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XWF Presents: Free For All 2024
Author Message
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01-28-2024, 07:40 PM

01 - 28 - 2024


Opening Match

- vs -
Standard Match

- vs -
Singles Match

- vs -
15 Minute Time Limit

- vs -
Xtreme Rules

All 30 participants will start in the ring at the same time. The ONLY way to be eliminated is to bleed. The last person standing will be the man or woman who isn't busted open. This match has no time limit.

- vs -
Champs Advantage - Standard Singles Match

JC: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to FREE FOR ALL!!! I am your host Jacuinde Cuauhtemoc. Two weeks ago when I took over the announcers booth on Warfare I told you that I would be getting a partner. I didn't know who it would be in fact I still don't. But I am told that now is the time for the big reveal. Please join me in welcoming to the broadcast booth none other than...

The lid almost pops off as the fans all rise to their feet in unison to cheer as none other than THADDEUS DUKE walks out from behind the curtain. Standing on stage, Thad gives his 'messiah pose' as a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring.  When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing even more cheers from the XWF Universe.

After the pyro bursts, Thad begins the trek down the ramp.  At the bottom he makes a sharp turn and starts slapping hands with various fans as he walks over to the announcers booth.

Thad finally gets to the booth, he shakes hands with his new partner, puts on his head set and then before taking a seat sends out the ‘I Love You’ hand gesture to the Universe.

JC: Incredible!!! Thaddeus Duke the XWF legend is now Thaddeus Duke the XWF announcer. Welcome to the booth partner.

Thad: Thank you JC and it's an absolute honor to be here but enough about me. Let's get right into the action. We have John Black up against relative newcomer Razor in our opening match.

We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see him at the stage in a black and white setting as he is standing there taking in the mixed reactions. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he gives them some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his fist in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

he lights goes out and hear a voice saying Wrestling has one royal family and when Kingdom hit's fireworks burst open and Razor Blade comes out wearing a American nightmare outfit and left his arms in the mid air and fist pumps in a fake air and he saw a kid wearing a Blake shirt and he takes off his American nightmare belt off his waist in hands it to the XWF fan and climbs up the steps in hops on the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air and more fireworks burst once again and he gets inside of the ring and climbs on the top rope taunts some more and gets down and takes off his American nightmare jacket and prepares for a fight

Opening Match

- vs -
Standard Match

The bell rings as Razor salutes his fellow patriot and goes for a handshake. John Black steps in with his hand extended and pulls it into a middle finger at the last second.

JC: Perfect summary of these two all in the span of a few seconds.

Thad: That’s John Black for you. Gritty, mean, and straight to business.

The two men circle each other and Razor goes to lock up, but Black lunges forward with a high knee to the gut and sends Razor off the ropes.

JC: Stiff uppercut from Black and now it’s the big man taking off here.

Black rebounds with a crossbody, but Razor is able to roll under while JB crashes and burns. Black gets to a knee, but Razor is quick to take advantage and lands a low dropkick.[/font][/size][/color]

Thad: Cover from John Black.


JB benches Razor overhead at the first smack of the ref’s hand and launches him just behind him, rolling over and back to his feet himself. 

JC: The strength from John Black always so unreal to see.

Both men come face to face once more to a pop from the fans. Razor fakes the tie up again, but JB smirks and it’s Razor who pulls the switch and delivers an open hand across the face of JB.

Thad: Heeeere we go!

Both men just absolutely unload on each other with back and forth chops across the chest, sending a riff of echoes through AT&T stadium.

JC: Capacity crowd here and these two are matching energy.

JB throws another, but Razor ducks it and kicks away at the back of the knee.

Thad: High dropkick that time sends John Black to the corner. 

Black slumps against the middle turnbuckle, trying to catch his breath while Razor shoots forward, but goes crashing shoulder first into the post by way of a John Black side step. 

JC: Flashbacks to the injury once suffered by his grandfather Shoulder.

Razor tries to push himself back out of the corner, but Black looks to stay on the attack with a picture perfect stinger splash to the back of his opponent.

Thad: German suplex combo by John Black.



JC: Kickout by Black and some nasty forearms to the prone Razor Blade.

Razor reaches for the ropes, prompting the ref to break up the two. Before he can fully backup though, Blaze pulls JB in for the cradle.




Thad: Element of surprise almost had him there.

Black pulls Blade up and locks him into belly to belly position, but Blade is able to flip over and land on his feet. He takes off the middle rope and shoots back towards John Blade.


Thad: He’s fired up now, Razor smacking the mat and shouting for John Black to get up.

As JB stumbles up, Razor tries to pull him into Blade Rose, but JB pivots out and lifts Razor up.

JC: BLACKLISTED! John Black hooks the leg!





Winner - John Black

JC: And just like that long time XWF staple John Black has won our opening match!

Thad: Razor fought hard but he was no match for JB!

JC: Folks I just got word through my headset that  unfortunately we're doing to be down one competitor for tonight's Last Blood Battle Royal due to events that occurred earlier today.

Thad: Did Barney Green's heart finally explode after all those energy drinks?


Backstage, we see a limo pulling up to the front of the arena, with several fans waiting for autographs from whichever wrestler shows up. The driver steps out of the limo and opens the back door, and out steps Centurion, much to the delight of the fans. Centurion smiles, brushes off his suit jacket and adjusts his tie as he walks forward to the crowd.

Before he can begin signing autographs, though, Madison Dyson dives out from the crowd and jumps Centurion, slamming him back first into the limo. Centurion yells out in pain as Madison delivers punches to Centurion's skull, before grabbing Centurion and ramming him head first into the back window of the limo! The glass shatters and Centurion slumps to the ground, blood running from his head as he lays unconscious on the ground. Security rushes to pull Madison away from Centurion, as she just laughs and walks back towards the arena.


JC: Madison’s brutal attack on Centurion left Centurion bleeding, leaving him unable to compete tonight. He has been rushed to a local medical facility.

Thad: Hopefully Centurion gets the best care Theo's money can buy and we see him back in the ring soon.


Madison Dyson saunters out onto the ramp as a plume of gold smoke filters out.

Madison Dyson then heads down the aisle confidently, bitching out any plebes that dare to boo her. She's often clad in elaborate feathery robes. The X-Tron shows a barrage of images of Madison kicking the holy living shit out of that abject loser Sean Parker and others, intercut with her name logo and a queen's crown laden with barbed wire. Once at the ring, she takes her time getting in, walking ginergly up the steps and demanding the official hold the ropes open for her.

TODD: "There's Madison Dyson, folks. Calculating, cunning, and controversial. She's ready to claim the Anarchy Championship tonight."

BAMA T: "She's got the brains and the brawn, Todd, but does she have the heart to take down a champion like Sean Parker?"

“Ken’s Theme [Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity starts to play throughout the arena. As the song plays its slow, building intro, Sean Parker appears on the stage in a hooded waistcoat. He goes down on one knee, his head low as sparks fill the stage area. When the song explodes into life, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him. Sean walks confidently to the ring, running as he gets ringside and slides effortlessly under the bottom rope. He takes off his waistcoat, tossing it into the crowd before he climbs up one of the turnbuckles and fist pumps before doing a backflip back down as his music fades out.

TODD: "And here comes the champion! Sean Parker, the high-flying sensation, ready to defend his title!"

BAMA T: "This kid has faced adversity his whole career, Todd. But tonight, he faces one of his toughest challenges yet."

- vs -
Singles Match

The bell rings, and the match begins with a tense stare-down. Suddenly, Madison charges, but Sean counters with a swift Hurricanrana, sending her tumbling to the mat. He quickly follows up with a series of martial arts kicks, keeping her on the defensive.

TODD: "Sean Parker, wasting no time, showing off those educated feet of his!"

BAMA T: "He’s starting strong, but he can't let himself underestimate Madison. She's as wily as they come, baby!"

Madison drops to the mat and begins begging Sean off, luring him in before springing like a snake and striking with a vicious Swinging Neckbreaker. Madison quickly recovers from Sean's initial assault and rolls away to create distance. She rises to her feet and Sean charges, but Madison is ready. She sidesteps, grabbing Sean's arm and pulling him forward, using his momentum against him. With a quick twist, she rakes her fingers across his eyes.

TODD: "Madison Dyson, resorting to her usual tactics. That's a dirty move!"

BAMA T: "It's underhanded, Todd, but it's classic Madison. She's not above bending the rules to get what she wants."

Sean stumbles back, clutching his face. The referee scolds Madison, but she shrugs it off with a look of mock innocence. As Sean tries to regain his bearings, Madison strikes again, this time grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking him down to the mat.

TODD: "Come on, ref! That's a clear hair pull. Madison is taking full advantage of every shortcut she can find."

With Sean on the mat, Madison begins to methodically dismantle him. She drops a knee onto his midsection, knocking the wind out of him. She then locks in a leg bar, wrenching his leg at an awkward angle. Sean grimaces in pain as he reaches for the ropes.

BAMA T: "Madison Dyson is in full control now, baby!"

Sean, with a burst of energy, manages to crawl to the ropes, forcing a break. Madison holds the leg bar for a moment longer, drawing a four-count from the referee before releasing with a sly grin.

TODD: "Sean Parker is in trouble here!"

BAMA T: "Things sure are looking bad, baby!"

Madison pulls Sean up, setting him up for a Sit-out jawbreaker. She executes it flawlessly and scrambles for the pin!



Sean kicks out, but Madison quickly turns her attention back to her assault with a flurry of open-handed slaps!

TODD: "Madison Dyson, showing why she's not to be trifled with."

BAMA T: "It might not be pretty, Todd, but it sure is effective, baby!"

Madison pushes Sean against the ropes, setting up for a big move. She goes for a high-impact clothesline, but Sean ducks at the last second. Madison turns around only to be met with a quick arm drag, followed by a precision dropkick that sends her reeling.

TODD: "Look at that, Bama! Sean Parker’s turning the tide!"

Sean then waits for Madison to get to her feet and quickly moves in, demonstrating his martial arts background with a flurry of lightning-fast strikes. A spin kick catches Madison across the temple, sending her staggering.

TODD: "Those strikes from Sean Parker are calculated and precise, baby!"

BAMA: “Yeah? Well, maybe, BUT he ought to be ashamed of himself, striking a lady like that!”

Sean leaps onto the ropes, springboarding off with a moonsault attempt. Madison moves out of the way, but Sean lands on his feet, displaying his incredible agility. Without missing a beat, he transitions into a German Suplex, bridging into a pin.



Madison kicks out, but she's clearly disoriented from Sean's offensive onslaught. Sean doesn’t let up. He quickly grabs Madison, setting her up for his feared finishing move. With a swift motion, he spins Madison around and executes the “Masamune Decapitation” – a ripcord short-arm jumping elbow strike.

TODD: "Masamune Decapitation! Sean Parker hit it! That could be it!"

Sean goes for the cover, hooking Madison's leg tightly.



THR—But Madison manages a shoulder up at the very last moment, causing the crowd to erupt in a mixture of shock and boo’s.

TODD: "I can't believe it, Bama! Madison Dyson kicked out of the Masamune Decapitation!"

BAMA T: "With a smoking body like that, I’m far from surprised, baby!"

Sean looks momentarily surprised but quickly refocuses, understanding the caliber of his opponent. He nods in respect to Madison's resilience but prepares for another high-impact move, signaling to the crowd that he's not done yet.

TODD: "Sean Parker is not going to let this opportunity slip away. He's setting up for something big!"

Sean Parker scales the top turnbuckle. The crowd rises in anticipation. Just as Sean steadies himself, a commotion at ringside catches everyone's attention.

The deformed clone of Sean Parker, created by Madison, stumbles towards the ring, a look of confusion on its misshapen face.

TODD: "What in the world? That's... that’s… Sean Parker!? What's going on here?"

BAMA T: "This can't be good, Todd. Madison created that thing for God knows why!"

In the ring, the real Sean Parker is momentarily distracted by the bizarre sight, allowing Madison to seize the moment. She rushes to the ropes, shaking them vigorously. Sean loses his balance and is struck painfully between the legs by the turnbuckle, toppling onto the canvas in agony.

BAMA T: "Madison Dyson, taking advantage of the distraction!"

As Madison prepares to capitalize on the situation, the clone clumsily climbs onto the apron, its intentions unclear. Madison, now aware of the clone's presence, turns to confront it, shouting angrily. However, the clone lets out a pain growl and lunges through the ropes.

TODD: "Look out, Madison! That thing looks rabid!"

The cloned Parker launches itself at her, its small deformed baby fingers finding her eyes in a vicious double eye gouge. Madison reels back, momentarily blinded, as the clone then grabs a handful of her hair, tugging with surprising strength that snaps her into the mat face first.

BAMA T: "It looks like a messed-up Sean Parker, baby, but it fights like its creator! Eye gouges, hair pulls – this clone is using all her dirty tricks!"

The clone then attempts to bite her nose. Madison, in shock, struggles against the bizarre assault, trying to fend off the small yet aggressive figure.

TODD: "This is surreal, BAMA! Even our official doesn’t know what to do other than stand back and watch this trainwreck!"

Finally, Madison, with a burst of adrenaline, manages to get a firm grip on the clone. She lifts the small figure and hurls it over the top rope. The clone flies through the air, landing outside the ring with a sickening thud.

BAMA T: "Oh no! That poor ugly fella might be dead, baby!"

Madison, still reeling from the surreal assault by her own twisted creation, takes a moment to regain her bearings. However, she doesn't have long. Sean Parker springs into action from behind.

BAMA T: "Look out, Madison!"

Sean wraps his arms around Madison's waist. In a fluid motion, he lifts her, twisting mid-air, and executes a stunning "Hellheim Hellfire" – a Twisting Northern Lights Bomb. The move lands Madison center ring with a massive impact as the crowd erupts in awe.

TODD: "Hellheim Hellfire! Sean Parker hit it perfectly! What a move!"

Madison lies motionless on the mat, clearly stunned by the sudden and explosive maneuver.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Sean recovers and climbs the turnbuckle once more. With Madison still reeling, Sean launches himself into the air, executing his breathtaking “Leap of Faith”.

TODD: "Leap of Faith! Sean Parker hits it!"

Sean hooks Madison's leg for the pin.




