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X-treme Wrestling Federation BOARDS » XWF Live! » Looking for a FIGHT (or alliance)! Looking to insult each other (or team up)!
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Dear John.
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Atara Themis Online now or has been in the last 30 mins
The Goddess


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09-26-2021 05:00 AM

[Image: j5Pgvlj.png]

[Image: 5e3d0fd31efb99a669c1c4403e1aca41.png]
[Image: 0nu1TZe.png]

[Image: 8pr1Az7.png]

[Image: jtHw5j1.png]

[Image: YLZBFO7.png]
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09-26-2021 06:25 AM

We see Mr, Wiggles picking up the 8x10 of this poster, as he tried to hand it over to JB, he simply refuses and walks away from him. Then smoke appears, and we see a return of Mr. AfterHours donning his red suit and smoking a cig in tow.

"Congratulation Atara Themis, you have managed to secure yourself a victory to a shot at Jimmy's X-Treme title in a future date. I mean, I knew it when he told me he would get nothing at the end of the night; guess he's a physic son of a bitch.

So as you rise in the ranks of titles after titles... I promise you Atty, he won't stop you from shining, oh no. He knows where he's at within the pecking order, and it's time for him to stop caring about following trends and rules.

So Atty, I hope you sleep well tonight because... you have managed to bring a monster back to life in JB. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart....

A Shadow Thug.
[Image: John-Black.jpg]
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