOD!


Breathe, Pip.

Mastermind falls back into the corner and Doc follows him in. Falling forward straight into Mastermind, Doc delivers a headbutt straight to the bridge of the nose. Mastermind goes blind for a moment and holds his face. Doc pulls Mastermind in and DDTs him onto, what is now, a mat covered in shards of broken glass. Mastermind rolls about holding his face.... Doc's landing didn't end up so great either as his already shredded up back went straight down onto the same glass.

Doc rolls out of it as Mastermind pulls himself up via the bottom rope; his Misfits on the outside watch on their toes! Doc and Mastermind share a stare before locking up in the middle of the ring! Mastermind takes Doc head within his grasp in a headlock and grinds Doc down to a knee! Doc fights back and works Mastermind against the ropes and projects himself away! He bounces off the other side and catches a big boot from Mastermind across the face! Mastermind then grabs Doc and picks him up to his feet! After a couple knees to his gut and a forearm blow to the back of his neck, Mastermind looks to take out the last mirror!

Ohhhh! Mastermind is going to break the last mirror to take this match to the next stage!

Taking Doc and bouncing him off the ropes he sends him into the final mirror! Doc leaps over it and happens to land on Von Bonn and Childs on the outside with a suicide dive!

.... But they both catch the doctor in mid air! Mastermind cracks his knuckles, pulls the loose shard of glass from his shoulder, and takes a deep breath before taking a dive himself onto his Misfits and Doctor D'Ville, taking EVERYONE out in the process!

Mastermind isn't pulling any stops tonight! He's here on a mission! He's here for revenge! He's here for retribution!

He looks down to his Misfits with his stern, serious demeanor then goes straight back after the doctor. He slams down into the ring steps head first and follows up with another boot to the side of Doc's head.

Man, this is hardly a wresting match, but rather, a blood bath! A street fight! A freaking war!

Doc continues to crawl around aimlessly, covered in his own blood as Mastermind searches under the ring. After finding nothing, he rushes away and around the corner of the ring to grab a steel chair!

Mastermind slides into the ring and throws the chair at the last mirror, SMASHING IT TO PIECES!!

There's one way to do it!

Yeah, no one ever said HOW the mirrors get broken, right?

Mastermind slides back out of the ring, the Misfits back away as he chases after Doc who is crawling away up the ramp. Mastermind kicks the doctor forward landing him on his face against the steel. He grabs Doc around the throat and locks him in the MIND SLEEPER!!! He falls to the ground and wraps his legs around Doc, squeezing tightly on the hold! DOC IS FADING!!

Mastermind has Doc in the MIND SLEEPER! But even if Doc goes out... This match has to be completed in the ring, doesn't it?!

I believe it does, Pip! Mastermind is just tearing down Doc's stamina and endurance as much as he can! Look at him! He's a mess!

If Mastermind puts him out on the ramp he's going to have to carry him back!

Mastermind keeps his chokehold on until the doctor lies still without a fight! He releases him and, without hesitation, grabs him by the ankle and begins dragging him to the ring. The Misfits watch as Mastermind picks up D'Ville and throws his body back into the glass covered ring.

Mastermind stands over the doctor and presses his boot, once again, against the side of his face. He quickly then walks around and grabs Doc by the legs........


This could be it! Doc is already have out cold.... If he goes out again....

Doc's body flops over like a fish and folds back perfectly into the Mastermind patented Boston Crab! Doc stretches and screams out in agony as Mastermind pulls every kilogram of his weight onto Doc's back. Doc's arm stretch.... And the stretch... BUT IT'S NO USE!! Doc is stuck in the middle of the ring with no where to go!

But wait...

Do you see what I see?!


Doc's arms stretch some more... And a little more.... Then a little more!!

You've GOT to be kidding me...

Doc's arms stretch at least ten feet away to grab the ropes....!!!

I like Doc's efforts but there's no rope breaks in a Mirror Match... Are there?!

Doc's long, stretched out arms flail on the bottom rope like the Ultimate Warrior while he continues to battle back from the MIND CONTROLLER!! Doc pulls on the bottom rope enough to begin reeling him and Mastermind towards the side of the ring. Doc pulls and pulls until finally he's under the ropes and falls to the outside of the ring forcing Mastermind to release the hold.

Doctor D'Ville looks completely broken right now, Pip.

Mastermind, seeminly getting frustrated, slides back out of the ring and goes directly back after D'Ville.

I will say Mastermind has been relentless on his attacks tonight. You know D'Ville is ALL about playing games, but I don't think Mastermind was out to play tonight.

Mastermind attacks with punches and kicks as Doc stumbles away towards the ramp. He crawls away as Mastermind slowly stalks him from behind. Mastermind looks around at his Misfits who stand staring at him and his work.... and he points them towards the back.

What is Mastermind doing?

I think he's dismissing his crew?

I think they're getting in his way...

Mastermind holds a cold stare to his Misfits and continues to point up the ramp. One-by-one, like soldiers, they all vacate the area and leave their leader to his work.

Mastermind watches as the final Misfit disappears behind the curtain before stepping away from the doctor and holding up his fists.


Mastermind yells to Doc!

COME!! ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


The crowd is definitely behind this one!

What? I can't hear you, Heather!

Doc looks up to Mastermind and slowly works his way up to his feet. The sinister grin still plastered across his bloody, broken face.

Life bars re-charged.

Timer at 60.

Round 3.


Doc leaps forward and cracks Mastermind in the face with a right hook! Mastermind takes it like a champ but the two gut shots that followed send him packing back against the guard rail! Doc continues the onslaught with more hooks and jabs until Mastermind finally shoves Doc away with amazing strength! Doc flies back a few feet, but again bounces back attacking Mastermind with fists and feet like a fury of fireballs! Mastermind again manages to fight off the doctor with a shove and comes back with a bicycle kick to Doc's face!

WHAT? Did you see how agile that kick was?! Mastermind is six foot five!

I bet Doc knows how fluent it was!

