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Warfare Results - 2/13/2017
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From !!!


A video is shown on the night of Warfare at Spark Arena that XWF Management comprising of head boss Loverboy Vinnie Lane, GM's Smoking Bob Williams, Darius Xavier, and Arnold Chubby Fletcher and the XWF Roster who are in New Zealand are all brought together by Mastermind. He tells them it is customary for any group whether sporting or not to have a powhiri at a marae. A powhiri is an offical welcome by the Indigneous People of New Zealand, the Maori. It represents good luck.

So they were taken to a Marae where the powhiri took place. They were told never to show their backs to their hosts as its a sign of bad luck or disrespect.

Afterwards they were given a Kapahaka performance, which is a cultural performance.

Just before the start of warfare as the fans were getting to their seats, 'Monster' by Eminem and Rihanna started playing on the Arena's sound system and the fans go wild because they know it's local boy Mastermind. The lights go out and when they come back on Mastermind is seen in the middle of the ring. He smiles as the fans react.

He starts to speak into the microphone.

"Nau mai haere mai nga tangata o te XWF. Ko te tumanako ka pai ou koutou noho ki Aotearoa. Tena Koutou Tena Koutou Tena tatou katoa.

"I basically said I would like to officially welcome the roster and XWF Management to New Zealand and I hope that they enjoy their stay and they get to see the sights and sounds over the next little while they are here. So without further adue lets get this place rocking."

The fans go even more crazier as the lights go out and when they come back on, Mastermind has disappeared.

Just before Warfare is about to start there is a video of a get together between Zach Scott, Calypso, Peter Gilmour and Wylie Sinclair. They decide to have a quick game of cards where winner takes all. But as they go through the hands it is obvious that not just one of them but all of them are cheating. Finally they all have enough and start accusing each other. Peter goes to the X-Treme and flips the table and a brawl ensues. They all get laid out.

As the cameras come back from commercial break, SBW - Smoking Bob Williams is seen coming out of the Medical Room.

"I have reviewed the footage, and because there was a brawl involving all 4 men, and because of their injuries, they have been suspended from their matches tonight. They might get a second chance next Warfare should management deem it so."

SBW walks back into the medical room.


Alejandro Rivera
- vs -

2 out of 3 Falls and another
Stipulation will be added

"Los Mandados" blasts throughout the arena amidst some polite cheering. El Pantera steps out of the entry curtain looking around at the audience with his trademark confident smile. He walks down to the ring almost with a swagger exchanging quick hand shakes with a few youngsters on the way. He reaches the ring and takes his time walking to the steps. He climbs the steps, stepping on the apron, he climbs to the second rope placing his left foot on the top turnbuckle. EL PANTERA looks around at the crowd then back at the entry way awaiting the biggest dog in the playground...

The arena goes completely dark...TNT by AC_DC begins to play then the lights start to pulsate. Pyro goes off and the lights come back on admist the silence of the crowd who are in awe over the sheer size of Drezdin. He starts walking down the ramp yelling out 'IT'S GO TIME!'. He stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, grabs the rope ring rope, gets unto the ring apron, goes over the top rope then walks toward ALEJANDRO RIVERA mumbling something that deeply angers PANTERA. He walks back o the middle of the ring, raises his left hand as second round of pyro goes off.

The entrances are finished. Let this two out of three falls match open up WEDNESDAY NIGHT WARFARE!

The bell sounds. The angered ALEJANDRO RIVERA immediately rushes DREZDIN he leaps up for DESTRUCTOR DE CARA...DREZDIN blocks! D.T.D! DREZDIN covers! ONE...TWO...THREE!

Two pinfall losses within 20 seconds of the match in a five day period for ALEJANDRO RIVERA! DREZDIN laughs out loud standing in the corner as the referee checks on PANTERA. He'll have one minute to recover from the pinfall

...1:00 PANTERA begins to stir...

:45 PANTERA gets to a knee still stunned...

:35 PANTERA is hoisting himself up using the ropes...

:20 PANTERA steadies himself as the referee looks him over...

:15 PANTERA clears his head as much as he can...

:05 PANTERA tells referee he can continue.

DREZDIN immediately rushes accross the ring to beat ALEJANDRO down in the corner. PANTERA covers up as DREZDIN kicks the proverbial mudhole in him. DREZDIN drags PANTERA back to his feet placing him in the corner and delivers a knife edge chop that echoes loudly throughout the arena. The biggest dog in the playground takes his size 14x boot and using his height places his foot against the throat of EL PANTERA. The referee counts to five and DREZDIN takes the full time. DREZDIN still sensing PANTERA is hurt delivers multiple left and right hands to his challenger. He yells at him before delivering another chop and a head butt. PANTERA falls back into the ropes. DREZDIN sensing the end grabs RIVERA to deliver another D.T.D.

