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Weekend Warfare 09-09-23
Author Message
Theo Pryce Offline
King of Kings
Management Lv. E-Rex

XWF FanBase:
The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

09-10-2023, 03:31 AM

09 - 09 - 2023



- vs -
Standard Warfare Rules

- vs -
- vs -
Standard Triple Threat - Warfare Rules

- vs -
Warfare Rules - Dionysus will name the match stip in his first promo

- vs -

Theo rapidly jogs through the hallways of the XWF locker room, holding his cell phone to his ear.

”Listen.” He speaks, testily, like a man at his wit’s end. ”We’ve let this go on too long. We need to get this situation under control.”

Theo stops outside his office door, pinching the bridge of his nose.

”The War Criminal MAIMED our lead security enforcer last week. He’s recuperating, so we don’t HAVE a head of security tonight. A talent NOT-UNDER-CONTRACT is running around with a 24/7 briefcase… And somehow, B.o.B. D is X-Treme champion!”

”So, yes.” The usually-reserved Theo snaps. ”I think it would be appropriate to describe this situation as OUT OF CONTROL.", clearly irked at his program being comandeered by someone not even on the active roster.

Theo scoffs. Whoever’s on the other line is really underestimating the severity of the situation. He pushes open his door with his hand.

”You think *I’m* angry? I guarantee, if we can't get our house in order, Mark Flynn is going to LOSE HIS M-”

Theo looks up. And takes pause.

SItting in Pryce’s office chair. Snacking on a Power Bar.

Of course, it’s Mark Flynn.

He wipes a little bit of protein-enriched nougat from the corner of his mouth onto Theo’s otherwise pristine office floor.

”Hey, Theo.” He extends the other half of the snack ”May I offer you half a Powerbar?”

…Theo exhales irritatedly. ”Lemme call you back.” Theo hisses as he pockets his cell phone. He turns toward Flynn. ”How did you get in here, Mark?”

Flynn points to the door Theo just came through. ”Was unlocked. I let myself in. Actually, fun-fact, did you know there’s no head of security present tonight?”

…Pryce exhales. ”I was just discussing that issue, actually.”

Flynn grins, leaning back in Theo’s chair. ”Sure gonna make tonight interesting. Pretty much open-door policy on whoever wants to…” Flynn’s fingers skitter across Theo’s desk. ”Walk in.”

…Theo grits his teeth, already feeling impatient.

”Get out of my chair.”

Flynn raises his hands, acquiescingly. ”Whoa! No need to be hostile, Theo.” Flynn stands up, offering Theo the chair. Theo takes a seat.

”You seem tense, Theo, ol’ buddy.” Flynn grins, as he presses the intercom on Theo’s desk. ”Irwin, can you grab our pal, Theo, a water?”

”*krsh* Right away, Mister Flynn!”

…Theo scowls, staring at Flynn’s finger on his intercom.

”Did you… rewire my communication channels?”

”Just a little.” Flynn shakes his head. ”Mostly for this one gag.”

As Flynn reassures Theo, Irwin, Flynn’s #1 fan, walks in… from Theo’s personal storage closet!... with a serving tray of Evian water bottles. He drops two gently on the desk… Then goes back in the closet.

Theo sighs, as Flynn scoops the bottle off the desk, unscrewing the cap.

”What is this all about, Flynn, huh? Trying to get under my skin? Teach me some lesson?” Theo rubs his temples, trying to keep himself calm. ”Look, I’m as furious about the War Criminal’s campaign against you as you are. An-”

”I’m not mad about it.” Flynn sips his water calmly.


Theo takes a beat.

To stare Flynn dead in the eyes.

And take this in.

”...You’re not mad?”


”...Flynn, you sued me when a candy bar got stuck in the office vending machine. Claiming there was a conspiracy to prevent you from reaching your optimal protein levels.”

”I did, yes.”

”You’ve spent YEARS alleging there’s a multi-level conspiracy to hold you back any time there’s a SLIGHT impediment in your career path!”


”And now… There’s an ACTUAL individual, doing everything he can to strip you of your accomplishments… And you’re NOT mad.”

…Flynn chuckles.

”If anything, I’m impressed.”


Flynn ooohs, soothed by the water. ”Look, Tee. I am a GOOD GUY NOW. But! As a former Not-Good Guy… I can appreciate a great scheme.” Flynn nods with a fond smile. ”And NK? He pulled off a great scheme! He’s got my briefcase. He coordinated with B.o.B. D to steal my title. Like…” Flynn grins ear-to-ear. ”I mean, wow! It’s really something.”

…Flynn dabs at his cheek. ”I think I might be… a little proud?”

…Theo grits his teeth. ”Flynn. I CANNOT allow a non-XWF superstar to meddle as the War Criminal has done with our programming for MONTHS. You should be ANGRY about this.”

Flynn waves off Theo’s telling him how to feel. ”Don’t get your ascot in a twist, Tee. I’m non-plussed. But, we’ve got him right where we want him now.”

…Theo’s eyebrow twitches curiously.

”How so?”

Flynn points at his empty left hand. ”I don’t have a briefcase.”

Flynn points to his empty shoulder. ”I don’t have a title.”

”NK’s whole goal is to take ‘everything’ from me?” Flynn opens both palms, showing their empty. ”What is there left to take?”

Flynn pushes the water bottle he’s emptied into Theo’s trash can, before pressing Theo’s intercom.

”Irmano, one more water, please.”

Theo leans back in his chair, unscrewing the cap to his own water. ”While I can’t say I’m quite as… zen as you are about this matter, Flynn. I appreciate your… change in attitude.”

”Yeah, well…” Flynn starts.

Before staring at the intercom.

No reply yet.

Flynn presses it again.


…Flynn walks over to Theo’s office storage closet.

And opens the door.

No one’s inside.

Flynn looks up.

A ceiling tile is slightly askew.

On the floor, a slip of paper.

Flynn picks it up

Quote:”I bet you thought you had nothing left that I could take.”

Some Guy...

Some Guy

Yeah, That Guy.

That Guy bursts through the curtains with a microphone.

He raps the opening bars of his entrance theme.



He walks along the side of the entrance ramp to the fans in the audience.


He holds the mic out to the crowd. No one says anything...


He does it again... Nothing.


The same. Silence.


He hands the mic to someone from the ring crew, as to not break it, before sliding into the ring, ready to go!

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As Comanche blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He looks out at the crowd in the arena, cold and stoic, surveying his surroundings. He stops and raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops.

- vs -
Standard Warfare Rules

Y'all Know Who meets up with Bobby in the center of the ring and goes forehead to forehead with Bobby.

This ends a moment later with YKW rubbing his forehead in pain. Bobby snorts at him and they circle one another. Bobby goes for a tie up! YKW slides past the attempt into a rear waist lock! Bobby counters with a huge hip toss!

NO! YKW counters, cartwheels through, and gives Bobby a massive hip toss!

NO! Bobby plants the foot and won't be tossed! Bobby hooks around with a huge clothesline, YKW ducks and rolls Bobby up!



Bourbon kicks out! Bobby rolls out of the ring and looks back up at YKW, who kicks at the bottom rope! Bobby points back up at YKW, who kicks the bottom rope again! The referee backs YKW away as Bobby rolls back into the ring and up to a knee, eyes still on YKW.

YKW in with a leaping savate kick!

Bobby catches the foot!

HHL: Y'all Know Who with the grace of a kung fu master!

PIP: And Bobby Bourbon with the reflexes of one!

Bobby pulls YKW’s foot as he stands, sending YKW face first into the mat! Bobby grabs the other leg, lifting YKW into a wheelbarrow! Bobby marches forward, and YKW flips to his back! He’s grabbing Bobby’s ankles as Bobby holds YKW’s legs up.

HHL: What is Bobby doing?

PIP: Who knows, Heather, Bobby Bourbon is a mad scientist in that ring, always cooking up new ways…

Bobby just sits out, crushing YKW underneath him.


HHL: Wow, YKW just got absolutely pancaked!

Bobby keeps a leg hooked! The referee goes to count!



Kickout! YKW is holding his ribs as he recoils, and Bobby gets to his feet! Bobby brings YKW up, a huge back chop to YKW! YKW recoils, his ribs seriously damaged here! YKW comes back, Bobby pops him up, looking for a Dinosaur Extinctor!

NO! YKW comes down on Bobby’s shoulders and hooks the head, coming back with a huge desperation DDT!

YKW slowly gets an arm over Bobby!



Kickout! YKW is still clutching his ribs as he pulls himself to his feet, and he throws a kick to Bobby’s spine! Bobby looks back at YKW and shouts at him for it! YKW with another kick to Bobby’s spine! Bobby yells again, looking enraged! YKW with a kick to Bobby’s head, sending him to the mat! YKW mounts Bobby and sets in a reverse chinlock!