Mastermind jumps high in the air looking for a deadly knee drop onto Doc's skull, but Doc vanishes in a flash and appears on the top turnbuckle!

How'd he get up there?!

Doc leaps off and ... Mastermind catches him in the cross body! He powerslams Doc to the mat and pulls the leg!!!


Mastermind picks Doc up immediately, but gets wrapped up in a small package!!!



The two of them roll through and meet on their feet! Mastermind attacks immedately once again attacking Doc with fists of absolute fury! Mastermind beats him down into a corner, turns around and sweeps a pile of mirror glass together with his foot. He grabs Doc around the waist and flips him over in a German suplux! The back of Doc's neck bounces off the pile of glass and shreds him up even more!

I wonder how many pints of Doc's blood are spilled throughout the ring here.

Mastermind steps through the broken glass and reaches down to his adversary. Doc remains unresponsive as he lies motionless on the pile of glass he was suplexed upon. Mastermind tries again with both hands, but fails again to get Doc to his feet. Doc tries rolling away, but Mastermind grabs him and throws him into the corner head first! Charging after him, he's met with an elbow from Doc! Unphased and driven from a source within, Mastermind rushes in again on the attack but misses as Doc ducks out of the way sending Mastermind chest first into the turnbuckle! Doc leaps forward onto Mastermind's back and applies the 302!!!

Oh no! Doc's strangling him!

302!! 302!! This has choked out many, MANY folks before, Heather!

Doc falls back and pulls the hold and Mastermind's head and torso apart! Mastermind flails about, with nowhere to turn! He reaches around despearately grabbing the bottom rope... But cannot pull himself away from the grasp of Doctor D'Ville! Fishing around for something to save himself with, he finds a large shard of glass and grabs it! He maneuvers his body around and reaches back burying the shard into the side of Doc's neck!!


OH MY GOD!!! Mastermind just stabbed D'Ville in the neck with a piece of glass! There's blood squirting out.... Oh my God it's everywhere!!!

D'Ville continues to pull on the hold as Mastermind soon loses most of his motor skills but continues to try and fight off the hold! The official is up in arms, not knowing what to do, and calls for medical attention to the ring! Medics, doctors, nurses, EMTs, firemen.... All rush to the ring! Doc still will not let the hold go!


One of these two are sure to pass out eventually!

Doc continues to strangle Mastermind and appear bleed out at the same time as the personel who arrived do close to nothing about it. Doc suddenly releases the hold and rolls backwards as a few medics rush into give him attention. Mastermind rolls to the opposite corner and a few other medics rush to his side.

Doc and Mastermind have another stare down from across the ring. Doc glaring back, emotionless... painless... nothing but that wicked smile. Mastermind with aggression, vile vengeance, and hatred... but with a smirk. The two of them look around.....


Doc grabs one medic around the throat and throws him out of the ring and directly onto the ringsteps. He takes another and throws into the corner following up with a series of headbutts that crumbles the poor fellows face until he's unrecognizable. Mastermind breaks a few noses with his elbow before taking the last poor medic and uses him as a spear to attack Doc with. Doc sees, he actually HEARD, the man coming by the high-pitched scream he let out from beginning to end of his trip.

This is unreal.



At least they spared the referee.

Breathing heavy, Doc and Mastermind once again meet in the center of their battlefield face to face. Bodies and blood scattered and sprayed about... Nothing left but to finish it.

The two begin battling again, fist over fist, in the center of the ring! Doc gets the best of Mastermind in the fisticuffs this bout as he pushes Mastermind into the ropes and back on to the ring apron. He grabs the Master of Minds by the hair and pulls him over to the ring post, smashing his skull against the top! Mastermind falls to the outside, over the ring steps, and to the ground. Doc slowly makes his way to the outside; carefully stepping through the ropes and down the steps.

Even late in this match-up, Doc remains calm and collected.... taking his time.

Are you sure he's not just worn out from the beating he's taken this entire time?!

Maybe, so. But I would never count him out!

Never! I just hope Mastermind realizes that, too!

Uh, oh... Now where are they going?!

Doc grabs Mastermind by his mane and pulls him up the ramp with him as he walks.

Looks like Doc is taking Mastermind for a little walk!

He knows he can't win without---

Heather, I'm not sure this has ever been about winning for Doc...

That kinda scares me a little bit...


Doc continues to guide Mastermind up the ramp and takes him even further into the backstage area!!

This is getting out of hand now....

Through the curtain and into the open area backstage Doc tosses Mastermind into a garbage can. It bounces off the floor, trash flies everwhere, and Mastermind rolls along with it. Doc kicks the garbage aside and attacks Mastermind with the lid, but Mastermind fires back with a couple of shots, steals the lid and smack D'VIlle across the face with it! Doc stumbles away and as he turns around to face Mastermind again is met with the heavy top across the face after Mastermind through it with all of his might! Mastermind takes his turn throwing Doc around now as they go through a short food vendor's court and a merchandise stand... The two make their way towards the locker room area as security has now began to follow close behind them. Mastermind tosses Doc through a door to a room where several unrecognizable XWF superstars rush out of. It is a large room lined on the outside with lockers with three large wooden tables set up in the middle. Mastermind throws Doc into the corner of the room against the lockers, grabs one of the tables and just throws it at him.

It is time to finish this.

Mastermind begins ripping open lockers, taking clothing and tossing them at the doctor. He grabs another table in the meantime and throws it on the pile as well. He stares at the pile of D'VIlle and rubble that he's made in the corner of this room and loses himeself in thought. Suddenly a smell catches his nostrils and he cannot help but track it down in a locker a few feet away. He rips the door open to find the cologne of Hanari Carnes.... He shakes his head, removes the lid and takes a small sniff...

With a snarl, a smirk, and a nod.... Mastermind pours the cologne over his pile of rubble and D'Ville.... Generously... He pulls out a zippo lighter from a pocket and strikes it.....

This is too good for you.

