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WARFARE - July 1, 2024
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07-01-2024, 05:58 PM

JULY - 1 - 2024



Latoya Hixx
- vs -
Mark Flynn
-Standard Match-

Leap of Faith Qualifier
- vs -
Prince Adeyemi
- vs -
Bob Grenier
-Triple Threat Match-

Leap of Faith Qualifier
Johnny Bacchus
- vs -
Cadryn Tiberius
-Standard Rules-

XWF Television Championship
Jason Cashe ©
- vs -
Misty Waters
-15 Minute Time Limit-

Leap of Faith Qualifier
Ned Kaye
- vs -
-Standard Rules-

Sebastian Everett-Bryce & Corey Black
- vs -
Them No Good Bastards
-24/7 Xtreme Title Rules Apply-

In 3…



Warfare opens with the Battle Hymn of the Republic played by Revolutionary reenactors.  In full 1776 regalia, they enter onto the stage with many members of the XWF universe waving Old Glory.  Many carry muskets while others drag out three Revolution era cannons.  The cannons are placed strategically.  One on each side pointed over the crowd toward ringside, the third pointed directly over the ring.  A large American flag unfurls above the ring.

As the Battle Hymn concludes, the Universe pops while the Revolutionary reenactors maintain their places.  When the hoopla dies down, a loud eagle screech is heard creating an even bigger pop.  Four bald eagles soar over the arena before perching themselves on each of the four corners and we’re greeted by the lovely Rochelle Adams.

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for a performance of the Star Spangled Banner!

As the performance rolls on, red, white and blue pyro periodically bursts from the cannons.  At its conclusion, a shot is shown from outside the Capital One Arena in which red, white and blue pyro bursts into the air with the flyover from U.S. fighter jets to a massive pop inside.

JC:  We are LIVE here on Warfare on the cusp of our nations 248th birthday!  We’re sold out tonight in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.!  I am Jacuinde Castillo and beside me as always, my broadcast partner, Beautiful Brody Goodman.  Brody, celebration is in the air tonight at Warfare!

BG:  As an American, nothin’ gets our juices flowin’ quite like war machines!

JC:  American patriotism remains unchallenged throughout the world!

BG:  American patriotism is a facade, Jacuinde!  The people in this day and age think patriotism means blind allegiance but only to which they agree with.  True patriotism is loving your neighbor even when you disagree, it’s holding the people in power accountable for their actions regardless of yours or their political alignment.

JC:  For perhaps the first time, I agree with you entirely.

BG:  Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves right now with what has happened to this nation.

JC:  Well, be that as it may, Brody, we got a show to get to!

BG:  We do!

JC:  Two weeks ago on this program, the self proclaimed executive director had made a match for Leap of Faith pitting Universal Champion Sebastian Everett-Bryce against Sean Parker!

Still clips begin to roll on the X-Tron as they recap the happenings from last Warfare.

BG:  Those two have such a history and while I don’t care for either of their goody goody ways, that’s two world class athletes right there.

JC:  But Mark Flynn had something to say about that, didn’t he?

BG:  He surely did, Jacuinde!  Overlooked in his mind, Flynn made his intentions clear that he’d cash in his 24/7 briefcase at Leap of Faith!

JC:  You marked hard for that!

BG:  I did!  Wanna see me do it again?

JC:  Go for it!

BG:  At the end of the show, Sebastian Everett-Bryce found out first hand what the Bastards are capable of and on top of that, Mark Flynn was cashing in right then and there!

JC:  BUT!  Sean Parker had something to say about that as he knocked Mark Flynn unconscious before he could officially start his cash in!

BG:  You know, I still blame XWF officiating for that mess!  Everyone could see Flynn was tryin’ to cash in except the official.  That delay is what made it possible for Sean Parker to sneak in and take him out!

JC:  This three way dance, so to speak, has not been exclusive to Warfare though, has it?

BG:  Coming off of a monumental Warfare, Anarchy was just as good!

Still shots from Anarchy begin to roll on the X-Tron.

JC:  Mark Flynn showed up on Anarchy running down the show and shooting his shot at the Anarchy roster!

BG:  He went so far as to lay down an open challenge!

JC:  Which naturally was answered by the stalwart Anarchy champion, Sean Parker!

BG:  The place was abuzz, Jacuinde!  Mark Flynn versus Sean Parker on free TV!?

JC:  But it was not to be as Anarchy General Manager Jett Sterling announced that not only would Mark Flynn have to run an Anarchy gauntlet, but Sean Parker would be in action in the main event as he’d defend his Anarchy Championship against EDWARD!

BG:  Mark Flynn would go on to defeat not one, not two, but three of Anarchy’s stars en route to a route of the roster, proving that Warfare is the superior brand!

JC:  His gauntlet victories notwithstanding Brody, I don’t think Flynn running through a few guys means anything of the sort!  Anarchy is and has been a fantastic show!  Jett Sterling and the Anarchy roster do a phenomenal job on Thursday nights.

BG:  Be that as it may, Sean Parker went on to victory in the main event but Mark Flynn wasn’t done tryin’ to make a statement!

JC:  Flynn assaulted Sean Parker, going so far as to bloody him up but then…

BG:  Goddddd…

JC:  But then it was the XWF Universal Champion Sebastian Everett-Bryce to make the save!

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen the opening contest here on Warfare is set for ONE FALL!

JC:  Everett-Bryce and Mark Flynn would battle it out, sending the Anarchy crowd into a frenzy!  Finally, Anarchy closes with the Universal Champion helping the Anarchy champion to his feet after delivering the Empire Kick to Mark Flynn!

BG:  I wanna emphasize that he did not get all of that kick!

JC:  Maybe not, but it was enough to make Flynn hightail it out of Dodge!

When The Strom is Coming hits Latoya Hixx. they heard a voice laugh in the background and saw blue lights from the entrance and some smoke and rainfall coming down she walked onto the middle stage flexed her muscles.

JC:  Latoya Hixx!  Ready tonight after a great clash two weeks ago with Jason Cashe, to go one on one with Mark Flynn!

BG:  Is anyone really ready for Mark Flynn?

JC:  I guess that remains to be seen!

RA:  From Vero Beach, California… LATOYAAA HHIIIIXXXX!

She walked straight down towards the aisle slapped a few XWF fans got inside the ring and dim the lights in the ring and she flexes her arms once more and spread her arms and climbs on the top rope and yell at her fans and tells them to let's go and climbs down off the ropes and waits for her Opponent to arrive.

RA:  Her opponent!

BG:  Here he comes, Jacuinde!  The NEXT XWF Universal Champion!

JC:  You may very well be right, Brody!  But I do think that both Sean Parker and Seb Bryce will have something to say about that in three weeks at Leap of Faith!

RA:  From Battle Creek, Michigan weighing 210 pounds… MARK!  FUCKING!  FLYYNNNNNN!

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

JC:  Mark Flynn, all business tonight in D.C. as he prepares for Leap of Faith!

BG:  As the official president of the Mark Flynn fan club, our boy is ready!

JC:  The Mark Flynn fan club?

BG:  Yes.  Don’t ask questions, Jacuinde.

JC:  Is it a large group?

BG:  We’re not a large house, but we are a proud one!

Latoya Hixx
- vs -
Mark Flynn
-Standard Match-

The moment the bell rings, Hixx charges Flynn, looking for a grapple…

But Flynn hits the mat, clipping Hixx with a slide kick to the ankle!

Surprised, Hixx drops to a knee, cradling her ankle…

As Flynn drops his back to the canvas and HITS HIXX with an uppercut! Hixx drops onto her back, covering her face!

JC: Flynn opens the match with a technically-oriented offensive barrage!

Flynn rather than giving Hixx a moment to breath, mounts into a side headlock on The Storm.

JC: Flynn is all-business tonight! He’s clearly trying to show his opponents at Leap of Faith that he’s ready to bring the fight to them!

As Hixx tries to muscle her way out of Flynn’s grip, Flynn wraps his wrists around Hixx’s wrist and CRANKS backwards, twisting The Storm’s spine upwards. Her face clenches in anguish.

Flynn hisses in her ear as he does this.


JC: Oooh, I think Flynn might’ve taken offense as Hixx’s promo this week…

BG: Well, if Hixx wants to deliver on her promise to ‘take Flynn’s silly ass out’? She better do it quick! Right now, Flynn is running on a technical clinic on her!

Flynn cranks backward, torquing Hixx’s spine with his crossface!

The referee stands over Hixx, asking if she wants to submit!

JC: Flynn made three Anarchy superstars tap-out in just over six minutes! Will he get another quick submission victory tonight!

…Hixx’s arm shakes…

She’s too far from the ropes…

BUT! SHE TIGHTENS HER FIST! She refuses to tap!

JC: Latoya Hixx IS one of the toughest competitors, man or woman, in the XWF!

BG: But can she break the submission hold of possibly THE greatest submission artist in XWF history!

JC: …That’s… *probably* an overstatement.

Hixx shoves her hands against the mat, trying to force her way up to her feet…

But Flynn shifts his weight! He sets his ass against the mat to force Hixx downwards!

JC: Flynn deftly and masterfully using his technical knowledge to keep Hixx contained…

…Hixx’s arms shake…

Her arms bend…


In one fell swoop, Flynn goes from complete control on top of Hixx, to effectively riding her piggyback!

JC: WOW! The power of Latoya Hixx is on full display here!

Hixx heaves Flynn onto her shoulders… SAMOAN DROP WITH AUTHORITY!

Flynn’s limbs splay in every direction! Hixx sits up, catching her break after that submission hold!

JC: Flynn is suddenly in deep trouble! If Hixx scored a win over a former Universal champion, this would launch her into the main event!

Hixx, after a few moments, gathers the wherewithal to try a cover!

The official counts!



No! Flynn hooks his arm under the bottom rope to break the pinfall!

BG: Phew! Great ring awareness by Mark Flynn!

Hixx sits up out of the pin, arms over her head… Pumping her fists!

JC: I think Hixx believes she’s won! She knows Flynn didn’t kick out and she thinks she got the three-count!

BG: Rookie mistake! It ain’t over until you hear the bell ring!

The official waves at Hixx, holding up two fingers… Hixx shakes her head holding up three!

Flynn, meanwhile, pulls himself up by the bottom and middle ropes to his feet.

Hixx snarls angrily at the official, who despite her best arguments, refuses to declare her the winner. She turns around…

WHAM! Flynn drives his hip straight into Hixx’s gut! Hixx doubles over as the oxygen is knocked from her lungs!

BG: Even worse mistake for Hixx to make! Never turn your back on Mark Flynn!

In a flash, Flynn executes a standing switch, taking Hixx from behind! He secures a waistlock!

And he tears off a GERMAN SUPLEX! The Storm’s head collides with the mat!

The official drops to c-

Flynn O’Connor Rolls over Hixx, while maintaining his waistlock grip… He hoists her back into the air off the mat!


Flynn heaves Hixx off her feet…


This time with a bridging pin!

The official drops to count!




Somehow, some way, Latoya Hixx forces a shoulder off the mat!

JC: Latoya Hixx! What tenacity! Throws a shoulder off the mat to stay alive in this match!

Hixx cradles her stomach… As Flynn rises to his feet, STOMPING her in the gut!



BG: Flynn, obviously getting annoyed at the toughness of Latoya Hixx! I think he was expecting a nice, easy tune-up! But, Hixx is refusing to stay down!

Flynn grabs Hixx by the hair… Peeling her off the mat to her feet…

Snaps The Storm into a front facelock…

Textbook Vertical Suplex!

BG: Beautiful! You could put that move in a textbook!

Flynn floats over into the cover…



Flynn is shoved so hard, he rolls backward into the ropes! As Hixx starts forcing her way up to her feet!

JC: Wow! Flynn keeps hammering Hixx with high-impact moves… But Hixx is just getting mad!

Hixx forces her way up to her feet, with a head full of steam!

Flynn, caught off-guard that this opponent he’s been physically punishing looks more energetic than when he started, stutter-steps backward!

Right into the corner!

JC: Possible tactical error by Flynn! He’s cornered himself!

Hixx launches a kick to Flynn’s ribs…

Flynn narrowly blocks it with both hands!

…But Hixx follows it up with a HAYMAKER across Flynn’s dome!

Flynn’s back hits the corner!

As Hixx follows it up with a left! Right! Left, right combination!

BG: Hixx is absolutely pounding the former Universal champion like a heavyweight boxer!

