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XWF Presents: Leap of Faith 2022
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Pay Per View Opening 6 Man Free For All

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

Over The Top Battle Royale - Winner receives a non Universal Title Shot Of Their Choosing
Savage Rules

- vs -
Boiler Room Brawl - This match takes place in the Boiler Room and lower levels of the stadium.

- vs -
Buried Alive Match

The First Ever XWF Sanctioned Outsiders Grudge Match

- vs -
Xtreme Rules
1 RP Unlimited Word Count

- vs -


- vs -
Standard Match
Anarchy Rules


- vs -
Leap of Fake Match - The challengers will fight their way up to the stage where a dozen championship belts hang high above. Then they must climb a scaffolding twenty feet up, take the Leap of Fake, and hope what they grab is the REAL XWF Television Championship!
Savage Rules


- vs -
Ladder Match
Warfare Rules


- vs -
Double Cage Match
Warfare Rules

2022 Leap of Faith Match

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

This match will start on the ground floor of the famed Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the city of Dubai. Wrestlers will work their way up to the absolute top of the building where a 24/7 briefcase will be attached to a crane roughly 10 feet from the building. In order to claim the prize you must make a LEAP OF FAITH and jump off the building and grab the case from the crane and then hold on for dear life. If you leap and miss it's splatsville for you. Do you have what it takes?

Savage Rules


- vs -

ALIAS's Universal Rules - Competitors will be randomly transported to different dimensions where they will continue to fight each other and anything else that might seek to get involved.
Champions Advantage RP Rules

HHL: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Leap of Faith 2022 LIVE from the Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai. As always I am here with my broadcast partner Pip Collins and we have a very full slate of matches here for you tonight so let's get started!

“Wolf Totem” blasts over the PA Joshua makes his way down the entrance way with a swagger like 50 Cent meets a Beach Bum. Wearing a black silk Kimono with white wolves scattered about. Ten feet before the ring he takes off at sprint pace. Sliding in under the bottom rope. Joshua quickly leaps to his feet and walks over to the nearest turnbuckle. Removing his kimono, he tosses it out to a lucky fan. Joshua then climbs the turnbuckle and perches like Raven from WCW with a wicked smirk of violent enjoyment. Awaiting the bell to ring.

The sound of a motorcycle is heard as it rolls on stage with Bam Miller on it. He points around to all the fans before riding down the ramp and riding around the ring. He parks his bike and high fives a fan in the front row, then gets a Miller Lite beer tossed to him. He walks up the Steele steps, and walks slowly into the middle of the ring. He opens the can up and as soon as the can touches his lips pyro goes off behind him. As the pyro stops Bam Miller walks over to the corner to wait for the match to start.

His music hits, soon the ramp opens up and slowly Oswald begins to rise. His ornate cane planted in the platform, dressed to the nines like always. The crowd starting to chant "MAY-HEM! MAY-HEM! MAY-HEM! MAY-HEM! " Once he was equal to the stage, he flung open his arms to form a t, letting out a loud roar, before grinning as he steps forward, making his way as he slowly unbuttons his suit jacket, his tie, his dress shirt, and unbuttoning the Billion Dollar Championship belt, handing it, his clothes, and the cane, to one of his servants as it appears as he takes his stance to get ready to face off against his opponent.

The American Flag waves proudly, united, strong, just like the nation of which he represents. Garry Ray-Ray Nelson emerges from the back, his majestic mustache on point, a few smears of motor oil on his face from having worked on the tractor just this morning. There are no days off for the farmer, after all.

He strides down to the ringside area, slapping hands with all the children, giving salutes to the ones that have their Garry branded American Flag do rags. Ever the patriot, he ensures that his American track suit to touch anything, even the ropes, as he makes it into the ring. He raises his hands, large and caked with dirt from working the fields, to the sky, and the corners explode in a fireworks display of red, white, and blue.

Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett plays and out comes Jacki O'Lantern from behind the curtain to thunderous cheers from the crowd. She walks down the ramp and looks toward the crowd, noticing some signs in support of her, as she points to them and gives them a nod before ascending up the stairs and underneath the bottom rope where she enters the ring. She taunts the crowd, which generates more of a reaction from them before focusing her eyes on the stage as her music dies and her opponent(s) music begins to play next.

The lights in the building start to flicker, matching the opening riffs and drums of Disturbed's 'The Infection'. After the intro, a brief pyro explosion goes off in the entrance and as lyrics of the song begin, Xavier Lux steps out from behind the smoke left by the pyro. He stands there sporting his finest black and green gear, looking around at the XWF crowd most of whom boo him loudly after his recent actions. He shakes his head in disappointment and instead focuses on those that do cheer loudly, and even try to fight the boos with a brief “Venom! Venom!” chant. He smirks before making his way down the ramp, keeping his focus on the ring. Once he gets to ringside, he hops on the apron, wiping his boots showing his respect to the canvas where he is about to practice his craft. He then gets inside and makes his way to the corner, climbs to the second turnbuckle and again just looks around at the crowd who is now giving him a mix reaction. He acknowledges a fan here and there who is showing him support before hopping down from the ring; he checks in with the ref and then gets ready for the match as his music dies down.

Pay Per View Opening 6 Man Free For All

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

Over The Top Battle Royale - Winner receives a non Universal Title Shot Of Their Choosing
Savage Rules

The bell rings and all hell immediately breaks loose. The wrestlers begin pairing off and teeing off on each other while switching partners every couple of seconds. Everyone is throwing haymakers, and everyone is taking it straight on the chin. Every wrestler in the ring is giving it all they got, and none of them look like they’re ever going to stop.

PC: “This one is sure to be an instant classic, Heather! With that many competitors in one ring, just about anything can happen!”

HHL: “I don’t even know if there is a favorite in this match, Pip! I think a chaotic royale like this is just about anyone’s game!”

Schuler irish whips Xavier Lux over to the other side of the ring while Oswald begins to lounge back and just scope out the scene.

PC: “Whoever walks away from this match the winner will be walking away with their choice of a championship shot.”

HHL: “It’s a huge opportunity for everyone in the ring, Pip! That’s for sure!”

Jacki O’Lantern delivers a spinning backfist that almost floors Xavier Lux in the corner of the ring, while Bam Miller is throwing repeated jabs that force Ray Ray Nelson into a turnbuckle. Meanwhile Oswald and Schuler have paired off in the center of the ring, but the two heavyweights are just staring each other down to the tune of the audience’s bloodthirsty screams. Oswald, the much bigger between the two, is the first to strike. He slaps Schuler right across the cheek, reddening his face. Oswald starts talking mad shit while Schuler palms his own bruised cheek.

PC: “Oswald is coming in here with big-time disrespect!”

HHL: “Big Money doesn’t like Schuler, he’s made that clear in the lead-up to this match!”

Oswald follows up with another slap from his opposite hand that forces Schuler to take a single step backwards. The Wolf of Afghanistan shakes his head as Oswald just laughs- but then, Schuler kicks Oswald in the gut, forcing him to keel over! Schuler then tries to get in position for a DDT, but Oswald knows exactly what’s coming! Oswald wraps his arms around Schuler’s waist as the Wolf’s paws grip his neck. Then, Oswald lifts Schuler off the mat and slams his back to the ground behind him!

Meanwhile, Bam Miller just uppercuts half a tooth out of Ray Ray Nelson’s mouth! Some blood flies out after the punch, and Bam Miller senses an opportunity! Bam tries to get a good hold of Nelson so he can toss him over the ropes near the turnbuckle, but the six inch height difference between the two is making it difficult for the shorter man to get a good grip! Before Bam is really able to execute his attempt, Nelson repeatedly elbows him in the head, forcing him to stagger back from the ropes.

HHL: “Some great wrestling IQ from Oswald right there!”

PC: “And Bam Miller had a great idea on his own follow up, but it might still be a little bit early for an elimination!”

By now Jacki has Xavier on the ground and she is applying a Cut Throat Stretch! It won’t get Xavier over the top rope, but it sure seems to cause him immense pain! Back in the center of the ring Oswald and Schuler have both scrambled to their feet and they now are charging straight at each other. Oswald tries for a clothesline, but Schuler ducks under it before turning around and snatching Oswald up in a belly-to-back suplex that sends him flying across the ring!

Bam Miller and Garry Ray-Ray Nelson are now caught in the middle of a clinch, still backed up near a corner turnbuckle. Garry is making use of his severe height advantage as he positions his arms from above to gain an upper-hand in the close quarters grappling. After a few more seconds of struggle Nelson is able to force Miller into the corner before suddenly transitioning the clinch into a corner choke! Now Bam’s hands and Nelsons’ hands are around Miller’s throat!

PC: “There is so much action in the ring right now, it’s hard to keep focused!”

HHL: “Just pick your favorite superstar and follow along with them, Pip! That’s what I’ve been doing!”

Jacki O'Lantern finally releases the submission as she steps up off Xavier. This was a big mistake, as it turns out, because when she stands up, SHE’S CLOTHESLINED RIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE BY A RAMPAGING JOSHUA SCHULER!

PC: “And there goes the Madness star!”

HHL: “Wait, Pip- she’s not out yet! She’s still hanging onto the ropes!”

As Jacki hangs on for dear life to the other side of the ropes, Joshua Schuler continues his rampage! He charges straight into both Nelson and Miller, ramming both men into the corner so hard that they collapse to the mat! Then Schuler turns around, only to be caught unsuspectingly with a snap suplex from Xavier Lux! The two men quickly get back to their feet, only for Schuler to get caught in yet ANOTHER snap suplex, this one more devastating than the last! All four turnbuckles shake as the two men slam into the mat a second time!

PC: “Well that put an end to the bearded pig’s warpath!”

HHL: “Xavier Lux is in the driver’s seat now!”

Xavier looks around the ring and finds Oswald rising to his feet just as Jacki O’Lantern pulls herself up over the top rope and back into the ring. Lux looks between the two, then decides to try his luck with Oswald. Lux charges the larger man, only to be met with a sudden dropkick! Oswald steps up after the dropkick just in time to see Jacki O’Lantern heading his way with violent intent! Oswald catches Jacki as she nears him before he lifts her up and OVER THE ROPES! Oswald uses Jacki’s own momentum against her, causing her to crash to the mats outside the ring!


PC: “And we just lost our first competitor! Jacki goes flying, she took the wrong leap of faith!”

HHL: “The quick thinking from Oswald kept him in this match, and it forced the Madness Superstar out of it!”

As Jacki O’Lantern shakes her head in disappointment, Oswald stands tall and begins going on a rampage of his own. Gary Ray-Ray Nelson steps up from the mat only to be immediately tossed down when Oswald puts him through a back-breaking body slam. Ray-Ray hollers out in pain as Oswald turns his focus on Bam Miller, who is charging right at Oswald and going for a spear! Unfortunately for Bam, Oswald sees it coming from about five feet away! Bam charges right into Oswald’s finisher, ‘The DELETION!’! After the powerful move Bam Miller rolls to the side of the ring with half his body hanging over the apron.

PC: “Oswald just knocked Bam Miller out! All he has to do now is follow it up with an elimination!”

Instead of doing just that, Oswald seems to be lost in the carnage. As he sees Lux getting back up from the dropkick, Oswald goes back to town with an even more athletic dropkick! Lux sees nothing but deja vu as he collapses to the mat once again. Schuler pops back up, only to wind up as target practice for Oswald’s hooks, crosses, and jabs! After a nice multi-piece combination, The Wolf of Afghanistan is forced into a corner turnbuckle with his arms at his side. One more big punch to the skull from Ozzy sends Schuler falling to the mat.

HHL: “Oswald is going OFF right now, Pip! He’s the most dangerous man in the ring!”

PC: “But this isn’t a last man standing match, Heather! Oswald needs to start throwing people over the top rope, he can’t just beat them black and blue and expect to win this one!”

Everyone downed man in the ring, except for Bam Miller, makes eye contact with each other. They all nod and make some sort of silent agreement as Oswald begins taunting the audience in the middle of the ring. Schuler, Lux, and Ray-Ray all rise to their feet in unison. Oswald charges at Lux st, but the Wolf of Afghanistan rolls into the corner with Lux. Assuming that the two men would be about to fight, Oswald marches right over to Ray-Ray and starts exchanging big right hands with the big tall man. The two men seem to be going back and forth pretty evenly, with Oswald throwing punches and Ray-Ray countering with slaps, but after a while it becomes clear that Oswald is getting the upper hand. He’s pushing Ray-Ray towards the corner….as Lux and Schuler rush up behind Oswald and try lifting him over the top rope!

Oswald realizes what is happening and looks EXTREMELY stressed about it. Ray-Ray, Schuler, and Lux all start beating on Oswald like a red-headed stepchild as they desperately try to lift the big man over the top rope to end his rampage. Oswald is fighting back as hard as he can, but the numbers game is getting the best of him!

HHL: “They have Oswald two-thirds of the way over the rope now!”

PC: “This isn’t fair! It’s supposed to be every man for himself in there, not every man against Oswald!”

Oswald is delivering hammer fist after hammer fist as he tries his best to force back his three attackers, but it’s no use. Every time he smacks one of the coalition members back another one starts tugging on his clothing and trying to lift him the rest of the way over the rope. The coalition members are getting big black eyes, but Oswald has fear in his eyes as he is finally flung over the top rope and onto the floor outside the ring!


HHL: “And there goes the big man!”

PC: “Now that they worked together to take Oswald out, this really is anyone’s match!”

Schuler, Lux, and Ray-Ray all take a brief moment to congratulate each other on a job well done despite the circumstances of their coalition. As all three men take a slight breather after lifting up a big meaty man, we see Bam Miller rise to his feet in the opposite corner of the ring!

Bam wipes a few beads of sweat from his brow as the crowd goes crazy, and as none of his opponent’s notice his return to action. Just as the impromptu coalition turns back around to look for Miller, he comes sprinting straight towards them all! Schuler is the one who gets struck, and he too is sent flying over the top rope with a devastating knee trigger!


PC: “Bam Miller comes back to life with the TOP GUY SLAYER, and it sends The Wolf of Afghanistan flying back to West Asia!”

HHL: “We are down from six to three, but only one can remain at the end of the match, and that man will earn himself a title shot of his choosing! No wonder they all want this so badly!”

Bam Miller follows up his knee trigger by going to town on both Lux and Ray-Ray, forcing both men to back up as they intermittently lose boxing matches to the man with the hardcorew bralwer. Ray-Ray and Lux look towards each other in common understanding before they wink. Miller doesn’t quite know what’s going on, but he figures it out when the two men charge at him with clothes lines from opposite angles! Miller rolls out of the way just in time, causing the two coalition members to clothes line EACH OTHER! Lux and Ray-Ray are now sprawled out, and Bam Miller takes just a couple of seconds to play to the crowd.

Lux is the first man to get back up, and as he does so he is brought right into a stunner! Bam kicks Lux in the gut before turning around and trying to hit his Miller Time move- but Lux smartly pushes Miller’s back, putting a good few feet of separation between the two men. As Miller is pushed away, Ray-Ray charges towards Bam’s ankles and takes em’ out! After that Ray-Ray and Xavier Lux immediately hop on Bam Miller and begin giving him all types of hell. They work together to lift Bam Miller up and toss him into one of the corners. Ray-Ray and Lux grin at each other before they walk to the corner and try to lift Bam Miller up to the top rope.

HHL: “Bam Miller is working against two men now! This is becoming a handicap match!”

PC: “Things aren’t looking good for the Miller Man right now!”

Xavier and Ray-Ray go to throw Miller off from the top, but Bam snaps back to his senses and uses his feet to kick away both of his opponents! As soon as there is just enough space between Bam and his foes, he hops right off the top rope for a double moonsault!....but Xavier and Ray-Ray catch him in mid flight! The two men work together to throw Bam Miller over the top rope after his dive, even as he squirms and fights it the whole way! Ray-Ray and Lux both wipe some sweat from their brows after Miller lands harshly on the ground outside the ring.


HHL: “And then there were two!”

PC: “I don’t think their coalition can last any longer, Heather!”

Venom and Ray-Ray take a few steps away from each other as they reconsider their changing circumstances. Xavier Lux looks up at the much taller man with a smirk, clearly confident in his abilities. Ray-Ray, meanwhile, is cracking his knuckles and rolling his head around on his neck. The two men, who had just been working together, suddenly stared each other down from just a few feet away. It was unclear who was going to make the first move.

PC: “I think Ray-Ray might just win this one, I mean, look at how tall he is!”

HHL: “Between these two Xavier is the clear favorite, Pip! His run so far in the XWF has been marred with victories!”

Ray-Ray extends his hand out to Xavier for a shake; but Xavier refuses it. Instead, Xavier responds by kicking Ray-Ray in the shins! Ray-Ray leans over to touch his shins after the feeling the pain, and that gives Lux a perfect opportunity to DDT him straight into the mat…so he does! Lux continues to press his advantage as he immediately locks in a chokehold on the taller man once they both hit the mat.

PC: “That was cheap!”

HHL: “And it worked! Xavier Lux is all business in that ring, he didn’t come to Dubai to make friends!”

PC: “Well…it worked! He certainly ruined whatever friendship he could have had!”

Xavier Lux applies pressure to the chokehold as Ray-Ray frantically begins clawing at Venom’s forearm, unable to end the submission. No referees even bother checking on the submission, however, because it doesn’t count towards the match’s result! All it counts towards is Ray-Ray’s shrinking blood oxygen levels as his face starts to turn funny colors. Finally Lux releases the hold, only to quickly follow it up with a couple of mean-spirited slaps to the back of Ray-Ray’s head.

Lux then pushes himself up to his feet and begins unloading kicks on Ray-Ray, forcing the taller man to try and crawl out of reach. Eventually Ray-Ray is able to roll away towards the ropes, where he immediately begins pulling himself up. Nelson, however, sees Lux charging right towards him and dips away just before Lux can clothesline him over the top rope!

PC: “Ray-Ray almost got caught right there!”

HHL: “You need to be aware of your ring positioning at all times in a match like this!”

Ray-Ray heads towards the middle of the ring, where he can’t be eliminated. Once he’s there he cracks a smile, and we can see that his mouth is incredibly bloody. Nelson’s teeth are more red than white by this point, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much. Nelson just spits some excess blood onto the mat, much to the disgust of Xavier Lux, who is now shaking his head at Ray-Ray from across the ring.

The two men begin circling each other around the squared circle as the audience starts picking sides. The two men, both beaten down and sweaty beyond belief by this point, are looking for any weakness in their opponents armor. Neither man finding a chink, they decide to both just charge forwarth and lock up. While Lux starts off with the upper hand and begins pushing Ray-Ray back, eventually the tides turn as the much taller man is able to get insane leverage and positioning. Ray-Ray begins pushing Xavier Lux into a corner, but Lux puts an end to it by stomping on his toes and breaking up the grapple. Lux follows up the toe stomp with a quick 1-2 punching combination that gives him some space to operate.

Lux then dons a sick smile as he charges at Ray-Ray and grabs his arm, Irish Whipping him into the opposite corner turnbuckle. Xavier Lux immediately follows after and leaves his feet, going for a perfect dropkick! Ray-Ray, however, had seen plenty of tape before the fight, and he knew just what was coming! Nelson bats Lux’s legs out of the air, sending the man collapsing to the ground. From there Ray-Ray wastes no time in asserting his will, sending kick after kick towards his downed opponent like nobody’s business.