HHL: YKW has grounded Bourbon here, it’s a solid strategy!

PIP: But Bourbon has done some damage to YKW’s ribs here, how much torque does have on that chinlock, Heather?

Bobby starts to get back to a vertical base, holding on to YKW to help himself up! YKW sinches in on the chinlock further! Bobby lifts YKW up! YKW can’t believe it, and Bobby maneuvers YKW up onto his shoulders!

YKW knows what’s coming and throws a hurricanrana! He sets on top of Bobby with a pin!



Kickout! Bobby holds on to YKW’s legs as he kicks out, and rolls over onto his feet, holding YKW! He hoists YKW up!

YKW counters with a headscissors take down!

No! Bobby cartwheels through, and still on his feet, still holding YKW’s legs to his shoulders, he hoists YKW up!


Bobby hooks the leg!





The show returns from commercial, with the camera focusing on the center of the ring. A giant Pizzamania sign hangs overhead, and a few small tables are set up displaying a variety of pizza slices.

PIP: "Folks, if you're wondering why our ring suddenly looks like a pizzeria, well, we've got something special for you tonight."

HHL: "That's right! It's time to hear from Bulk Logan before his return to the ring at Relentless, and it seems he's got more than just wrestling on his mind."

The lights dim as red and yellow strobe lights blaze across the stage and Bulk Logan's theme begins to play.

Boos cascade from every corner of the arena. From the X-tron, the "Pizzamania" logo flashes a few times before switching to archive footage of Bulk Logan's past matches.

Bulk Logan suddenly emerges from behind the curtains. His confident strut, that trademark cocky grin, and the yellow and red "Pizzamania" shirt are unmistakable.

As he walks down the ramp, the fans are not holding back. Trash, paper cups, and even a few half eaten pizza slices fly towards him from the audience. But with every piece of garbage that's hurled his way, Bulk Logan's smirk just seems to grow wider.

Bulk Logan, shouting over the boos: "That's right, keep it coming! Bulk's been hungry for some action!"

A couple of security personnel scramble to keep things under control, but the atmosphere is electric with disdain. Some fans even make the motion of biting and then spitting out, referencing his new pizza venture in a mocking manner.

Despite the hostile reception, Bulk Logan doesn’t lose his stride. He climbs up the steps, wipes his boots exaggeratedly on the apron as if cleaning off the filth from the local town, and then enters the ring.

"Warfare! It feels good to be back in this ring, brother! But tonight, I'm not just here to remind you about the storm that's gonna hit at Relentless, dudes!"

He rubs his hands together, gesturing towards the pizza set up in the ring. As the arena echoes with the thunderous jeering.

"Hey! Shut up! I'm here to introduce y'all to my brand new venture: PIZZAMANIA! Coming soon to a dead mall near you, dude!"

He picks up a pizza slice dramatically, taking a huge bite and savoring it for a moment.

"We got all the toppings, brothers and sisters. Meat lovers, veggies, or if you're feeling wild, maybe some pineapple, brother! But that's not all."

He points to a 32 ounce cup filled with liquid garlic butter.

"Bread sticks with butter? Nah, we figured, why not just skip the middleman and give you ALL the butter, brother! C'mon, live a little!"

The crowd begin chanting:




"Eat your fill at Pizzamania, and then eat some more! You bulk the Bulk, but with Pizzamania, you just might come close, dudes... But... probably not!"

He chuckles, taking another exaggerated bite of pizza.

"But let's not forget why we're really here. Relentless is coming up, and there's some unlucky dude who's gonna face the wrath of Bulk Logan. And trust me, I'm just as hungry for that victory as I am for this slice right here, dudes!"

He takes another big sloppy bite and then slams the remaining pizza down on the table, staring intently into the camera.

"So whoever you are, cheer up, dude, because  despite what these idiots in pansy-ass San Fran think, I'm not a bad dude, brother, and after I'm done with you in the ring, maybe we'll share a slice or two. On you, of course!"

He flexes his muscles and roars, pointing at the Pizzamania logo.

"Remember, dudes, Pizzamania! It's where the party's at. Eat like the Bulkster... and maybe, just maybe, you'll feel a fraction of the MEGA POWER that I'll be bringing to the XWF at Relentless, dudes!"

The crowd's uproar becomes even more deafening as the jeers and chants rise in volume. Bulk Logan's arrogance is on full display as he soaks in every second of the animosity, and he appears to be absolutely loving it.

PIP: "The XWF Universe is behaving absolutely disrespectfully towards this LEGEND!"

HHL: "It's been a long time since I've seen this kind of heat. The fans are making it clear how they feel about Bulk's return."

Bulk Logan, laughing amidst the chaos, picks up a thrown pizza slice, inspecting it before taking a mocking bite. He wipes his bare forearm and raises the microphone once more.

"Keep it coming, dudes! You're just fueling the fire that is Bulkamania!"

The chants continue, but now there are a few rogue ones. Some mocking his pizza, some mocking his wrestling abilities, but the "LAAARD ASS!" chant remains the loudest.

"All you folks booing, throwing, jeering? Remember this: Every piece of trash you throw, every boo you shout, every ticket you bought to see the Bulkster, it’s all cha-ching in my pocket! Love me or hate me, the Bulkster's still getting paid, dudes!"

He gestures around, signifying the whole arena.

“I've got the spotlight, the pizzas, and soon enough, victory at Relentless. You all just watch!"

Suddenly, a rain of Pizzamania fliers begin descending from the rafters offering 5% off of one pizza when you buy 10 or more, causing even further boos.

“Pizzamania and Bulkamania are BOTH here to stay, brother, and there's nothing ANYONE can do about it, dude!"

He points towards the camera in a dramatic fashion.

"So go ahead, keep up your chants, keep throwing your trash. But remember, at the end of the day, the joke's on all of you. Because the Bulkster? I'm back dudes, and I'll be laughing all the way to the bank, brother!"

He drops the mic with a thud, and his theme starts blaring through the speakers again as he exits the ring, leaving behind a mess of pizzas, trash, and an audience that's riled up like never before.

[Image: pizzamania.png]

POW! Flynn kicks open a door to an office!


Flynn quickly rips open lockers in the XWF locker room.


…Theo jogs up beside Flynn, as he stands at gorilla. Flynn holds his head, concerned, as Pryce wraps up shooting off a text.

”What personnel we do have is scouring the arena. We’re conducting a thorough sweep of the loading docks and ventilation systems as we speak…”

Theo looks up.

The typically mouthy Flynn doesn’t say a word. Lost in his thoughts, eyes whirring back and forth in concern.

Theo rests a hand on Flynn’s shoulder.

”If he’s still on-site, we’ll find him.”

…Flynn stares at Theo’s hand, eyes wide.

Theo slowly peels back his hand. (Might’ve been too much for the incredibly grumpy Flynn (even if he is a good guy) now).

Flynn closes his eyes. ”FUCK.” Flynn exhales. ”Where the Hell could he have taken Irwin… Have we ch-”

”*krrrrrrsh*-eyo? Annyeong Haseyo?”

Theo and Flynn both look around. A loud booming voice is coming from… Somewhere?

”AHA!” That unmistakable voice bellows confidently. ”I have been informed that we have successfully intercepted XWF’s production transmission. With that information… I say to the XWF Universe…”

…Theo and Flynn’s eyes widen. They jog from gorilla to the ramp…

And see NK’s face…

On the forty-foot tall X-Tron screen.


Theo groans impatiently, fishing his phone up to his ear to call his production team and demand they kill the X-Tron!

Flynn’s eyes remain on NK…

”Ah! I’m receiving word that XWF’s production team is currently attempting to implement encryption techniques to retake control of the broadcast! Surely, they underestimate the hacking strength of my True Korean eng-”


…The X-Tron goes off.

Theo’s pocket buzzes.

He gets a text.


Theo looks at Flynn… Flynn’s face still awash with concern.

Theo sighs… And shoots off a follow-up text.

THWIP! NK’s face is back on the X-Tron!

”HAHA!” The War Criminal pumps his fist confidently! ”Now! Witness the culmination of my plan to END MARK FLYNN PERMANENTLY!”

NK gestures behind him.

”BEHOLD!” NK steps to the side.

Behind the War Criminal.

A hooded figure.

Standing on a stool.

With a noose around his neck.

Flynn and Theo are both horrified. Theo quickly reaches for his phone to end the feed, and prevent the XWF Universe from seeing something you could only see in an illegal snuff film… (or the XWF circa 2013)…

”Ah ah ah!” NK shakes his head, lifting a switch up to the camera. ”I would not take back control of the X-Tron feed just yet, Chairman Pryce! For while you may have your own remote control…” NK shakes the switch. ”I hold the detonator!”

…Theo puts away the phone. Flynn grits his teeth, furiously.

