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Wednesday Night Warfare - 7/15/20 - Results
Author Message
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07-15-2020, 09:02 PM




From !!!

[Image: 133915052-bordeaux-aquitaine-france-10-2...nch-so.jpg]



[Image: avatar_2403.png?dateline=1576847348]
- vs -



[Image: will-smith-genie-png-favpng-rd95ATqhfYGg...ZmWm_t.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2470.jpg?dateline=1592627089]



[Image: aPVECFr.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2381.png?dateline=1587809906]



[Image: Jeffrey_Donovan%2C_2009.JPG]
- vs -
[Image: 2d09ee9ad7728fb37b067cdeb7b30609.jpg]


[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: 4boXNV5.png]

[Image: 340?cb=20131214162231]
- vs -
[Image: 340?cb=20190804194642]







From !!!

[Image: 133915052-bordeaux-aquitaine-france-10-2...nch-so.jpg]



[Image: avatar_2403.png?dateline=1576847348]
- vs -

The arena blacks out entirely. The Collector's "Legion" (fan base) lights up their blinking masks as Ghost starts to play. Once the chorus hits, the Collector emerges from backstage. His mask, wrist bands and boots all blinking in unison to the drum beat: Blink. Blink Blink-Blink. The lights fade on once he climbs into the ring.

Evan Jackson makes his way to the ring.



The referee motions for the two competitors to get to work, and Wednesday Night Warfare is now officially underway! The artist formerly known as The Collector, now revealed to be Thaddeus Duke, bounds eagerly from the corner and meets Evan Jackson in the middle of the mat and extends his hand for a tie up. Evan accepts, but is quickly tied up into a hammerlock and shot into the corner with an Irish whip. Evan bounces off the ring post and bounces back to the middle of the mat where Thaddeus is waiting with an arm drag takedown! Duke pounces stop Jackson, looking to pound him with several brutal ground strikes! Evan Jackson covers up trying to block the punches, before managing to throw up a triangle choke with his legs and use the leverage to snap Thaddeus off of him.

HEATHER: Evan Jackson trying to counter Thaddeus Duke! If he’s lucky he might get off the bottom here!

Thaddeus pulls his head out of the choke and quickly drags Evan Jackson up to his feet, hitting him with a hard elbow and then whipping him hard into the corner! Thaddeus gives chase and spears Jackson in the midsection, driving him back into the ring post. Duke straightens up and begins to hammer Evan with right hands!

PIP: Damn! Duke is working hard to bust Jackson open!

HEATHER: It’s almost like that’s what he needs to do to win, Pip!

PIP: Hey, Heather?


PIP: Shut up.

Evan Jackson catches Thaddeus’ punch and shoved him backwards into the middle of the mat. Thaddeus skids to a stop but Evan is already tearing out of the corner and hits a big clothesline! Duke hits the mat hard and Evan is waiting as Duke sits up! Running knee to the skull! Thaddeus is flat on his back, rolling around and clutching at his face…

PIP: I think Duke is busted open! What an upset by Evan Jackson!

HEATHER: No! He was just stunned! There’s no blood!

Thaddeus rolls slowly to his feet and uses the ropes to pull himself up, wincing still from that knee to the face. Evan doesn’t want to lose momentum and presses the action, sprinting full speed at Duke looking for a flying knee!

Duke drops to the mat and pulls the top rope with him, sending Evan flying harmlessly over the top and out of the ring!

PIP: Evan crashes hard into the fan barricade! I think his forehead just bounced off the top of the wall!

Thaddeus quickly rolls underneath the bottom rope to the floor, trying to pull Evan to his feet and check him for blood after that crash!

HEATHER: Jackson has a huge welt on his forehead, but no blood!

Duke walks Evan over to the ring, bouncing his head off of the ring apron ONE! TWO! THREE TIMES! Evan Jackson drops to his knees, clearly dazed. Thaddeus lifts him to his feet again, but Evan grabs him around the waist and German suplexes him across the floor and into the ring steps!


Evan rolls groggily to his feet, but has to take a knee and grabs at his swollen forehead. Thaddeus begins to recover, bending over the steel steps and gripping the edges tightly.

PIP: What’s Duke doing?

HEATHER: I’m not sure but he’d better turn around! Here comes Evan Jackson!

Evan stumbles but eventually musters the strength to sprint towards a turned Thaddeus Duke…

PIP: Duke wheels around… and swings the top layer of the ring steps!

HEATHER: OH GOD! He smashes the steps off Evans head, busting him open right where his welt was!

PIP: It’s over! He’s bleeding! The Collector wins!

HEATHER: Um… it’s Thaddeus Duke, Pip!

PIP: Ha ha ha ha what the fuck ever ha ha ha.



[Image: will-smith-genie-png-favpng-rd95ATqhfYGg...ZmWm_t.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2470.jpg?dateline=1592627089]

The Rock's Geek Theme plays over the loudspeakers and Gage Gannon appears from backstage and walks confidently down to the ring.