PC: “Xavier Lux just barely missed on The Toxin there! That could have been the end of this!”

HHL: “Xavier Lux whiffed on his signature, and now Nelson is the man of the hour! This isn’t good for Lux at all, that was a costly mistake!”

Lux tries to scamper away and push himself back up to his feet, but Ray-Ray kicks him in the back and sends him back to the mat. Xavier clutches his back in agony as he tries to crawl away, but Nelson walks right up to him before stopping all his progress with a sudden elbow drop. Ray-Ray Nelson then picks Lux up before placing his big hands on Xavier’s chest and shoving him towards the ropes. Xavier bounces off the ropes and back toward Nelson, only to eat a BLOOD ON THE PLOW(roaring elbow) straight to the face!

The force of the finishing elbow sends Xavier Lux flying back towards the side of the ring, over the top rope, and out of the squared circle!

Winner - Gary Ray Ray Nelson

HHL: A hell of a match from all of the competitors. Xavier Lux was this close to bringing home the victory but it was the newcomer Gary Ray Ray Nelson who will be walking out of here tonight with a non Universal Title shot of his choosing.

Pip: I'll tell you what Heather and I don't usually say this kind of thing but Xavier Lux looked good out there tonight. They all did but him especially.

As the cameras switch backstage, the sound of the event has disappeared entirely. What replaces the noise are machines, engines, Boilers running down in the depths of the International Cricket Stadium. The sight of these things were NOT what you had in your head when you think of Boiler Rooms. There were four of them and they had some girth to them!

"That buzzing, the fuck is that?"

With a finger wiggling in his ear, you see the doors open. Jason Cashe enters and with him was Theo Pryce.

Theo Pryce: "The machines. Really, it's not as loud as I would have guessed. Almost a purr.."

Looking around, it was quite clean down here.

Jason Cashe: "Yeah, I had some Nightmare On Elm Street, rat infested type vibe in my head. This is.. Nice!"

Feeling the side to one of the Boilers. Cashe could feel the vibrations of it doing its job. Grabbing both of them with a little jump, Theo's phone begins to play 8 chords of a song that was either Queen's "Under Pressure" or Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" and by how fast Theo scrambled to answer it, you can be sure it was the latter. Cashe smiled as Theo answered the call.

Theo Pryce: "I gotta change that.. Hello?"

Turning from Cashe, Theo plugged his other ear. The echo carried down here. Hanging up his call, Theo turns back to Cashe.

Theo Pryce: "You're good? I have to go handle some shit up there.."

Waving him off even before the words leave his mouth, Cashe signaled for Theo to leave.

Jason Cashe: "Yeah man, I'm good. If you see Elijah, tell him to come on.. I'm here, waiting, ready."

Theo Pryce: "If he comes at all, he doesn't have any backup remember?"

They both laugh. It vibrates and rides around the room in an echo. Theo left in a hurry before the laughter finished rolling around the room. He was a businessman and in truth, their agreement wasn't so Theo could be in the spotlight. This wasn't CCPE. Now by himself, Cashe paced. His eyes to the floor as he switched back from right to left and the reverse of that. Soon his voice bounced off the walls as he spoke.

Jason Cashe: "You said you WANTED to be a Gangster growing up.. Wanted to live the life of the bad guy. The Kray Brothers and such. So how did you get to become such a bitch?"

Finally lifting his glare to the camera, Cashe was staring at the viewers, the fans, the haters but his words were for Elijah Martin who he was now waiting on.

Jason Cashe: "See, I know the answer already. You said it yourself.. Your partnership with Chris Page was made for Hollywood! That's the answer! You are a script. You grew up around some tough areas, seen some tough characters but you just weren't one yourself. Fast forward to adulthood, getting in this business and boy gee golly! You found yourself able to emulate what you always wanted to be! Hell, you just needed some Timberlands. You watched the movies, you heard the stories, you just had to make the claim of being something more than you actually are.. I've seen it plenty of times and it's all the same. You look the part but that's all it is.. Just a look."

Looking towards the doors. Cashe had hope that the talking would end. That he might see Elijah coming in and know that shit was about to go down. That's what he wanted but nobody came. It wasn't yet time.

Jason Cashe: "You being a tough guy, a bad guy doesn't register for me. Where I come from, we didn't ask to go through the struggles. It was just the environment we were forced to live in.. But you? You were watching movies and taking notes. There is no thug about you, at best, you're a Studio Gangster and the very SECOND that you walk through these doors? I will prove that. I will cement the reality that you are a punk chump and got lucky once to become a Champion. Now people will see clear as day that you're not the bad guy, you're not THE guy, you are simply the Actor playing a part.. So come on down so I can pick you apart like it's an art form."

Taking a few steps back away from the camera. Cashe raises his arms out to his sides.

Jason Cashe: "Where you at? I'm waiting…"

- vs -
Boiler Room Brawl - This match takes place in the Boiler Room and lower levels of the stadium.

Elijah Martin can be seen entering the Boiler Room, both hands heavily taped as he cracks his knuckles followed by a referee.

ELIJAH MARTIN: Let’s go Cashe!

He screams out as his voice echoes throughout the room itself.

JASON CASHE: You’re a daisy if ya do.

Jason responds from the shadows before stepping out to meet Elijah. They lock eyes as the referee calls for the fight to begin!


Instantly Cashe and Martin start throwing hands!

PIP: The heat between these two is at an all-time high!

The exchange goes back and forth for several seconds before Martin thumbs Cashe in the eye! He takes him and hurls him into a pallet of boxed goods! Martin looks around and grabs the closest thing he can grab which is a lead pipe. He swings at Cashe who sees it coming and ducks! He catches Martin with a boot to the midsection causing him to drop the pipe as the metal hitting the concrete floor echoes within the walls of the Boiler Room.

HHL: It’s going to be interesting to see how Elijah Martin handles this because this marks the first match for him since being unceremoniously released from CCPE.

Cashe drives a right hand to Martin before taking him by the head and sending him crashing face-first off a red hot Boiler! Cashe snatches some excess camera cord and he then wraps it around his throat of Martin where he is choking him to a pop from the crowd inside the stadium! Elijah tries to fight free by Cashe has his grip tight until we see Martin throw his head back driving it into his nose of Cashe causing the hold to be broken.

Martin coughs as he catches his breath. He spins around where he scoops up Cashe and slams him down onto the concrete floor! Elijah starts stomping away at Cashe on the floor. He looks to see a six-foot ladder leaning against the wall. Martin grabs the Ladder. He picks it up and slams it down on top of Cashe! With the Ladder on top of him Martin lands a back senton into the Ladder driving it into Jason’s sternum!

PIP: We knew this one wasn’t going to be pretty!

Martin clutches at his lower back as he tosses the ladder off Cashe taking a mount position where he starts hammering down with a series of right hands to the face of Cashe! He lands six or seven shots before stepping back to his feet. He takes the legs of Cashe where he falls backward catapulting Cashe into a boiler! Cashe bounces off the boiler! He staggers backward towards Elijah who sets him up for a side suplex!

Cashe is hoisted up into the air where he flips over the back of Martin landing on his feet!

Martin spins around where he’s met with a double thrust to the throat! Cashe’s eyes size up a trash can! He takes it and smashes it over the head of Martin sending trash flying as Martin crumbles to the floor! Cashe hoists the can up in the air driving it down into Martin! Jason picks up Elijah where he turns the can over his head! Cashe snatches up a 2x4 and whacks the right side of the trash can! He whacks the left side, back to the right, back to the left before using the 2x4 to clothesline the can dropping Martin back down to the floor where he’s able to slide the trash can off his upper body!

HHL: I expect this to get way more violent as we go.

Cashe measures Martin who is getting back to his feet. He swings for the fences with the 2x4! Martin ducks causing Cashe to whack a boiler breaking the 2x4! Elijah lands side elbows to the midsection of Cashe before a kick to the ribs doubling Cashe over. Martin raises Cashe’s head up where he decks him with a straight right hand!

He takes Cashe by the head where he leads him toward the entrance to the Boiler Room before biting him across the forehead!

PIP: It looks like Martin has no intention of this staying in the boiler room!

Martin smashes Cashe face-first off the closed door before he opens it and hurls Cashe through the door out into the backstage hallway.


Elijah speaks too soon as he approaches Cashe it’s Jason who mule kicks him in the groin! Martin staggers backward into the hallway clutching at his jewels. Cashe comes forward with a nasty right hand knocking Martin down to the floor. Cashe steps off-screen as we see Martin getting to all fours before Cashe emerges pushing a large packing case and driving it into the face of Martin knocking him back down to the floor!


Cashe comes around the case where he picks Martin up off the floor. Cashe brings him down the hallway where he drives him face-first off a table alongside the walls of the hallway. Martin bounces off the table staggering down the hallway. Cashe comes up from behind where he chops him across the chest! Cashe lands a second and then a third chop. Martin swings wildly as Cashe ducks and locks in a sleeper hold!

The referee checks with Martin as crew members slide out of the way!

Cashe synched in the sleeper leaving Martin no other choice but to counter with a sit-out jawbreaker. The referee checks on both Cashe and Martin. Elijah starts to slowly begin getting back to his feet. Martin stomps down on Cashe before picking him up where he brings him down the hallway driving him face and body first into a vending machine causing Cashe to spill out into the loading dock area.

Martin disappears before coming back on-screen with an empty pallet that he smashes into Cashe knocking him down to the floor. He drops the pallet on the floor before picking Cashe up where he locks in a front face lock and snaps off a suplex on the pallet! Cashe’s body crashes into the wood smashing it as we see Elijah make the first cover of this contest.




Cashe escapes with a kickout!

PIP: It started in the Boiler Room and it’s spilled into the hallway and now back by our production area here in Dubi.

HHL: The first cover of this thing, it seems like they are more into beating the crap out of each other than winning the match.

Martin is the first to his feet where he picks Jason up and drives him into the side of one of the production trucks. Cashe bounces off the production truck where Elijah looks to land a back body drop that Cashe counters with a swinging neckbreaker on to the pallet! Cashe rolls over into a cover.




Elijah pops a shoulder up breaking the count!

PIP: A kickout by Martin!

Cashe hammers down with several right hands to the forehead of Martin before stepping back up to his feet. He picks Martin up where he takes him toward the Gorillia positioning! Martin is driven face first off another table! Cashe follows with another right hand that sends Martin staggering out through the curtain to the top of the ramp!

Cashe comes through the curtain with a steel chair in hand as he jabs Martin in the midsection that doubles him over for Cashe to wack across the back droppin him to the top of the ramp! Cashe ultilizes the chair as an elbow as he drives it down into the face of Martin! The crowd pops as Jason makes a cover on the top of he ramp.




Martin escapes with a kickout!

HHL: Cashe and Martin have been slugging it out since this started!

Cashe is the first to his feet where he reaches his down picking Martin up off the ramp. He positions him over the chair where he sets him up for a Piledriver! Cashe tries to hoist up Martin who manages to block! Cashe looks for a second one! Martin blocks again before countering with a back body drop on the ramp!

Martin walks back through the curtain before returning with a steel chain!

Martin starts whipping Cashe across the back with shot after shot, after shot! He wraps the chain around his fist as he measures Cashe who starts getting back to his feet. Martin decks Cashe in the jaw knocking him back down! Martin makes the cover.




Cashe escapes with a kickout at the very last second!

PIP: Another kickout from Cashe, and Martin isn’t happy!

Martin slaps his hands together three quick times as he looks toward the referee who shows him two fingers. Martin returns the middle finger to the official as he works his way back to his feet. He picks up Cashe where he decks him with another right hand. Martin snatches up the chain wrapping around the neck of Cashe where he starts choking him out!

The referee asks Cashe to surrender which is refused by Cashe as he tries to create some space between the chain and his throat! Elijah cranks down harder as Cashe drops to one knee! Elijah releases the choke as Cashe drops down to the top of the ramp. Martin goes back through the curtain, he returns several seconds later carrying a table!

Martin starts setting up the table at the top of the ramp.

HHL: This doesn’t look good for Jason Cashe!

Martin flips the table over setting it up! He turns his attention back toward Cashe where he picks him up. He puts his head between his legs where he sets up Cashe for a Powerbomb! Elijah looks to hoist him up but it’s Cashe that counters with a back body drop on the ramp! The crowd pops as Elijah lands hard on the steel!

Cashe spins around picking Elijah up off the top of the ramp. He rolls him on top of the table before climbing up on it himself! Cashe sets Martin up and delivers a Pull Up Piledriver that sends both men crashing through the table and down to the ramp as the crowd explodes! “THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME!” echoes throughout the stadium as both men lay on the top of the ramp.


There’s a delay from Cashe before he’s able to roll over and drape an arm over the chest of Martin who lays in the debris of the table.




Martin kicks out at the very last second to a massive gasp from the crowd!


Cashe has a look of complete shock on his face as he looks toward the referee who shows him two fingers with one hand and inches in the other. Cashe slowly starts making his way back up to his feet where he starts to walk toward the side of the stage. Cashe peers over the side where he then shifts his attention back toward Elijah with a sick smirk on his face.

PIP: I don’t know what’s on Jason Cashe’s mind but it certainly doesn’t appear to have good intentions!

Cashe starts to walk back over to Elijah as we see Martin getting back to his feet. Jason snatches him up by his head as he scoops him up over his shoulder! The crowd roars loudly as Jason starts taking him toward the side of the stage where he starts to speed up! Cashe looks to send Martin off the stage with a running slam!

Martin slips off down the back at the final second! Cashe puts on the brakes before being sent off the side of the stage!

Cashe spins around where Martin’s charging toward him! There’s no reaction time as Elijah pounces into Cashe sending both men sailing off the side of the stage free falling some twenty feet crashing through tables with sound equipment! Sparks fly as the lights dim throughout the stadium, they flicker before correcting themselves as the crowd roars with a “HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” chant echoing throughout the building! The referee peers down with a look of shock on his face as we finally see the bodies of Martin and Cashe sprawn out through broken tables and sound equipment! The referee has no choice but to start laying a count.











The official waves off the contest!


The announcer is seen running up to the top of the ramp as the referee is sprinting toward the ring. They meet in the middle where the official has words with the announcer who then states.

”Ladies and Gentleman, if I can have your attention. The referee has ruled that neither Jason Cashe or Elijah Martin are able to answer the ten count…

We see trainers and EMT’s surrounding both men as the announcer continues.

”The referee has ruled that the FIRST MAN to his feet will be declared the winner!”


Several seconds pass before Elijah and Jason slowly, very slowly start to move. They’re each rolling over to their chests and beginning to attempt to get to their feet not knowing the first up will be declared the winner. It’s neck and neck as the referee has made his way to the floor and around to the side of the stage for a birds eye view. Both Cashe and Martin each reach one knee, it’s Martin with an edge but as he attempts to stand he collapses down to the floor allowing Jason Cashe to reach his feet long enough to be declared the winner before falling back down to the floor!

Winner - Jason Cashe

PIP: Cashe has done it!

Martin and Cashe can once again be seen slowly getting back to their feet, wearing the wounds of war. They stare each other down before reluctantly Elijah Martin extends his hand to Jason!

HHL: I never thought I’d see Martin try to bury the hatchet!

Jason contemplates the hand shake, and when it appears he’s going to shake it… He’s blasted from behind with a Cricket pallet!!


Martin locks eyes on BAM MILLER!


Bam has on a zipped up leather jacket as he and Martin are about to go to blows only to see Bam flip the handle of the pallet to Elijah! Martin smirks as he takes it from Bam who then unzips his jacket revealing a C.C.P.E. t-shirt!

PIP: What the hell?!?!

The crowd erupts with boo’s as Elijah Martin starts wearing out a downed Jason Cashe with the cricket pallet while Bam Miller stomps away at him!


Martin breaks the cricket pallet over Cashe’s back when suddenly a hooded figure comes throug the crowd! The spin Bam around and start unloading with right hands before snatching up a nearby chair giving Martin and Miller the time to escape.

The figure tosses his hood back to reveal…



PIP: I guess this means Ned Kaye officially bought into what Theo Pryce and Jason Cashe were selling a few weeks ago.

Miller and Martin look on as Ned stands over Jason practically BEGGING them to come back but instead Miller and Martin decide back out of the boiler room as the show goes to commercial.

The following contest is a Buried Alive match!!!

Introducing first, standing 5’11” and weighing 195 lbs, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, here is “Casino Kid” Justin York!

The lights in the arena go completely dark as 'One for the money by Escape the Fate' hits the speakers. Only a spotlight hits the very top of the stage as you see a man and his wife standing with his back turned, the back of the shirt reads 'Casino Kid'. Pyro goes up into the air from both sides of the stage as all lights then come on and Justin York and his wife turn and begin down the ramp, Taunting fans as they go. Once entering the ringside area, he takes a walk around the ring rudely gesturing to the crowd and taunting some more before holding the ropes for his wife to enter and getting into the ring and giving his signature middle finger to the camera with a cocky smirk while boos reign down from the arena.

And his opponent, standing 6’1” and weighing 137 lbs, from Oslo, Norway, here is “The Epitome of Evil”, The Unknown Soldier!

Unknown Soldier prays to SATAN! in the middle of the ring while a red pentagram traces him from above in the rafters. The red disco lights tracing the pentagram around Soldier continues to encircle him constantly in a counter clockwise motion. While standing in the center of this pentagram of glowing lights, he kneels and touches both his shoulders and forehead as a sign of the Unholy trinity. In the name of the Liar, the Sinner, and the great father and lord of all that is Evil! Soldier then gets up and strokes his penis exactly 666 times getting faster and faster as the lights around him speed up in pace as well. He always wrestles with a full on raging erection for not only the increase in testosterone, but also as a scare tactic to the heterosexual male(s) or prude female bitch(es) he may be wrestling at the time.

HHL: Ugh… is this really necessary?

PIP: Don’t knock the ritual.

HHL: So let’s ignore what’s going on in the ring and talk about this match. It’s not often that you have a Buried Alive match as the first contest between two wrestlers. This is usually where it ends.

PIP: Yep. But the Unknown Soldier and Justin York have both been going through the wringer as of late. The Unknown Soldier was forced to let Elijah Martin pin him, while York got screwed over by ‘referee’ Peter Vaughn in his match with Mac Bane. Tonight, I guess one of these guys gets the victory to get them back on the path to victory.

HHL: Something tells me the Unknown Soldier won’t agree to allow himself to be buried.

PIP: I don’t know, he’s a pretty out-there kind of guy…

- vs -
Buried Alive Match

As the bell rings, spotlights illuminate a nearby section of ground that has been hidden in darkness until now. We see a large burial pit, with a forklift set with a mound of dirt, ready for the burial of one of these competitors. The fans cheer, loving the potential fatality they’re going to watch.

HHL: This isn’t a match you can easily come back from. Some people have never returned after being completely buried.