”Now, Mark Flynn, comes the moment I designed nearly one year ago when you BETRAYED ME! When I take EVERYTHING FROM YOU!”

…A member of the ring crew jogs up, handing Flynn a microphone.

…Flynn is briefly lost in thought… before he raises the mic to his mouth.

”Look, NK!” Flynn begins. ”I’ve said I’m sorry. And I’ve said, if you want a fight, I’ll fight you.” Flynn puts his hands up. ”Don’t hurt the kid. He didn’t do shit to you.”

…NK sneers, melodramatically clutching at his heart.

”Oh! What a moving plea from the newly-christened hero, Mark Flynn! Truly his heart is as pure as a snowflake from the peaks of Mount Peaktu itself!”

…NK points at his extended tongue, like he’s going to be sick.

”Interesting how you LACKED the same sense of empathy when it came to sharing an opportunity at Relentless with me, Mark Flynn!”

NK sticks a finger in the air! ”Further interesting, Chairman Pryce, how you rushed to end my broadcast to avert the innocent eyes of your audience from a potential hanging… YET THE XWF TELEVISED MY OWN GRISLY DEMISE… Not once… Not twice! BUT ON THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS!”

…NK incredulously fishes his own 2003 Motorola Razr out of his pocket.

”It’s happened so many times, there are compilation videos of my death on XWF’s video network!”

NK shakes his head.

”But… with the culmination of my design, I shall, in one fell swoop… CORRECT EVERY INJUSTICE LAID AGAINST ME. Both by Mark Flynn and by the XWF itself!”

NK jogs backwards, setting a boot against the stool!

Flynn’s eyes widen, as he lifts the mic. ”WHOA! NO NO NO NO! DON’T!”

The stool gently wobbles…

But remains upright!

NK grins ear-to-ear.

”Mark Flynn! You were so obsessed with your individualist accomplishments that you threw away the greatest team in XWF history! You were NOT willing to share the main event with me at last year’s Relentless.”

”Because, DEEP in the COCKLES of your COLD, BLACK HEART… You saw something in me at WarGames. When I pinned Raion Kido… You KNEW I SHOULD BE THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION…”

Flynn is silent.

”And, at Relentless, I plan to make those fears… Reality! You and I WILL share a ring at Relentless! An opportunity you DENIED me one year ago!”

”SURE.” Flynn barks. ”FINE. LET THE KID GO.”

”That match will be officiated by NORTH KOREAN RULES! To prevent the western, imperialist XWF from exerting control via its BIASED RULES!”

Theo squints, hesitantly…

But Flynn can’t agree fast enough.



”DONE.” Flynn barks.

Theo pinches his brow, trying to mentally calculate appearance fees for a dictator.


NK pauses.

Flynn exhales.


NK sneers.

”I am not driven by trivial matters like ‘proper possession’... I already HAVE your briefcase.”

”What I want…”

NK grins.


NK nods, sticking his finger in the air.


Theo side-eyes Flynn, muttering something under his breath, likely telling him to weigh his options before agreeing too qu-


NK smiles.


The figure drops into the noose!

”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Flynn drops to his knees! Theo immediately reaches into his pocket, demanding they shut off the feed.

But before they do, NK rips off the hood from the figure…


A mannequin!

”HAHA!” NK pumps his fist. ”Foolish Mark Flynn...”

War Criminal leans toward the camera…

”If you thought I would end your suffering in a mere moment like that?”

”You still haven’t learned. I plan to PROLONG your suffering! FORCE you to experience AN ETERNITY OF ANGUISH!”

”I believe in no religion, Mark Flynn. But, at Relentless.”

”You will truly know Hell.”

The feed dies. We cut to commercial.

HHL: Well, Pip! This triple-threat match is sure to be chaotic!

PIP: No doubt, Heather! You have three rising stars, all looking to establish momentum headed toward their Relentless weekend!

Finn Kuhn is already in the ring.

HHL: After a short hiatus, Finn Kuhn is back! And he looks better than ever!

PIP: Kuhn’s a top-tier competitor, Heather! He’s had two… TWO shots for the Universal title in his career: one against Bobby Bourbon during his first reign and another against the Engineer, the longest, most legendary run in XWF History! And both times, Kuhn came close… CLOSE! But just short!

HHL: Could this Kuhn run be the one where he ends up holding the Universal championship?

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps.

HHL: If you’d asked me a few weeks ago, no exaggeration: I’d have Ned Kaye on my ballot for Superstar of the Year 2023!

PIP: HUGE 2023 for the Notorious One, Heather! From March Madness to Leap of Faith, Ned Kaye had a huge winning streak! He was Captain of the 2023 WarGames winning Team! He scored a huge win over two-time Universal champion, Bobby Bourbon! He’s hit a slight skid after losing that Leap of Faith by the skin of his teeth. But, that’s the thing about Kaye: He’s always improving! Always looking to hit that next level!

HHL: And if he keeps reaching those levels, it’s hard to imagine anyone beating him!

The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

The lights in the arena go dim as a latin trap banger is blared through the PA system. As the bass bumps through the arena three different spotlights begin rotating over the crowd: one green, one red, and one white. After a few seconds all three spotlights coalesce on the entrance ramp, where we see Latina Submission Machina kneeling on the ground, holding a Mexican flag across her back! Pyrotechnics pop off the entrance ramp just as the crowd hits its biggest pop of the night.

HHL: Speaking of huge returns this year… Latina Submission Machina!

PIP: She and HGH have leapt to the top of the Anarchy brand with their partnership! With just a few calculated moves, LSM came within a split-hair of snatching the Television title off Dionysus last Warfare!

HHL: LSM is constantly demanding opportunities! Constantly demanding bigger and bigger opponents! And if she keeps throwing herself in the ring with the best in this industry… she’ll soon be able to count herself among!!

Latina Submission Machina bounces to her feet, still holding the flag of her nation across her back. Her half-painted face is twisted into an angry expression, but really that's just for the camera, because this luchadora is as calculated and cerebral as they come! She walks down the entrance ramp with a confident swagger before climbing the steel steps and slipping between the ropes. As her name is announced, she charges onto one of the turnbuckles and holds her nation's flag up high.

Announcer: Weighing 140 pounds and standing at 5 foot seven inches tall, fighting out of Ciudad Juárez, MEEEXXXXIIIICCCCOOOOOO....she is a former Anarchy AND X-treme Champion....she is the LATINA SUBMISSION MACHINA!

LSM hops off the corner post before barking at a ringside attendant to come take care of her precious flag.

The three competitors each stand in opposite corners. LSM looks absolutely famished for violence, her fingers twitching as she enters a fighting stance. Kaye also starts bouncing on the balls of his feet, warming up, getting ready to go.

Kuhn looks slightly more stoic and calm than his two opponents…

The official calls for the bell!

- vs -
- vs -
Standard Triple Threat - Warfare Rules

IMMEDIATELY, LSM breaks into a sprint toward Kaye!

HHL: LSM, possibly calculating that Kaye has less ring rust and she should take him out first!

…But Kaye swiftly sidesteps, scooping LSM by the skull…

And using her forward-momentum to fling her out of the ring!

LSM lands awkwardly, spine-first on the apron, before tumbling to her ass outside!

PIP: Oof! Hard bump for the usually catlike LSM!

Kaye spins back toward the ac-WHOA!

The King in Rags is already on the Notorious One, throwing a roundhouse kick that juuuuust narrowly missing the ducking Kaye’s skull!

HHL: Wow! Great awareness by Kaye!

PIP: He’s got to stay aware though! Kuhn’s kicks are killer!

Kaye ducks, back against the ropes! Kuhn stays on him throwing a thrust kick!

But Kaye smoothly dips under it, running for the opposite ropes…

Kuhn spins around, just as Kaye hits the other end of the ring, coming in with momentum…

Kuhn braces himself f-

NOTORIOUS KNEE! Ned leaps and catches Kuhn with a knee straight to the nose!

HHL: Wow! Miscalculation by Kuhn there!

PIP: He clearly thought he was ready for whatever Kaye might throw… Not anticipating Kaye would open the match with his signature move!

HHL: Hey! Ned doesn’t get paid by the hour!

Kuhn gets blasted so hard he ragdolls outside the ring, landing on his feet. As he does, LSM, still holding her back on the mat in pain, rolls under the apron.

The King-in-Rags grabs at his face, trying to tweak his nose back into its proper order…

As he does, Kaye doesn’t give him a moment’s rest, grabbing the top rope and leaping…

Kuhn gets his nose back in proper order… Just in time to look up and catch Kaye across his shoulders…


DISCIPLINARY ACTION! (slingshot hurricanrana)

Kaye, with incredible aerial acrobatics, manages to drive Kuhn’s skull into the padding concrete outside the ring!

HHL: Kuhn might need some facial reconstruction after these concentrated strikes from the Notorious One!

