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XWF House Show Deadline is 12 Midnight PST, day before the show!
[Image: cf79ffbe2e15bfbb8afd842b183403b7--house-...-honor.jpg]

XWF HOUSE SHOWS EXPLAINED: The basic concept is that it's 100% back and forth trash talk and kept very simple. The results themselves WILL NOT take the GM longer than 10 minutes to write. You will literally be given 1 or 2 sentences for your match and told how it ends. These ARE NOT full results, but the good news is that they'll go up very quickly!

You will NOT write any scenes or any narrative in your posts for the week. It's straight back and forth, 100% talking IN character. Clever takes on this idea, good trash talks, good jokes, witty comebacks, systematic breaking down of an opponent, etc... these are the things that will gain you the win.

Each match gets its own thread for the competitors to reply in, again and again, throughout the week. Staff will create your RP thread. DO NOT BEGIN A NEW THREAD.

You may talk in-character UP TO 200 WORDS PER POST (Unless it is the main event for the Federweight Title, then it will be 500). You may go over this number at your own risk. If we think the post looks too long when we're going through and grading, we might skip it altogether! Then again, we might not. As I said go over 200 at your own risk.

Once you have posted, please wait until somebody else in the match posts before you reply again. So basically, to keep this simple, do not post back to back.

If NOBODY ELSE IN YOUR MATCH has responded in 6 HOURS and you've been waiting to post again, you are allowed to post again. While it will look like back-to-back posts, I will check the timestamp on them and verify each post.

If someone wants to be "one and done" just to get a cheap win, they are not getting the idea of what we're doing here.. So let's KEEP IT COMPETITIVE!

XWF House Show Battles
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