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The All Blacks

XWF FanBase:
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11-30-2023, 10:09 AM

Dionysus is minding his own business, which is a terrible thing for any X-Treme Champion to do.

A wormhole opens up, and suddenly Dionysus is elsewhere.

He walks into a gym, where, unbeknownst to him, he is somehow in the middle of a house show for the New Zealand-based West Wellington Wrestling World Whoppers organization. Apparently, the main event is a tag team championship match where the defending champions, the Wobbegongs, are about to retain against a pair of dirty, rough and tumble types with ALL BLACKS on the bums of their gear.

Dio's arrival distracts the 'Gongs, though, and the challengers manage to scoop them into a double powerbomb move, smashing the champions into each other! The All Blacks make a cover, and three seconds later a bell rings and the referee is handing them the WWWWW Tag Team Title belts!

A small guy with a mic goes into the ring to interview the new champions, holding the microphone to the one that is slightly less sweaty first.

"YEEEEAAAAHHHHH! Bertie, I told you's we would do it, mate! It was a piece of piss too! These dags wasn't no good, they didn't stand no chances against us!"

The second one, still trying to catch his breath, leans into the mic then.

"YOU GOT THAT ONE RIGHT MATE! Graeme, we's is the new champs! The McTavish boys from the wrong side of the tracks in Wellington just got the gold! The All Blacks is champs! Now we's can get to the states and join up with Mastermind and the Misfits finally, and start making some real cash! We'll turn that group around for sure!"

"And it's all thanks to that ugly bloke over there! Thanks mate! Come up in the ring and get you's a autograph and a snap with the tag champs!"

They point at Dionysus, who is as confused as everyone else. But, the new champs insist so he enters the ring and just sort of stands there smiling for the crowd.

"Hey Bertie? Ain't this fella the XWF X-Treme Champion? Ain't we seen him and Mastermind on they's late night show that no one knows about unless they live on the other side of the world like us do?"

"Yeah Graeme I's think you got it! Mate, you wanna hiding?"

"Yeah you wanna hiding mate?"

They're talking to Dio now, but he has no clue what they mean so he just raises his hands and shrugs again. The All Blacks then grab the Wobbegongs again and pull them up for another powerbomb.

"This is called the Rubbish Compactor! It's a killer!"

They then collide the two former champs right into either side of Dionysus! Dio is down! Graeme and Bertie McTavish each jump onto him as the ref flops down for a count!

"For Mastermind!"

"Because we's the new misfits! The All Blacks!"


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11-30-2023, 01:15 PM

Almost as suddenly, a wormhole popped open just fast enough for Dionysus to slide through!

It wasn't exactly a kickout, but it may as well count as one!

Dionysus scrambled around on the floor, looking to his left and right.

"The fuck just happened?"
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