Kaye springs back up to his feet and looks to grab Kuhn by the scruff of the n-

BUT A LEGSWEEP FROM UNDER THE APRON clips Kaye’s ankle! He dips to the ground on one knee in pain… As LSM emerges from the bottom rope, unleashing a series of clubbing forearms to the back of the Kaye’s neck!

HHL: LSM, calculating her window to take control flawlessly!

LSM quickly scoops Kaye off his knee and hurls him back into the ring under the bottom rope…

But Kaye slides, springing to his feet, breaking into another run… LSM’s eyes widen, knowing how dangerous Kaye is while moving! She slides in after him to put a stop to this!

Kaye does a forward handspring off the ropes… As LSM comes in behind him…

COFFIN NAILS! (Handspring Cutter!) Kaye delivers a devastating cutter, dropping the XWF’s Luchadora Numero Uno with AUTHORITY!

HHL: Holy COW! We’ve never seen Kaye in this form before!

LSM’s skull rebounds off the mat! Kaye springs to his feet, drawing a thumb across his throat, signalling for the end!

…As from behind, Kuhn manages to slip into the ring under the bottom rope…

Kaye grabs LSM by the back of the head, pulling her to her fee-

LSM STOMPS Kaye’s foot, sneaking under the bottom rope to the outside, making a strategic retreat!

HHL: LSM buying herself some time to regroup!

Kaye grits his teeth from that stomp… Before doubling over! Ambush strike to the back of Kaye’s skull from Finn Kuhn!

LSM peeks her head in… Thinking about re-entering the action… Then, dips back out, smiling confidently stretching her shoulders…

HHL: LSM, knowing when to fight, and when to let her opponents tire themselves out!

Kuhn, laser-focused, drags Kaye to a vertical base… He points to the sky!

PIP: Kuhn, possibly calling for his Swan Song!

Kuhn shoves Kaye forward against the ropes… Kaye spins as Kuhn rears back his arm…

Kuhn spins! DISCUS ELB-


Kuhn put a little too much on it, spinning in place, losing his own footing…

Giving Kaye the opportunity to scoop Kuhn onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry!



Kuhn looks spent on the ground!

LSM tries to roll back in the ring, eager to break up the cou-

Ned kips-up to his feet, pointing at LSM! Challenging her to re-enter his ring!

LSM scoffs.

And rolls back outside, sweeping her arms like whatever.

Kaye, somewhat surprised… still has the wherewithal to cover Kuhn.





The crowd pops as the official raises Kaye’s arm!

LSM backs up the ramp with a sneer, delivering a sarcastic golf clap.

HHL: Interesting choice from the usually hypercompetitive LSM to cede a victory to Kaye here, Pip!

PIP: LSM is as cerebral as they come, Heather! I think she did the mental math, saw the incredible form Kaye was in tonight, and saw her two options as: Let him pin Kuhn or get pinned herself. I think she made the right choice. LSM is a ring general! She can lose a battle if it means winning the war!

HHL: Still, the big story tonight is… What a showcase match for Ned Kaye! He enters the biggest weekend in the XWF Calendar looking absolutely unstoppable!
The official steps out of the ring, giving the Notorious One a chance to celebrate his dominant showing!
Kaye lifts his arms in the air as the crowd chants his name!

Suddenly, the lights go dark inside the Chase Center.

[Image: static-glitch.gif]

Static appears on the Tron before fading into a shot of an isolated lightbulb slightly swaying back and forth as a distorted voice can be heard in the background.

“We meet again, Ned.”

Ned seems slightly confused as he rests his hands on his hips while looking up at the Tron.

“You might be asking yourself who I am or why I’m here.”

Distorted snickering can be heard.

“Who I am isn’t important, why I’m here is.”

The camera slowly pans back from the swaying bulb to reveal….

[Image: Penta-el-zero-Miedo.png]

“I can tell by the look on your face you still are confused, Ned. I wish I could say I was surprised by that but that’s furthest from the truth. A little birdie told me that you’ve been looking for me, that you’ve been speaking my name behind the curtain. I’ve heard your whispers, but remember an age-old saying… Be careful what you wish for.”

The masked figure squats down while gazing up at the camera.

“Relentless is right around the corner. It’s been the flagship event of the Xtreme Wrestling Federation for as long as I can remember. I’ve waged incredible wars under those lights, I’ve changed the ballgame on that stage by telling some of the greatest stories this organization has ever seen, and that are STILL discussed to this day.”

The figure stands back up.

“Do you have any thoughts?”

He asks.

“Don’t worry… I don’t hide behind masks for too long.”

The house lights come up to reveal the masked figure standing behind Ned Kaye. The crowd responds with a loud reaction causing Ned to spin around and eat a Code Breaker from the masked figure. The masked figure gets back to his feet and looks square into the lens of the camera and starts pulling off his mask to reveal.

[Image: 5a03e9d87c4814f4-600x338.gif]


The crowd erupts with massive boos instantly upon CCP revealing himself. Page stands over Ned Kaye, he kneels down pointing in his face.

CHRIS PAGE: I’ll see you at Relentless.

Chris paintbrush slaps Ned across the face. The crowd pops as security hits the ring and Page makes a quick exit through the crowd.

A figure is seen walking out from the back wearing a black hooded sweatshirt on. The hood was over his head so he couldnt be seen, and his head was looking down.

He stood in a stance. And as a white light appeared on his front, he unzipped his sweatshirt and showed the front of the t-shirt:

[Image: 4235893084%20Front.jpg]

As it continued he turned around and took off his hooded sweatshirt and revealed the back of the t-shirt which read:

[Image: 4235893084%20Back.jpg]

He turned back around and stood in a pose as the white light bathed on him to reveal: MASTERMIND

He then smirks as he walks all the way to the skydiving tunnel, with the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk, walking not far behind.  Followed by Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs and Kris 'The Hammer' Von Bonn.

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Leaving Dionysus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the entrance walkway, illuminating a velvet red curtain. At the moment the guitars begin to play, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

You never had the right,
Removing me from paradise.
Your path removed the light,
Rendering me colour-blind.

But now I’ll speak,
Since I’ve become my own again,
And now I’ll leave,
Since I’ve become my own, again.

"Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis MN, weighing in at 270 lbs; he is the Lord of the Vine, DIONYSUS!"

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield outside of the skydiving tunnel and walks inside, running to one of the nearby cameras and posing to rally the crowd behind him. He then turns back and limbers up, awaiting his opponent.

Both Mastermind and Dionysus stare daggers at each other, and referee Chaz Bobo wastes no time getting in between them and getting the bullrope tied between their wrists. It’s a short thing, only coming in at six feet tall, meaning there’s no real chance for either of them to get proper separation…

- vs -
Warfare Rules - Typhoon Match


And without another moment of hesitation, the skydiving tunnel begins to kick up, blowing a gentle flow of wind that’s beginning to pick up!

HHL: And we’re off! Typhoon Match, first of its kind here in the XWF, and the winds of change look to be blowing both of these competitors into unfamiliar territory here.

Pip: This is certainly one of the match stipulations of all time… How do these people even come up with this kind of crap, anyway?

HHL: Your guess is as good as mine, Pip, but if nothing else… this’ll be an entertaining sight to see.

Both champion and challenger waste no time, knowing they’re only going to have a little while on the ground before the wind kicks up enough to propel them into the air. Both men tug and jostle along for leverage on the bullrope, trying to pull the other off-balance. The effort proves fruitless though, and it eventually leads into both men LOCKING UP!

Both men may be the same height, but Dionysus is a lot bulkier compared to Mastermind’s leaner frame, and with leanness comes a natural sense of agility. Mastermind puts that agility to use, going behind Dionysus before he can use his strength and manages to sink in a tight waist lock. And already, Mastermind’s ring IQ starts to come onto display as he already starts putting the bullrope to good use, wrapping it around Dionysus’ waist and tightening it around him!

Dionysus hacks and wheezes from the tight rope digging into his skin, and he’s trying to struggle his way out. Mastermind notices this though, and tries to quickly cut off Dionysus’ escape before it’s too late. He grits his teeth and plants his feet, going for a GERMAN SUUUUUUUUUUUUPLEX!

But Dionysus responds just in time with a hard elbow shot to the dome! Mastermind gets rocked just before he can properly lift up Dionysus! A second elbow rings out! And a third! A fourth! Mastermind’s grip lets up, and Dionysus manages to circle his way out and faces Mastermind in front now! He tugs on the bullrope to bring Mastermind in close - BIG BOOT NEARLY TAKES HIS HEAD OFF!

HHL: Mastermind showed off his smarts to start the match, but Dionysus has plenty of adaptability to his game as well. The bullrope’s short length really came to his advantage here with giving Mastermind very little time to maneuver and react - if the Viewer’s Choice poll before this match gave them a lengthier rope, surely that wouldn’t have worked!

