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XWF Classic: Here for the memories! Davey Dunham
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Davey Dunham Offline
The D.A.D. of Dad Jokes

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Some of everyone

(cheered; very rarely plays dirty but isn't lame either; many likable qualities)

02-18-2024, 12:00 PM


 [Image: alex-shelley.jpg]

Wrestler's Real Name: David Allan Dunham

Date of Birth: 3/17/1985 (38)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 215lbs.

Currently Billed From: San Diego, California

Alignment: Face

Picture Base: Alex Shelley

Backstory/Important Character Details: Having struggled throughout his career with more lows than highs, Davey Dunham has returned to where it all began with the intent to do it right this time around.

Strengths: Fans tend to flock to him; strong moral compass; unfamiliar with the term "I quit"; leaves everything in the ring

Weaknesses: Getting old; larger, heavier opponents; female wrestlers

Entrance Theme: 

Warfare & Anarchy: "Bastards of Young" by The Replacements (2023 Remaster)

Pay-Per-Views: "Tonight" by Seether

Ring Entrance: (Coming Soon)

In-Ring Style: High-Flyer/Risk-Taker/Speedy

10 or More Standard Moves: (Coming Soon)

Trademark Move Name(s):

Finishing Move Name(s): The One & Dunham
Description(s): Killswitch

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: He's not really into "extreme violence," but if he's booked in an Xtreme Rules match he'll probably make use of a steel chair or a Kendo stick.

[Image: 3f0df4b2cf35745d578c1effad664504960aa1be...tasize.png]
2024 Record Keeping
Wins / Losses: 1-2

3/9 - Warfare: Dunham vs. SEB (Dunham forfeited in light of SEB's upcoming Universal Title match @ March Madness)
3/14 - Anarchy: Dunham vs. Latoya Hixx vs. Cadryn Tiberius (Xtreme Rules Elimination) - Dunham finished 2nd
3/24 - March Madness PPV: Dunham vs. Brooke Hernandez vs. Bert McAlroy (Standard Triple Threat) - Dunham pinned Bert McAlroy

Next Scheduled Appearance
4/11 - Anarchy: 8-Person Over The Top Rope Battle Royal
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