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05-14-2023, 11:37 AM

Kris Von Bonn is at the International Space Station, doing a meet and greet with the astronauts. He's been invited to speak about his career as a wrestler and his journey to becoming a champion.

As he shakes hands and signs autographs, Kris notices something strange happening in the corner of his eye. A robot is hovering near the airlock.

Before Kris can react, the robot breaks through and charges at him with incredible speed, slamming into him with a force that knocks him off his feet. Kris tumbles through the air, colliding with the wall of the space station.

As he tries to regain his bearings, Kris sees the robot flying at him again with a massive forearm smash that propels them both through the side of the ship. 

Now we answer the question, can you pin in space?


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05-14-2023, 03:30 PM

"The answer is Yes we can, Kick out,"
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