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Shadows Unmasked - Kitty Cat Kaiju
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05-25-2023, 05:26 PM

Under the moonlit Tokyo sky, The Atomic Bat prowls the neon-lit streets, ready to confront the criminal underworld.

Sounds of tires screeching and muffled voices lead her to a narrow alley, where Yakuza members corner an innocent civilian. Swiftly, The Atomic Bat descends upon them, a formidable force.

With supernatural speed and agility, she effortlessly dodges their attacks, her yellow cape flowing behind her. Each strike is precise and powerful, disarming her adversaries.

Her determination shines through glowing red eyes as she fights not only for justice but to resist her own darkness. A symbol of hope, she refuses to succumb to her true nature.

The skirmish intensifies, her attacks becoming more ferocious. Fear strikes those who challenge her. 

Overwhelmed, the Yakuza retreat into the night.

Breathing heavily, she knows her battle in this foreign land isn't over. Thoughts of personal struggles weigh on her as she makes her way back to the hotel, her true identity intertwined with the mask she wears.

It was Sarah Lacklan, her firenemy and perhaps the closest thing to a mentor she had, who had urged her to find a way into the War Games draft. Sarah's plea had stirred a sense of duty within Vita, a desire to help a friend in need. But deep down, she couldn't ignore the truth that gnawed at her.

Vita no longer felt at home in her own skin. The world of superheroes and The Atomic Bat had consumed her, leaving little room for herself and her wrestling career as Vita Valenteen. The pursuit of justice had eclipsed her personal aspirations, and now she stood at a crossroads, uncertain of the path she should take.

Lost in her thoughts, Vita knew she had to confront the questions that lingered within. Who was she beyond the mask? Could she find a way to integrate her superhero persona with her true self?

Seeking solace from the bustling streets, Vita, with her vampire senses heightened, gracefully slipped into a dimly lit alleyway adjacent to the hotel. Shadows danced around her as she leaned against the cool brick wall, the weight of her doubts heavy on her immortal shoulders.

In the stillness, Vita closed her eyes, embracing the silence. Without a heartbeat to guide her, she found solace in the rhythm of her own breath, a reminder of the humanity that coexisted with her vampiric nature.

As her adrenaline subsided, Vita's thoughts became clearer, sharpening her focus on the challenges that lay ahead. She couldn't deny the allure of The Atomic Bat, but there was a longing within her; a yearning for balance.

A flicker of uncertainty passed through her mind. Could she reconcile her immortal existence with her desire for a fulfilling wrestling career? Was it possible to merge the strength and purpose she found as The Atomic Bat with the raw passion she felt when standing in the ring as Vita Valenteen, the wrestler?

Gently, Vita pressed a hand against her unbeating heart, feeling the coldness of her skin beneath her fingertips. It was a reminder that she was more than the mask she wore. She was Vita Valenteen, a vampire, a fighter, a woman seeking her own path. The journey wouldn't be easy, but she was determined to embrace the full spectrum of who she was, to honor the person behind the mask as much as she honored the hero within.

With steady hands, she unmasked herself, revealing her vampiric features to the dark alley. Her fangs glistened in the faint light, a testament to her supernatural nature. Pulling her phone from her utility belt, she activated the live stream function. 

The camera shot remained tight on her face, ensuring that her true identity remained hidden, even as she connected with her fans.

"Hello XWF Universe! Can you believe it's been, like half a year since I've been featured outside of Madness, OR the mail room!? I know, I've missed you all too! It's your girl, Vita Valenteen, back and ready to rock the ring at War Games!! I'm not gonna lie, I've been itching for this moment, the chance to show you what I'm made of and prove that I'm still the fierce competitor you all remember."

"And what better place to do so than War Games, baby!?!"

"It's like the ultimate playground for like, pretty much everyone on the roster! It's a Pay-Per-View where everyone brings they're A-game and leaves it all in the squared circle, and let me tell you, I've been putting in the work, grinding and training to make sure I'm in top shape for this epic showdown!!"

"This match, it's more than just another bout to me. It's a chance to remind everyone that I belong here, that I'm a force to be reckoned with. I've been honing my skills, fine-tuning my moves, and pushing myself to new limits. Because when I step into that ring, I want to leave an impact, a lasting impression that screams, "Vita Valenteen is back, and she's better than ever!"

"So, XWF Universe, get ready to cheer, scream, and be amazed, because this War Games is gonna be one for the books. I'm ready to show you my heart, my determination, and my undying spirit (pun totally intended). Strap yourselves in, because Vita Valenteen is about to take the XWF by storm once more!"


"I gotta address something TOTALLY unexpected. You see, I thought I'd be on a certain team for War Games, but life loves to throw curveballs, and let me tell you, it threw a big one this time. My friend, mentor, and sorta-kinda sister, Sarah Lacklan, had a plan to draft me in the first round. BUT!! Guess what? Before it was her turn, her half-sissy Angie swooped in and picked me up instead!!"

"YEAH, I was shocked too, but you know what? I'm not upset."

