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One-Shot: The Sweet Smackdown
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04-23-2023, 01:52 PM

As the Atomic Bat patrols the city streets, she spots a commotion in the parking lot of a gas station. She swoops down to investigate and sees The Generic Heel stuffing his face with Twinkies from the back of a Hostess truck and being a right cool dude by sharing with the large group of kids who are hanging around. Suddenly, a strange, talking mascot dressed like a Ding-Dong appears beside The Generic Heel.

Ding-Dong: "Welcome, Atomic Bat! My friend here has graciously decided to partake in our delightful treats, and I'm afraid you're not going to stop him."

Atomic Bat: "What? That's not fair! The questionable nutritional value of those snacks aside, you can't just steal from a truck!"

Ding-Dong: "Oh, but he can, and he will! And after he's done, he'll have the strength of a thousand cupcakes!"

Atomic Bat: "Alright, enough with the sweet talk. If you think you're going to eat all those Twinkies, you'll have to face me in for that!"

The Atomic Bat points towards the Xtreme Championship that's fit tightly around The Generic Heels portly frame. The Generic Heel nods in agreement as he wipes Twinkie crumbs from the corners of his mouth.

The match begins and Atomic Bat charges at The Generic Heel. The Ding-Dong mascot cheers him on.

Ding-Dong: "Go get her, champ! Show her the power of Hostess!"

Atomic Bat tries to catch The Generic Heel off guard with a quick pinfall, but he kicks out at two. The Ding-Dong encourages him to fight back.

Ding-Dong: "Don't let her get the best of you! Use the power of the Ho Hos to your advantage!"

The Generic Heel manages to gain the upper hand and delivers a devastating body slam to Atomic Bat. The Ding-Dong mascot jumps up and down with excitement.

Ding-Dong: "That's it, my little Ding-Dong! You're on your way to becoming the king of the cupcake ring!"

But Atomic Bat isn't done yet. She fights back with a flurry of punches and kicks, eventually pinning The Generic Heel down for the three count.


[Image: maxresdefault-3.jpg]

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The Generic Heel Offline
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04-23-2023, 03:32 PM

Down and out, there is nothing the Generic Heel can do. He is caught! Defeated! Pinned! He has been KAPOW'd and KABLAM'd so thoroughly that not even the sweetness of Hostess can power him on. But then he remembers the words of Ding Dong, a force which not only defies all others in tastebud combat, but was a powerful influence in the sculpting of his jiggly frame:

"Use the power of the Ho Hos to your advantage!"

From deep within him, his voice rings out:

"Hoes! To me!"

From around the corner come two smokin' hawt chicks, Asian, of course, who stumble about on blocky platforms so high and clunky that they have no choice but to walk like drunken slags. The Atomic Bat, so focused on capturing the XWF's most prestigious title, could not fathom the awesomeness of the power of Hoes. Her sqwuak as they picked her up and tossed her to the side was most excellent.

Afterward, as Ding Dong threw treats to the cheering children, GH the Great totally scored with both of the Hoes.
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