PIP: Lot of careers out there in the dirt…

York looks completely disgusted in the opponent he’s facing. He talks to his wife, who doesn’t want to leave him, but York doesn’t want to risk that disturbed individual to get his hands on her. Reluctantly, York’s wife leaves, heading up the aisle. York watches her depart, not wanting to see her go but loving to see her leave. He nods and turns back to the action, ready to begin… and the Unknown Soldier blasts him in the face with a fireball!!! York falls backwards, yelling out as he tries to put out the flames, with the Unknown Soldier standing on him, looking like he’s ready to enjoy himself.

HHL: My god!! One minute into the match, and York may have been scarred for life!!!

PIP: You can never take your eyes off the Unknown Soldier, especially in a match when anything goes!!

The referee is just staying backwards, knowing that he has little to do in this contest other than avoid taking any collateral damage. He watches as the Unknown Soldier drags the burned York off the mat, throwing him back into the ropes. The Unknown Soldier then runs forward, hitting a flying clothesline that sends both men over the top and down to the floor!! It’s a damaging move for both men, but York clearly took the worst of it, being unable to clearly see where he was landing. After a few seconds, the Unknown Soldier gets himself up, grinning to himself as he stares over at the nearby burial site. He grabs at York, pulling him along, ready to start the real pain in this one.

HHL: If York doesn’t find a way to start fighting back, this could be a brutally one-sided burial!

PIP: In more ways than one!

The Unknown Soldier has York halfway to the burial area now, as he drags York’s head across the top of the barricade along the way. The fans are making sure to stay back, not showing any interest in getting involved in this one. The Unknown Soldier doesn’t care about them, either, as he whips York into the barricade, causing it to sag. The Unknown Soldier then backs away, still apparently enjoying this immensely. He runs forward for a Stinger Splash on the barricade… but York moves out of desperation, avoiding the strike!! The Unknown Soldier hits the barricade, holding his chest, and starts to turn around… and York fires off a low blow, hitting it perfectly!!


HHL: He hit the Unknown Soldier where the sun doesn’t shine, right where he’s still, er, happy…

PIP: Yeah, I’m going to need a minute, that hurt me, too…

Having bought himself a little time, York pulls himself up, rubbing at his singed face. He grabs at the Unknown Soldier, who can barely walk, and drags him towards the burial spot. The Unknown Soldier, though, shoves him away, while dropping to a knee, still struggling to pull it together. York, showing contempt now for the man who burned him, reaches into his pocket, pulling out his Casino Kid poker chip ring. He puts it on, aiming for the Unknown Soldier’s skull in order to knock him out with the Knuckle Duster! But the swing misses, as the Unknown Soldier ducks under it, avoiding the knockout blow! Before York can recover, the Unknown Soldier steps towards him with a spinning heel kick to the back of the head!! York crumples to the ground, as the Unknown Soldier staggers back into the railing.

HHL: York just got KO’ed! But the Unknown Soldier can’t just pin him.

PIP: He’s gotta get him to plunge into the hole!!

HHL: You were just waiting to say that, weren’t you?

With York down, the Unknown Soldier has time to drag him closer to the Burial spot. He stops, though, from putting York into the pit. Instead, the Unknown Soldier wanders away, reaching into a nearby barrel that was conveniently placed in the area. He reaches in, smiling, as he pulls out what appears to be a single wrap of barbed wire! The Unknown Soldier holds it on his fist, touching it, admiring it… before cutting himself across the arm! The fans gasp, even as a little blood swells on his skin from the slash. Satisfied, the Unknown Soldier goes back over to York… and begins to grind the barbed wire into the man’s forehead!!!

HHL: First he’s been burned, and now York is getting cut open!

PIP: It is not a good day for the Casino Kid!!

York is shouting out in agony at the damage being done, as the Unknown Soldier steps back to admire his work. He decides it’s not quite enough, as he runs forward, dropping a barbed wire fist onto York’s back! York yells out again, as the Unknown Soldier punches away with the barbed wire, probably cutting up his own fist as he lands several strikes to York’s back. He then tosses the barbed wire away, enjoying the sight of his bloody knuckles, as York tries to crawl away, going for a nearby shovel. He grabs it with his hands, struggling to pull it out of the dirt, as the Unknown Soldier turns and watches him. He seems to be waiting, as York pulls the shovel out, and gestures to him to swing away!

HHL: It looks like the Unknown Soldier wants to know how that shovel will feel!

PIP: Why would you just stand there and let it happen, though? He’s got this one in the bag, don’t just allow someone to win again, man!

York’s shaky arms manage to get the shovel up. He turns, seeing the Unknown Soldier waiting for him. After a second, he opts to go for it, having nothing left to lose. The shovel swings high, aiming straight for the Unknown Soldier’s head… and the Unknown Soldier catches it in mid-air! He shakes his head at the stunned York, saying that it’s not going to happen again… then pulls the shovel free and clocks York with it instead!!! York tumbles to the left, likely knocked senseless… and lands on the edge of the Burial spot. Seeing this, the Unknown Soldier grins and uses the shovel, jabbing it into the ground right next to York, and pushing up on it… causing it to shove York, sending him toppling into the Burial spot!

HHL: York’s in! York’s in!

PIP: Bet you weren’t expecting to scream that one today!

HHL: Shut up!

It looks like it’s all over with but sending the dirt in. But the Unknown Soldier doesn’t aim for the trigger. Instead, he stands there, waiting, as a weary York tries to claw his way to his feet, his face becoming a bloody mess. He manages to stand inside the Burial spot… which was just what the Unknown Soldier was waiting for, as he leaps in after him, hitting the Dark Star!!!! For a few moments, nothing is seen from inside as the fans cheer what they just witnessed. But finally, the Unknown Soldier rises up, standing over his opponent and sending one final insult before getting out of the pit. He walks over, smacking the lever, and the dirt from the forklift falls, burying Justin York in the ground! The bell sounds, ending this one.


HHL: The Unknown Soldier gets the victory, and Justin York is buried alive!

PIP: Wonder if we’ll ever see him again?

Brandon Hendrix, the challenger to the IWF Heavyweight Championship makes his way out to the ring as his "In My Zone" by Rittz blasts through the speaker system. Once he reaches the ring Hendrix slides under the bottom rope and stands up against the far turnbuckle waiting for his opponent.

The lights in the arena go out. An 8 bit version of Jonny comes into the entrance screen holding an ax. He swings it at the screen giving the effect it shattered it. He pushes his face through the cracks and yells HERE'S JONNY. Pretty fly for a white guy hits the PA system as Jonny C explodes from the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp holding his arms out holding the IWF Heavyweight Championship belt for all to see. He begins walking down the ramp way. He stops halfway down to yell at the fans. He walks the rest of the way down the ramp and rolls under the bottom rope. He walks to the far corner then leans into it waiting for the match to start.

The First Ever XWF Sanctioned Outsiders Grudge Match

- vs -
Xtreme Rules
1 RP Unlimited Word Count

The bell sounds as this grudge match is officially underway with both Hendrix and Jonny taking the middle of the ring. Both men start talking shit to each other in the ring leading to Jonny shoving Brandon. Hendrix comes back with a strong headbutt across the nose before taking Jonny down with a double leg takedown! He starts hammering down with a series of right hands on the IIW World Heavyweight Champion!

PIP: We don’t know a whole hell of a lot when it comes to this one, I know there was an IIW Title Match that Hendrix came eyelashes away from taking.

HHL: We’re going to see tonight if the wrong man went over.

Hendrix lands several right hands on his face of Jonny before getting up off Jonny's and back to his feet. He picks the IIW World Champion off the mat and hurls him over the top rope and out to the floor! Brandon steps through the ropes and drops down to the floor. He stomps away at Jonny before picking him up off the floor. He takes Jonny and looks to send him crashing into the steel steps. Jonny reverses and it’s Hendrix that crashes into the steps.

Jonny tosses back the ring apron where he pulls out a kendo stick!

Hendrix rolls over to his chest and pushes himself up to all fours allowing Jonny to crack him across the back repeatedly with the Kendo Stick! Shot after shot after shot until the stick breaks! Jonny wastes no time and picks Hendrix up off the floor where he runs him face-first into the ring post! Hendrix bounces off the post falling back down to the floor.

Jonny comes around the ring putting the boots on to Hendrix!

PIP: The IIW World Champion has turned this one around quickly.

HHL: He’s all over Hendrix!

Jonny pics up Hendrix where he bounces his head off the announcer's table! He takes Hendrix and hurls him back into the ring. Jonny climbs back on the ring apron where he starts climbing up to the top turnbuckle! Jonny comes off the top with a Frog Splash onto Hendrix! He makes the cover.




Hendrix pops a shoulder up off the mat!

HHL: A kick out from Hendrix!

Jonny gets back to his feet. He reaches down picking up Hendrix where he takes him up into a Fireman’s Carry! Hendrix slides down the back of Jonny where he shoves him into the ropes, Jonny bounces off the ropes ducking under a boot to the face attempt!

Hendrix spins around where he’s met with a middle finger followed by a Superkick!

Hendrix is staggered as Jonny wastes no time in taking him up over his shoulder into a Fireman’s Carry where he lands a GTS! Hendrix crumbles to the mat with Jonny making the cover!





A definitive victory for the IIW Champion!

Jonny F N C stands up in the ring as Brandon Hendrix carries himself up the ramp. Hendrix steps behind the curtain.

Jonny F is still pulling himself together in that ring!

The lights falter and the crowd goes wild. Jonny F N C looks around, perplexed by what all this means. A breeze blows through the desert air, causing Jonny's hair to ruffle in the wind. Time sits still as music starts to play.

The fans go into a tizzy. Jonny F N C musters himself to the ready, knowing whatever this means it can’t be good. With that, we see Charlie Nickles step over the barricade, grinning, glaring at Jonny F N C.

HHL: Charlie Nickles? What is he doing here?

Marf Swayson next steps over the barricade from the other side of the ring. Jonny F N C glances his way, bewildered and upset this is happening. The crowd is uproarious, chanting.



Thunder Knuckles steps over the barricade from behind the announce table! TK leans in and uses Heather’s microphone!

Shut the fuck up and watch how the Bastards fucking do.

The crowd is going wild as the Grand PopBOB High PooBOB steps out from the curtain, marching to the ring with intent. As he does, each other Bastard steps up onto the apron. Jonny F N C pivots from man to man, ready to fight. Bobby steps on to the apron, pulling out his signature microphone

Jonny F N C has never been in an XWF ring!

He’s doomed, he just doesn’t know it.

Bobby smiles at Jonny. The music continues to play, the XWF fans in attendance in Dubai going absolutely ham, not so much booing the vile Bastards, but worked up to see them here, now, regarding a match that has nothing to do with the XWF.

Well, there I am.

Jonny looks tense. TK is laughing hysterically, Charlie is chewing his bottom lip with a glare cast at Jonny. Marf is breathing slowly through his nostrils, knowing his part in this massacre.

That, sir, please, relax. That was a great match. XWF Universe, wasn’t that a great match?

The crowd roars. Jonny seems put at ease somewhat, although still ready to strike.

Jonny, look, I get you’re still in a tizzy, that was a hell of a fight, but I promise, you are done fighting tonight. Nah, this here isn’t about having a fight.

Bobby steps into the ring. As he does, so do each of the Bastards. Bobby looks directly at Jonny and briskly shakes his head.

There definitely won’t be a fight. Now, Jonny, as nice as that match was, well, this here is the Bastards' ring. This is an XWF ring. You, well, you’re off the clock.

Bobby steps right up to Jonny, within striking distance.

Get the fuck out of our ring before we put you out.

Jonny spits in the face of Bobby Bourbon! As he does, the rest of the Bastards pounce as Bobby wipes his face clean. He looks back at Jonny with bad intent in his eyes. TK, Charlie, and Marf all pound on Jonny into the mat. A representative from IIW runs into the ring to try to assist, but Bobby just grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him out of the ring!

Boys, boys, lets show this prick how we handle shit Bastard style.

Charlie hoists Jonny up while TK and Charlie slide outside. Marf nails Jonny with the Sway! Bobby raises a fist with excitement as he does. TK and Charlie each reach under the ring. They procure a table, and Charlie grabs a bag. They slide the table into the ring and Bobby retrieves it. He sets it up in the center of the ring while Marf keeps a foot on Jonny’s throat. TK is climbing to the top rope while Charlie pours thumb tacks all over the table. With TK atop the turnbuckle, Bobby lifts Jonny up to his feet and holds his chin up, making direct eye contact. He shakes his head and hands his microphone to Marf. Bobby hoists Jonny vertically, and as he does, TK flies from the top rope and swivels, catching the foot…

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

A super Rainbow Laser Death Sequence pulverizes the table, Bobby the fulcrum, TK the force, and Jonny the victim of physics while Charlie and Marf remain standing observing the carnage that the Bastards have caused chiefly on the IWF World Heavyweight Champion Johnny F N C.

Backstage we go into Thaddeus Duke's personal XWF locker room for what could be the last time. We see Thad is by himself, taping his wrists preparing for maybe his last match in XWF. He hears a knock at the door. He smiles in a surprised look. It is revealed to be his ex-girlfriend and newly re-signed XWF star, Adi Gold. He stands up as she walks in. They go to hug, but awkwardly stop. They take a second as Adi reaches out her hand. Thad gently shakes it. They share an awkward laugh.

That was lame, Adi. he jokes without letting go of her hand. Bring it in.

Thad yanks her close to him and the two embrace. Thad gives her a light, friendly peck on the side of her head.

I heard you re-signed here. How you been, Addison?

Hey, Thad. I am ok. Pretty excited about returning to the XWF. Looking to jump into the deep end of the pool, you know? Ha ha. Hey, I know it's been awhile since we've talked IN PERSON. Ha. But I just want you to know I am thrilled about you and Lauren being so happy. And I just wanted to say 'good luck' tonight with Dolly. She's a close friend. And... well so are you. I hope you two take it easy on each other out there.

Adi smiles at Thad.

Thank you, he smiles. Dolly’s forever gonna be one of my best friends. So will you.

Truth. Truth… I just had to say hello before you went out there tonight. We had our ups and downs… and some downs and ups as well. But whatever happens tonight. Well… never stop being Thad. Thady. Thaddeus. So… good luck out there…

Adi smiles at Thad, putting her hand out for a fist bump.

Hey before you go, he says after reciprocating the fist bump. Don’t be in a hurry to leave New York.

Hey, you brought me to the Big Apple. The big N. Y. C. Showed me how amazing it is. You can’t get rid of me so fast. I’m here for good.

Adi laughs and gently nudges Thad with her hand.

Good, he smiles. Just didn’t wanna see you relocate twice in a month. But hey, I’m glad you’re here. I know what you’re capable of when you put your mind to it. My time might be up here, but the XWF is always home, so I’ll be watching you.

Well, Thady. Sorry. Thad. Put on some sunglasses, because this GOLD is about to SHINE in XWF! Boom! Blam! Bloom!

Adi makes gangster signs with her hands. She laughs while doing so as Thad looks confused bu cant help but smile. Adi catches herself being weird.

I mean… thanks. But good luck where-ever you end up. Just be you. Be Thad. Be the ‘stud-muffin’ where-ever you go. You got this.

Adi quickly hugs Thad one more time before giving him the ‘peace’ sign as she exits his locker room.

PC: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not sure if there’s a proper set of words to describe this next contest, other than BIG and ONE.

HHL: Best friends, Pip. For the first time ever, we’re getting Dolly Waters versus Thaddeus Duke, in what will be Duke’s final match under his current XWF contract.

PC: His current contract, Heather. Thad Duke has made it clear that he’s moving onto bigger and better things in his career for now, but that a return to the XWF some day is almost a certainty.

HHL: Thad Duke has done it all in the XWF. His dance partner tonight? His best friend and “sister from another mister”, she has yet to climb those same mountains. She’s made it clear that tonight’s match is very important to her, not just as an homage to her friend, Thaddeus, but to show that she’s ready to carry that mantle beyond Thad Duke and Corey Smith’s departure from the XWF.

PC: Well it can’t get any bigger than this… until it does. But right now, it’s Dolly Waters. It’s Thaddeus Duke. It’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs!

HHL: There you see her, Pip.

PC: Dolly Waters has undoubtedly had an up and down career in the XWF. But anyone with half a brain knows that she’s capable of pushing any member of the XWF roster in that ring.

HHL: Savvy ring technician. Lightning quick. And those strikes-

PC: One of the most violent strikers in the game.

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Waters appears under the XTron. She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle. She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

There’s some pause, some breathing room as Dolly’s theme ends. Only an anxious murmuring from the crowd can be heard intoning throughout Dubai until…

The house lights fall dark with a loud audible snap. The stage and the ring remain lit in a dim gold colored lighting.

The announcers lay out as the Page countdown begins to play. The countdown transitions to 'Medal' as the crowd roars.

RA: From the Tribeca section of New York City. Weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds.



Thad enters the stage with his hood up. Standing on stage, Thad gives his messiah pose as a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring. When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing cheers from the XWF Universe.

HHL: Here comes the Lion Heart!

PC: Thaddeus Duke is beloved by the XWF Universe, and in this last match the Dubai crowd is letting him know it!

After the pyro bursts, Thad in his custom white leather Lionheart jacket, throws his hood off as he begins down the ramp. At the bottom, he slaps a few hands before climbing the ring steps. At the top of the steps he pauses, looking over his shoulder toward the cheering Universe with his sweet smile.

Stepping to the apron, he slingshots himself over the top and into the ring before traveling to all four corners, climbing to the middle rope and sending out the ‘I Love You’ hand sign to the Universe.

Dolly and Duke meet in the center of the ring. Duke towering over his plucky friend. They exchange nods, a hand shake and a pair of smiles before each moving back to their respective corners. The bell rings:

- vs -

Duke and Dolly each burst out of their corners, Thad sliding in low to grapple Dolly to the mat, but Dolly rolls and shoots at Thad’s leg from the side. A quick corkscrew pulls Duke down to the mat. Dolly works up toward Duke’s arm, but the stronger wrestler is able to hiptoss her down. Duke tries wrenching the arm, but Dolly slips out. She raises up for a knee to Duke’s center, but he’s able to block it, parrying Dolly with a headlock toss to the mat. He locks in around her head, but Dolly has been sending elbows into his ribs the whole way to the mat. She’s able to turn out of the headlock and sends a kick to the side of Thad’s knee.

She pushes away from the prone Duke and heads towards the ropes, rebounding hard and flying toward Duke. But Thaddeus recovers, avoiding the running forearm tackle with an arm drag to the mat. The impact stings, but bounces Dolly up to her feet, she turns back now as Duke stands and arm drags him down this time. The two exchange a series of popping arm drags before recovering to their feet and circling around one another.

HHL: This crowd here in Suadi Arbia on their feet!

PC: An incredible technical exchange there by Duke and Waters!

Dolly shifts her feet to the left, Thad follows her wink and smile, she shoots for his leg, but a slingblade from Thad rocks Waters. He doesn’t go for the cover, Thad moves to Dolly’s legs. He’s trying to turn her into a Boston Crab. Dolly has scooted along to the ropes, grabbing on and pulling her upperbody towards the apron. Thad’ pulls back but Dolly has scooted to her reston the apron. Thad is hunkered down trying wrestle Dolly back up to a vertical position, but Waterse pulls the middle rope. It recoils and dings Thad on the bridge of the nose. He falls back holding his face. Waters quickly pulls up on the ropes. She springboards over the rope toward Thad, and right into a pop up DDT.