PANTERA also sensing the move struggles out of the grasp of DREZDIN. RIVERA fires off kicks to the leg attempting to chop the seven foot giant down. He uses his nearly two hundred and forty pound frame to get DREZDIN back to the corner where he grabs him in a wrestling clinch delivering several elbows to the head of the big man. He backs up, realizing DREZDIN is stunned he throws a head kick knocking DREZDIN down. ALEJANDRO knowing the tides have just turned to his favor leaps on DREZDIN with a double knee drop and lays on him hitting him several times with short punches to the head. DREZDIN roars and bench presses PANTERA off of him with such force the rookie is thrown through the middle and bottom rope out to the floor. He gets up looking a little concerned (and impressed) at the big guy's strength.

DREZDIN fired up now offers to let ALEJANDRO back in the ring. Keeping an eye on his opponent RIVERA steps back in the squared circle. DREZDIN leers at him with an evil smile daring him to charge. PANTERA isn't going to do that again. The pair meet in the middle and start some jaw jacking. DREZDIN shoves PANTERA who launches himself back with a flying superman punch. DREZDIN gets knocked backward, but when ALEJANDRO comes forward DREZDIN wraps his big hand around ALEJANDRO'S throat and tosses him into the corner where he hits him again with multiple left and right combination before sending him into the opposite turnbuckles. Yelling out primitively DREZDIN comes charging accross the ring and leaps into the air for the stinger splash.

ALEJANDRO moves quickly out of the way leaving DREZDIN to slam his 345 pound body into the turnbuckles. He staggers back right into an awaiting PANTERA who rolls him up with the ol, school boy one...two...three! DREZDIN gets up angry at being caught by this rookie! He charges at ALEJANDRO but the referee stops him reminding DREZDIN of the one minute rest period. 'I don't need a rest period' DREZDIN yells out. The referee looks at DREZDIN then he looks at ALEJANDRO assessing both men are able to continue signals for the bell to ring.

All hell has just broke loose. DREZDIN and PANTERA charge each other latching on to one another delivering punch and punch. ALEJANDRO gets loose and goes for a double leg on the seven footer, but DREZDIN proves to big and the two men fall out of the ring.

The referee begins counting...10

Upon returning to their feet. DREZDIN grabs a chair swinging it at ALEJANDRO. RIVERA ducks and the chair makes a sickening sound as it bounces off the ring post.


DREZDIN turns around chair in hand ready to strike. RIVERA leaps upward driving his feet into the chair knocking it back into DREZDIN'S face staggering him.

The referee who is now on the floor trying to remind the competitors this is not a hardcore match has counted down to 6 by this point.

ALEJANDRO runs at the staggered DREZDIN hitting him with a shoulder block which only makes the big man back up a little.


DREZDIN once again grabs PANTERA by the throat and tosses him into the crowd following him.


Nobody can understand the referee is still counting obviously these two had enough of each other and have picked up two more chairs.


The swing the chairs and the metal on metal clash is enough to make a large sound throughout the arena.


DREZDIN swings again and ALEJANDRO barely gets out of the way losing his own chair in the process.


RIVERA throws another front kick by this time is swatted down by DREZDIN who finally heard the two.

He takes a running start for the barracade.


He leaps over the barracade...he rushes towards the ring

The referee waves as he has counted to 0

DREZDIN slides in.

'NO!' DREZDIN screams out realizing he couldn't make it back in time. ALEJANDRO by this time has also made it back to ringside but officials are there immediately to hold the two back as we go to commercial...



Zach Scott
- vs -

Last Man Standing Match


The camera is zoomed in on the locker room door of [b]APEX
when we hear Steve’s voice.

Ladies and Gentlemen I am standing right outside of APEX’S locker.

The locker room door pops open as Drew walks ring into Steve. Drew takes a step back then raises his eyebrow.

Steve? What are you doing standing outside our locker room door? Kind of creepy. Are you stalking us Steve?

Drew get uncomfortably close to Steve’s face with his own as Steve shakes his head no.

Oh, then what are you out here for?

Well I was hoping I could get a word with you and Robert about a few things. If that’s okay?

Sure…. Bob… Steve is here. He wants to rap with us for a hot minute. You good?