The bell rings, and the crowd erupts into cheers. Sean Parker retains the Anarchy Championship, thanks in part to the unexpected interference from Madison's grotesque clone of Sean Parker.


TODD: "What an unbelievable turn of events! Sean Parker retains the Anarchy Championship amidst absolute mayhem!"

BAMA T: "You know, Todd, it's hard not to see this as anything but bad luck for Madison Dyson. That clone of hers ended up being her downfall, baby."

TODD: "Somehow, I doubt we’ve seen the end of this feud!"

[Image: GELfGUEWUAAV6_8?format=png&name=700x700]

The arena falls into silence as Graves' chilling version of "Come Little Children" begins to play.

JC: "And here he comes, “The Dark Warrior” Michael Graves, making his entrance in typical unnerving fashion."

THAD: "Yeah, but it's all show, JC. Graves loves to play these mind games, but we've seen this act before. He's a master of theatrics, I'll give him that. But when it comes to real substance in the ring, well, that's always been a different story."

Emerging from the back, Graves steps into the spotlight as the XTron displays a montage of creepy scenes involving children, each scene subtly hinting at his unnerving, predator-like persona, with visuals that are both extremely eerie and discomforting to the viewer.

As he makes his way down the ramp, the arena is bathed in lime and purple lights that pulsate with the eerie metal tune.

Graves climbs into the ring and scans the crowd.

JC: "Just look at how Graves is sizing up this capacity crowd."

THAD: "Sizing them up or just creeping them out? I know Graves is an over two-decade veteran, but Dolly's resilience and skill are two obstacles that I don’t think Gravy can overcome. He's definitely got his work cut out for him tonight."

The XTron continues to flash with unsettling imagery as Graves creeps towards the corner, removing his cape and tossing it outside of the ring.

As the metal rendition of "Come Little Children" fades away, the arena lights shift back to normal as Micheal looks on from his corner.

JC: "And now, the moment we've been waiting for, the entrance of the TV Champion, Dolly Waters!"

THAD: "This is what real star power looks like, JC. Dolly doesn’t need all that creepy theatrics. She lets her talent do the talking."

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Dolly Waters appears under the XTron.

JC: "Look at her, THAD! Dolly Waters, walking out with the confidence of a true champion. There's a reason the crowd loves her."

THAD: "Absolutely, JC. She's a fighter, through and through. None of that dark, broody nonsense from Dolly."

She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle.

JC: "She's marching right into battle. It seems that Dolly’s here to make a statement."

THAD: "And that statement is loud and clear, JC. She's not intimidated by Graves or his B.S. theatrics. She's here to show the world why she's the champion."

She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

JC: "And with that, we're moments away from what's shaping up to be a monumental clash for the TV title. Michael Graves and Dolly Waters – it's sure to be a match to remember!"

THAD: "A match to remember or a match to forget, depending on how Graves performs tonight.”

The official takes center ring to hold the title up for the cameras.

- vs -
15 Minute Time Limit

Before calling for the bell: (DING DING DING!)


JC: "Here we are, folks! The stage is set for a showdown that's been brewing for years. Michael Graves and Dolly Waters!"

THAD: "And let's be honest, JC, we all know who the real star here is. Dolly's going to wipe that smug look off Graves' face once and for all. Mark my words."

With a sinister smirk, Graves makes the first move, rushing towards Dolly, but shes quick on her feet. In a swift motion, she sidesteps, allowing Graves to stumble slightly due to his momentum. Graves catches himself on the ropes and looks back just in time to see Dolly rushing towards him. Graves doesn't lose his composure. Instead, he drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring, starting to walk around the ring. He locks eyes with Dolly, his smirk widening as he begins to taunt her with disturbing sexual innuendos and vulgar thrusting.

JC: "Classic Graves, using psychological warfare, but I have a feeling Dolly won't fall for these mind games."

THAD: "Mind games? More like mindless games. Graves thinks he's being clever, but he's just showing how scared he is to face Dolly head-on. And these disgusting taunts? Please, they're just further proof that he's got nothing real to offer, and never has!"

Dolly appears unfazed by Graves' bullshit. She beckons him to get back into the ring as she stands her ground.

JC: "Dolly's not buying it. She's here to defend her title, and Graves' theatrics aren't going to shake her resolve."

THAD: "Exactly, JC. Dolly's seen it all in this business, including Graves' pathetic attempts to gain the upperhand."

The official’s count reaches FOUR as Graves continues his circling the ring. The crowd starts to get restless, some booing, others cheering for Dolly to take action as Graves continues to taunt front the outside.

As the referee's count reaches FIVE, Graves suddenly makes a dash towards the timekeeper's table, snatching the Television Championship belt right from the table and making lewd motions with it. This blatant disrespect finally draws Dolly out of the ring, resetting the count to ONE.

JC: "Oh, come on! That's a low blow even for Graves. He's using the Television Championship as bait in a very disgusting manner!"

THAD: "That's just despicable! He has no respect for the title or for this business!"

Dolly rushes towards Graves, but Graves is one step ahead. He tosses the TV title to Dolly and slides back into the ring, forcing Dolly to drop the belt and follow him in pursuit. As soon as Dolly slides in, Graves is all over her, unleashing a barrage of stomps and driving his boots into her with the most relentless of aggressions.


JC: "Graves is like a man possessed! This is the ruthless side of him we've seen time and time again."

THAD: "It's cowardly, JC. He lures her in and then attacks when she's vulnerable because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance head on!"

Graves then lifts Dolly slightly and drives his knee into the back of her head, pressing her face into the mat with a sadistic pleasure. The crowd boos, expressing their displeasure at Graves' underhanded tactics as his feverishly flicks his tongue between two extended fingers, much to the crowd'
s displeasure.

JC: "Graves is in full control now, using every trick in the book to maintain dominance. Dolly is in a world of hurt."

THAD: "But don't count her out yet, JC. Dolly's a fighter, and she's been in tough spots before. She's not going to let Graves walk all over her."

Graves aggressively executes a series of heavy-handed slaps, haymaker punches, and back elbows, keeping Dolly on the defensive. Graves seems to relish in the pain he's inflicting as the crowd responds with a mix of boos  and rallying calls for Dolly to make a comeback.


JC: "Graves is absolutely dominating this match right now."

THAD: "This is brutal to watch, but don't count Dolly out yet. She's taken beatings before and come back. Trust me, she's got grit."

Graves, sensing an opportunity to end the match early, attempts the Grave Digger, his devastating take on the Death Valley Driver. However, as he lifts Dolly, she manages to wriggle free, landing behind Graves. Before he can react, Dolly launches into a flurry of her signature strikes - spinning back-fists, calf kicks, and a particularly nasty spinning mule-kick that catches Graves right under the chin and keeps him of balance.

JC: "There it is! Dolly's fighting back! She's using her striking ability to turn the tables!"

THAD: "That's the Dolly Waters we know and love! Fast, furious, and fearless!"

Dolly lands a precise springboard DDT, followed by a diving dropkick that sends Graves reeling. The crowd erupts in cheers, rallying behind her.


JC: "Dolly's taking control now! She's got Graves on the ropes!"

THAD: "She's showing why she's the champion. When it comes to talent and heart - Dolly's exudes both!"

Dolly continues to control the match by executing a series of high-flying maneuvers, culminating in her trademark Ode To Joy. Graves is knocked back and clearly dazed.

JC: "Ode to Joy! Dolly hit it perfectly! This could be the turning point she needs!"

THAD: "What a comeback! This is why you never count Dolly Waters out!"

Dolly catches Graves with an inside cradle!





Dolly doesn’t waste any time, smashing a forearm into Graves face, she springs to her feet and waits across the ring. As Graves pushes up to his knees, Dolly charges in, looking for the Running Waters, her signature Shining Wizard knee strike. However, Graves is ready for it. In a wild display of his strength, he catches Dolly, springing to his feet, and hurling her across the ring with a powerful Fallaway Slam.

JC: "What a counter by Graves! Just when you think Dolly has the upper hand, Graves comes back with that incredible strength!"

THAD: "I hate to admit it, but that was actually impressive. Graves just turned the tables on Dolly with that Pop-up Fallaway Slam."

Graves, not wasting any moment, quickly goes for the cover, pressing his forearm into Dolly's nose as he goes for the pin.



Dolly kicks out with authority! 

Graves transitions into a series of mounted punches, raining down blow after blow onto Dolly's head as the crowd counts along with each hit.


JC: "This is brutal, THAD. Graves is unleashing a barrage of punches, and Dolly is in a tough spot here."

THAD: "Dolly's tough, but nobody can take this kind of punishment for long. Graves is trying to end this match right here and now."

After the tenth punch, Graves covers Dolly again, hooking the leg for another pin attempt.




But Dolly manages to kick out once more, much to the frustration of Graves. 

Graves argues with the official, claiming it should have been a three-count. The referee insists it was only a two, and Graves responds by shoving the referee and beginning to remove a turnbuckle pad, exposing the steel underneath.

JC: "Graves is losing his cool here. He's once again resorting to dirty tactics by exposing that turnbuckle."

THAD: "When things don't go his way, he starts to cheat. It's despicable."

The referee tries to stop Graves, pulling him away from the turnbuckle and reprimanding him. Graves argues back.

JC: "Graves needs to keep his focus on the champion. Arguing with the referee is just giving Dolly time to recover."

THAD: "Exactly, JC. He's letting his emotions get the better of him, and that could cost him the match."


As Graves continues his argument with the referee, Dolly slowly starts to stir, using the ropes to pull herself up. The crowd begins to rally behind her, sensing a shift in momentum.

JC: "Dolly's getting back up! She's not out of this yet!"

THAD: "Never count out Dolly Waters. She's got the heart of a champion, and she's proving it right now."

With a sudden burst of energy fueled by the roaring crowd, Dolly launches herself at Graves from behind, catching him completely off-guard. She expertly applies the Rolling Waters, locking it in tightly around Graves' neck and arm.

JC: "Rolling Waters! Rolling Waters! Dolly has got it locked in! This could be the end for Graves!"

THAD: "She's turned this match around in the blink of an eye!"

Graves is caught in the center of the ring, far from the ropes, with Dolly wrenching the hold with all her might. The pain is evident on Graves' face as he thrashes and struggles, trying to find an escape. But Dolly keeps the submission hold tight, applying more pressure with each passing second.


JC: "Look at the determination on Dolly's face! She's not letting go. Graves is in serious trouble now!"

THAD: "He's got nowhere to go, JC. Dolly's got that hold locked in deep. Graves is a tough guy, granted, but everyone has their breaking point."

The struggle continues, with Graves refusing to quit despite the rising pain. His face turns red, and his movements become more desperate. He reaches out, trying to find some leverage, but Dolly shifts her weight, keeping the hold secure. The crowd is on their feet, sensing the match could end at any moment.

JC: "Graves is showing incredible resilience, but I don't know how much more he can take. Dolly has that Rolling Waters cinched in tight!"

THAD: "Again, Graves is tough, nobody is denying that, but sometimes toughness isn't enough, and unless Graves has become a master submissionist since his... uh.. so-called—death!? I don’t see any escape for him here."

Finally, in a last-ditch effort, Graves manages to somehow inch his way towards the ropes, dragging both himself and Dolly. His fingers graze the bottom rope, but Dolly rolls them both back to the center of the ring, maintaining her submission.


JC: "What incredible ring awareness by Dolly! She's not giving Graves any chance to break this hold!"

THAD: "Like I said, it’s over for Gravy. I just just don't see any path to victory for him at this point."

Exhausted and in XTREME pain, Graves stubbornly continues to fight, but the wear and tear of the match and the relentless submission hold begin to take their toll. His struggles slow and the referee checks on him, asking if he wants to submit. Graves, through gritted teeth, refuses to give up, but it's clear he's fading fast.

JC: "Graves is hanging on by a thread! How much more can he endure?"

THAD: "It might be a matter of seconds now, JC. Graves is fading fast."

The referee raises Graves' arm to check for responsiveness, and it falls limply once, twice…

JC: "This could be it, THAD! If that arm drops one more time, it's over!"

THAD: "Dolly Waters might be moments away from retaining her title in one of the most grueling matches we've seen!"

As Dolly continues to wrench back on the Rolling Waters, Graves, in a desperate bid to escape, reaches into his tights with his free arm and retrieves a hidden spike of some sort. With a swift strike, he jabs it into Dolly's knee. Dolly cries out in pain and immediately releases the hold, clutching her knee in agony.

JC: "Oh, come on! Graves just pulled something out of his tights and used it on Dolly to break the hold! That's blatant cheating!"

THAD: "This is ridiculous! Graves is a piece of shit! He's not worthy of even stepping into that ring, much less challenging for the right to be called a champion. He’s never been able to win a match without resorting to dirty B.S. like this!"

Graves sneakily tosses the spike out of the ring, disposing of the evidence. He then collapses into the mat, catching his breath, while the official checks on Dolly, who is writhing on the canvas, holding her attacked knee.


JC: "I have to admit, it was smart thinking on Graves' part. He was out of options, but that doesn't excuse what he just did."

THAD: "Smart thinking? No, JC. Don’t even call it that. It's cowardly. Graves could have seriously injured Dolly. He should be disqualified and this match should be over!"

The referee, unaware of the true cause of Dolly's injury, tries to assess her condition, giving Graves plenty of time to recover. The crowd boos loudly, expressing their disapproval of Graves' actions. Dolly, who is in visible pain, struggles to regain her composure.

JC: "Dolly's in a bad way now. That knee could be seriously hurt, and you just know that Graves is going to exploit that for everything it's worth!"

THAD: "Exactly. I’d say that Graves has stooped to a new low, but we all know that his depths are truly bottomless."

Graves and Dolly, both visibly exhausted from the grueling match, stand toe-to-toe in the center of the ring. Dolly, despite her injured knee, begins to exchange strikes with Graves. She lands a series of spinning back-fists and calf kicks, putting Graves on the defensive.


JC: "Dolly is not backing down! She's taking the fight to Graves, injured knee and all!"

THAD: "Dolly Waters is showing why she's the TV Champion. Even though this match should already be over, she's not going to let an injury slow her down."

However, Graves quickly targets Dolly's injured knee with a swift kick. The impact causes Dolly to collapse to the mat, clutching her knee in excruciating pain.

