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XWF FanBase:

(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

05-14-2023, 11:26 AM

Kris Von Bonn enters the XWF locker room, carrying his championship belt, when suddenly he hears a mechanical whirring sound. Before he can react, he's attacked from behind by the towering robot known as RoboGravy.

RoboGravy grabs Kris and lifts him off the ground, slamming him against the wall. Kris tries to fight back, but the robot's grip is too strong.

"I'm going to crush you and take your championship belt for myself."

RoboGravy throws Kris to the ground and begins to pummel him with its mechanical fists. Kris struggles to defend himself, but he's no match for the robot's strength and agility.

As the beating continues, Kris starts to lose consciousness. He sees RoboGravy's metal arm winding up for the final blow, and he knows it's all over.


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Kris The Hammer Von Bonn Offline
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XWF FanBase:
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05-14-2023, 03:28 PM

"Kick out,"
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