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PlaceMarker Now They're Gone
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Latina Submission Machina Offline
Anarchy's FINEST

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(Physically attractive male on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes.)

09-13-2023, 10:05 PM

The scene opens to a dark room. We hear two pairs of footsteps coming across the room, then we hear a voice slowly build to a fevered pitch.

"Twisting through the sea of torment. Many men have traveled these treacherous waters. Not many have been able to complete the voyage. This sea of torment in my mind, has me wondering what my future holds. These thoughts inside my head have me in a trance, but what do these voices in my head want with me? What is my purpose in this life or is it on to the next. For this life it is just borrowed time, but from the ashes of the fallen a new man will arise. Like the Phoenix, I shall rise from the ashes of my defeats and I will be reborn the leader I must be."

As the voice stops we see HGH and LSM approach the camera, nestled in the XWF Anarchy locker room after hours.

"So, maybe our last outing wasn't what we expected it to be. You see, we had a game plan and it worked to perfection. Then out of nowhere who should appear? That god forsaken trash bin Sidney Grey sticking her fucking plastic nose where it fucking shouldn't be. Then after the match the damn coward, took most of us out with a fucking chair. Sends me off the stage and through equipment tables. Even through all of that you still couldn't finish the job. I'M still standing, WE are still standing. Just because some washed up old hag put her nose in our business, well BITCH, now you are OUR business. You may think you're safe, with your goons, but come Thursday, you're going to be two goons short. This Anarchy, justice will be served in violence, blood and carnage. We get our hands on the Sidney stooges and another set of random scrubs thrown together. Make no mistake about it, Thursday you will see a side of HGH and LSM that no one wanted to. We are hungry, we are just salivating at the chance of humiliating these other two teams.”

HGH pauses and looks over at LSM who’s smile has seemed to have faded away.

”You see, all you did last week Sidney, was piss us off. Now, your goons and two other unfortunate souls will have to atone for your sins. Oh but, don’t you dare forget Sidney, and if I were you I would develop eyes in the back of my head. I will be waiting and I will be watching.

LSM rolls her eyes as she walks over to a locker in the corner. The luchadora reaches into her bag before she begins taping up her hands, preparing her knuckles for war.

LSM: It's always threats and rhetoric with you, isn't it? No wonder that bastard adores you so much. Treats you like the child he always wanted, doesn't he?

"Maybe, it's because what lurks inside of me is what he wants. Did you ever stop and think about why he found me? Or how about why he brought all of us together? I am the devil's favorite son. What I will do to each opponent I step in the ring with is more than most do. I dissect each and every opponent, and in every match they never come out the same. Take JB for example, look at what's happened to him since he faced me. Now that he's with us, he seems new doesn't he? Rest assured, there is a higher purpose for us, for now we take what is ours from here on out."

LSM finishes taping her hands up before turning back to face HGH.

“We don't need to convince these idiotas that we are the next generation of tag team wrestling: we just have to show them!”

LSM smirks as she begins shadowboxing against the air. She delivers a smooth jab-hook combo followed up by a roundhouse kick- that stops only an inch away from Harmon's chin! HGH immediately lights up with a grin.

"There she is! There's the LSM we all love. That fighting spirit. All that rage building inside of you. All that power, knowing that on any given night you can go toe to toe with any God damned person in this company. That's the LSM I met, that's the fighter I stood beside when we both came into this company. Nothing will stand in our way. We will slaughter all in our path.”

LSM smirks and lowers her foot as Harmon responds.

“I'm tired of talking. Lucha Libre is supposed to be about lucha! But everyone always wants to put the microphone in front of us. But I'm not in the mood to 'promote' a lucha mockery against Sidney Grey's chicas and two bums from off the street. I know Sindey's chicas from the LFL: Bobbi London was on my team! And truth be told, I think she's the reason I didn't win league MVP! She was an awful tight end, she's too weak-willed to block well but too fat and clumsy to run any routes. She ruined our offense with false starts and holding penalties all year long!

Bobbi London didn't deserve to share an LFL field with me and she doesn't deserve to share an XWF ring with me. Bobbi London is a joke of the past who's fifteen seconds of being funny ran out long ago.