PC: Great recovery by Duke!

He plants Dolly on her skull, center of the ring.

Thad hooks the leg



Kickout by Dolly,

Thad is standing, but Dolly climbing with him from the mat, she has him by the ears and drops his chin down on her skull while dropping to her knees. The jawbreaker rocks Thad who falls back, Dolly is still reeling from the DDT but finds her base and shoots Thad down to the mat. The forearm across Thad’s forehead is quick, and does the most damage before Thad covers up during a series of strikes to the head. Dolly moves over, trying to wrench Duke’s arm away from his guard, but Thad lifts Dolly up. She tries to release the hold, even kicking Duke in the mid section on the way down, but can’t avoid being arm slammed to the mat. Thad lands on his knees, and stands. He grabs at his forehead, still wobbly from the stiff forearm. Dolly is trying to scramble to her hands, but Duke is on her, popping her with a quick snapping suplex, not releasing, he rolls her and snaps her to the mat again. He lays on top of her.



Thad senses Dolly nearing a kickout, and he pops her to her feet again, snapping her with a third suplex. This one with a little more stink on it. He covers her again.



Dolly gets a shoulder up, and already Thad is bringing her up for another suplex. Dolly instead lands a tough kick to Thad’s midsection again. Both are on their feet now in the middle of the ring. Dolly immediately spins away from a Thad punch. On the spin, a backfist catches Duke in the jaw and neck. A second backfist is already flying at his face, but he’s able to duck, catching Dolly in the ribs with an uppercut. She folds inward, but is already swinging her heel at Thad’s face, and it lands direct. Thad tumbles back, with Dolly pouncing. Thad dips his shoulder ramming through Dolly’s strikes, and he pulls up, catching Dolly with a haymaker to her arm that buries in her ribs. She folds again and Thad whips her toward the ropes, so hard that she falls through, tumbling onto the apron and rolling to the floor. Thad takes off for the ropes behind him, getting some speed and running across the ring. A baseball slide dropkick is dodged by Waters. She pulls back the rings skirt and snaps it just in time to catch Thad sliding. He’s stuck between the skirt and the apron. Dolly is teeing off. Kicks to the chest, and another spinning back fist.

Thad is prone and wobbly, his arms by his side stuck in the ring skirt. Dolly climbs to the guardrail and takes off running at Thad. She dives off with a flying clothesline! But Duke pulls an arm up, he catches her mid flight with a clothesline of his own. Dolly smacks the floor hard, and the still ailing Thad struggles still to free himself from the ring skirt.

Duke stumbles out to the floor infront of Dolly who is climbing up on all fours. As she stands, Duke charges in spearing her towards the apron, but Dolly has latched onto Duke’s head and is sending rapid knees into his chest on the way. The middle of her back bends against the apron and she falls knees first towards the floor before being caught by a belly to belly from Duke.

Both Dolly and Thad are laid out on the floor. The fans are clamoring. Duke begins moving first and stumbles toward the arrangement of standing tables, ladders and unfolded chairs alongside the ring, propping himself up against a table. Dolly pulls herself up alongside the apron and makes a dizzy eye contact with Thad. She holds onto the side of the apron and follows toward him.

As Dolly nears, Thad makes a vertical hop onto the apron in front of her. Dolly climbs up the ring post to meet his advance. Thad swings and Dolly dodges by dangling off of the ring post. Thad’s first cracks into the steel. He howls, falling back grasping at his fist. Dolly pulls on the ropes and leaps at Thad for a hurricanrana, but he snatches onto her thighs and smashes her into as table below with a falling powerbomb.

The crowd comes unglued.

HHL: Thad just powerbombed Dolly through the table!

PC: He has no choice, this match is intense! Every time Thad tries gathering himself, Dolly is right there waiting to attack.

The slam jars a ladder and chair into play. Thad moves first, he cradles the chair into his chest and rolls toward the ring away from the broken table and Dolly’s body. He climbs up into the ring, dropping the chair near the ropes on his way to the center of the ring. Thad falls to his knees for a breather while the fans stand and applaud the gutsy effort.

In no time Dolly is climbing up onto the apron, where Thad has stood to meet her. She’s slow and on a knee. Thad lifts over the ropes to pull her in, but Dolly rams a shoulder into his gut. He stumbles back, and Dolly pulls the top rope springboarding at Dukie and catching him in the head with a dropkick. Thad falls rolling back trying to gather himself, but a droptoes hold from Dolly sends him face first onto the chair the brought in the ring. Dolly is climbing his back, locking in a reverse guillotine. Thad struggles to breath and quickly gathers up to his legs, trying to pull at Dolly’s arms from his throat as she latches on. Thad runs backward to the corner. But Dolly lifts her legs and lands on the top rope, she springs and flips forward, slamming Thad down with a blockbuster. She doesn’t go for the pin, she tries locking in the guillotine again. But a highly damaged Thad is able to roll to face Dolly. He guards his head with his forearms. Dolly stands and stumbles over toward the chair. She eyeballs it, stops and runs past it hitting the ropes and and busting Thad in the chest with another running dropkick. Only he caught it, tripping Dolly mid air, her head snapping onto the mat.

Duke is up, he looks at the chair and also chooses not to pick it up. He heads for the ropes, but Dolly is on him, striking him in the lower back. Duke stops and grabs low, but Dolly runs past him, she springs facing fgorawrd on the ropes in front of them, and jumps back spinning with an uppercut that Thad just barely avoids. He slides out of the way, and sees Dolly landing on her feet right across from him. In the heat of the moment, Duke dodges a tenacious kick from Dolly, and scoops the chair from the mat, cracking it right over her head. The chair bends, her flesh tears, and Dolly folds to the mat.

Thad has a pale expression on his face, looking almost horrified at what he’s done. He falls down and covers Dolly.




HHL: I thought Waters was finished! Unbelievable kickout!

PC: And look!

Dolly wraps around Dukes’ head, cinching in a quick anaconda vise and using her feet against the ropes to flip the move over back into that reverse guillotine. Thad stands with Dolly again, this time he runs her towards the ropes to break the hold, but Dolly now lifts her legs over the ropes and falls out onto the apron, pulling Thad’s neck down over the ropes as she fell.

Thad rolls to the center of the ring and grabs a hold of the chair again, using it to pull himself back up from the mat. DOLLY IS ALREADY FLYING OFF OF THE TOP ROPE!

Another flying dropkick buries into Thad’s chest, sending him falling and tumbling into the opposite corner. Dolly gets to her feet and grabs the chair, walking over to Thad whos out of it sitting on his rear. She wedges the chair between the ropes infront of his face. The crowd is stirring and roaring. Dolly walks over to the opposite ring corner, and out to the apron. She vaults herself onto the ropes, leaps forward and flies coats to coast with an incredible dropkick, smashing the chair into Thad’s face.

The holy shit chants are among us as Dolly struggles to make the cover on Thad.




HHL: The ref called the break!

PC: His match, his rules! What a heady kickout there by Thad!

Thad is still out of it. Dolly has picked up the chair and is heading out to the apron with it, out where the ladder is still standing. She carries the chair and climbs up the ladder, reaching the top, which stands a good three feet above the top turnbuckle. Dolly sets her sights on Thad who’s laboring in the center of the ring before falling to his back.

HHL: What’s Dolly thinking here!

PC: I don’t know! But it looks like bad news for Thad Duke!

Dolly tucks the chair under her arms and flies off of the ladder under a barrage of flashing cameras.



Duke pops from the mat and catches Dolly mid air with his trademark stunner. Dolly takes the move landing face first on the chair.

Duke covers.




Dolly somehow kicks out. Thad scoots away to his rear and moments pass of him gathering himself, watching Dolly across the ring using the ropes to pull up to her knees. Her face is a crimson mask, but is quickly climbing to her feet. Thad pulls up…



Dolly incredibly grabs Thad’s leg and spins him around, but Thad spins back to his feet and is already countering with ANOTHER HEAT SEAKER! This one levels Dolly in the chin, and Thad promptly falls on her for the cover.




HHL: No one kicks out of the heatseeker!

PC: Until now, Heather!

Thad rises up from the kick out laughing to himself, shaking his head to see Dolly already crawling away from the pinfall.

It takes him a few moments, but he wobbles and climbs to a vertical base. He looks over seeing Dolly laying in the corner of the ring, gasping for air, her eyes wide. A smile comes to her bloodied face as her glare meets Thad’s, she then climbs forward onto her knees. Thad looks Dolly over, knowing she’s helpless, but still she raises her hands up motiining them for Thad to bring it on.

I love you friend


Thad collapses on Dolly for the cover.




Winner - Thaddeus Duke

HHL: If this was Thaddeus Duke's last match in the XWF it was a great one. Dolly Waters gave him everything he could handle and then some.

Thaddeus slowly gets himself up to his feet before reaching down and pulling Dolly up to hers. Dolly lifts Thad's hand in the air one more time as the show goes to commercial.

Cuts to the backstage of the Cricket Stadium. We see a wide shot of Thunder Knuckles looking through his phone confidently smirking at what we can only imagine is 'nude' women photos or possibly his bank account. The camera zooms out a little further to reveal newly resigned XWF star, Adi Gold anxiously watching him from the distance behind a vending machine. Cute? Sad? or just Creepy? She hides behind the machine as she holds in her hand what appears to be a rubber mask. Creepy? On further inspection it is clear it's one of the rare 'Thunder Knuckles' Masks sold on the XWF shop website years ago. The extra greasy ones. Adi takes a deep breath and fixes her top at the same time before making her move.

Adi Gold: You got this...

Adi comes out from behind the machine and walks over to Thunder Knuckles still on his phone. She finally approaches him excitedly.

Adi Gold: Thunder Knuckles!!! Wow! Nice to finally meet you... how are you doing? Oh, and good luck tonight in your match by the way!

TK is quickly on the defensive, being the Xtreme Champion anyone can attack, even Adi Gold.

TK: Yeah, you’re Thad’s ex, right? The cute one not the hagard overly tanned bitch he’s with now, we talked on Twitter a couple times. Are you trying to pin me? Because this is the nicest fucking attempt yet.

Adi Gold: Wellll i’ve done other things than only dating Thad… I mean I…

Adi takes a second and thinks.

Adi Gold: Okay, nothing really off the top of my head. But worry not. I am not here to pin you. Unless you mean me poking you with an actual hair pin! Ha!

TK loosens up a bit, still looking over his shoulder. That's when Adi gently pokes him in his shoulder with her finger while quietly laughing at her bad joke. She awkwardly stops laughing.

Adi Gold: But yes, as I said on Twitter. I am coming back to XWF! The contract has been signed and I even flew to Dubai to see the show. The ink isn’t even dry on my contract I bet… HEY… speaking of ink.

Adi holds up the TK mask on one hand and a marker in the other.

TK: Oh, right, I said I’d fucking sign this.

TK grabs the mask and the marker.

TK: What the Hell do you want it to say? I normally don’t fucking sign shit unless I get paid. How about…

Ignoring the fact he asked what Adi would want it signed as. TK begins writing on the mask. Adi looks at it and it reads “Attention”.

Adi Gold: Attention? What do you mean?

TK smirks. Adi smiles back at TK but then back at her now ruined $405 dollar mask.

TK: Yeah, cause all bitches love attention. Oh, wait…

TK grabs the mask back out of Adi’s hand and scribbles his initials on it.

TK: Huh? Fucking dope, right?

Adi looks over the mask with a disappointed look. Looking up at TK with a eyebrow raised as she digs into her front pocket of her jeans.

Adi Gold: Ohhhh… Cool. Thanks…? Um. I may have a 10 dollar bill on me if you want to be paid for it?

TK cuts off Adi.

TK: No big deal, you’re cute, it’s frr– Frr- Free. Fuck, that was hard to say.

Adi Gold: Oh, cool. Thanks so much…

Adi awkwardly smiles at TK as she turns around to leave. She takes a step and turns back to TK’s direction.

Adi Gold: Hey! Maybe when we’re back in the States. I can buy you a drink or something to like… return the favor. If not that’s cool too… but seriously. This was soooo cool of you. Thanks again.

TK: Yeah, sure, fuck it. You’re buying the drinks, more than one, plural.

Adi Gold: Um, I guess I could. Once I start getting the big XWF moneys…


Adi Gold: Um…

TK: XBUX. We get paid in XBUX.

Adi Gold: Yeah, I’m not much of a gamer. I don’t play the XBOX or any of that stuff. It’s like ‘Mushrooms’ and ‘Janitors’ and saving the ‘Princess’. I could never get into that stuff…but I’ll take that as a yes for drinks?

TK turns to walk away to get ready for his double cage match.

TK: Yep.

Adi watches him exit the scene. She waves to him.

Adi Gold: Cool! We’ll chat later! Thanks again! Hmm… damn. He took my marker too… shit.

Adi Gold looks over her signed TK mask as the scene fades.


- vs -
Standard Match
Anarchy Rules

The music hits and the crowd responds loudly to the fiery occult symbols on the X-Tron. “La Reina” Daniela Raye-Weathers appears from the back, dressed in long silken robes and wearing a mask like a stag’ skull, with long antlers.

La Reina discards the mask and the robe at the top of the ramp and then walks to the ring looking down, her forearms etched with henna and her hands balled into fists. She gets to the ring and goes to her corner where she sits in a lotus position, looking like she is in some sort of trance.

Vinnie Lane: “Recently La Reina has been really embracing her dark side, Bama!”

Bama: “How many Ouija Boards you reckon she got in her dressing room, Vinnie? Ten? Twenty?”

As soon as LSM's theme music hits the speakers the crowd starts cheering for their favorita luchadora. As the bass bumps through the arena the crowd chants along to the music. A spectacle of green and red pyrotechnics shoot up twenty five feet from the entrance platform. A complimentary arrangement of pyro shoots up through the four turnbuckles of the ring.

Who's this?

Latina Submission Machina pops out onto the entrance ramp alongside an additional burst of pyrotechnic fireworks. The crowd pops hard for the 24/7 freestyle champion as she holds the belt up high over her head.

Mach-ina Mach-ina!

The masked luchadora bounces around just outside the tunnel for a moment before flinging the championship belt over her shoulder. She flings her red hair to the side as she starts walking down the ramp. She gives out a few high fives and exchanges a few courtesies with some of the front-row fans on her way down to the ring. The crowd begins to clap along to the beat of the theme music as LSM nears the squared circle.

Latina Submission Machina slides beneath the ropes to great applause from the crowd. LSM hands her championship belt over to the referee for safekeeping before she starts pumping up the crowd to cheer louder. Moments later Latina Submission Machina quickly breaks away and starts running the ropes of the ring, testing out the squared circle and getting a feel for it's qualities. Content with its fitness, the luchadora grabs a hold of the ropes and comes to a controlled halt. She turns to the referee and tells them she's ready to go. The luchadora heads to the corner as instructed and begins reveling in the applause of her fans.

Vinnie Lane: “And here’s the reigning and defending, Bammer! She’s also recently won the 24/7 Freestyle Championship, so you could have called her La Dama Con Dos Cinturones! At least until Tommy Wish took it a little while later… I heard he was a real CABRON about it too!”

Bama: “Dang it Boss, speak American! USA! USA!”

Vinnie Lane: “Bama… we’re in Dubai…”

In the ring, LSM hands her championship over to the referee who shows it to La Reina and then holds it high for the crowd to see.

Both women retreat into their corners and the official calls for the bell!


At the sound of the bell the two Latinas meet at the center of the ring and shake hands. There is a clear respect between them which has most likely only grown more since they fought to an essential stalemate on Anarchy recently.

They separate, and then circle each other. Eventually they come together in a lockup, each looking for a way to take an early advantage over the other. They go through various exchanges, each ending with LSM looking for some kind of submission attempt. She looks for a key lock, a standing arm triangle, and even a good old fashioned sleeper hold… but La Reina is able to free herself deftly each time before LSM can effectively lock the holds on.

La Reina seems to flip a switch after getting free from another submission attempt, and she snags LSM into a muay thai clinch, then starts just burying knees into LSM’s painted face! LSM is stuck, and she can only back off into a corner and slump down after eating three or four of the extremely vicious shots.

Vinnie Lane: “Wow! It’s like La Reina conjured the goddess of butt kicking out in those woods!”

Bama: “I think she might be one of them BRUJAS baby! I don’t like it one bit! It makes me nervous!”

LSM gets a rope break from the referee but not before taking a bunch more violent shots as the official tries to split them up. LSM escapes onto the apron but only gets a moment’s reprieve before La Reina charges in and looks for a big discus forearm… LSM evades, and La Reina ends up sticking out through the ropes! LSM springs onto her with an octopus hold! La Reina’s limbs are twisted, but the official darts a five count as she is hanging out through the ropes!





LSM lets go of La Reina, who staggers back into the ring grabbing at her arm. As she shakes her arm out, LSM climbs to the top rope… and she leaps onto La Reina in a flying triangle choke! La Reina stays on her feet with LSM riding her shoulders, tightening the vise-like grip with her educated thighs…

La Reina stumbles backward into the ropes, and both women end up flipping over the top rope to the outside! The impact on the concrete floor breaks up the triangle choke, and both La Reina and LSM are left in heaps on the ground as the official starts a count!




La Reina starts to crawl towards the ring steps.




LSM finally is able to get up to her knees as La Reina climbs the steps and re-enters the ring.



LSM lunges and rolls under the bottom rope to get back into the ring before the count of ten. La Reina immediately attacks her with hard stomps and kicks, not allowing LSM to even get to one knee.

A couple of international photographers get right up in LSM’s face taking pics, and the champion visibly gets annoyed by the flash bulbs in her face.

Vinnie Lane: “You know, we get media types of all sorts, and a lot of them don’t know how to be polite!”

Bama: “Plus they got them dang silly masks on even though the China Flu Hoax is over!”

Vinnie Lane: “Bama you’ve got to stay off the internet, dude…”

La Reina rolls LSM up from behind!



Latina Submission Machina transitions the rollup into an armbar! La Reina is trapped! She’s got nowhere to go!

The referee gets in close to La Reina, checking to see if she’s going to tap out, but La Reina hangs in there. She screams in pain as her arm is twisted in ungodly directions, but she refuses to give in!

Bama: “Vinnie look there goes that libtard photographer again! Probably from FRANCE!”

The photographer sticks his camera right into the face of LSM, leaning in between the ropes to get as close as he can… and when he pulls the trigger, the whole flash bulb assembly explodes!!!

Vinnie Lane: “What the heck just happened?!?!”

Bama: “The French bastard just tried to do La Terrorism!”

LSM screeches and grabs at her face, blinded and burned. She stands and stumbles, and La Reina is right there to scoop her up…


La Reina makes a cover!





Winner and NEW Anarchy Champion - “La Reina” Daniela Raye-Weathers

Vinnie Lane: “I can’t believe it! I don’t even think La Reina knows what happened to LSM, but she reaps the benefits!”

Bama: “They ain’t done yet Vinnie… LOOK!!”

After La Reina is given her new title and has started heading away to the back…

The cameramen leap into the ring and grab LSM. The now former Anarchy Champion can barely defend herself as the two grab her by the arms and legs and pull her out of the ring.

