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Weekend Warfare - 02/24/24
Author Message
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02-24-2024, 09:33 PM

02 - 24 - 2024



- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -

- vs -

RP stips for all matches is 1 rp 4k.
Tag Team Matches can either be 1 team collab at 4k or 2 rps at 2k(one per handler)

Warfare has commenced, and the local Florida fans are excited for tonight's festivities inside The Amerant Bank Arena to begin. The cameras pan over the sea of heads all hootin’ and hollerin’ for their favorite XWF Wrestlers, arms waving big handmade signs with various slogans on them. The XWF cameraman focuses in on one particular sign that reads: Welcome Back Davey! On cue, “Bastards of Young” by The Replacements starts to play.


The scene fades out and reopens backstage somewhere near the parking area as a big RV pulls up and comes to a stop a few feet short of the camera. We can still hear the music playing at ringside as the driver's door opens and, as confirmed earlier this week via, Davey Dunham is shown making his return to where it all began for him approximately 17 years ago. Davey starts talking into the camera as the cameraman leads him toward the entrance to the ring.

DAVEY DUNHAM: “Man, I've got goosebumps on top of goosebumps. This feeling never gets old… even though I'M starting to, hahaha!”

Davey raises his arm up in front of the camera so we can see the hairs on it standing up.

DAVEY DUNHAM: “I've waited a long time for this moment, let me tell you. I just want to soak up as much of this energy as humanly possible.”

At ringside again, an enthusiastic audience is singing along to Davey's theme song, some of them actually knowing the words and others just trying to chip in. It's truly incredible how excited they are for Davey's return. Who knew so many XWFers would even remember him after being away for so long? At long last, Davey opens the curtain and walks out on stage. His eyes go wide as he begins looking over the audience, their cheers growing even louder.


Davey heads toward the ring, high-fiving as many outstretched hands as he can along the way. He rolls inside and immediately climbs the nearest turnbuckle. He throws up his hands as if to welcome the heavens, his eyes closed, him just breathing it all in. As his song starts to fade, Davey climbs down off the turnbuckle and calls for a microphone.


Big pop for the mention.

DAVEY DUNHAM: “And thank you to the XWF for giving me another chance. Man, this is unbelievable! I always knew I'd come home some day, but I never would've imagined such an incredible reception! From the bottom of my heart, I just want to thank you all! I love you guys!”

A round of “WE LOVE DAVEY!” chants start to pick up in volume. Davey lowers his microphone to allow them to continue… but not for too long, since we DO, in fact, have some exciting matches to get to.

DAVEY DUNHAM: “Thank you, thank you! I appreciate that, I really, truly do. But now I'd just like to say a few things, and I hope everybody out back is listening right now because this might concern all of you. I, Davey Dunham, have come back to do what I wasn't able to do before. To accomplish my dream. When I first came here about 17 years ago… Man, has it really been that long? That's crazy!... But anyway, I had every intent of going the distance and winning the only title that means anything in this business. My dream was to hold what is currently being held by Mr. Ned Kaye.”

Huge show of respect for the Universal Champion coming from the fans, and Davey nods along.

DAVEY DUNHAM: “To be the top champion in all of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation! I came so very close… and then it was all downhill from there, and I don't mean it got easy. I mean my career literally went downhill. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to make my intentions known. No matter who gets put in front of me, I will chop you down, and I will continue to push forward until one day I'M the one holding the Universal Championship! I will accomplish this dream even if it kills me. I will rise back up from the dead and keep… pushing… forward. That is the promise I've made for myself, and to my family. And that is a promise I am now making to all of you. 2024 will be my year. To all my fans, past, present, and in the future… mark my words: this time we WILL be victorious!”

“Bastards of Young” by The Replacements starts to play again as Davey sets the microphone down and plays along to the fans’ excitement as we head to commercial break.

As we fade in from our commercial break, Tommy Gunn is already in the ring, pacing like a caged lion, staring daggers up the entrance ramp.

JC: Tommy Gunn, NOT a man of showmanship, but a man of pure physicality.

TD: I hate it. I want some zhuzh in my entrances.

JC: Regardless, standing in the ring, the XWF’s CHIEF of security! Gunn’s clearly looking to send a message to the XWF’s latest batch of hires that the inmates will NOT be running the asylum!

Luna est dominae,
Volkodlak malorum,
Artes et perditae,
Lycan incarnatus,
Luna est dominae,
Volkodlak malorum,
Artes et perditae,
Lycan incarnatus…

A dense fog rolls out along the entrance ramp, the haunting whispered chant growing in volume along with the pulsing tempo of the music. A hulking appears from the gloom, slowly and methodically stalking towards the ring. His leather doomsday cloak is open over his massive chest, each step bringing him further into the light until “The Monster Machine” is revealed in full.

TD: Now, THIS is how you make an entrance!

JC: The MONSTER MACHINE, Enigma! Madness’ United States Champion! An absolute monster! Thad, you GM’d Madness, tell us about this guy.

TD: Why? Actions speak louder than words. And Enigma is about to unleash HAVOK on that ring.

The dark and Gothic chanting continues, music swelling in volume as each pulse in the tempo and each measured step of the monster are in sync.

Rota! Vita! Mara! Vena! Mare! Dracul! Morte! Vita! Rota! Vita! Mara! Vena! Mare! Dracul! Morte! Vita!

ENIGMA ascends the ring steps and subtly wipes his feet on the apron, turning towards the crowd as he removes the hood from his head, revealing his soot-streaked face and colorless eyes as well as the snake writhing around his neck. Throwing his head back, he sprays a bloody mist into the air before letting out a snarl. When his head lowers, blood drips from his chin and down his heaving chest.

The official steps between the two… Though, he tries to avert eye contact, as to not piss off either competitor.

Instead, he just quietly points to the timekeeper.

The bell rings!

- vs -
Standard Singles

The two behemoths meet center of the ring… Tommy is juuuuust below Enigma’s eye level.

JC: Tommy is used to being the larger grappler when he competes… How will he adjust to a slight size disadvantage?

ZIP! Tommy’s arms reach to grapple Enigma… Reflexively, Enigma grapples back!

The two jockey for position, circling for control…

JC: Opening things up with a test of strength and technical prowess!

Tommy grits his teeth…

But Enigma smiles…

WIth one swift motion, he bends his knees…



JC: Oh my GOD! The STRENGTH of Enigma! He tossed a 265-pound man like he was a sack of potatoes!

Gunn does a full-backward roll to stay on his knees… Looking a little shaken, but no worse for w-.

WHAM! Enigma catches Gunn with a RUNNING KNEE straight to the face!

Gunn’s skull smacks backward against the bottom turnbuckle.

TD: Yeah. Try backwards rolling off that one, Tom.

Gunn lies backwards against the turnbuckle, counting stars for the moment…

As Enigma reaches down, grabs the XWF’s Chief Security Enforcer by the collar, heaving him to his feet…

JC: Oh God, what might Enigma do now...

TD: Whatever’s he capable of.

Enigma grabs Gunn by the throat and…



The crowd marvels at the gargantuan strength of Enigma as he walks effortlessly around the ring, with a near-300 pound man over his head.