JC: "Graves just targeted Dolly's knee again! That's the kind of ruthless aggression that has defined his career."

With Dolly down, Graves begins to unleash a series of HEAVY HANDED bitch slaps. The crowd reacts with a mix of shock and disapproval, as Graves slaps Dolly around the ring, but Graves seems unfazed by their reaction.

JC: "Those slaps from Graves... they're just absolutely demeaning!"

THAD: "Graves is trying to break Dolly's spirit as well as her body. But I know Dolly, and she's not going to let Graves get into her head."

Continuing his assault, Graves then lifts Dolly and executes an Inverted DDT, slamming her head onto the mat with the force of their combined weight. He hooks her leg for the cover.




Dolly manages to kick out, much to the frustration of Graves, who thought he had the match won. He argues briefly with the referee before refocusing his attention on Dolly.

JC: "Dolly kicked out! She's still in this match!"

THAD: "Every time Graves thinks he's got her, Dolly proves him wrong. She's not going down without a fight."

Graves pulls Dolly to her feet, setting her up for another move.


He attempts to whip her into the ropes, but Dolly reverses it, sending Graves into the ropes instead. As he rebounds, Dolly manages to execute a perfectly timed dropkick, despite her injured knee. Graves hits the mat hard.

JC: "Incredible counter by Dolly! She's still fighting!"

THAD: "That's why she's the champion, JC. No matter what Graves throws at her, she’ll always find a way to fight back."

Despite her injured knee, Dolly slowly climbs to the top rope.

JC: "What is she thinking? Climbing to the top rope in her condition... this is very risky!"

THAD: "I've seen this look in her eyes before, JC. She's going for the kill. I think she's setting up for her 'Super Diving Elbow'. If she lands this, it's all over for Graves."

Dolly steadies herself on the top rope, struggling slightly with her injured knee. The crowd holds their breath as she takes a moment, then launches herself into the air!


Camera flashes light up the arena as Dolly descends, elbow first, aiming directly at Graves' loathsome black heart.

But, Graves rolls out of the way in the nick of time, and Dolly crashes hard into the mat, her elbow hitting nothing but canvas. The impact sends a wave of pain through her body, visibly jarring her already injured knee.

JC: "She missed it! Dolly Waters took a huge gamble, and it didn't pay off!"

THAD: "That's the risk of high-flying moves, JC. High reward, but just as high of a risk."

Both competitors are down, and the referee begins to count. One! Two! Three! Dolly and Graves struggle to get to their feet. Four! Five! Six! Dolly is the first to rise, albeit with a noticeable limp. She moves over to Graves, reaching down to pull him up by his hair.

Just as she's about to make her next move, Graves suddenly spits a ball of fire into Dolly's face. The crowd gasps in horror, but the referee is positioned on the other side and misses the illegal move. Dolly falls back, clutching her face in agony.

JC: "What just happened?! Dolly Waters is down, and it looks like she's been hurt badly!"

The referee turns around to see Dolly in distress and questions Graves, who responds with an innocent shrug. Confused and unsure of what transpired, the referee allows the match to continue.


THAD: "I can't believe what I just saw! That was yet another blatant act of cheating, and the referee missed it again! Graves just used some kind of fireball on Dolly!"

Graves quickly goes on the offensive. He begins to unleash a series of brutal strikes on Dolly, who is still recovering from the shock and pain of the fireball attack.

JC: "This is a disgrace, THAD. Graves is capitalizing on a situation that should have never happened. The referee missed another critical moment, and now Dolly is once again paying the price."

THAD: "Graves is showing his true colors tonight, JC. He's a cheater and a coward. He couldn't beat Dolly fair and square, so he resorted to this!"

Graves continues his relentless assault, taking advantage of Dolly's weakened state. The referee, still unaware of the illegal move, checks on Dolly but allows the match to proceed. Graves looks to finish the match, setting up for his finishing move.


JC: "Dolly is in trouble here. She's been through so much in this match, and now this... It's just not right."

THAD: "This isn't the way a championship match should be, JC. Graves should be disqualified, but unfortunately, the XWF tends to scrape the bottom of the barrel for their officiating staff. It's a sad day for the sport."

Graves pushes the referee out of his way and hoists Dolly up, positioning her for his Crucifix Powerbomb, 'Graves Consequences'. The crowd watches in silence as Graves drives Dolly down hard onto the mat.

JC: "Graves Consequences! That has to be it!"

THAD: "I can't believe this, JC. After all the cheating, Graves might actually pull this off!"

Graves goes for the cover, hooking Dolly’s leg.





Graves rolls off Dolly, a satisfied smirk on his face as he rises to his feet. The referee hands him the TV Championship, which he snatches away and raises above his head, reveling in his victory tonight.

JC: "Michael Graves is the new Television Champion, but at what cost? The tactics he used tonight were despicable."

THAD: "Dolly fought bravely, but Graves' underhanded tactics, combined with subpar officiating were just too much for Dolly Waters to overcome. This isn't a victory to be proud of…"

Graves exits the ring, clutching the title, leaving behind a booing crowd.


JC: Ladies and Gentlemen… Tonight has been a night of new beginnings! This is the first pay-per-view of what looks to be the greatest year in XWF history! The start of a new era!

THAD: But, that doesn’t mean every member of the old era is happy about it…

"Heaven" by Los Lonely Boys hits on the PA system. The lights in the arena turn off, barring a spotlight on the stage. As the "VAMONOS!" is heard, HHH comes out under the spotlight, a scowl on his face. His signature Hawaiian shirt swishes around as he turns his back to the camera. He waits a bit for the guitar to play before turning around and punching the air as fireworks go off behind him.

JC: Hawaiian HardHead! One of the most hardcore legends in the lengthy, LENGTHY history of the X-Treme Title division! And he made his return in a HUGE WAY last Warfare!

THAD: Cue clip.

Quote:After a few errant right hands, the masked man overpowers Dion, shoving him out of the corner and taking him across the ring! When Dionysus reaches his feet, he is damn near immediately SPEARED!


As if cut off by his own thoughts, Pip suddenly stops as the masked man reaches his feet. He sends a right foot down atop the X-Treme Championship belt. He rips the hood off his face before tearing the mask from his head--REVEALING HAWAIIAN HARDHEAD!

The crowd are initially unsure how to react, leaving him with a mixed reaction!


JC: …Is that what my voice sounds like?

THAD: God, absolutely.

JC: …

THAD: Like nails on a chalkboard.

HHH finishes watching the feed of last Warfare on the X-Tron… He points with a single finger, proud of the vicious assault he laid out on the former X-Treme champion, before returning to his powerful march down to the ring, ignoring the fans along the way.

JC: Regardless, Hawaiian Hardhead called out the NEW XWF as ‘fake wrestlers’! And he swore tonight that he would finish what he started on Warfare… And take back the X-Treme Title for the original XWFers!

He throws his hair as he reaches ringside. He uses the stairs to enter the ring. When he does so, he throws his Hawaiian shirt off and tosses it aside. He raises a fist to the sky as he stares the hard cam down.

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Leaving Dionysus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. At the moment the guitars begin to play, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm.

JC: …And there he is! Dionysus! Last Warfare, he celebrated his first anniversary since joining the XWF! And he has been absolutely unstoppable as X-Treme champ.

THAD: Who’s he beaten, though? Really, as champ?

JC: Razor!

THAD: Who?

JC: Schism!

THAD: Are these real wrestlers?

JC: And Centurion!

THAD: I-... Well, okay, fine, that’s one real defense.

JC: Against an XWF Legend, Thad! And Dionysus looks to beat another tonight! Can he continue on his road to a 24/7 briefcase? Or will Hawaiian Hardhead take back the X-Treme title? The quintessential XWF Original versus one of the most promising stars of the new XWF! Who will win?

Dionysus clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

You never had the right,
Removing me from paradise.
Your path removed the light,
Rendering me colour-blind.

But now I’ll speak,
Since I’ve become my own again,
And now I’ll leave,
Since I’ve become my own, again.

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus next to the ring apron… and his shield against the corner. The X-Treme champion rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up, lifting the belt above his head to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up.

The official steps and takes the X-Treme title from Dionysus.

HHH snarls with a smile, nodding at Dionysus.

Dion meets Hardhead with a steely gaze.

HHH stomps. STOMPS! The crowd claps along with the stomps!

JC: Some mindgames, perhaps, from Hardhead? Calling for another spear, just like the one that put Dionysus down for the count?

…The champ does not react to this showing, remaining in his corner, completely focused on his opponent.

Behind him, his shield glimmers in the corner…

The official signals for the bell…


- vs -
Xtreme Rules

Immediately, Hardhead charges the champ, looking for a spear!


Dion sees the charge, and spins…


THAD: Good. Why bring a sword and shield to an X-Treme match if you won’t use them?


Hardhead drives forward, skull first…

Dionysus bends at the knee, locking his stance and blocking his body with the shield…



Both champion and challenger collapse in a heap!


THAD: But who got the worse of it?

For a moment, both champ and challenger lie still on the mat…

The official hovers, checking on both competitors…

He lifts his fingers to start a ten-count…

But before he can start, Dionysus grabs the bottom rope!

And the X-Treme champ pulls himself up to his feet!

…As Hardhead lies, visibly bleeding from the skull on the corner!

JC: WHAT A BACKFIRE! Hardhead’s opening spear has given Dionysus a huge opening!

THAD: Looks like his head isn’t that hard after all…

Dionysus shakily leans on the ropes… Eventhough his defense worked, he still got the wind knocked out of him…

…As the bleeding Hawaiian Hardhead… paws at the air… Trying to keep fighting…

…He climbs to his knees…

One knee…

But the X-Treme champ finds the wherewithal…

To sprint forward…



JC: Hardhead may be a Legend, but he just got DEIFIED!

Hardhead collapses to the mat like a sandbag… His head thuds against the mat!

Dionysus drives his elbow in the XWF Legend’s face, hooking the leg!

The official counts!




Winner and STILL XWF Xtreme Champion - Dionysus

JC: WOW! What a showing by Dionysus! This is his fourth X-Treme title defense and somehow, he keeps winning in more and more dominant fashion!

THAD: Helps when your opponent’s strategy is running at you headfirst and you brought a slab of steel ringside…

JC: A win is a win!

Indeed, the official returns the belt from the timekeeper to Dionysus’ hands.

Dion plants a foot on his fallen attacker from last Warfare… And raises his belt to the crowd as the XWF Universe whoops and hollers!

JC: And with that win, the new XWF logs a massive win over the old… AND Dionysus climbs one rung higher on the ladder towards a 24/7 briefcase.

THAD: What's he need to do still to get it?

JC: I believe another Pay Per View defense and an Anarchy defense and then the case is his.

All 30 participants will start in the ring at the same time. The ONLY way to be eliminated is to bleed. The last person standing will be the man or woman who isn't busted open. This match has no time limit.

The anticipation in the AT&T Stadium is palpable. No fan is sitting, everyone is on their feet as they look out to the conjoining rings set up, containing 28 best wrestlers on the entire planet. There are referees in both rings as well as several on the outside of the ring too and when the bell rings to start the match, a thunderous cheer echoes through the arena.

[ping]Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! It is now time for LAST BLOOD![/pink]

The crowd cheers loudly.

Announcer: In the ring are 29 superstars from across XWF, Pro Wrestling Valor, TRIAD, Zion Wrestling and WGWF. They will compete, they will fight until only one person is left standing, until every other person has been bloodied! That competitor will go on to face the winner of our main event for the XWF Universal Championship at March Maaaaadness!!!

JC: “Here….we…go! Goddamn, Thad, I am so pumped for this match!”

Thad: “This is going to be absolute chaos and I can’t wait…hold on, unless my concussion syndrome is playing up again, the ring announcer said there were 29 superstars in the ring  but there are only 28 guys and girls in both these rings given Centurion’s notable absence but that means we’re still one person short.”

Suddenly, as if on cue, the lights go out and a chorus of anticipation rushes through the crowd. Just then, a lion’s loud roar echoes throughout the arena before the lights turn back on and they’re gold as the intro of “Soldier Dream” by ROOT FIVE hits the PA. The fans go batshit crazy and a “Holy shit!” chant soon breaks out.

JC: “No way!”

Thad: “Well, well, well!”

JC: “There’s our mystery entrant! Fans and roster members alike have been throwing out their predictions and suggestions all week!”

ANNOUNCER: And now, your mystery entrant! Standing tall at 6'0" and weighing in at 227 lbs., from Osaka, Japan, “The Lion”... RAIOOOOOOOOOOON… KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

JC: “The Lion is back in XWF! And Jason Cashe does not look happy!”

The cameras immediately pan to Jason Cashe who kicks the bottom rope. He looks over to Thad at the commentary desk shouting “Did you know about this?!” and Thad merely shrugs behind the desk.

Thad: “How would I know?! Just focus on the damn match, Jason! Jesus Christ…”

Cashe turns his attention back to the ramp where Raion is making his way to the ring, his entrance music still playing as Cashe motions for his former tag team partner to get to the ring.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He points to Cashe in the ring before breaking into a run and slides under the bottom rope. He makes a beeline for his former tag team partner, taking him to the mat with a double leg takedown and laying into him.

JC: “Here we go! Kido and Cashe! The former tag team champions are going at it! This place has gone bananas!”

Thad: “This is deafening in here, JC, I can barely hear you!”

The fans have come unglued as the timekeeper rings the bell to start the match and the competitors split off into numerous individual brawls. Raion grabs Cashe up who is desperately covering up and disoriented. Raion cracks him with Atomic Thunder sending him flying over the top rope and thumps his chest, shouting “MOERO KOSUMO!” to a loud cheer from the crowd however he’s caught off-guard by Cashe grabbing him by the foot on the outside and he pulls him out of the ring, laying into him with a couple of snap jabs and a lifting knee to the face.

JC: “What a frantic start to the match! Raion Kido hasn’t been seen in an XWF ring for months but he’s showing no signs of ring rust as he and Jason Cashe are brawling on the outside!”

Thad: “And look there, big Barney Green has found his first target and looks like it’s Noah Jackson! Poor sick cunt that he is!”