Robert walks out of the locker room handing Drew his half of The Tag Team Championships. Drew shoots Steve a smile slapping his Championship over his shoulder. Robert adjust the Universal Championship and his half of the Tag Team Championships over his shoulders. Then slaps Steve on the back.

What’s up Steve?

Robert fixes Steve’s suit jacket when Drew ran into him.

Robert.. Drew Tonight you defend your Tag Team Championships for the first time. Is there anything you’d like to say to your opponent’s right here before tonight’s main event?

Drew & Robert grin.

Yeah… Good luck!

Drew points to the camera then waves

Next question. Tonight, Chris Chaos is supposed to be in the building. What is going to happen between him and you Robert? Will there be fireworks?

Robert’s mood changes on a dime to a more serious tone.

Chris Chaos is here? Tonight? Hey Drew, maybe if he stays out of hiding for long enough we can get an “ICONS” autograph. Steve just keep those peepers peeled. Tonight APEX’S is going to bring the house down.

I see I see. Last question, this the tag team division in the XWF is, to put it mildly non existent outside of you guys and your opponents tonight. How do you plan on addressing that?

I'll handle this one Bob. So here's the deal Steve, it's not really out job to handle the tag team division. I mean it is and it isn't. We will absolutely 'handle' anyone that comes out way but as far as doing managements job and finding opponents, well that's above my pay grade but I will say this. We will take on anyone that wants a shot. Except for Chris Chaos. Chris Chaos has gotten by on name recognition long enough. He wants a shot he has to earn it, like the Universal, but as far as the tag team titles go, all you gotta do to get a shot at these bad boys is step to the plate. Come one, come all. Now if you don't mind Steve, we have a match to prepare for.

Steve shakes both men's hands as the camera transitions to a shot of the ring.


Arthur Grey
- vs -
Sebasstian Dyke

Winner to receive a shot at the Hart Championship next Warfare

Acid Rain By Liquid Tension Experiment hit's the Arena's sound system and Arthur Grey walks from the back to the ring.

If I was invisible by Clay Aiken hit's the Arena's sound system and Sebasstian Dyke walks down to the ring sulking like a little girl and gets into the ring.

Arthur Grey quickly is out of the blocks and hits Dyke fast and furious with lefts and rights. Dyke doesn't know what to do with himself or even know how to get out of this situation. Suddenly Grey hits Dyke with a Fisherman Suplex then a Spike DDT, and then from the middle rope executes a Diving Elbow Drop which connects and Dyke is seeing stars.

Grey waits for him to get up, and then he hits a Big Boot which sends Dyke into the middle of next week. Grey sets Dyke up for the Critical Hit a.k.a Brain Buster which he gets right, and then sets Dyke up for the Stormrage a.k.a Claymore Kick which he executes perfectly and the match is over like that. Grey goes for the cover.




WINNER: Arthur Grey

Game Girl is seen walking down a corridor backstage when the faint sound of a familiar tune catches her ear. It sounds like the theme from Super Bomberman Game Girl tunes into the sound, trying to sniff it out like a hound dog. She determines that it’s coming from one of the dressing rooms. Game Girl presses her ear to the door and listens for a moment. No doubt now, it’s the main theme from Super Bomberman Game Girl cracks the door open and peaks inside to see VV sitting there playing Super Bomberman on a portable Supaboy.

Game Girl: Super Bomberman, nice!

Startled, VV looks up from her game and stares at the invading Game Girl like a deer in headlights.

Game Girl: Sorry, I uh… I couldn’t help but hear you playing from outside and I just had to check and see who was playing.

VV jumps up super excited and seemingly ignoring everything Game Girl just said.


VV stands there waving frantically like a yard, Game Girl can’t help but chuckle to herself.

Game Girl: Hi VV, can I come in?

VV: Oh sure!

VV turns around and starts diGame Girling through her bags as Game Girl enters the room. VV springs up with an SNES controller in hand.

VV: Wanna play co-op?

Game Girl ponders VV’s offer for a moment before responding with a hint of excitement.

Game Girl: Sure!

VV plugs the controller into her Supaboy as the two take a seat next to one another and enjoy some Super Bomberman action.


Peter F'N Gilmour
- vs -
Wylie Sinclair

Winner to receive a shot at the Hart Championship next Warfare



Job Ber Wan
- vs -
Sebastian Duke

As Duke has already qualified for the Universal Title next Warfare if Job Ber Wan beats him this week, he gets added to the match as well.

An exploision hits on the ramp and Job Ber Wan walks straight through the explosion and heads straight to the ring where he waits.