Hixx would keep the assault going on the vulnerable Flynn… But the official physically inserts himself between the two competitors, pressing Hixx to back up!

JC: The official here making a point to separate Flynn and Hixx!

BG: As he should! Flynn is currently in the ropes! Attacking him now is blatantly against the rules!

Hixx tries to shove her way through the official to keep attacking…

But, Flynn reaches over the official… And plants his right thumb into Hixx’s eye!

JC: Oooooh! Thumb-to-the-eye behind the official’s back! While we’re talking about blatantly against the rules, that is a highly illegal maneuver!

BG: Eye-for-an-eye, Jayce! Hixx started it!

Hixx covers her face as the official finally gets out of the way!

Flynn shoves himself out of the corner, looking for a running boot!

…Hixx squints, standing her ground.

JC: Oh my god! Hixx has the Flynn express headed straight for her and is standing her ground!

BG: Another rookie mistake!

Flynn charges!




The crowd hops onto its feet as Flynn lays on the mat, counting rafters!

Hixx cradles her face, trying to rub her eye!

BG: HUGE COUNTER MANEUVER THERE! The Storm is BREWING! If Hixx can get the cover, this would make her career!

Hixx finally rolls over… And covers Flynn pressing her hands to the mat, trapping his arms behind hers so he can’t grab the ropes!

The official counts!




Flynn heaves himself off the mat to break up the pin!

Hixx rolls over onto her back, covering her face… As Flynn lies on the mat catching his breath!

JC: What an opener so far! This is still anybody’s game!

Hixx slowly works her way to her feet, delayed by Flynn’s earlier attack on her ankle…

As Flynn steadily rises up…

The two reach their feet in the center of the ring!

WHAP! Flynn catches her with a knife-edge chop to the chest!

WHAM! Hixx catches Flynn across the jaw with a forearm smash to the chin!

Flynn spins in place…

POW! Flynn rotates and catches Hixx with a spinning backfist… Clipping Hixx’s orbital bone! Hixx goes to cover her already-attacked eye!

Hixx falls back toward the ropes, cradling her face!

…Flynn backs up toward the ropes, looking for another running boot!

HE SPRINTS! As Hixx pushes off the ropes!



JC: Oh my God! From the jaws of defeat, Hixx snatches victory! She’s got Flynn trapped in her signature submission hold!


Flynn paws desperately, trying to reach over Hixx to the ropes!

BUT HIXX power-steps forward, dragging herself to the center of the ring!

JC: Oh my God! We’ve talked about what it mean for Hixx to beat Mark Flynn tonight… But beating the tap-out artist BY SUBMISSION? That would shoot her into the stratosphere!

Hixx cranks her grip as hard as she can, driving the very life out of Flynn!

The official gets in Flynn’s face, as if Flynn wants to submit!

Flynn shakes his head!

But he’s got nowhere to go!

Flynn reaches up…


AND RAKES his fingernails into Hixx’s eye!

JC: Poor form! Another eye-based attack on Latoya Hixx!

Hixx reflexively cover her face with one h-




Hixx howls in the most profound agony! Screaming in pain!


Latoya has no choice!


WINNER - Mark Flynn

JC:  Flynn victorious tonight over Latoya Hixx!

BG:  As if there was any doubt!

JC:  There’s still a lot of action yet to come tonight LIVE from D.C.!

BG:  Keep it here, idiots!

JC:  So… the Mark Flynn fan club?

BG:  I told you, don’t ask questions.


“Hey, how ya doing?”

Backstage as the cameras pan into one of the busier sections, you immediately come centered in on Television Champion, Jason Cashe. A cheerful and clean shaved version of him that seemingly is.. Greeting everyone he passes by?

JC:  Welcome back to Warfare as the Television Champion has arrived here in D.C.!

Jason Cashe: “How's it hanging Bob?”

His head turning from one side of the hall to the other, he nods at another. The TV Title resting over his right shoulder, he was in street clothes and wore a smile.

Jason Cashe: “Heyyo Stacy! Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me bab-ay! Looking good Ricky!”

He says to another and each of these people he is greeting all wear the same expression. Confused. As Cashe turns the far corner to the right, the camera pans back over the people looking puzzled.

Woman: “My name is Becky not Stacy..”

Man: “Who is Ricky? I’m clearly an Eduardo!”

Becky: “You do look like Ricky Martin though, I can see it..”

Catching up with Cashe, the camera follows behind as he seems to be heading directly for one of the catering areas. There was barely anyone in this hall except for one person who had his back against the left side of the wall. Passing by the man, the camera picks up that he was wearing a Luchador Mask and a Latoya Hixx T-Shirt. The old look.. Before the weight loss and race… tan.

The mask he wore was black and seemed very familiar to the old heads of XWF. Even Cashe recognized it as he slowed to a stop before backing up and turning to face this masked.. Person.

Jason Cashe: “Whooooo are yooouu?”

With a slight tilt to his neck and head, Cashe stares at the masked man. He gets no response.

Jason Cashe: “Are you a mute? Can you speak words?”

The masked man shakes his head at Cashe. A sure indication that he couldn't. Pinching a section of the man’s shirt, Cashe pulls at it to get a better look.

Jason Cashe: “Nobody wears these..”

Pointing to himself, the masked man was stating that he in fact, wears one. His masked head nods as his eyes stare into Cashe’s.

Jason Cashe: “Well alright.. You have yourself an AMAZING day!”

As he turns away, Cashe pulls the TV Title off his shoulder and snaps back with it the belt held like a weapon. Crashing the main plate into the masked man’s masked face. Slapping back against the wall behind him, the masked man slumps down into a sitting position. Cashe drops the TV Title and rips the man up onto his feet.

Jason Cashe: “I know it's you! I know who is underneath this mask!!”

In a twitchy kind of crazed headlock, Cashe begins pulling at the mask. Wanting to remove it against the man’s will.


The mask slips off and Cashe stumbles back with it in his possession.

Jason Cashe: “I KNEW IT! You little stalker, I said to fuck off!”

It was Elm. Cashe’s protege, former or whatever it has become. The kid looks a bit bothered as he reaches to get the replica Enigma mask back.

Elm: “I traded some pokemon cards for that, give it back!”

Jason Cashe: “Pokemon? You don't have Pokemon cards..”

Releasing the mask, Cashe watches as Elm stumbles back after getting it back in his possession.

Elm: “I took them from some kid.. Don't worry about it!”

He scoffs and looks away from Cashe as he tries putting the mask back on. There was a touch of frustration to him which amused Cashe in the moment.

Elm: “I’m not even here because of you.. I am having a dark match after the show. Tryout.”

Jason Cashe: “Hahahahahaha! Oh you're serious?!”

Elm: “I’m going to make it without you! I know when I’m not wanted. Maybe you should take a hint yourself!”

Nodding, it seemed like Cashe was agreeing with Elm.

Jason Cashe: “You’re right.. I should take a few cues and read the room more often..”

Jolting forward, Cashe cracks Elm to the jaw with a vicious Elbow. A trademark of Cashe’s and it lands flush! Elm goes stiff and tilts like he has been hit with a taser by the police. He crashes into the wall and slides down it like a hand on a clock but during a sped up time lapse.

Jason Cashe: “The position for a try out has been otherwise filled. Sorry kid..”

As Elm groggily tries to sit up, Cashe stomps down into his face a few times until the kid, his former protege, goes limp. Adjusting himself and looking around to see who was seeing this, Cashe picks up his Television Title. Brings a smile back to his face before continuing on his merry way again. Like nothing had happened.

JC:  The dominant Television Champion defends later on tonight!

BG:  Cashe went easy on that pipsqueek!

JC:  Stay tuned for more Warfare!

JC:  We’re back here on Warfare for the first of three qualifiers for the Leap of Faith match coming up in three weeks from Rome!

BG:  The three winners tonight will join Matthias Syn and Misty Waters for a chance at a 24/7 briefcase on pay per view!

JC:  Former Universal champion and current tag team champion Prince Adeyemi and OCW great Bob Grenier are both already in the ring as we send it over to Rochelle Adams.  Rochelle?

RA:  The following is a triple threat qualifier match for Leap of Faith!

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Zenorus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. As the orchestra dies down, vines creep from around the edges of the curtain, and rose petals begin to fall around the arena. Then, on the entrance of the choir in the music, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

RA:  Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis MN, weighing in at 270 lbs; he is The Catalyst, DIONYSUS!

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up awaiting the bell.

JC:  Dionysus, no doubt hitting a bit of a rough patch of late as he’s been paired against two of the absolute best in the world in Sebastian Everett-Bryce and Mark Flynn!

BG:  He hasn’t fared well, but every week is a new opportunity to make a statement!  It remains to be seen if he can do that here tonight against two more of the very best in the world!

JC:  Opportunity knocks for Dionysus, can he answer the call tonight on Warfare!?

Leap of Faith Qualifier
- vs -
Prince Adeyemi
- vs -
Bob Grenier
-Triple Threat Match-

When the bell rings, D.C. is firmly behind the Catalyst.  Dionysus emits a smile at his adoring public, but perhaps momentarily forgets about the task at hand.  Prince and Grenier converse shortly on the other side of the ring before taking off to attack Dionysus from behind.  With punches and clubbing blows, they slowly beat down the multi-time former XWF title holder until he’s down to one knee.

Prince and Grenier celebrate their success with one another before Prince turns to do some more damage to the recovering Dionysus but gets clotheslined from behind by Bob Grenier.  Prince lands face first on the mat.  Grenier smiles at his handy work to a chorus of boos, but as Grenier looks up, he is flattened by a massive crowd popping lariat from Dionysus.

JC:  The big man cometh!

BG:  Grenier never saw it comin’!

JC:  Dionysus!  A man on a mission tonight!

BG:  He’s got the chance to right the ship en route to securing passage to Leap of Faith!

On his feet now with both of his opponents down, Dionysus begins to lift Prince to his feet.  He whips him to the ropes and on the rebound…


BG:  Adeyemi is in a world of hurt!


BG:  Last second save by Bob Grenier!

The dive onto Dionysus from Grenier only enrages the multi-time former champion.  Dionysus gets to his feet even before Grenier can get back to his.  Grenier advances forward but eats a back elbow right to the face which staggers him backward.  Dionysus pushes him back against the ropes and whips him to the far side.  On the rebound…

JC:  Pop up cutter from Dionysus!

BG:  Man, he is on a roll tonight!


BG:  Saved by Prince Adeyemi!

Slightly frustrated by the save from Prince Adeyemi, Dionysus gets back to his feet and shoves Adeyemi hard.  Prince falls to his ass and quickly retreats and gets back to his feet.  Dionysus then catches him…

JC:  Grapevine!

BG:  Oh he got all of it!

JC:  Cover him, Dionysus!

Dionysus however, doesn’t listen.  Instead, he turns his attention to Bob Grenier who remains on the mat but is beginning to get to his feet.  Dion helps him the rest of the way before shooting him hard into the corner.  Grenier bounces out of the corner clutching the small of his back as Dionysys scoops him up and begins to scale the turnbuckles.

JC:  What’s gonna happen here!?

BG:  We’re goin’ up top, Jacuinde!

JC:  All the way to the high rent district!

BG:  It’s a dangerous game these men play, but when it works…  OH MY GOD!

BUT! Grenier slips out the back!

JC: Wow! For a second, this match looked over!

Grenier hits the mat as Dionysus is caught on the second rope and…

DROPKICK! The Catalyst gets clipped over the top rope, bounces off the apron and lands on the floor!

Grenier catches his breath, recognizing how close he came to a knockout blow…

When behind him, Prince Adeyemi spins him ‘round and delivers a boot to the gut!

BG: Out of the frying pan and into the fire for Bob Grenier!

Adeyemi forces Grenier’s head into a front facelock…

But Grenier inelegantly forces his way out with a circle-step SHOVE to Adeyemi’s back!

JC: Grenier just muscled his way out Adeyemi’s grip!

BG: Not ballet, but effective!

Adeyemi rolls with the push, hits the ropes…


Adeyemi’s body ragdolls into the ropes!

BG: Now, THAT’S a knockout blow!

Grenier quickly pulls Adeyemi just far enough from the ropes to hook the leg!

As he does, Dionysus stirs on the outside!

JC: Dionysus might be too far away to break up the pin!

BG: Bob Grenier is going to Leap of Faith!

The official counts!


Dionysus is on his feet!


Dionysus reaches out!