The crowd rises to its feet, applauding, as Enigma draws a thumb across his neck.

JC: This man told us he should be FEARED and REVERED.

[whiteTD: And he’s proving both those statements true tonight.[/white]

Gunn lies on the mat, arms spread like a ragdoll…

As Enigma wraps both hands around Tommy’s throat…


Enigma lifts one leg for leverage…



TD: I don’t have any questions… But there’s a clear answer to the question ‘who DESTROYED Tommy Gunn’...

At this point, Gunn is… entirely unconscious… and mostly pulp…

Enigma mercifully hooks the leg.

The official counts!





Enigma lifts an arm to the crowd as they chant his name, thoroughly impressed.

JC: If Enigma’s goal was to clean the slate with a strong impression after his showing at Free-For-All, he definitely succeeded tonight!

TD: If Enigma’s goal was to scientifically prove you can kill a man twice? I think he can he proved that, too.

JC: A dominant showing over a game competitor. Tommy Gunn is no slouch. But ENIGMA! THE MONSTER MACHINE! Is truly on a whole other level!

The lights dim, casting an eerie golden hue across the stage. Suddenly, amidst a burst of golden pyrotechnics, the enigmatic figure of Pariah emerges from the shadows, shrouded in a shimmering golden robe. His face painted shades of gold and black, it was clear Pariah came to put on a show.

Slowly, with a methodical and deliberate stride, Pariah begins his descent towards the ring. The crowd is captivated by the spectacle. Some of the fans boo, but all eyes are fixed upon this unorthodox champion.

JC: For those who may not be aware, Pariah has thus far been wrestling exclusively on the Anarchy brand but now as the new Xtreme Champion he has at least for the time being decided to make some appearances on the XWF's Flagship show Warfare.

TD: Well if he wants the 24/7 case he kinda doesn't have a choice partner.

As he approaches the ring Pariah pauses, his head tilting slightly as if surveying his domain. He then ascends the steel steps. Once atop the apron, he faces the crowd, arms outstretched, basking in the negative reaction of the audience, a smirk playing on his lips. A nearby production assistant slips a microphone into Pariah’s hand.

With a fluid motion, Pariah sheds his golden robe and reveals the X-treme Championship adorned on his waist. With his robe laying on the apron, Pariah slips through the ropes with a smoothness that contradicts his size. Inside the ring he moves with a predator’s precision, before settling into the center of the ring and raising the microphone to his golden lips.

“Hello, Warfare.

It was only a matter of time before I entered into your hallowed halls.”

Pariah sports a devilish grin as his inside joke goes over your head.

“Allow me to introduce myself: I am Pariah, and I am nothing more than a tool of destruction for others to wield.”

Eyebrows are raised as Pariah momentarily lowers the microphone, tapping it against the metal plates of his championship belt.

“Ever since I dethroned The Lord of the Vine, everybody has been asking the same question: Who Is Pariah?

Pariah looks around the Amerant Bank Arena, surveying the crowd.

“Shrouded in confusion, no one has the good sense to ask themselves the questions that really matter. You are too busy reveling in the mystery, too busy reading the tea leaves to see what lies before you.

Who is Pariah? Who is Pariah? Who is Pariah?”

He asks the question in a feigned franticism, mimicking the audience’s own frantic reaction to his championship victory. After a few seconds Pariah regains his own mannerisms, shaking his head in collective disappointment with the XWF universe.

“But nobody is asking themselves the questions that really matter:

Why is Pariah?


What is Pariah?”

As the X-treme champion walks with a confident stride around the ring, some shuffling in the crowd can be seen in the front row- as if a commotion is stirring.

”The answers to all your questions will come in due time- when you deserve them.

But for now, you just have to worry about this simple fact: I am the Pariah, and whether you all like it or not, I will be handpicking my opponents on the way to that coveted briefcase. I have fought too hard for too long to let this opportunity slip through my grasp, so I will only be fighting the weakest and most worthless among you.”

The camera pans out of the ring to show DIONYSUS emerging from the crowd! The Lord of the Vine hops over the barricade and slides into the ring, unbeknownst to Pariah! I guess Pariah thinks the huge pop he’s hearing is for him!

JC: Uh oh. Things are about to get interesting!

“The board is set. I have laid out my first pawn. The nex-”

Dionysus rolls up Pariah! The crowd starts chanting the count!



3-NO! Kickout!

Pariah gets his shoulder up just in time. Pariah scrambles to retrieve his X-treme championship belt, scurrying out of the ring immediately- leaving his robes and his spine behind! Dionysus chases Pariah to the edge of the ring and grabs after him- but the wiley Pariah evades his grasp and runs towards the back! Dionysus smirks as he stares Pariah down, all the while basking in the chants of the crowd!

JC: Dionysus almost won back the title he lost just a week ago and he almost did it a rather unusual fashion.

TD: I'm glad you brought that up JC. The Xtreme title is a 24/7 title, as in, it is defended all day, everyday and yet you rarely if ever see people trying to win it the way Dionysus just tried. Something maybe to think about for all you eager beavers out there.

JC: Folks, you are about to witness a historic matchup! Two of the most promising stars, not just in the XWF! But the entire wrestling world are facing off one-on-one tonight!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Blood" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle.

JC: Mark ‘The Dragon’ Cross! Cross has wrestled all over the world, ascending to main event status in multiple companies! He’s one of the best all-around grapplers in the sport!

Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

The arena lights turn gold as the intro of “Soldier Dream” by ROOT FIVE hits the PA.

JC: FINALLY! The XWF has the Lion return! Raion Kido is one of only a handful of men to have won the Universal Title multiple times! He’s defeated men like ALIAS, Bobby Bourbon and even Thaddeus Duke!

TD: Kido got lucky. But, I’ll admit, he is very good. I can tell you that first-hand.

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

TD: God, what a nerd.

JC: Kido claims to have been ordained by a goddess with his great strength!

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs into his feet.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa wa ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, his final pose as the music dies down.

The official steps between Kido and Cross.

The two each shake hands, respectfully.

JC: Two purer sportsmen you couldn’t find in the wrestling industry! But, Thad! Who wins when you’ve got a Dragon fighting a Lion?

TD: The Lion. But only because dragons are fictitious.

The official signals to the timekeeper…


- vs -

Cross and Kido immediately start circling, each other!

JC: Both of these competitors excel at striking, it’s possible we’re going to start with some kicks!

Indeed, Kido winds up with a ROUNDHOUSE!

That Cross narrowly steps back to avoid!

Cross goes for a leg-sweep counter…

That Kido leaps over with great agility!

TD: Nice moves. But, can either of them hadouken?

Kido launches a front kick that Cross sidesteps…

But Kido keeps his foot in the air… Bringing down toward Cross’s skull!

Axe kick!

But Cross blocks, crossing his wrists above his head! Catching Kido’s ankle between his wrists!

TD: …Okay, that’s pretty cool.

JC: Kido getting caught in an advanced counter! This is not where he wants to be!

Cross drives his arms up… KIdo slips backwards, his attacking foot driven high in the air!