Several officials including the referee for the match and right behind them Mastermind's Misfits storm into the room. Mastermind smirks and as he goes to toss the zippo lighter, Doc jumps out of the rubble and grabs Mastermind in the 302 again and pulls him in! The zippo drops but the cologne is so strong that the puddle catches fire and engulfs the tables, Doc, and Mastermind in a hellish fire!


HEY! They need help back there! THEY NEED HELP!!

Several men rush into the room with fire extinguishers, putting out the flames in very quick fashion.. Once the fire is out and the smoke was clear, neither remains of Mastermind or Doc can be seen. It's as if they vanished in the flame!! Amidst all of the ruckus, Jefferson Jackson pushes his way into the room as well....


No Contest

Backstage cameras have once again caught up with Micheal Graves as he rounds a corner at damn near the speed of light, running from a thirsty Greggo who is waving that big floppy dildo in the air while he gives chase.

"HHL: "He's hot on Michael's heels!"

Greggo throws the dildo and.........

"Pip: Holy cow! What a miss!"

Greggo backtracks, going after the dildo that he somehow sent flying behind him when he tried to throw it ahead of him. Graves stops and notices Greggo's stupidity taking over again as Greggo is seen crawling under a table to get the dildo that's still rolling away from him. Greggo pops up from the other side of the table still chasing that dildo as Graves springs into action, running up behind Greggo and following him all the way back out to ringside as the fans start to roar! The dildo rolls near the commentators table when Greggo finally leaps for it!


Here comes Michael Graves! He nails Greggo in the back of the head with...



HHL: "Did Greggo seriously lose track of the dildo and allow Graves to not only find it, but still surprise Greggo in the process?"

Graves winds up and hits a home run swing right to Greggo's ear! The fucking thing flies off and lands on the commentators' table right in front of Heather and Pip!

Pip: "That'd be a yes."

HHL: "Gross! What the hell!"

Greggo shrieks like a banshee and is on the ground kicking his legs at a hundred miles an hour, flopping all over the place like some sort of disgusting creature being tortured! Blood is squirting between his fingers while he holds what was once the location of his left ear.

Pip: "Those shrieks and squeals remind me of a stuck pig's dying cries."

HHL: "What!?"

Graves yells down at the screaming freak of nature who is now shitting himself......... and pissing himself.

"Listen up and listen good!"

Some of the fans can't help but chuckle.

Pip: "HAH!"

Pip gets a real kick out of that, and meanwhile his broadcast partner is throwing up into a small trash can.

Pip: "Oh Jesus, Heather! Get a grip!"

Greggo is starting to look dazed and confused from fluid loss, or is possibly feeling the effects of some heavy drugs taken earlier in the evening. His eyes are rolling around his head even more than he's rolling around on the floor now.

Graves notices something out of the corner of his eye before he can continue addressing Greggo. It's... the ear! Pip has apparently used a roll of papers to swat it back over toward its owner. The ear bounces and lands a few inches from Greggo's face, and while still on his side like some kind of beached sea creature, he begins inching toward the ear with his mouth open and his tongue flapping.

"Mmmmm, lalalalaaaa, mmllaaummmummm, laaalaaaa la la mmm slurp slurp."

But then Graves grabs it! He's got Greggo's ear! He holds it high for all to see as Greggo (still grounded in a puddle of blood, piss and shit!) screeches like a sickly animal and claws at Michael's legs, trying to pull himself up while inadvertently starting to pull down Graves' sexy tights. Graves yanks them back up and runs for the hills, cackling like most sinister of wickedly baddies that had ever cackled while taking a man's ear hostage!

Pip: Micheal Graves just stole Greggo's ear!

EMTs tend to Greggo, who bleeds and pisses all over them while Pip helps Heather get herself back in order. The fans can't believe what they've seen and smelled here today!

Pip: "There's nothing like Wednesday Night Warfare! People losing body parts and my colleague losing her lunch all in the same segment!"

HHL: "Oh stop it. Greggo's detached ear almost hitting me in the face is no laughing matter."

Greggo ends up passing out from blood loss as that precious fluid continues to leak from the gaping wound his ear once called home. EMTs reluctantly tend to him while fighting off the foul odor emanating from his entire body.

Once more, we return to the FBI’s efforts to find out who murdered Madison Dyson. We see Special Agent Shaft Blackman enter the room, holding a fresh cup of coffee, when he looks up and gives a cry of surprise! MUTHAFUCKAH!

Doctor Louis D’Ville is sitting in the agent’s seat, wearing one of those inscrutable smiles of his. Hello, my friend!

Where the fuck did you come from? The agent eyes the other man warily as he slides into a seat across from him.

I am never late for an appointment, good sir. Doc sits and stares blankly at the special agent who cocks an eyebrow and begins shuffling through some papers left astray on his desk.

Appointment? Uhh, um. Name?

My name is Doctor Louis D’Ville.

Shuffling through more papers, Special Agent Blackman shakes his head, and looks back to the doctor who is now taking a deep drag from a cigar.

I’m not seeing a “Doctor Louis”---- Hey, you can’t smoke in here!

Doc gives a pouty look to the agent before grinning and waving his hand in front of the cigar where it vanishes. The special agent shakes off the shock from this guy’s magic trick immediately and narrows his eyes.

What was your relationship with Madison Dyson?

I was her doctor.

What kind of “doctor”? The special agent says with a snap to his voice. Doc turns his head and with two fingers taps his temple a few times.

Hmm. I wasn’t aware Miss Dyson had a “Doctor”.

Neither was she.

Nor was I aware that she was in NEED of one.

Doc’s grin grows even wider.

Have you met the girl?

Never had the pleasure. But I’m gathering she had a lot of enemies.

Oh yes! It was almost a compulsion with her, this desire to pester, to annoy, to stoke the fires of rage. I fear you may have your work cut out for you. But, perhaps I can lend my expertise as a doctor of the mind to this quandary.

The agent leans in. What’s your theory, doc?

I heard she was shot.

Blackman looks suspicious. I never told YOU that.