JC: He won’t make it!

Dionysus IS too far away to break up the pin…


The crowd pops as the official’s count stops!

JC: Wow! High IQ play from the Catalyst! A lesser mind would have had to eat the loss!

Grenier stands up, not sure why the count stopped…

Although, he immediately sees why when he spins and spots Adeyemi’s foot on the rope… And Dionysus climbing onto the apron!

JC: Grenier knows his best chances to secure the victory tonight involve Dionysus staying out of it!

Grenier charges for Dionysus on the apron…

But Adeyemi rolls on the mat under him… Clipping Grenier’s foot!

Grenier stumbles over…

As Dionysus pulls down the top rope!

And Grenier goes up and over to the outside!

JC: Incredible improvised teamwork by the Prince and the Catalyst!

Dionysus looks back at Grenier, cradling his shoulder after that awkward fall on the apron!

Which gives Adeyemi a window to HEADBUTT the Catalyst in the back of the head!

BG: No team can last in a triple-threat match!

Prince Adeyemi drags Dionysus by the hair over to the corner turnbuckle…

He goes to THROW Dionysus’s head against the buckle…


He grabs Prince’s head… AND SLAMS IT against the turnbuckle!

JC: Just not Prince’s night! Dionysus is in top form!

Dionysus steps back inside, then scoops Prince up to the top turnbuckle!

The crowd rises to its feet as Dionysus performs the Herculuean feat of scooping Prince Adeyemi into powerslam position while on the top turnbuckle!

JC:  Dionysus tried it before… Can Prince escape as well?...

JC:  He cannot! Dionysus hits the Anthestaria!

Dionysus pulls out the lionsault powerslam, taking Prince Adeyemi from high in the sky, DEVASTATINGLY PLANTING Prince dead-center of the ring!


Outside the ring, Grenier shakes off cobwebs…


He rolls under the bottom rope…



WINNER - Dionysus
Advances to Leap Of Faith

JC:  What a showcase for Dionysus!

BG:  I’ll admit, I’m a doubter of the man but he definitely proved something tonight!

JC:  Dionysus came through in a big way to make relatively quick work of two extremely talented competitors!

BG:  They weren’t ready for him, Jacuinde!  Dionysus is a prideful man and his pride has no doubt fueled his victory tonight!

JC:  That, and perhaps a desire to win a 24/7 briefcase!  Universe, stay with is!

JC:  Back here on Warfare and…

The arena lights dim, and—

—"Bulk is a Real American" blasts through the speakers. The crowd erupts with mixed reactions as Bulk Logan walks out wearing his signature red and yellow pants attire. He pops a flex before he makes his way down to the ring.

JC:  Here comes Bulk Logan, and he’s not garnering that typical reaction he’s used to tonight.

BG:  Same as last Warfare, Jacuinde. It seems the Bulkamaniac’s have been leaving in droves after the Bulkster lost the Xtreme championship to Corey Black.

A plug for “FREEDOM’S LAST STAND”, premiering on Tubi TV, July 2nd—flashes across the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

JC:  Maybe they’re just tired of all the shilling for that movie of his.

Bulk struts confidently into the ring, pausing to flex and pose for the fans, causing the jeers to rival the cheers.

Bulk Logan grabs a microphone, and waits for the crowd to quiet down before speaking.

Bulk Logan: "Well, let me tell ya somethin', brother! It’s great to be back in the nation's capital, dude! Now, I know last time you saw me in this ring, things didn’t go quite the way I planned. Misty Waters, she’s one heck of a competitor, no doubt about it. She got the best of me, but Bulkamania is far from over, brother!"

The crowd reacts with more boos and cheers as Bulk Logan continues.

Bulk Logan: "Now, I’ve been hearing all the critics, all the doubters saying that my loss to Misty Waters was a setback, the first signs of a crumbling foundation, and the beginning of the end for Bulkamania—but let me tell ya, BROTHER—setbacks are just setups for comebacks, DUDE!”

Surprisingly BIG POP!

Bulk Logan: “And that’s exactly what Bulk Logan is here to do tonight!"

The crowd’s energy explodes as the cheers actually outweigh the jeers!

Bulk Logan: "Steve Sayors asked me on WorldWide what’s next for the Bulkster, and I’m here to give you the answer, dude. I want my second chance at the Leap of Faith! I demand to be entered into a second chance match at the Leap of Faith pay-per-view!"

The crowd erupts with cheers and applause, clearly excited at the prospect of Bulk Logan getting another opportunity.

JC:  Wow! Bulk Logan is demanding a second chance at Leap of Faith!

BG:  This could be huge, Jacuinde!

Bulk Logan: "Thaddeus Duke, XWF, you know that Bulk Logan is a true icon, a legend in this business. And I’m not asking, I’m demanding my shot at redemption, brother! The fans deserve it, the XWF deserves it, and you know that given the opportunity, Bulkamania will run wild all over Leap of Faith, dude!"

The crowd continues to cheer as Bulk Logan lowers the microphone, looking directly at the camera.

Bulk Logan: "Redemption is calling, and I’ll destroy anyone in my way to get it, dude!"

With that, Bulk Logan drops the microphone and flexes his muscles, soaking in the crowd’s reaction. The camera cuts back to Jacuinde Castillo and Brody Goodman at the commentary desk.

JC:  Bulk Logan has thrown down the gauntlet! He wants a second chance at Leap of Faith, and he’s not taking no for an answer.

BG:  This could change everything, Jacuinde. If Bulk Logan gets his second chance, we might just see Bulkamania running wild in the Leap of Faith!

JC:  We’re moving right along, folks!  We go from Bulk Logan in the ring to…

The cameras are somewhere backstage.  Micheal Graves reveals himself poking around a corner wearing a janitor uniform.

JC:  Oh man, not again!

BG:  He’s persistent, Jacuinde!  Ya gotta give him that!

JC:  Two weeks ago, Micheal Graves tried hard, too hard you might say, to get onto this program!

BG:  Duke is afraid of fun!

Wiser to Duke tactics than he was two weeks ago, Graves makes his way through the backstage area pushing a broom.  Rounding a corner near Gorilla, he comes to a dead stop as he sees the Warfare executive director straight ahead of him talking to a couple of producers.  Keeping his head down, he pushes forward right past Duke.

He makes his way twenty or so feet down the hall when…

Hey!  Michael!  Come here!

JC:  He’s caught!

BG:  Keep your cool, Graves!

Graves' eyes grow wide as he stops in his tracks, almost waiting for the hammer to fall.  Just then, another producer brushes past Graves and joins Thad and the other producers.

”What’s up?”

Mike, tell me what you think of this…

Graves breathes a sigh of relief before continuing on down the hall.

JC:  Oh!  The producer's name was Michael!

BG:  Definitely not to be confused with Micheal.

Looking back over his shoulder briefly, he watches Thad with the producers for just a moment before looking straight ahead.  Two security officers round a corner and Graves quickly ducks into a darkened corridor covered with a black curtain, out of sight.  Straight ahead of Graves in the corridor?  Another security officer with his back to Graves.  Beyond him?  Arena lights and a cheering crowd.

Graves smiles for a second then starts ripping off his janitor uniform.

JC:  Oh man!

BG:  He might’ve gotten away with it!

JC:  Graves has a clear path to the arena!  More when we come back!

Warfare is back from break and Cadryn Tiberius his damn self is already in the ring.

JC: Not a good sign for Cadryn.

BG: Why?

JC: You know why.

BG: Hmmmm….well, fourth wall shattering aside welcome back to Warfare.

JC:  That’s… that’s my line.

BG:  Next up we got the aforementioned man in the ring Cadryn Tiberius versus Jonathan Bacchus in what is sure to be…

JC:  Stop stealing my lines!

But just then, the announce team is cut short by the Bacchus intro.

The camera focuses on the stage as the lights cut and “The Gnashing” by Deafheaven begins to play over the P.A.  The guitar seems to shimmer over the crowd as muffled as white lights flash like sparks around the floor.  A name appears on the tron: Jonathan Bacchus. 

Buried secrets, mythic meanings

In a tender ocean spilling

The crowd gives an appreciative pop as the out from behind the curtain walks Jonathan Bacchus, dressed in all black with a peacoat over a turtleneck and combat pants bloused into his Louboutin sneakers.  He wears a white Thalia mask over his face, his hair hanging down over the top. 

A leaking thimble flowing fragile

Oozing tension into blue

He marches down deliberately, his eyes on the ring.  On the ramp, he removes the Thalia mask and flicks it casually over his shoulder into the crowd..

RA:  Making his way to the ring, from Oakland, California and weighing in at 205 lbs… he is “The Insurgent” – JONATHAN!  BACCHUS!

Hear these howls hurling our present

I know what this costs us

At the base of the ring, Bacchus turns to the stairs and climbs them to the turnbuckle.  With a single clean vault, he launches himself over the top rope and turns to land on the middle rope inside the ring, his peacoat seeming not to hamper his movement.  As his theme song explodes into the chorus, he throws his head back and arms out, the lights flashing bright white and the audience roaring appreciatively! 

Hear these howls, embrace the Gnashing

A small smirk creeps over his face as he looks around at them – yet an intensity remains in his eyes.  He takes a moment to blow a few kisses to nobody in particular.

I know what this costs us

I know it’s exhausting you

He removes his peacoat and drops it to the outside before pulling his turtleneck over his head.  He whips this into the crowd before dropping down to the mat, circling the ring before taking back to his corner and reclining in it.

Leap of Faith Qualifier
Johnny Bacchus
- vs -
Cadryn Tiberius
-Standard Rules-

With that banger of an entrance over, the bell rings and the match is underway! Bacchus leaps out of the corner and starts circling Cadryn. Cadryn circles Bacchus. Bacchus goes in for a grapple but…


JC:  Poof?

BG: Poof! Cadryn has disappeared. He’s known for that.

JC: You know a thing or two about poofing.

BG: I….errrr…..huh?

Just as suddenly as he vanished, Cadryn reappears behind Bacchus, sledge hammering him in the back. Bacchus wheels around and Cadryn….


Yet again! Bacchus looks more annoyed than mystified. This is the XWF after all. But still he’s fighting mad over the cowardice and he sinks down into a ready stance. So, when Cadryn appears into existence yet again in front of him, Bacchus is ready with a fierce uppercut! It knocks a few screws lose from Cadryn and…


JC: And Cadryn’s vanished again, but something seemed a little off about that last one…

BG: Oh my God, look!

A fan at ringside screams and the camera screws around to reveal that Cadryn has FUSED WITH THE RING STEPS! That last vanishing act must have gotten mussed up by that uppercut from Bacchus!


JC:  Hmmm… How INDEED!?

Indeed, Cadryn is alive and struggling to extricate himself from the ring steps!  Bacchus notices the commotion and sees Cadryn’s predicament. He smiles viciously and gets out of the ring, where Cadryn is a sitting duck! Almost literally, as his legs have been replaced by ring step! Bacchus starts teeing off on Cadryn’s face with a series of closed fist blows. And the referee starts to count them both out!




So what does Bacchus do? Why he picks up ring step Cadryn and sends him under the bottom rope. In fact, from there Bacchus grabs ring step Cadryn and wedges the helpless poor sod into the corner. Bacchus ventures towards the other corner and calls for one of his signature moves!

JC:  Looks like he’s going to go for THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD!

Indeed, Bacchus mounts the corner in one swift motion and takes flight, smashing into Cadryn’s face with both his heels and….


]With a strange popping sound that reverberates throughout the arena, as soon as the move hits Cadryn is back to his normal self, separated from the ring steps. Bacchus takes note of this, shrugs, and drags Cadryn to the center of the ring. Cadryn tries to fight back with a couple chops, but he’s been too weakened by the body shifting ordeal. Bacchus lands a nasty right hook to Cadryn before lifting him up and delivering the TRAGEDY AT BUFFALO! Bacchus goes for the pin!




WINNER - Johnny Bacchus
Advances to Leap Of Faith

JC: Well, that was, uhhhh….something.

BG: It was a commanding win for Johnny Bacchus is what it was! Now somebody may want to go hose down those ring steps. They probably still have a ton of Cadryn all over them.

JC:  A clear cut victory tonight in his in-ring Warfare debut for Johnny Bacchus!

BG:  Bacchus has been an absolute force all over the wrestling world and now begins his path to stardom here in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation!

JC:  With his ticket punched, he now joins Misty Waters, Matthias Syn and Dionysus in the Leap of Faith match from Vatican City!