…As he slips, Cross zips like a magnet to take Kido by the waist!

And heaves Kido up and over!



And Cross not to be outdone, kips up off his back!

The crowd stands and applauds!



Kido and Cross nod, acknowledging each other’s skill.

Kido goes for a grapple… Cross acquiesces!

The two competitors jockey for control in the center of the ring!

…Kido takes the first advantage, securing wrist control!

JC: Ah! The two seemed even on striking, but does Kido have an advantage in chain wrestling?

Kido locks his grip around Cross’s wrist, before spinning in place, twisting Cross’s arm over his head…

Cross grits his teeth as Kido twists that wristlock…

Suddenly, Cross sticks a leg out…

AND THROWS HIMSELF BACKWARD! Kido’s grip is so tight, he hangs on and gets LAUNCHED up and over onto his back!

JC: Wow! Japanese arm drag counter by The Dragon! Masterfully done!

Kido shakes his head surprised, as Cross grabs Kido by the leg… DRAGONSCREW TAKEDOWN!

Kido tries to battle back to his feet with a head of steam… Cross reels back with a kick to the side of the head…


JC: Phew! Close call for Kido! A Mark Cross kick to the skull could put most men down for the count!

Kido tries to take a moment to catch his br-


JC: Oooooooh.

Kido flops onto his back! Cross hooks the leg!

The official counts!




Kido forces the shoulder up!

TD: Close call here. Cross almost scored a big win against a former multi-time Universal Champion.

Cross scoops Kido up by the scruff of his Lion’s mane…

And locks him into a front facelock…


Cross floats over, hooking the leg this time!




Kido narrowly survives the three-count!

JC: This is what’s tough about wrestling The Dragon! He BOMBARDS you with offense! He gets in the driver’s seat and doesn’t let up until you’re beaten!

Kido, still trying to summon that Young Lion fighting spirit, rising to one knee…

As Cross winds up his arm…


…But Kido remains standing!

Kido reels back!



Kido’s chest is looking bruised… But he remains standing….


…But Cross ducks!

Kido spins in place!

Cross again goes another back suplex to Kido… up-and-over!

But Kido backflips onto his feet! The Lion dashes backwards, bouncing off the ropes!

The Dragon spins into a….


JC: The Lion might be roaring back into the driver’s seat here!

Kido crawls into a cover on Cross!

The official counts!




Cross throws a shoulder up!

JC: Wow! Neither of these men has an ounce of quit in them!

Cross stumbles up to his feet… As Kido bounces off the ropes…


TD: This is where Kido is most dangerous! When he’s chaining moves together in flawless, rapid-fire succession!

Cross’s spine connects with the turnbuckle…

Just as Kido hits him with a running knee to the face!

Cross looks woozy in the corner as Kido mounts the top turnbuckle…

JC: Possibly looking for a Frankensteiner here…

Kido sits out on Cross shoulders… He leans back…

BUT CROSS PULLS HIM BACK UP! Sheer strength summoned by Mark Cross!

Cross runs a few steps with Kido on his shoulders…


The buckles and cables shake from the POWER of that slam!

Cross hooks the leg!

The official counts!




Kido rolls his shoulder over the mat!

JC: Wise move by Kido! He might not have had the strength to kickout after that big move, but he breaks the pin regardless!

Kido and Cross… Both looking like they’ve taken a beating, slowly scramble to their feet…

Kido spins! DISCUS PUNCH!

Cross’s arms wave… But he stays upright!


Kido bounces backwards against the ropes….


The crowd is on its feet, screaming for one of these men to go down!

Kido reels back his fist… Possibly going a LIGHTNING BOLT!

…But as he comes in… Cross throws a kick!

JC: Cross scouting Kido’s finishing move here, knowing that his leg is longer than Kido’s arm, keeping from launching that potential match-ender!

…Kido slips his skull out of the way! But Cross’s kick connect with Kido’s right arm!


Kido drops to one knee!

JC: What! What just happened?!

Kido looks weak, holding his arm, as Cross instinctively sees an opening and looks to put the match away!

TD: That right arm is the same one Sarah Lacklan’s snake bit at WarGames last year! Something about Cross’s kick dropped Kido when nothing else seemed to!

Cross scoops Kido’s head between his legs… Pulls him into piledriver position…


Ketteiteki Desaki! (Tiger Driver ‘91!)

Kido’s skull crashes against the mat with a sickening thud!

JC: WOW! I can’t imagine anyone could kick out of that move!

TD: If anyone could, it’s Kido.

Cross rolls Kido onto his shoulders, hooking the leg!

The official counts!




TD: …Guess maybe no one can.


The crowd rises to their feet, cheering and applauding both competitors.

The Dragon shakily rises to his feet, pumping an arm in the air!

JC: Wow! A huge win for The Dragon! Raion Kido is a staple of the XWF and Cross took him to his limit… then beyond it!

TD: A great showing from both competitors. But, ultimately, an impressive victory for Cross.

We cut back to the action with Cross helping Kido to his feet...

The two shake hands once more.

JC: “It's good to see Raion Kido back in XWF! I hear he has been removing the rust in some small pond just before he appeared for the Last Blood Rumble.”

Thad: “A former Universal and Tag Team Champion in his own right!”

As Mark Cross rolls out from under the bottom ropes, he nods before pushing away from the ring. A good fight between the two, it could have been either man’s night. Kido, using the ropes inside the ring to get himself to a stand, begins to get his flowers from the crowd.


The audience chants and shouts. Arms, hands and heads of everyone in the place wiggling and shaking around as they show their love for the fan favorite import from Japan.

Thad: “They do seem to really like him!”

JC: “Cheap pops are not hard to come by. You were a fan favorite a time or two, no?”

Thad: “You know I could literally buy your home and evict you, right?”

JC: “Let's calm dow– HEY! That's–”

The sound of the crowd abruptly changes their tone of applause to a tone of booos as a man slides in the ring at the opposite side from Raion Kido.

Thad: “It's Jason Cashe and he’s got a steel chair!”

JC: “Good on him! Helping to keep the folding chair makers in business!”

Stumbling away from the ropes, Kido bows to the fans who had given him praise. He turns to give that same respect to the other side of the area and as he turns, his eyes widen as Jason Cashe skips forward, winds the steel chair up and brings it down overhead, crashing it down over Kido’s head! The nosebleed seats could feel the sound of collision as Kido crumbles to the canvas.

Thad: “As Cashe would say, that did more than tickle!”

Flinging the chair aside, Cashe inhales deep through his nose as he bends back and takes a sniff of the area before howling out! A handful of fans howled with him but the majority was not in favor of his actions. Cashe drops down onto Kido in a mount position, holding the back of Kido’s head with one hand, Cashe drops a vicious forearm into the face of the former Universal Champion!

JC: “And here comes Security to ruin the fun!”

The handful of security guards and off duty police enter the ring. Cashe pushes off Kido and gets to his feet, his hands held up not looking to fight off any security as they gather him and escort him from the ring and towards the back.

Thad: “Cashe might need bail money..”

JC: “I don't think he will be watching his Wife in the Main Event tonight!”