Sebastian Duke's music hits and he walks down the ramp and gets into the ring.

The bell rings ever emphatically and the New Zealand crowd rises to their feet with a gasping whirl of emotion and anticipation.

Sebastian Duke, the former Universal Champion now decked out in a rugged biker fit of sorts meets the the described 'mean' man Job Ber Wan in the center of the ring. Duke inexplicably towers over his short, bulky opponent by over a foot of sheer humanity. A smug look cascades over Duke's face, in his mind, with his experience, he's already won this match. But Wan strikes first! A headbut right to Duke's chest that.... Does nothing, really.

Another headbutt to the chest, this one shifts Duke a bit.

And another headbutt! Followed by four more in rapid secession! Welps are starting to form on the visibly frustrated Duke's chest. But now Wan is looking a bit dizzy, this leaves an opening for Duke. He grabs the small man and sends him running into the ropes. On the rebound Duke goes for a big boot! But Wan ducks underneath and runs toward the opposite ropes, rebounding and flying at Duke with a clothesline! He hits Duke in the chest again, sending the big man tumbling back wards.

Wan wants to seize this moment! He hits the ropes again and dives into Duke with another clothesline, sending Duke tumbling essentially to one knee. Wan is getting fired up, the crowd is clapping, and Wan goes for this again, but this time instead of the clothesline Wan dives towards Duke's gut with a spear!


But Duke uses his great strength and reverses the spear into a strong DDT! Duke quickly rolls Wan over and goes for the cover!



NO! Wan kicks out! Man that was close!

Thinking he has this match under control now, Duke very gingerly climbs to his feet. But little does he know, Wan has already jumped back up to his feet! Wan grabs Duke from behind and takes him down with a suplex! Quickly he lifts Duke back up and lands another variant of suplex. A suplex here! A suplex there! It's a shame how broad of a term suplex is! But after five suplexs in a row, Duke appears to be down and very hurt!

Wan goes for the cover!



DUKE KICKS OUT! My goodness, we nearly witnessed a huge upset!

But Wan isn't going to waste any time waiting for the big man to get back to his feet! Wan runs at the ropes, trying to time the attack perfectly. He reaches Duke just as Duke reaches his feet and.....

Another clothesline? It's a shame there isn't more to Wan's repertoire.

BUT NO! Duke reverses again! This time catching Wan around the throat with his hand and tossing him into the corner. Duke runs after Wan, blasting the little man in the face with a big boot! As Wan falls out of the corner, Duke lifts him up and then smashes him into the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes! Wan fumbles out of the corner again, but right back into Duke's hand who lifts him nearly 8 feet in the air and slams him down in the center of the ring with a powerful choke slam!

Coupe De Gras!

Duke Covers!!!







Dolly Waters
- vs -
- vs -
Zane Norrison ©

Triple Threat Match

Dolly Water's music hits and Dolly walks out onto the stage, and down the ramp, and jumps into the ring, ready to take on Scully and defending Hart Champion Zane Norrison.

Suddenly the arena lights go red and "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin blares out of the P.A System. After about 40 seconds The Scull Meister finally steps out on to stage, his XWF Universal Championship over his shoulder. He looks around at the XWF Galaxy in attendence and smirks. The chorus of boos fill the arena in disapproval of Skull, he shrugs it off and slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring them. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and smirks once again at the crowd. He then raises his XWF Universal Championship in the air as the boos become louder. He walks up the steps and walks along the ring apron. He turns to look at the fans whilst slowly moving both hands from his face to the floor, gesturing "A look at me" type taunt, before raising the title once again. Scully enters through the middle rope and into the ring. Skull walks over to the far turn buckle and climbs to the top. He holds his hands in the air, making sure the title is there for everyone to see and then does his "Look at me" taunt. The Scully Meister spins himself round and chills on the turnbuckle with his arms folded, his title put over his shoulder. His music fades out.

A hush falls over the crowd as the arena darkens. From there, an eerie fog slowly starts to roll in, sweeping across the entire stadium. Anxiety rises and an uncomfortable murmur stirs throughout the audience. A high pitched squeak, followed by static emits from the speakers, turning into the opening of Surfin' Dead by the Cramps. Gradually, a row of lime green lights, begin to illuminate a path from the stage entrance, all the way to the ring. Their radiance burning on either side of the walkway. Then as Lux Interior's haunting vocals kick in, Zane Norrison appears. And the crowd loses their fuckin' minds! With a smirk, Zane looks out on the crowd, momentarily basking in their zombie appreciation, before he begins to make his way to the ring. Walking slowly, he continues down the ramp, turning his focus; occasionally, to either side as he regards the crowd. When he arrives at the ring, he slides under the bottom rope and swiftly pops to his feet. Climbing the ropes, he perches atop a ring post and casts his eyes towards the entrance as he awaits his opponent while the audience continues to show their love.