While flailing, LSM snatches one of the masks away from the face of one of the cameramen, and it reveals…




Wish and his still-masked accomplice continue dragging LSM away from the arena, kicking and screaming. They soon disappear into the backstage leaving the audience stunned!

Vinnie Lane: “What the heck just happened? Tommy Wish abducted Latina Submission Machina right here in front of our eyes!!”

Bama: “Someone call the PO-lice, Tommy Wish is gonna sell LSM on the dang dark web!”

Cent's challenger Jenny Myst comes trolling out the back, skipping down the entry way as a mixed reaction from the crowd reigns down on her. The former multi time bombshell champion rolls into the ring and just stares at Centurion as they both await the bell.


- vs -
Leap of Fake Match - The challengers will fight their way up to the stage where a dozen championship belts hang high above. Then they must climb a scaffolding twenty feet up, take the Leap of Fake, and hope what they grab is the REAL XWF Television Championship!
Savage Rules

The bell rings and the TV title match at Leap of Faith 2022 is underway!

Centurion seems a bit cautious, not quite knowing how to approach the crazy blonde across from him. She giggles a bit as he lunges. She backs up. He swings at the air. She points and laughs which infuriates him more. He grabs her by the hair and tosses her into the center of the ring. He puts a knee into her back and locks in a sleeper hold immediately.

PC: All the months of mind games from Myst, costing Centurion not just matches but piece of mind....she tired the same thing here in the early going....the frustration must be at a boiling point here for the legend.

He pushes the knee further into her lower back, arching her into an uncomfortable position. She tries to elbow her way out of it.

HHL: Remember Pip, there is no pinfalls, no submissions. The ONLY way to win is to take that Leap of Faith and grab the belt.

Jenny is able to use her small size to wiggle out, and get to a standing position, twisting into a head to head lock up. Centurion knees her in the gut from this spot and takes her to one knee. He arm drags her and locks in the hold again, this time putting the knee into her back put pulling her arms back. He wrenches harder and a pained look comes over her face. He is intent on punishing Myst, wearing her down early on. He lets go of her arms and grabs her by the hair, twisting her and standing her up. He whips her into the corner. He runs at her, connecting with a splash. She stumbles out into the middle of the ring where he sweeps the legs out from under her, planting her on her back before standing on her hair, pulling her arms upward.

PC: Veteran move from the veteran here. He knows how to slowly wear down an opponent, picking them apart slowly. We are watching a true artist at work here.

HHL: Why don't you guys just go to dinner already?

He lets go and Myst crawls away, reaching for the ropes. He pulls her back by the legs, but her back down. She uses this small leverage point to kick her way out of it and roll out of the ring. She runs a hand through her hair on the outside with a frown, her teeth biting her bottom, black lipstick-laden lip. Centurion gets into a fighting stance, and dares her to get back into the ring. Jenny walks around the outside for a few moments, clearly trying to find a way to get in without an onslaught from the legend. She walks over to the announce table, running another gloved hand through her hair as she stares at the commentators. He cocks her head to one side, then the other, looking at each one individually.

Centurion, obviously frustrated, leaves the ring and comes out to confront her. When he arrives at the table, she snaps out of her trance and yells, slapping Centurion with a firm right hand. This backs him off, holding his face. She then attacks Cent in a flurry of punches and kicks, yelling the entire time, backing him into the ring apron. She slaps him again then begins to chop him, his back against the apron. Cent, after the 4th or 5th chop, grabs her arm. With an enraged look, he whips the small woman back first into the steel steps. Jenny, sitting with her back against the steps, begins to laugh. Cent appears a bit taken aback by this, and picks her up by the hair. This time he throws her into the barricade. An "OOOHHH" from the massive crowd rocks the airwaves, but again, Jenny sits there laughing. Cent, now angrier than before, picks her up again. She headbutts him, backing him off again, and rolls into the ring.

PC: Jenny, so far, has been playing the defensive. Survival mode. She hasn't had a single offensive move yet.

HHL: She has been whipped into the steps and barricade, and both times came up LAUGHING. LAUGHING, Pip. It is almost like she enjoys the pain.

Centurion climbs into the ring. As soon as he is through the ropes, he is hit with a standing drop kick from Myst, knocking him back into the ropes back first. She delivers a well placed kick to the hip area, then rolls out of the ring again, landing behind Cent. She grabs his ankles, tripping him, and causing him to fall face down. Instead of sticking with the attack, however, she giggles and skips around. Celebrating like she just hit the most devastating finisher in the history of wrestling. Centurion, as expected, is up quickly.

He follows her out of the ring, and when she sees him coming, she quickly rolls back into the ring. He follows. She goes for a quick strike, again trying for the ambush tactic, but he grabs her arm, lifting it over his shoulder.

Saito Suplex plants Myst in the center of the ring. Centurion looks up at the array of belts hanging. He doesn't stare long, because Myst is starting to stir already. Jenny grabs the ropes to attempt to lift herself up. Centurion gets a running start.....

V Trigger!

Myst falls limp again. This time Cent, a little more confident that she will be down for longer, leaves the ring. He is making his way towards the scaffolding.

PC: Centurion wants to end this thing early here. A dominating performance here so far, he has completely over powered and out matched Myst. Why did everyone think this was going to potentially be the match of the night?

HHL: How many times have we seen Myst pull one of the fire. Never count her out until that bell rings, Pip!

Centurion gets about halfway up the ramp when Jenny rolls over and realizes where he is headed. She rolls out of the ring, wincing, and follows him. He is completely unaware. He begins to climb the scaffolding towards the platform where he will have to choose the belt when she grabs him. Pulling him by the leg, he is a bit startled. He tries to kick her off but she punches him in the calf muscle. He clenches his leg, and she punches the calf again. This time he reaches down to grab at it and she is able to pull him by the arm off the scaffolding. She chops him once and Irish whips him into the X-tron set up. She looks up at the scaffolding in front of her but decides not to climb. Instead, she grabs Centurion, who is now holding his back, and knees him in the gut before running him head first into the scaffolding. He bounces off, and stumbles down the ramp. A chop block takes the legs out and he tumbles down the ramp, rolling towards the ring. He uses the ring apron to try to pick himself up, and she kicks him in the lower back.

Centurion, now in pain but also agitated, turns gingerly towards Myst, favoring that leg. She takes a step towards him, going for a swing, but he ducks, lifting her and dropping her face first over the ring apron. Centurion gets into the ring, holding his calf. His body has taken a beating over the years, and the well-placed punches to the calf have obviously cramped him up. He punches the turn buckle in frustration. She gets back into the ring and he turns, facing her in a fighting stance. She stands, staring at him, in a trance again. He acts quickly, exploding out of the corner with a clothesline. She pops right back up. He knocks her down again. She pops back up, wobbly. She stumbles into a 1000 mile slam!

She is flat on her back. Cent, going to one knee, holding his calf, has a snarl on his face. What does he have to do to end this!

PC: She has done a good job of slowing the veteran down, but he needs to take every opportunity possible to get to that scaffolding!

Just as he is about to leave the ring again, he notices her behind him. She is crawling again, using the ropes to lift herself up. The snarl intensifies and he rolls out of the ring. He walks over the the time keeper, shoving him aside, and grabbing Lance's ear. He rolls back into the ring. He shows her the ear as she gets to her feet. She reaches for it. He drops it in the center of the ring and stomps on it. Her eyes go wide.

HHL: This has been a very one-sided affair so far in terms of big moves and overall momentum, but I think Centurion just made a big mistake out of frustration.

PC: Or he just won the match. You never know what you're going to get with her. This could crush her like he just crushed the ear!

Jenny's eyes narrow into slits. She clenches her fists and begins to breathe heavily. It appears as if she is about to throw a tantrum. Her face turns a shade of pink . Centurion has a smirk on his face when Jenny, all of the sudden, screams and charges. She crashes into Centurion, backing him into the corner. She begins to have some fury behind her punches now, as she lands a flurry of hard rights and lefts, kicks, head butts, a total Tazmanian Devil. She shoves her back, and goes for another clothesline, she ducks it, kicking his calf again. He reaches for his leg and she knees him in the gut. She then grabs his throat, bending him back. She breathes heavy a couple times, glaring into his eyes with fire coming out of her nostrils (metaphorically, of course) and then drops him with a chokehold STO. She comes off the ropes and jumps, landing both knees on his mid section, and then a summersault into another double knee. INSULT TO INJURY!

He grabs at his midsection, wincing as she glares at him again.

"ARTIE! YOU KILLED ARTIE!" she yells, picking him up by the head, then slapping him hard across the face again. She goes to slap him again and he grabs her arm. She is trying to slap but he is forcing her hand back, until he is able to stand up, bending her arm, and then arm drags her, flipping her onto her back. He comes off the ropes to attempt to land a knee of his own, but misses as she moves, and she comes off the ropes with a shining wizard.

HHL: See! I told ya! Centurion just woke up the beast!

She sits on his back and begins to deliver clubbing blows to the side of the head. Each shot had a different yell from her.









She is enraged. She finished the tirade with a sharp elbow to the back of his head. She rolls out of the ring, still breathing hard. She grabs a chair, and folds it hard, and rolls back into the ring. She is about to lay the chair over the back of Cent's skull when she notices the ear, still sitting in the ring. She drops the chair and drops to her knees, picking it up and cradling it like a newborn. When she turns around, Cent, who is now up, delivers a massive spinebuster! The ear flies out of her hands and to the outside as she is on her back. He stands over her, wincing a bit, and looking at the chair. A grin comes over his face. He picks it up and walks over to her, dropping it head down into her mid section. Centurion then proceeds to take out months worth of frustrations with the mind games out on Jenny, shot after shot with the chair. He finally tosses the now bent chair to the side.

PC: Centurion has made a point here. Myst has cost him matches, messed with his head, had him jumped and locked in his dressing room. For what reason?! Because Charlie Nickles told her to? She is a child and she is being punished for insubordination by daddy dearest right now!

Cent stares at the limp pile of flesh in front of him. Myst isn't moving. He kicks her once for good measure before turning to look at the the dozen "titles" hanging above the stage. He takes a big breath and goes to exit the ring when suddenly it turns purple. All the lights go purple at once. Here we go again! He snarls again and turns around to face a standing Myst, who kicks him in the gut.


The spike DDT! Cent is down! Myst crumbles back down as the lights come back on normal.

HHL: What we are seeing here Pip is a beaten down Jenny Myst who, flat out, refuses to die despite being severely out matched and out performed here!

After what would surely be a ten count in front of a buzzing crowd, but there are no rules in this match so the ref doesn't count, they both begin to stir. They get to their feet at the same time. Cent swings, Jenny drops to her knees and goes after the calf again, swinging an arm around and clubbing the back of his leg. He drops to one knee. She goes for the forearm smash, but he grabs her, lifting her over his head again and going for another 1000 mile slam, but his calf gives out. He falters a bit, and she slides off, sweeping his legs and locking in the heel lock!

HHL: HEEL LOCK! This is the same move that on her the Shooting Star title! The move that uprooted the reign of Madison Dyson!

PC: SO?! He can't tap! There are no rules! She can lock it in for the remainder of the night if she wants but unless she jumps off that scaffolding with the TV belt, nothing matters!

She locks it in and wrenches back. Cent's face is racked with pain. Cent pounds the mat with his fists. He knows that the only way to counter is to reverse the pressure like a figure four. He decides, first, to try to reach for the ropes. He crawls towards the rope as Jenny contorts her body into a bridge to add more pressure. He reaches out for the ropes. She wraps a leg around, locking it in tighter, and scoots toward the center of the ring. Centurion has nowhere to go. He twists his body, trying to reverse the pressure on her. He gets her half-way over when she punches that calf again, causing him to wince and fall back onto his back. She keeps the hold locked in.

He knows the crazy bitch will keep this hold on for the entirety of the show. She has no motivation to break it. The desperation heightens as he tries to twist, eventually kicking her enough times in the face and chest to break the hold. A look of relief washes over his face as he grabs at his ankle.

Jenny comes off the ropes with double knees, summersaulting and bouncing off the ropes again, driving both knees to the midsection.


Myst runs a hand through her hair again, her teeth beginning to gnash as she is starting to feel like the one in control. Centurion, however, with the heart of a champion, is still trying to get up on his damaged leg. Jenny sees this and charges, going for a shoulder block to knock him back down. But just then Cent pops up, out of nowhere....

BLOODY SYMPHONY!!! (Busaiku Flying Knee)

Jenny crumbles to the mat, as does Centurion. A small trickle of blood runs from the mouth of the blonde challenger.

She gets up, swinging blindly as he ducks it. He hooks the arm over her head.

Saito Suplex!!!!!!

Myst is flat on her back again. Cent's leg gave out halfway through the move, however, so he didn't get all of it.

Myst stirs a bit as Centurion again uses the ropes to lift himself. Neither one of these two can put the other away. Jenny rolls out of the ring and falls to the mat outside, still trying to catch her bearings. Centurion rolls out of the ring as well. Jenny is using the barricade to lift herself up. Centurion is making a bee line for the scaffolding. He gets to it, and Jenny is coming to.

Centurion crawls up the scaffolding. Jenny gets to it and begins to crawl up it as well. She is crawling much faster than he is with his injured leg. She catches up to him up near the top. They begin to fire shots back and forth, each one teetering with every punch. Either one could fall at any second. They are able to get to the staging area on top. The belts are directly parallel to them. Centurion chops Jenny particularly hard and puts her on her back. He looks at the belts, then back at her, then back at the belts. She is going to get herself up, and he walks over and delivers a hard kick to the ribs. Jenny rolls over, wincing and holding her ribs, but catches herself as she almost falls off. Jenny is holding on to the scaffolding, hanging off the edge. Centurion stomps on her hand. She screams, but doesn't let go. He goes to do it again, but she grabs his ankle.

PC: Myst literally teetering here. One more stomp to the hands and this one is all she wrote. Centurion can literally waltz to the title.

She holds on to his ankle for dear life. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her back up to the scaffolding platform. They are high above the stage and ramp now, even higher than most of the fans. He is frustrated at her resilience. He grabs a big fist full of her hair, and says something inaudible over the crowd noise. But by what it looks like, he is going to toss her off!

Just as he is about to throw her, she spits a black goo. It looks like tar, and it covers Centurion's face. He grabs at his eyes and goes to one knee is Jenny is also on one knee, panting.

HHL: What the hell was that?!

PC: Her black soul in liquid form!

While the action is going on the crowd buzzes. Neither competitor sees the man crawling the scaffolding. Security rushes out, thinking a crazed Dubai fan has entered the field of battle. Whoever he is, he is athletic as he is climbing at a blinding speed.

Jenny sees that Cent is down. She looks over at the titles. Taking a deep breath she jumps for the first one. She grabs ahold and hangs on it like a koala. She sees a piece of paper taped to the back.


She unstraps it and lets it fall. The next one she grabs and swings, kicking the one next to it that is literally cardboard. It flutters to the ground. While Jenny is hanging from the belts the hooded man has made his way to Centurion. Jenny swings, using momentum to carry her back to the scaffolding platform. She lands on the platform. Centurion, sensing some danger, backs away from the hooded man. He literally bumps into Jenny. Turning around, she waves. He swings, still not fully able to make out where she is. She ducks it. She shoves him from behind into the clutches of the man. She begins to clap and jump, clearly thinking it is Charlie. He grabs Cent by the head and pulls down his hood.

It's Bartholomew Lichter!


Lichter shoves Centurion back, then hits a superkick.




Centurion falls off the scaffolding platform and tumbles allllll the way down to the staging area below. There is a loud thud and a burst of electricity and sparks as he clearly landed on some technology equipment. The X-Tron lights flicker. The arena lights flicker. The crowd is in stunned silence. Lichter looks at Myst, whose eyes are wide in surprise. The two stare at each other for several seconds before he turns and begins to calmly climb down the scaffolding!

XWF security, EMS, medical personnel, Theo and Vinnie, several refs, all rush ring side. Vinnie Lane waves for an ambulence.

Jenny looks at the belts, unphased by what is happening below her. She takes another deep breath, runs, jumps, grabs a belt, swings, and jumps again, grabbing a belt. It unhooks under her weight. She falls as well, landing hard. She grips the belt tight to her on the way down but it flattens out when she lands. Her arms fall to her sides and we see a taped note. "IOU--Charlie".

The ref assigned to the match calls for the bell.

PC: My god....she did it. Through hell and highwater, she did it. Jenny Myst is your Television Champion! God help us!

HHL: She pulled out all the stops tonight, but most importantly, she survived. It doesn't matter HOW it happened Pip, just that it did. She has finally beaten an elite name here in XWF and she has gold to show for it!


MacBane steps out from behind the curtain looking primed for war. His eyes remain fixated on the ring as he walks down to the ramp. He ascends the ring steps and then casually climbs between the top and middle ropes before standing in the middle of ring as his music comes to a close.

The lights in the arena go out, causing the usual hysteria from the crowd. After a few seconds, Peter Vaughn's face appears on the big tron, darkly smirking down at the fans.

"This Time... It's Different."

After Vaughn finishes speaking, he begins to laugh. His laughter carries on as the Tron video overtakes his image, beginning with "This Time It's Different" by Evans Blue. Sparks begin to erupt around the stage, showering nearby fans who feel like they're a little too close to the action. As the fireworks die down, two figures appear through the smoke and haze. Vaughn stops of the ramp, surveying the hatred from the crowd. From Vaughn's reaction, you'd think they were chanting his name, as he walks down the aisle with a cocky smile. Vaughn makes his way down the ramp and into the ring where he takes up position against the far ring corner.


- vs -
Ladder Match
Warfare Rules


PIP: Here we go! The Supercontinental Title hangs in the balance as it’s CCPE vs CCPE. I think it’s safe to say that CCPE is welcoming another Championship into their ranks.

HHL: Well aren’t you a smart one.

Vaughn and Mac start to circle each other as they each gaze up toward the Supercontinental Title hanging high above their heads. They know what's at stake as they lock up the center ring. They jockey for position before shoving off each other with a stalemate. Mac and Vaughn smirk toward each other before they lock up a second time. Mac uses his size and strength to back up Vaughn into a neutral corner where he holds him against the buckles before delivering a short reverse elbow and backing out toward the middle of the ring as Vaughn clutches at his jaw.

Peter emerges out from the corner where he and Mac circle each other.

They look to lock up only to see Vaughn use his speed to duck under while taking a back waist lock where he transitions into a drop toe hold to float over into a front face lock that Mac squirms out off getting to both knees as Vaughn pops back up to his feet.

PIP: I believe this is the first-time meeting between Vaughn and Bane so you have to expect that there’s going to be a feeling-out process before the ladder or ladders come into play.

Both former World Champions are back up to their feet. Mac acknowledges his skill of Vaughn before they look to lock up for the third time where they both fake and connect simultaneously connecting with a right hand to each other! They stare down before both shrug their shoulders and immediately start trading right hands! Mac lands, Vaughn comes back, Mac lands again, Vaughn lands, Mac takes control with a series of shots that back Vaughn up into the ropes where he fires him across the ring, Vaugn bounces off the near side ducking a lariat from Bane, Vaughn springboards off the middle rope with a Springboard Dropkick to Mac but doesn’t take the larger Bane down.

