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An X-Treme Soul Chase (rp1)
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Tha Soulja Of Nuthin'
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09-15-2023, 11:28 PM

[We open to a montage of all three members of THUGS each holding the X-Treme championship. It also included JB losing it against Goth at some PPV, then it shows with the returning BOB D winning the belt, also cut with his old friend Cage Coleman mix in with his brief reign with the belt. Then it cuts to static, and it shows grainy footage of a triple threat that involved thugs with former Big D.]

[Then we see JB standing outside of a church of BoB somewhere in the slums near Baltimore, then we see him looking at the decrypted, filthy exterior of the building. But a beam of light shows from the inside, and it opens with a woman in all red ala Doja Cat’s alter ego Scarlet with a replica belt of the X-Treme championship on her waist. She disappears into the church, and he follows the smoke.]

???: Cum Inside…

JB: What?

[As he enters the church, he see’s broken pews, a fucked alter with the BoB image on the wall over the cross that had “NC-Sept 17” painted in blood. Then he stood near the altar and she ended up standing where the podium was and she raised the belt up above her head. Then blood started to spray over her.]

JB: What the fuck is goin on?

???: Don’t you want blood in your hands? I know you want some blood!

JB: I don’t want no damn blood…

???: Don’t lie, you want blood.

JB: What the fu—

[Then a stuffed doll of Goth appears out of nowhere, with bloody stuffins showing out of its body. Then it started to point to the belt, and it randomly started to scream. Then the doll exploded in blood all over the altar, then JB was trying to escape but the door was stuck and locked, as she laughed.]

JB: What the fuck you want from me!?!?

???: Listen to me, you need to give your soul to me… I can give you what you want. I know you want that X-Treme championship back, by any means necessary.

JB: True… but what’s the cost?

???: You’re soul JB, just like how Reggie sold his soul to Lucy for his reign with the belt… how T had to sell his soul to get the belt… you need to confide in me, Jonathan Blackstone!

[JB then eyes widen up as she summons a BOB/Big D hybrid who stands in the shadows of the church. JB then was shaken, as the hybrid comes towards him, then he confronts it as the monster thing pushes him. It even mocks him for not being a champion, which pushed JB to the edge where he wanted to pull out his .45 pistol, but she stops him from doing anything.]


[Then the BOB/Big D hybrid monster starts to attack JB on the pews. He then even tries to slam him on the ground, but he does a Front Chancery on its neck, and cranked it up to where it was screaming in agony. Then she transforms into Machina (don’t ask how), and she pleas for him to stop hurting  him.]

???: Papi, please let him go! He means no harm!

JB: Dafaq?

[He let the hybrid D monster off the hold as he looked into “Machina” who then snickers and puts a knife to his throat.]

???: You fool! I told you to join me in your desire to get your chance at redemption… but you failed at that chance. So now you gotta di–

[Then the doors open to the pews and we see that JB was asleep at some random church where the session was pretty long. After the service was over, he was awakened by his ten year old nephew, who was told by his mother to do so.]

Hubert: Hey uncle John, my mom told me to wake you up.

JB: Oh thanks for that, it was pretty deep but spiritually boring.

[Then the mother, who looked like Tariji P Hensen in her sunday’s finest, got Hubert and JB out of the pews to head into the hallway to head downstairs for some refreshments. As they got there, JB went outside to be alone. Then his mother, who in turn is JB’s long lost cousin, comes out to see what’s going on with him.]

Vivan: John, what’s going on with you this Sunday? You aren’t this tired to be nodding off with the preacher speaking.

JB: Ehhh… I guess I was jet lagged to hell. You know me, and my whole wrestling shit.

Vivan: Well JB, you need to be able to juggle your professional life and personal life, it seems you are too deep into that life. I know your mother wouldn’t appreciate you sleepin in church.

JB: Man no need to bring her up, you know it’s been ten years since she passed away.

[JB then walks away from Vivan to his car, then she rushes to him as he was about to open his car door. Then he sees his nephew who chased him down, trying to make him not go.]

Hubert: Uncle John, please don’t leave! I want to talk to you more!

[JB then looks at Vivan and Hubert, then they convince him to stay with them at the church for refreshment. From there, JB and his half family end up going to Ihop to eat some brunch he covered for as it faded off.]

[Image: doja-cat-demons.gif]

“Man, things changed for me, I guess I am soo out of my fam life that I fell asleep in church. I don’t know why, but when I kept on seeing that demon woman thing, she kept on telling me to sell my soul in order to get what I want. I know that I am up against BoB D in Hell itself, and while the temptation is there to take it, I know in my heart that I am too strong to fall into the whole thing. I mean, yeah the idea of sellin my soul for the fame and notoriety of being a two time X-Treme champion.

To be honest, when I first obtained the belt I knew it wouldn’t last long. I guess I am not X-Treme I thought I was, hell when I had to lose it to Goth before he fucked off elsewhere, I wasn’t shocked just upset with not being able to pull a long enough run for a briefcase that would guarantee me a shot any any strap I want on my own terms (whithin reasons); but that’s some old shit now, and its time for me to move on from that failed run.

Now, I ain't sellin my soul to no devil, because I am a person who wouldn’t turn the other cheek for anybody. My mama didn’t raise no fool, so I anit going to back down without a fight. I know BoB D is probably no fool either, but him getting props for a damn T Shirt is where I think that his own priorities are straight in the trash, I know when he came back he wanted to be so down for BoB which doesn’t shock me.

Big D, yeah I ain't callin you BoB D, I know when you showed up you tried to do the right thing for the XWF but you sold your ass out for a group that would have hogtied you on a cross to be carried off into the woodchipper. Now, here you are going against what you stand for and now you are just a part of a band that isn’t even touring like that. You are the Neil Turbon of the group that would replace you with someone else much better.

I know I'm affiliated with them, but it’s a different case where you don’t see me changing my name to them like some kinda hoe. I know you want to show loyalty, hustle and respect to that name but… all I see is a bitch in yoo. A bitch is a bitch if you know how to catch one up, and my friend you are one of them.

While you do have the honor of being affiliated with BoB and the X-Treme championship, that doesn’t mean jack to me. All I want to do is basically fight you, and get back that belt that I lost before to someone who up and bailed out in its dark horse to somewhere else. So D, i will say this, may the best man win and pray to god that your soul will loom in limbo and wander off to god knows where, while I take that belt off you and wear it with pride.

I know pride is one of the most deadly sins, but you know…

Ah fuck it, D, may the best X-Treme soul sellout win down below the earth’s core, my G.”

An Outsider Thug.
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