Just as Thad has pointed out in commentary,  inside one of the rings, the incomparable Barney Green instantly clotheslines Noah Jackson over the top rope, sending himself tumbling after him. The big man grabs Noah by the back of the head and rams him face-first into the barricade before lifting him up for an atomic drop but instead of his knee, Barney drops Jackson straight onto the barricade groin-first.

JC: “Ouch! Noah will be feeling that one for days!”

Thad: “Gotta love Barney Green, JC, and by the sounds of it, so do these Texans!”

With Noah Jackson straddling the barricade precariously, Barney goes to ringside and pulls one of the apron banners up.

JC: “Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good for Noah in the early going.”

Barney, head buried under the ring, pulls out a series of weapons, ranging from steel chairs, trash cans and trash can lids, kendo sticks, light-tubes and more. He picks up one of the chairs and goes to swing at Noah but he doesn’t notice the Sick Cunt has managed to get himself off the barricade and he kicks the chair back into Barney’s face. Noah turns around and out of nowhere goes for the World’s Sickest Moonsault but he’s wiped out of the air by a swinging steel chair shot from Barney and Noah crumples to the floor on the outside!

JC: “My God! Noah went for broke in the heat of the moment and he got absolutely waylaid by Barney Green and that steel chair!”

Thad: “That’s the thing, this kind of match, anything around can and should be used as a weapon when the only way to win is to make everyone around you bleed.”

JC: “Oh and by the looks of it, two of your Madness alumni are picking up where they left off!”

In the ring, Anarchy Champion Sean Parker and Kieran King are locked in a scrap. King is on the receiving end of some fancy chain wrestling from the quicker-than-a-hiccup Parker but he’s stopped in his tracks by a well-timed low-blow that stops Sean immediately in his tracks.

JC: “There it is, the great equalizer, a shot downstairs to the family jewels!”

Thad: “There’s no doubt Sean Parker is as tough as they come and believe me, I’ve been in the ring with him. But in this type of match, there’s no room for technical wrestling, it’s a straight-up fight.”

King takes advantage of Sean’s incapacitation and cracks him with a hard forearm shot to the side of the head before throwing him hard into the ring post. Sean is able to bring his hands up at the last minute though, shielding his face from a potential match-ending connection. King pulls Sean backwards, grabbing him by the waistband of his tights and goes for a German suplex but Sean catches him with a back elbow before leaping back and catching him in the face with a Pele kick that staggers him back. But before Sean can do anything else, he’s cut off by none other than “DadBod” David Barker who takes out King himself with the Buckaroo Clothesline from Hell!

JC: “DadBod! DadBod! DadBod! Out of nowhere! The surprise package of the TRIAD Strength Trials almost took Kieran King’s head off there.”

Thad: “Looks like Sean isn’t too pleased either, I think he feels he didn’t need DadBod’s help there.”

DadBod gives Sean a smirk and a shrug but he too is caught unawares by Mark Cross! The Dragon takes down Dadbod with a signature Go 2 Sleep! Almost as quick, Sean Parker takes down Cross with his Bloody Tears 720 spinning roundhouse kick but Parker is then taken out of the equation for now by Crash Rodriguez with a sliding dropkick.

However, as Crash is on all fours though, before he can get back to his feet, Dickie Watson flies out of nowhere, planting Cross’s face straight into the canvas with the Rise to Glory curb stomp!

Meanwhile Matt Knox and JMont are leathering each other with rights and lefts, Jmont looking absolutely livid. The two big buys are teeing off on each other, grabbing each other by the backs of their heads and ramming their forearms and fists into each other’s faces. Both men, renowned for their methodical wrestling styles, have thrown caution to the wind in light of current circumstances and their battle resembles an all-out brawl rather than a wrestling match.

JC: “Jesus, JMont and Knox are beating the ever-loving crap out of each other.”

Thad: “There’s a lot of recent animosity there. Jmont recently joined the ranks of Pro Wrestling Valor where Knox is pushing for another world title reign. And then there’s the whole “Did he? Didn’t he?” rumor with Sonya Benson.”

JC: “And anyone who's' anyone knows Matt Knox is not one to miss an opportunity to stir the pot or use that silver tongue of his to rile his opponents up and from the looks of it, it’s working.”

Knox manages, at least momentarily, to gain an upper hand, rocking JMont with a hard European Uppercut and grabs him onto his shoulders.

JC: “Here we go! Knox looking to perhaps end JMont’s night early, he’s going for Into the Void!”

Thad: “I’d say it’s far too early for something like that but a match like this, you do what you can as early as possible to thin the herd.”

Before Knox can fully execute Into the Void, JMont leaps out of it, going for the JKO by grabbing Knox in a three-quarters headlock but Knox has the wherewithal to push him away and he avoids it. However both of them are suddenly blindsided by the man-mountain himself, the last reigning XWF United States Champion, Enigma! The big behemoth cleans both men’s clots with a double lariat, sending his gigantic arms crashing into their sternums and flooring them.

JC: “Good God, what impact! Knox and JMont were so busy trying to one-up the other, they didn’t even see Enigma coming.”

Thad: “Which is ironic because Sev is hardly inconspicuous there.”

In the other ring, XWF stalwarts Mark Flynn and Doc D’Ville are picking up where they left from the last episode of Warfare. The two combatants employ their brawling tactics, raking at each other’s faces, kicking and punching at any part of each other’s faces and torsos they can connect with. Flynn starts to gain the upper hand, chopping away Doc’s chest as he backs into the corner. Flynn turns around for a discus lariat but Doc grabs, hooking him in the 'DOCkata ha jima' submission hold!

JC: “DOCkata Ha Jima! DOCkata ha jima! Doc caught Flynn with his back turned!”

Thad: “That’s all very well and good but this is a Last Blood match. Last time I checked, putting someone to sleep didn’t make them bleed.”

Flynn flails in the Doc’s clutches but manages to back up into the same corner, driving the wind out of the Doc’s lungs and he lets go. Out of nowhere, another person comes charging in, laying into both Flynn and Doc with chops that aren’t really doing much and the crowd cheers with “Woooos!”

Doc and Flynn both turn around, confused and see Dick Drizzle looking fired up. He keeps chopping at both Flynn and Doc respectively but it’s clear they aren’t doing any damage. Suddenly, both Flynn’s and Doc’s gaze go from staring at Drizzle to past him.


Dick Drizzle slowly turns around and sees Barney Green standing in front of him, light tube in-hand, a sadistic grin on his face.

Thad: “I have a feeling this is going to be lights out….lights out, JC, get it?”

JC: “Dear God…”

Barney swiftly cracks the light tube across Dick Drizzle’s head sending tiny shards of broken reflective glass everywhere. Drizzle stands there momentarily as blood drips from his forehead down his face as he comedically collapses backwards like a falling domino.

JC: “There we go! Dick Drizzle is busted open! We have our first elimination of the night!”

The referees pull Drizzle from the ring and he is escorted to the back.

Dick Drizzle has been eliminated!

The cameras cut back to the ring and we see Slade Durant and RL Edgar brawling. Edgar takes Slade down with a spear before launching into a rain of punches from a MMA-style mount position that forces Slade to cover up. He manages to slow Edgar down with a thumb to the eyes that derails Edgar’s momentum and he kicks him off.

However as he rolls to his feet, he’s grabbed by Enigma who lifts Slade with ease, launching him high into the air with a Gorilla Press. Enigma roars defiantly as he walks around the ring, still pressing Slade high above his head. Edgar sees an opportunity and runs at Enigma but all he does is eat a massive boot to the face that sends him flying through the ropes to the outside. Enigma then launches Slade like a lawn dart over the top, sending him crashing on top of Edgar.

Sloane Taylor and Shazz Nasty are going at it as well. Shazz is throwing hard right hands straight into the face of the new Mrs Cashe, and throws hard her into one of the corners and starts stomping a mudhole in her. Shazz doesn’t see the Zion Gateway Champion Kaya Parker though and the fiery competitor nails her with a running enziguri kick to the back of the head followed by a leaping clothesline that takes her down. However Kaya doesn’t see that Sloane is back on her feet and is taken out with the Silver Lining Standing Spanish Fly..

Thad: “That’s it! You got this, Sloane!”

JC: “So much for being impartial!”

Thad: “I’m allowed to have friends, JC!”

As the action continues in all sides and corners of both the rings and the ringside area, suddenly an ominous “ohhhhh” comes from the fans. On either side of the ropes separating the two rings, former Universal Champion Thunder Knuckles is mouthing off towards Spencer Adams. Moments later, PWV World Champion Sebastian Everett-Bryce materializes, standing side-by-side with Adams. Big D appears! He slaps TK on the shoulder and gives the finger to SEB and then a massive cheer erupts as the imposing Corey Black stands on the other side of Spencer, staring a hole through Big D. Bobby Bourbon and Crash Rodriguez then roll in, standing next to TK and Big D and the fans are chanting “This is awesome!”

JC: “Oh my God! Pantheon and B.O.B! This is insane!”

Thad: “B.O.B. have the numbers advantage but don’t count those three guys out on any day of the week.”

The trash-talking continues for a bit until they finally rush at one another, erupting into a vicious melee. Corey and TK are peppering each other with rights and lefts whilst Adams and Bobby scrap to the canvas, rolling around like a bar fight. SEB gets the better of Big D in their exchange but Crash comes in to make the numbers count. Behind them, Corey takes TK down with a T-bone suplex and takes out Crash with a reverse rana. As the trio eventually gain the upper hand over their XWF counterparts, they nail all three of B.O.B. over the top rope with synchronized superkicks that earns them a massive pop from the crowd. Corey, SEB and Spencer all exchange fist bumps, shoulder pats and nods as they survey the scene and regroup.

JC: “Pantheon just cleaned house!”

Thad: “I told you, don’t ever count those guys out.”

Out of nowhere, Cyph3r spins SEB around and immediately lays into his former friend with a series of strong-style kicks that force the Brit onto the ropes before catching him with a picture-perfect dropkick  that sends him over the top rope. Cyph3r grabs the top rope, springboarding himself over to the outside by SEB manages to avoid him, quickly snatching him from behind and dropping him on the back of his head with a half-and-half suplex. As Cyph3r clutches the back of his head, SEB hauls him aggressively back to his feet but a sudden gasp from the crowd draws their attention and they both collectively look up as they follow the fans’ gaze.

JC: “Uh-oh! Someone’s about to get some hangtime!”

Sean Parker suddenly sprints across the ring at full speed, using his momentum to launch himself clear over the turnbuckle and comes crashing into both SEB and Cyph3r with an incredible Sky Twister Press that brings the crowd to its feet!

JC: “Ho-Lee crap! Did you see that?!”

Thad: “I did. That’s the reason I signed him to Madness in the first place, very few can do the kind of stuff Parker can do in the air.”

JC: “Wait a minute, here comes Kieran King!”

Right on cue, the former XWF Universal Champion comes flying through the top and middle ropes with a suicide dive, sending Parker flying into the barricade. King quickly gets back into the ring and launches himself over the top rope for a cross body and sends Parker over the barricade and into the crowd. As King gets to his feet, SEB grabs him and lands a pin-less variation of the Stamford Bridge Tiger Suplex. Cyph3r takes advantage of SEB being distracted, burying a blatant boot straight to SEB’s groin before hooking him and driving him down with a pump-handle half-nelson driver!

JC: “Made in Japan on the floor by Cyph3r, Jesus, that could’ve broken SEB’s neck!”

Thad: “I’ve known Cyph3r a long time, he’s calculated and very, very good.”

Corey Black sees what’s going on and he’s about to make the save however he’s cut-off by none other than the Raven himself Matt Knox! The reigning TPW International Champion catches Black flush on the jaw with his Little Bit of Poison big boot. However Black just smirks, absorbing the blow which gets a big pop from the crowd. The two begin teeing off on one another, neither man giving an inch. Black goes for a big lariat but it just sends Knox back a step. Spencer Adams tries to come in to assist his stablemate but he too is intercepted off by none other than the incomparable Johnny Bacchus! Bacchus takes Adams down with a sling blade but Adams springs right back up. Adams rocks Bacchus with a couple of quick elbow strikes and a spinning backfist that staggers him.

Suddenly, the cameras cut to the crowd and we see a familiar face!

JC: “Oh wow, Lissie Hope is here with us tonight enjoying the PPV here in Arlington!”

Outside, Jason Cashe and Raion Kido are still going at it, their rivalry picking up right where it left off. Cashe has the upper hand at the moment though, catching Raion with a big knee lift that nails him up underneath the chin. He Irish whips Raion hard into the barricade and goes rushing in for a big corner-style attack but Raion catches him coming in with a Ura-nage. However, Sloane has seen what’s going on and comes rushing to her hubestie’s aid and clubs Kido on the back of the head with a big forearm. Despite giving up a good six inches in height and a hundred pounds in weight, Sloane isn’t intimidated by the Lion. As he turns around Sloane catches him with a spinning elbow to the jaw that staggers him back before athletically jumping onto the barricade fluidly and she takes down Kido with a springboard headscissors takeover.

Shazz Nasty and Kaya Parker can be seen still engrossed in their own personal scuffle. Shazz is in the proverbial ascendancy at the moment, pinning Kaya in one of the corners and choking her with a long, extended leg. Kaya has the ring smarts to sweep Shazz’s standing leg out from under her though, causing her to lose her balance. As Kaya tries to catch her breath, she spies a trash can lid at ringside and grabs it, just as Shazz pulls her back to her feet. Kaya spins around and catches Shazz square in the face with the lid, the impact echoing throughout the AT&T arena. Shazz staggers back, dazed. Kaya positions the trash can lid and hoists Shazz up into an electric chair position before drilling her down, head first with Road to Dead Silence! As Shazz rolls over, we can see clearly staining her hair where her head connected with the trash can lid. One of the referees spots it and signals to the announcer as he helps her from the ring.

Shazza Nasty has been eliminated!

Kaya fist pumps to herself as she climbs back to her feet but doesn’t see Kieran King slither back into the ring and he nails her with his Ugly on the Outside Codebreaker, the momentum springing her straight back to her feet. King grabs the same trash can lid Kaya used on Shazz Nasty and places it between his knee and Kaya’s face, smashing her back down with a second Ugly on the Outside. Kaya is busted open now, a cut snaking across her forehead from the impact as she lies crumpled on the mat. A referee is there straightaway, ensuring she’s removed from the ring safely.