BG:  You said Rome earlier!

JC:  Rome?  Vatican City?  What’s the difference?  They’re in the same geographical area.

BG:  I think if you ask Vatican City residents if there’s a difference…

JC:  They probably insist I say ten Hail Mary’s.  More Warfare when we come back!

RA:  Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall—

Suddenly, a figure wearing a security uniform and a COVID mask jumps the barricade and rushes the ring, snatching the microphone from Rochelle Adams who cowers and flees the ring.

JC:  What's going on here? A member of security just jumped the barricade and took the microphone away from our ring announcer, Rochelle Adams!

BG:  This is highly unusual! Should we call… security?  Oh wait.

The security guard stands in the center of the ring, raising the microphone to his masked face.

"Security Guard": "Ladies and gentlemen, please pay attention!"

The security guard rips off the COVID mask, revealing himself to be none other than Micheal Graves. The crowd erupts into a mix of boos (70%) and cheers (15%) as Graves sneers into the camera.

JC:  It's Micheal Graves!

BG:  After Graves interrupted the feed last Warfare, Thaddeus Duke upped security to ensure we didn’t have a repeat performance!

JC:  Graves seems to have pulled a fast one on everyone!

BG:  Condolences probably, to that security guard working the hall that Graves was in earlier!

Graves: "Did you really think you could keep me out? Did you really think some stupid security dummies would stop me? Think again dip-shits!"

The crowd's boo’s intensify!

Graves: "Thaddeus Duke, you thought you could keep me out and keep me silent, but I'm here to make sure my voice is heard loud and clear and I’m not leaving this ring until ALL of my demands are met!

Last week, I was disrespected, humiliated, and denied entry to this very ring—but worst of all, Pussyfoot Pete, a promising talent and my student, met a gruesome end, live on national television.

Pussyfoot had kids, man. It was going to be his big debut—they were all watching!

Those poor kids, man… You just know they’re going to end up more fucked than me…

And who's to blame? None other than Thaddeus Duke and this corrupt-ass company, the XWF!"

The crowd reacts with more booing because clearly, Graves’ and Pussyfoot’s stupidity lead to Pete’s death.

Graves: "Duke, you think you can ban me from the marquee show? You think you can treat me and my students like dirt and there won't be consequences? Well, you’re dead wrong! Last week, Pussyfoot Pete was blown to smithereens, and it's all on you!"

Graves points to the entrance ramp, his voice trembling with rage.

Graves: "You and this entire company will pay for what you've done. I'm here to demand justice! I want $100,000,000 in damages for the wrongful death of Pussyfoot Pete, and I want full contracts for myself and my students to appear on Warfare. If my demands are not met, I will sue the XWF for every penny it's worth!!"

Graves flashes a business card for the esteemed lawyer – Christopher K. Clinton – and the crowd gasps!


Duke, you or somebody with some REAL power in this company better get yer ass out here and meet my demands, or I'll see you in court armed with the winningest lawyer in the business!"

JC:  Micheal Graves!  Calling out Thaddeus Duke, calling out anybody that will meet his demands!

BG:  100 million dollars!?

JC:  I’m not sure the XWF has ever not gone to trial though in a lawsuit.  Graves better know what he’s doing!


JC:  It’s Vinnie Lane!

BG:  Now we can get down to the brass tax here!

JC:  These two are clearly no stranger to one another as just last week on Anarchy, they were teammates against Hixx and Blade!

Vinnie Lane enters to a pretty decent pop from the Universe.  Absence and the heart, as they say…

This is the XWF, Gravy!  We don’t settle things in a courtroom!

Big pop.

We settle things in the ring like dudes!  That includes the female dudes too!  So at Leap of Faith, I can see no one better for you to step into the ring with than…

Even bigger pop.

JC:  Here comes Duke!

BG:  Arm in a sling and all, he don’t care!

Thad emerges from backstage without music or fanfare emitting the pop a moment ago.

Woah!  Guys!  Thanks dudes!  I knew you guys missed me here on Warfare but…

Thad steps into the ring and takes the mic from Lane’s hands.

BG:  That was rude, Duke!

JC:  Well, Thad has kinda been in a foul mood the last couple weeks.

That was for me, idiot.  Anyway, this is my show and if Graves wants to fight about it, we’ll fight about it.  But the only way that I can be sure this bastard doesn’t get anywhere near Warfare, is by doing it myself!

Thad turns to Gravy.

I didn’t put Pussyfoot Pete in the position he was in, you did.  I didn’t try to blow up an entrance, you did.  I didn’t take Warfare off the air… you did.  Everything you’re bitching about comes down to one person… you.

JC:  He’s not exactly wrong!

BG:  But does he need to be rude!?  We wanted to hear from Vinnie!

Thad turns back to Vinnie.

You left your prime five years ago and even then… it was kinda suspect at best, but I’m a fair man so Graves, here’s what we’re gonna do…

He turns back to Gravy.

Beat me at Leap of Faith, and I’ll give you bookings on Warfare.  For you, and your… students.  Do you accept?

BG:  Hey!  He’s mocking him!

JC:  You are a quick one, Brody!

Absolutely!  I accept!

Without warning, Thad pulls an object from his sling and smashes it over Graves’ head.  Graves hits the mat clutching his skull as Thad turns his attention to the somewhat shocked Vinnie Lane.

JC:  Oh god!

BG:  Thanks for comin’, Graves!

I do have a job for you though, Vinnie…

Thad pulls one more thing from his sling and lays it on Lane’s shoulder before tearing off the sling and tossing it aside.

You can be the guest referee.

Crowd pop as Thad turns to leave.

But before anyone tries a bullshit argument like I picked Lane because he’d favor me…


BG:  Oh shit!

JC:  Heat Seeker from Duke to Lane!

Thad hits the superkick on an unsuspecting Vinnie Lane before kneeling down beside him.

Fact is, I don’t like you anymore than I like him.

Thad drops the mic to a mixed reaction from the Capital One Arena and makes his exit.

JC:  Thaddeus Duke in a terrible mood tonight in D.C.!

BG:  Kinda happens when your wife up and leaves you.

JC:  Low, Brody.  Very low.

BG:  She should’ve done it a long time ago.

JC:  siiiiigh… More action when Warfare returns after this!

JC:  We’re back here on Warfare, and that match is now apparently official.  Thaddeus Duke will go one on one with Micheal Graves at Leap of Faith!

BG:  Lest we forget, Jacuinde!  Vinnie Lane himself will be the guest referee for that contest!

JC:  He very much will be but right now, we turn our attention to the Television Championship!

BG:  Jason Cashe defending his championship against Misty Waters!  Jacuinde, I can’t WAIT!

JC:  These two met a few months back and Brody, it was Jason Cashe that absolutely owned Misty, then known as Dolly Waters, from bell to bell!

BG:  Oh he made quick work of her which I think is a big reason we now see this Misty Waters coming out of Dolly right now.

RA:  The following contest is set for one fall with a 15 minute time limit!  It is for the XWF Television Championship!

RA:  Introducing the challenger!  From Frankfort, Kentucky… MMMMISTYYY WWWWATERRRS!

Pomp and Circumstance fills the stadium from the loud speakers. Under the XTron, Misty Waters wastes little time making her way to the entrance ramp. She's wearing a luxurious blue fur robe, lined with red and white tassels. She has a red bandana tied around her skull, keeping her red wig in place, and a pair of single-lensed sunglasses covering her eyes. Misty hops onto the apron, stands, and points a single finger in the air, looking back at the crowd. She steps through the ropes, both hands in the air motioning for noise as she does a slow spin in the center of the ring, then climbs the turnbuckle and points with both hands up to the ceiling.

BG:  You can’t deny what Cashe said in his promo, Jacuinde!  This looks, sounds and smells like favoritism!

JC:  Jason Cashe is free to think what he wants, but I tend to disagree!  Dolly… err, Misty Waters defeated the former Xtreme Champion last show and that absolutely should have catapulted her into a title picture!

BG:  You know what they say… if it quacks like a duck…

RA:  Her opponent…

The hymn-like hum vibrates through the area before Lauren Hill soundfully brings in the chorus. Jason Cashe comes out from the back, stopping at the edge of the stage. Looking around the arena at the live audience, he takes a long drag off an air joint before howling up into the sky! A few fans howl with him.

RA:  From Houston, Tejas by way of Decatur, Georgia.. He is the REIGNING!  DEFENDING!  UNDISPUTED!  XWF Television champion!  A truly Troubled One they call DiOGee.. Jaaaassoooon! CAAAASHE!!

Stopping as the aisle turns to ringside, Cashe drags a foot creating an imaginary line. This is the line where when passed, the talking stops. Cashe leaps up on the apron onto his left knee. He stands, ducking under the top rope to enter the ring.

JC:  Agree or disagree with Jason Cashe, he has had an absolute stranglehold on the Television title division here in the XWF!

BG:  And for good reason!  He’s mastered the fifteen minute match!

JC:  Misty-Dolly, as Cashe calls her, will no doubt try and stake her claim tonight!

XWF Television Championship
Jason Cashe ©
- vs -
Misty Waters
-15 Minute Time Limit-

The bell sounds, cueing the 15 minute timer.  Misty plays up the Misty Madness shtick to a mostly vitriolic reaction from the XWF Universe.  Conversely, Cashe points on the ticking clock on the X-Tron before flashing an open palmed five fingers, three times to a mostly positive reaction from the Universe.

JC:  These two have an extensive history, Brody!

BG:  Well it’s not easy to beat Jason Cashe in fifteen minutes as he’s proven time and again!

Misty approaches the center of the ring.  Cashe follows suit and the two lock horns.  Cashe has the obvious power advantage and easily backs Misty into the corner.  The official asks for, and receives a clean break.  Immediately, Misty starts claiming Cashe pulled her hair at which point, the official admonishes Cashe.  Obviously, Cashe denies he did anything of the kind, because he didn’t.

Using the temporary distraction for cover, Misty drives a thumb into Cashe’s eye which sends him in retreat momentarily.  Naturally, the ref was even more blind than Cashe is now and saw nothing.  Misty stays on the attack as she lunges forward to clip Cashe in the back of his knee.  The Champion falls to the mat now clutching his knee as Misty gets a running start and drops a big (for her) leg drop onto him.

She goes for a cover, but Cashe kicks out just after a one count.

JC:  Waters stays on him here in the early going!

BG:  She might have his number here tonight!

The clock ticks down under 12 minutes as Misty gets back to her feet.  Cashe is soon to follow and just as he gets up right, she drops him with a shotgun dropkick.  She goes for a cover again but Cashe’s quick and powerful kickout sends Misty off of him and through the ropes, prompting the official to begin a ten count.  Misty lands on her hands and knees with a thud but is otherwise unscathed.

Cashe gets back to his feet as Misty stays on the outside to regroup.  Cashe begs her to get back in the ring.  Misty starts to. But as Cashe advances toward her, she backs off again.

JC:  Misty Waters, regrouping here on the outside!

BG:  She’s wise to take her time, Jacuinde!

JC:  Maybe in a typical match setting where time isn’t a factor.  Not so in a Television title match!

Misty uses up almost all of the ten count.  Cashe backs off to let her in the ring, and Misty rolls in, then right back out to restart the count.  Naturally, the fans boo this tactic.  Cashe throws his hands up in disgust as Misty turns her ire to the XWF Universe.  With Misty distracted for the moment, Cashe takes the opportunity to slip out of the ring and meet her down on the floor which incidentally restarts the ten count for a third time.  He does so by snatching her by her wig and bashing her face first into the announce table.

Misty impacts so hard that she falls to the floor and Cashe promptly employs a ground and pound offense as the official continues to count.

JC:  Under ten minutes remain in this title match as Cashe has her mounted and continues to pound Misty!

BG:  …Wait what?

JC:  Shut up, that's not what I meant!

BG:  But that’s what you said!


Cashe abandons the ground and pound as the referee reaches the count of 8.  He rolls in and right back out of the ring amid protests from the official who now once again has to restart his count.  The defending champion snatches Misty from the floor mat by her wig and and keeps ahold of her before t-boning her, sending her crashing awkwardly into the ring steps.

JC:  God what a sickening collision with the steps!

BG:  You really gotta like Jason Cashe’s strategy tonight!

JC:  Do you?

BG:  Misty won’t come back in, so he goes to her!  He hasn’t let off the gas since he regained control and if you think he’s not content to run this clock out and go home with the TV title, you’re mistaken!  All he’s done tonight is try and beat Misty Waters at her own game!