Pip: …So what you’re saying, Heather, is that the fans themselves are screwing over Mastermind right about now?

The fan below starts to kick up in speed and volume, and it’s clear that it won’t be long until the two of them will start to be getting propelled up into the air. Dionysus exhales, before pulling Mastermind up onto his feet - and he pulls the bullrope in close again to bring Mastermind in, this time now for a HIP TOOOOOOOOOSS! Mastermind hits the ground hard!

Dionysus isn’t done yet, though, sizing up Mastermind and trying to look for a fist drop -

MASTERMIND ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Dionysus’ hand crashes against the metal grate of the steel floor, and he instinctively holds onto it! As he gets back onto his knees, Mastermind takes advantage of this opportunity by kicking Dionysus in the back of the skull with an Enzuigiri! Dionysus falls onto all fours, and Mastermind follows it up with a basement dropkick to the face!

Mastermind looks to try and end this quickly, and he goes down to Dionysus’ legs to try and flip him over for the MIND CONTROLLER!

Pip: Woah, woah, woah, Mastermind looking for the upset victory early on here! They haven’t even gone up in the air yet!

HHL: Well, it’s not like Mastermind will be able to sink in the Boston Crab once they’re up in the air, Pip! If he’s going to try and force a tap-out quickly, this is going to be the way to do it!

The hold gets locked in! Dionysus looks around, but there’s no ring ropes to try and hold onto to break the hold here! He grits his teeth with everything he’s got, trying to kick and struggle out of the hold, but Mastermind’s got it tight! It’s a proverbial tug-of-war with the Television title at stake! And the fan is only getting faster and louder by the minute!

HHL: It’s getting so loud I can’t even hear myself think!

Pip: What the Hell are you saying, Heather?!


A momentary bout of jostling with the audio equipment can be heard on the broadcast feed while Dionysus and Mastermind continue struggling with each other for leverage in the hold! Dionsyus needs to act fast before the situation becomes too dire! With the wind blowing directly into his face sending his magnificent locks billowing in the wind, he grabs the bullrope connected to Mastermind’s hand and pulls back with everything he’s got! He’s trying to weaken Mastermind’s grip!

And… it’s working! Mastermind is trying to struggle against it, but Dionysus has the natural strength advantage! Mastermind scoffs at Dionysus’ attempt, but - DIONYSUS STRAIGHTENS HIS LEGS OUT! MASTERMIND FLIPS OVER FROM THE REVERSAL -


And the bullrope doesn’t take long to bring Dionysus up into the air as well, with the two of them beginning to hover over the ground itself!

The audio equipment roars back to life on the broadcast feed as the sound of the air from the tunnel suddenly seems far quieter. The familiar voices of Heather Halliwell and Pip Collins come back on the air, trying to take a minute to adjust to everything.

HHL: Alright… I think we’re back now. That felt like murder on my ears… but it’s all made up by the action finally taking to the air here!

Pip: Speak for yourself, Heather! I think I just perforated one of my eardrums having to listen to that tunnel with my headset connected to the feed! I just hope Mastermind wins this shit, now…

HHL: Why am I not surprised… Anyway, with the match coming into the next gear, the strategies are quickly going to shift. Slams aren’t going to be viable anymore, as are certain holds - expect lots of strikes incoming here.

There’s a bit of awkwardness in the air as both Mastermind and Dionysus try adjusting to the fact that they are literally flying! This time, Mastermind is the one quicker on the draw though, using the bullrope to his advantage to pull Dionysus closer - HEADBUTT! That one hit right between the eyes, and Mastermind uses that to his advantage, placing both feet now on his torso and kicking up to gain height!

Now Mastermind is up high, still with the bullrope connecting the two of them! He tugs on the bullrope, bringing Dionysus up high with him, but it becomes clear the intent as Mastermind extends his legs again right when Dionysus is in range to give a rock-solid kick right to his ribs! Separation is created in the air once again from the force of the kick, but Mastermind tugs on the bullrope again to bring Dionysus back in close! He’s looking for a repeat!

But Dionysus grabs the legs in time before they make contact with him! He throws them off of him, sending Mastermind off-balance in the process! Mastermind manages to adjust himself - only to see Dionysus lunging in mid-air with the bullrope to deliver a FEARSOME shoulder tackle! The impact can barely be heard over the wind as Mastermind groans from the strike!

Dionysus starts getting the upper hand now! Fearsome right hands start raining down, forcing Mastermind back with every blow delivered! And now the left hands start coming in, like a machine gun to the gut! Upstairs! Downstairs! Jabs! Crosses! Uppercuts! The boxing combination works to perfection as Mastermind is forced to the wall of the tunnel! And Dionysus hits a right hook to cap it off!

Or he would - IF MASTERMIND DIDN’T JUST DODGE OUT OF THE WAY! The same hand that missed the fist drop earlier crashes into the wall of the tunnel, leaving a series of small cracks in its wake. Dionysus winces, cradling his hand for dear life as Mastermind hops right onto his back! He’s trying to lock it in - the MIND SLEEPER!

HHL: The strongest move Mastermind can use in his arsenal right now is coming out! The Mind Sleeper! What a way to try and regain momentum after Dionysus was hitting the Brut Force!

Pip: Sloppy, sloppy work from Dionysus! Even one mistake in a scenario like this can spell your doom! Now he’s fighting for his life and his belt to try and stop himself from going night-night!

HHL: The hold’s not locked in yet, Pip! We could always see something change here!

Mastermind is trying to cinch in his arms, but Dionysus is tucking his neck! Mastermind can’t quite slither his arms in, especially with the wind making the two of them tumble around all over the place! Mastermind keeps struggling, before using the bullrope to his advantage! He wraps it around Dionysus’ face, before pulling back as the rope grinds and burns the champion as he screams out over the roaring winds!

Mastermind sees his opportunity! He goes to hook his arm under Dionysus’ chin - but Dionysus manages to drive his shoulder back in one last burst of momentum, driving Mastermind right back into the wall! The impact staggers him, and it’s just enough for Dionysus to manage to turn himself around as the two are face-to-face!

Right hand from Dionysus! Left straight from Mastermind! Jab to the nose from Dionysus! European uppercut from Mastermind!

Left hook!

Eye gouge!

Body uppercut!

Forearm strike!

A variety of strikes come raining down with no end in sight! Both men are determined to give as good as they are getting right now, and neither one is backing down for the world!

HHL: This match is fast and furious right now! Both men are trying to give everything right now for the Television Championship! Mastermind looking for one more reign on top of that mountain, Dionysus looking to encourage others to keep climbing the mountain as well with his sensational performances! Neither man is looking to break!

Mastermind looks to duck low, bringing an end to the strike exchanges with a back body drop - looking to bring Dionysus right into the wall of the tunnel - the same area where he struck earlier!

Pip: Is he trying to break the damn tunnel outright?!

But Dionysus manages to turn in the air as Mastermind tries and fails to flip him! He plants his feet along the tunnel wall, and kicks off of it! Twisting in mid-air, he goes to face Mastermind, and tugs on the bullrope one last time - BRINGING IN MASTERMIND CLOSE FOR A BULL HAMMER!


HHL: DEIFIED! It’s a bit modified from how it usually goes, but Dionysus hit it to perfection!

Blood spews from Mastermind’s mouth on impact, and his eyes roll into the back of his head! He flails uncontrollably in the air from the force of the wind, and it’s clear that he’s KNOCKED OUT!

Pip: He damn near caved in his head with that blow…

The wind begins to die down as both competitors are lowered back to the ground… and that means…

Winner and STILL Television Champion - Dionysus!

HHL: What a win for Dionysus heading into the biggest show of the year with Relentless! Mastermind gave it his best shot, but it ultimately wasn’t enough.

Pip: Gonna be back to the ole’ drawing board once again for Mastermind. Maybe he just needs Kris von Bonn to throw a hammer at Dionysus’ skull out of nowhere backstage…

Dionysus poses with his Television Championship as Warfare rolls on.

The lights go out. The announcer's microphones start to fill with static with their voices struggling to bring a clear word to the audience before it eventually moves to silence. A spotlight from the ceiling turns on pointing at the front of the entrance with heavy fog flowing through the air. A high pitched piano key sounds and echoes around the arena. It repeats with a few seconds in between as the noise rings to silence. The piano sounds quicken and gives less silence, building a quicker rhythm. A lit lantern appears in midair, as if someone were holding it. The XWF audience knew someone long ago that had an eerie entrance with a lantern.

A familiar song blares through the sound system..

HHL: Oh MY GOD!!! It can't be...

The lantern starts moving forward towards the ring, with a clearer image of the person holding it. Once the person walks through the spotlight, you get a sudden glimpse of a man with a long beard, long hair with a black fedora sitting on top. The crowd, and announcers, wait until the lights go up to reveal who the person is.  Minutes later, it’s revealed.