Even being escorted up the entrance ramp, Cashe keeps his eyes to the ring as Kido groggily begins to rise. A smile can be found on Cashe's face as he is forced into the back by security.


With the gorilla position in view as Jason Cashe and security enter the backstage area. Theo Pryce is there waiting.

Theo Pryce: “What ARE you doing?! You don't even work here!”

Giving the thought a snicker. Cashe is held by Security as his hands are being handcuffed.

Jason Cashe: “Still waiting on that offer in the mail.. Are handcuffs really necessary?”

Theo Pryce: “It's out of my hands at this point. Someone called them and they were ready and waiting for something, I just wasn't aware that something would be you. Not that I am surprised..”

Giving his former Representative a glimmering grin.

Jason Cashe: “Then I guess I will have to step it up, yeah?”


The smile on his face sinks into that expression when you know you're about to be in trouble. As everyone turns to greet her, Sloane Taylor has a frowning grr to her glare as she stands face to face with her Husband.

Jason Cashe: “Hi!”

Sloane Taylor: “Don't you Hi me, mister!”

Now Theo was smiling.

Theo Pryce: “I’ve got other business to attend to, I’ll leave you two to it!”

Almost calling out to Theo as he walked away. Cashe felt more confident before his wife showed up. Security tightening their grip, begin shoving Cashe to take him away.

Jason Cashe: “Can't talk but you go out there and shine!”

He blows a few quick kisses as they push him away. He was definitely being arrested.

Jason Cashe: “BAIL ME OUT AFTER, YEAH?!”

His last words before he was out of sight. Sloane stood cross-armed and was left shaking her head.

Sloane Taylor: “What a jerkface..”

We return from commercial to see Semtex already standing in the ring readying up for his match, “New Skin” by Incubus playing in the background. His music starts to fade out.

The opening baseline of No. 99 by Joey Bada$$ hits the PA and a spotlight pans over the crowd in search of Spencer before a camera cut shows us Spencer moving through the arena before eventually reaching a staircase between sections.

With the chorus playing out, the crowd’s chants of “BADMON!” carry throughout. Spencer marches down the stairs before hoping over and sitting atop the barricade. He looks over the crowd and raises an arm and pointed finger towards different parts of the crowd as he mouths the words “What’s my name?” for continued call and response.

JC: Spencer Adams will now be participating in his first ever singles match with the XWF against Semtex who is making his debut!

TD: We all know Spencer is one of the best in the business currently and while I don't know much about Semtex myself there seems to be a ton of hype surrounding him.

Spencer pushes off and rolls into the ring nodding along to the song before dapping up the ring announcer and leaning against a corner in anticipation for the bell to sound.

- vs -
Standard Singles


As Spencer eyes the taller, hundred-pounds-heavier behemoth standing acrossed the ring from him with a slight look of disbelief on his face, Semtex takes a few giant steps towards his opponent.  Spencer moves around quickly, dodging Semtex's grasp as much as he possibly can, but unfortunately for him Semtex manages to corner Spencer at the turnbuckle.  Spencer throws a series of quick kicks, jabs and elbow strikes, literally throwing everything he has at Semtex before the latter can grab a hold of him.  Semtex seems almost entirely unfazed by the flurry of offense coming from Spencer Adams, but that doesn't stop Spencer from throwing everything he's got at the big man.  Semtex finally gets his hands on Spencer, but he manages to slip away and remove himself from the corner.  Spencer charges the ropes and comes flying back at Semtex with a Running Knee to his midsection.  Semtex leans forward, one hand holding his stomach. 

JC: Excellently placed running knee there by Spencer. It clearly did some damage to Semtex's mid section.

The fans are pleasantly surprised as it looks like Spencer's going to try lifting up Semtex with a Fireman's Carry.  By God, he manages to lift the bigger opponent up!  Can he Slam him back down?  With considerable effort showing on his face, Spencer manages to drop Semtex to the mat!  Incredible show of strength for Spencer Adams, and the fans show their admiration by chanting “Holy Shit!”

JC: The fans are very much behind Spencer Adams right now and you can see him trying to feed off their energy.

TD: He absolutely is but pay attention to Semtex. Despite being on the receiving end of some of Spencer's offense he still seems very much in this thing.

Semtex doesn't stay down for long, and Spencer knows he needs to stay on the offensive if he's going to cut down this giant tree of a man.  Spencer climbs up the turnbuckle as Semtex gets back on his feet.  Missile Dropkick from Adams!  Semtex staggers backward a few feet, but he doesn't fall down.  Spencer runs off the ropes, looking for a Crossbody, but Semtex catches him!  He repositions Spencer for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, and Spencer goes flying over the ropes and crashing hard on the outside!  That kind of thing shortens careers, no doubt about that!  Semtex climbs over the top rope before jumping down off the ring apron.  He makes his way toward Adam as the referee starts a 10-count.  Spencer, showing a great deal of determination, pulls himself up off the floor with some help from the barricade, and he just narrowly avoids a big boot from Semtex. 

JC: That could have been devastating had it connected!

The latter's leg gets caught up on the barricade.  Spencer takes a couple of steps back in order to get a running start… he's going for a running Dropkick, maybe hoping to send Semtex over the barricade, but Semtex frees his leg and… he catches Spencer mid-air, repositions him into a Gorilla Press Slam, which he's dubbed The Detonator, and Adams hits the floor HARD!  The air is completely taken out of him!  By God, he must be seeing stars!  More “Holy Shit” chants from the fans!  The referee's count is at 5 as Semtex rolls into the ring.  The referee pauses his count briefly to check on Semtex. Semtex tells him to keep counting. 

JC: Semtex isn't taking any chanced here. He wants every second counted with no distractions.

The referee turns his attention back to Spencer, who somehow, some way is dragging himself toward the ring.  The count is at 8 as Spencer grabs the ring apron trying to pull himself up, but he can't do it.  He falls back down.  He tries again.  9! 

He's almost back on his feet; he just might make it back in on time!  He's halfway under the ropes!  This is unbelievable!  But no!  The referee calls out 10 and orders the bell be rung!  Spencer got counted out!  He was so damn close to making it back into the ring! 

JC: NOOOOO!! Spencer was so close. Come on ref.

TD: So close isn't close enough! Semtex won this match fair and square.

Winner - Semtex

The lights in the arena dip to black in time with the sirens and beat to the opening of Sweatpants (BattleTapes Remix) by Childish Gambino, the lights then beginning to flash, alternating left and right onto the ramp. In time, the letters "S", "E", "B", and then "Empire" flash one at a time on the big screen until the lights stop flashing as the lyrics hit.

"She askin' “Why you say that?!”

The beat drops and the lights  flash on the rampway again. As they do, the screen illuminates with "SEB" and then "EMPIRE" flashing on the sceen.

"Rich kid asshole, paint me as a villain"

Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, staring up with his head covered by the hood of his jacket. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd. He wears a long jacket with the hood pulled up over his head, zipped to the waist. The jacket, which is cut away at the bottom and only runs down the back of his legs, is patterned with an elongated Union Flag, but it’s in black and white and appears to be cracked and broken. His tights are short, with the initials SEB emblazoned upon the front.