The three start in their respective corners swapping glances; the bell sounds and the match is underway.

Dolly kicks things off by sprinting towards Scully and surprises him with a grazing spear; Dolly quick hops to her feet egging Scully on but is blindsided by Norrison with a roundhouse kick to the back of her head! Zane is at the moment the only one standing until Scully gets to her feet and looks to Zane; instead of attacking he gives a few stomps to Waters and steps over her to square up to the zombie; Scully mocks Norrison and gives him a slap but Zane responds with an uppercut! Scully stumbles back and falls over Dolly starting to get up; Waters rises and meets Zane with a smashing forearm.

Zane fumbles away and Dolly aggressively stays on top of Norrison with a few strike combinations, knocking him against the ropes. Waters takes a step back and with a roar goes to throw a mighty elbow to Zane's jaw but it abruptly stopped and rolled back with a schoolboy from Scully!




BROKEN UP by Zane Norrison!

The two on the floor separate and Zane goes for a strong kick against Scully who dodges to his feet with some speed. The three are all back on their feet and give a weary look to one another. Scully is the first to strike with a sucker punch to Waters! As Scully turns to deliver the hit Zane delivers a low sweep to the back of Scully's knees which causes him to crash to the mat, Norrison tries to incapacitate the Scullmeister with a jumping elbow but Scully rolls aside and Zane smashes his elbow onto the canvas, before the pain sets Waters is already on top of Zane to deliver more with a beautiful standing moonsault! Scully moves to the center of the ring, Dolly gracefully rolls off Norrison and runs against the ropes, jumping over Zane's prone body and sprints to Scully; Scully goes for a clothesline but Dolly slides underneath Scully's legs and moves quickly to her feet leaping against the ropes and surprises Scull with a perfect springboard crossbody! The two explode way from one another clutching their ribs on the mat. Norrison looks at the two and prepares himself, getting ready to strike. He positions himself behind Dolly who begins to stumble to her feet, as she turns...


Norrison goes for the pin!






Scully drags Norrison off Waters and begins to lay blow after blow into Zane's abdomen before dropping him with a Bret Hart-esque backbreaker! Norrison clutches his back in pain and growls, Scully grabs Zane and lifts him to his feet but the zombie gives Scully an eye rake and causes some distance, Zane goes for a mighty uppercut but Scully jumps to the ropes and springboards off!


Zane falls to the ground, Dolly is back to her feet and rushes Scully but is met with a superkick! Only Scully stands with a huge pop from the crowd!

Scully looks to the pair, Zane is down in the center of the ring and Dolly has the wherewithal to roll to the outside; Scully looks to Norrison and to the turnbuckle, a smile crosses his face as he starts to climb! Scully's gonna end this now! He reaches the top and poses to the crowd before starting his ascent! But Dolly Waters from out of nowhere is on Scully's back clubbing his neck, Waters gives a few more hits to Scully before Dolly throws him and herself to the outside with a hurricanrana! The pair crash outside and lay prone staring at the lights.

The crowd chants and stomps their feet, Zane Norrison is the first to get up and looks around the ring, he stumbles over to the ropes and sees the pair collapsed, struggling to get up. Zane waits a moment and a look of determination sets on his face; he sprints against the opposite ropes and back, sailing over the top rope and knocking the pair back the fuck down with a suicide dive!

The crowd erupts "HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT! HO-LY SHIT!"

A minute or two go by as Dolly is the first to get to her knees, she looks to Norrison who is slightly spasming on the ground, his eyes red with anger. She begins to quicken her pace inside of the ring, Scully gets up next but instead of entering he climbs under the apron for some reason. Dolly stands alone in the ring, readying herself with deep breaths. Zane makes a hellish roar as he scrambles to his feet in full zombie rage and rushes into the ring, he goes after Waters snapping like a madman. Waters counters Zane's advance with a facebuster! But Norrison spasms on the mat and crawls back against Waters trying to take a bite out of her! He gets on top of Waters his teeth mere inches from her face but Dolly has the strength to push him away, like out of a cheap horror movie though Scully comes to the rescue with a steel chair to the back of Zane's cranium! Norrison goes limp and Waters pushes him off; Waters looks happy for a moment before Scully throws the steel chair against her face!

