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Back from the Dead!
Author Message
Christian_Andrews Offline
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07-28-2023, 07:03 AM

Well, it certainly has been a minute hasn't it XWF... what the heck is up? Hope you all have been doing well!

I see my application has been processed through again and reactivated, so I guess it's about time to lace my boots back up and get down to business! Can't wait to work with some of you old faces, and all of those awesome new faces I see around here!!!

[Image: The-Beautiful-Mind-Of-A-Hero-Why-Dean-Wi...ADHD_1.png]

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Theo Pryce Offline
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07-28-2023, 02:38 PM

Welcome Back!

Feel free to opt into Weekend Warfare which is our next upcoming show. 2 rps/2k over two weeks for a standard(non title) match.

[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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