Warned, the voices I hear have warned me
The deepest lies adore you
And consume you in every way
You're giving us nothing
Decay! Cut the tongue you speak with to say
Don't believe, don't believe it
The wrong way, on a path to somewhere
Don't feed the selfish mouth of man
Born into a life that depletes me
Your empty words have burned you
And condemned you another day
Again you mean nothing
Decay! Cut the tongue you speak with to say
Don't believe, don't believe it
The wrong way, on a path to somewhere
Don't feed the selfish mouth of man
Take it away!
Decay! Cut the tongue you speak with to say
Don't believe, don't believe it
The wrong way, on a path to somewhere
Don't feed the selfish mouth of man
Decay! Cut the tongue you speak with to say
Don't believe, don't believe it
The wrong way, on a path to somewhere
Don't feed the selfish mouth of man

Carzy Steve makes his way to the ring in a coffin.

The two competitors size each other up from the respective corners.

PIP: "Gage Gannon has been on somewhat of a hot streak as of late, a loss here and there but nothing that's pushed him down. Look out for this guy, he's sure to be huge in the near future."

HEATHER: "Yeah but CARZY STEVE! As he's said, he cazry and take risk! And in an Xtreme match he" Heather looks at notes on Steve "He good at hardcore and striking!"

PIP: "... Sure to be a close match."


As Gage takes a step Carzy Steve slides out of the ring and stops Gage in his tracks as Steve begins to throw a table into the ring, the crowd get hype, he then tosses in a steel trash can and follows it with a couple of steel chairs.


Steve slides into the ring and grabbing a steel chair, he looks to Gannon who picks up a steel pipe that fell from the trash can, the two size each other up and Steve charges with a roar and swings high, Gage ducks low and throws the pipe back into the behind of Steve's knee. Carzy Steve goes down to one knee and Gannon gets to his back and begins to strangle him with the pipe; Steve gasps for air his grip loosening on the steel chair before tightening his hands around the legs and throwing it back into Gannon's dome, Gage stumbles back against the ropes and Steve wrings his throat and gets to his feet; he throws the chair down against Gannon but he manages to get his boot up and kicks it into Steve who barrels over. Gannon leaps up and drops some harsh boots onto Steve and busts open his nose immediately. Steve holds his nose writhing on the ground, Gannon lifts Steve up and forces the trash can down on his torso before taking a step back and launching forward with a huge superkick!

The trash can dents heavily and Steve falls to the ground, the can falling away from him. Gannon goes for the cover!




Kickout at 2 and a half!

Steve gets an elbow up and begins to pick himself up but Gannon throws a deadly elbow into the back of Steve's head; Gannon gets up as Steve crawls on the ground, Gannon begins to set the table up in the corner as the crowd chant for tables! Gannon is happy with himself and turns around only to be gored by a bloody Carzy Steve and the two smash through the table! The crowd pop huge as the two lay in the splinters of the wooden table. The ref checks on them both and sees Steve with an arm over Gannon's chest, he begins to count!






Gannon pushes Steve away and rolls out of the ring; Gannon takes a breather on the outside as Steve shakes the cobwebs, he looks to the outside and hits the ropes going for a baseball slide on the return but Gannon is ready, maneuvring Steve's legs and grabbing the Carzy One into a powerbomb position before...

HEATHER: "Kiss the Baby!!!"

Gannon hits the Deep Six!

PIP: "And the back of Steve's head goes right into the barricade!"

Steve is out cold, Gannon picks up Steve's limp body and throws him to the ring before following and locking in a tight pin!








[Image: aPVECFr.jpg]
- vs -
[Image: avatar_2381.png?dateline=1587809906]

The crowd takes apeshit crazy to new heights. Roses and flowers of every kind are tossed to the stage and ramp. Boys discover erections for the first time, erectile dysfunction is cured, closet lesbians call their parents and come out, it's hysteria.

She full on catwalk struts to the ringsteps and stops at the top to posture once more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring very Stacy Kiebler-ish and awaits the start of the match.

Pip: Already an eventful night here on the go-home show before Leap of Faith, and its only going to get crazier.

Heather: Excited for this next one! It's been a while since we've had a tables match on Warfa----

Pip: Speaking of crazy!

Jenny walks down the ramp, a smirk on her face.

[Image: tWQqmxq.gif]

Pip: What the hell is she doing here? She isn't scheduled to be on this show.

Heather: It looks like she is coming over to us here at the commentary table!

Pip: Lucky us

Jenny walks to the announce table and takes a seat, putting on the headset.

Jenny: Hey guys! Thanks for having me out here tonight, it's gonna be fun!

Heather: Anytime, Queen! v

Pip: Yep. You're welcome

There was a not so subtle hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Jenny: As you both know, I have a match with Atara at the Pay Per View. I just came out here to get a closer look at the second place female on this roster.

Heather: Second place, huh?

Jenny: Yes, maybe even third. And I am gonna prove that to her on Sunday.

Hello Doves

appears briefly on the X-tron in pink accompanied by Atara's voice saying the same over the arena PA right before her theme hits the speakers.

The crowd goes pops like crazy. Arena lights start to pulse in time with the music and multiple vertical streams of pyro erupt across the front of stage as Atara appears from backstage in a full grunge walk to centerstage right before the ramp.

Pip: And here she is, Jenny. Take a good look at this entrance. She certainly has the entrance down!

Jenny: Ugh, she's so extra. It's not attractive.

Posing for the camera, she blows a kiss before throwing off a silk robe to reveal her attire for the night.

She full on grungewalks to the ring steps and stops at the top to posture once more for the fans before going to the middle of the apron where she blows yet another kiss to the camera before entering the ring very Stacy Kiebler-ish. She walks to the far side of the ring, and point to Jenny.