Vaughn is back to his feet where he rushes toward Mac, Mac side steps Vaughn sending him bouncing off the ropes and into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Mac takes the time to roll out to the floor where he folds up one of the ladders and slides it into the ring. Mac slips back in under the bottom rope where he finds Vaughn getting back to one knee. Mac stomps Vaughn in the sternum knocking him back down to the mat. He then directs his attention toward the Ladder. He picks it up off the mat and positions it leaning against a set of turnbuckles. Mac turns his attention back toward Vaughn, Mac picks him up where he attempts an Irish Whip, Vaughn counters and he sends Mac barreling into the corner sending him smashing into the Ladder! Mac bounces off the Ladder into the front handstand from Vaughn who turns it into a head scissors takeover!

HHL: Vintage Vaughn offense!

Peter is the first back to his feet followed by Mac who is near the ropes. Vaughn charges forward with a lariat sending both him and Mac over the top rope and out to the floor! Vaughn is the first back up followed by Mac! Vaughn runs toward Mac who counters with a drop toe hold sending Vaughn crashing into a Ladder that’s set up and knocking it over! Mac immediately seizes the moment as he snatches Vaughn and sends his crashing into the ring steps! This allows Mac to fold up the Ladder and lay it down on the floor. He picks Vaughn back up where he latches onto a front face lock and snaps off a suplex on the ladder!

PIP: Vaughn’s going to wake up with some bruising after that one.

Mac gets back to his feet where he slides back into the ring. Mac grabs the ladder from the corner and sets it up underneath the Supercontinental Championship. The crowd comes alive as we see Mac starting to climb up the Ladder toward the title. Vaughn can be seen pulling himself up using the ropes. Mac reaches the halfway point on the ladder, and Vaughn reaches the ring apron where he springboards off the top rope to the Ladder!

Mac and Vaughn start trading right hands on the top of the ladder!

Mac swings that’s blocked by Vaughn! He drives Mac’s head to the top of the Ladder! Vaughn leaps over the top of the Ladder with a Sunset Powerbomb bringing Mac Bane crashing down into the canvass! The crowd explodes as both men are prone on the mat!

HHL: Dear god they both might be broken in half!

The crowd roars loudly as it’s Vaughn that starts to stir first and gets to his feet. He winces in pain as he notices Mac rolling toward the rope. Vaughn delivers a baseball slide dropkick sending Mac out to the floor! Peter starts getting back to his feet, he turns toward the Ladder and starts to climb up a rung or two, he looks back seeing Mac starting to get to one knee and thinks otherwise on scaling up any further. He steps back down on the mat where he rushes toward the far side, bouncing off the ropes he gains more speed to look for a Suicide Dive through the top and middle rope!

Mac blasts Vaughn knocking him out of midair with a roaring elbow strike!

Mac doesn’t waste as he heads to another Ladder set up around ringside. He folds it up and sizes up Vaughn who is getting back to his feet! Mac charges forward smacking the head of the Ladder off the face of Vaughn sending him splatting on the floor. Mac slams the Ladder down on top of Vaughn!

PIP: These two aren’t holding anything back!

HHL: Why would they! This is about leaving as the Supercontinental Champion.

Mac rolls back into the ring where he once again has his sights set on climbing the Ladder. He starts to climb up the rungs while Vaughn rolls out from under the Ladder. He starts to get to a vertical base while Mac has nearing the top of the Ladder! Vaughn scales the turnbuckles! Mac reaches up to grab the gold only to have Vaughn missile dropkick the Ladder knocking it over and sending Mac crashing down throat first on the top rope!

PIP: Vaughn did the only thing he could do in order to save this match because no doubt Mac had the title in his grasp.

Peter is the first back to his feet as Mac once again rolls out to the floor. Peter picks up the Ladder and places it under the title only to notice the legs are warped from the impact of the Missile Dropkick. He folds it up and tosses it down to the mat. Peter rolls out to the floor opposite of Mac Bane where he folds up another Ladder and brings it into the ring.

Vaughn slides into the ring where he immediately grabs the Ladder and sets it up under the Supercontinental Title.

HHL: Vaughn’s making a play for the title!

Peter starts to climb up the rungs of the Ladder while out on the floor Mac is getting back to his feet when he sees Peter is nearing the halfway point! Mac tosses the ring apron back where he pulls out a steel chair! He slides into the ring where he whacks Vaugh across the lower back causing him to fall backward crashing down to the canvass!

Mac lands another chair shot across Vaughn’s back before tossing it to the mat.

He looks up toward the gold in the air.

He starts to make the climb up the Ladder!

PIP: Mac Bane isn’t playing around! He wants that title and is taking every chance he can to get to it.

Mac climbs up rungs as Vaughn begins to stir. He pushes himself up off the mat where he starts climbing up the opposite side of the Ladder! Mac nears the top where he reaches up toward the gold taking hold of it in his right hand… but before he can unstrap it Vaughn lands a right hand to the midsection! Vaughn climbs to the top where he reaches up grabbing the gold only to be headbutted in the face!

Mac locks a front face lock on Vaughn!

Mac hoists Vaughn up in the air vertically! Peter’s feet hits the Supercontinental Title as Mac lands the most devastating Jackhammer you’ve ever seen!




Echoes throughout the Stadium as both men are once again laid out on the mat.

PIP: My sentiments exactly! I don’t believe this!

HHL: This is absolutely insane! Mac Bane just Jackhammered Peter Vaughn off the top of the Ladder!

Both men are laid out on the mat as the crowd continues to chant HOLY SHIT toward the ring. Mac slowly starts to stir! He gets to a seated position before starting to get back to his feet. Vaughn is down! Mac sees the opportunity as he staggers toward the Ladder! The crowd is going crazy as he starts to slowly climb up rung by rung. Mac reaches the halfway point before Vaughn starts to stir. He begins to crawl toward the warped Ladder in the ring. Mac Bane climbs closer and closer as he’s able to reach up toward the title! Vaughn gets to his feet with the ladder in hand, and as Mac Bane steps up to the final rung he grabs the Supercontinental Title!

Vaughn throws the head of the Ladder into the ribs of Mac Bane!

Mac is sent off the top of the Ladder down gut first across the top rope with the momentum carrying him over the top rope and down to the floor! Vaughn drops to one knee before stepping back up to his feet. He’s unobstructed as he climbs up the Ladder and is able to take down the Supercontinental Championship!


Vaughn sits on top of the Ladder where he raises up the Supercontinetnal Championship.

PIP: It wasn’t pretty but in the end Peter Vaughn has just become the new Supercontinental Champion!

We come back to the ring, which is now surrounded by a Double Stacked Cage. There's a staircase that leads up to the top one, which is all steel. The bottom one contains the ring, as well as enough room for the competitors to roam around. Between the bottom's ceiling/top's floor happens to be a trapdoor, enabling travel between the two.

PIP: "What a night it's been, and it's only gonna get better as Thunder Knuckles defends his Xtreme Championship against the Ring Master."

"Rollin" by Limp Bizkit hits over the PA system, sending the crowd into a frenzy. An energetic Ring Master pushes his way through the curtain and begins bouncing down the aisle, excitedly slapping the hands of fans in the front row as he does so.

HHL: "Ring Master hasn't quite hit his stride yet, but an enormous opportunity awaits him here tonight!"

PIP: "That's right, Heather, after impressive showings against Charlie Nickles AND Raion Kido, Ring Master finds himself competing for one of the company's top prizes!"

Once at ringside, a referee leads Ring Master up the stairs, where he enters the top Cage and begins raising the roof as he runs around, getting the audience pumped.

Twenty midgets with sparkers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. Thunder Knuckles walks out with his Xtreme Championship over his shoulder, an arrogant smile emblazoned on his face, bobbing his head back and forth to the music. The sparkers ignite as he walks past the midgets. Once Thunder Knuckles reaches the Cage, the same referee leads him up the stairs, to the top. Before entering, TK kisses his belt and hands it to the ref, who holds it in the air. He then gives it to another official behind him,, who locks the three of them inside before calling for the bell.



- vs -
Double Cage Match
Warfare Rules

PIP: "And here we go!"

HHL: "The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission. That can occur in the top or bottom Cage, inside the ring OR out!"

Both men take a minute to feel each other out, circling around a bit before eventually locking up. The challenger comes out of the tie-up with the advantage, securing a side Headlock on the Champion. TK backs them up against the Cage and uses the side of it to thrust Ring Master forward. He doesn't go very far, stopping in his tracks and turning around just in time to drop Thunder Knuckles with a Clothesline. TK is quick back to his feet, where he's greeted with a Body Tackle, followed by another, and ANOTHER!!! A dazed Thunder Knuckles stumbles to a vertical base, once more, only to have a Big Boot thrust right in his face. Fortunately, he manages to catch it, allowing him to trip the challenger in order to set up his finisher.

PIP: "TK's looking for the Thunder Strike!"

Before he can hit it, though, Ring Master slips his foot out of Knuckles' grasp, allowing him to Kick the Champion off with both legs. TK almost loses his balance, but is able to catch himself. Once he does, he charges forward only to be hit with a surprise Powerslam!

HHL: "He's got the cover!"




PIP: "Gonna take alot more to keep Thunder Knuckles down; a statement I never would've imagined I'd be saying when he made his debut!"

HHL: "Same. He's certainly surpassed ALL our expectations, can Ring Master do the same here tonight?"

Ring Master stalks TK as he shakes out the cobwebs before using the chain link to pull himself up. Once he does so, Ring Master rushes towards him with a Running Headbutt........................... only for Thunder Knuckles to move!!!!!

HHL: "Ring Master misses The Ringer!"

PIP: "He didn't miss the Cage!"

The challenger's face bounces off the steel, sending him flying back into the Champion's arms. Thunder Knuckles locks in a Full Nelson and begins swinging Ring Master side to side. This doesn't last long, as the Ring Master is able to bend down and toss TK off of him. Knuckles rolls forward and pops to his feet, where he connects with a Superkick that puts his opponent down just as he was getting back up! He then falls over top of the challenger and hooks a leg for the cover.




HHL: "Ring Master’s been busted open; not sure if it was that Superkick or missed Headbutt."

PIP: "Probably both."

TK takes note of the wound, attacking it multiple times with his Boot before dragging his opponent to his feet. He then walks the Ring Master over to the side of the Cage and attempts to slam his face against the structure. However, Ring Master is able to put his hands out and prevent him from doing so. The Champion tries multiple times to bash the challenger's face against the chainlink, but he gets stopped every time. On the third one, Ring Master grabs hold of TK's head and smashes it against the Cage, repeatedly, as the audience counts along!











On the tenth one, Ring Master lets go of Knucks, causing him to fall backwards. He does a full roll, somehow, back to his feet, allowing Ring Master to absolutely ANNIHILATE him with a Running Headbutt that sends his entire body bouncing off of the Cage, to the floor!!!!!

PIP: "Ring Master might've just rung his way to victory!"

HHL: "He's got both legs hooked, this could be it!"




Ring Master lightly punches the Cage floor, knowing how close he was to becoming Champion, before getting to his feet. He then drags Thunder Knuckles to his and goes to hoist him up for a Vertical Powerslam.

PIP: "He's looking to out TK away with the Slam of Fury!"

Unfortunately for the challenger, TK is able to slip out and shove Ring Master away, from behind! This gives Thunder Knuckles the chance to turn around and attempt to exit the top Cage.

HHL: "TK's looking to put a little distance between himself and the Ring Master!"

PIP: "I'm sure there's also plenty of goodies under the ring to help him take the big man down!"

The ref opens the trapdoor for the Champion, who slowly begins climbing down. Ring Master isn't far behind, though, catching up to TK and grabbing hold of him as half his body enters the bottom layer. He hammers away at Thunder Knuckles' back with one arm, while holding him in place with the other. TK's body begins to slump from the damage, causing his opponent to come down to his level without letting go. This allows Knuckles to grab hold of Ring Master’s ankle, keeping him from falling right away. In response, Ring Master delivers a vicious Headbutt that causes the Champion's body to go completely limp, becoming dead weight in the process. This allows him to drag Ring Master through the open door, connecting with a Foot DDT as both of them crash to the mat, where they lay, motionless!!!!!!!

HHL: "Thunder Strike!"

PIP: "TK didn't even mean to hit it!"

HHL: "Both men are down and, after that fall, I'd be surprised if either of them get back up!"

PIP: "TK doesn't NEED to get up, he just has to cover the Ring Master!"

Both men show no signs of movement for at least a minute, with Thunder Knuckles slowly coming to. He assesses the situation and, seeing Ring Master down and out, begins crawling towards his opponent. Once he reaches him, TK drapes an arm over for the cover.




PIP: "That was 3, right?!"

HHL: "No, but it was about as close as you can get!"

TK's eyes go wide, unable to fathom how Ring Master kicked out. Stubbornly, he decides to attempt another pin, this time draping his entire body across his opponent's chest.




As Ring Master kicks out, he tosses Thunder Knuckles off of him, sending the Xtreme Champion flying halfway across the ring!

PIP: "Look at the power of the Ring Master!"

Thunder Knuckles looks even more shocked than before, his eyes opened just as wide as his mouth. Ring Master rolls onto his stomach and looks up at the Xtreme Champion, a shit eating grin upon his face. TK charges towards him, only for the Ring Master to rush at him, connecting with a Headbutt that turns the Champion inside out!!!!!!

PIP: "The Ringer!"

HHL: "He's got the cover, we could be three seconds away from crowning a new Xtreme Champion!"



SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PIP: "So close!"

Ring Master doesn't let this phase him, getting to his feet and lifting his opponent up for a Vertical Suplex.

HHL: "If he hits this Slam of Fury, we WILL have a new Champion!"

Before Ring Master can bring him down for a Powerslam, Thunder Knuckles is able to slip out of his grasp, landing on his feet behind the challenger. From there, TK takes his opponent's legs out from under him and manages to lock in an Ankle Lock! This doesn't last long, though, as Ring Master is able to roll over and shove the Champion off him with his feet. Knuckles charges forward, only to get put back down with a Big Boot from out of nowhere! A fired up Ring Master hurries back to his feet, where he quickly picks his opponent up for a Vertical Suplex, which he holds for 5 seconds before bringing him down into a Powerslam!!!!!!!!


Ring Master lands overtop of the Champion for a cover.




PIP: "No............"

HHL: "................way!"

Ring Master slaps the mat multiple times before getting back up and pulling down his straps. The fans cheer as he goes to pick Thunder Knuckles up for another Slam, but that excitement is quickly put to a halt with a Low Blow from the Champion!

PIP: "Ooooo, right in the jewels!"

Ring Master drops to the mat as Thunder Knuckles rolls under the bottom rope and plops onto the floor outside the ring. Without getting up, he lifts the ring skirt and begins searching underneath. Eventually, he comes back up with a chair and uses the skirt to pull himself to a vertical base. As he does this, Ring Master is able to get back to his feet and Baseball Slide the chair into TK's face, sending him flying backwards into the Cage!!!!!!

HHL: "I don't think that's what TK had in mind!"

PIP: "Luckily, that chairshot should help him forget whatever he DID have in mind!"

Ring Master rolls under the bottom rope and flops directly onto his opponent for the cover. It takes the ref a second to count it, having to join them both on the outside before slapping the floor.




HHL: "What's it gonna take to keep either one of them down?!"

PIP: "They fell 15 feet, have taken each other's finish, and STILL won't quit; this match could go all night!!!!!"

HHL: "I don't think anyone would mind that, Pip!"

PIP: "I would! I got a hot date after the show!"

HHL: "Yeah, with your hand!"

PIP: "My hand has particular tastes, HEATHER!"

Ring Master wastes little time, getting back to his feet and Vertical Pressing Thunder Knuckles high above his head. He then turns towards the Cage and goes to lawn dart TK into the side of it.......................... except the Xtreme Champion escapes, landing behind his opponent and shoving him, face first, into the unforgiving steel!!!! Ring Master turns and slides down to his butt, allowing Thunder Knuckles to grab hold if the chair and swing at his face! Fortunately for the challenger, he's able to duck out of the way, causing the chair to collide with the chainlink and fly out of the Champion's hand!

PIP: "Ring Master just BARELY avoids decapitation!"

The challenger wraps his arms around Thunder Knuckles and goes to drive him into the side of the ring, but TK is able to break free, slip behind him, and grab hold of his ankle.

HHL: "He's trying for another Ankle Lock, but Ring Master has all the leverage!"

Ring Master uses the apron to keep himself up, allowing him to turn around and attempt to kick TK off him. Thunder Knuckles is able to readjust, transitioning the Ankle Lock into a Foot DDT, which he does against the side of the Cage!!!!!!!

PIP: "Thunder Strike into the Cage!"

HHL: "And he's not done!"

Thunder Knuckles keeps hold of his opponent's Ankle, and does his finisher once more for good measure, this time onto the arena floor! Afterwards, he covers, looking to put the Ring Master away for good!





Winner and STILL XWF Xtreme Champion, THUNDER KNUCKLES

PIP: "Ring Master gets a shoulder up, just a second too late!"

HHL: "After TWO Thunder Strikes!"

PIP: "An impressive showing from the challenger, just not as impressive as the champion."

A referee opens the door on the bottom part of the Cage and hands Thunder Knuckles his Xtreme Championship. TK takes his belt and pushes his way past the ref, up the ramp as Ring Master comes to.

A door opens somewhere in the peripheral.

In the locker room area of the International Cricket Stadium, the camera pans to a dark room where Jenny Myst sits, holding Lance's ear in her palm, staring at what we all assume is a wall. She has a blank expression on her face, but her fingers tapped ever so slightly on the new ear that she has recently become in possession of.

The crowd roars as ALIAS comes onto the screen. Jenny's eye's never leave the gaze of whatever she is staring at. ALIAS pulls up a chair, and sits down, directly across from her, blocking her gaze at whatever it is. This seems to annoy her, and she huffs, looking up at the current Universal Champion with cold, dead eyes. He doesn't seem much concerned, merely pulling a smoke from out of some hidden magic satchel, and lighting it. He looks from Jenny down to the Television Championship she now holds.

ALIAS: "Looks like you got what you wanted..."

JENNY: "You didn't book a visitation. You need to book a visitation! Structure!"

ALIAS: "Oh, I'm sorry. Is there a form or something I should have filled in?"

The sarcasm in his voice is obvious, and only raises Myst's ire some more.

ALIAS: "In case you hadn't heard, this is my Universe. And the structure is whatever the hell I want it to be. If I wanted to come in here and rip you inside out so that your appearance matches your mind, I would. Structure or not. Hell, I'm sure we can get Theo, or Page, or any of the other bozos in charge on the line and they can make it 'structured' for you. But right now, I'm here, sitting in front of you, being as orderly as I can. Take that for what it is, Jen'.

Jenny nods, looking down at the ear. A look of disappointment on her face.

ALIAS: "I think we need to have a chat about that..."

JENNY: "Is there something you need that just couuuullddddnttt wait for a proper appointment, Mr. ALIAS?"

Jenny winces, the toll of her extremely physical match with Centurion clearly evident.

ALIAS looks around the room. It's uncomfortably dark, and with as often as he lives in the shadows himself, he knows exactly what might amount from that. Anyone could be hiding in the abyss, waiting to pounce.