The doctor grins playfully. The walls are awfully thin and my hearing is really quite acute. Anyway, Miss Dyson was shot. That’s a rather impersonal way of killing someone, don’t you think? For someone who inspired as much ire as she, you would expect something….messier.


So? So?! The means of execution is everything! D’Ville leans back in his seat. I think this has less to do with Miss Dyson and more to do with her rainbow rat. He racked up his fair share of enemies too. And for as much as we might like to see some shocking dramatic catharsis come of all this, isn’t it possible that Madison was simply in the way? That she wasn’t the primary target?

We’re pursuing that lead too. But with the XWF being as chock full of loonies and psychos as it is, is it really too much to consider that one of ya’all did it?

Yes, that would make for an excellent finale though wouldn’t it? But sometimes the universe is a capricious mistress. Sometimes she holds in her hands a treasure beyond your wildest imagination. But sometimes...sometimes...she opens her palms, and there is simply nothing there. No matter how much you may want there to be. His eyes seem to flash, oh so subtly, and somehow the cigar is back in his right hand, its embers smoking hot.

Special Agent Blackman decides to ignore it the best he can this time and simply waves away the wall of smoke.

I’m not expecting all of the answers to just fall on my lap, here, buddy. On the other hand, ironically enough, the day I begin this investigation, YOU show up in my office. It certainly raises a couple questions, don’t you think? If you ask me, I’d say someone has a guilty conscience. What are you gaining from all of this anyway?

What am I gaining? Maybe, I’m searching for the same thing you are; justice for Miss Dyson.

Hmph. Is that right?

Doc shrugs and nods. The sneer leaves his face as he falls into a deep thought.

Well, you’ll have to excuse my mistrust and skepticism … It’s not everyday I’m investigating a murder and a potential suspect tracks ME down.

Ooooh, potential suspect, mm?

Like I said before, if you’re involved with the XWF… you’re in one way, shape, or form involved with Madison Dyson, which could mean you’re involved with her demise. And you showing up here, under these circumstances just doesn’t settle right with me.

Are you… good at your job, Special Agent Blackman? Doc says as he peers over to the agent who cocks his head and an eyebrow.

Look, I’ll be asking the questions, alright? This riddle me this crap isn’t gonna fly.

Doc relaxes in the chair and the warm smile returns. He holds his hands up in submission.

Understood. Ask away, good sir.

What exactly can you tell me about the night that Madison was murdered?

The doctor brings his shoulders up to his ears slowly with a shrug innocently looks around the room.

What is it you would like to know, exactly? The weather that evening? What I was wearing? Where the---

How about starting with WHERE you were and WHAT you were doing?

I was with a patient.

WHAT patient?

That’s some confidential information, Special Agent Blackman. I can’t go against my sworn oath, now can I?

You’re being investigated for murder, D’Ville.


WHAT patient?

Doc chuckles…

Jacob Edwards.

You were with this person the entire evening?

Most of it, I suppose.

And this was a session…? What were you two doing?

Images of Gator ripping the barbed-wire wrapped cricket bat out of the flesh of his back flashes in Doc’s memory.

Treatment, yes.

There’s a quick knock at the door and the agent spins around in his chair.

I’m busy!

The door creaks open and a woman’s head fits through the door.

Ummm, sir?

What is it?!

The agent takes his eyes off the doctor and turns to his secretary, who looks confused.

Why are you sitting there?

It’s a long story! I---

The special agent turns back around to see the doctor no longer sitting in his chair. He stands up, looks behind the desk and all four corners of his office. The secretary comes in the rest of the way and watches the agent search his office and now looking outside his window to the parking lot below.

SHAFT?! What are you looking for?!


Tig: "Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's contest is scheduled for one fall!"


Tig: "And it will be for the XWF Hart Championship!"

The crowd jumps to their feet for an impressive POP at the mention of the Hart Championship!

Tig: "Introducing first, the challenger, representing BOB, he is the Warfare MVP... ROOOOBIE BOUUUUURBOOOOOOOOOOON!!!"

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As Some Kind of Monster blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Robbie Bourbon. He stops, surveys the whole of the arena, raises his fists at 45-degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Robbie climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post halfway and raises his fists at 45-degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops. The XWF Universe in attendance, becoming hooligans, all chant in unison:


Pip: "What gives? Usually, the crowd is against anything BOB related over on Anarchy!"

HHL: "Sure, but Robbie's the Warfare MVP and you just can't BOO that!"

Pip: "Well, he was the Warfare MVP. He had to vacate that title to earn his shot tonight!"

HHL: "Yeah, well until the end of the night, he's still the MVP!"

Tig: "And now, the champion, NATHANIEL IDENHAAAAUS!"

Darkness fills the arena and all you can see... is the gleam of Nathaniel's eyes - cold, fearless, terrifying, and glowing silver. Like the very bullet that could kill him. Smoke filters and shifts, all around and from somewhere unseen, a howl is heard, distinct and very wolf-like, it is followed by a growl and Nathaniel descends the ramp. Slowly the lights return but he is unfazed, focused solely on the ring as he marches forward. Climbing the steel steps, Nathaniel takes his place within the ring.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]


- vs -


Pip: "Little to no reaction for the champion. You have to wonder what effect that may have on his psyche tonight!"

HHL: "With where we are, and his history, he's lucky that he's even allowed to compete. Did you know that you can be jailed just for saying the word here?"

Pip: "What, Na- Oh, almost got me!"

HHL: "Maybe next time!?"

Back in the ring, Robbie Bourbon stands in his corner, his chest burrowed out as he stares a hole through the reigning Hart champion! Nathaniel hands the Hart Championship to the official for the night, Mika Hunt. Mika holds up the championship for the camera then passes it off to Tigs who exits to ringside.

Pip: "This match is about to get underway, and I just can't help but notice how focused Robbie Bourbon looks tonight! He hasn't taken his eyes off of Nathaniel since he came out here!"

Mika calls for the bell!