"See ya Sunday, Dove."

Jenny: You see me right now, . Come down and see me.

Atara just smiles and turns her back to Jenny.

Griffin emerges from the entrance; eyes set straight ahead, he marches to the ring without much attention or emotion shown towards the crowd. Climbing the steel steps, he looks at Atara, who is ready for battle, before slowly stepping through the ropes.

Pip: Griffin knows Atara is a dangerous opponent here, but I think Atara has to not underestimate Grif as well.

Jenny: Oh yeah, an auto mechanic and a whore. That's the premise of like every Lifetime Movie ever.....look it up.

Heather: Do you still have that petition, by the way?

The bell rings and Grif turns right into a massive front kick from Atara. He flies across the ring and lands on his backside. His eyes are wide, a bit stunned from the sudden and brutal offense.

Atara, seemingly more focused than ever, grabs him by the head, lifting him up and firing of a series of Neo Pankration type strikes, mixing in kicks with the punches. Griffin is covering up against the ropes. Atara hits a chop to open him up and then grabs his arm and whips him into the corner. She runs, jumping, and hits splash that stumbles him out into the middle and to one knee.

Atara points at Jenny.

Pip: That is some of the offense you're gonna have to deal with come Leap of Faith!

Jenny: She can point at me all she wants, she'll never be as pretty, as rich, or as famous as I am. She's always going to be second place.

Atara whips Grif into the other corner.

She runs for another splash but this time Grif moves, and Atara crashes into the turnbuckle. This slows her down a little, and gives Grif a much needed break.

Atara recovers quick, however, and clubs the mechanic in the back of the head with a forearm. He goes to one knee and she comes off the ropes with a knee to the back of the head.

Pip: A vicious, intense side of Atara coming out here. We haven't seen this much from her.

Grif, being as tough as he is, is getting to his feet. Atty kicks him again and he goes down. She stares at Jenny with a sneer as she locks in a sleeper hold, one knee into his back.

Heather: She's staring at you, Queen.

Jenny doesn't comment, just stares back.

MacAlister is fighting his way out of the sleeper, trying to spin and twist his way out of the hard hold. Atara's grip is loosening, and Grif is up. She is on his back like a piggy back. He quickly backs her into the corner, slamming her into the turnbuckle. She lets go completely now, as he backs into her again, crushing her into the corner. He turns around and uppercuts her, causing her to sit on the top rope. Griff climbs to the middle rope.

Griffin locks her in, and lifts her up. The crowd "oooohs" as he suplexes her from the ropes down into the center of the mat. She is down on her back, he crawls towards her before remembering that you can't win this match with a pinfall. The ONLY way to win is to put your opponent through a table.

Griff rolls to the ropes, picking himself up. He comes off the ropes and drops a knee on Atara before rolling out of the ring, and going under it. He slides a table out.

Heather: So you and Atara have a match at Leap of Faith and it is a, if I've got this right, a Belle of the Brawl Match?

Jenny: That is correct.

Atara is back on her feet and rolls out of the ring, connecting with a forearm to the back of the head as Grif is setting up the table. He stumbles away from the table and she throws him shoulder first into the steel ring steps.

Heather: Tell us what that is, exactly. I believe you've had one already with Ms. Roxy Cotton?

Pip: She did, she lost.

Atara fires a hard shot to the head of Grif who stumbles against the barricade. Atar backs up.

Judgement of Paris (A jumping bicycle knee to the face.!!!!!)

Grif goes OVER the barricade and into the crowd.

Jenny: Well, yes, I did create the match. It's like Belle of the Ball, but its brawl, get it?

Heather: Love it

Pip: Yawn

Atara jumps the barricade and begins to hammer away on Grif from within the crowd. The scrappy mechanic is fighting back, though, and making his way back towards the barricade.

Heather: So, standard match first? Why?

Jenny: It's simple. Atara can't beat me. If I am going to break her down to the elemental level, she needs to know that its not just going to be a hardcore match, that I can whoop her no talent ass in even the most fundamental contest.

Griffin has Atara up for a suplex.



But it doesn't break.

The table doesn't break.

This match continues!!

Heather: So why bra and panties second?

Jenny: I thought you'd never ask.

Griffin has Atara off the table, and is walking her around the outside of the ring, bouncing her head and face off things. His eyes light up when he sees the ring bell.

Jenny: Although, I mean, I am already gonna be up 1-0, I may just lose this one on purpose. Who wouldn't wanna see perfection in a bra and panties?

Pip: Commercial break, are we due for a commercial break yet?

Atara manages to scramble into the ring. Griffin comes in, holding the ring bell. He charges Atara, who ducks, flipping him over her back.

Jenny: But, the IDEA of it, was one, for the male fans out there to enjoy, but two, a a set up for the third fall, if need be. When I make her cry and scream "I Quit", how much more humiliating will it be if she's wearing her undergarments. I mean Atty Loose-Lips over there won't have any way to cover herself.

Pip: Okay, come on! You can't say that on TV!

Just then, as Griffin gets to his feet, Atty comes off the ropes with an explosion.

Lament of Adonis!!! (Tilt-a-Whirl Fujiwara Armbar)

Pip: Lament of Adonis! Locked in! It's locked in. And she's staring right at you Jen!

Atara sneers again and she pulls on Griffs arm. The mechanic is tapping out but it doesn't matter, there are no pin falls or submissions in this match!