Scully wastes no time, he throws the chair aside and goes for the pin!



Zane begins to slowly crawl over!



But he stops flat!

THRE-NO! Dolly kicked out!

Dolly kicked the fuck out! What the fuck!?

Scully is stunned. He scowls and goes to take the chair but Zane has already grabbed it! He tosses the chair against Scully!


Scully goes limp and falls against the mat, but Dolly Waters is back up with a desperate second wind and rushes Norrison!


Dolly goes for the pin!



Scully stirs on the mat.


Scully dazed, motions towards Dolly!


But doesn't make it in time!

The bell sounds, Dolly stays collapsed on top of Norrison. The ref stirs her and helps lift her to her feet, handing her the Hart Title and raising her arm in victory! After 84 days of being the Hart Champion, the reign of Norrison is over.

Winner AND NEW HART CHAMPION - Dolly Waters!

[Image: lmjMMnQ.png]


Job Ber Too Tree - Job Ber Too & Job Ber Tree
- vs -
APEX - Robert The Main Omega & Drew Archyle ©

Tag Team Championship

Explosions hit the top of the stage and Job Ber Too Tree, the team of Job Ber Too and Job Ber Tree walk straight through the explosions and head straight to the ring, where they get inside and wait.

"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons hits the airwaves as the XWF Tag Team Champions Drew Archyle and Robert Main walk out from the back Drew slaps hands with some of the fans that are lined up along the entry ramp. Main then looks to the crowd to his left and then right rolling his shoulders. He smiles shaking his head and slowly walks down the ramp with Drew right beside him. Robert stops at the ring steps looking to the crowd once more before slamming his hands on the ring steps entering the ring. Once Drew reaches the ring he quickly follows Robert up the steps and climbs in between the top and middle rope and into the ring. Drew removes his leather jacket and tosses it outside of the ring while he leans against the turnbuckles chatting with Robert.

The bell rings, and we are officially underway in this highly anticipated, Tag Team Championship Main Event. After a brief discussion, the Universal Champion, Robert Main decides to let his Apex brother, Drew Archyle start off the match for the defending tag champs.

In the other corner, Job Ber Tree, being the suave gentlemen that he is, offers up a ladies first sentiment to the lovely Job Ber Too. This brings silly little smile across he face of Drew who starts mouthing off inaudibly to his female opponent who is steadfast and bold in her approach to meeting her nemesis in the center of the ring.

Drew holds his arms open and then puts them behind his back while sticking his neck out, offering Job Ber Too the first shot. That was a mistake! Too's face cringes as she sends a staggering knee strike right to Drew's groin! The champion cripples over with pain, gasping for air, his arm reaching out as he crumbles to the mat. Robert Main quickly grows concerned and enters the ring trying to argue the low blow to the ref.

But while that's happening, Too capitalizes, ripping Drew up by his hair, and running him over to her corner, where her and Tree begin taking a series of cheap shots to gain an even greater advantage. Too rakes Drew's eyes starts wailing on Drew's testicles with her knee, while Tree from outside of the ring begins choking him with one arm and kneeing him up into his rib cage through the ropes.

Main is screaming and pleading at the ref, who refuses to return to action until Main gets back on the apron. Finally the Robert steps back outside and just as the ref turns around, Tree lets go. Drew is beaten up in the corner. Too takes off running across the ring, plants a foot in the opposite middle turnbuckle and gains a good head of steam. She darts back across the ring and leaps onto Drew's shoulders going for a Huricarrana!

But Drew meets Too in the face with a forearm smash, causing her to lose balance as she tries flipping him. Drew then tosses the smaller woman in the air, and she falls down, he catches her mid air with a devastating cutter! The thud of her body smacking the mat is sickening. The disoriented Drew is able to make a cover!




Drew leaps up from the pin attempt, pissed off to no end! He looks over at Main who is asking for the tag, but Drew shakes his head, indicating he now has this under control. Drew sends a few hurtful stomps to the challenger, turns around and spits a healthy looking loogie right in Tree's face. Drew then runs to the opposite turnbuckle and climbs the ropes. He's motioning for The Funny Bone!

But what's this?! Tree starts using his great strength to shake the ropes, causing Drew to lose his footing and crash down on his crotch! He's now a sitting duck on top of the rope! Too finally gets to her feet and wastes no time charging Drew. She leaps up and viciously connects with a flying knee, instantly busting Drew's nose wide open. He staggers but stays planted on his butt on the rope. Too then climbs up, and after a few punches to Drew's face, hooks his arm over her shoulder and whips the both of them back. It's a snap superplex from the top rope! The crowd is going crazy! Too rolls over with a pin!