The lights fade up to 50%, enough to see what’s happening and who is in the ring. Eli James IV has returned.

HHL: IT IS!!! He's here!! Former XWF Universal Champion ELI JAMES IV has returned!!!

Pip: Well this should be interesting.

The soundtrack of the audience is on repeat: “holy shit, holy shit…”

Eli stands in the ring, with his head slowly panning to both the right and left, soaking the moment in. The corners of his mouth stretch, showing the well-known smile Eli was known for that turns the crowd’s participation into loud cheers.

Eli sets his lantern down, and pulls out a microphone from his back pocket.

Eli James: “Ya’ll remember me? Hehe..”

The crowd erupts.

Eli James: “I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life, and a lot of good. Both could be switched depending on the eye seeing ‘em. I brought judgment on many in the past, and after all my warnings, they are now long gone. I never said a word that didn’t come true. Now, I’m not here to give you all a history lesson about my words and what I’ve done. I’ve been sittin’ back, wondering if I’d ever enter this world again. I wondered who would I stare down. I wondered if I’d build a new Congregation and lead them to the Promise Land like I did so many others. Heh. The world has been filled with so many things and left with holes while I stayed in the shadows. But then I heard that whisper calling me out of the caves to enter the lights once more, but the difference is this would be the last walk.

“Some have tried to keep my name alive. Some wished what I’ve done would be swept under the rug, never knowin’ who Eli James was other than a splat on the wall. But here I am. Not a splat. Not tossed in a history book to sit on your shelves. I’m here. In the present. Not to start the Congregation. Not to call out Elisha from the depths of hell. Not to bring Mystica from the outer world. I’m here to make my final stand and say my farewell.

“XWF, I need someone to send me on my way. I need someone to take my lantern that’s been going on to light the way and blow it out so I can make my way into the mysteries of the unknown. I’m issuing an open challenge. Who will lay Eli to rest? Win-Lose-or-Draw, I will fade into the rest of the legends that will simply sit on the wall. The difference with this man and the rest of the pictures on the walls is I’m leaving on my own terms and my words will always be held to the fire and be tested over time.  It needs to take place at Relentless!

The crowd erupts as Eli announces one more match at the upcoming pay per view.

Eli James: “Who will be the man? Who will be the person? Who will be the people to slay the beast? …. Or try to? Hehehe….

HHL: Of course it's Theo Pryce. Who else would it be? The two of them have gone to war against each other on more than one occasion.

Theo Pryce walks out from the back and looking dapper as ever. Theo slaps some hands and maybe even kisses a babies head or two before climbing into the ring. Theo walks over to the lantern Eli had placed on the ground and picks it up before walking towards his arch nemesis.

Eli James… You're still alive? I'm honestly shocked that the kool aid drinking weirdos you surround yourself with haven't caught on to your grift and smothered you in your sleep yet but I'd be lying if I didn't say that seeing you standing in MY ring begging for a match doesn't get me all warm and tingly in my nether regions.

You beat me once Eli. I don't know if you remember it or not but it was a trios title match. Your team beat mine, I took the pin. And to this day it's one of the few matches that eats away at me. Even though I beat you twice head to head. That one match man, it still digs at my like a thousand needles to the temple.

And in light of that never ending headache and your desire for a match at our biggest show I'm here to grant you your wish like the benevolent genie in a bottle that I am. You want one last match and you want it at Relentless? On our grandest stage? Well buddy, you got it. Eli James IV vs Theo Pryce.  I am finally going to put you down like I should have done years ago.

Theo brings the lantern that had been in his hands the whole time up a few inches from his face. He looks over at Eli one more time before blowing out the flame and then dropping the lantern to the ground.

I'll see you soon Eli.

Theo drops his mic and then climbs out of the ring and heads towards the back as Eli James remains in the center of the ring with a smile across his face.

The shot returns to the ring, where we see Theo Pryce standing amidst the eponymous contract signing table and two chairs. He’s alright got a mic in hand. Oh, and by the way, the ring is completely surrounded by XWF security.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Tonight we make Thunder Knuckles and Corey Smith official. But, a word beforehand. I’m not allowing this to break out into the donnybrook it was the last time these two men were housed under a roof together. Tonight goes smooth and easy. Right, Corey? Right, TK?

Let’s bring them on out.

The tension builds until finally the Universal Champion’s music hits the speakers. “Identity” by Grandson is pumped through the house and Corey Smith appears at the top of the ramp, holding the Universal Championship over his shoulder. He walks steadily to the ring, all business. Taking the ring steps up, he gets in the ring, shakes Theo’s hand and has a seat.

And now, his challenger, Thunder Knuckles.

Aaaaand, no music hits. Corey sinks back in his chair and rolls his eyes, muttering “You gotta be kidding me.” Theo shoots a stern look up the ramp. The crowd starts to get antsy before…

Thunder Knuckles’ music hits. Consummate troll that he is, he bled the moment dry before making his appearance as his B.O.B. entrance theme started to roll. TK appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a shit eating grin. He points at Corey instantly, gesturing for his Universal Championship. Meanwhile, Corey gets up out of his seat and goes to the ring ropes, holding them open for TK. TK starts walking up the ramp, but when he approaches the ring he starts barking for Corey to give him some space. Theo intervenes and whispers something to Corey, causing him to step back begrudgingly and get back in his seat. With that, Thunder Knuckles finally gets in the ring. He makes a wide circle around the table as he walks to his seat and plants himself.

Okay gentlemen, we all know what this is. Theo is handed a couple contracts from ringside from a crew member and places them in front of both opponents. Corey Smith has also devised a special match stipulation for the contest. Corey, why don’t you tell us about it?

It would be my pleasure. Corey replies cooly. He narrows his eyes at TK who waggles his fingers back at Corey with mock intimidation. Sticking with the theme of the show, I am calling this a Tenth Circle match. In his epic, Dante Aligheiri described nine layers of hell, each one containing a discrete population of sinners. Well, today I’m opening up a tenth layer for the biggest sinner of all. That’s you TK.

TK rolls his hand as if to say “get on with it.”

Here’s how the match works. It’ll be another cage match. But the cage will be on fire.

The fans pop huge for the announcement. TK stops looking so confident as a snarl sets in on his features.

But that’s not all. Because it wouldn’t be the Tenth Layer without some manner of torture. So, to that end, at the top of the cage, accessible by ladders which will be provided in the ring, will be 20 briefcases. One will contain my Universal Championship. Or some other signifier of victory on the long odds chance I don’t retain my title tonight. The other 19? They’ll contain an ultimatum. A challenge to commit an act of physical pain on yourself or forfeit the match.

TK leans in in his chair, and then looks to Theo with a “what the fuck?” expression on his face.

What kinds of physical pain? Why it could be anything from having to touch the burning cage to, well, even more creative examples of physical torment. I’ll give you a hint though. Power tools may be involved.

Thunder Knuckles leans back in his chair wearing a confident grin. He puts his mic up to his mouth and points at Corey.

So not only do I get to beat the shit out of Corey but Corey has the chance of hurting himself? XWF fans around the world, if you haven’t already bought the fucking Pay-Per-View, at least get night three. As for you Corey, I can’t fucking wait to get my hands on you. You can sit there on your goddamn high horse, but come the night, we’ll see who comes out on top. Where’s King at? From the looks of it, I could be fighting him. Now gimme that damn contract.

Thunder Knuckles signs his name on the dotted line.

Corey starts clapping his hands. Oh well met, TK, well met! And you know what, if I gave half a shit about anything you have to say, your spiel might matter to me. But it doesn’t. And you are finally going to pay for what you did in the TENTH LAYER, asshole. With that, Corey signs his own contract.

TK snarls but then a cocky smile forms on his face. Too bad it won’t bring back your house or undo the smoke inhalation and burns those little shits suffered. God DAMN do I love to see things spiral out of control for you, you preening, smug, little-

Oh you fuck-! With that, Corey leaps across the table at Thunder Knuckles! He grabs hold of the challengers shirt and the security team instantly swarms the ring, pulling the two competitors apart.

I told you all this wasn’t happening.

But the crowd seems to disagree, chanting…


In the ring, Corey is snarling and chomping at the bit to get at TK. TK is doing the same, trying to heave his way over the backs of the glut of security guards to get at Corey!

This gets settled at Relentless, and not a moment before. Guys, take them both to the back and monitor them!  ESpecially Corey he still has a match tonight. Theo sweeps his hand, motioning towards the back. The security team pays heed to the man who signs their checks and they start dragging TK and Corey out of the ring and to the back, but the whole while they’re both screaming and trading barbs with ione another.

HHL: This feud is hot! And it’s going to get even hotter at Relentless!