Kaya Parker has been eliminated!

JC: “Goddamn, that trash can lid is getting its money’s worth tonight! Two eliminations in quick succession thanks to that.”

Thad: “We’re getting to the nitty gritty now, weapons coming into play. These guys are starting to see that if they want to win, they’re going to have to go to places they might not have gone to before.”

On the outside Noah Jackson is back to his feet. He spots Barney Green stomping mudholes in both RL Edgar and Slade Durant and tries to get some measure of revenge for earlier, raking his fingers across the back but all it does is get Barney’s attention. He turns around looking pissed but Noah stops him in his tracks with an eye gouge. Behind him, Slade and Edgar are also back to their feet and exchange looks with Jackson and an unspoken agreement looks like it’s been made. All three begin waylaying on Barney, overwhelming him until he explodes out almost Hulk-esque. Barney grabs a steel chair and swings it wildly, catching both Durant and Edgar square in the face but before he can do anything else, Jackson delivers a So Sick Kick into the chair, sending the top of it crashing into Barney’s face sending him staggering back. As Durant and Edgar climb to their feet too, both of them are wearing crimson masks from the chair shots taken from Barney!

JC: “This match is descending into anarchy! Barney Green busted open both Slade Durant and RL Edgar!”

Thad: “The herd is thinning fast now, JC!”

RL Edgar and Slade Durant have been eliminated!

As Noah Jackson goes to resume his attack on Barney Green, he doesn’t see Enigma reach over the top rope and grab him by the head, showing off his incredible strength to lift him up and onto the apron. Enigma climbs onto the apron himself and hooks Jackson up behind his arms and sensationally jumps off the apron. He slams Jackson face-first into a steel chair on the outside with his signature wheelbarrow facebuster!

JC: “Face Eraser from the apron! Good God!”

Thad: “Apt because look at Noah Jackson’s face, looks like another elimination!”

As Thad has rightly pointed out, when Noah Jackson is rolled over by one of the ringside officials, his face is covered in blood and he’s helped up to his feet and taken to the back.

Noah Jackson has been eliminated!

Back at ringside, Barney Green has now pulled a ladder of all things out from under the ring and has slid it under the bottom rope. However before he can slide back in himself, he’s interrupted by Kieran King who lays into him with repeated kicks to an opponent until Barney slumps down and King follows up by a running knee to him while he is seated, sending the back of his head into the ring apron.

Back inside the ring, Mark Cross has picked up the ladder and props it up before he’s attacked from behind by Dickie Watson. He slams Cross face-first into one of the rings before taking him down with a well-timed dropkick. As Cross lies on the mat, Dickie then starts to ascend the ladder and leaps, looking for his Echelon 360 corkscrew moonsault, however, at the very last second, JMont leaps through the air from out of nowhere, and nails him with a JKO in midair!


JC: “Arlington, you are absolutely right! JMont just caught Dickie Watson mid-moonsault with a JKO!”

Thad: “Wow…just wow!”

Dickie hasn’t moved and JMont looks pumped as hell, thumping his chest as he pulls a semi-conscious Dickie back to his feet and lifts him up so his feet are hanging from the ladder rungs. JMont spikes him down with the JMont Hung DDT! JMont kicks Dickie over so he’s on his front and it’s clear a combination of the JKO and DDT have taken their toll as blood seeps out a cut on Dickie’s forehead. A referee rushes over and pulls DIckie under the bottom rope.

Dickie Watson has been eliminated!

JC: “Wow, no one expected that! An early bath for Dickie Watson! He had to be one of the favorites for sure!”

Thad: “I don’t think he banked on getting cuttered out of the air by Joe though, JC.”

Across both rings and all around the ringside area, carnage is continuing to ensue as more mini-battles are breaking out. All three members of Pantheon are embroiled in another scrap with B.O.B. on the outside as Big D eats a 99 Problems (Kinshasa) from Spencer Adams that sends him clattering into the ring post.

JC: “Ouch! Oh damn, Big D’s face hit that ring post hard after that hellacious knee strike from Spencer Adams! Is he? Yes, Big D is busted open, his nose looks like a leaky faucet!”

Big D has been eliminated!

Corey Black delivers an extremely stiff apron powerbomb to Thunder Knuckles. SEB meanwhile drops Crash Rodriguez with a devastating Empire Kick.

Back in one of the rings, Matt Knox tries to get the drop on JMont again but he’s interrupted by Jason Cashe who has climbed back into the ring after temporarily sidelining Raion Kido. Knox goes to lift an unsuspecting Montouri into position for Into the Void but as he turns around, Cashe straight up pokes Knox in the eye, causing him to drop JMont. Cashe though has something in his other hand and he absolutely wallops Knox between the eyes with a light tube, no doubt brought into the ring by Barney Green! The impact sends shards of broken pieces everywhere and Knox falls back like a domino, blood pouring from various tiny wounds on his forehead.

JC: “Oh my God! Matt Knox is bleeding! Knox is bleeding! Cashe just turned his lights out!”

Thad: “Holy crap! Another early bath for another early favorite! This is turning into anyone’s match!”

Matt Knox has been eliminated!

Johnny Bacchus and the returning Raion Kido can be seen going at it as Matt Knox can be seen in the background being helped out by the referees, shaking them off in frustration. Kido heaves Bacchus up onto his shoulders and runs towards one of the turnbuckles, launching Bacchus like a lawn dart. However, the Rascal King shows incredible agility to land precariously on the top rope of the second ring, receiving a big pop from the crowd.

JC: “What agility by Johnny Bacchus!”

Bacchus leaps forward athletically onto the top rope of the main ring, using his momentum to springboard forward and cracks Kido in the jaw with a phenomenal forearm sending the returning Lion catapulting backwards. As Bacchus gets back to his feet, Bobby Bourbon is back in the ring, fresh off his face-off with the Pantheon and almost takes Bacchus’ head off with a blistering SHORYUKEN!! The Rising Uppercut sends Bacchus flying across the ring! However before Bobby can do anything else, Cyph3r rushes in from behind, taking him down to one knee with a chop block before slingshotting himself off the ropes and careens into him with the Cutscene shining wizard!

No sooner has Cyph3r got back to his feet when Sloane Taylor comes spinning through the air, clocking him on the side of the head with her Seeing Stars 720 Spinning Kick. Sloane reaches down and grabs the broken piece of the light tube Cashe used on Matt Knox and swings it but she’s caught off-guard by a familiar voice crying “Ow fuck!”

A loud “Oooooh!” elicits from the crowd as Sloane turns around and her face drops as she sees she’s just connected the sharp, broken edge of the light tube with Jason Cashe’s shoulders, a trickle of blood dripping down his arm.

JC: “Oh no!” Sloane went to swing that broken light tube and she just nailed her husband!”

Thad: “Oh shit! That was clearly an accident!”

JC: “It doesn’t matter!” Cashe is bleeding, he’s out!”

Sloane pleads her innocence to Cashe insisting she didn’t mean it as Cashe wipes the smear of blood from his shoulder. He quickly looks around and wipes Raion Kido who has just gotten back to his feet. One of the referee looks suspiciously at Cashe who protests his innocence, holding up his hands before pointing at the blood on Kido’s arm, not noticing the blood continuing to drip from the cut on his shoulder. Light laughter trickles through the crowd as Jason Cashe tries his best to fool the referee but it’s not working as the referee vociferously admonishes him, pointing to Cashe and telling him to get out. Cashe pouts and his shoulders drop and he goes to exit the ring as Kido grins, wiping the blood off his arm. As he goes to leaves though, Cashe catches Kido with a thumb to the eye and a Wet Willie before taking his leave on the back of further admonishment from the referee.

JC: “Jason Cashe tried to con the referee into thinking Raion Kido was bleeding after being accidentally getting hit on the arm by his wife and then proceeded to poke him in the eye and give him a wet willy! Can you believe that?!

Thad: (Deadpan): Yes, JC, I most certainly can believe that.”

Jason Cashe has been eliminated!

As the action continues to unfold and the number of leftover competitors with their flesh intact begins to dwindle, we see both the rings start to fill up more with there being more room. Barney Green has grabbed the ladder attempted to be used by Dickie Watson earlier, placing the middle ring around his neck and he takes it for a spin, knocking anyone that comes into contact with it  - Thunder Knuckles goes down! As does Mark Cross! Enigma!

JC: “Barney Green is a one-man wrecking crew! Helicopter Spin with the ladder!”

Thad: “I’m surprised he’s not popped a lung yet!”

Suddenly, the reigning Anarchy Champion Sean Parker springboards from the top rope, landing athletically on top of the ladder still balanced on Barney’s shoulders. Parker incredibly runs along the rungs of the ladder and jumps into the air, hitting an unreal Raidenrana poisonrana on Barney, sending him, ladder still around his neck, flipping back with a horrible landing! Parker favors his ribs from his own landing but as he climbs to his feet, he’s wiped out by a double superkick from both SEB and Spencer, sending him rolling out of the ring and to the floor.

JC: “Can you believe that agility from Parker?! He ran the length of the ladder and nailed Barney with a poisonrana!”

Thad: “Barney’s got plenty of padding, I’m sure he’s fine!”

However as Barney stumbles to his feet, a referee points to the back of his head, as his hair is soaked in blood from the ladder hitting the back of his head! Barney staggers, feeling the back of his head and sees the blood on the tips of his fingers. He curses out loud in frustration before climbing out of the ring and slumps to the back but not before getting a tremendous ovation from the Arlington crowd.

Barney Green has been eliminated!

Mark Flynn can now be seen, duking it out with Mark Cross. The two trade blows before Flynn halts proceedings with a kick to the inside of Cross’s leg which wobbles him. Flynn rakes at Cross’s eyes before grabbing a nearby steel chair and he rams it into Cross’s ribs. Flynn raises the chair above his head but before he can connect, Cross fights back with a kick to the gut, causing Flynn to drop the chair. Cross favors his eyes momentarily after Flynn’s previous tomfoolery but quickly composes himself and goes to set up Flynn for the Ketteiteki Desaki!

JC: “Wow! Mark Flynn’s in a spot of bother here, Thad! Mark Cross could be looking to eliminate an XWF legend here!”

Thad: “Looks like he still can’t quite see properly though, JC, he’s having trouble finding Flynn’s arms.”

With his vision still a bit hazy, he can’t quite get the double underhooks in properly which gives Flynn enough time to recuperate and he fights out of it. He spins out, grabbing Cross in a reverse face lock position and drills him with the double whammy of his Logical Conclusion, Cross Rhodes sending Mark Cross face-first into the steel of the chair! Flynn, adrenaline rushing through him, pulls a dazed Cross to his feet, who has been busted open badly from his face hitting the steel chair, and he launches him forcefully over the top rope and out to the floor where officials begin to tend to him.

Mark Cross has been eliminated!

The action is becoming even more frenetic. Pantheon are continuing their battle with B.O.B. as SEB and Corey are going at it with Thunder Knuckles and Crash Rodriguez. TK and Corey are going hammer and tongs, with TK’s toughness shining through with his ability to take a hit coming to the forefront. The two are slugging it out and it’s clear Corey is getting the better of the exchange but TK refuses to go down. His arms begin to droop down but Corey is still going strong. He lets TK have it with a big-time lariat but the bigger man still doesn’t go down.

JC: “Damn, this thing between Pantheon and B.O.B. is neverending, every time the cameras find one of them, they’re going at it!”

Thad: “Only room for one group in XWF it seems!”

Spencer Adams rushes out of nowhere and catches TK on the side of the head with the 99 Problems knee/shin strike! TK looks out on his feet! Meanwhile SEB sends Crash into one of the corners and nails him with a moonsault kick that sends him staggering out before he gets obliterated with an Empire Kick that sends a spray of blood spurting from Crash’s busted lip!

Crash Rodriguez has been eliminated!

The camera immediately switches back to Spencer Adams and Corey Black chopping down Thunder Knuckles who still refuses to go down. He’s swinging wildly, like his arms are made of lead. Corey has procured three barbed baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire and holds them up ominously to the crowd.

JC: “Oh dear, this could get messy! Corey Black has a very violent background and that does not bode well for the former Universal Champion!”

Thad: “I said it before, do not underestimate Pantheon; these guys are dangerous.”

Corey directs traffic to SEB and Spencer who proceed to deliver synchronized superkicks and TK finally drops to his knees before handing the other two bats to Spencer and SEB. The three their barbed wire bats hard down to the top of TK’s head and into his body, sending sickening sprays of blood onto them all. However TK proceeds to give a sadistic smile and as the blood drips down his face, he spits it out the Pantheon, giving them the finger before falling on to his front.

JC: “Did you hear that impact, Thad?! The Pantheon just went full Negan and could very well have split Thunder Knuckles’ head open!”

Thad: “See my previous statement, JC!”

Thunder Knuckles has been eliminated!

As several referees slide into the ring and help TK and Crash from the ring, the sole surviving member of B.O.B. Bobby Bourbon comes charging into the ring, swinging a steel chair. He cracks Corey Black in the back, sending him down before ramming into both Spencer’s and SEB’s ribs. He sends SEB and Spencer to the mat with a double DDT before kicking Corey out of the ring. However, he’s blindsided by an onrushing Enigma.The former US Champion barrels into Bourbon, sending him into one of the corners and Enigma begins to ram shoulder barges into Bobby’s ribs and midsection. Enigma backs up and builds up a head of steam, rampaging towards Bobby like a raging bull. However Bobby himself explodes out of the corner, catching Engima with his second SHORIYUKEN!! of the match that dazes the big man. Sensing an opportunity, he grabs one of the barbed wire bats brought into the ring by Corey Black and rakes the sharp twisted metal barbs across Enigma’s face, creating a snake-like laceration down it and the telltale crimson ooze begins to flow!

JC: “Goddamn, this match is getting super violent super quick! First The Pantheon almost split open TK’s head like an easter egg and now Bobby Bourbon is trying to disfigure Enigma!

Thad: “This is Last Blood, JC, this is what it’s all about!”

Enigma has been eliminated!

