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XWF Madness Title Histories: 2022 - Present
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08-01-2023, 08:46 AM


    XWF World Heavyweight Title - Previously the IDL Championship Title History
#HolderDate Won
01"The VIP" Chris Mosh01/31/22
02Elijah Copeland05/02/22
03Myra Rivers01/28/23


XWF United States Title - Previously the Equatorial Championship Title History
#HolderDate Won
01Josslyn Spencer01/28/23
02Lexi Gold05/29/23


    XWF Madness Tag Team Championships - Previously the Gemini Championships
#HolderDate Won
01Team KTFO (Matt Kayden and Oliver Peters)03/08/22
02Themis Palaestra (Agrippina Themis and Desdemona Themis)     07/01/22
03T.H.U.G.S. (John Black and Tommy Wish)03/27/23
00VACANT     07/31/23
04Da Bing Bong Twinzz07/31/23
05Majestuosa Manor (Juliana and Emma)07/31/23
06Eren Hunt & Gabriel Landry08/28/23
07Da Bing Bong Twinzz (2)11/05/23
07ICON STATYS11/20/23


X Division Championship formerly the XWF Lord of Violence Championship
#HolderDate Won
01Hide Yamazaki01/21/22
02Jacki O'Lantern03/01/22
03Vita Valenteen03/28/22
04Hide Yamazaki (2)05/01/22
05Jacki O'Lantern (2)06/05/22
06Jacki O'Lantern (3)07/10/22
07Vita Valenteen (2)08/14/22
08Holden Ross06/05/22
10Jacki O'Lantern (4)11/28/22
N/ATitle changed from a monthly prize to a regularly defended championshipN/A
12Kieran King01/30/23
13Jacki O'Lantern (5)05/29/23
14Hayley Fien09/11/23
15Minka Valeria12/04/23


  XWF Madness Trios Championship - TITLE DEFUNCT 
#HolderDate Won
01The United Elites (Chris Mosh and the Privileged Elites Summer Page and "The" Jessica Anderson)03/28/22

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