NO! Just in time, Robert Main drop kicks Too right in the back of the head, breaking the cover! But the celebration is short lived! Tree instantly runs into the ring and wipes Main out with a flying Superkick! Pandemonium ensues! Drew gets up, jump's on Tree's back and plants him with a flipping sunset piledriver! Tree rolls under the bottom rope near the announce desk. Main gets to his feet at the same time as Too and the too of them begin brawling until they both hit the mat again, tugging at one another hair, biting each other, trading elbows as they both roll out of the ring near Tree.

And now , with Drew still down in the ring from using all of his energy on that Riot Act, the Jobbers have the upper hand, double teaming Main on the outside. After a nasty suplex to Main on the floor. Tree lifts Main up on his shoulders and yells for Too to limb the top rope. They're setting up for the Too Tree Take Down! But just as Too goes to dive from the top rope, from behind Drew shoves her off of the turnbuckle, causing her to somersault into Main and Tree as the three of them crash into the announcers table.

The crowd goes crazy! This poor, hapless ass ref finally starts to count Too, the legal fighter out!



Drew can stand inside of the ring and get his team the win!



Drew wipes away some of the blood from his nose, but then looks up to see that Too, Tree and Main are starting to get to their feet on the outside.



The three fighters outside are up, Tree grabbing a handful of Main's hair and forcing him to the apron while Too tries breaking the count. BUT OUT OF NOWHERE! DREW CRASHES INTO ALL THREE OF THEM WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! Main, Tree and Too are down as Drew springs back up to his feet. He yanks Too up by her hair and rolls her into the ring. But doesn't go for the cover!

Instead he wraps her in a headlock and drives her headfirst into the mat. ILL GOTTEN GAINS! THIS IS OVER! DREW COVERS!




Tree somehow is able to grab ahold of Drew's leg and pulls him off of Too, but Drew turns onto his back and boots Tree in the face! Drew looks up and sees Main has gotten back to his corner. With Too down and Tree stunned, Drew runs over and tags his partner. But while this is happening, Tree drags Too to his corner and tags himself in.

Tree and Main meet in the center of the ring and start trading blows! A kick to the gut from Main! A series of punches from Tree! Then an elbow from Tree! And a knee strike from Main! These wrestlers are bringing the house down! Tree goes for another elbow, but Main catches him! Moonlight Death Valley Driver!!!!!







Drew goes for the cover.





The match is over and the champions Robert Main and Drew Archyle have retained despite a valiant effort from their challengers. The team of Job Ber Too Tree have made their way to the back just as Robert Main calls for a microphone. It takes a second but the ring announcer procures a mic and hands it to the Universal Champion who then signals for their music to be cut so that he can address the crowd.

Chris Chaos, I know you're in the back so how about you come on out here and let's hash this out once and for all. I'm tired of this back and forth nonesense. Get out here!

The words "FOLLOW ME" show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, Chaos steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat).Chaos scans the crowd as well as the situation in the ring but rather than walking down to the ring he instead opts to remain at the top of the entrance.

More head games! So that's how you want to play it? Fine. Let's play. Chris a few weeks ago you came out of hiding to demand, not ask, DEMAND a shot at MY Universal Title. I thought about your demand and responded to you. I told you that you don't get to make demands. If you wanted a shot at my title you had to play by my rules which of course you being you, you predictably refused to do. Imagine that, Chris Chaos actually playing well with others. We all knew that would never happen but i'd have been negligent if I hadn't tried. But now here we are several weeks later and you still want a shot at my title without having done anything to earn it.

Not only have you NOT had a match against an opponent of my choosing, you haven't had a match at all, against anyone. So here's the deal Chris, one last attempt to get this settled.

Robert takes a step towards the ropes and steps in between the top and bottom rope as Drew does the same. However Robert pauses for a moment and looks over at his partner.

I got this.

Four words was all Robert needed to say and instead of joining Robert who was now standing on the outside of the ring Drew retreats to the middle of the ring watching as the Uni Champ slowly and methodically approaches Chris Chaos who is still standing at the top of the entry way, an emotionless expression across his face.

It only takes a few seconds but Robert closes the gap between he and his "challenger." When Robert halts his approach he is now standing no more than a few feet from Chaos.

