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Eh, I'll pin you
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Jim "the Jim" Jimson Offline
The man, the myth, the legend, the pin

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Not Over

(the perfect heel; hated even by the fans who usually cheer heels; pisses off internet fans too)

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04-24-2020 03:56 AM

Jim walks in to see Atara and Shawn going on a cocaine-fueled fever dream, Jim remembers back to that one time he did cocaine, he remembers that time a homeless man dragged his body to a hospital after he had overdosed on coke. Jim thinks about carrying the two back to a hospital, but then he realises that Atara is the X-Treme champion, he pins Jim and starts to whisper some words to Atara

You're a....

Jim has no idea what to say

Atara, you're a dumbo, you big stockfish

Jim whispers some sour nothings to Atara while pinning her



5x Heavymetalweight champin
1x Federweight champion

XWF record
3-9 33.3% chance of winning

Universal record
9-14 64.2% chance of winning

Fun Fact: Jim is owed 67k in xbux. PAY. UP. VINNIE

The relatives of Jim Jimson
Jimmy Jimson
Jim Johnson
James Jimson
J. Jonah Jimson
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimbo Jimson
Jackenhoffer Jiminez
Jimmy Jimmerson
Jim Jimbo
Jim Jackstiener
Jimmy Jim
Jim Jaghofferson
Jim "James 'Jim' Jimson" Jimson
Jimmy Jimbo Jimbob
Pinecone Jimson
Jimdick Jagoffboy
James Jimson
Jim Jimpin
John Jameson
Jim Jimjimjimjimjimjimjimjim
Jim Jopson
Jim Jimmy the Jim Jimmerson
Jim Jimpegmyass

You thought something was down here huh. Well, you must be pretty dumb. Maybe you should go check-up in the text for the pins
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Atara Themis Offline
Aphrodite Incarnate


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Men and Lesbians

(physically attractive female on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes)

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04-24-2020 05:52 AM

Presumptuous eyes looked up to the bald dome of Jim Jimson and the expression they were set was of a champion fast losing her patience. She tried to be considerate at first, Jim's inexperience clear and his nervousness palpable, but the more he fidgeted and tried to maneuver on top of her the more awkward and embarassing it was becoming and then he opened his mouth....

"Jim, is this your first pin attempt? We don't have to talk. I prefer we didn't actually. Matter of fact, don't look at me either. Just put your hands on my shoulders...

...yeah, like that. Now we count 1....2...and Kickout.

Your done. Money is on the table get the fuck out.

[Image: CtJfzWx.png]
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Shooter Syn Offline
Pew Pew Pewpewpew

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Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

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04-24-2020 07:44 AM

OOC: HA! This was awesome.
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