ALIAS: "That... toy... of yours. It hurt someone I care about. Badly. As in, so bad I now have to make an appointment to go and see them too. To see a friend. It was so bad that they tried to take their life, Jenny. And that... that's something that I've been trying to figure out if I should blame you for or consider you as much a victim as Lance was. I think I know the answer, because... I know you. You and I have fought side by side against the darkness. When nobody else would help you, I would. I want you to remember that. I want you to recognise that by all rights, I should be tearing apart your world right now. But I'm not. I'm here offering you a hand. I'm here telling you that when push comes to shove, there hasn't been a damn thing in this world that can stop me from achieving ANY goal that I set my sights on. Which means if you want to take that hand, that same force that propels me can help you too.

Look... I'm not going to ask you not to get involved later to night to help, Charlie. I've invited the entire fucking world to the party, and if you want to come too, I'll treat you just like anybody else he might offer up for sacrifice to ol' Space Jesus. But you have a choice in that too, Jen'. You have the agency to decide your own fate. There are a lot of steps along the path to redemption. Only you can decide if the work's too hard."

Jenny curls her lip, squeezing the ear in her white-knuckled grasp. She began to shake, her teeth gnashing. Standing up she knocks the chair she was in to the ground, staring at ALIAS. Her eyes had a fire in them now. The champ stood as well, but remained as calm as a cucumber, puffing away on his cigarette.

After a few seconds of loud breathing, it regulated. She said in a low, mousey voice.

JENNY: "Next time.....make an appointment."

She walked off screen, into the darkness. The champ grins as he turns, leaving the room.

A glowing ember falls to the ground.

A door shuts somewhere in the peripheral.

HHL: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for a Leap of Faith match for the ages. Unfortunately because this match is taking place at the Burj Khalifa, Pip and I will be doing commentary remotely.

Camera pans around the outside of the Burj Khalifa. Many spectators, fans and just curious people gather. Some knowing the Leap of Faith match is about to begin. Others just wondering what all the commotion is. Hundreds of men women and children stand around cheering, chanting, and just having fun.

HHL: Wow the streets are filling up outside the Burj Khalifa, many are excited to see what the Leap of Faith match has in store.
PIP: Would you look at that briefcase dangling off the top of Dubai’s tallest skyscraper. It must have some of the competitors stomachs turning. I don’t think I would be able to make that leap of faith; no briefcase is worth my life in my opinion.

HHL: That is why we are commentators, safely tucked back behind our desks, being the voice of the action.

PIP: Where I am proud to be.

HHL: Looks like the first competitor is making their way into the building.

Raion Kido begins pressing through the crowd, being booed by most of the adult males, some even throw popcorn and beverages at him. Quickly he makes his way inside shaking the hands of the disabled and younger folks amongst the crowd.

Once inside, the next competitor begins to walk up the stairs toward the front entrance, she is cloaked hiding from the sun, being a Vampire and all. Vita makes her way to the front entrance and raises a fist high in the air without knocking her sun protectant hood down. The crowd goes ape shit with roars of cheering. Especially those adult males that berated Kido, most likely having a sick vampire fetish fantasy playing in their heads. Vita then enters the building.

Mark Flynn exits a secured blacked out vehicle, blue robe draped over his body. He makes his way through the crowd that is just kind of blah. Not really cheering, not really booing, they are just there. Making his way up the stairs to the main entrance he turns and raises both fists in the air. The live crowd is silent.

PIP: They might not be too enthusiastic here in Dubai, but wow online presence is going insane for Flynn. Some would think it’s a lost episode of girls gone wild on the XWF forums. It’s almost like this guy just has a billion bot followers.

HHL: Maybe it’s just that those less fortunate who can’t afford tickets are his fan base.

PIP: My conspiracy idea is more likely.

HHL: Whatever. The only conspiracy here is you!

Marf begins shoving his way through the crowd flinging his fingers from under his chin towards them occasionally. The crowd's boos echo down the streets. Marf barely makes his way up the stairs the crowd being a little handsy and clearly not wanting him there. Marf stands at the top of the stairs smirks and gives the audience the double birdy before cockily entering the building.

Angelica Vaughn lands on the sidewalk in one of those traditional superhero poses Deadpool is always sarcastically excited for. Majority of the crowd begins to go bananas for her arrival. The men who quite haven’t evolved past a woman being a bad ass, give her thumbs down, boo, and yell misogynistic remarks. Her cape blows in the wind almost legendary like before she rises to her feet, paying no mind to the haters. She shakes her arms together in the air as if she is a Romanian coliseum victor parading amongst the peasants. Kissing babies and shaking the hands of the less fortunate Angelica makes her way into the Burj Khalifa.

HHL: Wow, what an entrance!

PIP: Overdone if you ask me!

Bobby Bourbon appears on the top of the steps and looks down to the people. His arms begin motioning for the crowd to raise the roof. They begin to scream and chant.


Bobby takes a couple of bows to his people before signaling it was time to wreck. Bobby then powerfully enters the building.

Once inside surveillance cameras and crew all over the place ready to capture the most exciting and wild violence these six superstars would commence among all floors of the Burj Khalifa. An official directs Bobby toward the ring that is centered on the first floor. The other five gladiators inside the ring. Bobby smiles before taking off. Sliding into the ring Bobby taunts his foes a little before the official gives the signal.

2022 Leap of Faith Match

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -

This match will start on the ground floor of the famed Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the city of Dubai. Wrestlers will work their way up to the absolute top of the building where a 24/7 briefcase will be attached to a crane roughly 10 feet from the building. In order to claim the prize you must make a LEAP OF FAITH and jump off the building and grab the case from the crane and then hold on for dear life. If you leap and miss it's splatsville for you. Do you have what it takes?

Savage Rules




PIP: We’re underway!

HHL: Thanks Mr. Obvious!

Right off the final ding of the bell, all mayhem breaks out. Bobby Bourbon locks up with Mark Flynn, outweighing Flynn by eighty pounds. Bourbon quickly sends Flynn tumbling back and to the canvas of the ring. Flynn rolls almost like a tumble weed across a baron desert. Instinctively hops back to his feet right before the ropes. His body presses into the ropes and he slingshots himself back toward Bourbon. Flynn lands a missile drop kick to Bourbon’s shoulder sending the big man back into the opposite ropes…

The four others have engaged in an all-out brawl. Almost like one of those cartoon smoke clouds every man for himself fist fights. After about two minutes of closed fist punches to everyone and their mother. Vita and Angelica break the cycle by locking arms and sprinting toward the ropes, ricocheting like a paddle ball, they lay everyone out with a girl power double cross body. Both women quickly climb to their feet. They lock eyes.

Vita makes the first move with a knife edge chop to the chest of Vaughn; Vaughn doesn’t flinch and instantly delivers a knife edge chop of her own. The two ladies continue for about four more chops before Vita delivers a toe kick to Vaughn’s stomach. As she keels over, Vita plants her face fist into the canvas with a DDT.

HHL: That one is definitely going to leave a mark.

Pip: It might honestly improve Vaughn's situation.

Kido and Marf both have made it back to their feet. Kido charges delivery multiple a varied hand strikes. From closed fists, to chops, to palm thrusts, landing head, body, head. Marf quickly reacts and begins blocking strike after strike, he then quickly plants a thumb into the corner of Kido’s eyeball. Quickly while Kido is preoccupied with a cheap strike. Marf lands a belly-to-belly slam on Kido rapidly converting it into a variation of the Kimora…

Bobby has recovered from Flynn’s dropkick and has locked up with Flynn once again. This time Bourbon powers Flynn up over his head in a military press. Bourbon winks at a surveillance camera before tossing Flynn over the top ropes. Mark crashes down through a forty plus gallon clay pot. Clay shatters across the first-floor lobby floor. Followed by soil and then an eight-foot ponytail palm tree. Mark rolls out of the way of the tree in the nick of time but stays laying on his stomach removing clay pieces from his back…

HHL: Gross!

Bourbon now has turned his attention toward Vita Valenteen who is on her feet stomping at the freshly DDT’d Angelica. Bourbon steps forward grasping Vita by her hair. He pulls her in close and begins bear hugging the breath from her cold body. Suddenly her nails dig into his wrists, and she drops her weight with vampiric strength. Vita quickly reverses the bear hug into an arm drag from hell. Vita hangs on and applies a simple but painful wrist lock…

Vita being distracted by the attack from Bourbon, loses focus on Angelica who climbs to her feet. Vaughn then quickly and precisely executes a roundhouse that knocks Valenteen back. Forcing her to release Bobby from the wrist lock. Angelica does stop there. She quickly lands a question mark kick to Vita’s head which knocks her back to the ropes. Vaughn then knocks Vita to the outside of the ring with a bicycle kick.


Valenteen starts rolling around on the outside grabbing at her lower back.

HHL: I hope Vita is going to be able to continue because that sounded awful all the way from where we are.

Pip: Vita's a warrior she'll be fine. Maybe.

Kido slowly rises to his feet, Marf still applying pressure with the Kimora. A little surprised Kido can stand with the pain the Kimora has to be causing. Kido then spins out of the Kimora and begins kicking at the legs of Marf like a Muay Thai fighter chopping down a palm tree with their shins. Kido then lands a solid heart punch sending Marf back into the ropes. Kido follows quickly both men bouncing off the ropes and both men met with a double Clothesline from Bourbon…

Bobby then shoots a thumbs up out to his people before picking both men up to their feet. With a wild roar, Bobby palms the back of both Kido’s and Marf’s skull. Looking out to what would be the crowd on all sides for a what would be a thunderous roar in return. Bobby smiles and then smashes Kido into Marf’s face like a two-year-old girl playing with her dolls and forcing them to kiss. Except this was done with the intention of harm and not love. Kido and Marf begin to drowsily walk around as if they had little birdies circling their heads. Bourbon sprints and double spears both men between the ropes and out to the lobby floor.

HHL: Bobby Bourbon, the Grand Poobob looks like a man on a mission here tonight.

Pip: That he does H! And with TK retaining his title and Charlie Nickles primed to take the Universal off of Alias Leap of Faith is going to be the Bastard's crowning achievement!

Angelica looks to all three men slowly climbing to their feet from Bourbon’s double spear. She points to the sky and then takes off full sprint. Diving over the top ropes, she spirals a few times before crashing into Marf, Bourbon, and Raion. Knocking all three of them flat on their backs. She climbs to her feet smiling as she begins to raise Marf back up to his feet.

Before making it all the way back up, she is met with an onslaught of fists from Vita who is quick to drop Vaughn with a swinging neck breaker. Vita climbs back to her feet. She lifts Bourbon to his feet and quickly sends him crashing back down on his back with a scoop slam.

Marf partially to his feet, takes advantage of Vita preoccupied with Bourbon and attacks. Marf smashes Vita to the floor with a Full Nelson Slam. Followed with a boston crab, wrenching her leg harder and harder. Vita begins to squirm in pain. Marf just smiles and flexes for the camera.

HHL: Smart move by Marf there!

Kido is now back in the fight, almost decapitating Marf with a discus lariat. Sending Marf flipping before slamming into the floor. Kido then turns to Vita who is crawling away. He waits for her to gain her footing like an honorable warrior before he begins delivering a boxing combo to her torso. She stumbles backwards right into the lobby water fountain.


HHL: And now Vita is all wet!

Pip: Probably not the first time for her.

Vita grabs a hand full of coins from the bottom of the water feature. As she comes back up from being submerged under water. She flings the coins into Raion’s face, distracting him enough. She runs leaping off the fountain edge she lands a vicious super man punch to Kido’s jaw sending him crashing into an expensive painting headfirst, ruining it, or possibly making it more valuable to the right buyer. Vita charges forward again pulling the painting down over Kido’s waist and pinning his arms to his side. Vita then executes a beautiful bridging, German Suplex.

While showing off her amazing bridge skills, she doesn’t notice Angelica. Vaughn comes swooping in cape flapping behind her all mythical like. Angelica delivers a nasty palm strike to Vita’s midsection. Force so strong it slams her back to the floor and almost makes her vomit. Vaughn then instinctively begins kicking Vita all over like she is a soccer ball.

Meanwhile Mark Flynn has plucked every piece of clay from his flesh. Sneakily he makes his way to the stairwell, closing the door behind him he begins climbing the staircase. Every step a little blood pumps from his wounds succumbed from landing through a clay pot, the size of a kiddy pool. Flynn looks back to make sure no one was in pursuit. No one. Allowing him to climb at his own pace. Relaxed and confident in victory.

Back in the lobby Bourbon has locked up with Marf powering him back into the front desk. Bourbon forcefully delivers Marf onto the countertop of the front desk with a hellacious spinebuster. Bobby goes to lift Marf up again for another spinebuster. Marf quickly grasps a stapler lying next to his skull.







HHL: It's clear that despite their joint membership in the Bastards, Bobby and Marf are each going to do whatever it takes to win, including taking out their ally.

Pip: There are no friends in pro wrestling Heather.

HHL: Apparently not!

Marf staples Bobby’s face repeatedly five times. Four of them rapidly and consistent. Bourbon stumbles backwards in pain. Marf climbs to his feet and leaps from the countertop of the front desk, locking his legs around Bourbon’s neck he drops backwards sinking in a hanging arm bar. Cranking tighter and tighter as Bourbon stumbles aloof wincing in pain. His eyes watering a little as if his arm is about to snap from his socket.

Bourbon staggers toward the stairwell door. Almost unable to take the pain anymore Bobby lifts Marf up in the powerbomb position and charges. Slamming him with all his might and speed into the stairwell door.


The door busts from its hinges. Both men and the door slide across the floor to the stairs. Marf looking upward notices Flynn snaking up the stairs, hoping to go unnoticed. Marf yells out “Flynn” and points upward. Knowing the only way to win is climb to the rooftop of the building and leap out to the suspended briefcase. Bobby and Marf climb to their feet and begin in hot pursuit of Mark Flynn.

HHL: Looks like Mark Flynn was the first to make a break for the top floor and now Bobby and Marf are in hot pursuit.

Kido, Vaughn, and Valenteen all stand around in a triangular circle, looking around noticing they are the only ones left on the lobby floor. Very similar to that three-way spider man meme that has gone viral. Kido quickly signals for a time out with his hands before pointing to the elevator. Vita and Angelica nod in agreement, all three of them walk to the elevator. Pressing the up button. Entering the elevator one after another. The door closes.

Staring at one another they all nod. Fists begin to fly. Kido gets a quick advantage clasping Vita’s wrist while simultaneously kicking Angelica in the shin, waist, chest, and then head. As soon as his foot comes back from across Angelica’s face, he flips arm dragging Vita face first into the elevator doors. Her nose begins to spray blood. Climbing to his feet, Angelica sweeps his legs out from under him. Axe kicking him in the face, followed by a spin to a back fist.

Vaughn then hops to her feet and begins repeatedly kicking Raion in the face.

2, Ding.

The elevator door opens and stays open as a sixty second counter begins to count down.


Vita crawls out the elevator, Angelica pursues.


Grabbing Vita by the back of her hair she slowly begins raising her up. Vita grabs ahold of an extension cord and spins around whipping Angelica across the face.


The force of her swing, slices Angelica’s face open like a razor blade. Vita rolls backwards and up to her feet. Charging into the sliced open Angelica quickly wrapping the cord around her throat and flipping over yanking Angelica up onto her back. Vaughn’s feet do not touch the ground, unable to breath she begins to go out. Her arms go limp.

Kido exits the elevator and charges toward both ladies, dropping Vita with a shotgun dropkick. Sending both ladies flying. Kido kipups back to his feet. Going after Vita since Angelica lays almost as if she is unconscious. Raion lifts Valenteen up and slams her right back down with a German Suplex…

HHL: Kido was clearly paying attention earlier and he is continuing to focus on Vita's already hurt back.

In the stairwell Bourbon and Marf have caught up to Mark Flynn. Bobby is holding Flynn in a full nelson while Marf explodes with lefts, rights, hooks, and uppercuts. After about six different combinations of punches, Bourbon explodes, jumping in the air and crashing back down full nelson slamming Mark onto the steps. Marf and Bourbon stare at one another before continuing up the stairs.

HHL: Pip remember that scene from the end of the first Ghostbusters where our heroes have to climb what seems like endless flights of stairs to reach the top? This feels just like that.

Pip: Ghostbusters 2 was better.

Flynn rolls back and forth in pain for a second before climbing to his feet using the handrail as leverage. His ribs and torso bruised, his back bloody, and his eyes full of fire. Mark begins to climb the stairs slowly at first until the pace picks up. Biting on the heels of Bobby and Marf. Mark grabs Marf’s ankle and with all his strength yanks his leg back. Marf loses his footing and face plants teeth first on the edge of a step. Marf begins rolling down the stairs. Flynn catches him and begins to stomp a mudhole on the fallen Marf. Bobby shrugs and continues up the flight of stairs worried the other three maybe already on the roof.

Flynn then lifts Marf to his feet only to drop him headfirst on the seventyth-floor platform. Flynn then begins to climb the flight of stairs after Bobby Bourbon. Passing signs at each platform.





HHL: Up and up they go!

So, on until they are at the top of the stairwell Bobby turns around and sends Flynn down one flight of stairs with a discus lariat and then hunches over to try and catch his breath. Flynn smacks the back of his skull on the cement wall. Bourbon smirks before grasping the door handle to the roof. Flynn is back to his feet and quickly skipping stairs as he climbs. Bobby turns but not in time. Flynn lands a flying forearm smash to Bourbon’s face knocking him back into the rooftop door. Flynn doesn’t let up and continues his assault with alternating leg kicks to bourbons tree trunk legs. Mark then smashes the back of Bourbons skull into the door four times before hitting a neck breaker.

Mark then swings the rooftop door open and exits the stairwell…



Kido has Vita and Angelica tied together with the extension cord dragging them both back into the elevator.



Just before the elevator door starts closing Kido gets both women all the way in the metal box. As the elevator starts climbing floors, not stopping until they reach the top. The elevator door’s slide open, Kido notices Mark heading toward the edge of the building where the briefcase hangs. Kido takes off full sprint, SHOTGUN dropkick! Takes Mark right off his feet. Kido then raises Mark to his feet and begins executing boxing combos to Flynn’s head and torso.

HHL: And now everyone has reached the top!

Pip: Oh goodie!

Out of nowhere Marf comes charging through the rooftop door enraged like a starving grizzly. Marf grabs Kido by the back of the hair and spins him around into a massive spine buster. Marf quickly then places Kido in a surfboard stretch. Bourbon has now made his way to the rooftop as well Angelica and Vita begin to stir, realizing they are tied together they give one another the thumbs up.

Vita and Angelica charge toward Bourbon the extension cord pulled tight between them. Clotheslining Bourbon with such speed and force it makes the big man involuntarily participate in a gymnastics floor routine. He does not stick it like Gabriella, instead he lands in the rolling position just a foot away from the edge. Trying to stop himself from going over but fails. Bobby Bourbon goes for a one-way ticket down.

Vita and Angelica look at one another bright eyed and shocked. Until they notice Marf heading toward the briefcase. They take off still linked together. They circle around Marf wrapping him up in their extension cord Chinese body trap (like the Chinese finger traps). Both ladies nod before going full on crouching tiger hidden dragon on Marf. Almost floating in thin air as they land street fighter style kicks and maneuvers on the entangled Marf.