PIP: Are you kidding?! Did you HEAR that match stipulation?! This is pure sadism! That match is going to be a horror show!

HHL: And does Thunder Knuckles deserve any less?

PIP: Does Corey?! Because his dumb ass is going to be in the burning cell suffering right alongside the man he hates!

HHL: At any rate it's certain to be one for the ages. But then again, Corey still has to get through Isaiah KIng to make it to Relentless. Stay tuned for that folks! And stay tuned as we will hit up one last commercial break before we end tonight's show with our Main Event!

The lights of the stadium scan the crowd, white, blue and red. Fans have their many signs out, most emblazoned with some variation of I LOVE YOU COREY, mock Universal Titles and the little sprinkle of Kingslayer and Down With The Champ! The fans loved their champion, but little bits of love for the challenger are present. The lights finally all settle on a hulking cage, levitating over the ring.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for your main event.

HHL: Hey who said that? Ladies and Gentlemen…. It’s time for you main event!

PIP: Who said what? Do you see that cage? Our universal champion sure has grown to like this particular stipulation. Not sure it gives him an advantage against Isaiah King though.

HHL: You would too Pip, if you had two briefcases roaming about ready to strike whenever you’re down - but you might be right, Isaiah’s got a penchant for bloody matches.

PIP: But where’s the fun in that Heather? Corey is really screwing the fans over with all this caution, don’t you think? Two briefcases and a rabid mid-carder means RATINGS!

HHL: When you’re the Universal Champion maybe then you can give him advice, but for now - IT’S TIME!

The cage begins to lower menacingly, just as our challengers music hits the speakers.

The eerie beginning to the song is matched with a flow of white mist that covers the entrance ramp. As Iniko sings “I will be one of the greatest”, Isaiah walks out through the curtains with his right fist raised up. A crocodile’s coat rests over his shoulders, a headdress that resembles that of a crocodile’s head covers his head. In his left hand he seems to be pulling something along on a chain - something heavy.

PIP: What’s King got in his hand there?

HHL: Is.. Is that a body?

As the lights settle on the challenger, Isaiah swings his arm out and chucks a human-sized Peter Pan doll down the ramp in front him. A doll with a noose around it’s neck.

HHL: Oh my lord.

PIP: King hasn’t come here to play games, has he?

HHL: That’s horrific.

The challenger steps over the Peter Pan doll, making his way into the ring. He slips under the ropes as the cage still makes its slow descent down. Throwing off the Crocodile fit, he leans against the far ropes and waits for Corey to show himself.

HHL: And now it’s time for our Universal Champion, the dominant, the loved, the man ladies go wild to - Corey Smith!

PIP: Talk about dick riding, huh Heather?

HHL: You telling me you ain’t attracted to him?

PIP: What I do know is Corey’s been through a lot in recent weeks, what with the fire in his commune, dead friends returning and being stalked by an old enemy… And with this little punk’s antics - Corey is probably ready for some blood.

HHL: Oh my, look at him.

Corey walks out of the curtain, title strapped over his shoulder and murder in his eyes. He glances to the Peter Pan doll down the ramp for a second. His eyebrows are narrowed out, teeth bared as he stares straight down to Isaiah.

Smith walks down the ramp, his usual flashing jacket nowhere to be scene. The crowd roars for their Universal Champion but he’s only got eyes for one man, the pissant who’d disrespected him over the last two weeks.

HHL: The crowd is LOVING this intensity, Pip. The pretty boy looks ready to murder Isaiah.

PIP: Not sure if its the hanged man or the cute champ, but my hair’s standing! This is electrifying.

Corey walks up the stairs, sliding through the second and third rope. Handing his title to the referee, he stands right in the center of the ring and tilts his head - challenging Isaiah just as the cage covers the ring. The two are checked for any foreign objects, and when the referee is satisfied, the bell rings loudly through the stadium. The crowd explodes into a cheer for both competitors.

- vs -

HHL: And we’re live here at San Francisco’s very own Chase Center! The crowd is electric and you can be certain blood will be spilt tonight!

PIP: I can’t wait - both of these guys could use a few more scars on their pretty ass faces.

King drops into a low position, hands outstretched on either side of him, very different from the usual boxing stance he takes. Corey has arms stretched out in front of him, ready to grab anything that comes his way - he steps towards Isaiah, only to have King circle away from him with a grin on his face. Isaiah slaps Corey’s hands away, keeping him at a arm’s length constantly.

HHL: And the mind games have begun, King is usually the first to strike, but he seems to be playing it slow.

PIP: The nerve on him, after that stunt he pulled with Pan, he’s trying to piss Corey off.

“Come on, Kingslayer, where’d all that talk go?” Corey taunts the challenger, straightening up and beckoning him with a hand all matrix like. Isaiah simply grins back at and keeps low, he drops to a squat and bounces from ankle to ankle before flipping Corey off with both hands.

Corey rolls his eyes, walking to the ropes and leaning against it instead of engaging with the Kingslayers taunts. ”Boo, you’re no fun Coreykins, no angry ranting, no childish complaining?” Isaiah taunts back at the champion, just as he rushes across the ring towards the champion.

Corey gets back into a fighting stance just fast enough to tie up with Isaiah at the edge of the ring. Isaiah’s momentum helps him push Corey up against the ropes and cage but the Universal Champion holds his ground, forcing Isaiah into leaning his weight forward against him.

The Champion drops his hips, staggering Isaiah and catching him in a drop toehold, sending the Kingslayer crashing into the side of the cage.

Corey is up quickly, running to the opposite end of the ropes and coming in flying with a low dropkick to King's back, driving his abdomen back into the cage. Before King can right him self, Corey straddles his back and pulls upwards on his right arm. The smaller champion locks in an Octopus Lock.

HHL: Not sure I've ever seen him pull that one out?

PIP: Maybe cos he hasn't tried to rip anyone else's limbs out, that looks horrible!!

King screams out in pain, eyes glued to the top of the cage and his route to freedom. Using all his strength, he manages to free his legs and slowly push himself to his feet, Corey keeps yanking on his arm.

HHL: This is a cage match after all, useless arms would make climbing very difficult.

PIP: Who knew Corey was such a tactician.

HHL: We all did Pip, we all did. .

King whips around and basically falls backwards into the cage, knocking Corey off him. Frustrated, he sends some violent kicks into Corey's side while stretching his right arm and trying to get some feeling back into it.

Corey evades a lazily thrown kick, and rolls back to his feet.

HHL: And both wrestlers are back on their feet, one clearly worse for wear than the other.

Isaiah let's out a snarl, and this time drops into his favoured boxing stance.

PIP: Oh Isaiahs in south paw! That right arm must be real banged up.

Isaiah keeps his right arm law and his left high to cover his chin and darts at Corey. Smith puts his own hands up and blocks a flurry of lefts and rights, before catching Isaiahs arm under his. Wrapping his arm around Isaiahs, Corey drops back into the mat and swings his legs up to lock in a tight arm bar.

King drops to the mat along with the champion, screaming out in pain as the already hurt arm takes more of a beating. Tightening his core, King swings over and throws blind lefts into Corey side.

"Who's humiliating who now, King?" taunts Corey. Surprisingly instead of infuriating Isaiah more, it quietens him out. Isaiah grabs a hold of Corey's ankle with his free hand and twists hard on it, illiciting a scream of the champs own.

HHL: These two are doing more jiu-jitsu than wrestling, where are those slams!

PIP: Heather, all they gotta do is keep the other from scaling the cage, no need to pin or knock them out - slams actually make less sense.


Corey kicks out of the ankle lock, simultaneously dropping his arm bar and rolls to his feet. Well… one foot, he seems to favour the other, glaring at his opponent. He sticks a hand out, challenging Isaiah once more. The Kingslayer grimaces and get to his feet, locking up with Corey in a classic collar-and-elbow tieup, trying to get the better of the other.

This time it's Isaiah that drops his weight, and shifts behind Corey. He wraps his arms around the man's waist and lifts him up with all his might. The champion comes crashing down in a thunderous GERMAN SUPLEX.


"You wanted some slams Heather?! Isaiah screams out, while keeping his arms tightly around Corey. He strains his back and lifts the champ up again, throwing another deafening german suplex!

PIP: I didn't realise they could hear us.

Isaiah goes for a third german, but his right arm seems to give way and his hold around Corey's waist relaxes. It relaxes just enough for Smith to twist and get a loose elbow caught in Isaiahs cheek. The Kingslayer drops to the mat and Corey takes a deep breath and makes for the ropes.

HHL: Is he going to just make for the cage!

Corey approaches the cage with speed, but bounces off the ropes and hits the recovering Isaiah with a chop block to send him to one knee. Corey scrambles up and takes it to the ropes again, coming back with a SHINING WIZARD to topple the Kingslayer onto the mat.