"Say I Quit!" Atara yells at Grif. "SAY IT!"

Pip: A little message for you there, queenie. What are you gonna do when she locks this move on in Tokyo?!

She yanks harder on the arm. Griff is still tapping.

Jenny: She thinks she's all big and bad because she took all 4 inches of the Universal Champion....but jokes on her because he lied when he told her it "felt amazing". He didn't feel anything.

Pip: Jesus! We've gotta go to commercial break, we'll be back!!

Pause commerciale

Warfare comes back on the air with a shot of the announce table.

[Image: r1WZedI.gif]

Pip: We're back and during the break its been all Atara Themis. She's really found her groove in this matchup

In the ring, Atara hits a German Suplex on Grif. But she keeps her hands locked.


Hands locked.


Hands locked.


Pip: You know she's got Myst on her mind right here! She's punishing Griffin like she is going to punish you at Leap of Faith!

Jenny: Heather, does he have a mute button?

Heather: Sometimes, I wish.

She picks Griff up, hands still locked, but this time lets go and whips him into the ropes.

A powerslam plants him right in the middle of the ring.

Atara poses quick, but then rolls out of the ring. She takes the table and drags it over to the side of the ring so it is directly infront of the announce table.

"This one's for you!" she says, "and this one's on me!"

She slaps Jenny across the face, knocking off her headset. Griffin is up, but woozy. He is at the ropes, Atara is on the apron. They meet there. Trading blows back and forth, but in the fever pitch Grif accidentally elbows the re in the face. He grabs his eyes and turns away.

There is a rustling on the head set as Jenny, now recovered from the slap, leaves the announce table. Atara has Griffin set, his head under her arms for a suplex through the table from the apron. Jenny reaches into her bra and pulls of her patented Pepper Spray.

Pip: Look out! Jenny's digging in the bag of tricks again!

She sprays Griff in the eyes, and he screams. Atara feels the burn on her arm and breaks the hold. Jenny then grabs her but the back of her ring top, pulling her off the apron and through the table.

Pip: OH MY GOD! Jenny just pulled Atara off the apron! She's flat on her back here, the table is broken! She just cost Atara this match!

Heather: That's what happens when you slap the Queen, Pip!

Jenny stands over Atara with a wink and a smirk as the ref comes to. He sees the table with Atara through it, and calls for the bell.

Pip: This one's over. My god what an explosion this is gonna be in Tokyo! These two women hate each other so much, and its gonna come to a head at the biggest Pay Per View so far of 2020!

Jenny has a mic.

Jenny: Your winner, the burnt out car guy, Griffin MacAlister!

She then turns, standing over Atara.

Jenny: And the loooooser of this match, just like she will be a loooooser at Leap of Faith, the one who will ALWAYS be second place............Atara Themis.

She smiles again, dropping the mic in Atara as she walks away.

Heather: She has made her point loud and clear here. She wants to be seen as the dominant female in XWF and by the looks of Ms. Themis right now, that's the case!

Pip: Don't count your eggs here before they hatch....Atara is going to come into Tokyo seeing red after this one! It may be a long night for the Queen!

Winner: Griffin MacAlister


[Image: Jeffrey_Donovan%2C_2009.JPG]
- vs -
[Image: 2d09ee9ad7728fb37b067cdeb7b30609.jpg]


Michael makes his way to the ring.

The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, Chris Chaos steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

Suddenly the house lights dim to sheer darkness…

”We know who this is… CATACLYSM has come to Warfare!”

The lights suddenly draw up revealing the XWF World Tag Team Champions CHRIS PAGE and ROBERT MAIN inside Hell in a Cell with Chris Chaos between them.

”Business has just picked up!”

Chaos and Page are engaged in a stare down which allows Robert to blind side Chaos with a stiff clothesline to the back of the neck sending Chaos into a Claymore Kick from Page!

”There’s no Peter Gilmour or Hanari Carnes to even the odds! Cataclysm has come to give a receipt from the attack laid out on Savage!

Page gets back to his feet before reaching down and picking Chris Chaos up off the mat. Page positions him for a Powerbomb where he hoists him up into the air before delivering a Powerbomb from Page into a Backstabber by Main!


Page and Main are back to their feet before Page starts stomping down at the body of Chaos before Robert reaches down picking him up off the mat. Main sends Chaos across the ring into a neutral corner before taking Page and flinging him towards the corner where he delivers a running clothesline to Chaos driving him back against the buckles only to have Page whip him back towards Main who drops Chaos where he stands with a Superkick to the jaw!

”The Tag Team Champions are leaving an impression on one of the two that will challenge them for the Tag Titles at Leap of Faith!”

Page slides out to the floor where he throws the ring apron back and pulls out a steel chair that he slides into the ring for Robert.

”This is about to get a lot worse before it gets any better for Chris Chaos!”

”To a nicer guy it couldn’t have happened!”

Robert picks up the steel chair as we see Chris Chaos start working his way back to his feet where Robert smacks the steel chair over the skull of Chaos sending Chris crumbling to the mat as he’s been busted wide open.

”Chaos Inc. shed the blood of Robert Main on Savage and tonight Robert Main has shed the blood of Chaos Inc.”