Robbie charges out of his corner like a locomotive! Idenhauscan't even react before getting pancaked into the corner by 295lbs of BOB's Hulk with a Corner Avalanche Splash!

Pip: "Robbie Bourbon not wasting any time taking to the offensive!"

HHL: "Idenhaus already looks out on his feet!"

Robbie grabs the back of Idenhaus's head and drags him over to the ropes where he rakes his eyes across the top rope before shoving him to the canvas! Robbie begins to laugh at and mock the champion who is on the mat, trying to regain his vision.

Pip: "Nathan is in for a long night if he doesn't find a way to turn this around, and quick!"

HHL: "Well, Robbie's just wasting time mocking him when he should be keeping on the attack. That may come back to bite the MVP if he isn't careful!"

Idenhaus pounds the mat before jumping up. Robbie stands across the ring, waving him in. Idenhaus cautiously approaches as Robbie calls for the test of strength! reaches out, but he's hesitant to take Robbie's hand. Robbie starts talking trash, trying to lure Nathaniel Idenhaus in. After contemplating his options, Idenhaus reaches out for Bourbons hand, but uses it as a distraction to swiftly kick Robbie in the balls!

HHL: "Holt shit!"

Pip: "Robbie Bourbon just no-sold a low blow!"

Robbie yanks Idenhaus in and destroys him with the Dinosaur Extinctor!

Pip: "They'll be feeling the effects of that massive spinebuster back in the states!

HHL: "Wait, what's he doing now!?"

Robbie digs into his trunks and pulls out a sports cup.

Pip: "Well that explains how he was able to..."

HHL: "Oh my God!!"

Robbie drops to his knees and shoves the sweaty jock protector intoIdenhaus] mouth! Idenhaus's eyes light up as he suddenly comes alive trying to fight his way out of whatever this is! Robbie hammers down across the bridge of his nose with a stiff forearm. Blood splatters before pouring out of Idenhaus nose and the fight suddenly leaves him.

Pip: "Brutal tactics on show here tonight by the newest member of BOB!"

HHL: "Well they do keep saying that even supervillains don't like the "group" that Nathan was once affiliated with. Maybe this is him showing it?"

Robbie jumps to his feet and works Idenhaus up to the top turnbuckle. Robbie follows up and hooks Idenhaus for a powerbomb!

Pip: "I don't know if I like the look of this!"

Robbie leaps off of the ropes, turning his body in midair before slamming Idenhaus -



Pip: "Holy shit! The force behind that Robbiebomb was enough to break through the ring!"

Noticing that Robbie landed on top of Idenhaus in the hole in the center of the ring, she drops to count the pinfall!





Pip: "The Warfare MVP is now the NEW HART CHAMPION!"

HHL: "Somebody needs to check on these men, they could be hurt!"

Robbie climbs out of the wreckage as Miss Fury, Micheal Graves, and Oswald come out to the stage to congratulate their newest member on his successful bout tonight. Robbie looks a little battered, but otherwise okay. Mika hands him the XWF Hart Championship before raising his hand!

Pip: "I can't say that I'm comfortable with BOB winning another major championship here tonight, but you can't say that he didn't earn it!"

HHL: "I'm sure that a lot of people expected his BOB cohorts to get involved tonight, but it obviously wasn't needed!"[/b][/color]

EMTs and other various backstage officials come out to check on Idenhaus who was pretty much Robbiebombed straight to hell tonight in Germany!

The crowd noise is a low murmur as the audience awaits the next match, when…

PIP: “Roxy Cotton? What’s she doing here tonight, Heather?”

HHL: “I have no idea, but can you please stop spritzing cologne on? She isn’t going to notice you.”

PIP: “Quiet, Heather…”

Roxy Cotton, the bodacious fiance of the XWF’s principal owner, Vinnie Lane, emerges from the entranceway in a glittering purple minidress. Her six inch stilettos carry her down toward the ring as catcalls and wolf whistles echo through the arena.

Cotton struts up the ring steps as referee John Bihl holds open the ropes for her. She enters by ducking low, allowing a long, lingering view down her ample cleavage as she steps through.

Walking to the center of the ring, Roxy gives no hint of smile or good natured flirtation… rather, her voice is replete with assertion.

“I’m not here to hold this show up any longer than it needs to be. I already flew across the ocean and spent entirely too many hours cramped on a redeye flight filled with lederhosen-clad Oktoberfest travellers than I ever wanted to just to be here in Frankfurt tonight… for a very specific reason.”

The crowd pops at the cheap heat from the namedrop… or maybe just fro the way the fabric clings to every curve and crevice on the blonde’s 5’7” frame.

“I came here tonight to break up with my boyfriend.”


HHL: “Pip, stop it. I have a better chance than you do.”

The crowd gasps. Roxy stands nodding her silently for a moment before bringing the mic back up to her mouth.

“No one can say Roxy Cotton was too afraid to end a relationship in person, or on a global internet feed. Vinnie Lane, get your stupid ass out here.”

Seconds tick by in silence as the hushed crowd waits with anticipation.



PIP: “There he is! The jilted Loverboy himself!”

HHL: “You’re embarrassing yourself, Pip.”

“Loverboy” Vinnie Lane walks out from the back in his hot pink tuxedo, a look of befuddlement and concern on his face.

Ignoring the clamoring fans leaning in for selfies or high fives, Vinnie walks to the ring with his hands out to his sides, mouthing “what?” and “why?” over and over again. He gets to ringside and climbs up and in, looking to get close to Roxy in the center… but she turns away.

“Vinnie, for all the shit you take from people, you aren’t stupid. At least, I didn’t think you were. You saved this company on more than one occasion, after all. You outsmarted diabolical geniuses like Doc D’Ville and Shane along the way. Yet… for the last couple of months, every time I look at you all I can do is shake my head. Ever since Kenz Grey, my bestie, showed up on your public access-level C-Show, Anarchy, you’ve seemingly made it your mission to kill her. Tigers? Sharks? Exploding zeppelins? Every show since the beginning of August has gotten worse and worse and for what? Because you want to prove a point? Because you want to get your dime store “30 Second Promos” belt back?”