"War Games is all about survival, teamwork, and proving your worth, and let me make one thing clear: I'm here to fight, to win, and to make an impact in this company once again!! Whether it's on the team I expected or not, I'll give it my all. Sarah might be angry, but I hope she understands that I'm not here to be her "most detrimental advisory." I'm here to be a competitor, a friend, and someone who will make this War Games unforgettable."

"I may not have control over the draft, but I do have control over my destiny in that ring, and wrestling gods, if you're listening: I REALLY hope to see Mark Flynn at War Games because I'm biting at the opportunity (Pun TOTALLY intended) to have War Games mark not only my return to the ring but also the beginning of my next championship reign!"

As she wipes the sweat from her brow, Vita's voice carries a hint of anticipation.

"But let's not forget the personal connections that intertwine within this battle. The alliances, the rivalries, they all add an extra layer of intensity. And I'm ready to face every challenge head-on."

Her eyes flicker with memories as she delves into the history that fuels her fire.

"Sarah Lacklan, my dear rival turned friend. We've shared a tumultuous journey, from wrestling against each other in the past to standing side by side as teammates, but at War Games, we'll be on opposing sides, and I can feel the weight of her disappointment. It's true, XWF Universe, I have never managed to overcome Sarah in the ring. And you know what? That's what fuels me. It's that burning desire to test myself again, to push my limits and prove that I have what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with her."

"There's one moment that has always bothered me, a moment that still plays in my mind. Do you remember when we had that hardcore match on a yacht? Yeah, it was wild. To win, we had to dive into the water and swim to the title suspended above. But what amazed me the most was how Sarah, after being thrown through a window, somehow managed to outswim a frickin helicopter! How she pulled off that feat, I'll never understand."

"But here's the thing, XWF Universe, that loss has stayed with me. It's become a driving force, a reminder that there's still something left to prove. And at War Games, I won't let past defeats define me. Instead, I'll bring everything I have to the ring, as I always do. I'll push myself to the limit, dig deep into my reserves of strength and determination, and leave it all out there."

"Sarah, my dear friend, I know you want the best for me, but in this match, I hope you understand that I'm not holding back. I'm here to fight with everything I've got, to show the world that I can overcome any challenge, even if it's you standing across from me. So, brace yourselves, XWF Universe, because this battle between Kitty Cat Kaiju and that icky spider thing will be one for the ages."

"Also!! I have to say, your decision to choose Noah in the first round of the draft totally caught me off guard. It's a peculiar choice, for sure! Just like the peculiar nature of the relationship between Noah and me. You see, we have a history that's filled with twists and turns. Noah broke my heart, and in a moment of darkness, I retaliated by breaking his neck."

"It's a chaotic tale, to say the least. And yes, we've since made up and had our... moments... let's just leave it at that."

"Sure, I have a certain weakness, a physical attraction that I can't deny when it comes to Noah Jackson. But I promise you this, it won't cloud my judgment. It won't hinder me from doing what needs to be done inside that ring, and it won't stand in the way of my mission, my duty to help my team secure victory at War Games."

"War Games is the platform where legends are born, where rivalries are settled, and sometimes... Where new champions emerge!! I'm ready to seize my opportunity, to leave my mark, and to finally overcome the one obstacle that has eluded me thus far. Sarah, my friend, may the best woman win. But know this, I'm coming at you and yours with everything I've got, and I won't stop until my teammates hands are raised in victory!!"

"Kitty Cat Kaiju's: Let's make some magic happen!"

"And speaking of magic, it's only fitting that this incredible event is taking place in Tokyo, Japan! The land of honor, tradition, and a deep appreciation for the art of professional wrestling. I'm ready to embrace the spirit of the Kaiju, to tap into the energy of this vibrant city, and unleash my own monstrous power in that ring."

"Tokyo, get ready to feel the ground shake as Vita Valenteen storms through War Games, leaving a trail of destruction in my wake. From the neon-lit streets to the polite applause of the crowd, the entire city will bear witness to the raw intensity and unmatched athleticism that I bring to the squared circle."

"So, brace yourselves, because the Kitty Cat Kaiju is coming. Tokyo, Japan, get ready to witness the unrelenting power, the indomitable spirit, and the unwavering determination of Angelicia Vaughn, Raion Kido, Vita Valenteen, and Mr. Oz. Together, we're sure to create a spectacle that will be remembered for ages to come!!"

"The countdown has begun, let the War Games begin!!"

As Vita concluded her heartfelt live stream, a mixture of achievement and vulnerability washed over her. She ended the broadcast with a warm smile, thanking her fans for their unwavering support and promising to keep them updated on her journey.

Slowly, she lowered her phone, her gaze shifting to the darkness surrounding her. The alley seemed eerily quiet, but Vita knew better than to let her guard down completely. With a subtle sense of caution, she began removing the rest of her Atomic Bat suit, carefully peeling away the layers that concealed her true self.

