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PlaceMarker El Bate Atómico
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Latina Submission Machina Offline
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02-23-2023, 01:59 AM

Robyn Gonzalez sits alone in the top row of her LFL team's stadium. The lights have gone out and the game is long finished, but LSM is still fully dressed in her apparel. Dirt, turf, and blood covers her jersey: but she's proud of those marks of war. A busted football helmet lays still in her lap. Empty bottles of Modelo beer and hot dog wrappers are scattered in the stands around the feet of Mexico City's QB #1. As LSM turns her head to the side she once again locks eyes with the scoreboard, before ducking her dead in disgrace. She wasn't proud of how the last battle turned out.

"I feel like I'm so close, but there's always something holding me back...keeping me from reaching and unleashing my full potential...."

LSM sighs before gently cradling her head in her hands. She shakes her head from side to side before sliding her hands back down to the broken helmet in her lap. LSM holds back a frown as she lifts the helmet up and places it on the seat next to her.

"Well, I suppose that's enough crying over spilled milk......I need to get my focus back and start working for next week."

LSM shook her head with confidence before placing her hands on her kneepads, just about to push herself up to a standing position...until she remembers that the stadium assistants had given her a mysterious package before the game. She had never had the chance to open it...until now.

"Oh yeah, my gift! I wonder who it's from!"

LSM reaches over the back of her chair and pulls out a long, vertical box wrapped in mariachi reindeer themed paper. LSM looks it over with mucho excitement, until she sees the name written in sharpie on the wrapping paper: Papi Charlie.

"I wonder what this idiota wants from me now....ugh."

LSM rolls her eyes as she disinterestedly pulls off the wrapping paper. Once the paper is removed LSM opens up the box, revealing the gift her bastardly father sent her: his baseball bat. LSM notices that there is a hand-written note attached to the bat with a rubber band, so she slides the note out from beneath the rubber. LSM rests the baseball bat on her lap as she unpacks the note, reading it aloud for everyone to enjoy.

"Hola darling,"

LSM rolls her eyes in disgust. What foul word vomit did this bastard's letter contain?

"I'm sorry I haven't been there for you. I'm making a new commitment to being a better man and a better father, but I understand if you don't want to rebuild the bridge I burned so long ago....but I want you to know that I do care about you, because you are my blood, and that is a bond that can never be broken....


LSM shakes her head before continuing the letter. She knows it can only get worse from here.

"I saw that you were booked this week against an atomic bat, and I didn't know if it was a friend of the literal gorilla or a literal bat, but I wanted you to be prepared in either scenario. This bat has proven itself atomic to me. If you look closely, you can still see the blood of Jim Caedus, ALIAS, and Robert Main coating the wood......ew!"

LSM looks down in disgust as she notices all the red splotches splattered across the wood.

"Keep this bat handy, because it's the best bat in the world...

And P.S., I'm sorry for being the worst father in the world.....I'm trying my hardest to change.

Love you,

LSM suddenly sniffles as she tucks the note into her jersey. She didn't know what to expect when she saw this letter from her father, but it certainly wasn't this. LSM holds back one single tear as she shakes her head from side to side, trying to clear her mind in preparation for the next battle. She grabs the baseball bat and holds it up in front of the drone camera.

"El Bate Atómico......a touching gesture, but I don't think I'll need it for this match."

LSM holds the bat so that the handle makes contact with the flooring in the stands. All the lights in the arena suddenly flip on as LSM sports a cocky grin.

"Lucha Libre may be a world of villains and heroes, but chica, you're just playing pretend in a world of make-believe. You might be an atomic bat, whatever that means, but when my defenses really go up everyone knows I pitch no hitters. We play baseball a little bit better down here in Mexico than you do in the States, and we wrestle better, too! That's going to be a nasty changeup combination for you, amiga. I don't need to be foul to land my strikes on you."

LSM twists the bat from side to side as she leans forward in the cheap seats.

"I'm a multi-sports megastar, but really, everyone knows I'm a LUCHADORA at heart...and despite what you may have heard, my heart will never go cold. The passion for this sport flows through my veins and fills me with life. Do you even care about lucha libre, chica, or is this just your side-hustle until Marvel's next casting call?"

LSM shakes her head as she derides her opponent's lack of commitment. Ironic, right?

"You can say what you will about me and my past, but come tomorrow night, I won't be focused on any of that.

I'll only be focused on my future.....but are you going to be too distracted by my present to pay attention?"

LSM stands up and wield the baseball bat menacingly before flashing a wink and blowing a kiss to the camera.

"I'll see you out there, sport."

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