JC: “And with Enigma’s elimination, we’re more than halfway through the participants in XWF’s first-ever Last Blood Battle Royale. From an outsider’s standpoint, we still have all three members of Pantheon which are Sebastian Everett-Bryce, Spencer Adams and Corey Black, we’ve got Dadbod, Cyph3r and Joe Montouri!”

Thad: “And for XWF, we have the Anarchy Champion, Sean Parker, Kieran King, the returning Raion Kido, Sloane Taylor, Bobby Bourbon, Doc D’Ville and Mark Flynn!”

JC: “Speaking of those last two, it looks like they’re picking up again where they left from Warfare! Bobby Bourbon walked away from that triple threat with the victory but these two don’t like they’re ready to let sleeping dogs lie!”

As JC has just pointed out, Doc D’Ville and Mark Flynn are indeed tearing into each other again. The Doc is like a madman, swiping, punching and kicking at Flynn on the ground who desperately covers up. Doc goes for a Super Doc Punch but Flynn instinctively avoids it, deftly grabbing his arm and locks in his signature Fujiwara Armbar! Flynn wrenches hard on the painful submission move but the Doc doesn’t seem perturbed by it at all to the point he rolls over, almost dislocating his own arm to maneuver out of Flynn’s grasp, using his good arm to nail Flynn with a Spinning Doc Elbow that sends him down.

However, the Doc doesn’t see DadBod in his peripheral vision and he gets completely floored by a Buckaroo, sending the Doc spinning 360 degrees in the air!

JC: “Oh hell yeah, what an impact from DadBod! That Buckaroo packs a punch, that’s the second time he’s hit it in this match so far, he’s two for two in terms of knockouts for sure!”

Thad: “DadBod certainly likes to play that underdog card but anyone who saw what happened in the TRIAD Strength Trials knows David Barker is legit.”

DadBod grabs Doc and pulls him to his feet, grabbing around the waist and sends him high over his head with a high-angle release German Suplex and the crowd cheer loudly for him, impressed with his strength. However he too doesn’t see a cerebral attack incoming in the form of Cyph3r who comes in from behind, grabbing DadBod in a reverse face lock and goes to plant him with a reverse DDT but DadBod anticipates it at the least second, rolling out of the attempt. He grabs Cyph3r by the throat and elevates him high above his head with Gorilla Press! But before he can slam him down, in comes Kieran King with a shotgun dropkick that sends DadBod flying back. Cyph3r, like a cat, lands on all fours, hands and feet spread across atop the ropes of the two rings. King proceeds to set up a wooden table pulled out from under the ring previously and pushes DadBod onto it, raking at his eyes before delivering a series of hard elbows and forearms to his face. He turns around grabs the ladder, pulling it back up and steadying it.

JC: “Oh, look here! Kieran King has DadBod on that table and he’s just set up a ladder! That can’t be good!”

Thad: “Ya think?!”

As King goes to climb the ladder, Cyph3r begins to climb up with him and they begin to hammer each other from either side of it.

Thad: “This is not like Tyler at all. He’s not one for high risks at all but I guess in this sort of match, all tactics go out the window.”

In the scuffle, King manages to gain the upperhand and pushes Cyph3r off and he lands hard on his back. King spies DadBod still lying prone on the table and he launches himself off the top of the ladder with the King Maker 630 Senton but unbelievably, DadBod manages to avoid the contact at the last moment and King crashes hard through the table into a pile of broken pieces of wood! Holy shit chants once again echo throughout the AT&T Stadium.

DadBod leans against the ropes to prop himself up but in comes Raion Kido! The Lion roars back into the ring, running at DadBod and catches him square in the chest with The Lightning Bolt heart punch! DadBod involuntarily yells out in pain, immediately clutching at his chest as if his soul has been separated from his body, falling back, almost in slow-motion, into one of the corners. Johnny Bacchus then suddenly explodes out of nowhere, leaping across from the opposite turnbuckle with The Great Leap Forwards! The Coast-to-Coast basement dropkick collides square with DadBod’s face, the soles of his boots hitting Barker in the nose, sending a shower of sweat and scarlet everywhere!

JC: “Holy Crap! Where did Bacchus come from?! He’s like a ninja and I think he may have broken DadBod’s nose!”

Thad: “He’s the Rascal King for a reason, JC!”

JC: “What does that even mean?”

DadBod has been eliminated!

As the pool starts to thin even more, the action again grows more frantic. Sloane Taylor and Sean Parker are like two speed-demons, trying to one up each other. Parker goes for the Masamune Decapitation but Sloane, almost Matrix-style, bends back into a crab position to avoid. She kips back up and catches Sean coming in with the SIlver Lining Standing Spanish Fly but incredibly, Sean lands on his feet. He goes for the Raidenrana but Sloane backflips out of it with unmatched precision. She then runs to the ropes, jumping on to the middle one, going for the Glitterbomb! But Sean stops the cutter! He flips over her into a powerbomb position, lifting Sloane up and goes for a huge Liger Bomb but Sloane incredibly counters in mid-air, spiking Sean into the mat with the Sky Palace!

JC: “What a sequence! That was incredible back-and-forth action from Sean Parker and Sloane Taylor!”

Thad: “The Sky Queen and the King of the Skies putting a mini clinic and Sloane coming out on top on that occasion.”

Sloane takes a deep breath before grabbing Sean and picks him, but he’s not bleeding. She sighs for a moment, expecting to have busted the Anarchy Champion open. What she doesn’t see is Cyph3r coming in once again from behind. He has a piece of barbed wire wrapped around his leg over his knee pad and he spins Sloane around, lifting her up onto his shoulders before hoisting her into the air, delivering the Game Over GTS straight onto the barbed wire! Sloane clutches her face in agony as the barbed wire appears to be stuck, embedded in her skin and she shakes her face free, the barbs tearing into her flesh and the blood seeping out of the open wounds in her cheeks and nose!

Thad: “Jesus Christ, Tyler!”

JC: Christ on a bike! Cyph3r just wrapped his leg in barbed wire just so he could bust Sloane open with that Game Over finisher of his!”

Sloane rolls on the mat as a referee helps out of the ring as she still clutches her face.

Sloane Taylor has been eliminated!

As the cameras return to the action, Raion Kido and JMont are now embroiled in a slugfest in between the sets of ropes dividing the two rings. Neither man is willing to give an inch at this stage, throwing with wild haymakers. Meanwhile, the Pantheon have been split from each other as Bobby Bourbon and Corey Black are ramming knees into each other’s midsections on the outside. Doc D’Ville and Johnny Bacchus are also at each other’s throats, well, more precisely, Doc is at Bacchus’ throat, choking him in one of the corners. Kieran King has managed to pull himself from the wreckage of the broken table after his failed King Maker attempt and incredibly, he looks unscathed.

JC: “This match is proving to be everything we expected and more, just sheer and utter chaos, Thad Duke.”

Thad: “I don’t think any of us had any idea of what to expect from this match, JC but it’s sure as hell giving these fans an experience they’ll never forget!”

Kido and Montouri are still hammering away at each other but they’ve managed to spill back into one of the rings. JMont grabs Raion and delivers a big knee lift that almost takes the Lion off his feet but the former XWF tag team champion fights through the pain, roaring at JMont and peppers him with several boxing-style strikes that force JMont to momentarily cover up. The two continue to exchange strikes, not noticing they’re right behind the shards of broken table thanks to Kieran King’s rough landing. They also don’t notice King himself, back on top of the ladder again and he flies off, this time nailing the King Maker with perfection onto both JMont and Kido, sending into the wreckage, the bodies of both shielding him from harm.

Crowd: “This is awesome! Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap This is awesome! Clap Clap Clap-Clap-Clap”

As JMont and Kido both start to stir, and get to their feet to start going at it again, two referees rush and stop them. Looks of confusion are painted across both their faces until the referees point at their bodies and we see Kieran King smiling from ear-to-ear, pulling himself up from one of the corners. Blood is dripping down JMont’s arm and Kido’s back from where they landed on the pieces of the broken table.

JC: “Oh come on! That’s hardly busted open! That’s a little scratch on JMont’s arm and you can barely see that on Kido’s back!”

Thad: “Rules are rules, JC, they’re bleeding. That was a genius move from Kieran King. He saw both JMont and Kido were right in front of those shards of broken table and he took full advantage. No fairytale return for the returning Raion Kido it seems.”

Joe Montouri and Raion Kido have both been eliminated!

As Kido and JMont are both encouraged by the referees to leave the ring, Kieran King cockily waves to them both but his joy is short-lived as Sean Parker almost takes his head off with the Masamune Decapitation elbow strike! The force of Parker’s finisher sends King flying out of the ring over the top rope and out to the floor. Just as Sean is about to follow King out the floor, he doesn’t see a hooded stranger hop the barricade on the other side of the ring and slide under the bottom rope.

JC: “Who the hell is that?! Parker, turn around kid!”

Thad “That’s…wait a minute…that’s…”

The mystery man runs at Sean full speed, spearing him into oblivion with the Silver Bullet! The man comes to his feet and pulls down on his hood revealing himself to be JJ Starfire!

Thad: “I fucking knew it! JJ Starfire! Vhodka Black’s protege!”

JC: “What the hell is he doing here?!”

Thad: “Sending a message to Sean Parker ahead of the TRIAD Wit Trials apparently!”

As Sean rolls about on the match clutching his ribs, JJ grins sadistically and grabs one of the steel chairs strewn across the ring, positioning it carefully and pulls Sean up to his feet, grabbing him for an Irish whip into a corner. He follows up with a roaring elbow and then catches Sean with a springboard tornado DDT as he staggers out. Sean’s head spikes into the chair.

JC: “Starshot DDT onto the chair!”

Thad: “That could be lights out for Parker.”

JJ pulls Sean up to his feet who looks out on his feet and his face is a crimson mask, blood literally pouring down his face. He holds Sean by the cheeks and gives him an almost friendly slap before shoving him back down and runs back through the crowd as quickly as he arrived.

Sean Parker has been eliminated!

JC: “Wait, can Parker be eliminated by someone not in the match?”

Thad: “Rules are it's the last person not bloodied standing that wins and Parker looks pretty bloodied to me, JC.”

A practically unconscious Sean Parker is helped from the ring by several officials to a smattering of applause from the sold-out crowd. Meanwhile Bobby Bourbon is currently doing a number on Cyph3r on the outside. He has him by the back of the head and goes to slam him face-first into the barricade but Cyph3r puts on the brakes and kicks him in the knee, catching Bobby off-balance. Bobby favors his knee for a moment but quickly reasserts himselfs and grabs Cyph3r, going for the Big Boy Toss but Cyph3r uses his weight to his advantage, adjusting his position in midair and lands gracefully on his feet. Unimpressed, Bobby charges after him but Cyph3r inexplicably slides under the ring.

JC: “What the hell is Cyph3r doing under the ring?!”

Thad: “I don’t know. I’m friends with the guy but I don’t know what the hell he’s thinking.”

As Bobby stoops down to lift up the ring apron, a plume of white powdery smoke blows into his face, disorienting him and he staggers back, clutching his face. Seconds later, Cyph3r re-emerges with a fire extinguisher in-hand and he sprays it again into Bobby Bourbon’s face, momentarily blinding him! Cyph3r proceeds to ram the base of the extinguisher into Bobby’s face and he falls to his knees. Cyph3r throws it down before building up a head of steam and launches himself towards Bobby, taking him down with the Cutscene Shining Wizard!

JC: “Thad, I can’t see a damn thing with all that fire extinguisher foam everywhere! What’s going on?!”

Thad: “We’re both *not* looking at the same thing, JC! Your guess is as good as mine!”

As the misty hue begins to clear and Bobby Bourbon sits up, it’s unclear whether it was the impact of the extinguisher or the Shining Wizard but what is clear is that he has been well and truly busted open, blood trickling down and evidently open wound on his forehead. The referees spot and make the call.

Bobby Bourbon has been eliminated!

JC: “What a showing from Bobby tonight! But Cyph3r was just too crafty for him on this occasion.”

As Bobby Bourbon is helped to his feet and escorted, Cyph3r climbs back to his feet too. He climbs up to the apron, noticing the action unfolding back in the ring between the Pantheon, Mark Flynn, Doc D’Ville and Kieran King. As he goes to climb through the ropes though, he’s suddenly clutching his groin, falling into the ring and looks to see Johnny Bacchus grinning at him after he kicked the middle rope into his nether regions. Cyph3r seethes as he tries to climb up but Bacchus is already slingshotting himself off the ropes and comes charging in and sends his knee into Cyph3r’s temple with The Bottom of Everything V-Trigger! Cyph3r topples over but Bacchus immediately pulls him, ramming his fist repeatedly into his forehead with a series of right hands before pulling him and spikes him hard with his Tragedy at Buffalo Gutwrench Piledriver! The combination of the all three sequences proves too much and a crimson pool forms around Cyph3r’s head on the canvas!

Cyph3r has been eliminated!

JC: “Wow, Bacchus really went to town on Cyph3r there! There looks to be some bad blood there, pardon the pun!”

Thad: “Yeah, long story, JC…”

JC: “Nevertheless, despite a tremendous showing, Cyph3r is out of the Battle Royale!”

Again, the cameras refocus to the action once Cyph3r has been safely removed from the ring by the XWF officials. Spencer Adams and SEB are embroiled in a heated striking exchange with Doc D’Ville and Mark Flynn respectively. The former sees “Badmon” and the psychotic Doc brawling across the canvas until the Doc finds himself in a full-mount position. He wraps his hands around Spencer’s throat, throttling him maniacally until Corey Black makes the save for his Pantheon brother, taking down D’Ville with a Yakuza Kick. However, in comes Kieran King from behind, taking Corey down with a Sling Blade. This intervention allows Doc and Spencer to resume their stramash. Adams tees off on D’Ville with quick strikes, elbows and finally a well-placed spinning backfist that rocks the Doc, sending him back. Spencer goes for Quarantine from his standing position but Doc unbelievably blocks the facebuster, spreading his body weight and holding his ground. He lifts Spencer up and rams him into the corner, driving the wind out of him before diving on top of him, biting at his face before he tears a piece of flesh off Spencer's cheek.

JC: “What the fuck! Did Doc just….did he just….?!”