JC:  I’ll concede the point I was going to make!

BG:  Brody two, Jacuinde nothing!  Zilch!  Squat!  Goose egg!

JC:  Are you done yet?

BG:  No.

JC:  Fine.

BG:  Zero!

JC:  siiiiiiiiiiiighs

BG:  Now I’m done.

Cashe is having fun tossing Misty around like a ragdoll, but he remains conscious of the officials counting.  Once again, he breaks the count at the behest of the official.  The champion casually resets the steps that were knocked out of place before returning his attention to Misty Waters and her aching back.  Misty crawls several steps away but Cashe steps on one of her ankles.

Misty looks back then drives her free foot into his knee hyperextending it.  Cashe drops to a knee as Misty continues to try and scurry away.  Cashe recovers fairly quickly though and avoids the next attempted kick to his knee cap.  Reaching down, he grabs her by the waist and pulls her back to a vertical position.  Misty fights off with a couple back elbows to his face before he ducks under the third.  Casually, he lifts her up from behind and drops her back first against the ring apron.

JC:  Windmill Backbreaker from Champion to Challenger as we dip beneath 7 minutes!

BG:  Cashe continues to work her over!

JC:  Really?

BG:  Nice try.

Misty stays on the ring surface and rolls beneath the ropes, still Cashe won’t let up as he slides beneath the ropes and into the ring to the relief of the referee.  Misty crawls away again and manages to get on her knees but Cashe is right there, unrelenting.  Cashe grips her head and…

JC:  Kneeling DDT and this might be over!

BG:  He hooks the leg!

JC:  Twoooo annnd NO!  Waters kicks out so this match continues!

Cashe gets back to his feet and lifts Waters to hers before tossing her toward the corner.  He goes to follow her in, but Waters counters by leaping up the turnbuckles and leaping off with a nice looking moonsault that connects.  It’s completed with a pin attempt from Waters.

JC:  Twoooo and Cashe kicks out!

BG:  Five minutes to go!

JC:  And Dolly…

BG:  Misty.

JC:  Waters has regained control of this match.

BG:  For now, maybe!  I think Cashe has a lot of fight left in him yet!

Waters gets to her feet but Cashe isn’t too far behind.  Misty runs toward the ropes and on the rebound springboards and catches Cashe off guard with a vicious DDT of her own.  After planting Cashe, Misty neglects to go for the win.  Instead, she takes a quick peek at the X-Tron as it dips below four minutes.  Returning her attention to Cashe who is now starting to get to his feet.  Misty again runs toward the ropes.  On the rebound, she telegraphs a defensive Cashe lariat attempt.

She runs to the far side and bounces off, Cashe spins and again attempts a defensive lariat.  Once more, Waters ducks the attempt.  This time, Waters stutter steps and changes direction which throws Cashe off guard.  He spins and Waters isn’t where she should be.  The tactic is successful as the delayed reaction from Cashe allows Misty to drive her full buddy into Cashes side with a devastating spear!

BG:  This time, she’ll go for the cover!


BG:  Phew!  That was close!

JC:  Jason Cashe will kick out here on Warfare as the clock continues to wind down!

BG:  You gotta remember, Jason Cashe does not need to beat Misty Waters!

JC:  Nevertheless, time is of the essence here!

Waters gets to her feet and once again takes a peek at the X-Tron timer as it dips below three minutes.  Cashe is labored in trying to get back up to his, but Misty is ready for him.  She stands just out of his eye sight ready to pounce at will.  Cashe is almost vertical and Misty shoots across the ring.  She passes by Cashe on her way to the ropes.  As she nears, she springboards from the middle rope…










BG:  The resilience of these two tonight!

JC:  Less than two minutes remain!

Cashe stands on his knees and grabs the referee insisting it was a three count.  The referee assures him it wasn’t.  Behind him, Misty wills herself to her stomach and sends a shot from behind between Cashe’s legs, dropping him immediately.  Misty acts quickly and rolls him up with…



BG:  My god, Jacuinde!

JC:  Cashe kicks out and we’re running out of time!

Almost on instinct, Waters struggles to her feet.  She looks at the timer, then at Cashe, then back at the timer, then back at Cashe before waving her arms and exiting the ring.

JC:  What!?

BG:  After all of this?

JC:  Misty Waters is abandoning the match!

The clock dips below a minute as Misty Waters slowly backpedals up the aisle way as the Universe showers her with boos.

JC:  Neither these fans nor Jason Cashe are happy!

BG:  They’re definitely not!

Cashe is livid.  He tries to go after her, but the official stands in his way to block his path.  The TV Champion tries to explain that he only wants to bring her back to the ring, but the referee won’t hear him.

Loud pop.

JC:  It’s Sahara!

BG:  What the hell does she want!?

JC:  She has Misty Waters!

BG:  She’s sending her back to the ring!

JC:  The Universe just cheered for Sahara!?

After tossing Waters into the ring, Sahara turns and retreats back toward the entrance.  Waters is beside herself with anger as she mean mugs Sahara from a distance.  Misty turns around…

JC:  Scrap Action Driver!

BG:  We’re under ten seconds!


WINNER - Jason Cashe
STILL XWF Television Champion

JC:  Jason Cashe, with a light assist from Sahara dispatches Misty Waters once and for all tonight on Warfare!

BG:  My opinion is split!  I like Cashe… I like Waters… and now that she kicked the rich boy to the curb, I like Sahara!

JC:  With just four seconds to spare tonight, Cashe defeats Misty Waters, but let me be clear!  Jason Cashe earned this victory on his own and it’s well deserved tonight!

BG:  Without a doubt, Jacuinde!  It was probably a much better, more closely contested match than the sheep might think, but Misty Waters rose to the occasion tonight, even if Cashe takes the dub and retains the television title!

JC:  It was a fantastic bout and much better than the one they had a couple months ago.  So maybe, that was why this match was booked tonight all along!

BG:  You could think he’s altruistic, but I doubt it.

JC:  Stay with us, Universe!

Sean doesn’t come out with his usual upbeat, high-energy entrance. He’s dressed in a simple pair of jeans, black-and-white Converse hi-tops and an official XWF “Sky Assassin” t-shirt, finished off with a . The Anarchy Championship is draped over one of Sean’s shoulders and he is also sporting a very telling set of stitches across his forehead as he makes his way down to the ring, acknowledging the cheers from the fans and slapping some hands along the barrier.

JC: Well, unlike last time, I don’t think any of us are surprised to be seeing Sean Parker here tonight, after what happened on Anarchy last week.

BG: You mean after he got his ass beaten like an omelet by Mark Flynn after he screwed him out of his cash-in?

JC: He didn’t screw him, Brody! The bell hadn’t even rang!

BG: Well, he still had no business sticking his nose in a legend like Mark Flynn’s business. Fuck around and find out!

Sean climbs up onto the ring apron and steps into the ring, motioning for a microphone as his music fades out. He brings the mic up to his mouth but before he can speak, the crowd breaks into a “Parker” chant which draws an involuntary smile from the Anarchy Champion and he acknowledges it with a nod.

JC: Is there any city where Sean Parker isn’t popular?!

BG:  Oh, please, these marks wouldn’t know talent if it slapped them in the face!

The crowd chants eventually die down and Sean is able to speak.

Sean: Thank you guys, I appreciate it. And as much as I’d usually be happy to be here tonight in front of all you, this is not a social visit. As I revealed on social media, someone very close to me passed away and before that…

Sean motions to his forehead with his free hand.

Sean: I got a little busted up thanks to the guy that’s sat on a briefcase for the better part of a year, trying to decide what he actually wants to do with his career other than have his thumb up his arse.

JC: I wonder who he’s talking about, Brody…

BG: The disrespect! Unbelievable!

Sean: For those who can’t read between the lines, I’m talking about you, Mark Flynn. The so-called XWF legend and to be fair, you have earned that moniker, Mark. Your accomplishments aren’t anything to be sniffed at. You’ve done it all. You ARE a legend, one of the greatest of all time. But do you know what you also are, Mark?

Sean stares down the hardcam.

Sean: Afraid and delusional!

“Oooh’s” from the crowd.

Sean: See, in the last episode of Warfare, the first one under the new Executive Director, and then in your little promo afterwards, you were running down Anarchy, running down me and my accomplishments… but see whilst you were ramming your fist into my face.

So tell me, Mark. What was your big plan last Thursday? To come to Anarchy, run roughshod over a couple of curtain-jerkers to feed that oversized ego of yours and prove what exactly? Or could it be that you couldn’t handle seeing EDWARD and I put on one of the greatest main events in Anarchy’s history! And that boiled your piss, didn’t it? That two guys from Anarchy put on a match of that stature!

You know it’s funny, I’ve listened to every man, woman and their dog talk about who the most logical contender is to stand up and be counted. To step up to the plate and challenge for the Universal Championship.

As Sean speaks, he paces back and forth across the ring.

Sean: And there’s a plethora of talented men and women on this roster. XWF elite. But one name no one even considered or thought was worth mentioning.

He prods his chest with the index finger of his mic-free hand.

Sean: Me! The soon-to-be-longest-reigning Anarchy Champion of all time!

The crowd pops.

Sean: And you know what, Mark, if you thought that by coming to my show, spilling my blood on [/i] my championship was going to scare me?

The cameraman in the ring comes up close to Sean as he holds up the Anarchy Championship belt. The focus zooms in on the base plate, still stained with Sean’s blood from Flynn’s brutal attack.

Sean: Then you’re even more deluded than I thought you were!

Another big crowd pop!

Sean: It may be the Universal Championship we're competing for at Leap of Faith but I know how much this championship repulses you, Flynn! How much you despise it with every fiber of your being! And I know why!

Sean turns and stares at the hard cam, bringing the Anarchy Title up.

Sean: It’s because you're scared of losing to someone who holds it, aren’t you? You’re terrified the Anarchy Champion is not only going to outshine you, he’s going to outfight you, he’s going to leave you behind!

Now, Sebastian. You and I? We’re friends. You were a groomsman at my wedding. You stood beside Ricky and Thad and watched me commit to the love of my life. You’re a fantastic champion. Everywhere you’ve stepped foot in, success has gravitated towards you, and gold has always found its way around your waist so it’s no surprise that you had gold in XWF literally ten minutes after you got here. But that’s all gonna change come Leap of Faith, my friend.

Right on cue, the opening chords of Fame by Royal Deluxe hit - the crowd are on their feet as the XWF Universal Champion, slowly makes his way out and starts to walk down the aisle towards the ring. He slaps hands as he walks, but he never takes his eyes off the Anarchy Champion. Seb climbs the steps and steps into the ring. He raises the XWF Universal Championship into the air to a pop, before placing it over his shoulder.

He takes a mic and turns to face his friend, Sean.

Seb: Hello, Sean.

A mini-pop from the crowd.

Seb: I know I said it the day after Warfare, but I just wanted to come out here again and publicly thank you for stepping in when Mark Flynn tried to cash in on me. Don’t get me wrong, I think we both agree that there’s every chance that I’d still be standing here as the XWF Universal Champion, and Mark would be sat backstage with his thumb up his arse preparing to fight Charlie Nickles on the pre-show, but still - not having to defend this title after getting jumped by Dumb and Dumber was the better outcome for me. So what I did on Anarchy last week, I had two reasons for. Firstly, to pay you back for the support you offered me. And secondly, fuck… Mark… Flynn.

Sean: I do appreciate it, Sebastian, I really do. And I don’t forget things like that easily. So thank you.

Sean holds out his hand to Seb who looks at it and smiles, before reaching out too. But before they can shake, they’re interrupted, not by music, but by a voice.

Voice: No, no, no, no no!

Mark Flynn strides down the ramp, microphone in hand.

Flynn: Well, well, well…

Flynn thumps the mic against his chest.


The crowd boos Flynn’s ridiculous accusations!

Flynn lifts the mic to his lips, as he points down the ramp to the two champions in the ring.

Flynn: You two wanna have a private conversation in your little clubhouse for FAKE CHAMPIONS! DUCKING ME?!? I WILL NOT BE SILEN-!


Flynn’s lips continue to waggle… But his mic is dead!

…He stares furiously down at his weapon of choice… before tossing it to the ground.

He reaches behind the curtain and grabs another one.


