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Feedback wanted! How Is My Driving?
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Dionysus Offline
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03-09-2023, 06:28 PM

...Sorry, I mean my RPing. XD

Now that I've had a few weeks under my belt, I just wanted to get some feedback on how things are looking. Admittedly, a lot of it is setting up the background for Dionysus, but it does have a few links here and there.

All feedback is appreciated!
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Theo Pryce Offline
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03-10-2023, 04:23 AM

Let's give this man some feedback.

[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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Misty Waters Offline

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03-11-2023, 05:28 PM

I just read your most recent post for Warfare.

High marks from me! For starters, it flows very well. The dialogue between D and his therapist was engaging, and to the point. Made for an easy read. But the highest marks from me come from the way in which you developed D here…

2k words doesn’t leave a lot of space to be effective, but I thought you nailed a few points, and in a clever and entertaining way that already help me understand some important things about the character.

Given his crazy schedule, and the overall conversation, he obviously likes being in control. I loved how D was upset that his other doctor thought that he might be avoiding something, while the whole time he’s distracting his therapist with personal questions as if he’s the one in charge, and continually avoiding going over his progress report.

The promo was solid, and engaging, and really brought the character, as a wrestler, to life. His motivations were clear, and the shoot was very believable.

I can see why you’ve made it so far in the tournament. And if you keep writing and developing this way, I imagine you’ll have continued success in the XWF.

Great work!
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Jason Cashe (03-22-2023)
Jason Cashe Offline
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03-22-2023, 11:52 PM

Dolly is the best.. Just wanted to put that out there

[Image: z9f1KQC.jpeg]
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