The lights lift, and SEB makes his way to the ring, stretching his neck from side to side as he walks, his eyes focused on the ring. He climbs up the steps and steps through the ropes before standing in the middle of the ring.

"I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain"

He extends his arms once more before pulling back his hood and removing his jacket to reveal the back of his tights which read “S.E.B”

"Don't be mad cause I'm doing me better than you doing you
Better than you doing you, fuck it, what you gon' do? (What?!)"

He flashes his arms out to a side, a satisfied and somewhat sneery grin upon his face, he holds the position for a moment, to allow the crowd to take pictures, before moving towards his corner.

JC: Sebastian Everett-Bryce is a man of many talents, one of which is having one of the best entrances in the business wouldn't you agree Thad?

TD: I would in fact agree with that.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

JC: And on the other side of the spectrum we have Mark Flynn. A man whose entrance is quick and easy.

TD: He's a man of simplicity JC.

- vs -
Standard Singles

JC: The crowd is on their feet here for this match, Thad!

TD: I know both of these men very well, I’m excited myself!

Flynn points outside the ring directly at Duke and begins jawing at him while the referee gives instructions to SEB in his corner.

TD: You better pay attention to him!

Flynn cracks his neck as he turns, both he and SEB locking eyes as the referee continues instruction to Flynn. The instructions finished, both men approach the center of the ring, and the crowd is absolutely supersonic as the view from the cameras vibrate.

JC: Ladies and gentlemen, my teeth are vibrating right now!

The referee calls for the bell, which is barely heard above the roar of the crowd!


Both men tie up! Flynn immediately around with a rear waistlock!

SEB counters, spinning around and grasping his own rear waistlock!

Flynn rushes the ropes, and uses the rebound to push SEB off!

SEB holds Flynn and rolls back with a roll up pin!

Flynn scouts the roll up and spins out, wrenching the arm! Flynn to his feet!

SEB rolls forward onto his feet and stands, setting a top wrist lock onto Flynn! Seb backs Flynn down to the mat, putting pressure in on the wrist!

Flynn with a hand stand, and he falls back rolling through with the wrist lock and setting in the arm wrench again!

SEB goes low and scoops Flynn’s knee, sending him down!

Flynn kips up, holding the arm wrench!

SEB scoops the knee again!

Flynn kips up!

SEB goes to scoop the leg, but Flynn leaps, and still holding the wrist transitions into a hammerlock keeping SEB low and at a knee!

SEB with a snapmare to Flynn! SEB follows up with a chinlock!

Flynn fans back and out of the chinlock, sinching in a rear waistlock!

SEB counters with a rear waistlock!

TD: Neither man has landed any heavy offense on one another here tonight!

JC: Bryce might be going for the Conquest here!

SEB hoists Flynn! Flynn keels forward, and rolling SEB with him into a snap pin!



SEB pivots the hips, rolling into a pin of his own!



Flynn rolls SEB into a pin!



SEB slides out, and catches Flynn in a knee bar! Flynn howls in pain!

JC: Mark’s still favoring that knee of his we see!

Flynn quickly grasps the ropes and holds them, and the referee instructs SEB to break the hold. SEB obliges and gets to his feet, going to a neutral corner. Flynn is slow to get up, and he begins hammering at his knee, trying to get past the pain. Flynn scowls past the referee and swiftly nods when asked if he wanted to continue.

SEB and Flynn come back to the middle of the ring, and SEB extends his hand to shake!

Flynn swats it away!

SEB with a thigh kick to Flynn, nailing Flynn’s sore knee!

Flynn sneers and both men tie up!

SEB backs Flynn into a corner!

Flynn ducks under SEB’s right arm and hooks heels with SEB, rolling SEB back to the mat! Flynn using joint manipulation on SEB’s hand, gripping it and hitting all the pressure points!

SEB comes to his feet, grimacing at the handhold from Flynn!

Flynn spins around onto a knee and transitions into an arm wrench!

SEB rolls forward and handsprings to his feet, setting in his own arm wrench!

SEB kicks off the first rope, then the second, and bounds over Flynn with an arm whip takedown!

Flynn flips forward onto his feet, keeping contact, and setting in a hammerlock, slapping the bad knee with the other hand!

TD: The key to a good hammerlock is both hands! Flynn isn’t getting any leverage on that hold!

JC: SEB is onto it too!

SEB is to his feet, and he kicks off the second rope, going over Flynn, and cinching in a rear waistlock!

SEB with a huge release German Suplex!

NO! Flynn flips back and lands on his feet, he rushes in to SEB with a huge running knee!

NO! SEB simply walks along the ropes, looking back at Flynn in disdain as Flynn lands on the mat!

Flynn slams his hands on the mat in rage! Flynn rolls out of the ring, running his hands through his hair while looking back up at SEB. Flynn approaches the time keeper, telling him to move out of the way so he can get his chair!

JC: It looks like Flynn has had enough!

TD: Neither man has been able to really gain an advantage on the other, Flynn’s probably going to use that chair!

Mark reaches for the chair, but the referee points and chides him!

Mark still grasps for it, but relents! He yells at the chair for tempting him and turns!

As he does SEB rushes in for a tope suicida!

NO! Flynn sidesteps it and SEB gets his arm caught between the timekeeper’s folding chair and the ring barrier! Flynn wildly slams away at his knee, hobbled and leaning against the ring apron!

The referee is outside and checking on SEB!

Flynn rolls back into the ring, then calls for the referee, demanding a count out!

The referee, understanding the rules, gets back in!

He starts counting as Flynn leans in a corner.


SEB is stirring, severely cradling his arm!


SEB is up to a knee, still struggling through the pain, as Flynn slumps in a corner, massaging the muscle just above his knee.



SEB is to his feet, and he walks over to the ring post, still holding his shoulder. Flynn runs his hands through his hair, pushing the bedraggled mess out of his eyes, and he glares at SEB.


SEB slams his left shoulder into the ring post with a sickening crack, putting it back into socket.


JC: Sebastian Everett Bryce separated his shoulder and set it back into place by himself!


SEB’s gaze slowly rises to meet Flynn.


SEB roars, and the fans go absolutely ballistic!


Flynn backs into the center of the ring, and beckons for SEB!



SEB rushes the ring as the fans roar in approval!

And Mark Flynn runs in with the boots to SEB as he’s still down! The fans sour and boo incessantly.

JC: Somewhat dirty tactics by Mark Flynn, but legal!

TD: That man couldn’t know honor if they made an idiot’s guide for it.

Flynn turns away, looking enraged at the crowd for booing! Flynn turns back with a fervor and throws a surgically precise stomp to SEB’s left elbow!

Flynn targets the left elbow again with a vicious pinpoint stomp!

Flynn targets the left shoulder, and SEB shouts in pain.

Flynn targets SEB’s left knee, and grabs the left arm and legs of SEB!

Flynn rolls forward, and stands, having hooked SEB onto his shoulders with a fireman’s carry!

Flynn swings SEB around and drops the left shoulder onto his knee!

JC: Wild shoulderbreaker from Mark Flynn here tonight!