PIP: Did you see how limp he is?

HHL: Let's not talk about how limp a guy is, shall we?

Corey glances at the downed Isaiah, then to his shining Universal Championship by the bell area, before looking to the top of the cage. Running to the opposite side of Isaiah, he begins to scale the colossal structure.

PIP: I'm not sure Isaiahs gonna wake up from that one, Corey might've ended this with a shin-

HHL: You ever heard of the commentators curse?

Isaiah stirs, before his head jerks up to look at Corey. His eyes are wild as we struggles back onto his feet and stumbles towards the cage. Corey seems to be struggling up the cage too, his ankle making it hard to support himself.

Isaiah gets the ropes under Corey, using the bounce od the ropes to propel himself up high enough to grab a handful of the champions tights.

HHL: Oooh, he pull any more and we might get to see some of that chiselled ass.

Pip: I thought we weren't allowed to talk about guys like that.

HHL: You aren't, it's perfectly okay for me.

Corey throws some stiff kicks down at Isaiah, striking him on the shoulder and head. The Kingslayer takes the kicks but doesn't let go, only climbing up higher until he right between Corey's legs.

With a yank, he pulls Corey onto his shoulders, seating the man for a second before falling backwards into an Electric Chair off the side of the cage!

Isaiah practically flings Corey off him as they come down, sending the smaller man sprawling across the ring, body tangled up with itself.

The two wrestlers crash into the mat, Corey having been much higher definitely coming out far worse.

Isaiah twists his body to get himself back onto his feet, his crawls his way to the nearby turnbuckle, and hoists his frame up ontop of it.

HHL: HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD? Isaiah looks like he's trying to end this.

Isaiah points Corey, the small portion of the crowd that support him cheer for some blood. Isaiah bends his arm at the elbow, readying himself as Corey slowly rises up to his feet.

Isaiah leaps off the turnbuckle, spinning acrobatically in midair and going for a vicious DISCUS ELB-


Corey simply drops back onto his knees with a lazy smile on his face, throwing a middle finger in the air as Isaiah whizzes past him and slams into the mat. Isaiah tries to right himself, the momentum taking him all the way to the side of the cage.

Corey's backup on his feet and leaps into the air himself, kicking Isaiah in the chest firmly with a picture perfect dropsault.

PIP: Hows he moving like that! That was practically swan like!!

HHL: More cat-like, but please don't talk about other men like that. Also, he is our Universal Champion!

The kick to the chest sends Isaiah stumbling into the turnbuckle, Corey lands like a cat on his feet, and smiles deviously. He rushes Isaiah down, lifts up his foot kicks the Kingslayer straight in the fa—


Isaiah ducks under the helluva kick, slipping between Corey's legs and picking him up completely into a seated position. With a gutteral yell, he powerbombs Corey straight into the side of the cage, ripping the skin off the poor man's bag.

Blood and bits of skin get stuck to the cage wall.

HHL: That is disgusting.

PIP: I thought you wanted to see wrestling.

Isaiah picks him up again and slams Corey back into the ring, the unforgiving steel cutting into his back once more and leaving it looking like bloody cinnamon toast crunch. Corey yells out, arching his back and digging his nails into Isaiahs face, himself drawing blood in a desperate attempt to get out of the Kingslayers clutches.

Isaiah drops Corey into the ground, onto his ripped up back, and takes a few steps backwards. His tongue darts out to lick at the blood Corey had drawn. Dropping into a squat, he begs Corey to get onto his feet, flailing an arm aggressively.

Coreys fingers slip into the cage and he uses it to pull himself painfully to his feet. Isaiah charges the champion, hoping to end it all.





Corey rocks Isaiah with a stiff uppercut to the jaw, snapping Isaiahs head straight up as it came charging towards him. Isaiah drops back onto the mat, stiff as a board, and Corey falls back onto the wall, gasping as the metal touches his cut up back.

HHL: Corey must have it now! CLIMB THAY CAGE!

The crowd smell victory too, and retribution for all of Isaiahs vitriol towards their Universal Champion over the last two weeks. They begin to chant Coreys name, loud enough to energize their champion. Corey turns over and begins to scale the cage slowly and painfully.

Isaiah continues to lay limp on the ring floor.

Corey makes is halfway up the cage.

PIP: Hes got it! There's no way Isaiah is chasing him down!

Corey is three quarters the way up, and Isaiah stirs onto a knee. Corey plants a foot down to go higher only to feel his ankle give way and he slips, holding on by just a hand!


Isaiah looks up at the champion, desperation clear on his face. ”Finish me off you bastard! You ain’t shit!” Isaiah yells at Corey, who for a split second stops his climb. Isaiah pulls himself to his feet and stumbles his way towards the cage wall. Corey manages to get another hand onto the cage and pulls himself up with some incredible strength.

Isaiah begins to scale the cage under Corey, as Corey starts scaling it purely with his hands and one leg. Finally, he pulls himself over the top, and glances down - only to see Isaiah just inches away from him, grasping for his legs. Corey looks to his right, to the floor at his victory, and to his left, to the man who’s tormented him for weeks.


The crowd roars along with Heather for Corey to jump. He leans over the edge, and feels a firm hand wrap around his ankle, holding him down. Corey curses outloud, leans the other way, and grabs Isaiah by the hair, through some incredible acrobatics…


The two lie motionless in the ring for a few minutes, well, other than their painful gasps for air.

HHL: This is too much wrestling… This… I…

PIP: Did… You hear that? We might not have a Universal Champion at all at the end of this.

Even though there isn’t a count out, the crowd begin a little ten count of their own.







Isaiah stirs!


Corey pulls himself up onto his knees.


Isaiah has his hands on Corey’s shoulders, Corey has his hands on Isaiah’s chest. The two use each other to pull themselves back onto their feet.


PIP: No boxers grace here. This is a slugfest.

HHL: It’s kinda hot.










PIP: A slugfest with the amateur boxer didn’t seem like a good idea, the bigger man seems to be taking this!

King spins into a quick left, right, gut punch combo that sends Corey reeling backwards. Isaiah chases him down and wraps his arm around the stunned champions head.




PIP: King only managed to get one arm around it, Corey slipped out towards the end! Isaiah’s right arm seems to be out of it!

Isaiah curses, crawling to the opposite side of the ring, and makes his way up the cage. Corey having narrowly escaped the full force of the G.O.D, notices Isaiah’s limp arm and starts clawing his own way up the cage.

HHL: Seems like Corey’s finally smartened up! He could probably scale the cage faster, he just needs to be the first to land!

Isaiah’s single armed climb is slow and painful, Corey’s bad ankle forces him to climb at almost as slow a pace. Isaiah swings his legs over the top of the cage, a split second before Corey does the same. Isaiah leans off the edge.

They both look across the ring at each other, almost challenging each other when a thunderous roar fills the Chase Centre.



[Image: KRBwgq.gif]







The crowd is stunned speechless.


The drivers door of the monster truck gets kicked right off it’s hinges, and Thunder Knuckles pulls himself out of the vehicle and has a microphone in his hand.

Thunder Knuckles: I think not motherfucker! After all the shit you pulled, you ain’t losing that title until you face me at Relentless!

Corey groans under the metal, trying to push some of it off himself.

Thunder Knuckles: You were whining about where I’ve been during the build-up? How’d you like this for promotion, Corey?

TK turns his attention to the unconscious Isaiah lying in the middle of the ring, covered in cage and blood.

Thunder Knuckles: Sorry bud… Collateral damage, he’s MY prey. Good fight though, better luck next time?

PIP: …Is that a draw? What’s going on here? Who’s our champion?

The referee makes his way over to the ring announcer to explain the situation. It takes a few minutes but finally the announcer picks up his microphone to address the crowd.

Ring Announcer: Because both competitors feet hit the ground at the exact same time this match has officially ended in a DRAW!!!

Winner - THERE IS NO WINNER - We have a God Damn Draw!!!

HHL: Unbelievable! Isaiah King was mere inches away from doing the unthinkable but Thunder Knuckles ruined it.

PIP: Whats unthinkable about losing? Corey had that match won.

HHL: What? Are you blind? King was about to win.

PIP: You need glasses H!

HHL: Well folks we are all out of time but join us next Friday for Night 1 of Relentless!!!

Big Thanks To The Following Match Writers:
Peter Principle
Liam Desmond
Isaiah King
Bobby Bourbon

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09-10-2023, 07:01 AM

I wonder what I can get away with at Relentless...

OOC: Seriously, thanks for putting up with my bizarre and intricate match ideas. I'm not going to promise that they'll only get weirder from here, but who knows what else I might come up with.
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09-10-2023, 10:37 AM

And so begins the Corey Smith reign of terror 😈

Good card, set up a lot of interesting Relentless matches! Most looking forward to TK/Corey

Also, justice for the Kingslayer!

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