Unbeknownst to Vita, Raion Kido, her War Games tag team partner, wandered into the same alley. Intrigued by a faint sound, his curiosity peaked. Turning the corner, he was surprised by what he saw.

There, before him, stood The Atomic Bat, in the process of undressing herself. Raion's breath caught in his throat, his gaze fixed on her as if time had momentarily frozen. The sight of Vita unmasked as The Atomic Bat revealed a vulnerability he hadn't expected, an unguarded moment that tugged at his heart.

Caught off guard, Vita's eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and a hint of embarrassment. Her heart skipped a beat as her gaze met Raion's, her hand instinctively freezing mid-motion. She quickly regained her composure, her cheeks flushing slightly.

"Raion," she said softly, her voice carrying a mix of uncertainty and genuine warmth. "I... I didn't expect to see you here."

Raion, still caught in the midst of surprise, managed to find his voice, though it came out in a slight stammer. "Ms. Valenteen... I, uh... I was drawn by a sound... and then I saw you."

A brief silence enveloped them, the air thick with unspoken thoughts and a newfound awareness. Vita's mind raced, unsure of how to proceed. Raion had glimpsed a side of her she had kept hidden from most, a vulnerable moment that seemed to hang between them.

“I imagine that you’d like an explanation?

"I must confess that I am curious why you have been hiding this from everyone."

Vita takes a deep breath, her voice tinged with a mix of determination and sorrow, as she opens up to Raion about her reasons for keeping her identity as Atomic Bat a secret.

”Raion, you need to understand that the Heroes Guild... They have these deep-rooted prejudices against vampires. They see us as inherently evil, incapable of being heroes. When I applied to join the guild, they rejected me solely based on my vampire nature. They never even gave me a chance to prove myself.”

Raion's eyebrows furrowed in concern as he listened intently, the weight of the situation sinking in.

"That's... that's very unfair, Ms. Valenteen. I never realized the extent of the discrimination you faced, but why continue to hide your identity if the Heroes Guild no longer exists?"

Vita's gaze turned distant, a sense of loss and resignation seeping into her voice.

”The truth is, Raion, I aimed to prove them wrong. I wanted to show them that vampires could be heroes, that we can fight for justice just like anyone else, but now that the Heroes Guild is no more, maybe it was all in vain?”

Raion reached out, placing a reassuring hand on Vita's shoulder.

"I do not think your struggle was in vain at all. You may have lost the Heroes Guild, but that doesn't mean that you’ve lost the fight. Your determination to stand against discrimination is truly admirable."

Raion's eyes flickered with a mix of emotions as he connected the dots, realizing the implications of Vita's confession.

"Wait a minute... If you're The Atomic Bat, that means... it was you who defeated Cashe and I for the XWF Tag Team Championships."

Vita's eyes widened, realizing that Raion had put two and two together. She braced herself for his reaction, unsure of how he would respond.

”Raion, I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to deceive you or anyone else. It was totally never my intention!”

Raion's initial shock gave way to a thoughtful expression as he processed the revelation. He took a step back, creating a bit of space between them.

"No, I understand. The Atomic Bat is a symbol created to inspire, and the XWF a platform to broadcast that message."

Vita nodded, her eyes filled with gratitude for Raion's understanding.

"Ms. Valenteen, each of us carries our own burdens and fights our own battles. Though I may not fully align with your chosen path, I have come to grasp the depths of your purpose. I hold reverence for your unwavering valor and unyielding resolve to defy convention. Should Vita Valenteen bring forth the same fiery spirit that once surged within The Atomic Bat, I eagerly anticipate our united stand within the battlegrounds of War Games. Besides, a superhero needs to keep their identity secret, right? Rest assured - no one needs to find out from me."

Vita's eyes glistened with gratitude and relief as she stepped forward, reaching out to clasp Raion's forearm.

”Thank you, Raion.”

Raion gives a nod, his features softening as he smiles warmly at Vita.

"Ms. Valenteen, side by side we shall confront our adversaries within the grand arena of War Games. Bound not only by duty but also by the bonds of camaraderie. The shadows of the past no longer cast their weight upon us. Let us direct our unwavering gaze to the realm of the present, where our collective strength shall forge a future brimming with possibilities."

As Raion spoke, Vita's heart fluttered in her chest, captivated by his words. His noble and resolute demeanor only intensified her admiration for him. Lost in the enchantment of the moment, she couldn't help but let slip a barely audible, "Dreamy..."

Startled by the unexpected word, Raion turned his attention towards Vita, his eyes filled with curiosity. "Pardon?" he inquired, catching her off guard.

Blushing furiously, Vita quickly realized her slip-up and tried to recover her composure. She stammered, her voice slightly shaky, "Oh, um... I said it's... um, quite inspiring, Raion. Your words are truly inspiring." She averted her gaze, hoping her embarrassment would go unnoticed.

Though puzzled by Vita's response, Raion smiled warmly, appreciating her attempt to hide her true feelings. "Thank you, Ms. Vita," he replied with a hint of playfulness, allowing her to keep her secret for now.

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