Thad: “Yes, JC, I believe Doc D’Ville just bit Spencer Adams on the face…”

Spencer clutches his face incredulously, feeling at the embedded dent in his cheek where a chunk of flesh used to be, his eyes widening as he looks at Doc D’Ville who spits out the piece from between his teeth. The moment of realization then hits Spencer as he sees the blood on his fingers. “What the fuck man?!” can be heard as the ringside mics pick up Adams cursing out in frustration as referees point at him and tell him he’s out of the match.

Spencer Adams has been eliminated!

Corey and SEB notice what’s happened as they see Spencer kicking the bottom rope in frustration as he clutches his cheek, still aghast at what just happened. Incensed, the remaining Pantheon members make a beeline for the Doc but both are cut-off by Mark Flynn and Kieran King. King grabs Corey Black in a rear waist lock and goes for a German Suplex but he eats a vicious elbow to the temple that rocks him. Corey reaches for the nearest weapon he can find which happens to be a kendo stick and he measures King for a moment before letting him have it full force on the cranium with a series of unanswered shots, splintering the martial arts weapon into pieces to the point splinters of it are protruding from the top of King’s head. The former XWF World Champion’s eyes widen in shock as he feels the wooden shards pierce his flesh. Not satisfied, Corey grabs King and waylays him with "For Victory or Death", repeatedly smashing his head with elbow strikes while holding him in a modified seated abdominal stretch and the referees come into the ring, pulling at his arm, acknowledging the blood dripping down Kieran King’s face.

JC: “Holy Moses! Corey King just to another dimension on Kieran King! And with that we’re down to five!”

Kieran King has been eliminated!

Corey eventually lets go of King and he slumps to the mat as the officials quickly remove him from the ring and have him tended to. As Corey climbs back to his feet, Johnny Bacchus is on him straightaway not letting him get a moment to breathe. He strikes at Corey at different levels with punches and kicks to his legs, midsection, arms and face, putting Black on the defensive for the moment. He manages to land a knee to Corey’s midsection, bringing him down to one knee but as he sets him up for the Bottom of Everything piledriver, Bacchus suddenly doubles over, clutching downstairs.

JC: “Oh my God, Cyph3r’s back! Cyph3r’s back in the ring! Where the hell did he come from?!”

Cyph3r has that same barbed wire from before that he used on Sloane Taylor wrapped around the same leg and he hoists Bacchus up, delivering another Game Over GTS into the barbed wire, raking it across Bacchus’ facial features. Cyph3r mouths off at Bacchus, lying clutching his bloodied face as the referees admonish him and tell him to get out before helping Bacchus out the ring. Cyph3r just smirks, holding his hands up in mock innocence before leaving the ring and walking back up the stage to a chorus of boos.

Johnny Bacchus has been eliminated!

JC: “And just like that, we’re down to our final four! Doc D’Ville, Mark Flynn, Corey Black and Sebastian Everett Bryce!”

The four men are now in one ring. SEB and Corey are still side-by-side as Flynn and D’Ville don’t even stand on ceremony. Corey has a light tube in hand. The XWF guys know, despite their differences, that SEB and Corey will likely look to team up on them. With that in mind, immediately go on the attack but before Flynn can do anything, Doc D’Ville grabs Flynn and goes to nail him with a Reverse STO but Flynn sees it coming and spikes the Doc with the Logical Conclusion which catches Corey and SEB by surprise.

JC: “Oh man! A double-double-cross!”

Thad: “Brilliant from Flynn! He knew Doc would likely try something and he saw it coming a mile off!”

Flynn looks down on Doc laid out on the mat and smirks but his hubris is his downfall as he takes his eye off the ball for the quickest of moments. Corey twirls the light tube like a kid would twirl a toy sword and he rams the light tube down the back of Flynn’s t-shirt before lifting him up and drives him with a backdrop driver, sending the broken shrapnel of light tube pieces into Flynn’s back. Flynn rolls on the mat desperately pulling at the t-shirt, arching his back in pain and we can clearly see the puncture marks and the blood seeping out.

JC: “Jesus, I’ve never seen a guy as creatively violent as Corey Black, this dude is vicious!”

Mark Flynn has been eliminated!

Corey Black looks pumped, shaking his head to get the sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes as he sees Doc D’Ville slowly start to come to. He turns to SEB as if to say come on but SEB doesn’t move. He just says “Sorry mate”. Corey looks confused and then he feels it. A sharp stabbing sensation in his arm and he looks down to see a trickle of blood oozing down it and then he sees it….in SEB’s hand… a piece of broken light tube!”

JC: “Genius! Absolute genius from SEB! He didn’t want to fight his stablemate but he knew he needed to win!

Thad: “I have no words for that except it’s something I know I’d do in his shoes as well. Like you said, JC, genius move.”

The ringside mics again pick up SEB telling Corey “I need to win this mate, please understand!”

Corey looks pissed at first but eventually gives SEB a bump on the shoulder and a subtle nod of his head before turning and leaving the ring.

Corey Black has been eliminated!

JC: “We’re now down to the final two, Thad! Doc D’Ville and Sebastian Everett-Bryce!” Who will go onto March Madness and face either Isaiah King or Ned Kaye?!”

Thad: “This match has been insane. Both of these guys were probably early favorites from the start but it still doesn’t make it any less surprising to see them both standing here at the end of things.”

Doc D’Ville smirks an unnerving smile, blood still around his mouth from where he bit into Spencer Adams’ cheek. SEB’s chest heaves from the physicality of the match. He scrunches his nose up, taking a deep breath in before moving methodically towards D’Ville. The Doc though is unnerved, unmoving, like a sphinx impossible to read, that same unnerving smile painted across his face. Then, all of a sudden, like a switch has been flipped inside his head, he ferally rampages at SEB, diving on him, scratching and clawing at him like a madman. SEB desperately covers up, pressing the palms of his hands into the Doc’s face. He uses whatever ring smarts he has left to roll over like a crocodile death roll and reverses the polarity and wraps his arms around D’Ville’s throat, grapevining his torso with his legs.

JC: “Nightfall! SEB has Doc locked in Nightfall!”

Thad: “If he puts Doc to sleep, that’s it, he’ll have him at his mercy.”

Doc writhes and flails in SEB’s grip as he tries to fight out of his, eyes widening, saliva frothing between his teeth. SEB’s bigger frame allows him to overpower Doc but he won’t be defeated just yet as a surge of adrenaline rushes through him and he inexplicably climbs to his feet, SEB perched like a rucksack on his back. Doc runs backwards, driving SEB hard into one of the turnbuckles but the PWV World Champion tenaciously holds on. Doc stumbles forward and slams SEB a second time into the corner and this time the force of the impact causes SEB to let go.

Doc turns around and shoves an elbow into SEB’s face over and over but he can’t find the killer blow to cause him to bleed. SEB is dazed though and stumbles out of the corner trying to shake off the cobwebs. Doc rolls out of the ring, going under the ring and incredibly pulls out a large pane of glass, carefully sliding it under the bottom rope and into the ring.

JC:“Who on earth, when the arena was getting set up tonight thought ‘let’s put a big-ass pane of glass under the ring, you know, just in case’?!”

Thad: “I’d guess it was probably Barney Green!”

Doc grabs Seb into a front face lock, dragging him on to the pane of glass as it begins to crack underneath the weight of both of them.

JC: “Oh no, Doc’s going for the Lobotomy onto that glass. This will definitely be game over for SEB if he hits this!”

Doc lifts SEB high into the air but before he can turn him around into position, SEB kicks his legs out and his weight to land directly behind Doc, the glass fully breaking upon impact under his wrestling boots. SEB delivers a brutal kidney shot to Doc that causes him to wince and he turns him around, lifting him up and into position, delivering a brutal inverted sit-down piledriver, into the glass, sending the shards slicing through Doc D’Ville’s face!

Thad: “Excuse me! Holy shit, I’ve not seen Sebastian use that move for God knows how long!”


Doc D'Ville has been eliminated

SEB slumps to the mat and off the glass, pulling himself to his feet as an XWF official comes into the ring and raises his hand in victory. The fans in the AT&T Stadium are on their feet as Sweatpants (BattleTapes Remix) By Childish Gambino plays throughout the stadium.


JC: Unbelievable match. Unbelievable result. So many of these competitors looked like they had what it takes to walk away the new #1 contender to the XWF Universal Champion but at the end of the day there could only be one winner. Sebastian Everett-Bryce

Thad: I'm so happy I could cry.

SEB slowly rises to his feet as the referee raises his hand in victory. Corey Black and Spencer Adams, the other two members of Pantheon climb into the ring and congratulate their stablemate with a hug before taking a few steps back and letting SEB take in the enormity of the moment.

It’s a special night in Arlington, Texas. The energy and excitement lingers in the atmosphere, floating from every beaming face the front row seats through every inch of the arena. It’s no different in the elegant box seats overlooking the sea of XWF fans.

The camera opens up on Steve Sayors, the pride of another successful battle royale evident in his eyes.

Steve Sayors: For twenty-five years, the XWF has stood alone at the top of the wrestling industry. And witnessing it all tonight were not just those who grew up watching us revolutionize this business, but sprinkled in with these legions of lifelong fans are the faces of celebrities and performers and professional athletes and - even - the top free agents in the game.

The camera pans to show him standing next to none other than Texas-born five-time World Champion Lissie Hope! The fans are electric, erupting in a chorus of cheers as she appears on the big screen. The cheers of “Lissie! Lissie!” echo off the stadium walls, and Steve waits a few moments to allow the cheers to die down before continuing.

Steve Sayors: It’s been seven months, Lissie.

Lissie Hope: Seven long months.

Steve Sayors: What brings you here tonight?

Lissie Hope: I couldn’t stay away any longer, Steve. I finally understand that even if I’d put it in the back of my mind, and if I stayed stagnant – this world continues. This industry never stops churning out new superstars. This business never stops evolving. And I couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer - letting it all pass me by. My heart hasn’t been whole since I stepped away, Steve. I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting - and healing - and learning about myself in these last seven months. And I need to feel complete again, Steve. Just sitting up in this box, watching people I know, and people I don’t – they went to war tonight, Steve. And it fulfilled me in ways I never could’ve imagined.

Steve Sayors: You had friends in the ring tonight.

Lissie Hope: Do we really have any friends in this business, Steve? Don’t get me wrong, I have all kinds of history with people who went to battle tonight. A mentor like Spencer Adams. An idol like Corey Black. An enemy like Cypher. And the greatest man I’ve ever known.

Lissie’s gaze veers out of the press box window as her voice cracks. But she quickly shakes it off.

Lissie Hope: But here’s the interesting thing, Steve. My legacy was affirmed by matches like these. Every person for themselves – one by one, eliminated over the top rope. All of those dreams dashed. All hope… smashed. And I realized that as empty as my heart has been without wrestling? Wrestling might be just as empty without the Blackheart.

The fans EXPLODE with cheers!

Steve Sayors: What are you saying, Lissie??

A grin appears on her lips.

Lissie Hope: If you’ve been eagerly waiting for me to get back in the ring, maybe you won’t have to wait much longer.

Steve Sayors: Are we going to see you in an XWF ring someday??

Lissie Hope: Never say never, Steve. But I was here to scout one person. Someone who’s seen me at my absolute lowest. Someone who seeks the same redemption I do.

Steve Sayors: And who would that be??

A pause.

Lissie Hope: Matthew Knox.

[Image: 3333713-A-F6-F7-423-F-8-C2-A-239-CC5-A51-DFC.jpg]

The camera zooms out as we see a smile slowly form across Lissie's face before the picture transitions to a shot of the XWF announcers table.

JC: Well what do you know. Lissie Hope was here scouting her opponent for Justin York's event Smashed taking place on March 16th. Lissie Hope versus Matt Know.

Thad: And from the sounds of it JC, Lissie hasn't ruled out a run here in the XWF. Might have to talk to my Uncle to see if he'll open up the check book for another top flight talent.

JC: I think that's an excellent idea Thad. In the meantime we will be taking our last commercial break before we begin our MAIN EVENT!!! Isaiah King versus Ned Kaye for the Universal Title.

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

The stadium falls into silent as a spotlight flashes onto the top of the stage, revealing the silhouette of Isaiah King, head bowed and wearing what looks like a leather jacket open at the front.

His shining new Universal Championship Belt is strapped to his waist.

As the base hits the speakers, he raises his head and takes a big breath. He slowly raises his fist into the air and his adoring fans scream in support. His mouth curls into a smile as he starts walking down towards the ring.

Tig: He is YOUR Universal CHAAAAAAMPION!

Introducing YOUR "Heir Apparent", THE KINGSLAYER....Isaiah KIIIIIIIIINNNGGG!

He walks up to a fan wearing his merch, pressing his forehead up to his before continuing his way to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, he raises both hands to his, and revels in the cheers. The lights hit is belt and reflects of the faces of the fans and his opponent.

- vs -
Champs Advantage - Standard Singles Match

JC: Thad Duke, as we watch these two men sizing one another up from their respective corners, knowing full well that the greatest prize in the entire wrestling industry is on the line tonight, take us through some of the emotions that they’re sure to be feeling.

Thad: It’s a great question, but there’s a ton more nuance to the discussion than how it relates to my experience both as a challenger and as a defender of the Universal Championship. [/white]

We see Ned Kaye in the corner of the ring there, he’s full of fire, and determination, but Ned is also someone who has been in the XWF for a long time, and has seen his fair share of opportunities at the Uni slip through his fingers. I know for me personally, the longer I kept whiffing on opportunities to win the gold, the more difficult it appeared that I would ever get my hands on that belt.

But with Isaiah King, he’s been somewhat an anomaly to the business. Very much like a Raion Kido or a Sara Lacklan, competitors who come in and right away experience success at the highest levels. But what do Kido and Lacklan both have in common? They both saw those reigns come to a screeching halt, and they’re both no longer competing. I think for Isaiah King, the drive has to be bucking that trend, and doing whatever it takes tonight to not be considered a flash in pan, in this, his first defense as Universal Champion.[/thad]

JC: Great analysis, Thad, and I know the world watching is just as excited as we are to see exactly how this contest plays out.

With both men positioned in their respective corners, ring announcer Tig O’ Bitties takes center stage with the mic.