And Maxine? She's too juiced up on H-G-H to think clearly, she'll be nothing but a complete liability in the match. A hot-headed meatloaf, that's all Maxine will ever be. If Maxine thinks she can manhandle me in that ring just because she’s the maximum size steroids will allow you to get, then she’s got another thing coming! My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and specifically the Vale Tudo form I have mastered, will allow me to dispatch of this meatheaded meatloaf with ease, despite the size disadvantage! I’ll use her massive size against her, cutting her off at the weak points and then using her own massive limbs to suffocate and stretch her body! But if somehow Maxine avoids grappling with me, that’s okay, too: because I still have Judo in my back pocket! If that big clumsy oaf wants to try and strike with me, I’ll strike her down! It’s as simple as that! Pan comido. "

LSM looks over to HGH, who is completely cracking up. She grins before turning back to the camera to get her digs in on the next set of opps.

“I also heard 402 blood street like to pretend they're cholos who've lived the real Barrio life. Well, if that's the case, I hope the 402 bloods are ready to be turned into CRIPples! They come from the streets and after one match with me right back to the streets they'll go! These fakers and posers don't have any Lucha Libre chops. They don't even have Lucha Libre careers that ANYONE can find a record of! I gave these fakers a chance in the Main event of Anarchy for one reason: I had to give them an XWF career before I could destroy it!

If these two bums from off the street think they have what it takes to compete on Thursday Night Anarchy, I say screw it: it’s only the end of their careers! If they want to take that risk, they can be our guests. We call ourselves THE END for a reason, don’t you two cholos from blood street know?

But let’s just cut straight to the chase.

My submissions and my grappling are simply too complex for a couple of ratita del barrio to handle. I'll have those idiotas regretting all the caca they talked when they're tapping out to me in the center of that lucha ring. The only ‘blood’ these two need to worry about is the blood that’s going to be squirting out of their arms when my kimura rips their bone through flesh!

I'm on a quest for VENGANZA! Against anyone and everyone in the XWF who's doubted me or tried to slow me down. Against whatever BASTARD attacked me after my match with Dionysus! Against each and every veteran of this company who's refused to help me out along the way! Against each and every rookie coming in and trying to take my spot!

These chodes in the Main event don't even matter. None of them are of my caliber. My mission and intent goes far deeper than anything they'd understand. But they'll understand this: when that bell rings on Thursday Night, Robyn Gonzalez is no more! When that bell rings I flip a switch and a machine turns on….A LATINA SUBMISSION MACHINA!”

HGH brings his hands together in front of his chest, rubbing them together as he grins wildly. He lowers his head ala Stanley Kubrick before delivering final remarks.

"You see boys and girls. It's actually quite simple. Thursday night, when the four of you untalented wannabes step into the ring with us. It won't be for the faint of heart, as you've heard and as you can see. What you have to face off against is a highly motivated LSM. She is primed and ready for combat.”

LSM shadowboxes the air once more, throwing a few jabs and uppercuts before delivering a big spinning roundhouse kick that literally smacks the camera. The camera goes blurry and is forced back a few steps. When our scene comes back into final focus it’s completely distorted, audio and video alike. A deep red crack appears in the center of the screen as a slowed-down voice with a low pitch speaks to you from the abyssal depths.

"Then, there's me. HGH the rightful Anarchy champion. If for one single solitary second you four fools think you even deserve to be in the same ring as the two of us. You will be sadly mistaken. Thursday night will most definitely be the end of the four of you. By the time the bell rings to end the match. No one will recognize any of you."

““Can you even recognize HIM now?””

What sounds like an altered version of LSM’s insidious laughter plays in the background as the shaky and blurred camera focuses in on HGH. The red crack along the screen seems to pulsate with power as Harmon speaks his will into existence.

"For those of you unaware of what's about to happen. Allow me a moment to let you all know. Come Thursday, there will be no forgiveness, there will be no mercy. No, what will happen Thursday, will be nothing more than our will being done. To all the other participants in this match, be aware that you aren't here because you are good or your skill. No, no, no, the four of you were chosen to be sacrificial lambs, and you are all being led to slaughter. One by one you will fall and in the end we shall be victorious. Why? Simply because, we are The End and we will not be beaten by the likes of you. However, your sacrifices have been accepted."

HGH begins a low maniacal laugh. He raises his head as the laughter gets louder. He suddenly stops and looks straight into the camera. With a low grasping voice, he delivers the ultimate challenge:

"Show us what's beyond our eyes."

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