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Obligatory introduction, I guess?
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VicVernacular Offline
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07-01-2024, 07:21 AM

Hey! Figured it would be appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Jerald, but feel free to call me that or Vic, doesn't really matter to me. Been in the whole e-fedding thing for quite some time (probably since '05?), but been away for a few years now. Got the itch to try my hand at all of this again and this looked like a good place to go at it.

Not sure what else to put here... really into 'the arts' as it were; movies, music, reading, writing, etc. etc. etc. Published author (though its really a handful of poems and a movie review), and currently really into TTRPGs. Really looking forward to my time here.

[Image: A69FLep.png]
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henryhittems Offline
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07-01-2024, 07:32 AM

Look at this big ol' nerd! Introducing himself and leaving himself vulnerable to a tiger attack! Vic Vernacular? More like Vic Vulnerable-to-Tiger-Attacks! GOT 'EM!

[Image: A69FLep.png]
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