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ANARCHY: Micro/Angled Shows Atara Themis
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Atara Themis Online now or has been in the last 30 mins


XWF FanBase:
Men and Lesbians

(physically attractive female on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

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10-11-2019 01:37 AM

[Image: ltvVMfT.gif]

In Ring Name
Atara Themis
Aphrodite Incarnate - Atty
Real Name
Atara Eirene Themis
November 16, 1995
Billed From
Athens, Greece
October 2019
Tag Team
House of Themis

[Image: Sfv3Mia.gif]

5'10" (177.8 CM)
138 Ilbs (62.6 kg)
Pic Base
Emily Didonato

Entrance Theme Music
Blue Monday - WW 1984

Special Entrance
Hello Doves appears briefly on screens over the arena in pink accompanied by Atara's voice saying the same over the arena PA right before her theme hits the speakers. The crowd pops like crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage. Strutting with purpose, Atara emerges from the back taking spot at centerstage right before the ramp. Posing for the camera, a wink and kiss is given to the viewers at home.

Grunge walking to the ringsteps, Atara stops at the top and posturesconce more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves
Using her training in Neo Pankration, Atara's striking consist of boxing techniques mixed with kicks. She also makes heavy use of the European uppercut, backhand chops, and knees.

Trademark Attacks
[Image: NJGRr4j.gif]
Atara's Front Kick
A front kick that would make King Leonidas and his 300 proud!

[Image: yPQFBg9.gif]
Judgement of Paris
A jumping bicycle knee to the face.

Pankratiast Atara utilizes traditional Greco-Roman and Catch Wrestling holds and submissions with a heavy focus on chokes. Arm locks, shoulder locks, leg locks etc.

Trademark Holds/Submissions
Lament of Adonis - Tilt-a-Whirl Fujiwara Armbar
[Image: EssentialKlutzyHydra-size_restricted.gif]

With a background in Greco-Roman wrestling Atara utilizes arm drags, hip tosses, slams, and suplexes. Especially suplexes. Seriously, Suplex City. There is a temple there dedicated to her.

Trademark Throws
German Suplex
[Image: BitterOrangeIbizanhound-size_restricted.gif]

Overhead Belly to Belly
[Image: L5yi.gif]

[Image: Side%2BPowerslam.gif]

Atara rarely goes to the top turnbuckle to fly off the ropes, but she will utilize varying suplexes.

Trademark Aerial/Turnbuckle
Double Underhooks Superplex
[Image: giphy.gif]

Pins, Atara knows a multitude of ways to put you on your back.

Trademark Pins
Gannosuke Clutch
[Image: DishonestPleasantBrownbear-size_restricted.gif]

Gedo Clutch
[Image: CostlyHonorableBellsnake-size_restricted.gif]

Finishing Move(s):

The Titanomachy
[Image: tumblr_ovtnmswjps1s05wxzo1_400.gif]
Northern Lights float over into Second Northern Lights with a bridge pin.

From A Dove
[Image: tenor.gif]
A top rope powerslam

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:

Career Information
Anarchy, 10/31/2019 vs Barney Green
XWF Career Record

Record Per Show
Wednesday Warfare
(4-5) 1 No Contest
Savage Saturday

Title History
1st Shooting Star Champion
1x Shooting Star Champion
1x X-treme Champion
1x Federweight Champion
2x Heavymetalweight Champion

Match History
Wednesday Warfare


Saturday Savage
Lethal Lottery VChristmas Mini PPVC*ntfestMarch Madness 2020Leap of Faith 2020

- Mediocre But Memorable -
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Atara Themis Online now or has been in the last 30 mins


XWF FanBase:
Men and Lesbians

(physically attractive female on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

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01-01-2020 05:00 AM

[Image: LByN49h.png]
Contact Information
Twitter: @atarathemis - Discord: Atara Themis#0103

Spoiler :
Atara Eirene Themis is the daughter of Eros Themis, a former neo-pankration champion, and Irish born Ailbe Themis, a former prima ballerina of the Greek National Opera. Performing and competition runs deep in Atara's blood and both have played a pivotal role in her life. She's traveled the world since her youth.

At age 8 her mother, Ailbe, was tragically killed in a car crash. Her father being the prominent influence in her raising trained Atara in neo pankration, ancient Greek wrestling, and mentored her during her high school days as an amateur wrestler. It was shortly before high school Atara moved to New York that she was introduced professional wrestling.

Enamored with the larger than life characters and the ballet like performances, Atara moved to Japan after graduation to train with Despina Montaga. With her grappling background she made a name for herself in the independent circuit as a top notch technician, submission and reversal specialist alongside her sister Osira Themis.

Thanks to social media, her charisma, and her physical appeal, Atara built a fan base outside of wrestling. Dubbed Aphrodite Incarnate, Atara draws from her Greek heritage and American's love affair with the taboo in her character. Signing with XWF, she hopes to make a name for herself as legendary as the Gods of her birthplace.

In the months since debuting with XWF Atara as seen extreme highs and extreme lows with the company. The peak of her early success was a Xtreme title reign. Her superstardom despite in ring progress, as continued rise and she has branched in into TV. It should be mentioned that along with professional wrestling Atara also as a budding MMA career.

RP of the Month - Feb 2020
Hey Noah, I Smashed Your Dad

4x XWF Star of the Month Nominee
The Triad Challenge
[Image: 2yxMcM7.png]
Global Combat Championship
2 - 1
GCC Roster Page
Kenzi's World - One Episode
[Image: jk8RcvZ.jpg]

Series Finales
[Image: TeNFYCV.png]

Not Yet Aired
[Image: PwAvR4t.png]

Part 2 - Wonder Woman
[Image: VcQnkdu.png]

CTN Insider Magazine - March 2020
[Image: 0ROBZgY.png]

What Makes Atara Themis Click - Interview for GCC

CTN Insider - April 2020
[Image: CUYQvRt.jpg]

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