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Uber Eats Delivery
Author Message
Tommy Wish Offline
Some Nobody

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08-30-2023, 11:30 AM

We open up to Big D in his house, chillin' and doing typical Big D Stuff, then he hears a doorbell ring and he checks his phone to see who was out there. He noticed it was someone who came over to hand deliver his meal from Popeyes, as soon as he got his order...

T sneaks up in the back with a chair, and clocks him with it. He kept on clocking with it, then he ended up grabbing D by his head and beams him to his jacket closet door, then T takes a piece of Popeye Chicken and eats some of it, including the fries and he pours the rest over his body. 

"What's good D?... didn't know you had a nice crib!" 

Then he lifts up D, who tried to wail at him, but T ducks and he hits a HideYaFace onto his living room table, which was sturdy as it didn't break. So then he drags him onto the floor, and he pays off the Uber Eats guy a 20 to count the fall. 


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B.O.B. D Offline
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08-30-2023, 02:35 PM


Upon doing so, B.O.B. D(who somewhat respects the T.H.U.G.s........ although maybe a little less, now) grabs Tommy by the back off his shirt and literally kicks him out of his house.

"NOW I remember why I don't eat Popeyes!"

D then turns to the Uber driver, who's frozen solid with fear.

"And YOU'RE getting a negative review! Hope that twenty now was worth being broke later!"
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