Chris Page slides back into the ring where he makes his way over to a bloody Chaos as he reaches down picking him up off the mat and holds him in place where a second unprotected chair shot to the skull of Chaos echoes throughout the arena but Page holds him in place where a third unprotected chair shot to the bloody skull of Chaos! Page turns Chris around and under hooks the arms before hoisting him up in the air and driving him into the mat with a thunderous PAGE PLANT!


Chaos’s blood soaks the mat as Chris Page reaches down picking him up off the mat where he hurls him towards Main who delivers the DEADMAN’S HAND! Main pops back up to his feet where he reaches down picking Chaos up off the mat before hoisting him up and into a SHATTER MACHINE! Cataclysm stands tall as they look down at the beaten body of Chris Chaos.

The lights suddenly dim out to darkness.

Several seconds elapse before the lights come back up to reveal Cataclysm nowhere to be seen and the bloody face of Chris Chaos laying on his back looking up at the lights is shown as the scene fades.

Chaos struggles to hie feet just before the bell rings.

Ding Ding Ding

The bell rings and McBride charges immediately. He is all over Chaos in the early going, and backs him into the corner with a flurry of punches. Chris is covering up as McBride is in a rage. McBride keeps going, until he has Chaos's knees bent in the corner. McBride backs up, Chaos brings his arms down, and as soon as he does, McBride chops.

Another Chop.

Another Chop.

He whips Chaos across the ring. Chaos hits the corner and bounces out, and McBride levels him with a clothesline in the center of the ring. McBride stays on the attack, lifting Chaos up by the hair. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Chaos but doesn't go for the pin.

Pip: McBride is fired up here. He has taken it to Chaos in the early going. McBride trying to wear the legend down here.

Chaos is back up, and McBride knocks him back down.

McBride looks at Gilmour on the outside of the ring. "This is your leader?! This is who you chose to follow?!" he kicks Chaos in the ribs.

He picks up Chaos by the hair again in the middle of the ring. Chaos is able to back him off with a finger poke to the eye, buying him some time.

Chaos stumbles to one corner, McBride regains composure. He swings, Chaos ducks, and lifts him up for a fireman's carry slam. McBride, who is running on adrenaline, however, pops right back up.

Chaos comes off the ropes, going for a clothesline, but McBride ducks, kicking him in the gut and planting him with a DDT.

McBride goes for an early cover.



Chaos gets a shoulder up.

Heather: It is gonna take more than that to keep Chris Chaos down

McBride is on top, raining down clubbing forearm blows. Chaos goes to cover up again. McBride is literally seeing red, trying to punish Chaos. When McBride pops up again, he has more words for Gilmour on the outside.

He turns back around and Chaos is up. McBride swings, Chaos drops to one knee and uppercuts McBride, and comes off the ropes with a SPEAR!!!!!!!

Pip: That quick! It's that quick! Spear out of nowhere and this one is jolly well over!

But Chaos isn't going for the cover.

Heather: Yeah, but I don't think that is enough for Chaos. He doesn't wanna win this the easy way!

He grabs McBride by the head, as the Irish man is wincing and grabbing his ribs. He tosses McBride with force, over the ropes, and face first into the side of the cage. McBride collides with the steel and crumbles. Chaos has a grin on his face now, as he steps through the ropes. He grabs McBride's face and shoves it against the steel again, grating it against it. After letting go, he shoves his head back into the steel again.

McBride has a small cut on his head now as Chaos hits a back body drop on the outside, a sickening thud as McBride's body collides with the unforgiving floor outside.

Pip: Chaos wants to dissect McBride here, this is going to be pretty systematic.

Heather: This one is gonna get ugly.

Chaos has a smug look on his face now as he lifts McBride back up, tossing him back and shoulder first into the ring steps.

Chaos walks over, picking McBride up again. He goes to throw McBride into the steel again, but the Irish man counters, whipping Chaos into the steel. Chris's body bounces off and McBride grabs him......SUPLEX on to the floor outside.

Chaos is wincing and holding his back. McBride is trying to catch his bearings. McBride stumbles over to the ring apron, and bends down, pulling the apron up. He pulls out a steel chair. He is moving a bit slower now, however, and the time he took worked against him. He turned towards Chaos, who hits a boot to the face, shoving the chair back into the head of McBride. The Irish man drops. Chaos, still wincing, picks up the chair. With a sick grin he brings it down over the torso and leg of McBride.






He is wearing him out with the chair. Once it is too bent to use, he tosses it aside. Chaos now decides to take the same strategy McBride used, however, and picks him him .

STANDING STO onto the floor outside.

But Chaos still doesn't go for the pin. Instead he picks up McBride and whips him back first into the cage. Grabbing the bent chair he takes a few steps back. Running, jumping onto the steps and leaping off, he collides, chair first, into McBride. "Ohhhh" from the crowd as McBride crumbles. Chaos smiles.

Pip: Good god.

McBride is bleeding now. Chaos lifts him up. Another uppercut. McBride is stumbling back. Chaos gives chase. A few punches, and McBride rolls into the ring. Chris follows him as well. McBride is stumbling away, and Chris is following, throwing a jab here and there, toying with him.

McBride is back in the corner again. Chaos now opens up the boxing style combo, firing off punches and kicks. Tossing McBride out of the corner, Chaos continues to toy with him. He looks over at Peter, who actually looks a bit concerned for his former friend. Chaos furls his eyebrow, a bit upset with Peter's obvious concern. He throws his arms up. When Chaos turns back around McBride kicks him in the knee. Chaos goes down to one knee, and McBride, using a second wind, comes off the ropes and knee's Chaos in the side of the head. Like Chaos, however, he doesn't go for the pin. Instead, he rolls out of the ring.