Kido slowly climbs back to his feet. Only to be engaged by Mark Flynn. They all begin to exchange blows with the little strength and energy they have left. Suddenly the sound of what seems to be helicopter blades slicing through the air.

BOBcopter appears from the clouds Bourbon hanging out the side ready to make the leap of faith, all other competitors stop and look out in disbelief. All six men and women stare at the briefcase waiting for one or another to make the move…

And then it happens...

Mark Flynn had picked up a random cinder block that was resting comfortably on the roof and chucks it at the helicopter. It smashes through the windshield and lands on the pilots lap causing him to violently jerk the helicopter which sends Bobby flying out as everyone looks on in shock.



Everyone except Raion Kido who leaps off the building and using Bobby's descending body as a stepping stone is able to reach outward and grab hold of the briefcase where he bearhugs it 163 stories from the ground. He looks downward to see Bobby landing on a safety net that have been erected a few floors below the roof.

(Did you really think the XWF was going to let any of it's wrestlers die on live TV? There isn't enough accident insurance in the world for that.)

Winner and NEW XWF 24/7 Briefcase Holder - Raion Kido

HHL: And now the moment we've all been waiting for. Charlie Nickles versus Alias for the Universal Title. Charlie has been ducking Theo Pryce and security all night as they try and get the Television Title off of him so you have to wonder if Theo might finally catch up to Charlie now knowing Nickles has no choice but to show his face.

PC: It would be the smart thing to do and say what you want about Theo but he's no idiot.

As his theme music plays, Charlie Nickles pushes his way through the curtain, his precious Goldie wrapped around his waist. Nickles slowly walks down the ring, his head on a swivel waiting to see if Theo and his goon squad will strike when suddenly the lights turn out...

PC: Did someone forget to pay the electric bill?[/white]

The lights come back on with Charlie still standing exactly where he was before they went off but now the Universal Champion Alias is seated in the middle of the ring waiting for his opponent.

[red]HHL: This battle between Charlie Nickles and ALIAS has been raging on for months.

Charlie walks to the ring without breaking eye contact while the commentary team speaks, he looks intensely focused.

PC: And though ALIAS defeated Charlie some weeks ago, you knew there'd be a time when this rivalry would really come to the fore, and here it is now. For the Universal Championship! Our Main Event of Leap of Faith!

Charlie pulls up onto the apron. His stare is as cold as the one he’s mirroring from ALIAS.

HHL: Charlie has been waiting for this moment all of his life, everything he’s ever desired stands before him. The universe literally at his feet!

He steps through the ropes. ALIAS stands unmoved this entire time. The ref lifts the belt from the champion’s feet to signify the beginning of the match, but CHARLIE RUSHES IN! He hip checks the ref who calls for the bell while falling forward, dropping the belt on the floor.


- vs -

ALIAS's Universal Rules - Competitors will be randomly transported to different dimensions where they will continue to fight each other and anything else that might seek to get involved.
Champions Advantage RP Rules

Charlie is teeing off on ALIAS’s head with a series of punches. A particular left haymaker crumbles the champion. Charlie is growling. He lifts ALIAS up to his feet and throws him into the ropes.





Charlie hit’s a sidewalk slam so big that it breaks the ring canvass, leaving a gaping pit in the center of the ring where he and ALIAS have just fallen through.

Everything goes white.

Charlie pats the sweat from under his cowboy hat, adjusting the red bandana down from his mouth and over his neck. He looks up to the bar keeper, ordering ‘one for me, and one for my friend.’ The old western barkeeper doesn’t see anyone else in the saloon, but pours both drinks anyhow.

Charlie takes the first shot, and the door to the saloon swings open. A tumbleweed blows by on the outside, a blink, and ALIAS is in the door. Wearing an outlaw gitup similar to Charlie’s. His hand near a pistol on the side of his leather chaps. Charlie looks over his shoulder with a grin, and stands with the whiskey glass raised in the air. ‘You’re late to the party, bud. The universe isn’t your show anymore, it’s mine.’ Charlie barks. ALIAS shoots his gun, but Charlie raises his hand and everything slows to an impossible halt. The bullet is frozen in time just as it was about to strike the whiskey glass in Charlie’s hand.

Charlie swallows the shot of whiskey, and throws the shot glass, striking ALIAS in the forehead ‘told ya’, dummy! My universe now!’ Charlie lays his other hand down, and the bullet speeds backup to regular time, firing into the shelf of liquor behind the barkeeper, who cowers away behind the bar. Charlie bullrushes ALIAS, elbows to the face cripple the champion as he smacks the wooden floor of the saloon.

Charlie lifts ALIAS up by the hair, pulling him up by his feet and throwing him across the bar into some poker tables and chairs. Wooden legs snap and stab, frames bust and nails pierce. Charlie lunges behind ALIAS, falling on the champion who lies in a rubble of broken tables and chairs, and begins beating him in the face with the palm of his hand.

ALIAS is dazed, his head smacking curiously against the wall of the saloon with his neck wrapped along a broken chair leg. Blood flings onto the wall as Charlie hollers again, smacking his palm directly onto the champion’s nose. ALIAS is frantic and grabbing for the pistol at his side. Charlie has ALIAS by the hair. He lifts his head up and props it against the wall, yelling while lifting a knee up into ALIAS’ face. The thud is sick, and followed immediately by another knee.

ALIAS is in a bad way and desperate. He pushes with all of his might off of his rear, trying to push Charlie off of him, but the challenger to his universe holds onto his, and is laughing now, guiding ALIAS out of the saloon in a noogie. He digs his knuckles into ALIAS’ hair laughing, as they step from the stoop of the bar and out into the dirt street where the sun beams down. He guides the champion over to the horses water trough across the dirt road, and dunks his head into the water. Holding the champion down tight. Drowning him. ALIAS is frantic now, his arms flailing. He gets the gun, but can’t aim it anywhere. He fires a round, and a horse gets spooked. It runs directly at Charlie knocking him over. A roped sack of mail gets tangled on ALIAS and Charlie as the stampeding horse begins to drag them down the dirt road.

ALIAS aims the gun up and fires again, a round buries right into Charlie’s thigh causing him to let go and roll off into a cactus bush. ALIAS lets go of the horse too and crashes into a cesspit. He stands with the towns remains drenching his clothes, and limps his way over to Charlie. ALIAS aims the gun again and fires, only Charlie raises his hand again like back at the saloon. The bullet stops, and Charlie’s able to limp up to it, grimacing on his own gunshot wound, and pick the bullet out of the air. Tossing it up and catching it a time or two as he walks up to ALIAS who remains motionless.

‘Told ya’ cowboy.’ Charlie gloats ‘My universe now’

Tossing the bullet up in the air again, only for ALIAS to snatch it away from him,

The Universal Champion blinks.

Everything goes white.


A tiny, 10 year old version of Charlie Nickles screams out, dressed just like Ash from the television show. He throws the pokemon ball to the ground which bursts open with light. A giant, deranged, red and green dragon dinosaur thing, that’s also a methamphetamine addict, roars, and breaths fire at…


All I have is my Metapod.

10 yearold ALIAS, dressed just like regular ALIAS, same stubble and all, throws down his Pokemon ball. Out comes Metapod… yay. And into the air flips a coin.


Charlizard whips his tail toward Metapod with a fire attack, which will burn the poor grass Pokemon to death! Metapod only has 70 HP!

‘HEADS!’ ALIAS shouts holding the coin he flipped in the air. ‘STIFFIN!’

Metapod stiffins. Stiffins.

Yes he Stiffins…

And shields the fire attack with his incredible stiffness! And now, Charlizard is paralyzed from Metapod’s stun spore. It’s a spore. He spored Charlizard while stiffened, and stunned him. 10 yearold ALIAS rushes 10 yearold Charlie. They start fighting. It looks like 10 yearolds fighting. Heads are cocked back, fists forward, not doing much damage, awkward, wrestling each other to the ground in the Pokeball arena. ALIAS gets on top of Charlie and starts choking him, a certain lifelessness in his eyes. The stadium around them starts to shake. Charlizard and Metapod are cuddling one another, romantically. But they fall away. The stands fall away. The floor falls away.

Everything is black. Until...

London, 1969.

The super swinging mod movement is in vogue in this posh night club. Except instead of humans, it's anthropomorphic dogs. ALIAS and Charlie zap into the club with the XWF referee. The club stops short as both men clear off the dance floor. Everyone watches. ALIAS clocks Charlie with a ferocious right!

Charlie zaps out of 1969. Alias looks baffled for a moment before he and the referee blink from this plane into New York, 1979, Studio 54's exterior. Except, instead of humans, the people here are big ants. ALIAS looks around when Charlie rushes him!

Charlie slams Alias into the wall with a bull rush, and on contact, they disappear with the referee, finding themselves in a rave in 1999. Except instead of humans, people are lots and lots of little pigs that operate human sized mech suits.

The lucid crowd thinks it's cool.

ALIAS kicks Charlie in the gut and goes for a DDT! Charlie counters with a backdrop, ALIAS leaves this reality before landing on a table covered with empty bottles! Charlie flashes away and both men are in fucking Candyland. Charlie grabs a giant sentient lollypop and crowns ALIAS! ALIAS grabs a long Twizzler growing in the ground and wraps his fist!


NO! Charlie lets the sentient lollypop take the blow! It shatters, revealing its Tootsie Roll core, settling once and for all how many licks it takes to get to the center.

Everything goes white.

How many was it, again? ALIAS couldn’t remember.

666 The spirit of Unknown Soldier possessing domesticated ferret replies. ALIAS looks around, he’s in a tight packed apartment bedroom, older furniture. Nothing too-


‘The hell is that?’ ALIAS asks the Unknown Soldier ferrett, they’re making private time, dude.

ALIAS turns and swings open the bedroom door, he fumbles out into the carpeted apartment hallway, and looks ahead to the open kitchen where John Taffer from Bar Rescue is stuffing cotton balls into Whoopie Goldberg’s ear. Thankfully they’re both fully clothes, OOOOHHH TAFFY BABY Her body starts gyrating like it were possessed at some church service. ‘The hell is this?’ ALIAS stomps towards them, and into the kitchen with bright yellow floors. He spots Charlie up on the kitchen counter, he and the ref watching John Taffer and whoopie with a video camera.

‘Man this is some KIIIINKY stuff! We could make some big dollars with this footage!

Charlie shouts out.

ALIAS sneers and moves to attack him, but the ferrette Unknown Soldier has already leapt at Charlies face, biting into the Nickleman’s eyeball. Charlie screams out, blood rushing through his fingers as he covers his eye socket. ALIAS reaches his arms out to strangle Charlie again, but the ferrette Unknown Soldier leaps now at ALIAS. He latches his 666 sharp little teeth onto ALIAS’ jugular, thrashing down with 666 bites. ALIAS pisses blood into his boxer shorts while screaming for a whole 666 seconds. ALIAS tears Soldier away from his neck and strangles the little marmot to death. Her looks up, blood soaked, to find a one eyed Charlie filming him.

‘Now THIS is really hot!’

Charlie kicks ALIAS in the gut and lifts him up for the Stubenville Screwdriver.

He plants the Universal Champion right in front of Taffer and Whoopie who’ve been acting as if nothing has been going on all along. Taffer still stuffing cotton balls in her ear as they all mash in only so deep before falling to the floor. The cottonballs on the floor stack up near ALIAS’ nose as he stares at the ceiling.



Everything goes 3

Three ALIAS’ with three of everything. Yes, three, three headed, three armed, three legged, three eyed ALIAS’ stare down three Charlies of the same anatomy. They’re all in 2D. They begin to tear into each other standing on three narrow drawbridges above three pits of bubbling acid. Three ducks followed by three leg sweeps from the three ALIAS to the three Charlies. EAch pop and flip into the air, and down kick. The Charlies low block, and the ALIAS flip back in the air, but are uppercutted.

The Charlies move in, a low kick. But the ALIAS leap over the leg, land and pull off three combos. High punch, low kick, high punch, back kick, high punch, kick, punch, kick, punch, kick, kick, GRAB


The move looks awkwardly performed, even for 2D.

The Charlies immediately pop from prone, grounded positions, to standing and twirling,


The Charlies are uppercutted from the bridges down below to the acid pits. They fall inside the acid making a horrible, flesh eating gargle.

The ALIAS’ look around at one another, and then over to the three dopey three headed refs that have been at the end of the bridges this entire time. They just shrug their shoulders. The ALIAS’ look down, consider their options then shrug themselves. They dive in after the Charlies. All but one of the ALIAS’ who just stands there, still looking down from the bridge.

Everything goes
[Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2][Image: eaI7alo.gif?2]

Back at the old western town. Charlie is drowning ALIAS in the water trough again. ALIAS fires the pistol again, only this time the horse tramples into ALIAS, but still bangs his way through Charlie too. The two men lie in the dirt road groaning, still wearing the wounds of the entire battle in one way or the other. Even Charlie still has a gunshot to his leg and one functioning eye. Nickels climbs ontop of the Universal Champion, and the two struggle over the pistol, ALIAS pulls the gun from Charlie and fires!


A bullet tears through ALIAS’ bicep and Charlie immediately begins wrenching on the arm as the champion screams out in agony. The Nickleman rams a thumb into the bullet hole and slams ALIAS into the dirt, tearing at the badly damaged arm. He wrenches the arm up, and brings the champion to his feet. A headbutt, followed by another headbutt, then a clinic of headbutts. Then the staggering ALIAS gets lifted and dropped on his neck in the dirt road with a sick piledriver.







The collective sounds of agony these two are emitting sounds similar to the human centipede. It looks almost as gross. Both lying in the dirt, Charlie digs his thumbs deeper into the champion’s eyes, while ALIAS claws his hand as deep behind Charlie’s tongue as possible. Charlie bites, and pushes his thumbs, and bites harder, and pushes his thumbs deeper. There’s a pop as ALIAAS shrieks out, the right hand raised and pulling at Charlie’s left. The left hand dangling in the challenger’s mouth as he mounts up to a knee. His teeth cracking into the knuckle now.

The ref is in ALIAS’ ear, begging him to surrender.

Everything goes black.

ALIAS is sitting in a cold, sterile lobby. He’s wearing only a gown and looking up at a mounted television. The Wonder Years is on. Kevin just had a fight with his Dad over something. He’s just telling Winnie about it when the screen statics, and Winnie’s face is replaced by Charlie’s. ‘Oh ALIAS, you’re so cute’ Charlie's voice manipulates through Winnie’s.

The screen statics again, and ALIAS stands now and walks over to the TV which keeps jumping in and out of signal. He turns the knobs on the TV trying to get a different channel, but now Charlie’s face is on the television and he’s laughing. Wearing a red and green striped sweater and dirty old fedora. Arms grow out of the sides of the television set and wrap ALIAS up by the head. From the top of the antennas, Charlie’s head molds through the top of the TV.


Charlie slams ALIAS head into the television screen.

The ref is begging ALIAS to give up.

Darth Nickles has Just ALIAS lifted in the air above the tatooine desserts, force choking him.

The ref is begging ALIAS to surrender.

The blinded champion can no longer breathe. Nearly every ounce of life has been pulled from him at the hands of the challenger. Darth Nickles pulls Just ALIAS closer with the force choke, garnishing his devilish red lightsaber blade just as the champion nears.

He releases the choke And Just ALIAS falls into the dirt. Darth Nickles laughs and has the red saber blade resting near the champion’s neck. He raises the blade, swings down, Just ALIAS reaches his arm, pulling his saberr to him from the sand. He ignites a devilish red blade of his own, blocking Charlies. He stands and pushes Charlie back with a thrust of the force. Black veins crackling around ALIAS’ eye sockets. He darts in with a stabbing blow, plunging the saber into Charlie.

ALIAS’ eyes growing darker.

Everything goes back.



In the center of the blood stained mat, a mangled, bloodied and beaten Charlie rams his thumbs deep into ALIAS’ eyes as the champion sxreams out and kicks his legs.

The ref is begging ALIAS to submit. But the champ won't quit. Even with his body breaking down, his eye sight gone, his arm beaten back out of his socket, he wont stop struggling. The ref lifts the arm


The ref lifts the arm again


He lifts again


ALIAS uses what tiny bit of energy he has left and thrusts his hand into Charlie’s mouth. The push moves Charlie back. ALIAS falls ontop of the challenger, ramming his hand knuckle deep into Charlie’s mouth. ALIAS still has Charlie’s thumbs ramming into his eyes, but he pushes harder, screams louder.

Charlie’s legs are kicking, as ALIAS is only still staying upright from the assist of Charlie’s thumbs ramming his skull. Charlie pushes, and kicks, and fights, and can't breathe. Blood from ALIAS’ face draining out onto Charlie’s. He chokes and gags, and his legs stop kicking. His shoulders press the mat.




Winner - and STILL Universal Champion - ALIAS

ALIAS collapses onto Charlie, both men near the brink of death.

Jenny skips down the ramp and enters the ring.

PC: What the hell is this now! Haven't we seen enough of her for one night?!

She looks at Charlie, then over at Alias, then back at Charlie.

She begins to clap and giggle, stomping her feet. Alias tosses her Charlie's belt as she stands over him. A smile comes across her face. A genuine smile. As if the old Jenny Myst were back. She holds up Charlie's HER title belt as Alias stands on the turnbuckle holding his up. She gives the cry hand gesture as she laughs again.

PC: Jenny Myst could have very easily come to Charlie's aid. She could have stopped this but she waited, picked her spot, and now she's rubbing it in! Charlie played her game, and lost. Now Jenny Myst holds all the cards, and the gold! My god what a Savage it'll be! Goodnight everyone!

Thank You To All Of You Whole RP'd and a Special Thanks To The Following Match Writers:
Dolly Waters
Chris Page
Jonathan Burrows
Vinnie Lane
Johnny F'n C from IWF
Charlie Nickles
Adi Gold
Jason Cashe
Jenny Myst




[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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Incredible show.

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05-30-2022 07:44 PM

Big thanks to all the match writers in particular for helping get this show together! You guys do the Lord's work. My match was the perfect level of wacky chaos that I wanted it to be, so big thanks to Dolly/Edgar! And to Charlie for the contest, I guess...

Do you have a light?

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05-30-2022 10:46 PM

A sweet memorial day treat! I thought it was a superb show, personally my favorite segment was the Tommy Wish bit after the crowning of the new Anarchy champ! Lots of championship belt changes on this show which is always fun, and the addition of a briefcase into the loop means you know shit could get wild at any moment! I never thought Dubai could compete with the moon, but here we are! I thought the whacky main event was a fun loop through, well, everything lol. Gotta say I also loved the battle royale match, I honestly didn't really know much about Garry Ray Ray Nelson before now but I think he showed everyone just who he was on this xwf ppv debut!

(05-30-2022 07:44 PM)ALIAS Said:  Big thanks to all the match writers in particular for helping get this show together! You guys do the Lord's work. My match was the perfect level of wacky chaos that I wanted it to be, so big thanks to Dolly/Edgar! And to Charlie for the contest, I guess...

I'll tell you like I told Doc: I'll lose to you a thousand times just so I can beat you once! I'm happy to run it back at your leisure.

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