Tig: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event of the evening… for the XWF UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

Introducing first, the challenger:

From Brookly, New York!
Weighing in at two-hundred-twenty-four pounds.
He is one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions.


The crowd goes wild as Ned remains still, his sights laser focused on the champion.

Tig: …and his opponent:

From New York City, New York
Weighing in at two-hundred-five pounds
He is also one half of the XWF Tag Team Champions.



The Heir Apparent… Isaiah KIIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!

Another half of the stadium roars in approval for King now as he kisses the Universal gold and hands it over to the referee who proceeds to fold back the straps and hold the belt in the air.

JC: I never thought we’d hear a crowd in Texas cheer so loudly for a couple of New York guys, Thad! But I can barely hear myself think right now!

Thad: That just goes to show what these two men have meant to this business over the course of the last year. Two of wrestling's biggest stars. The tag team champions. Set to do battle tonight for the most prestigious prize in our industry. This is truly, a once in a lifetime event![/white]

The ref signals over to the time keeper and we are underway!

Ned darts from the corner and meets King in the center of the ring, the two wasting little time and locking up at the shoulders. King slips back into a rear waist lock behind Ned and tries lifting the challenger for the take down, but Ned plants, and flexes his quads, unwilling to be budged, as he reverses the lock and finds his way behind King now, but rather than setting, Ned lifts quickly and plants King with a Russian Leg Sweep, and though Isaiah bounces up quickly, Ned never fully lets go of King’s arm, and plants him back into the mat with an arm drag.

JC: You see right away, Thad, it’s Ned’s technical precision that’s lending him the upper hand in this contest!

Thad: Yes, and the champion looks stunned. Ned Kaye was very explicit in stating he didn’t think King was a true Universal Champion. He looks primed and ready to prove that here tonight.[/white]

King looks rattled by the initial flurry of offense from Ned and backs away after bouncing from the canvas via the arm drag. He stands up and wipes from his mouth down his chin, circling away from the corner of the ring and resetting for combat. Ned is eager, and darts at the champion again. Isaiah shifts out of the way, leaving Ned running toward an empty turnbuckle, but the challenger catches himself with the top ropes, leaving time for the champion to take advantage.

JC: OH! THose look painful!

A series of boxing body blows to the back of Ned’s ribs and kidneys leave the challenger desperate to turn around. But King is lightning fast, striking with perfect aim and veracity, before finishing off the boxing combo with a spinning discus to the back of Ned’s head.

JC: And now it’s the challenger who is caught by surprise! Ned Kaye tumbling face first into the corner, his head smacking the turnbuckle pads on the way to the canvas!

Thad: Isaiah King believes it his mission to crush Ned tonight. To break down the challenger and rebuild him. He doesn’t think that this Ned Kaye will ever be worthy of ascending the mountain top, and King wants to prove that to his “friend” here tonight[/white]

And King looks to do just that, he grabs Ned by the legs and pulls him belly-first across the ring mat to the center of the canvas before climbing on the challenger's back and applying a rear naked choke. King works in the hold, flexing his bicep on Ned’s throat and squeezing. Ned puts his hands between King’s arm and his throat, using all of his strength to create separation. It works, but Ned is expending a lot of strength, whereas King has brought the momentum of the match down to a standstill, intentionally wearing Ned down.

Thad: Great strategy here by King. If he can slow this match down it automatically plays into his favor. He wants to wear Ned down, and turn that fire of Ned’s as Isaiah so poetically put it, back into a mere ember.

King rolls himself onto his back, keeping the choke locked in and wrapping Ned’s lower body into a scissors hold, squeezing the challenger's ribs with his jacked thighs and making it increasingly harder for Ned to breathe. The crowd is getting anxious now as Ned Kaye seems to be fading. The crowd is chanting for Ned to break free, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

The ref slides over to check on the challenger. He grabs Ned’s arms and lifts it, but it’s limp and falls beside him, smacking the mat.

The ref makes a one signal, as the crowd keeps clapping in rhythm.

The ref grabs Ned’s arm again, raises it, and again it falls. The crowd claps louder.

The ref makes a two signal.

He grabs Ned’s arm a third time

JC: It looks as if Isaiah King has not just extinguished the fire, Thad! He’s even stamped out the challenger's embers!

Ned’s arm falls a third time!


The crowd claps more. Ned’s palm opens up before balling into a fist. He’s pumping his arm, and rocking his body back and forth. Isaiah is squeezing back on Ned with all of his might. Ned finds an opening and drives his elbow directly into King’s lateral muscle. Or just a split second as King reacts to the shot, the grip on the choke is softened, Ned rolls and uses the swing of his momentum to drive another elbow into the fat of King’s back, completely breaking the hold!

All but the scissor lock! Ned tries to stand, but King keeps his legs locked around his waist, leaving both men at an awkward angle of one another. In an incredible feat of strength by both champion and challenger, Ned uses his lower body, and King uses his core to remain locked in with the scissor hold as Ned stands to a full vertical base.

King wraps his arm around Ned’s head!



As King goes to drop Ned with his finishing maneuver, the challenger rushes the two of them to the nearest turnbuckle. Bashing King’s back into the turnbuckle pad, and causing the champion to spill awkwardly over the top rope where he lands out onto the apron. King is quick to recover, and swings at Ned with a back elbow from the other side of the ropes, but Ned is quicker, connecting with a devastating spinning heel kick that smacks King right in the temple.

The crowd roars as King tumbles to the arena floor. Ned takes a moment to catch his breath, while the ref begins a 10 count.



King is resilient, and is already pulling himself up to his feet on the announce table.

But leaping from the top turnbuckle is Kaye!


Thad: This could be devastating!

And it is!


Isaia King catches the diving hurricanrana from the top rope, turns and powerbombs Ned through the announce table. Both men are down as the crowd comes completely unglued. The ref resumes his ten count.




King stands first and stumbles away from the wreckage, falling backward and landing on his rear, plopped up against the ring apron.


Catching his breath, he looks at Ned sprawled out over the broken table with a blank, exasperated look on his face.


King stands to his feet and approaches Ned

JC: What does King do here?


TD: Champion’s advantage. He can theoretically do whatever he wants at this juncture and retain the championship. But King said he wanted to extinguish Ned’s flames, and I think the only way to accomplish that is by defeating him in the center of the ring.

Isaiah mouths some inaudible words to the challenger, and curtly moves to the time keepers table, where snags the championship away from the ring official and begins walking away.

The crowd lets out a chorus of boos.


JC: Well, I guess that answers it, Thad! King is ready to retain his title now!


Ned’s eyes burst open, still lying flat on his back. He staggers to his feet and sprints to the ring apron.


Thad: Ned’s about to win the match, but lose out on the gold!


King stops at the top of the ramp, just at the threshold of the entrance waiting to hear the ten count, but he stops when it never comes. He slowly turns around to see Kaye limping toward him at the bottom of the ramp.


The ref restarts his count as King looks visibly dismayed.


Runs toward Ned, raising the championship belt up,

JC: Oh my god, is King looking to get DQed here?!


Thad: He’s going to decapitate Ned!

But Ned ducks! He sends a nasty kick to Isaiah’s knee cap, then turns and kicks King in the chest


The champion falls to his knees, where Ned connects with a devastating superkick across the champion’s jaw.


Ned lifts the champion at starts walking him back to the ring



He rolls the champion under the bottom rope, breaking the count. Ned climbs up on the apron, but somewhere King has recovered, and meets Ned with a sick shoulder thrust through the ropes and into his midsection. Ned sucks air, but is able to hold onto the top rope… for now.

A massive discus spinning elbow catches Ned sending him flying off of the apron and smacking back down to the arena floor. King is on one knee in the ring, holding ont the ropes, trying to catch his breath.

Thad: I think it’s clear to see at this point, that Isaiah King wasn’t expecting such a fight out of Ned Kaye, which is weird considering that Ned has been one of the few wrestlers to defeat King in singles competition. King did a lot of trash talking, let’s see if he can back it up, and put Ned away.

King pulls up on the rope, and sets his sights on Ned, sizing the challenger up. Just as Ned stands, King springboards from the top rope out of the ring…


The springboard diving elbow drop!



With perfect timing, Ned shifts and catches King midair with a tornado DDT drop right on the floor.

Both men are out now, as the ref again begins a double count out!





Both men are still down


Ned stirs to his feet first


King is on his feet now! Both men take off toward the apron!


King grabs Kaye’s tights from behind!


King pulls forward, slides under the ropes, leaving Ned on the arena floor


But Ned falls forward, tumbling toward the apron!


Ned is hot, standing over top of King, ready to kick the champion’s head off, but again King grabs Ned’s tights, this time from the front. He pulls Ned forward, slinging him shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle post.

Thad: Wow, great ring presence there by King! A dirty move, but very cagey nonetheless

JC: And to your point, a dirty move indeed, and Ned looks like he might be very badly injured. His shoulder is dangling from the socket, and doesn’t look right at all.

The ref is checking on Ned, and indeed, his shoulder appears to be dislocated. The ref is prepared to stop the match, but Ned breathes deep and twists his arm around with a scream, popping his own shoulder back into place.

All the while, King was standing behind the ref and Ned, watching the interaction. As Ned popped his shoulder back in, King appeared visibly shaken. But rather than attack, King just lays down on his back.

JC: What is King doing here?

Ned is finally released by the ref, and starts limping his way over to King. He leans over to grab King, but that Champion was playing possum!

He reaches up and locks in a guillotine chokehold! Ned is reeling as King stands to his feet!







IS HALTED!!!!!!!


He crashes into the turnbuckle and King crumbles to the mat. The crowd is going wild as Ned makes his way to the top. He turns, sizing King up….


Ned lands the diving hurricanrana, head scissors takedown. HE tries to roll it into a pin, but somehow, King tries sliding out quickly….








JC: I don't believe it. After years of climbing the mountain, Ned Kaye has finally, at long last reached the top.

Thad: If there is anyone in this place that deserves this moment it's Ned Kaye. The ultimate professional and one of the true good guys.

Ned Kaye rises to his feet just as the referee is handed the Universal Title by the ring announcer. The ref reaches out to hand the title to Ned only to have it yanked out of his hands by Isaiah King.

JC: Oh shit. This doesn't look good.

Thad: No JC it does not.

Isaiah looks down at the title and then over at Ned Kaye who is still trying to catch his breathe. King wipes a little dirt off the title and then tries to rub out a scuff mark before looking over towards his tag team partner again, this time with a smile as he holds the title out for Ned to grab.

JC: Oh Thank God.

With an enormous smile on his face and the words "Thank you" coming out of his mouth Ned takes the Universal Title from King and then hoists it up in the air as the Arlington crowd showers him with applause.

JC: Ladies and Gentlemen the first Pay Per View of 2024 is in the books and what a Pay Per View it was. Dionysus is one step closer to a briefcase. Michael Graves is again Television Champion. Sean Parker is still the top dog on Anarchy. And Last Blood Battle Royale winner Sebastian Everett-Bryce is first in line for Ned Kaye's new Universal Title. All in all I'd say that's pretty darn successful. What do you think Thad?"

Thad: I think if anyone didn't love this show they don't know wrestling. Free for All was aces from top to bottom.

JC: Couldn't agree more Thad. Well that will do it for us folks. Join us in two weeks for Warfare! Good night!

Special Thanks To The Following Match Writers
Spencer Adams
Michael Graves
Peter Principle
Sean Parker
Dolly Waters

And segments from
Lissie Hope

AND ESPECIALLY all of you from the efed universe that gave us a chance in the Last Blood Battle Royale. We literally couldn't have done it without you. I hope we did not disappoint.

Join us on....

Sunday March 24th...

LIVE from U.S Bank Stadium... 


OOC Note: In order to get the results of this show out to all of you promptly we had to take some liberties with the order of elimination for the Last Blood Battle Royale. Some folks who role played were eliminated before some folks who no showed. I know that might seem shitty and I apologize to anyone who feels slighted. The staff felt that the best thing to do was to focus on the final 4 folks, I expanded that to a few more than that but ultimately we did the best we could to make sure everyone got something to build off of for that match. If anyone has any concerns with how their character was depicted for this match please reach out to me and I would be happy to talk with you.

THANK YOU to all of you from outside of the XWF who gave us a shot. I truly mean this when I say we could not have done this without you. ~Theo

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01-29-2024, 06:40 AM

Just because you don’t see yourself as a victim don’t mean your ass ain’t about to be victimized.- Micheal Graves moments after capturing the XWF Television title. 

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01-29-2024, 07:12 AM

Damn, best Battle Royale I've ever been in.

All, um...

3 of them?
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01-29-2024, 11:30 AM


Another rousing XWF success story. You know I've been rooting for you for a while now, and I know that I'm not the only one. The biggest congratulations I can give! You're an absolute sweetheart, you have a ridiculous laugh, and you are our champion.

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01-29-2024, 12:23 PM

OOC: I still don’t quite have the words, so this will likely be kind of confused and rambling, but I'm still in the afterglow.

I have been trying to get to this level for five years. There was a good stretch in 2023 where I thought I might give this. It's an extensive hobby that can take a lot out of you and asks a ton from you. And I had felt like I just kept hitting this ceiling I couldn't break. Just banging my head against the wall and seeing which one broke first.

The wall didn't stand a chance.

I've made so many friends doing this and efedding has changed my life for the better. I could thank absolutely everyone individually, but it would be podcast-length appreciation. Every last one of you means the world to me. I might not be able to be the champion through the bright days the XWF has ahead of it, but I'm the champion for this one and that's more than enough for me.

Time to go hyena laugh my into history.

EDIT: Also someone please make the belt smaller it's pushing all my posts to the side lol

"You can't run from yourself."
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01-29-2024, 12:46 PM

(01-29-2024, 12:23 PM)Ned Kaye Said: EDIT: Also someone please make the belt smaller it's pushing all my posts to the side lol

JFC you've been top dog for 12 hours and you're already making demands. 

Also, fixed.
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01-29-2024, 12:57 PM

//I knew you had it in ya Ned! Congrats! Now the hard part starts.
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01-29-2024, 02:36 PM

You’d think people would learn that the gear I bring to these hardcore matches aren’t LARPing costume stuff.

Hawaiian Hardhead learned that the hard way. And his resolve was like his skull at the end of that match.

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