TD: Yeah, but that knee!

Flynn winces, clutching his knee as SEB slumps on the mat, holding his shoulder.

Flynn eventually advances, hobbled and limping, towards SEB!

Flynn lifts SEB up and drapes him over the center rope, then climbs out onto the apron!


SEB keels back into the ring as Flynn stops and stumbles on the apron near the ring post!

The referee checks on SEB, then checks on Flynn.

Flynn looks at SEB laid out on the mat, and begins to ascend the turnbuckle!

On climbing the second turnbuckle, his knee gives out! Flynn lands back on the apron, barely catching himself by the ropes!

Flynn rolls into the ring, and slowly makes his way to SEB!

Flynn sneers as he reaches down and grabs SEB with a head hold!

SEB musters something from deep within and gets a schoolboy pin on Flynn!



Flynn kicks out, and immediately grasps as his knee!

JC: Flynn gave SEB too much time on that one!

TD: Mark’s never been an aerialist, I don’t know why he’d start tonight!

SEB slowly gets to his feet, hugging the ropes with his good arm, his left tucked in tight and night disabled. SEB shoulder butts the turnbuckle pad and winces, getting blood flow back into it!

Flynn slowly gets to his feet, looking at SEB.

SEB snarls back at Flynn.

Flynn with a standing side kick to SEB!

NO! SEB catches the leg!

NO! Enzuigiri from Flynn to SEB!

NO! SEB Ducks, and grabs Flynn with a rear waistlock! SEB with a German!

NO! SEB has to put Flynn back down, that shoulder is too much!

Flynn with a back elbow!

SEB fires up, and throws the left arm up and hooks a half nelson!

Huge half nelson suplex from SEB, and he rolls through with the hold!

Corner half nelson suplex from SEB onto Flynn!

SEB rushes the side ropes, and bounds to the top rope, same side as Flynn!

SEB with a tight rope walk for a few steps, before leaping and finishing with a somersaulting dropkick!


TD: That’s Conquest if I’ve ever seen it, JC!

Flynn flops onto his ass in the corner, his head bobbling like it was the Zapruder film.

SEB is laid out on the mat, catching his breath!

The fans are going absolutely insane.

[Image: BeFunky_20130409_LIGHT_raw_crowd_CandL.jpg]

SEB slowly gets up, and approaches Flynn!

Flynn stubbornly kicks at SEB!

SEB grabs the leg, and brings Flynn up to his feet!

Flynn slaps SEB!

SEB grins.

SEB with a kick to Flynn’s hurt knee! Flynn hops back in pain!

SEB spins and does a one handed hand spring into the ropes!

SEB springs back with a cutter!

TD: Shades of Ned Kaye’s Coffin Nails right there, JC!

SEB steps to the outside as Flynn is slow to get up!

SEB slingshots in and hits a hurricanrana!

JC: You’re right, That, SEB just hit Flynn with a TDA!

SEB approaches the downed Flynn, and grabs the bad leg!

SEB gets the King’s Road in on Flynn!

TD: With his knee, Flynn can’t last long in this hold!

Flynn, with all his worth, reaches back, and hooks SEB’s left arm, relieving pressure on the hold!

SEB rears back putting weight into the hold!

Flynn wrenches the arm, adjusting his body weight, putting SEB into an armbar!


The referee leans in, and inspects both holds, and inspects both wrestlers.


The referee calls for the bell!


The referee is seen discussing with the timekeeper, who then speaks to the ring announcer.


The crowd boos as both Mark and SEB roll over and away from each other, exhausted.

Points of Authority blares in the arena. Theo Pryce steps out, a very serious look on his face. Flynn glares back up the ramp at what he sees.

Theo makes his way down to the ringside area, holding a microphone.

Alright, this is XWF Warfare.

This kind of bullshit doesn’t stand.

Everybody here saw both men tap at the same time, now restart this match and give these fans a finish to it!

Flynn is seen mouthing “this is bullshit” at Theo. The referee looks absolutely furious. He approaches the ring announcer.

TO: The referee has declared, by the sanctioned rules of the XWF, this match to be over and concluded, that he refuses to restart it, that he closes the match to his name, and hereby resigns!

The referee leaves the ring as Theo Pryce looks absolutely enraged, shouting at the referee! The ref plops his referee shirt on the ramp in front of him as he leaves.

JC: What the hell? Did that referee just quit?

TD: I’ve never seen this before, who was that referee anyways, I’ve never seen HIM before, and I know who everybody is!

We cut to a shot backstage of our painted Pariah sulking about, sans his golden robe- which was abandoned in the ring when Dionysus attacked him earlier. Pariah seems paranoid, looking around his back and around every corner for potential threats. Beads of sweat drip down Pariah’s forehead onto his X-treme championship belt, which he seems to be clinging to for dear life.

”They’re all trying to take it! None of them will let me claim my destiny! But that’s FINE! I don’t need their help, I don’t need anything! My dreams will all come true, one day soon…and I will chart the course, and I will right the wrongs!”

Pariah quickly ducks around a corner when he sees the catering team coming down the hallway. He doesn’t seem to want any smoke with them!

”They wanted my belt, I could see it! They wanted to put me in a handicap match for my belt, right then and there! Those BASTARDS! I won’t let them….I won’t let them take this from me….I’m going to pick my opponents, and I’m going to pick them right! That way, I can never fail!””

Our paranoid Pariah was so busy evading the catering team, he accidentally stumbled chest-first into COREY BLACK! Pariah instinctively backed away as Corey Black stared him down with dangerous intent. Pariah raised his fists defensively before quickly eyeing Corey Black up and down. Pariah slowly lowered his fist as Corey Black took a determined step forward.

“Oh yes, I think you’ll do the job quite nicely…”

Pariah smirked as Corey Black rolled his eyes. Then, Pariah spat out a cloud of yellow mist that completely enveloped Corey’s face! Corey backed away and rubbed his eyes in pain as Pariah shoved him out of the way.


Pariah cackled as he quickly hurried off into the distance, the camera zooming in on Corey Black’s stunned expression.

JC: Folks, this one is set to be an ugly, BRUTAL AFFAIR!

TD: Finally, some decent action.

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans.

JC: Barney Green is an absolute hardcore LEGEND! He picked up THREE eliminations at Free-For-All, a match oozing with the best talent in wrestling today!

TD: Not to mention a handful of assists he deserves for tossing a random assortment of hardware into the ring for, like, two-and-a-half minutes.

JC: Indeed, Thad! Barney picks up a whole other gear when he's wrestling in X-Treme matches... But will it be enough tonight?

Green slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.


The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Zenorus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. As the orchestra dies down, vines creep from around the edges of the curtain, and rose petals begin to fall around the arena. Then, on the entrance of the choir in the music, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

JC: Dionysus! Officially, XWF 2023 Newcomer of the Year! Two-time TV champ! Had a lengthy reign with the X-Treme title before losing it in a controversial match with Pariah!

TD: A loss is a loss.

JC: Still, though, Thad! Thursday Nights are a little different than the weekend. And if Dion wants another bite at the X-Treme apple... Tonight's the night to start his rematch campaign with a DOMINANT victory over an X-Treme Legend!

