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X-treme Wrestling Federation » XWF Live! » 24/7 X-treme Championship
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Dead or Alive...
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XWF FanBase:

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04-23-2023, 07:04 AM

As The Generic Heel celebrates his victory over Cadryn for the 24/7 Xtreme Title, he is suddenly ambushed from behind by a new challenger - RoboGravy, the wrestling cyborg.

RoboGravy lumbers towards The Generic Heel, his movements slow and cumbersome but filled with power. The Generic Heel tries to dodge RoboGravy's blows, but the robotic wrestler quickly grabs him by the ankles and slams him repeatedly onto the concrete floor like he's a puny God.

The Generic Heel cries out in pain as RoboGravy continues to pound him into the ground.

The referee tries to intervene, but RoboGravy simply tosses him aside and keeps pummeling The Generic Heel. Finally, he goes for the pin.



But just as the referee's hand is about to hit the mat for the third time, The Generic Heel manages to kick out.

"Error. Insufficient power levels detected. Initiating self-repair."

RoboGravy begins to power up, his circuits glowing with renewed energy. The Generic Heel tries to take advantage of RoboGravy's momentary weakness, but the robotic wrestler quickly regains his bearings and grabs him by the ankles once again.

The Generic Heel struggles to break free, but it's no use. RoboGravy lifts him high into the air and slams him down onto the concrete with a thunderous crash over and over until The Generic Heel lies motionless on the ground.

RoboGravy goes for the pin one more time.



[Image: MOSHED-2023-6-19-16-15-56.gif]
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XWF FanBase:
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04-23-2023, 07:40 AM

While GH lays unconscious underneath the powerful metal frame of ROBOGRAVY (no really, make it caps and you'll go up a level), he feels something oddly familiar about the cold metal. He feels 

He feels


He feels 



That Japanese sexbot SLAG he banged a few years back.

Is ROBOGRAVY his boy?!



And maybe, someday, ROBOGRAVY will be strong enough to defeat his papa.

But that day?

It is not THIS day


......but just barely.....
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