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John_Black Offline
Tha Soulja Of Nuthin'
TITLE - Revolution Champion

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The 'cool' kliq fans

(booed by casual fans; opportunistic; often plays dirty while setting the trends)

05-22-2023, 07:05 AM

[After some time off the road, JB is back home in his townhouse with his current bug, a boo named Latonya aka La La, whom he met up with three years ago at a nightclub. What made him fall into her was her resemblance to the late Left eye of TLC, whom he was a fan of in his spare time. We see him and La La playing an old 2K NBA game on his still working console of his PS3, where she was beating the shit out of him with her team, as he tried to keep his cool with how he was focused on the game. After she won, she was flexin hard as MF’er on him.]

La La: Oooh Boi, I beat yo’ ass at 2K with the Lakers, now you owe me dinner at Red lobster.

JB: Red lobster? You've been listening to much Yonce when I've gone on tour!

La La: Whateva, when you finna take me der? You never bring me out to a restaurant! All we do is order chinese take out or me cooking some dishes you tend not to eat at all!

JB: Well, honestly I know you like to act up in public so I tend not to do all that.

La La: Whatchu mean, JayJay? I am the most respectful person on the planet!

[JB turned his head to snicker at her lie, as she punched him in the arm. Then he looked at her, and she looked like she wanted to roughhouse him a bit, but he got up from the couch to do something. As he was in the kitchen, she was on her phone scrolling on Twitter and she see’s a picture of him and T at the Met Gala event where they decided to ditch the event entirely. As he came back to the couch in the living room, she put her phone to his face.]

La La: What is dis? Why didn’t chu tell me you went to the Met Gala event?... I should have gone with you and your boy T! I could have been dressed up and glammed the fuck out. You don be tellin me nuffin!

JB: Alright, alright… since you want to be down so bad… then my advice is this, leave your nurse job you despise and roll with me and my crew. Maybe, you’ll enjoy bein at home instead of flying, boating, or drivin everywhere.

La La: Nahh, i’ll stick with the nursing job by the hospital… i’m gettin paid soo much from it, it’s worth the stress… at least when you gone, I don’t have to worry about feedin you big ass!

JB: Hey at least you feed me, or try too… you know ima husky fucka… i’m like Biggie Smalls back in his prime.

[La La then laughs at him for that comparison, as he shouted “Call Me Big Poppa!” with his arms up in the air, then she lounges at him for a hug and a kiss. Then he placed his arm around her, and he held her tightly.]

JB: Fuck it, i wouldn’t trade you for the world… not even Kylie Jenner would be able to convince me to leave you alone.

La La: Shit with how much money she got, i’d let you hit and quit it for tha clout itself.

JB: Nah… i’d rather remain unknown to the public eye….

La La: Bullshit Jay Jay, you a rappin, wrestlin, script writing ass brotha… so don’t get me started on tryin to be all camera shy n’ shit now, boi!

[Then they both laugh, and his phone goes off and he answers it. After he was finished with the call, he had her get off of him for a second. Then she looked all excited for something big and important.]

JB: Look, I set up a spot at the Red Lobster for 830PM, so lets get ourselves together cuz it’s half past 7 now.

La La: AH SHIT BOI YOU GOT US A SPOT AT RED LOBSTER!!!! You def gon be hearin me callin you big poppa tonight when we get home… or in your whip.

[Then she started to get all touchy with him and he wanted to touch back, but she smacked his hand away from her as she got up the couch to get ready for the dinner date. From that point on, it just shifts to an ad for the War Games 2023 event, then cuts to black.]

“Had a hell of a night with my gurl, and now here I am havin to hustle my way to the ECW Arena in Philly. Of all the days they have me go to the jungle, to a bingo hall where most people tend not to like being in, even the old folks would think it’s shitty. But a booking is a booking, so now I am going to fight the former Anarchy Champ, HGH.

HGH, I know that you don’t know me and I don’t know much about you, but we both had ties with the Anarchy belt albeit with Tommy instead of me, but at least he lost it in a match that wasn’t in the jungle, unlike you. I guess there’s a home field advantage I guess, which sucks but it is what it is, HGH.

While you are in your mansion, cryin to your butler Jarvis over being fucked over in the jungle, I am here just wanting to take you out of your own misery. Let the ECW Arena fans jack you for whatever you got in your presence, even down to your knock off burberry scarf and socks, and have you out there lookin like a two bit Scott Storch in the process. I can’t say I will win against you, but I do know that those Philly fans are going to eat you alive,while I come in as the martyr of Anarchy.

You're gonna get Big Poppa’d in Philly, Son.”

An Outsider Thug.
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