Vinnie’s face reddens with anger and he finally brings his own mic to his lips.

“Rox, you know as well as I do that business and friendship don’t mix! I have a job to do on Anarchy, and that’s to make the show as awesome as possible! The fans WANT to see Kenzi in these matches. They’ve consistently drawn the highest numbers and sold the most merch! I’m making Kenzi a bigger star than she EVER has been in her life, and that’s going to continue if she can keep on the winning track this next show. He’ll get a shot at the Anarchy Title against Vita Valenteen at High Stakes!”

“Yeah, let’s talk about those “winning ways,” Vinnie… you booked one of my best friends of all time in a match where she could be tied to a stake and set on fire. OR… to win… she has to set her opponent on fire… and her opponent is the XWF Universal Champion, Sarah Lacklan.”

“Yup! GREAT ratings. Amazing booking, yet again, from yours truly. Seriously, babe, what’s the issue?”

“Don’t babe me. You know what the issue is, . Sarah is Kenzi’s WIFE. You’re asking two women who are married to essentially attempt to murder each other!”

“Well maybe Kenzi should have thought of that possibility before she signed the VERY lucrative contract I offered her! Or at least before STEALING my championship! I loved that thing!”

“Yeah, you’re a champ for about thirty seconds, that’s for sure…”


“No, YOU hey. YOU listen, Vinnie Lane. Enough is enough. Cancel the fucking match, or I’m gone. I’m not letting you hurt the people I care about just so you can try to justify the huge budget you allocate towards Anarchy twice a month. I’m not going to stand here idly while people who’ve been by my side every step of the way for years risk their lives so you can try to get back some Cracker Jacks title made out of tin cans and used tires. You want me to stay? You want me in your life? This is the only way it happens. Cancel the match. Now.”


“DO IT!”




PIP: “That’s the music for the Universal Champion! She’s not supposed to be here tonight!”

HHL: “And she’s got her wife by her side!”

Sarah and Kenzi Grey-Lacklan walk down the aisle arm-in-arm. Sarah carries the huge gold belt signifying her XWF Universal Championship status on her shoulder as the pair head to the ring cheered on by the German fans.

Sarah climbs up the steps first, still holding Kenzi by the hand, and then helps her bride ascend as well. In a lovely show of marital bliss, the champion sits on the bottom rope to allow her wife Kenzi to enter the ring before her. Sarah then follows a moment later.

”Danke schoen, Deutschland!”

“Uh… yeah! Schnitzel!”

“Sar, you didn’t have to come out here. I’ve got this. You and Kenzi aren’t going to have to face each other on Anarchy. No way. Not in that kind of ridiculous match.”

”Rox. I appreciate it. Truly. And yes, your #ForeverFiance is a complete Hard R Tard for this booking… but Kenzi and I both know what we signed up for. We’ve both been in brutal matches in our careers, just like you have. Just like Vinnie has. He’s doing his job, even if he’s putting us at risk in the process… he’s looking out for the XWF.”

“EXACTLY! Thank you, Sarah, that’s why you’re the champ… you GET it, dude!”

“Shut the fuck up, Vin. Sarah is the champion because she’s the most talented performer on the XWF roster. She and Kenzi are two of the most desired and decorated athletes in this business, and they’re HERE because of ME. Because I brought them here for YOU. To help get that dumpster Anarchy off the ground and to help sell tickets to your wild pay per views that you barely have any input in and put no work into yourself. I brought you the best in the business because I wanted you to be able to take it easy and let the checks write themselves! And you repay me with THIS!?”

“Babe, first of all, just relax, okay? This has nothing to do with you! Sarah is an XWF employee. The CHAMPION. She, more than anyone else in the world, is responsible for demonstrating the excellence of the XWF brand around the world. What better way to show that we’re the most X-TREME wrestling federation out there than to pit wife versus wife with such high stakes? Right Sar?”

”Hush, Vinnie. You’re a doofus. It’s a terrible idea… BUT… I’ve NEVER turned down a booking of any kind, and I’m not starting now. Kenzi and I will figure out how to go about this in a way that we stay safe, in a way that she gets her due in this company, and in a way that I’m still ready to embarrass that humiliation of a former Universal Champion you’ve got stalking me, Chris Chaos. Seriously, how was that loser ever such a big deal here in the first place?”

“Well he beat Gilmour, and… you know what, forget that! That’s not the point! The point is, I made the match and what I say GOES around here. I’m the boss. I’m the owner. I’m the guy who runs the whole dang show! And I’m not going to disappoint the viewers of Anarchy…”

“Both of them.”

“The MANY viewers of Anarchy, by pulling some bait and switch BS. The match is booked. I’m sorry, Rox, but business is business. Let’s just go backstage and talk this over, okay babe? You know I love you.”

Vinnie lowers his mic and tries to lean in on Roxy for a kiss on the cheek, but she shoves him off.

“Back up, Vinnie! That’s the choice you want to make? Seriously? After everything we’ve gone through together, and how we both promised to never let anything come between us? This is where you dig your heels in? Making my best friends fight in some deathmatch is the hill you want our relationship to die on? Seriously?”

“Rox, come on…”

”Rox, sers legit, it’ll be fine. You don’t have to do this.”

“Yeah Roxy, don’t sweat it. I’ll get by, and then I’ll embarrass your mans again just like I did when I took his gold away… in less than thirty seconds!”



Vinnie and Kenzi move toward one another, forcing Roxy and Sarah to hold them apart.

”Beloved, stop…”

“Vinnie, stop it! STOP it!”

Roxy manages to get between Vinnie and Kenzi, and her cold green eyes narrow as she stares him dead in the face.

“I told you already, this was your choice to make. Me or the match. You choice the match, I guess, so you can kiss this perfect ten GOODBYE… and I’ll find someone else to kiss by the end of the night.”