Pip: Peter showing some concern here. McBride has taken a bit of a beating, and maybe Peter is beginning to feel bad here!

McBride goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets it up as the crowd cheers. He also pulls out a bed of barbed wire. He lays it on top of the table.

Heather: McBride has some bad intentions here!

He also pulls out a baseball bat.

Rolling into the ring, Chaos is up. Chaos swings, McBride ducks, and hits him in the gut with the bat. Chaos does to one knee, struggling to breathe. He clubs Chaos in the back of the neck. Lifting him back up, holding the bat to his neck, he locks him in for a T-Bone suplex. The bat is shoved into Chris's throat with the suplex, and he is coughing up what appears to be blood.

Pip: Oh my god. McBride could have crushed his windpipe with that one!

Heather: Good, maybe it will shut him up!

Chaos rolls over, onto all fours. McBride kicks him in the side again.

McBride picks him up, shoving him into the corner. A few more hard shots, and McBride sits Chaos on the middle rope. A few forearm shots and he lifts Chaos up onto the top. Standing on the middle rope, he goes to lock Chaos in for a suplex. Chris seemingly realizes his predicament and begins to fight back. McBride fires a body shot to try and subdue him, but Chaos keeps fighting. Just then the two lose balance on the top. They are still locked together when they crash through the barbed wire table.

Pip: OH MY GOD! Both men went through that barbed wire table! Both men are down, and bleeding! McBride is out cold! Chaos is out cold!

The crowd is chanting "holy shit" in French.

Peter sees the carnage inside the cage and begins to pull at the door, trying to get the lock off.

After a minute or so, both men begin to stir. McBride's face is a crimson mask. He is using the cage to lift himself. Chaos is back up, and wobbling. He goes for a spear again but McBride, seemingly by accident, falls back down. Chaos crashes into the cage door shoulder first, and the door busts a little, but doesn't move.

Chaos is holding his shoulder. McBride uses the cage to lift himself up again. His face is crimson, and his body is brusied and cut from the barbed wire. Peter reaches out and puts a hand up to McBrides.

Pip: Are they showing solidarity?! Is Chaotic Inc crumbling as quickly as it began?!

Just then, Valerie Sky comes around the edge of the cage. She has bolt cutters.

Heather: What is this?! Valarie Sy has bolt cutters!

She hands them to Peter. He cuts the lock. The door opens. McBride stumbles forward. Peter is telling him to come towards him, offering help.

Just as McBride gets to the entrance of the cage door.....


Pip: Damnit! It was a set up! Peter sucked him in!

McBride stumbles back, and Chaos catches him......


Chaos, who is a little worse for wear as well, rolls McBride into the ring. He crouches in the corner.

He waits for McBride to get up. When he does........


He damn near folds McBride in half.

Chaos, who is also bleeding, hooks the leg.




Winner: Chris Chaos

Pip: This one is mercifully over. Blood was shed, bodies are damaged. McBride had this match in check but that damn Peter Gilmour.........

Peter and Valarie are in the ring. Peter has a tee shirt. They put a Theo Pryce merchandise tee over the face of the downed McBride as they hold their arms up, Dope playing over the PA.

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

[Image: 4boXNV5.png]

[Image: 340?cb=20131214162231]
- vs -
[Image: 340?cb=20190804194642]



A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks and makes his way to the ring.

Shawn Warstein makes his way to the ring

The bell rings as Warstein slowly walks towards mm. They get face to face as Warstein spits and winds up and throws a punch, but mm blocks and begins to lay into Warstein with a flurry of rights. Each blow connecting flush causing Warstein to retreat, but mm doesn’t allow him to create any separation and grabs Warstein by the hair and throws him head first into the glass wall. Warstein’s head bounces off of the glass, as mm grabs him from behind and throws him once again head first into the wall.

Pip: Mastermind going for the quick win here, but that glass is holding.

HEATHER: I don’t think Shawn was ready for this early onslaught from Mastermind. If he keeps it up we might have a new Universal Cham….

Warstein rebounds off of the glass and fires off a clothesline, but mm ducks. Warstein stops and back kicks mm in the calf. Then dives for the knee. Warstein begins to stomp on mm, but mm eventually gets to his feet. Warstein throws another punch, but mm blocks and throws a kick. Warstein catches it but is immediately hit with an enziguri square on the temple. mm picks up Warstein and locks in a headlock in the middle of the ring.

HEATHER: mm back in control.

PIP: Sure is, he’s got the champ square in the middle of the ring.

Warstein’s body is slowly going limp, as mm nails a running bulldog. mm wipes his hands clean, and stands up. Warstein is rolling on the mat and begins using the ropes to pull himself up. mm stands over him slapping him in the back of the head

MASTERMIND: Thought this would be easy huh!?

mm drops a big elbow in the back of Warstein. Warstein grabs his back as he bellows in pain. mm does it again, then picks Warstein up and points to the glass wall. mm heaves Warstein with all of his strength towards the glass….