Seb glances at Sean who glances back as Flynn continues to rage at the two of them. Seb raises his hand, smiles, and snaps his fingers. As he does, Flynn’s microphone cuts off. Flynn starts to bang the mic against his hand, before storming around the ring to try and grab another.

Seb: You know, being a Champion here in XWF does grant one a certain amount of power. And it turns out, mine is the ability to turn off microphones.

Flynn grabs a third.

Flynn: This is…

Seb clicks his fingers again, and the third  mic goes dead. and then a forth, before a seething Flynn advances on the ring, but Seb and Sean both step towards him and he thinks better of it. Instead, Flynn grabs a cameraman and gets up close with it. He begins to talk again.


This time, Sean holds up his fingers and snaps. And on the big screen, the image of Flynn suddenly becomes pixelated, and his words are silenced. The crowd pops.

Sean: Would you look at that? Guess I can do it too.

On the outside of the ring, from a distance, Flynn is apoplectic. Inside the ring, Seb turns to Sean again.

Seb: Now, where were we? Ahhh yeah, I remember.

Seb holds out his hand, and this time, it’s Sean that accepts the handshake. As he does, Seb raises the microphone to his lips.

Seb: I want you to know… that no matter what happens, you should be proud of yourself for making it here, Sean. I know how much you want to make your Sensei proud - and just know, he’ll be proud of you for even making it this far.

Sean’s smile falters some. He purses his lips, biting down on the bottom one. As Seb then tries to let go of his hand, he’s stopped in his tracks as Sean holds on. He pulls the Universal Champion back in, looking him dead in his eyes.

Sean: And I want you to know that, you shouldn’t be ashamed when I beat you for that title, Seb. Afterall - it wouldn’t be the first time that I came out victorious when it really mattered, would it?

There’s a collective “ooooo” from the crowd, as a muscle in Seb’s jaw twitches.

Seb: I’m glad that you’re confident, Sean. I really am. See, my only regret is that, having been groomsman at your wedding, and seeing you in your happiest moment, I’m going to have to be the one that makes you a failure in the eyes of Eve and Amelia.

There’s no longer a smile on Sean’s face as he pulls Seb in even closer and the two lock eye to eye.

Sean: The only consolation I have is that when I beat you, there won’t be anyone left in your life to be disappointed in you. Except maybe your old man but that’s not anything new, is it?

Seb’s smile returns, and switches into laughter that doesn’t reach his eyes. He pulls back for a second before finally turning back to Sean and charging. The fairly short distance only allows for Seb to lift Parker up and drive him into the corner. They break their handshake and Seb begins to pepper Parker with lefts and rights.

Sean does his best to block with his arms, before ducking out and switching places and now it’s his turn to start driving fists into Seb’s body and face.

The back and forth goes on for a full thirty seconds before Parker takes out Seb’s legs and begins to ground and pound him. Entirely out of character for both men, with Sean’s usual aerial assault and Seb’s technical talents both out of the window as the two men just brawl.

Neither manages to get much of an advantage, before security swarm the ring, separating the Universal and Anarchy Champions from one another to prevent the match at Leap of Faith from being ruined before it even begins.

Seb and Sean both hurl words at one another, each trying to land the verbal blow, rather than a physical.

And then, all at once, they both seem to notice the same thing. On the outside, a still-semi pixelated Mark Flynn leans against the metal railing by the ring, snacking on a bag of popcorn he stole from a fan. His face is plastered with a satisfied smirk, clearly pleased with the outcome of this head to head.

All too late he realizes that the Champions are no longer focused on one another, instead, they’re focused on him. His casual stance changes as both Seb and Sean evade security and slip out of the ring, and begin to make a beeline for him.

Flynn tosses the popcorn at Parker, but the agile Sky Assassin ducks and both champions close in!

Flynn backs away, but with virtually nowhere to go, he climbs up on the announce table, he begins to shout unheard things to both Seb and Sean who are closing in on him, before he makes the choice to live and fight another day.

He jumps between Jacuinde and Brody and into the crowd. Flynn makes his escape through the people, not waiting to see if Seb and Sean will follow. Instead, Seb picks up the Anarchy Championship, with Sean picking up the Universal Championship. Grudgingly, each of them slowly and tentatively hand back their championships, before Seb shakes his head at Sean and turns to walk away.

JC:  These three come to a head in three weeks at Leap of Faith!

BG:  With the Universal title on the line?  The Cards’ll be breakin’ into their hidden bullion to see this one!

JC:  There will be no friends or allies come Rome, Brody!  Every man for himself with one shot to make history!

[white]JC:  We’re back here in D.C. for Warfare and Brody?  I gotta tell ya, this is one match I’ve been looking forward to ever since this card was published!

BG:  Maybe five years ago!  I mean, look!  Ned Kaye is no doubt still in his prime but Centurion?  C’mon that guy hasn’t been full time on Warfare in several years.

JC:  Be that as it may, Brody, Centurion is a bonafide legend.  He’s been in and around the XWF for almost as long as the company has existed!  He’s one of the most highly decorated stars to ever step foot in an XWF ring.  He’s the all time leader in wins for hells sake!  Short sell him all you want, but I know the little kid in me is excited as hell!

BG:  I’m not here to rain on your excitement, Jacuinde!  All I’m saying is this is a young mans game now.  Centurion is past his prime!

JC:  You say that, but I disagree wholeheartedly.  Centurion didn’t get where he is by being anyone’s nostalgia act!

RA:  The following contest… is a Leap of Faith qualifier set for one fall!

RA:  Introducing first!  From Atlantic City weighing 190 pounds… CENNNNTURIONNNNN!

Big pop.  Huge pop.  Massive pop.  HERO POP!


JC:  It’s a party tonight in D.C!

BG:  Pffft.  190 pounds… IT’S ALL IN HIS FACE!

JC:  Will you STOP!?

BG:  I’m just SAYIN’!

JC:  Have some damn respect!

RA:  His opponent!

RA:  From Brooklyn, New York weighing 224 pounds, he is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions… NEDDDD KAAAAAAAYE!

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

JC:  Ned Kaye, along with Prince Adeyemi whom we saw earlier tonight, are the Tag Team Champions!

BG:  This ain’t tag team action!

JC:  No, it surely isn’t!

Ned Kaye is taken aback by the mixed reaction of the XWF Universe.

JC:  Fickle crowd tonight!

BG:  It is a bit… odd.

JC:  Maybe they’re just really big Centurion fans.

BG:  Look, I bust on Centurion but the man didn’t grab all those belts he’s had, he didn’t take all those wins he amassed by accident!  I’ll continue to dump dog shit on him, but the man can still go!


BG:  Yeah, but it sounds better when I say it.

JC:  You son of a…

BG:  Brody three, Jacuinde zero.

JC:  I hate you.

Leap of Faith Qualifier
Ned Kaye
- vs -
-Standard Rules-

At the bell, the two men circle the ring and each other until they both come to a stop, taking in the adulation of the capacity crowd in D.C.  Despite the entrances, despite the bell, despite all the talk leading up to the match, the crowd hasn’t quieted one bit.

JC:  Say what you want about Centurion, say what you will about Ned Kaye!  These two men are keystones of two different eras clasing right here on Warfare for the first time in almost 5 years!

BG:  Jacuinde, I hate to admit it, but the atmosphere is electric!  Look at the hair on my arm!

JC:  21 August in the year 2019, Brody!  Nearly five whole years since these two men have met one on one!

BG:  Who won?

JC:  Centurion!

Cent pumps up the crowd to a massive roar which momentarily takes Ned off his game.  Ned returns thet favor to a somewhat mixed reaction.

JC:  Both of these men are fan favorites, but tonight, I think a majority of this crowd is firmly behind Centurion!

BG:  They are but Ned Kaye seems a little put off by it!

Centurion extends his hand out to Ned Kaye to shake hands before they go to war.  A sign of respect among peers.  Naturally, the Universe pops for the extended hand.  Rather than accept, Ned backs away and turns his back on Cent, leaning against the ropes to a chorus of boos.

JC:  D.C. didn’t like that!

Ned turns to face Cent and the two lock horns in the center of the ring.  Kaye seems motivated and backs Centurion into the corner.  The two stay tangled and the official asks for and receives a clean break.  Ned backs himself toward the center of the ring and Cent hesitates, but follows.  The two lock up again and just as the first time, Ned backs Cent into the corner.  Once again the official asks for a clean break and receives it.  This time though, Ned delivers an open hand chop to the chest of Centurion.  He then follows that up with a knife edge chop variety before sending Centurion into the far corner.  Ned follows him in…

JC:  Lariat!

BG:  Centurion just took Ned Kaye practically out of his boots!

JC:  Ohhh he’s hurt!

BG:  Probably hurts the ego more than anything, but if he wasn’t dizzy before, he might be now!

Cent reaches down and pulls the groggy Ned Kaye to his feet before taking him right back to the mat with a snap vertical suplex.  Cent gets back to his feet and Ned Kaye follows soon after, still trying to shake the cobwebs from the vicious lariat.  Ned is to his feet and Cent leaps into the air for a standing dropkick.  Ned though, side steps and swats Cent away.  Cent hits the mat hard.  Ned stays on him by leaping and driving a knee into Cent’s forehead.

JC:  Coverrr, twwoooo and Centurion kicks out!

BG:  Far too early yet, Jacuinde!

JC:  You never know!

BG:  Centurion is a grizzled ol’ veteran!  He knows well enough to wait until the last possible moment to get that shoulder up.  This sport is a marathon, not a sprint and Centurion might know that better than anyone in the XWF!

Back to his feet, Need stands in wait as Cent gets to his.  Just as he does, Ned grabs him by the arm and throws himself to the mat, delivering an arm drag takedown.  Before Cent can roll through, Ned keeps the arm and drives his knee into his shoulder blade.

JC:  Nice transition there from Ned Kaye!

BG:  Maybe, but an arm bar never beats anyone, Jacuinde!  Ned Kaye needs to up the intensity otherwise Centurion is simply gonna let him tire himself out!

Almost as if he heard Brody, Ned lets off the arm bar.  Immediately, Cent brings his arm to be nursed.  Ned rolls him onto his back but Centurion counters with a stiff kick to his head.  Ned staggers backward while clutching his head as Cent rolls to his feet.  Ned lunges toward Cent with a clothesline but Cent sees it from a mile away.  Cent ducks and as Ned turns, Cent delivers a nice dropkick that sends Ned stumbling back toward the ropes.  Ned bounces off the ropes and Cent delivers another drop kick sending Kaye spilling through the ropes and down to the floor.

JC:  Right out here in front of us!  The official starts his ten count and Centurion, still nursing that arm just a bit.

BG:  You know, love him or hate him, Ned’s a resilient warrior, Jacuinde!  If Centurion is gonna outlast him tonight, he’s gotta be smart and remember not to get too cute!  Ned Kaye can and will make him pay for any mistake!

Centurion exits the ring to the apron.  On the floor, Ned has started to get back to his feet, but Cent comes off the apron with a double ax handle.  Ned crashes back down onto the floor but Cent is a little slow in getting back up.

JC:  Those old, worn out knees getting the better of Centurion at least for the moment!

BG:  I just told him not to get too cute and he didn’t listen!

JC:  Reminder, the referee is still counting here!

Cent gets back to his feet, albeit slowly.  With Kaye still down, Cent peels back the protective padding on the floor, exposing the bare concrete below.  Kaye begins to get up, but Cent places him in position for a pile driver.  He goes to lift and Ned shifts his weight, halting the attempt before delivering a defensive back body drop to Centurion!

Kaye gets a mild pop but stumbles to the ring and rolls in before rolling back out to restart the officials count.

JC:  The count will restart but I don’t know how smart the strategy is!

BG:  It’s very smart!  Centurion is the one with the old bones that took this match outside the ring!  Beat him with everything you can, Ned!

Back on the floor, Ned reaches down and lifts Centurion to his feet, then scoops him up and body slams him down on the exposed concrete!

JC:  OOoooOO that’s gotta hurt!


JC:  Fuuu–err—art around, find out!?

BG:  Look at the grimace on his face!  He started it and Ned Kaye is just giving him what he wanted!

Ned is starting to get the juices flowing as he reaches down and pulls Centurion to his feet again.  This time he guides him toward the ring and tosses him inside, only to bring his upper body back out across the apron.  Ned hops up on the apron and charges forward a bit, leaps and drops a leg across Centurion.

JC:  Nobody's home!

BG:  Boy he got out of the way there just in the nick of time!