Vinnie goes beet red as Roxy starts to storm away.

“WAIT! Wait… Rox, just… wait. I don’t want to lose you, babe. You’re right… I can’t make that choice. I can’t choose to have you walk away from me! Not after all these years and all these memories! You’re my one and only, baby!

Roxy seems to soften. Her lip trembles briefly, but she is quick to catch herself and put on a strong face.

“This is your last chance, Vinnie. I don’t want this either. No one in this ring wants to be in the position that you’ve put us all in. Make your choice… right… now.”

Vinnie looks conflicted and frustrated. He pulls the pink bandanna off of his hair and pats away sweat from his forehead, pacing in a circle in the middle of the ring. Finally, when it looks like Roxy is about to throw up her hands and storm off, he speaks.

“FINE! The match is off!”

The crowd cheers. Roxy, Kenzi, and Sarah all breathe a heaving sigh of relief, hugging one another and smiling.

“Sarah Lacklan won’t have to participate in the Anarchy Burn the Witch match… because Sarah Lacklan is FIRED.”

The crowd is stunned. The three women as well. Sarah looks like she can’t believe her ears, and Roxy’s mouth hangs open. The two of them have to physically restrain Kenzi Grey.

“You can’t fire my wife, you jackass! She’s your champion! She’s the best you’ve got!”

“I can and I just DID. This is MY company, Anarchy is MY show, and Sarah Lacklan is only MY champion for as long as I decide she gets to be… and that ends RIGHT NOW.”

“Vinnie, what the fuck…”

“NO. You want to save your friends? Cool. I want to do what’s best for the XWF. They need a champion who steps into the fire, not one who uses her connections to get out of it.”

”Hey now, you watch it! This wasn’t my idea…”

“Yeah, sure, likely story, dude… gimme that belt. Hand it over… right now!”

Sarah is still stunned, but she scowls and thrusts the big gold into Vinnie’s hands with a snicker.

”I was doing this place a FAVOR, Vinniefred. I have no need for you or the XWF. I’m sure whoever wins whatever dick n’ balls tournament you come up with now will make a MUCH better champion than I do… after all, it must be so boring for me to keep beating everyone you send in my direction. All you’re doing is saving Chris Chaos from crying himself into a retirement filled with choking his chicken into Jenny’s old panties.”

“Ew, gross.”

”Enjoy your second-rate roster and your third-rate Anarchy match without the prodigal daughter of wrestling’s greatest familial line to keep it out of the mud for you. AND! You’d better give my beloved her Anarchy Championship match due to my forfeit! You do that and it’s all worth it to me anyway.”

“NOPE! You’re out of the match but heck no that doesn’t mean Kenzi gets a freebee. The Burn the Witch Match is still ON… and I’ll find an opponent who wants that shot badly enough that she doesn’t care who she sets fire to! I’ll call Savannah or Nemesis or Jenny Myst or Miss Fury… TRUST me, if you don’t want that payday, someone does. And as for this Universal Title? Easy. We’ve got a HUGE battle royal set up already for High Stakes… so now it’s for the highest stakes of them ALL. The winner of the High Stakes Battle Royal will be the NEW XWF Universal Champion… and Chris Chaos will still get the very first shot at it! That’s right, on the Warfare after the PPV… CHRIS CHAOS!!?”

Vinnie backs up and drops the mic and the title as Chris Chaos storms the ring, driving Lane down to the mat with a huge spear.

Chaos spins and targets Roxy Cotton next, but Kenzi tackles Roxy out of the way before Chaos can make contact, and they both fall out of the ring. Kenzi lands awkwardly on her shoulder and yelps in pain as she rolls onto her back gripping her injury.

Sarah looks out at Kenzi, seeing her wife in pain. She moves to exit the ring but instead gets caught with a spear from Chaos! He slams her hard down into the mat and then follows up with a second spear that drives Lacklan into the turnbuckles at high speed. Sarah grabs at her neck and collapses, and Chris Chaos snatches the Universal Championship from the mat, then holds it over Sarah Lacklan while grabbing one of the dropped microphones and shouting directly into her ear from inches away.

“You wanna take away my main event spotlight? Make me wait even longer to take this baby home with me? Well bitch, I won’t miss you… but you don’t get to leave without a proper goodbye!”

Chaos then drops the title belt over Sarah’s head. He grabs the ropes on either side of the top turnbuckle and uses them to jump upward, then he comes crashing down hard with both feet hitting the back on the Universal Title!

PIP: “Oh my GOD!”

HHL: “Chaos might have just fractured Sarah Lacklan’s skull!”

A small spatter of blood is shown right next to Lacklan’s ear, and her body shakes and trembles on the mat.

Kenzi and Roxy rush back into the ring, but they can’t catch Chaos before he bails and backs up the ramp. The two friends are immediately more concerned with Sarah’s well-being though, with Kenzi tossing the belt aside to see that one of Sarah’s eyes is completely bloodshot and dilated while the other is fully contracted. A small amount of red foam begins to gather in the corner of her mouth as Kenzi cradles her head in her lap.


“Oh my god! Oh my god! Sarah oh my god!”

Vinnie Lane, clutching his ribs, crawls toward the three girls to check on Lacklan himself. He looks at the state of her with shocked eyes, and then Roxy jumps to her feet and shoves him over onto his back.


“W-what? No! I didn’t want this!”

“You put Sarah into this position! You had her wide open for an attack with her guard down! You stupid fucking jerk!”

“Roxy I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen…”

“SCREW YOU! And SCREW your Anarchy plans! You want someone to get burned alive for ratings? You don’t care about anyone’s well being as long as it’s a good show? Well FINE… forget finding a replacement for Sarah. Kenzi’s opponent in that stupid match is going to be ME.”

“No! Rox no it’s too dangerous!”

Roxy chucks the microphone into Vinnie’s face and turns back to Sarah, helping Kenzi as the EMTs arrive and set up a neck board to carry her to the back.