The glass holds strong but is starting to show weakness. Warstein’s forehead is cut as blood begins to cover his face. mm doesn’t let up and grabs Warstein from behind and nails a German suplex. Warstein rag dolls to the other side. mm takes a moment to catch his breath.

PIP: mm looking strong right now….

HEATHER: I think Shawn is up to something.

Warstein pulls something out of his pants and places it on his left hand.

PIP: What is that? [/Red]

mm walks up to the downed Warstein, and begins to pick him up. Warstein Warsteinings and connects on the jaw of mm who crumbles to the ground in a heap. Warstein taps his temple and smiles as he leans up against the ropes.

[white]PIP: Of course he would have that.

HEATHER: He didn’t become champion by not being prepared.

Warstein lifts up one of mm’s arms as it falls lifelessly to the ground. A quick shrug Warstein struggles to pick up the dead weight of mm. Warstein gets him to his feet but is surprised by mm who ducks under and locks in the Mind Sleeper. Warstein’s arms flail around trying anything to get out of the hold.

PIP: Well played by mm.

HEATHER: This could be the end of it….

mm drags Warstein to the middle of the ring still holding onto Warstein. Warstein goes down to a knee. mm looks ready to end this match as he drags Warstein up and readjusts himself and once again tries to throw Warstein into the glass.

PIP: This is it!!!! The egomaniac is done for!!!

But Warstein spins around and tosses mm right into the glass.

HEATHER: Ohhh noooooooo….



HEATHER: Not quite there yet.

Warstein collapses to the ground, as he begins to slide to the opposite side of the ring. Wiping the blood out of his eyes he pulls himself to his feet using the ropes. mm slowly begins to get to a knee. Warstein rushes at him.


PIP: It’s academic at this point.

Warstein connects with the knee as both men lay on the mat. Warstein rolls over to his stomach and gets to a vertical base. Warstein looks at his left hand with the brass knuckles and takes it off. He tosses them over the side of the glass. Warstein walks over to mm and lifts him up, but is hit by a low-blow that sends Warstein to the ground.

PIP: You’ve got to do what you have to to win here….

mm and Warstein both get to their feet at the same time. As they both let loose a flurry of punches. Neither man backing down. Until mm blocks and rails off a few punches. mm reaches back but is kicked in the gut. Warstein quickly steps in and levels him with an EGO TRIP.

PIP: You have to ask….

HEATHER: How much more can Mastermind endure?

Warstein sits up and looks at mm, then gets a sly smile on his face. Warstein pulls up mm’s head and shows it to the world. Then Warstein wipes the blood off of his face and draws a cross on mm’s forehead.

Shawn: In the jungle the mighty jungle….

Warstein pulls mm all the way up to his feet.

HEATHER: Is Shawn singing?

PIP: It appears as he is... and I think we are about to get sued.

Warstein walks mm over to the weaked wall and smashes his head.


Shawn: The lion hunts tonight….

Once again Warstein slams his head into the glass.


Warstein slams his head into the wall once again and takes a few steps back still holding mm by the back of the head. Warstein looks mm right in the face.

Shawn: Long Live The King.

Warstein throws mm towards the glass wall with all of his strength and mm’s body weight behind it. mm slams hard into the glass wall…




mm flies through the glass and to the floor below as Warstein drops to a knee in the ring. The ref quickly checks on mm and slides the Universal Title to Warstein who holds it up high above his head much to the chagrin of the audience.


Just as Shawn is relieved to have won

'Guille's Theme' hits the arena's sound system and the crowd goes crazy.

The Wizard makes his way to the ring, with his Manager Mof just behind him.

The Wizard comes face to face with the Universal Champion Shawn Warstein, who thinks he is there for him. The Wizard starts talking to Shawn.

"I can hear the conversation. The Wizard is telling the Uni Champion that he is not out here for him, he is out there for Mastermind,"

Both Shawn and The Wizard look down at Mastermind who again is struggling to get to his feet. Shawn nods to The Wizard and makes his way to the back.

Glass is everywhere because of the broken wall which Mastermind has just gone through, from behind him Mof, suddenly has a broom, and pulls the Wizard back, and starts sweeping up the glass in front of the Wizard. He just cleared a way forward for The Wizard who takes a step.

Mastermind is trying to get to his feet, unaware he might be attacked at any time by the Wizard. The fans are going crazy. They want this attack to happen.

Instead the Wizard asks for a microphone. Mof grabs it and gives it to him.

"Mastermind...... at last..... we meet.... again."

Mastermind is down after his latest attempt failed to try to get to his feet. His whole body is shaking. Clearly, he is not right. Mof sweeps a huge pile of glass at him. Mastermind finally finds the strength to look up. His eyes finally locate the Wizard. They gain focus, they gain intensity, He looks almost ready to go back into battle.

"Ah, there you are. I hate to drop this on so soon after your failure to master Warstein's mind, but.... if not now.... when? I'm here to discuss the battle many years in the making.... A fight so epic it can only take place on a Pay Per View.... Yes I'm speaking about our match at..... Leap of Faith."

Mastermind finally gets the energy to struggle to his feet. He stumbles over towards The Wizard. He swipes the microphone from The Wizard's hand. And manages enough energy to push the Wizard backward a couple of steps. He then raises the microphone.

"What.... what the hell is your problem? I... I.... have to know.....Why chose me as your first point of call in the XWF.... TELL ME..... NOW!!!"