Ned crashes into the apron and falls to the floor.  Cent meanwhile rolls the rest of himself back into the ring.  Ned is on his feet nursing his thigh after the impact.  He stumbles around on the floor for a few moments but starts to climb back up on the apron.  Just as Ned gets upright and looks to step through the ropes, Centurion nails him with a spear like maneuver and Ned flies off the apron and crashes down through the Latin announce table!

JC:  What carnage!

BG:  Good luck to Latin fans… do we even have Latin fans?

JC:  Probably.  At any rate, Ned Kaye has crashed down through a table here and I think Centurion is looking to take advantage sooner rather than later!

Centurion makes his way back down to the floor.  Grabbing a handful of the beautiful Ned Kaye mane, Centurion pulls him from the rubble and guides him back into the ring.  Cent rolls himself in.

JC:  Centurion hooks the leg, twoooo and NO!  Kaye somehow kicks out!

BG:  Centurion playin’ it smart here!  He’s backed off and he’ll let Ned Kaye get up under his own power!

JC:  Kaye isn’t in a good way.

BG:  No.

JC:  He just crashed down through that table and who knows what’s going on inside!?

Ned Kaye fights tooth and nail to get back to his feet.  As he does so, Cent traps him and slams him back to the mat with a Saito Suplex.

JC:  Coverrr twwoooo and NO!  Kaye will kick out again here on Warfare!

BG:  Centurion’s close!  So close he can taste it!

JC:  A trip to Leap of Faith and entrance into the 24/7 match hangs in the balance!  Both men know what’s at stake!  Both of these men have what it takes to climb to the top of the XWF mountain.  Ned Kaye himself is a former XWF Universal Champion while Centurion has never reached that precipice!

BG:  That what?

JC:  Centurion, the XWF Legend!  He has victory in his sights tonight and everyone knows what obtaining that 24/7 briefcase means!  He could cap his career with the only championship that has ever escaped his grasp!  That of the Universal Championship!

Cent stands in wait, cautious to stay out of Ned Kaye’s line of vision as Kaye struggles to his feet again.  Kaye gets upright and Cent comes up behind him…

JC:  1,000 MILE SLAM!


Ned Kaye slides off of Centurion’s back as he attempts his olympic slam.  Ned shoves Centurion hard and Cent goes to the ropes, bounces off and…

JC:  Bloody Symphony!  He got him!

BG:  Kaye might be out!


BG:  Unreal, Jacuinde!

JC:  Ned Kaye will kick out one more time here in D.C.!

Centurion, in some disbelief after the kickout, slams the mat and gets back to his feet.  Ned Kaye remains down and flat on his back.  Cent grabs a hold of his ankle and drags him toward the center of the ring.  At the center, Cent picks up the other ankle and begins trying to apply…

JC:  Could it be!?

BG:  If he gets it on him, Kaye might not have a choice but to tap!

JC:  Fall of Rome!

BG:  Kaye’s fightin’ him!


Kaye reversed and spun so hard that Cent falls to his chest.  Centurion is fairly quick back to his feet, unwilling to lose his forward momentum.  He lifts Kaye back to his and sends him to the ropes.  On the rebound…

JC:  Notorious Knee!

BG:  From out of nowhere!

JC:  Kaye with the roll up!




JC:  Centurion kicks out!

BG:  Ned Kaye is a little beside himself!

JC:  That knee came outta left field!  I literally blinked!  And I literally missed it!

BG:  Literally!?

JC:  Match, Brody!

Ned Kaye fights his way back to his feet.  Centurion remains down on the canvas.  Ned reaches down and pulls Cent to his feet and tosses him into the corner.  Lifting Cent to the top, Kaye follows him up…

JC:  Ego Crusher!

BG:  What the hell!?

Before Ned Kaye could transition into the head scissor, Centurion is using his legs to try and counter with his own head scissor making… honestly?  An extremely awkward looking scene in the middle of the XWF ring.  Then…





JC:  Ned Kaye trapped his legs and pinned his ankles over his head!

BG:  Centurion’s gonna feel that stretch for a month!

WINNER - Ned Kaye
Advances to Leap Of Faith

JC:  Ned Kaye has done it!  The Notorious One is going to Leap of Faith!

BG:  5 years… 5 years he’s waited for this!

In the ring, Ned Kaye is worn, beaten, but satisfied with his victory.  He’s still receiving a bit of a mixed reaction, but still mostly positive.  Centurion sits on his ass leaning in a corner as he stretches out his hamstrings.

After the official raises Ned’s hand, Ned looks over at Centurion.  Cent is winded and exhausted, but there’s enough left in him to applaud his opponent.  Ned advances slowly toward that corner.

JC:  Uh-oh.

BG:  Do it Ned!  You’ve waited five years to exorcize that loss!

Centurion does nothing to protect himself for any eventuality.  All he does, is look up at Ned.  Ned meanwhile, looks around with his hands on his hips.  He sees those cheering, but he hears those booing him.  Finally…

JC:  Aww yeah!  There ya go, Ned Kaye!

BG:  Dammit!

Ned Kaye reaches his right arm down to Centurion.  After a short hesitation, Cent grabs Ned’s hand and Kaye helps him to his feet.  The two exchange a few short words before both men start to make their exit.

JC:  A feel good moment tonight after this incredible match!

BG:  Yeah, yeah, whatever!

JC:  Ned Kaye and Centurion fought tooth and nail for this one and the Notorious One avenges his loss from five years ago!

BG:  D.C. is full of pests!

JC:  Are… are you crying!?

BG:  No dammit!  I just said D.C. is full of pests!  One flew in my eye.

JC:  Still to come tonight, Universal Champion Sebastian Everett-Bryce teams with Pantheon family member AND XWF Xtreme Champion Corey Black and their opponents?  Multiple time tag team champions all over the world in and out of the XWF, Bobby Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles.  None other than Them No Good Bastards!  Stay with us!

JC:  Back here on Warfare and it looks like we’ve found…

BG:  Mrs. Duke’s best frienemy, Misty Waters!

Backstage we see a limping, and intense Misty Waters. She gnashes at her teeth and pushes open the door to Thad Duke’s office

Have you heard of knocking?!

Have you heard of what the fuck was that?!

Misty barks while stomping toward Thad’s desk.

I’m going to need you to calm down- or get the HELL out of my office - RIGHT NOW!

WHY!? So you and yer’ skank wife can plot to ruin more of my matches?!

I Can’t control what Lauren does- you brought this on yourself, Dolly!

Misty gasps, her eyes go wide and glowing bloodshot,

I want a max contract- NOW- or I’ll have yer’ ass in cour-

Have me? he interrupts, I’ll have your ass tied up in so much litigation your grandkids are gonna need lawyers!

Misty straightens up and glares holes through Thad,

You won’t blame yer’ marriages undoin’ on me, Thad. Just because you’ve always had eyes fer’- Misty stops herself Because you’ve always had eyes fer Dolly.

Thad’s face runs red with anger.

Oh? It’s true… Misty licks her bottom lip and gnaws at it, sizing Duke up with her eyes, What an insulting thing to insinuate, sugar. Because Dolly ain’t half the woman I am, oooh yeeeah- and MISTY Waters ain’t done nothing to harm yer’ little fairytale marriage… yet.

Misty turns from Thad and limps back toward the door

If she comes near me again, Thad- it won’t just be the end of yer’ marriage- I’ll end her.

And I’ll… Thad bites his tongue.

You’ll what? Because in the meantime between now and Leap of Faith, I’m heading out to meet with a savvy, sophisticated wrestling mind. Someone who will recognize my star right away- not send his WHORE to try and snuff it out.- oooh yeeeah Misty Madness has a hot date with Jett Sterling on Anarchy this week.

You’ve caused enough trouble for me.  Get the hell out of my office.

Misty makes her exit leaving Thad to his own devices.  On his desk rests a baseball signed by Andrew McCutchen.  Grabbing it, he stands and throws in almost one motion.  The baseball bursts through a window connected to the office next to his.

JC:  Oooof.  We’ll be right back.

As XWF Warfare comes back from commercial break, we’re shown a dark, empty room that we assume is somewhere backstage from the muffled sounds of the roaring audience. Only the glow of a TV monitor directs our eyes to something visible in this room. The silhouette of a person standing with folded arms in front of the monitor, thats playing a live broadcast of Warfare, zooming in on JC and BG’s commentary table- and just before the scene transitions from this dark rom, back to the arena, we see the person’s face illuminated by the glow of the monitor - - it’s Johnny Bacchus.

JC: Brody we are back from break, and I believe it goes without saying that the entire professional wrestling industry will be watching our following match with great interest- - including Johnny Bacchus as we just saw there-

BG: Well, Bacchus needs to pay attention! Turn on some light! Because it’s big fight season, JC! and that’s exactly what we have coming up in our main event. One of the most dominant tag teams in XWF history, Them No Good Bastards, set to defend what they consider their territory here in the XWF, against the relative newcomers, Pantheon- Sebastian Everett-Bryce and Corey Black. 

JC: It’s one thing to be a newer team here in the XWF, and it’s another thing entirely to be a team composed of The Universal and XTreme Champions. Pantheon says they’re here to shake up the foundation of the XWF, to usher in a new era. Them No Good Bastards are ready to prove otherwise here tonight.

BG: Let’s be real, JC. Pantheon has yet to face any true test here in the XWF. Sure, Dionysus and Bulk Logan are respectable competitors in their own right - then there’s Charlie Nickles, too. But neither of these men have faced off against the likes of the Bastards since entering the XWF so there’s a lot of ‘it’s time to prove it’ energy in the air tonight.

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and return their attention to the ring, delivering a no-look fistbump, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

JC: Well, here they are Brody, ready to prove that the XWF tag team ranks still belong to Them No Good Bastards.

BG: Just look at Bobby and TK, JC. Look into their eyes. The attack they made on S.E.B last Warfare wasn’t about intimidation, it was about reminding the entire world, who’s yard this really is- they’ve marked their territory, and they look ready to defend it here tonight.

The lights in the arena dip to black in time with the sirens and beat to the opening of Sweatpants (BattleTapes Remix) by Childish Gambino, the lights then beginning to flash, alternating left and right onto the ramp. In time, the letters "S", "E", "B", and then "Empire" flash one at a time on the big screen until the lights stop flashing as the lyrics hit.

"She askin' “Why you say that?!”

The beat drops and the lights flash on the rampway again. As they do, the screen illuminates with "SEB" and then "EMPIRE" flashing on the screen.

"Rich kid asshole, paint me as a villain"

Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, staring up with his head covered by the hood of his jacket. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd. He wears a long jacket with the hood pulled up over his head, zipped to the waist. The jacket, which is cut away at the bottom and only runs down the back of his legs, is patterned with an elongated Union Flag, but it’s in black and white and appears to be cracked and broken.

JC: I believe our Universal Champion might disagree with who’s yard this is!

The lights lift, and SEB makes his way to the ring, stretching his neck from side to side as he walks, his eyes focused on the ring. He climbs up the steps and steps through the ropes before removing the Universal Title from around his waist, lifting it in the air and marching up face to face with Bobby and TK- the three men jawing at each other as the ref steps between them.

BG: This is a two on one situation for the Champion of the XWF, JC!

BG:  S.E.B better watch himself here!

JC: It’s not two on one for long!

The lights in the arena fade slowly to black. The opening tones of "I Would Die 4 U" by Prince and The Revolution blast from the PA, sending the crowd to their feet. They scream out the lyrics as Corey Black emerges from the back, walking out onto the stage with intent, bathed in a white light while purple ones circle the arena. He is wearing a hooded dark  denim vest that has metal band patches all over it and a large Pantheon logo back patch. Corey stands at the top of the ramp, looking out into the frenzy of dancing and singing attendees, nodding his approval. He makes his way down the ramp, taking his time to survey the landscape around him and get himself a good look at the ring before him. As he reaches it, Corey slides in under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, unleashing a roar and throwing the devil horns into the air toward the hard cam. He takes the vest off and drops it to ringside before heading to his corner and crouching down while S.E.B joins him in the corner of the ring.

RA: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening… Introducing first- at a combined weight of five- hundred- fifty pounds!  They are- Them! NO GOOD! BASSSSSTAAAAARDS!!!!!!!!

Bobby and TK nod their heads along while the crowd roars, cracking their knuckles and staring down SEB and Black.