Special Thanks To:
Jefferson Jackson who did most of the work on this show
Gravey Train
Johnny Legend
Holy Roman War Horse
Ned Kaye

And all of you who rp'd and sent in segments.

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Charlie Nickles Offline
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10-15-2020, 03:58 AM

Amazing show! Major props to everyone who stepped up to write a match in the hour of need. Hats off to everyone who helped put this together!

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10-15-2020, 04:49 AM

OOC: Holy shit, is the champ really fired? Like gone OOC?

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Ash Quinn

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10-15-2020, 08:18 AM

This was an epic show for all that needed done props everyone
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10-15-2020, 10:13 AM


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10-15-2020, 11:43 AM

OOC: The show opening segment (with Greggo) was originally missing from the results, but has now been added in! Check it out for his huge announcement on the future of THE GREGGO FAM stable!
tl;dr spoiler, Greggo's scouting the whole fed for his next CLIENT! Will it be YOU?

IC: Mmmmm,uuggh fugg this. I'ma get em all!

Freak, u had yer hand down me pants tonight and Ash, I'm gonna beat you up fer screw me over. I TOL'T you not to screw me how I don't wanna be screwed. And then we got Mikey Gravyballs starting shat with me too?!?! I'm about to go full hamtard on all y'all and call in the TWOOPS!

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10-15-2020, 12:41 PM

In the bowels of the boiler room, somewhere in the shadows, we see the outline of Chris Chaos. He was a wicked grin on his face as he steps out into the light.

"Wow......Lifetime presents: Wednesday Night Warfare. Quite the dramatic little piece you put together there, Vin Man. Really tugged at the heart strings, ya know? Not a dry eye in the room, and these are German's we are talking about!

All jokes aside, how does it feel Vinnie? How does it feel to have your entire world, everything you love, crashing down around you? How does it feel to know that there was nothing you could do...that no matter what you did, you were going to be on the losing end? Feels about as good as your ribs do right now, I bet.

Do you remember three years ago? Lethal Lottery 2017? Do you remember when you were doing what was "best for the XWF" and you got yourself involved with my match? You hit me over the head with that steel chair, Vin, you cost me the Universal Championship and you, single handedly, ushered in the era of the man you hate the most on this planet, Gabe Reno.

Since then I have been pushed in one direction, pulled in another. I have made allies and I have burned bridges at the same time, and still I have been screwed out of every chance at this belt that has come my way. I was going to take pleasure in dismantling your cabbage patch doll, ripping her innards out and feeding them to the pigs while she was still alive. Now, I get to sit back and watch. I get the night off as I get to see who is going to be fed to me the next week on your flagship show.

You just couldn't do it, could ya? You couldn't have your Pay Per View end with Chris Chaos holding the Universal Title over his head while your poster child lay in the middle of the ring in a puddle of her own shit. That's fine, I don't care what program I win it on.

But best for business.'re making the same mistake again. Going over and above the paper pusher role, trying to bite off more than you can chew for the sake of ratings..........

Now, just like 2017, you're ushering in the era of the person you hate the second most on this planet. Me. This time, you're going to pay for your mistake. This time, what's best for business is going to be worse for everyone in it.

By the way, if Roxy wants a new boo, Hanari has been known to be quite the ladies man.

I'll see you in a few weeks, Vinnie, with your precious around my waist and nobody to blame but yourself.

How do you want to be remembered?"

He steps back into the shadows as the scene cuts.

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10-15-2020, 12:51 PM

Backstage, we see Robbie walking through a hallway. He's then greeted by Thunder Knuckles. TK, holding his Television Title, has an excited look on his face.

Jesus fucking Christ, you actually Robbiebombed him through the fucking ring! That was probably the most lopsided beating I have ever fucking seen!

TK pats Robbie on the shoulder. Robbie exhales deeply from his nose.

You fucking destroyed him! You fucking crushed him! You fucking...

Robbie raises a single finger to give TK pause.

I wrecked him.

Fucking right you did!

Robbie holds up the Hart Championship belt. TK raises the TV Title belt. Both men clack the belts together much like two would bump fists. Robbie smirks back at TK.

This whole B.O.B. thing ain't so bad. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm not due for medical treatment, I just won the Hart Championship in under five minutes, and I have a ton of adrenaline still going. I gotta find my girl and pound it out like a champ.

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10-15-2020, 01:11 PM

Figures Sarah would go and get herself fired! After refusing BOB and seeing what I did to Greggo, she bitched out and got her boss friend to fire her because she didn't want to get obliterated by The Gravy Train!





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10-15-2020, 03:49 PM

(10-15-2020, 12:41 PM)Chris Chaos Said: BLAH BLAH BLAH and a whole lot more insignificant shit. Then I cry and bitch and moan because I don't get the title shot I don't deserve on pay per view like was promised.

Eats popcorn.

Smiles, because Thad.

Sips Dr. Pepper.

Yeah, I summarized. What about it?


Some people... just like to watch his world burn.

More popcorn.

Thad smile.

More Dr. Pepper.

Laughs hysterically.

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10-15-2020, 04:29 PM

Uh Chris.. Im the ladies man

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10-15-2020, 06:05 PM

(10-15-2020, 01:11 PM)Soft Fluffy Graves Said: Figures Sarah would go and get herself fired! After refusing BOB and seeing what I did to Greggo, she bitched out and got her boss friend to fire her because she didn't want to get obliterated by The Gravy Train!





Greggo is holding what appears to be a fuckable fake rubber pussy to the side of his head where an ear used to be.

Boi, you done took somethin from me that can never be replaced. And you bet yer ass I'ma get that back. And I ain't just talk about my rear. If I had'a not been busy fuck'n around with yer ass on the show I could have saved my Sarah from what happened! You are 1000,0,00% responsible for EVERYTHING i lost today u mothra fucka!

[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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10-15-2020, 07:50 PM


Graves pulls Greggo's ear from under his shirt. Its attached to a leather necklace.

Come get it Dummy!

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