Here's the deal Chris, it's the last time I'm offering. You don't have to accept tonight, you will have until the next Warfare to accept these terms. If you accept them as I lay them out, you will get your shot at my title. If you decline or don't answer at all within two weeks you will forfeit your chance at a match with me. And to show you that everything is on the up and up I am even going to announce who you will have to beat in order to get a shot at me. You ready?

Suddenly the lights go out....



The crowd gets restless....

When they come back on Drew Archyle is now standing right next to Robert Main but Chaos doesn't flinch, he doesn't acknowledge Drew's presence at all really.


Still nothing from Chaos.

Geez. Tough crowd.

Don't worry Chris, we aren't here to give you the beating you've earned ten times over. That's not how Apex does things. You should know that by now. And No Chris, Drew as much as he wants to absolutely dismantle you in that ring back there...he's not the opponent I have in mind for you.

No the person I have in mind for you is someone you are intimately familiar with and someone who has earned a chance to beat you within an inch of your life and then some. If you've been paying attention lately you know that Drew and I recently caught up with the man we've been chasing for the better part of 6 weeks now. Most of the XWF Universe would recognize him as Locksley, but as fate would have it, you know him as someone else.

Suddenly the crowd picks up as a figure steps out from the back and stands directly behind Chaos, completely unbeknownst to the former Universal Champion. The figure's face is obscured by the fact that their head is down, the only thing we see is what appears to be extremely dirty, blonde hair.

Chris, why don't you turn around and introduce to yourself to our new friend...Locksley...

The figure behind Chaos raises his head at the same time that Chris Chaos turns around.

Or as you're probably most familiar with him... Main pauses as the man removes his skin mask to reveal his true identity as the crowd goes absolutely bananas....

[Image: qehtF3X.jpg]


What's wrong Chris? You look like you've seen a ghost?

For the first time all evening Chaos's expression changes from one of indifference to one of anger and possible some fear as Apex surrounds him just as Warfare comes to a close.
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02-13-2019 06:39 PM

Sitting in his locker room after the show ALEJANDRO is looking at XWF99.COM with some confusion. The camera zooms in on PANTERA'S tablet and sees EL PANTERA VS KID KOOL for a shot at the hart title and ALEJANDRO RIVERA Vs. DREZDIN 2nd chance match. He looks back at the camera with his customary smile.

AR: "Fuck it. I'll fight them both. Darius, Smoking Bob, or anybody else. Don't change a thing."

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02-13-2019 07:34 PM

Im not not done with your ass by a long shot

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02-13-2019 07:45 PM

(02-13-2019 07:34 PM)drezdin5788 Said:  Im not not done with your ass by a long shot
"You're 'not not' done with my ass? Isn't that the same as saying you're done with my ass? That's sounds a little queer by the way."

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02-13-2019 11:03 PM

Calypso's ass didn't show up to fight, therefor I win, you fucking assholes.
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02-13-2019 11:19 PM

[Image: Ydws3iG.gif]
[Image: 1Hn0ppP.gif]
[Image: AkRKAQv.gif]

[Image: mohihIa.jpg]
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02-14-2019 12:23 AM

Jim fuckin Cadeus!!!!!

That is all

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(02-13-2019 11:19 PM)Chris Chaos Said:  
[Image: Ydws3iG.gif]
[Image: 1Hn0ppP.gif]
[Image: AkRKAQv.gif]

[Image: mohihIa.jpg]

"Oh yeah? That's like sooo deep, and like dark and mysterious and stuff."

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02-14-2019 07:33 PM

(02-13-2019 11:03 PM)Zach Scott Said:  Calypso's ass didn't show up to fight, therefor I win, you fucking assholes.

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Jim views Chris Chaos's response on a monitor then turns slightly to the right to face a door upon which reads Boiler Room, ☆Mankind☆ CHAOS.

"(sigh) ...Guess I'll hafta take the initiative here. Chris? Sweetie? You in there?" Produces a fun size Hershey chocolate bar from his pocket. "Hmmmm..."

"Yep, good decision." Stoops to slide the candy beneath the door then gently knocks. "Hey I'm not exactly sure what that response was supposed to mean beyond I'm your target- and that's swell -we kinda gave you a yes or no option though; time limits, show must go on and all that... So I'll tell you what, _I_ will be in attendance at the next Warfare, merely a spectator, but eagerly awaiting a definitive answer. So if it's Target: Jim Caedus...I won't be hard to find."

Jim gives it another couple seconds before giving up and walking away.

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02-15-2019 05:21 PM

"OMG... The legendary Jim Caedus as returned..."


VV stands there with a big welcoming smile and waves at Jim as she tends to do.

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Heya jim

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