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up, awaiting the bell.

- vs -


Barney sees an opportunity to strike while The Catalyst is finishing his stretches, so he grabs the garbage can he brought with him and immediately begins to go to work on that sore right shoulder of Dionysus. While it probably doesn't feel too great for the latter, soon the trash receptacle is all busted up and made useless. Barney throws it aside and starts using his fists. Dionysus, not playing around, quickly grabs Barney, lifts him up in the air, and slams him down on the mat with an outstanding Spine Buster! The fans go crazy!

JC: Jeez! Neither competitor wasting a moment here!

TD: You want handshakes and restholds? Change the channel. We're watching men bleed tonight.

Barney manages to roll out of the ring in pursuit of more weapons. He finds a pair of light tubes hidden away underneath the ring and he rolls back inside just as Dionysus’ feet hit the floor, trying to catch Barney. As Dionysus re-enters the ring, Barney, wielding the light tubes like dual lightsabers, takes a few wild swings at his opponent.

JC: Duh duh deh-deh-deh! Duh duh deh-deh-deh! Duuuuuuuuuh!

TD: ...What are you doing?

JC: ...Uh...  Humming "Duel of the Fates" from the Phantom Menace soundtrack?

TD: Don't ruin my bloodsport with nerd shit.

One of the tubes connects with the side of Dionysus’ face and immediately shatters. Blood begins to seep from the cut above his left eye. Barney laughs because now they both have matching blindness.

TD: Haha, blindness IS funny...

Dionysus connects with a Big Boot that comes damn near close to taking his whole head off!


But the sturdy Green is already stirring on the mat, getting back to his feet!

JC: Barney Green has taken more beatings than almost anyone else in the XWF! This means he has an ABSURDLY high pain tolerance.

Dionysus grabs the second light tube out of Barney's grasp, raises it up high in the air, bringing it down hard and fast, and it breaks into a thousand pieces from the impact with Barney's forehead. Barney rolls around in the broken glass, further cutting up his body, while palming his forehead and spewing obscenities from the mouth.

TD: Bold strategy, covering his body in MORE glass.

A fan of The Lord of The Vine shouts from ringside for Dionysus to come take his chair to use against Barney. Dionysus slides out of the ring and accepts the chair, thanking the fan for the kind gesture. Meanwhile, Barney is shown arguing with a different fan who doesn't seem to want to give up the seat he paid “damn good money for,” and he splashes his beer in Barney's eye. Barney, now temporarily blind in both eyes, stumbles toward the ring apron and rolls back inside. Dionysus lifts the chair high up in the air, ready to bring it down on top of Barney's skull, but somehow Barney is just able to see it coming and, in an act of reflex, throws an Intelligent Diversion throat punch that connects. Dionysus staggers backward as Barney throws all his weight behind a huge shave that sends Dionysus to the outside. As Barney takes a moment to regather, Dionysus manages to drag himself back up onto his feet, holding his throat and trying to catch his breath. Once he's done that, he spots his Shield lying over by the steel steps. Dionysus grabs the Shield and climbs up the steps. Barney sees Dionysus on the ring apron and goes to charge at him again. Dionysus manages to get the Shield up in time for Barney to collide with it headfirst. Barney falls backward and Dionysus steps inside the ring.

Dion spins in place... Looking for the DEIFIED BULLHAMMER ELBOW! But Barney ducks! Dion spins in place... And Barney locks the GREEN DREAM!

JC: CROSSFACE CHICKENWING! THE GREEN DREAM! From outta nowhere, Barney might just steal this win!

Dion's arms swing wildly... But Green's hold just sinks in deeper!

JC: This could be it! Can Green clinch the finish!

Green ho


Green looks shocked... As Dion spins!


Green drops to the mat like a ton of bricks! Dion collapses ontop of him!

The official counts!





Dion shakily rises to his feet, clearly a little thrown by Barney's near-steal... But, he manages to raise a fist triumphantly as the crowd whoops and hollers!

JC: An impressive showing by Barney Green, who almost pulled off the upset more than once in that match! But, Dionysus proving why he ruled the X-Treme division for months! And making a strong case at getting another chance for the X-Treme title! And hopefully soon!

Multicolor lights flash across the stage before settling on pink, Sloane emerging from the back full of energy and all smiles. She stops on the stage and looks around her at the crowd, taking it all in before starting down the ramp.

She greets the crowd, slapping hands and posing for quick selfies with the fans before rushing the ring. Sloane slides in under the bottom rope and springs to her feet, dancing around the ring and playing to the crowd, hyping them until her music ends.

JC: Sloane Taylor is looking to make a statement here tonight, against one of the veterans of the XWF.

TD: She just needs to be careful that statement doesn’t turn out to be “Doc Is A Legend.”

The arena goes dark and an ominous red fog rises up around the stage giving the illusion that there was a fire burning below it.  Through the mist rises Doctor Louis D'Ville in his pearl-white suit and a grin from ear to ear.  He takes a step forward, while standing at the top of the ramp he takes a deep breath of the fiery mist and exhales before slowly making his way to the ring.

JC: Doc won this championship from Michael Graves on our last Warfare. Tonight, he looks to have a successful first defense, something that has frankly been difficult as of late for the Television Division.

TD: You’re telling me. Dolly Waters beat Cram. Michael Graves beat Waters. Doc took down Graves. We’ll have to see if the trend ends here tonight.

- vs -

The bell sounds, as Doc sits in the corner, patient. Knowing that time isn’t on her side, Sloane rushes forward, leaping at Doc with a flying kick. But Doc is able to sidestep in time, with Sloane’s boot landing on the middle turnbuckle. She’s able to turn it into a backflip, landing on her feet, but Doc then knocks her back with a hard right hand, followed with a left. Sloane tries to recover, spinning into a kick, but Doc blocks it, then catches hold of her, quickly lifting her and dropping her hard on the mat. She rolls onto her hands and knees, as Doc leans over, whispering something to her. Sloane quickly does a roll to get away from him, popping to her feet, as Doc just smiles at her ominously.

JC: Doc already working to get into the head of Sloane. He’s always looking for the psychological advantage over his opponent.

Doc waves Sloane on, wanting to lock up. Sloane circles around, then finally comes in, only to take a knee from Doc to the gut. Doc then grabs her, shaking his head as he turns and throws Sloane over the top rope. He steps aside, feeling like he’s got the upper hand, but he doesn’t see that Sloane held onto the top rope, skinning the cat to come back inside. As Doc turns back to her, Sloane drops with a jawbreaker, stunning the taller wrestler. She then leaps into a handspring enziguri, stunning the champion, who falls back against the ropes. He pulls himself back up, angry, but he runs right into a headscissors takedown, sending him rolling out of the ring! Sloane pops to her feet, with the crowd cheering for her, as Doc recovers on the outside.

JC: Sloane is showing that she is indeed worthy of facing a man like Doc, taking the fight to him!

TD: That’s what she needs to do. She’s only got 15 minutes, after all.