Mastermind throws the microphone back at the Wizard. The Wizard smiles (as if we can see a smile). He knows he has gotten under Mastermind's skin. He lifts up the microphone.

"It's a long story, Mastermind. Bottom line is.... I HATE YOUR STINKING GUTS."

Mof is seen massaging the Wizard's shoulders, trying to calm him the big man down. The Wizard jabs the bottom of his staff into the ring repeatedly. He's very animated in his hatred for Mastermind. Even the fans at ringside are like 'hey calm down man'. He finally gets back his level of composure that he had before.

"Sorry, but you ruined my life. I'd get into the hows and whys but.... this is wrestling, not days of our lives. Point is, I want payback. I need to face you, Mastermind. I need to beat you. And I'm willing to do it on your own turf. I'm willing to do it under your rules. Why? To prove once and for all you cannot Master THIS mind."

The Wizard throws the microphone back at Mastermind who catches it. Mastermind then looks at the Wizard, trying to recall where he met this man from previously but he can't, finally, he lifts the microphone to his lips.

"Well, if you won't tell me now, I guess it'll come out during our promos for Leap of Faith. But know this, I have FAITH that I am going to beat you at Leap of Faith. You want to choose a stipulation then by all means let's hear it. I'm giving you the chance."

Mastermind throws the microphone back at the Wizard, who attempts to casually catch it, but drops it. Luckily, Mof is there to make the save. He hands the microphone back to the Wizard.

"Hmmm., That seems awfully nice of you, Mastermind. You aren't trying to MASTER my MIND are you?"

Mof leans un to whisper in the Wizard's ear. While doing so, a drunk female can be heard screaming "I LOVE YOU WIZARD!!!"

It sounds like Fanny. The camera cuts over to the crowd and sees that it is is, indeed, the Wizard's #1 fan..... Fantasia.... she's hammered, double fisting a couple of beers. The Wizard ignores her, and the camera cuts back to the ring.

"I was going to suggest that, when I win, I get the royalties to all of your merch, but, I mean, we all saw how well those items sell. So, I'm going to suggest something final. Something resolute. Something that will allow me to get the revenge I seek. A stipulation where the victor truly masters the loser's mind. Let me see.. ah yes... an 'I QUIT' match."

The Wizard throws the microphone back at Mastermind. Mastermind catches it with ease unlike the Wizards attempt a little bit earlier. He is seen smirking his infamous smirk as the fans go wild at the stipulation that is announced.

"You want an 'I QUIT' match?"

The Wizard nods.

"Then by all means I will give you the stipulation you so desire for our match. But know this, I won't be the one saying 'I QUIT.' YOU WILL."

Suddenly from out of the crowd, The Misfits - Kris The Hammer Von Bonn, Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs, and newest member Scarlet The Hunteress Donaldson slide into the ring to join their leader. Their manager Antony the Jerk can be seen on the outside.

Caught off guard, The Wizard raises his mighty staff. Mof reaches into his baggy pant pocket and reveals a can of pepper spray. The Misfits start laughing. This won't be enough to stop them. They step forward. The odds look bleak for The Wizard and Mof. Until.......

A wild bunch of blonde hair struggles to get into the ring. The person to whom the hair belongs struggles to their feet. Upon performing a hair flip that probably felt a lot cooler than it looked, we see that it's.... it's......


Fanny looks at the Wizard. Then at Mof. She's got their backs.

This doesn't bother the Misfits. They are continuing to step forward slowly but surely, and intently. They continue zeroing in. Then suddenly.......

Fanny heaves...... and she pukes all over the ring.

The Misfits jump back, disgusted. The Wizard is horrified. Mof, noticing an opportunity, grabs the Wizard, and Fanny, yanking them out of the ring. Before the Misfits can recover from the horror bile, and the smell, The Wizard, Mof, and Fanny are halfway up the ramp.

Mastermind runs to the ropes and watches The Wizard, Mof, and Fanny heading towards the stage entrance. Mastermind really wants the last word.

"This isn't over Wizard. See you at Leap of Faith, where, you WILL quit to me."

As Warfare is about to go off the air, Fanny, who is covered in beer and puke, is annoyed at what Mastermind has said and tries to run down the ramp, but the Wizard and Mof grabs her, and pulls her back. The Misfits and The Wizard, Mof and Fanny have a staredown as Warfare finally goes off the air.

Sorry for the lateness of results, its just been a busy day for me my end.

I would like to thank

Shawn Fuzz Warstein
Chris Chaos
James Raven
Noah Jackson

For writing matches and

Chronic Chris Page
Jenny Myst
The Wizard

For writing segments

And for everyone else who sentt in promos this fortnight.

I hope everyone enjoys the show

And I hope everyone enjoys Leap of Faith.

I look forward to the next Warfare in August.
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(07-15-2020, 09:22 PM)Atara Themis Said: OOC: Kudos Jenny!

OOC: Glad you liked it! I thought it would build well going into LOF! Looking forward to it!


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Another one bites the dust.

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page and plant er i mean main tried to get one over on chaotic inc but FAILED!

see u pussies at the ppv when we take your souls and those tag belts!

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“Even can dream.”

(07-17-2020, 04:32 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said: page and plant er i mean main tried to get one over on chaotic inc but FAILED!

see u pussies at the ppv when we take your souls and those tag belts!

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itll be your nightmare

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Such a fucking legend! Tell'em Pete!

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