RA: And their opponents- At a combined weight of four hundred-sixty pounds!  The team of the XWF XTreme Champion- Corey Black- AND The XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! - Sebastian! Everett! BRYCE! THEY ARE- PAAAAAANTHEOOON!!!!!!!!

S.E.B and Black finish raising their titles and hand them over to the ref- who promptly hands the Universal Title off to the timekeeper, then holds the XTreme Championship in the air- signifying that the championship is officially under defense.

Sebastian Everett-Bryce & Corey Black
- vs -
Them No Good Bastards
-24/7 Xtreme Title Rule Applies-

The bell rings.

JC: That’s right folks, if Corey Black were to be submitted or pinned tonight- the XTreme Championship would change hands- however, this is not an XTreme Rules contest.

BG: Good old fashioned tag team wrestling here tonight!

Thunder Knuckles settles in to start for Them Bastards, while on the other side of the ring, S.E.B is insisting that Black let him have the first go.

JC: And look here, The Universal Champion is looking to get some payback from last Warfare right away!

BG: Or he’s trying to protect Pantheon from losing a title here tonight!

S.E.B indeed starts and charges at TK right out of the gate. TK goes to grapple up the smaller man, but the champion baseball slides between TK’s legs and pops up quickly from behind, suplexing TK on his stomach then rushing over to deliver some kicks. Kicks to the arms of the downed TK, kicks to the head, to the back - TK tries covering up-

But S.E.B falls on him and locks in a sleeper hold! It’s not quite his signature one, but it’s effective. He wrenches back, as TK rolls to the side, throwing some elbows and hitting hard enough to break free here early.

Both men stand, but it’s SEB rushing in with some kicking attacks that send TK hurdling backward to avoid. A running mule kick catches TK in the forearms while he’s blocking his chest, and pushes him into the turnbuckle. SEB rushes again but TK shifts and catches the Champion’s arm. He’s locking in an armbar, and turning the champion now. S.E.B facing the turnbuckle as TK twists his arm from behind, lifting both arms up into a full nelson. TK grunts and pops the champion up in the air and then slams him face first into the turnbuckle.

JC: And oh my! It looks like the champion’s nose has been busted open here early-

BG: Big fight energy here!

Despite the rough spot, SEB absorbs the blow, and before TK even notices, the champion is on his feet- A LEAPING DDT!

TK is planted by the champion- BUT HE TOO FIGHTS THROUGH THE PAIN!

TK is already up throwing punches at SEB, the champ grabs TK around the waist from behind and tries lifting for a german suplex, but a stiff elbow catches SEB, and in a frantic pace the two man brawl their way into the ropes- each locked around the head and throwing punches at the others skull.

They fall through the ropes- each tumbling over the apron and onto the floor still punching one another. The crowd is going wild!

JC: I don’t know if I’ve seen such a competitive match so early! These two men do NOT like one another, and neither will stop at anything to beat the other!

Bobby and Corey Black both leap down from the apron.

BG: These teams don’t like each other, JC!

While TK and SEB begin to stand, they’re still brawling, throwing knees, and fists, and headbutts, and on one side here comes Bobby Bourbon. He helps TK push SEB into the guardrail- but here too is Corey Black. He grabs at Bourbon and slaps him in the head. Bobby turns back and cracks Corey with a punch. TK shoulder rams SEB into the guardrail while Bobby grabs Corey Black by the skull, but the Xtreme champion knees Bourbon in the gut.


The ref has let this go on long enough


SEB gets shoulder rammed again into the guardrail, this time his gut providing the cushion from TK’s shoulder. 


SEB sucks air and reels-


TK grabs him by the back of his pants and slings him toward- where SEB rolls under the bottom rope.

Corey Black shoves Bobby away and the two disengage, as TK climbs back into the ring, stalking over the windless SEB.

TK gives no quarter, and has SEB up by the head, throwing him into the ropes and -

BG: Sweet home AlaBammy Slammy!

The Alabama Slam rocks SEB. TK grins and throws middle fingers at the camera, before making a confident tag to Bobby Bourbon. Bourbon’s face is cold, he immediately steps through the ropes and undoes his shoulder straps.

He beats on his chest and charges SEB who’s on all fours now. A sickening running, leaping, falling knee smashes SEB in the lower back and ribs. Bobby follows with a falling forearm to the back of the head on the way down. Just as TK has stepped through the ropes- Bobby is already whipping SEB back into the corner- he too makes a confident tag to TK as the two trade off punches on the universal champion’s head. Bobby back through the ropes now takes another tag from TK.

Thunder Knuckles whips SEB into the opposite corner- near his partner-


Bobby now whips TK at SEB- a running knee lift! 

But Black’s in the ring! A Tag was made!

A KNEE STRIKE TO TK! He pushes Thunder Knuckles over and goes for a suplex!

But the other legal man, Bobby Bourbon comes charging in, splashing everyone, including TK into the corner! Thunder Knuckles and SEB both roll out of the ring and hit the floor, as Bobby is continuing his assault on Corey Black like a bull in a china shop. He head-tosses Black away from the corner- runs after him as he hits the mat and crushes him with a running senton. Bourbon pushes Black’s face and shoulder down on the canvass-



Barely a two and Black is kicking out- Bobby snags him up but Black is fighting!
Knees seem to fly from everywhere, as Black has Bourbon by the back of the head now, holding him over and kneeing him repeatedly in the stomach. Bobby shoves Black off who rolls back. The Xtreme Champ pops back to his feet and meets the running Bourbon spear. Bobby eats the running attack but still locks in a guillotine on the way down to the mat. He chokes back as Corey starts swinging elbows. He cracks Bobby a few good times- separating the two. Another elbow strike to Bobby’s head as the two stand leaves Bourbon open for a stunner!

Black covers Bobby!



Bourbon kicks out! And is already reaching up to rake Corey across the back. He clubs the XTreme Champion in the back of the neck while stands.



The spinning uppercut lands perfect, popping Black into the air!

Bobby covers just as Black hits the mat!



SEB is through the ropes!



SEB wouldn’t have made it in time- and ALREADY THUNDERKNUCKLES! He’s darting through the ropes and meeting SEB in the middle of the ring- SUPERKICK!

SEB falls back into his corner-

BACKDROP DRIVER! Out of nowhere, Black plants TK!

Bourbon is up!



JC: That is some SERIOUS damage being done by the Xtreme Champion right now!

Bourbon staggers to his feet-


Black covers!


TK has only just rolled out of the ring!


NO!!! Bourbon just barely gets a shoulder up.

Both men are gassed and down on the mat as the crowd stands and roars.

SEB is just now pulling up to his corner. TK to his corner. The crowd is clapping, willing these men up to their feet. Bobby and Black each stagger up they charge one another AND


Out of nowhere again! Corey Black violently smacks the mat- SEB’s eyes go wide


Bobby is down- and TK is back in the ring- he attacks SEB, but gets reversed with a whip into the corner. FOLLOWED BY A RUNNING ROUNDHOUSE! TK is flattened while SEB gingerly moves back through the middle rope, onto the apron.

He spots the unconscious Corey Black, just near enough for him to reach through and make a tag- Black rolls out of the ring and falls to the floor. And SEB is in now, rallying the crowd as Bobby starts to stagger to his feet.

He rushes Bobby, quickly shifts behind the bigger man-


JC: The Universal Champion is setting it up!

The bigger Bobby takes a vicious spike but doesn’t tumble all the way to the mat- still standing- SEB is already rushing back in and lands a perfectly placed moonsault dropkick. Bobby is reeling and falls forward from the corner down to one knee. SEB steps back and runs in for AN EMPIRE KICK!


But SEB just reaches the top rope, and pulls himself out of Bobby’s arm’s at the last second. SEB is on wobbly legs, and Bobby is marching toward him along the ropes. Bobby swings at SEB- but the champion ducks and gets under Bobby and-

JC: holy

A rope assisted back suplex sends Bobby Bourbon over the top rope and onto the floor! Using all that strength has SEB barely standing in the ring holding onto the rope, when from running down the apron is TK punching SEB right in the jaw. He flattens right near the apron, where TK pulls him out to the floor.

TK stands over the hobbled SEB while the ref barks from the ring- instructing TK back to his corner before starting a count out



TK flips off the ref and clobbers SEB in the face.


Not letting SEB fall, TK grabs him by the back of the head runs him across the floor into the ring steps!


From behind TK sees Corey Black who is just now dragging his way back to the action

JC: All of these men have suffered considerable damage tonight!


TK mugs Corey in the face, and pushes him down, grabbing ahold of his hair.




SEB and Bobby are both gathering on their feet.



They both damn near growl at one another before each hitting the apron, breaking the count in stereo. And both rolling right back out of the ring.


Black is now back to his feet while TK remains cooked.


Bobby and SEB round the corner of the ring and grapple with one another, Bobby trying to pick the champion up and ram him into the post


The bearhug overcomes SEB and Bobby lifts him running him spine first into the post!







TK is up and stumbles over- pushing Bobby in the back and sending him and Corey back to the apron. Corey lands back first into the stiff apron


Bobby rolls in the ring




The crowd is having an absolute come-apart, the TV cameras shaking as all four men are down-

SEB and Bobby Bourbon in the ring-

Corey Black and Thunder Knuckles on the floor-


Another count begins!


BG: I don’t know who's more tired- the wrestlers or the ref!


The gassed ref throws his arms in the air again.


Bobby works up to a single knee, hunched over, breathing heavily.


SEB in a similar condition, only pulling his way to his feet by the ropes

Both men are standing by 6,. Bobby moves forward limping with his dukes up.

SEB nods and moves in too- and eats a particularly nasty looking punch- BUT HE POWERS THROUGH! SEB knees Bobby in the gut and locks in his sleeper hold! He’s choking Bobby out!

Bourbon runs backwards, and in the last second he had left to counter, he steamrolls backward and smashes SEB into the corner- just as TK is there intime to tag himself on Bobby’s shoulder.
Bourbon stumbles forward, turns back and lifts SEB- Backbreaker!

With SEB draped across Bobby’s knee, TK climbs the ropes and leaps off- BUT ONLY COLLIDES WITH BOBBY!

SEB just rolled out of the way in time, and is now hobbling over to his corner- WHERE THE TAG IS MADE!

Corey Black storms the ring! A running Yakuza kick to the head levels the only just standing TK AND NOW NOT STOPPING!

Black has mounted Bobby and is bashing him in the head over and over with elbow strikes. Not all of the strikes land clean and Black continues to throw elbows at Bobby’s head as they both fight through the ropes onto the floor!

JC: Corey Black going for the kill here it seems!

BG: This has been a fight for the ages and I believe all four of these men know what’s on the line here!

Black lands one particularly clean, and devastating elbow to Bobby’s head as they both stand on the floor



Bobby is rocked and falls over the guardrail.


Black gathers himself and stands at the guardrail


He wipes Black out restarting the count!


SEB drags his way over


He picks the downed TK up-



TK rallies, and stomps the still downed Corey for good measure.

He looks at Bobby and the two nod.


Bobby lifts SEB up into a hanging vertical suplex- While TK scales the apron and stalks


TK runs and leaps!

Rainbow Laser Death Sequence!

NO!!!!!! Black just got up and shoved Bobby- causing him to drop SEB


TK lands on his feet and-


The ankle DDT knocks Corey Black out cold.


TK is Down!




WINNERS - Them No Good Bastards
(by Countout)

JC:  We’re out of time!

BG:  I don’t think these two teams are done fighting!

JC:  Here comes XWF security!

BG:  They might fight all the way to Rome!

JC:  Watch Anarchy on Thursday!

BG:  And join us in Rome for Leap of Faith!

JC:  They’re destroying this place, let’s get outta here!


Special Thanks to the Following:

Mark Flynn

Dolly Misty Waters

Corey Smythe

Jett Sterling

Sean Parker

Seb Bryce

Jason Cashe

[Image: wgqr9W2.png]

1x  XWF Universal Champion || 3x  XWF Xtreme Champion || 1x  XWF Supercontinental Champion (First)
1x  XWF Hart Champion (Last) || 2x  XWF Television Champion || 1x  XWF Tag Team Champion
1x  OCW Savage Champion || 1x IIW Tag Team Champion  || 2x  SOTM (9/20, 7/21)
2021 Male Wrestler of the Year (shared w/ Alias) || XWF Hall of Legends
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Awesome job Seb and Corey, was a pleasure working with you guys.

I'm confused by the final lines, I'm not available for LoF and I told the GMs.
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