The champ is taking his time outside, in no hurry to return to the ring. Seeing this, Sloane runs to the ropes, teasing a leap out, with Doc quickly sidestepping away, looking smug at his intelligent maneuver. The only problem is, Sloane didn’t take flight. As Doc turns back around, Sloane springs over the ropes, flying down on him with a corkscrew splash, knocking Doc to the ground! Sloane gets to her feet, fired up. She grabs hold of Doc and rolls him into the ring, then pulls herself up as well to the apron. She quickly springboards off the ropes, getting a shooting star press that lands right on the champion, before making the cover.



But Doc is able to grab the nearby ropes, preventing the loss. Seeing this, Sloane gets up, kicking at his arm to break the grip on the ropes. She then grabs Doc's head, pulling him up, but Doc suddenly reverses it over with a bridge suplex, holding on as he tries to keep Sloane down on the canvas…



And Sloane manages to kick out!

TD: Doc almost snatched this one quickly away from the challenger. That’s why you always go for the pin. You never know, you might have knocked them loopier than you thought.

Sloane pulls herself up, trying to recover quickly, but Doc is waiting for her with a Super Doc Punch! It knocks Sloane senseless, as she staggers, hanging onto the ropes. But Doc is ready for that, too, grabbing Sloane from behind and quickly locking her into the DOCkata ha jima!! The submission pulls Sloane backwards from the ropes, as the champ brings her back to the mat, working to make her tap out. The referee moves in, checking, but Sloane refuses. She instead grabs Doc by the fingers, twisting them back enough to remove the pressure, managing to free herself in time before she began to lose consciousness.

JC: Sometimes you just have to break some fingers to survive in this game.

Both wrestlers get up, with Doc managing to stay in control with a spinning Doc elbow. With Sloane down, Doc heads for the turnbuckle, climbing to the very top. He lines up his shot, leaping off with the Trepanation headbutt! But Sloane manages to roll out of the way, with Doc hitting nothing but canvas! He sits up, stunned, holding his head, trying to recover as he starts to get up. But Sloane is already taking full advantage, flying in from the side to score the Seeing Stars 720 kick, blasting Doc back to the mat! The crowd cheers as Sloane makes the cover, grabbing onto one of Doc’s legs.



And Doc kicks out just before the three can land! Sloane isn’t deterred, as she gets back to her feet, dragging the champion along with her. She sets him in place, wanting to go for the Silver Lining. But Doc elbows his way out of it, then kicks Sloane in the gut, before landing a fierce DDT to knock her back down. Doc, though, can’t make a cover, as he’s spent his energy.

TD: That clock is moving now, as we’re about halfway through the time limit. Doc just has to make it another 7 minutes or so and he retains the title.

JC: That championship advantage is really on his side right now.

Doc has sat up now, looking over at Sloane. He seems to also check with the referee on the time, nodding before getting to his feet. He walks over, grabbing Sloane’s ankle and twisting it, working to deny the high-flyer her leg. Sloane fights against it, though, hopping on her other foot, before jumping up to try another enziguri. This one misses, though, as Doc’s too savvy to get caught with the same move twice. Sloane hits the mat instead, taking the hit on her hands, as Doc steps forward smugly. He pulls Sloane back up, shooting her towards the ropes, then goes for another Super Doc Punch. But Sloane ducks under it on the run, then hits the ropes on the other side, leaping into them. As a surprised Doc turns, Sloane comes flying back at him with a springboard Pele kick, clocking Doc right in the head!! He stands there for a second, not moving, before finally crumbling to the mat.

JC: What a kick from Sloane Taylor!!

TD: I don’t think Doc saw that coming, and I really doubt he’s going to remember it without watching this video back!

With the champion down, Sloane moves quickly, dragging him to the side so that she can go up on the turnbuckle. She gets to the top, balancing herself effortlessly, before leaping off with the Head In The Clouds, landing the double stomp moonsault right onto Doc!! She recovers after impact and gets over to make the cover, with the referee right there for the count.



No! Doc manages to kick out at the last second! Sloane turns to the referee, signaling that it should have been three, but the referee denies her request to have it changed. Sloane turns back to Doc, reaching down towards him, but the champ grabs her head and twists her down into a victory roll-up, hanging onto the tights…



But Sloane is able to kick out of it in time! She pops up, immediately blasting a rising Doc with a discus elbow, putting him back down.

JC: Doc’s taken a lot of hits to the head in this one!

TD: But none of that will matter if the time runs out! Less than five minutes left!

Knowing that time isn’t on her side, Sloane heads back to the ropes, positioning herself near the corner. She gets herself braced near the ropes, turning back and watching as the dazed champion starts to pull himself up, looking like he’s seeing a lot of birdies flying around his head. He slowly turns towards Sloane, only noticing her as she comes flying in… scoring the Glitterbomb!!! The move hits perfectly, snapping Doc to the canvas. Sloane quickly scrambles to roll him over, grabbing hold of both legs and hanging on tightly as the ref makes the count.





JC: We have a new champion!!

TD: Again!!

JC: Now it’s up to Sloane to break the curse! Good luck to her!

As Sloane goes to leave the ring with the championship…she’s suddenly blindsided by one of the cameramen! The hooded figure smashes his camera into Sloane’s skull, causing her to crumple to the mat in a heap. The man stands over her for a moment, watching as blood begins to trickle out of a cut on her forehead, then throws the camera to the ground. He flicks his hood back to reveal…Cyph3r!

The Superior Design bends down and screams right in Sloane’s face.


Cyph3r picks up Sloane’s lifeless body and lifts her into a fireman’s carry. He smirks, then elevates her up and slams his knee into her temple - GAME OVER GTS!

With The Sky Queen now wearing the proverbial crimson mask, Cyph3r snatches a mic from one of the ring staff.

“Not so tough when there’s no one to defend you, huh Sloane?”

The crowd boos loudly, prompting Cyph3r to start ranting.

“So this is your Sky Queen, huh? This is ‘ya gurl??’ Well newsflash, she isn’t all she’s cracked up to be. In fact, I think she’s pretty pathetic. Just a wannabe Taylor Swift with only marginally better wrestling ability.”

The Superior Design shakes his head in disgust.

“But of course, I apologize for upsetting her fans tonight. If they’re even watching. I’m sure most of them aren’t allowed to be up at this hour.”

He chuckles to himself, drinking in the heat from the fans.

“But I know what you’re saying. Get to the point, Tyler. So I will.”

He turns to look straight down the barrel of the main camera.

“Theo, I want Sloane at March Madness, one on one. And it’s not just me who wants it, check this out. Hey, Sloane, say nothing if you accept.”

Cyph3r jokingly holds the mic out to Sloane.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

He turns back to the camera.

“Book it, Theo.”

“LIES GREED MISERY” by Linkin Park hits the PA as medical staff rush out to check on Sloane. Cyph3r passed them and continues up the ramp without looking back.

Little blurb to close out the show...

Thanks to our Match Writers
Davey Dunham x 2
Atticus Gold
Peter Principle
Bobby Bourbon
Jonathan Barrows

Segments By:

Jason Cashe
Davey Dunham
Pariah/Corey Black/Dionysus
Cyph3r/Sloane Taylor
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